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Wolf's "scar" in Star Fox 2 isn't a scar. It's war paint.
There's a lot of Negative Continuity in the series, but this bothers me way too much for me to let it slide. Wolf's scar and presumed missing eye is on the opposite side of his face in all games onward. Wolf received that in some mission between 2 and 64. His marking meant something to him, as it was his way of saying he fears nothing to the point that he'll even tempt fate. Whoever went after his eye did it to invoke some cruel irony, but went after his other eye out of spite. It was probably Andross, knowing him.

Wolf's Evil Brit accent is fake, he's actually sounthern
So, when I first made this theory, I said "No real reason, I just hate that stupid accent" and I stand by that. I also think it makes him sound like Scar from the Lion King, and I think the southern accent is hotter. BUT I do have some actual reasons. What little Venomians there are have British accents and a large portion of the animals that agreed to work for Andross have British accents too. Wolf's accent would have been alien and made him stick out. So, in order to get their trust and blend in, he decided he was going to give himself a British accent. That's why Wolf suddenly has a southern accent in Brawl, which is after the aparoid incident and Star Wolf's subsequent pardoning, meaning that Wolf no longer need to interact or affiliate with them.

The Lylat system has no gas giants because...
The Lylatians tried to turn them into stars, similar to what happened to Jupiter in 2010: Odyssey 2. They failed, and they blew up, forming the nebulae seen in the backgrounds of the sectors (maybe the planet that Sector Omega was a part of was big enough to form a black hole?) The only successful attempt resulted in Solar.

The James McCloud from F-Zero is Fox McCloud's grandfather.
His paternal grandfather and grandmother were an example of Interspecies Romance, an alien fox space pilot from the Lylat system fell in love with a human F-Zero racer from the Solar system, but a Half-Human Hybrid offspring was averted since alien fox DNA is dominant over human DNA. Their beloved child was James McCloud Jr., Fox's father.

Slippy is one of those frogs that can change gender a la Jurassic Park.
I can't remember where I read this, but it explains the Viewer Gender Confusion well enough, as well as the change in voice between 64 and Adventures. Slippy would normally be male, but the single-gender environment triggered a gender change. After Krystal joined the team, it was no longer a single-gender environment and Slippy reverted to being male.

Fox McCloud and Wolf O'Donnell are twin half-brothers from a failed menage a trois/date rape party.
They look too similar to be
Identical Strangers, and their flying skill and choice in teammates seems to indicate some intimate connection to Fox's father, James. There's also the ambiguous reason for Wolf's hatred for Fox, which goes farther than It's Personal. As for the "twin half-brothers" part, it's possible (though highly unlikely) for one egg to be fertilized by two sperm from two different donors, which would account for the difference in species and coloring, while keeping the same exact look. Their difference in ages could be a case of one twin developing more slowly than the other, or an abortion gone wrong, or something.
  • Or they're fraternal twins who both take after their mother.
    • Or Wolf is James' younger brother (and Fox's uncle), which would explain the age difference and maybe even the rivalry with Fox (since James isn't around to pick on anymore).
      • Not possible, as Wolf is only a year older than Fox, making him the same age as Falco.
  • Or Wolf is James' illegitimate son and he resents Fox for having known their father.
  • Jossed. Too many fans ship them at this point.

Neither Wolf nor Leon are murderers and are actually loathe to hurt people, and thus their bounties are more for treason and other political war crimes.
Think about it: Leon constantly makes subtle threats to torture the Star Fox team if he captures them, yet his bounty is relatively low, not possible if he really was a bloodthirsty torturer. Also, Wolf specifically kicks Pigma out of the gang after Pigma's greed and unscrupulousness gets the better of him; only someone who distastes violence and cruelty would do that. Finally, after they get Panther on their team, we hardly hear of their freelance exploits, so they must not be that eager to flex their merc muscles again. Their vicious blood feud against Fox and Falco, respectively, might be the exception, but then again, those are almost assuredly personal matters.
  • Wolf's firing of Pigma may have had more to do with his greed getting in the way of his duty to the team. He seems like an efficient guy. (There might also have been a personality clash involved — Pigma doesn't look like he'd mesh well with the Affably Evil type.) Apart from that, while they may not be bloodthirsty psychopaths, there isn't much to suggest that any of team Star Wolf is actually opposed to hurting people, so long as there's a profit to be had.
    • It was stated in Star Fox Assault that Pigma was kicked out because of his overwhelming greed ind distrustful nature, so obviously there's something beyond merely his lust for money and about his actual motives that got the rest of the team on edge around him. There's also Leon's (unofficial?) comments during Super Smash Bros. Brawl, where he gushes over the beauties of a peaceful green planet being passed by, and how he'd love to settle down and have a family or whatnot. Then again, he did also state his desire for a The Masochism Tango-style relationship with Wolf, so maybe they're more tolerant of vicious bloodsports in the bed?
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  • Or you know, Wolf is just an idiot and Leon is the actual smart one, and Leon knew about Pigma's motivations and convinced Wolf to get rid of him. After all, not every leader is able to see what's really going on.

Krystal and her people, or some other race similar to hers, used to live on Sauria (Dinosaur Planet) and died out/left it for some reason.
Think about it: Why else would there be magic gems and devices there that react to her staff? Why would Krystal have the power to channel Krazoa energy? How could any of the stone buildings and structures be built, if the planets' current inhabitants don't even have hands (like all the ladders, for instance)? Why the hell would the Warpstone even BE on Sauria? He can't warp dinosaurs, but he can warp Fox, which indicates that he was created by a race similar to foxes, but with magic powers — Krystal's race. He even mentions that he was left alone for a thousand years — probably because Krystal's people vanished that long ago, thus he had no-one to help.
  • Or it was the pre-etheral Krazoa.

The events of Star Fox Command were a hallucination created as a final ploy by the Aparoids to prevent their destruction by Fox and Star Wolf.
This explains the extreme and unexplained changes made to the continuity in-game: Bill's personality and voice, Kat's change in color, the inexplicable return of Star Wolf, Star Fox's breakup, Panther's sudden compulsion to refer to himself in the third person, etc. The hugely diverging storylines and endings give more credence to the fact that it's not real. The final nail in the coffin, though, is the developer's own hints that the next canonical game will take place in the middle of Command, essentially making half of the game's myriad storylines (and all of its endings) moot; this could possibly be used in the form of Fox and Star Wolf breaking out of their brainwashing and nuking the Aparoid Queen, as usual.
  • What I read is that the next game would make one of the endings canonical, though I also saw that it'd take place during Command. Of course, I read this over a year ago...
  • Also notable is the fact that Arwings can suddenly operate underwater with no loss in performance and the red dwarf becomes a volcanic planet for no adequately explained reason. Also notable is that the Star Fox storyline is completely stupid and ridiculous for a game based on the shallow concept of blowing shit up.
    • Well, Command is pretty much accepted by many as non-existent, so as far as Assault goes, the story seems fine.

Wolf and Leon are gay sadomasochistic lovers.
No, seriously, it was confirmed in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Apparently, Panther hasn't picked up on it, until then...
  • Heck, Wolf's outfit in Brawl is similar to a person who engages in hot leather and BDSM.
  • This troper prefers to believe it's only a one-sided relationship. Leon is messed up by anyone's standards, but we have absolutely no idea if Wolf's reciprocated Leon's "affections".
    • This troper thinks it could be one-sided emotionally, but they're probably banging. Wolf strikes me as a gay adventurous Casanova (without the romantic layer Panther has).
  • This troper always saw Wolf and Leon as Heterosexual Life-Partners, at least from Wolf's point of view. Leon wants to be more than that, secretly having a thing for Wolf which no one else (except for Panther) is aware of. Wolf, however, only sees Leon as a loyal teammate and/or a close friend.

Krystal is the remaining Cerinian from Cerinia's own Instrumentality.
Also, the entire Lylat system was seeded by EVA-01.

Fox was taking something illicit to calm his nerves for the final battle in Star Fox 64, Star Fox and Star Fox 2.
"Whoa, dude, I can totally see a monkey's head, and it has these giant hands with those gem things from Logan's Run. Look at how everything is moving in such a psychedelic way, man. And now the head is chewing my spaceship. Oh my god, dude, I'm totally freaking out. And holy crap, I can totally see my dead father." Anyone else notice that no one else is around during these fights with Andross?
  • Ditto: The Awesome Black Hole — depending on what happens after this level one of two things have occurred.
    • A: Fox was so under the influence whilst piloting an Arwing that he caused the whole team to get lost, and when they find a way to get to Venom, it's not the route they started out on. In one case, nearly overshooting their destination.
    • B: Fox was so under the influence whilst piloting an Arwing that he had a complete gap in memory between the checkpoint on the Astoroid Belt and entering Venom's Orbit.
  • Ditto: The Astoroid Belt (Hard), to the point where he has a 'white out' and comes to 'Out of this Dimension'! This doesn't explain why General Pepper can't contact the other Arwings, unless...
    • The other wingmen were slaughtered, as the last thing you see before the white out is overwhelming firepower from the enemy. An even more sinister turn of events would be that after the white out, Fox killed his own wingmen.

Krystal's "tattoos" are not actually tattoos, but freeze brands.
Answering how a fur covered character can have tattoos, I present to you freeze brands. A type of branding that is supposed to be both more humane and less damaging than fire branding, freeze branding doesn't mark the skin, but it does hinder the skin's ability to grow fur or hair with any pigment. In other words, any new hair becomes white, just like Krystal's "tattoos."

A Time Lord is involved somehow in Star Fox Adventures.
Mostly because I thought that Krozoa possession scene too similar to the snake in bed scene from "Doctor Who: the Movie" (where a gray transparent slimy thing enters some American guy's body and makes his eyes turn funny colors); mostly because I want an alternate (Read: "less dumb") explanation for the plot instead of just "Magic".

Fox is descended from Batman
Just for the "Flying Fox" pun.

Lucy Hare has a daughter with Wolf O'Donnell
In one of the endings for Star Fox Command, Lucy Hare (Peppy Hare's daughter) has a daughter who ends up on the new Star Fox team founded by Fox's son Marcus. A picture of the team can be seen on Marcus' Arwingpedia page. Not only does Lucy's daughter have a familiar grey and white fur pattern, her eyes are the same color as Wolf's. Her aggressive stance also seems more like Wolf's than her mother's style.

The canon ending of Star Fox (SNES) lay 'Out of this Dimension'
The reason that game does not marry up with the rest of the series — which takes place in an alternate universe/reality. Fox, like his father before, got lost in an uncharted anomaly, never to be seen again. What makes this ending even more of a Downer Ending is that Fox doesn't see any of his wingmen after the incident and General Pepper is unable to contact any of the other Arwings, meaning each member of the Star Fox team is trapped in separate dimensions. As for the fate of Corneria, it's anyone's guess.
  • The implication more seems to be that the 'Andross' you face is a robot created by him (referred to as the "Core Brain"), and the real Andross is out there still... That said, Star Fox is a flight rail shooter — the story doesn't have to make complete sense! (Andross being a huge brain makes just about as much sense as him being a box inside a face made out of panels — my personal opinion is that these are both creations of Andross, at most remotely controlled by him.)

The James McCloud in F-Zero is a Legacy Character of the original James.
James' adventures took him far from his home galaxy, and along the way he met a young human who he became the mentor for, maybe like a second son. When the human heard of James's demise, he took the name and a similar name for his mercenary crew, and the outfit, out of admiration.Alternately, he's a Reincarnation. Or alternate universe counterpart. Or something.
  • Alternately, Andross didn't kill James, but instead made him human and sent him to Earth with a new ship. He started a family and modified his ship into a race craft. He races to provide for his family, and some day, Fox will discover the truth. Whether it drives him insane or does precisely nothing has yet to be discovered.//
//As for why Andross would mess with James like this instead of just killing him, well, Andross may have thought that turning James into a full-fledged human would be A Fate Worse Than Death. Sending him off to Earth, an unfamiliar place, would have been the icing on the cake. James also had his memory erased, and he only remembers his name. The squadron "Galaxy Dog" was just a cover story, implanted in his mind just to give him a reason to own the ship he was given. However, knowledge of the G-Diffuser technology has awakened some old memories, and James is now thinking to what his life was in Lylat. He will eventually uncover the truth...

Sending Fox 'Out of this Dimension' in the original Star Fox (SNES) renders him completely insane.
Fox ends up in a strange cosmic anomaly where he is attacked by strange two-dimensional creatures that ignore the normal laws of propulsion and physics. The distant alien planets and stars undulate wildly, barely comprehensible, and he is unable to get nearer to them no matter how far he flies. In the end, he fights a giant slot machine, and it is only when he scores a 'Jackpot', symbolizing his 'victory' over his own sanity, that the creatures cease to actively fight him. Simultaneously as the distant starry background solidifies to reveal smiling, peaceful faces across the planets, welcoming him, as only then does he truly 'understand'. There is no ending, though floating letters appear to taunt him with one, eternally reset both by the denizens of this universe or his own doomed attempts to right them. Fox is doomed to forever seek his end, unable to reach it as he flies through that warped dimension for eternity. Laughing...

Star Fox and F-Zero take place in the same universe
Think about these two facts:
  • They share a technology known as the "G-Diffuser" system. In F-Zero, it's used to keep the race crafts off the ground (If only just); in Star Fox, it's used to keep flight craft aloft.
  • One character from each series is named "James McCloud". He suffers a Death by Origin Story in Star Fox, but he's still there in F-Zero. Maybe the two are related?
    • I'll give you one more — the original F-Zero had race craft called the Golden Fox and the Blue Falcon. The Hero and The Lancer of the Star Fox Team are a golden fox and a blue falcon. Also, in one of the endings of Command, they outright join a racing league, called the G-Zero Grand Prix. Actually, this sounds less like they take place in the same universe and more like F-Zero takes place in the Lylat System in an Alternate Universe.

Star Fox and Star Wars have analogous characters
If it follows that Star Fox = Star Wars then:
  • Fox = Luke Skywalker
  • Peppy = Obi Wan
  • Slippy = R2-D2
  • ROB 64 = C-3PO
  • Andross = Palpatine
  • Krystal = Leia
and here's the big one
  • Falco = Han-fucking-Solo
    • Does this mean we're gonna see James McCloud return in armour and evil? (and to fit with the above, human?)
      • Given the WMGs of F-Zero, this could be entirely possible.
  • Even the names of their starfighters are similar. Maybe the Arwing is supposed to be "R-Wing?"

The boss of Sector X in 64 is a prototype of Andrew's Wannabe-Andross Mecha.
The prototype was abandoned in an early stage and was thus left unfinished. If you think about the shape of the robot, it's actually kinda believable.

Marcus McCloud is actually Wolf's son.
He seems to look more like Wolf than Fox. I'm guessing that Wolf raped Krystal at some point during her time with Star Wolf. Either Fox doesn't know, or he's just a nice enough guy that he helps raise Marcus as his own.
  • Jesus dude, Wolf might be a bad guy but it's pretty cruel to suspect he'd rape. He's not even a straight up villain.
  • Why rape? Maybe Krystal was just really lonely and secretly wanted someone who was the next best thing to Fox.
    • Well, she sure didn't join Star Wolf because of Panther...
    • Yes she did! She did in the default ending of Command, anyway, the one you have to get before you can choose your own path. (Maybe she'll aquire a bounty too and get shot down in a new game.)
  • Except he really doesn't... the only feature he shares with Wolf is that his forehead streak of white hair reaches his muzzle. That's it. Otherwise he's a dead ringer for Fox, but with blue fur. Granted, the game's art style did make everyone look somewhat unusual. Also, Krystal definitely did not join because of Panther.

The Lylat System is in the same setting as F-Zero.
James being in F-Zero is simply because he faked his death at the hands of Andross to get a better shot at him. His son managed to do it instead, and he comes out of hiding to save him at the end of Star Fox 64. Seeing that he'd effectively passed the torch, he moved on to explore the galaxy.

As for why everyone in Star Fox is furry? Fox is mentally disturbed. Everyone is relatively humanoid, but we see the world through Fox's eyes, and he thinks everyone is an anthropomorphic animal. That's why he's a Fox named Fox, he's a human named Fox with delusions.

Albert Einstein didn't die.
Instead, he found a portal to another dimension where anthropomorphic animals ruled the universe. He was known there for inventing the Arwing, and Falco in particular was a fan of his.

The Star Fox universe has its very own Einstein
The Lylat System has their version of an Einstein, someone with the same name who was really smart and invented important things (perhaps the G-diffuser system?). That's why Falco had such a reference point which would only otherwise exist in the real world.

James killed Wolf's father.
Wolf's father was the leader of a dangerous band of space pirates and James's team was hired to stop them. Wolf aligned with Andross afterwards to seek revenge on James and extended his hatred to Fox mostly by association.
  • Cycle of Revenge?
  • Perhaps the fact that Pigma, canonically the one who killed James McCloud, later joined Star Wolf isn't just coincidence? While Wolf would probably have preferred to kill James himself, he probably couldn't resist the idea of bribing one of James's own teammates to backstab him. It was only after he started hanging around with Pigma that Wolf started to hate him. Remember that the Worthy Opponent stuff is mostly from Assault onwards, too, so while Star Fox 64 Wolf may have tolerated Pigma, Assault Wolf probably couldn't stand him.

James is now an Energy Being or Reality Warper.
In the original Star Fox game, Pepper says that James flew into a Black Hole and was never seen again. But, in reality, James ascended after the Black Hole, he obtained new abilities. He rewrote reality into Star Fox 64 in an attempt to raise the son he was never around, but he couldn't, so he faked his death at the hands of Andross, who tried to kill him to make sure that a Reality Warper didn't get in the way of his plot, but when Fox was in trouble, James, being his father, decided to try and help Fox in his darkest hour; afterwards, he disappeared again, trying not to make any other appearances until he's needed.
  • Honestly, this is the most likely Star Fox headcanon on this site.
  • And in the meantime, kills time by racing F-Zero in human form?

Andross wasn't always a giant head.
  • Before his attack on Lylat, Andross was a neuroscientist who suffered brain damage through some sort of accident. During his career, he invented a serum that would cause the re-growth of brain cells in the hopes of curing his own brain damage by replacing his damaged cells with healthy ones without surgery. Recklessly, he gave the serum to himself. It worked, but his brain cells wouldn't stop growing, to the point where his brain would have burst out of his skull if not dealt with in time. He then had his brain removed and placed in a nutrient vat, where the isolation and artificial neuron growth made him go mad as his brain grew to massive proportions. Eventually, the serum wore off, and he had a giant robot head built to house his enormous brain, as well as a pair of hands.
    • Actually makes sense.

The Star Fox team in 64 aren't actually in their Arwings.
Other than during the Blue Marine mission, they're actually all crammed inside the Great Fox, remotely controlling the ships from a safe distance, handily explaining why they never seem to die. They only had one Blue Marine, and since the water is so dark, they just sent Fox and Falco in.
  • Actually, if Fox is shot down when no teammates are around, he screams before his Arwing explodes.

Star Wolf presumably isn't doing the same, what with them requiring patching up on Venom II.

  • That, and the fact the mechanical stuff also serves as dampeners so they could handle their new ships pretty much confirms they weren't.

James isn't dead
In the original Star Fox, there was a bonus level called 'The Black Hole', where James appeared to die, but after the level, you get teleported to Venom. I personally think it was a WORM hole, not a BLACK hole. BLACK holes are space vacuums, and WOR Mholes are like intergalactic highways. So essentially, James's ghost didn't help his son in Star Fox 64, that was James IN THE FUR!

Fox and Fara are half-siblings.
More than one version of this theory:
  • And this is why Fara is a dead ringer for Fox's mother Vixy. Fara may also be at least a year older than Fox. See, maybe Vixy became pregnant shortly after (or maybe even before) James and Vixy were married. But some time before, Vixy may have been pregnant with Fara (probably by an old boyfriend), and gave the child up for adoption to Fara's father the shipping magnate. Vixy later met and married James, and Vixy left the incident in the past. Of course, this is also only Brother–Sister Incest if you actually think Fox and Fara started dating, which this troper is skeptical of.
  • This explains why Fara supposedly resembles Fox's mother — Vixy did, at one point, cheat on James with an aspiring entrepreneur (likely while he was away for longer than it would take her to deliver). As she could not admit to the child's existence, she left her to the care of her father, however, built ties to the Phoenix family — explaining, for instance, why Fara was immediately recognised by Fox (he had seen her before) or why he was chosen, out of exile, to test Mr. Phoenix's prototype Arwing fighters.
    Eventually, however, Fox and Fara discovered their family status — likely by a time at which point they already had a more intimate relationship. Disgusted by the unwitting Brother–Sister Incest, they agreed to part ways.
    Canon Welding results in this occurrence: Fox McCloud eventually arrives on Sauria, without a girlfriend, and leaves the planet with one that looks highly different from his mother.
  • Both of the above two theories could be possible, but perhaps only in their respective mutually-exclusive Alternate Continuities. In the 1993 continuity, the Star Fox team was exiled on Papetoon until Fox was 25, and he first met Fara that year on a ship in transit to Corneria. In the 1997 continuity, the Lylat Wars took place when Fox was just 18. It's even possible that if Fara were in the 1997 continuity at all, the two may have never met. Likewise, in the 1993 continuity, Fox and Krystal may never meet. All in all, Canon Welding (and Canon itself) becomes increasingly strained in a franchise already fraught with Ret Cons.

James and Peppy were lovers.
As both widowers and single dads who lost their wives at young ages, it is not completely inconceivable that the two fell in love. It is even possible that they moved in together, and helped raise each other's kids. This makes Fox and Lucy more like step-siblings, and Peppy more like Fox's other dad. The moving-in part wouldn't have happened completely until later, because though Fox's mom Vixy died when he was a baby, Lucy's mom Vivian died when she was an adolescent.

Wolf was once part of Star Fox with James, Peppy, and Pigma, and James scarred Wolf's eye.
But if Wolf was part of Star Fox, he would have been just barely an adult, and he would have been the first member to leave. Wolf's leaving occurred during a spectacularly low point with the team, and James scarred Wolf's eye. From then on, they were enemies. Variations of this theory differ as to whether James and Wolf were also sleeping together.

There is nothing particularly unusual about Slippy.
Really. He's not a woman. He doesn't even have a high voice. And he's straight. And he's actually fun to be around, but his portrayals have usually been very unflattering. And he still wears that bead Utility Necklace, but artists have simply chosen not to draw it.
  • The bead necklace was only seen in the SNES continuity. In the later games and comics, there's no evidence the Utility Necklace exists at all.

Venom is a decaying terraformation.
Venom was Terraformed in the distant past. But terraformations can be unstable, and a planet's chemistry and climate can gradually slide back to its unterraformed state if there is no maintenance. (This is considered realistic for Mars — even if it is terraformed, it will revert after some millions of years.) Specifically, Venom was given an atmosphere and oceans, and they were once stable. But the planet's technological infrastructure was abandoned and the terraformation was left derelict. Gradually, the chemistry absorbed natural minerals from the bedrock, turning the air and oceans into a noxious green poison. An alternate theory using the SNES continuity, is that Venom's toxicity is a much more recent occurrence under Andross's rule, and that the Lizard Folk used as Andross's Red Shirt Army were the indigenous inhabitants of a once-clean Venom.

The Lylat System has planets originally from other star systems.
An ancient civilization (probably the same that throve three million years prior on Titania and Aquas) not only Terraformed some planets, but hauled in more planets from other star systems, probably using jumpgates of a scale immensely larger than Beltino Orbital Gate. Otherwise, doesn't it look like the Lylat System has a very unrealistically high number of habitable earth-like planets?

The Cornerians were originally humans from Earth.
Maybe they are actually originally Humans from Earth, and did not evolve on Corneria or anywhere else in the Lylat System. They either found their way there, or were brought there by others. Though they more resemble Funny Animals, they are actually human, and can procreate with other "species" within the same Amazing Technicolor Population. Andross's Lizard Folk (who are not from Corneria) are also human.
  • They were brought there by a Goa'uld who wanted to create a variety of colorful hosts for himself, and thus genetically modified a number of humans to superficially resemble other species from earth. The hypergate is similar to the Ori supergate, but has an extremely limited range due to lack of available power.

Star Fox 64 3DS is the beginning of a series reboot.
They saw the complaints about Adventures and Assault, and that most of the fanbase hates Krystal. As such, they decided to retcon Krystal and the games she was in out of existence. The series is starting over.

Lylat is NOT a binary or triad star system...'s actually a group of systems under the control of an organization that has titled the area Lylat: Corneria is the capital of the Lylat territory, and Venom is a backwater toxic world on the outskirts. Because there's no way to figure out how to fit all those planets in the same system (with that itty-bitty red dwarf for a sun, no less!) otherwise.

James McCloud has robotic eyes
He lost them in a tragic accident/flying mishap years ago, back when Fox was little. And because the glowing false eyes scared little Fox, James started wearing his Cool Shades all the time.

James is an Immortal ala Highlander.
Andross killed him after he helped Peppy escape, but didn't cut his head off, so James was able to escape when no one thought to keep an eye on his body. James just lurks around Venom in his Arwing because he knows he has no way to explain why he's still alive. James uses his sword? what sword? powers (from the series if not the movie) to hide his Arwing, which is why no one can see him. And the reason Fox can sometimes see James when no one else can...well, he's an Immortal too. But he doesn't know it/hasn't died yet, so he doesn't understand why he keeps 'hallucinating' that his dad has been helping him all those times.

Fox is descended from a Cerinian
Several thousand years before the events of the first game, a Cerinian ended up in the Lylat system and had children with one of the people there. Over time, the Cerinian traits would slowly disappear, but would still remain dormant in the ones who had it. This is how Fox is able to use Krystal's staff and be able to pass the tests of the Krazoa. It also explains how he can see James while the others can't.

Star Fox 64 3DS is not just a remake of 64
But will include a remake of 2.
  • Not likely, but still. I like this one.
    • Jossed. Star Fox 2 was released on the SNES Classic in 2017.

There will be a remake of not only the first game but the second as well.
It will be a two game package. Because even if a majority of the mechanics in 2 were recycled for 64, it was still wasted for a game that was practically complete.

The shopkeeper will be the new primary antagonist of the series.
She was secretly planning on warping herself into an Eldritch Abomination, the likes of which only seen by Pathways into Darkness. She only was staying in that store to collect scarabs. She had no intention of helping Fox out at all, she only wanted him to give her scarabs. Scarabs with which to further her perverse plan. This plan will involve taking innocent people from the Lylat system and then separating their bodies, mind, and soul from each other, twisting them into an Eldritch Abomination. Their bodies will be twisted into mechanical constructs that would be worthy of an H.R. Giger or Dark Seed style mindscrew. (Albeit with less phallic emphasis.) Some people will have parts removed from their bodies, and she is not one to waste them. She will graft them onto the next Eldritch Abomination she creates. The minds of her victims are twisted with the pain of being separated from the soul, and are sewn into other abominations of her creation... the very scarabs that Fox was giving to her in exchange for the items she had. It is a fate worse than death, as these scarabs will have their will removed, only being able to think about how much they must pay her. The soul, however, from the pain inflicted on it by being separated from the mind and body, are used as the building blocks of her own dimension, an Eldritch Location. From there, the evil witch plots her next move...knowing fully well that she cannot be traced into this dimension at all, and if anyone dares follow her, they will be forced to withstand the most deconstruction of the Nostalgia Filter of all time. Not only will you be forced to see your own childhood, but every trauma will be replayed to you, and any joy you had when you were a child will be twisted, perverted, and demented into a tempest of incredible horror. Even when Fox enters, he will relive everything, from the fight against Andrew to Pigma twisted into a giant monster by the Aparoids. The people who are trapped in this dimension eventually lose all semblence of humanity or anthro-nity, and their sanity, too. They are reduced to a shell of their former self, almost reduced into toys or other such stuff. Fox will encounter other expeditions sent into this dimension, with only stuff like a plush toy moaning to themselves, a deflated pool toy that was once somebody else, an expedition leader turned into an Unobtanium statue out of fear, insane people who have merely frozen in place, twisted clockwork people, people who have, out of fear, been reanimated into zombies after taking their own lives, or risking a pain worse than death, forced into a quantum immortality even as their physical form is warped into that of a demented toy or worse. The evil shopkeeper by this point had merged with this dimension, becoming something that would be most comparable to Giygas or Cthulhu. She tugs at his own sanity, as well as the sanity of everyone else, as they are forced to stand up to her, separated from their friends and comrades and forced to fight the evil demented goddess of this hellish dimension all by themselves. In their mind? Fox, Krystal, Falco, Slippy and the others? They're dead. Deader Than Dead. But they do not know where they truly are... And yet Fox will be bothered because, after all, he could have prevented this, if only he had just taken out that staff and killed that witch back on Dinosaur Planet. But on the plus side, Prince Tricky will have been twisted into a deliberately annoying abomination and will be a mid-game boss, so I guess that balances all of the horror out.
  • You seem to have thought about this for some time.... Actually, when you think of it, Star Fox Command may be part of her sick-mind games that she inflicts on Fox. Also it could also be that the Krazoa Spirits were collaborating with the shopkeeper from the start, along with General Scales, to deliberately set Fox onward on his quest on Dinosaur Planet. General Scales, as the shopkeeper's right-hand man, threatened Dinosaur Planet in order to lure the Star Fox team to Dinosaur Planet; while the Krazoa Spirits set Fox upon a complex quest to gather scarabs for their master, disguised as a quest to save Krystal and bring Dinosaur Planet back together. In the end, the shopkeeper used some of the newly amassed scarabs to draw up enough power to create a decoy enemy to avert any suspession from herself, and crafted this decoy enemy in the shape of Andross from Fox's memories. In this way, General Scales could fake his death and return back to his master alive; and later to further make sure that she would not be opposed, she created the Aparoids to weaken the Lylat system's military forces. It is still up in the air if there is any hope of stopping her now at her full power though...
    • Actually I kinda just improvised that all as I went along — but your theory makes just as much sense there, heehee.

Falco hatched from a mutated egg from the depths of the Zoness ocean.
  • It pretty much explains why he has such a fetish for flying, is kind of a prick, and is the only member of Fox's team without ANY mention of a family...
    • And why Katt wants him.
    • Probably not a mutated egg, since Zoness' pollution was explicitly caused by Andross, and Falco was born long before that. Maybe Zoness has (had?) a sentient bird species that Falco is a member of. That said, Falco being a Zoness native does put his "This is horrible..." line in a new light: he knew what the planet was like before it was ruined.

Wolf is an albino who dyes his fur.
  • He has purple eyes, but a lot of Fan-Art (and Star Fox 2 portrait) shows him with Red Eyes, Take Warning. He doesn't want to look colorless, so he regularly dyes his fur a purplish hue of grey. ...yeah, even I don't believe this one, Wild Mass Guessing is just fun to do.

Star Fox SNES and Star Fox 64 are parallel universes.
This might explain how the characters have different ages. Assault may be yet a third parallel universe, where Wolf is six years older than he should be. Or maybe Star Fox is just competing with Star Trek in sheer number of Retcons. There's so much canonical flipflopping you'd think it was a pancake house.

Command is actually in the same canon as the first two Star Fox games (Star Fox and Star Fox 2)
This explains why the characters differ a bit in personality and other traits such as accents, Panther being a rather good example of this. Also, they used the artwork from the original Star Fox for the team members at the beginning of Command, which could be a hit toward the place of the game in canon.

The Gola from Titania is part of a species similar to the Aparoids.
I mean, think about it. It's a giant insect, it uses lasers to attack (the Aparoids are technologically advanced), and its chest looks a little like an Aparoid Core Memory. Also, its scream is very close to that of the Aparoid boss from Katina.
  • If you're confused about how Aparoids may have ended up on Titania, here's what I think. Originally, Titania wasn't a desert world. That much is canon. So, when the Aparoids got there, they assimilated the beings there. However, without living things that cared to maintain it, the plant life died out. The result was a desert, and combined with the wind and its proximity to Solar, it became inhospitable. So, the Aparoids had to evolve, over time becoming less and less flight-based and more ground-based. This also seperated them from the Hive Mind, since their molecular structure lost the self-destruction cells that also linked them, thus sparing them when the Queen was killed. Eventually, they became large beasts that were almost completely different from the Aparoids.

James McCloud survived his trip into the black hole and actually experienced time dilation instead
James, after seeing Peppy Hare was safely away and realizing he was dead either way, decided to take out as many of Andross's ships as possible and tricked them into flying into the black hole by flying close enough to the gravitational field to pull in the bigger ships chasing him. It was mostly though sheer luck he survived. After the time dilation wore off, he found himself in the middle of the battle over Venom. After seeing what he assumed to be a military force sent to stop Andross's planned invasion engaging Venom's forces, he then used the confusion to enter the path to Venom's core, where he arrived in time to see his son destroy Andross and then lead him out of the core. Then deciding that his son was his own man now and didn't need his father anymore, he maneuvered his Arwing into Fox's blind spot and then made a run across the surface of Venom until he was out of range. James decided to roam the galaxy as a gun for hire, eventually becoming a race car driver on a distant planet. Slight variation of the a theory above in which it was a wormhole instead of a black hole.

Wolf holds a grudge against Star Fox because he wanted to fly with James McCloud, but was turned down because he was too young.
Wolf grew up on the streets in a similar fashion to Falco and met James McCloud (or maybe heard of him depending on how legendary James's reputation was at the time) and decided he wanted to fly with him. James turned him down for any number of reasons, ranging from Wolf being too young to James's disliking his methods. Wolf became bitter about being turned down, and when he learned of James's death, Wolf was unwilling to admit that his hero's death broke his heart and kept his grudge against team Star Fox as a whole. Which is why he has a rivalry and begrudging fondness towards Fox.

Star Fox is a cartoon adaptation of the real Star Fox team
The "real" Star Fox team are humans, as is the rest of the intelligent population of the Lylat System (save Sauria). However, when the team allowed their likenesses to be used in a Saturday Morning Cartoon, the producers decided to make everybody animals, since kids would probably find them more interesting that way.

Also, to make the team seem less morally ambiguous, a plot point was added where Andross killed Fox's father James, so that Fox would have a personal (rather than monetary) reason to defeat him. Of course, this doesn't end up making much sense to the viewers of the show, since everyone knows that the real James is not only still alive, but became a well-known F-Zero pilot after retiring from mercenary work.

  • Holy shit.

Treasure will tackle the next Star Fox game on the Wii U.

James McCloud is blind.
Sunglasses are normal for a blind person to wear. He can still fly because he has a Disability Superpower. His quotes from Command suggest this.

How Bomb Spore Plants grow.
Okay, I'm no plant biologist, and would never claim to be, but I think these plants have a couple of interesting properties.
  1. "Fully-grown"note  specimens have grass growing right up to the base. The planting patches for the spores, by contrast, are pretty barren.
  2. Fully-grown plants throw out spores when detonated. Young ones do not.
  3. Fully-grown plants grow back immediately after being detonated. Young ones do not.
  • What this suggests to me is that Bomb Spore Plants, when young, require a very specific mixture of soil that other plants can't grow in. Then, as they mature, they change the soil mixture into that which things like grass can grow in. If we were to leave them alone for long enough, they, too, would develop spores, and well as grow roots that allow them to recover quickly from being detonated and allow them to thrive in the changed soil. Of course, the game wouldn't model this, as you're intended to detonate them shortly after planting them. Now, if only I could figure out why ideal planting patches tend to be found beside things that Bomb Spore Plants can destroy...

Corneria has little to no standing army
Hence why
  1. : Mercs make up the main offensive forces of any military action.
  2. : A prominent merc can simply become a general in a few years.
and a few other things. Bill and generic "Dog Solder" are in-fact militia (hence why they are so utterly inept). This explains how the capital is so easily attacked regularly as well. The only problem I see with this is the "we'd be honored to have you as part of..." at the end of 64, which can be explained as only officers having an actual state military career, while giving Fox an invitation to join.

ROB and Great Fox are permanently linked, and Fox chose to free them after the Star Fox team broke up
While he is permitted to leave at any time, ROB chose to stay at Fox's side in lieu of anything else to do with the vessel. However, in the event that he finds something else worth his attention, it is accepted that he may head off to investigate... and take the Great Fox with him.

In fact, he's the main playable character in Star Fox Command, and when you have split path options like "I wonder what Falco's up to", ROB is actually flying the Great Fox to his position.

Krystal will become a permanent member of Star Wolf.
It is what she does in the default ending of Star Fox Command, to be with her beloved Panther. If Star Fox does not become a power trio, she'll probably be replaced by Amanda or Kat. New characters are a possibility too.
  • Except she only joined because Fox disbanded Star Fox and she assumed he didn't really love her... which obviously wouldn't be the case should they make a proper follow-up (also, the suggested endings where they reunite beat those where they don't by at least a margin of one, plus the game's implied Canon Discontinuity status). Beloved nothing, Panther only came into the picture because of Operation: Jealousy. That, and... well, the Kursed ending suggests that the only logical result of her joining Star Wolf is being branded a traitor and forced to leave, and she never seemed thrilled to be around Panther anyway (she barely acknowledges he exists despite being "his love").

Fox is a clone of James.
The SNES game came with a comic, which mentioned Fox's mother being killed by Andross by mistake. However, due to the Continuity Reboot from 64, the SNES game and the comic officially never happened, and Fox's mother was never mentioned since. I theorize that Fox never had a mother in the first place. James was revered as being one of the best pilots in the Lylat System, if not THE best, so the Cornerian army created a program to clone him in case he was to ever get killed, which explains how Fox and James look almost physically identical. Fox was the very first clone, and James became so attached to him, he adopted him and made him his son.
  • Alternatively, reproductive cloning is not too uncommon in Lylat; might also explain why Slippy's mom never appears.
  • Expanding on the above: Vixy was the scientist responsible for Fox Sr/James's cloning, and working at the Academy — which also explains how Andross got to know her in the first place.
    • So, basically, the Les Enfants Terribles project of the Lylat System? Now that you mention it, Wolf does have a British accent, who possibly got all of James' dominant genes while Fox got all the recessive ones, making him the Liquid Snake to Fox's Solid. That just leaves the question, who was the perfect clone of James.
      • The perfect clone of James is quite possibly whoever appears at the end of Star Fox 64, assuming James was Killed Off for Real.

Star Fox takes place in the same universe as Sonic the Hedgehog
And Miles Tails Prower is distantly related to Fox's family.
  • Being that they're both foxes and both pilots, and no one knows who Tails' parents are outside of the Archie comics universe, he might even be Fox's illegitimate son.

The next Star Fox game will play similarly to either Resident Evil 4-6 or the Mass Effect series.
I think either play style would fit the series quite well, but that's just my personal opinion.

As an alternate to the above, the next Star Fox game will be a First-Person Shooter.

And another alternate: The next Star Fox game will play similarly to the Hitman series.
Specifically Hitman Absolution.

Another alternate: The next Star Fox game will be Open World.
Similar to Assault, the game will cycle through missions done on aircraft, on tanks, and on foot. Maybe add some new vehicle types (cars and boats perhaps?) Each planet is a small open world the player can explore and interact with the environment and NPC's. Each planet/world will be accessed via Arwing. A possible mechanic could also be the ability to switch between characters like in Command (Play as the whole Star Fox team, supporting characters, Star Wolf, etc.) A game like this will probably never happen, but it would be really awesome if it did.

Most of the characters who first appeared in Star Fox Command will make an appearance in a future game
But some of them might get a fleshed-out personality or just a drastic change altogether.
  • Dash Bowman: The backstory relating to how Andross is his grandfather would still be there. But that doesn't mean Dash would give any sympathy for Andross. In fact, he tries to avoid following his path.
  • Amanda: Would still be Slippy's girlfriend but for a brief cameo.
  • Lucy Hare: It may be Lampshaded that Peppy barely mentions having a daughter. She might get saved by Wolf, hinting a romance between them.

The upcoming Wii U Star Fox game will be another reboot of the series, akin to Mortal Kombat 9 in that it'll mostly be a mixture of the SNES games and Lylat Wars
Considering how...debatable the games after Lylat Wars are, it wouldn't be a surprise if Star Fox Wii U is a fresh start for the series. If that is the case, you can be sure that a large chunk of what's in the post-Lylat Wars games will be written out or retooled, especially Krystal. With how much more successful the original Star Fox and Lylat Wars are over Adventures and later games, it would not at all be surprising for SF Wii U to be mostly restricted to the SNES games and Lylat Wars, with maybe a few of the better received elements that the post-Lylat Wars games had (like say, Panther) being included, but retooled.
  • Confirmed.

Command is not canon at all.
We're all thinking it. There are nine different endings, and there's no confirmation as to which is canon. Personally, I like Ending 2 (the one with the next-gen Star Fox, since that could provide a very good premise for a future game), but who knows if it's canon? So, Nintendo's probably gonna reboot the series with the Wii U entry and declare Adventures, Assault, and Command All Just a Dream.

Andrew and Dash's parents were killed in the biotechnology experiment-gone-awry that resulted in Andross' banishment.
Hence why they never appear or are mentioned in any games. Venomian propoganda falsely pinned the blame for the experiment's failure on the Cornerians, supposedly to prevent Andross from realizing his true potential as ruler of Lylat. Andrew believed this and became a loyal follower of his uncle, while Dash discovered the truth and enlisted in the Cornerian Defense Force to get revenge.
  • Adding to this, we learn in Assault that Slippy's father, Beltino Toad, is the Research Director of the CFD, a position held by Andross prior to his exile. Andross could have told Andrew that Beltino sabotaged the experiment to discredit him and gain his position, thus explaining Andrew's rivalry with Slippy in 64.

A future game will use puppets like Star Control 3 or at least be styled to look like it does.
There's already a Paper Mario, a Toon Link, and a Yarn Kirby, so it's possible.

Falco is Asexual.
As confirmed in-game and in his backstory, Falco has no interest in having a girlfriend and would rather be alone. For many fans, they've taken this to mean that Falco is gay. But Falco may in fact be neither. He's not straight, but he's not homosexual either. He just doesn't have any interest in sex or relationships. After all, just because a male expresses no interest in females doesn't automatically make them gay. Falco hasn't shown or expressed any interest in guys, either. Being asexual is incredibly rare, but of the main protagonists, Falco is the only one without an established love interest. And all the material featuring him not only do not give him a love interest, but they emphasize his lack of interest in general. This lack of interest overall may be a sign that Falco has other interests besides sex and relationships, this indicating asexuality.

Fox and Krystal's relationship will develop in the next game
They could even share a kiss at the end.

The real reason Fox forced Krystal out.
Fox had a very good reason. The "curse" explained in the intro for Command applies to female pilots. Allow me to elaborate:

There is a conflict that the team doesn't really like to talk about, and as a result, never told Krystal about: the Second Lylat War (the events of Star Fox 2). During the conflict, Fox recruited three female pilots: Fay, Miyu, and Fara. They formed "Amazon Squadron", and flew against the reformed Venomian Army. Sadly, all three perished at the hands of Star Wolf a week after Andross' second defeat.

Fox did what he did because he feared that Krystal would suffer the same fate as Amazon Squadron. It doesn't help that he had developed feelings for Fara, and Falco had the hots for Miyu (Fox and Slippy would often tease Falco that he was using Miyu to distract himself from Kat, which he denied time after time). Miyu's death is what caused Falco to leave Star Fox prior to Adventures.

Fay and Miyu go on to make their own team with Fara
It would explain why they don't fly with Star Fox anymore. And they're not allowed to die, I like them too much. Fay also comes off as the happy, spunky type of woman who likes what she does to much to give it up.

Sharpclaw Cannons and Magic Energy.
Sharpclaw Cannons can be used indefinitely by Sharpclaw because, well, they're Sharpclaw. Fox, on the other hand, isn't a Sharpclaw. He can't use Sharpclaw Cannons without something to bridge the gap between him and the Cannon. And that's where Magic Energy comes in every time Fox wants to fire, another chunk of Magic Energy is taken from him. He may even have to avail himself of nearby Magic Gems if he runs low enough on it. But Sharpclaw will never need to do so. Because they're Sharpclaw.

The Slot Machine from "Out of this Dimension" was built by that dimension's version of Andross.

A Dinosaur Planet reboot will be released on Switch.
To continue the 3rd timelime initiated by Star Fox Zero, a remake of Star Fox Adventures will eventually be made. But this time, and partially because of the divisive status of Adventures, Krystal, and sadly even Zero, it will be considered a Spin-Off with almost no mention of the Star Fox team. It will be closer to the original N64 Dinosaur Planet prototype, Krystal will actually be the main character this time, no more half-arsed Arwing sequence to justify the title, and only at the end would she meet Fox and the others. Consider it the beginning of the "Star Fox Videoludic Universe".
  • Considering the quick mention of Sauria in The Battle Begins, it could canonically fit as a prequel depending of what happens in this game, namely if there is no Andross fight. It would also be a great opportunity to flesh-out General Scales and actually make him the Big Bad of this game, without being Hijacked by Andross.


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