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Literature / Hic Sunt Dracones

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Hic Sunt Dracones is a web novel created by Terry Zilla, one of the many tropers here in TV tropes, and is a work in progress. Hic Sunt Dracones (Latin for "Here There Be Dragons") is a work of fantasy that takes place in the steampunk fantasy world of Zanoth, a strange little planet with the usual races found in many other works of fantasy but with a darker twist on dragons. Instead of the usual Smaug or Shenlong fare, the dragons of Hic Sunt Dracones more easily fit into the Eldritch Abomination description, being alien monsters from another dimension who seek to devour all life on Zanoth.


The story revolves around a young halfling named Joshua Dominica. As a young boy, he had lost his village, family and friends to a powerful three-headed dragon in the Kingdom of Humanity. Vowing revenge, Joshua joins the Imperial Hunt, a military organization dedicated to hunting The Undead, demons and, of course, dragons. There he meets an elven princess named Erulia Taemwyn and a vampire village girl named Neshka Gerolov. Meanwhile, something sinister brews among the nations of the Farlands and the dragons, who many think are far away on the other side of the world, may be closer than they ever imagined.

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Hic Sunt Dracones contains examples of: