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A monthly Star Fox comic strip, written and illustrated by Benimaru Itoh, was printed in issues 45 to 55 of Nintendo Power in 1993. It is an adaptation of the original Star Fox video game, with some exclusive characters such as Fara Phoenix, a vixen who becomes the fifth member of the Star Fox team after they save her from Venom's Imperial Guard. The story follows the team from their days as outlaw resistance fighters on Papetoon, to them becoming an elite Arwing fighter squadron. The first issue was published before the actual game was released anywhere in the world, making it the very first glimpse Nintendo players and comic readers alike would see of the Lylat System.

Despite being made in Japan, the comic was specifically intended for the English-speaking fanbase and was printed entirely in a left-to-right text format like a western comic book. Benimaru Itoh also had a hand in the Star Fox Mission File Printout, a strategy guide that also depicted an expanded canon.


A copy of the comic can be found at this link.

Not to be confused with Starfox from the Marvel Universe.



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