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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

Star Fox

  • As with most video games, this one has little plot, so there aren't that many moments like this. However, defeating Andross gives you a very nice and satisfying ending, with Fox escaping Venom with triumphant music playing in the background. While leaving, the rest of the team follows and Fox radios General Pepper, who congratulates Fox. You see your final score and go through a Boss Montage, then the credits roll. Also, the alternate ending. Fox survived a completely messed-up dimension and defeated a giant Slot Machine that was causing the distortion in the level. It's partially Bittersweet and may even be considered a Downer Ending because of the implications that Andross ultimately wins, but Fox just saved an alternate dimension from an evil Slot Machine.
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  • Defeating the Great Commander. The first time because it's That One Boss, the second time because you made sure it's/they're never coming back.
  • Meta Example. This game is finally being rereleased on the SNES Classic Edition after 24 years of not seeing an official rerelease of any kind allegedly due to rumored legal issues surrounding the Super FX Chip used for the game's visuals.

Star Fox Comic

  • In chapter 8, Slippy is still captured by Andross. What does he do? He gets a lizard mook to loosen the choker. The lizard mook then says that Slippy is a victim of his own vanity, but then the sleeping gas activates when part of the choker explodes, and Slippy replies, "No, you're a victim of my sleeping gas!" Then, Slippy proceeds to overhear two lizard mooks, but just as they are about to send the Dodora out, after the second lizard mook says "Engage invaderssss!", Slippy replies, "Engage this!" and then throws the choker, which explodes and kills both of the two lizard mooks, and Slippy escapes. Pure awesome!

Star Fox 64

  • Fox establishes how Badass he and his wingmen are when he defeats the Attack Carrier at the end of the first level.
    Attack Carrier Captain: WHO ARE YOU GUYS?!
    Fox: We're Star Fox!
    Attack Carrier Captain: You'll never defeat Andross!!!
  • Sector Y is One-Man Army personified, as the condition to accomplish the mission is to kill 100 enemies. Seeing the counter tick over 100? Immensely satisfying.
  • Katina has you defending a friendly base from the Saucerer: a giant mothership right out of Independence Day. Best of all, if you manage to check your fire and not shoot down any allied fighters, the ending cutscene is of the Star Fox team flying in perfect formation with the entire Redshirt Air Force.
    Bill Grey: I'm glad we're on the same team, Fox!
    Fox: You owe me one.
  • Some bosses are so hard (Gorgon, I'm looking at you), that killing them is its own Moment of Awesome.
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  • The Star Wolf battles, a formidable hybrid between Wolfpack Boss and Mirror Boss.
  • Any time one of your wingmen takes out a member of Star Wolf or one of the missiles in Sector Z. Unless you're aiming for the medals, in which case it's Annoying Video-Game Helper.
  • Falco's "I'm here to rescue you!" in Macbeth and "I'll cover you, Fox!" in Bolse. His Badass Boasts are especially good since he's the only team member who legitimately helps you out during the missions.
  • Slippy of all people saying "Your carcass is mine!" He may not be the most liked character, but he also comes off as Badass Adorable.
  • One of the routes you can take is a shortcut past Solar, one of the freakin' suns of the Lylat System! Your Arwing constantly takes damage from flying over a sea of boiling plasma. Getting through Solar is quite a challenge.
  • Successfully completing the mission on planet Macbeth will show an amazing scene of the train crashing into a fuel bunker and the whole place going up in flames. A definite "I rock" moment.
    Conductor: NO! HIT THE BRAKES!
    (Forever Train slams into over a dozen barricades before coming up on the fuel bunker)
    Conductor: I can't STOP IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!
    Fox: All aircraft report!
    Slippy: I can see the look on their stupid faces!
    Peppy: I'm sure we hurt 'em this time!
    Falco: Now it's our turn to kick some tail!
    • It's even better with the Rumble-Pak, which was bundled with the game.
    • The best part is that the train crashes and there's a small explosion inside the base. There's a slight pause... then there's a bigger explosion that blows the top off the base. Then there's about four or five more explosions that completely incinerate the base. There Is No Kill Like Overkill.
  • Area 6 is a strong candidate for the game's Best Level Ever. If you approach Venom by way of Bolse, you're sneaking in the back door. In this stage, you, your three wingmen and your support ship are flying directly into the teeth of the Big Bad's defenses and straight through his reserve forces. They throw everything at you - swarms of fighters, gun platforms, cruisers, minefields, experimental missiles, even some crazy planet-killing boss creature. And all the time you hear the Enemy Chatter growing more and more desperate as none of it stops you. One-Man Army doesn't begin to describe it. The Awesome Music is just the icing on the cake.
    • The C-messages you get in this level also stand out. By now you're probably used to answering them to get a supply drop from ROB. This time, it's-
    • Cue Star Fox's carrier pulverizing enemy capital ships with its cannons. Surviving the Sector Z ambush certainly paid off, eh? (unless you're trying to get the medal, in which case ROB is accidentally kill-stealing, but it's the thought that counts)
    • Other times, it's not ROB on the line when the messages pop up, but Andross himself hacking your communications to taunt you. Annoying until you think - is he doing so because you've finally caught his attention, or is he getting worried?
    • Best of all, the 3DS remake has a stage select so you can keep coming back!
      Area 6 Commander: These guys are crazy!
  • Venom, by way of Area 6. The other times you battle Star Wolf it's roughly an even match, but this time they're in Wolfen-IIs that are simply superior to your Arwing. Winning the dogfight against them — especially if you do so without losing any wingmen — is the ultimate proof of your skill as a pilot, and a near-surefire way to win the stage's medal.
  • Killing Andross on the Hard Path is immensly satisfying. After blowing off his head to reveal his face, you are confronted with his gigantic BRAIN. He's probably the most unpredictable boss, too, since he can teleport, but when you do strike that final blow, the satisfaction of avenging Fox's father washes over you, and it feels so good.
  • Fox's escape from Venom after defeating the real Andross. The freakin' ghost of James McCloud helps Fox find his way out, encouraging him along, and right before the base explodes, as fire is roaring behind you and endless explosions go off all around you:

Star Fox Adventures

  • The boss battle with King RedEye. Not only is Fox fighting a friggin' HUGE T-Rex, but it also ends with a cutscene of Fox wedging the Spellstone out of the king's head, doing a backflip, and impaling him in the head just before he could attack.
  • Falco coming back to help Fox fight a reincarnated Andross.
    Falco: Hey, McCloud! Different time, different planet, and you still need Falco's help. It's good to see ya, buddy.

Star Fox Assault

  • Falco saves Fox AGAIN on Fichina. Afterwards, Fox takes down more of the Aparoids while riding on the wing of Falco's Arwing.
  • At the mission in Corneria, Fox gets trapped by Aparoids. Suddenly, on the sky, a Wolfen appears. It's Wolf! He fires the building where Fox is standing, making Fox jump off thinking that he is being shot. As he falls, Wolf flies past to save him. While he excuses himself that he wants to be the one to bring Fox down, Panther clearly doesn't believe it.
    • At the end of the mission, Wolf gives Fox some advice that helps him in the final mission.
    Wolf: Fox. Let me give you one piece of advice: Don't hesitate! When the time comes, just act!
  • Again in Assault, after infiltrating the Aparoid homeworld hive on Mission 9, we see the shields reappearing. However, Peppy sacrifices himself and Great Fox by ramming the (already doomed) ship towards the shields while giving a speech, allowing Star Fox and Star Wolf to enter the enemy base, giving the mourning teams a chance to fight the enemy. It's revealed that he survived by ejecting the Great Fox's entire bridge. It's entirely possible that he pulled a Revenge of the Sith and landed the whole thing.
  • Killing Pigma. The monster undoubtedly crossed the Moral Event Horizon by the time of his assimilation, and you finally get to kill him. The only thing that weakens this is that Pigma has become an Aparoid, his mind and free will stolen from him, but Peppy is more than willing to cheer you on anyway to help kill Pigma. Still, whether Pigma is still self-aware at that point, destroying him is also satisfying, as you watch the bastard scream in absolute agony before finally turning outer space white in a massive explosion. Justice has been served, indeed.
  • One of the multiplayer stages is the Zoness Sea Base. Compared to how inhospitable it was in Starfox 64, it looks MUCH nicer in comparison! Looks like Corneria's efforts in cleaning up the pollution is paying off. This also doubles as a Heartwarming Moment, considering Zoness' tragic backstory.

Star Fox Zero

  • One of the many portals in the game dumps the Gravmaster out in space; since the Landmaster is meant for ground combat, Fox is ordered to sit this one out by Peppy, who flies right at the nearby enemy carrier as Fox withdraws. For those of you who doubt his ability as James' wingman, Peppy then proceeds to, without even a hint of backup, usher the carrier to its final destination.
    Salvadora Commander: ONE ship?! What an insult. Ready the main cannons! Destroy that little pest!
    (combat, pwnage, and barrel rolls ensue)
    Salvadora Commander: How could one ship take us down?!
    Peppy: It never pays to underestimate Star Fox! *kaboom*
  • The Attack Carrier and the music that played when you fought it in 64 make a surprise comeback. Then they did it again but harder when the same track made yet another comeback from when it was used in the escape from Andross!
    Attack Carrier Captain: Now, let the TRUE fight begin!
  • Killing Andross at the end. After critically damaging his metal exoskeleton, he tries to kill Fox one last time by chasing after him. Suddenly, the ghost of James reappears to distract Andross. Keep going, and Andross will still explode, but you'll be robbed the pleasure of killing him yourself. Make a U-Turn, however, and fire a charge shot at Andross' weak point, however... and Andross will turn back to you as if in complete surprise and total disbelief before shattering in a world-shaking explosion. Then we hear that heartwarming quote from James as you fly to safety...
    • Andross's reaction to James' sudden arrival is itself a crowning moment of awesome.
      Andross: Curse you, James McCloud. Why won't you stay dead?!

Star Fox 2

  • The fact that the game is finally getting an official release 22 years after it's initial planned release for 1995 via the SNES Classic Edition. This is even more awesome when you consider the (supposed) legal issues involving the use of the Super FX Chip. Either Nintendo now owns the rights to the Chip, or they made a deal of some kind with the people from Argonaut Games. Either way, it's awesome to see this game get the official treatment.


  • At E3 2018, Ubisoft revealed more details about their game Starlink: Battle For Atlas. The received positive enough reaction...and then they showed off this trailer. That's right. Looks like Fox isn't just gonna be at Smash Switch this year!
    • Doubles as a crowning moment for the developer as well, as the original Star Fox is one of his favourite games, and it was actually Nintendo that approached him and asked him to pitch Fox's appearance in the game to Miyamoto and the Star Fox team. Two years in a row, a Ubisoft dev got to meet and was praised by one of their heroes!


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