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Characters in the Star Trek Online fic Bait and Switch.

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    Crew of the USS Bajor NCC-97238 

Captain Kanril Eleya
"My name is Eleya. Kanril Eleya. I'm Bajoran born, Federation bred, and I'm a Starfleet captain."

Gender and Species: Bajoran female
Homeworld: Bajor
Position: Commanding Officer
Headcanon Actor: Jennifer Hale

The main character. Formerly a non-commissioned space weapons technician in the Bajoran Militia, she was nearly killed defending sickbay on the Bajoran frigate Kira Nerys and was awarded the Silver Cross for her bravery. She attended Starfleet Academy after the Militia decommissioned the last of its ships. After graduating she served two uneventful tours on patrol duty near the Romulan border as first shift assistant tactical officer, then six months assigned to Deep Space 9 as assistant liaison officer to the Bajoran Militia, before transferring to the ShiKahr-class USS Kagoshima as second shift weapons officer.

During the Borg attack at Vega Colony Eleya was sent over to the USS Khitomer to help repel boarders and get the ship repaired. Upon her return she discovered to her horror that the Borg had killed or assimilated the ship's entire command staff, leaving her, as the seniormost lieutenant junior grade afloat, the acting captain. She took command and helped get most of the fleet to safety. Two years and a meteoric rise through the ranks later, she's the captain of the USS Bajor.

Has a full bio here.

  • Action Girl: Starfleet tactical officer with both hand-to-hand and advanced weapons training.
  • Bittersweet Ending: In a couple of far-future stories, it's evident that she ultimately lived a very hard life, with one of her sons dying in battle under her command and her daughter becoming estranged from her for many years, but her marriage stayed together and she ultimately lived to retire from Starfleet and died of natural causes at the ripe old age of 139.
  • Black Sheep: Her family is decidedly blue-collar normal — her parents are town maintenance workers and her sister's a teacher married to a priest — and she joined the Bajoran Militia specifically because she didn't want that life.
  • Book Dumb: By her own admission, she's a soldier, not a scientist or diplomat. She's not stupid but she tends to need a Layman's Terms explanation for technobabble. As an example, she can't make heads or tails of some sensor readouts in A Voice in the Wilderness, but she does know general stuff like what a radioactive half-life is and what kind of planet they're looking at.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: She's a good seat-of-the-pants tactician and has been known to pull off wins (or near-wins in the case of the Kobayashi Maru) that by rights shouldn't have happened. She also has a hair-trigger temper, frequently mouths off to superior officers, and in general acts a lot more like the enlisted grunt she started as than the Starfleet officer she's become.
  • The Captain: The author has described her in forum posts as a mix of Kirk and Sisko, with a generous helping of Paragade FemShep. She leads from the front and often acts more like a Marine grunt than a Picard-style Starfleet officer, which as Prior Enlisted she kinda is.
  • The Chains of Commanding: She usually doesn't let anyone else see it, but she definitely feels the weight of command.
    • In Bait and Switch she discusses it in her internal monologue, mentioning that she feels guilty that she physically can't know every member of her crew because there's too many of them, and thus feels even more guilty when people she doesn't even know die on her orders.
    • In "An Anomalous Nightmare", the Negative Space Wedgie the Bajor is trapped in is exacerbating her normal self-doubts, causing a mild anxiety attack when she recalls the night she was stabbed.
      No. No. I am not going to break down. I’ve got people depending on me.
      A small voice inside asks, Like your gun crew and the wounded murdered in their beds on the Kira Nerys depended on you? Like a hundred fifty-seven people on the George Hammond depended on you? Like the thirty-five killed on the Bajor in the last six months depended on you?
    • The Wrong Reflection has the following exchange between her and Gaarra. They end up having a quickie to take her mind off it.
      Gaarra: Something’s wrong?
      Eleya: Just pre-mission jitters, the usual.
      Gaarra: You’re worried?
      Eleya: I’m captain of the ship. It’s my job to be worried.
  • Cloning Body Parts: Her right kidney had to be replaced with a replicated copy after she was stabbed during the boarding action against the Kira.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Crotch kicks, blowing up cover to kill enemies with shrapnel, using her ship's navigational deflector as a bow ram... if there's a potential trick in her arsenal, she'll use it. In later stories and in the Masterverse she's frequently referred to having defended a Federation colony against a Klingon invasion by building IEDs.
  • Cunning Linguist/Omniglot: At minimum she speaks English and several Bajoran dialects fluently and can recognize some human accents, and "The Universe Doesn't Cheat" states that she had to pass a proficiency test in Klingonese and Cardassian to qualify for offworld service when she was in the Militia. She's not perfect, though: Her tlhIngan Hol is described as "accurate, if badly accented" in "Universe" (though it's apparently improved by The Wrong Reflection), while in "Past Continuous" Gul Tayben Berat notes that Eleya used the wrong pronoun case when greeting him in Cardassian.
  • Did You Just Flip Off Cthulhu?: Very much not cowed when Q (the original one, played by John de Lancie) turns up at the end of "An Anomalous Nightmare". She starts by yelling at him to "get the phekk off my desk!" and continues from there.
  • Don't Call Me "Sir": Despite Starfleet protocol being to use "sir" with superior officers, she tells Gaarra she prefers "Ma'am". The others variously call her "Captain", "Skipper", or by her first name. This develops into one of the series' Running Gags, and in "From Bajor to the Black, Part II" we learn that it's because of her prior status as a non-commissioned officer.
    "Oh, and don't call me 'sir'. I work for a living. Or I used to, at least."
  • Ethical Slut: Aside from her having originally met her Love Interest Gaarra by picking him up in a bar, we get hints of it in her younger years in From Bajor to the Black: she baldly states that "sex is a lot of fun" and mentions having had a threesome with two Klingons at Starfleet Academy completely in passing. Word of God is that, though she doesn't cheat when she's in a relationship or try to seduce other people's partners, she enjoys recreational sex and doesn't have a problem sleeping around between relationships.
  • Expy: Inverted. Despite the fact she commands a Galaxy-class starship, the author has mentioned repeatedly she's intended to be the exact opposite of Picard: Female instead of male, openly religious instead of atheist, Hot-Blooded and coarse instead of calm and diplomatic, blue-collar Prior Enlisted instead of aristocratic career officer, Book Dumb instead of intellectual... the list goes on. The author commented he actually based her on a blend of James T. Kirk, Kira Nerys, and Paragade FemShep.
  • Fiery Redhead: She's got a temper, takes something akin to Sisko's approach with Q (no Picard-like attempts to placate the omnipotent being; she makes it quite clear she isn't scared of him and even yells at him to "get the phekk off my desk!"), and does not like it when her crew is placed in unnecessary jeopardy.
  • First-Person Smartass: Not all the time, but the stories featuring her as main character are told from her point of view and she frequently cracks jokes or makes sarcastic remarks in the narration.
  • Flashback Nightmare/Recurring Dreams: She calls it "The Nightmare," and it consists of the defense of the Kira.
  • General Ripper: Downplayed, but she has serious issues with the Klingon Empire due to her war experiences. She's a little too enthusiastic about arming the Gorn Resistance for a Proxy War with the Empire in late 2409 before peace breaks out, and in "A Changed World" she almost kills a shipload of 23rd century Klingons in cold blood because of it.
  • Genre Savvy: She's noted to be a big fan of Earth sci-fi and she's got her moments. From the one-shot "An Anomalous Nightmare" set after Bait and Switch, Eleya out of nowhere asks about the connection between the strange behavior of her crew and the anomaly the Bajor is stuck in.
    Warragul gives me a funny look and I scoff at him. "Oh, come on, we all know that's where this is headed. Every time we or anyone else hit an unexplained anomaly like this in the past it's made something weird happen."
  • Happily Failed Suicide: "Light On The Horizon", one of the two Distant Finale fics. One of Eleya's sons entered Starfleet and was on a ship under her command, and was killed by the Borg when she fell for a trap set by One of One. Her daughter Taryn walked in on the aftermath of her mother trying to kill herself, except she drank herself unconscious first. Eleya reportedly gave up drinking entirely after that.
  • Has a Type: It's implied by various lines (both in her main continuity and in the Masterverse) that she prefers blond men who are taller than her. Jerrod Dalton is blond (though how big he is compared to her is unstated), Gaarra is a big beefy hunk and heavyworlder, while over in the Masterverse her friend and brief lover Jarkko Makinen is a blond man said to be played by Joonas Suotamo (a 6'11" Finnish actor and basketball player who was an understudy to Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca in The Force Awakens).
  • Height Angst: Downplayed. Eleya mentions in chapter three that she usually feels awkward on a dance floor since she tends to tower over her partner. In this case, though, her dance partner Gaarra is actually a few centimeters taller.
  • Hollywood Atheist: Downplayed. She apparently had a bad experience (as in, no Orb experience at all) with the Orb of Prophecy and Change once upon a time that hurt her faith in the Prophets, but in The Wrong Reflection the Prophets speak to her and give her a Mission from God. Also she gets dragged against her will into a prophecy in Reality Is Fluid:
    Benjamin Sisko: You may not put much stock in the prophecies but the prophecies put stock in you.
  • Hot-Blooded: She can have a hair-trigger temper at times and doesn't do anything by halves. The author's described her in forum posts as a mix of Kirk, Kira Nerys, and Paragade FemShep. Deconstructed somewhat in that it frequently means that she gets into trouble with Starfleet's brass, such as in an oft-referred to Noodle Incident where she apparently lost it at the Jenolan peace conference and cussed out Tuvok and several diplomats.
  • Improbable Age: A fact she's only too happy to lampshade. She puts commanding a GCS at the tender age of 29 down mostly to the fact that a lot of the more senior officers in the fleet have been killed in the various conflicts the Federation's become embroiled in. Q calls her an "overranked little spitfire".
  • Indy Ploy: When faced with a problem she has a tendency to make a loose outline of a plan and then basically wing it. People who aren't used to her (and the author, for that matter) frequently call the resulting trickery crazy or insane. Her attitude? "It worked, didn't it?"
  • In-Series Nickname: Biri and Gaarra sometimes shorten it to "El". In one story a Klingon calls her "Hrom Iy veqlargh", "the Devil of Hromi", which she finds somewhat flattering.
  • Klingons Love Shakespeare: Eleya notes in one piece of narration that she has a taste for certain Klingon foods like gladst, although she considers gagh gross. She also enjoys late 20th and early 21st century Earth science fiction.
  • The Lad-ette: She's a drinker (though not to excess, usually), she swears a lot, she pays attention to pro sports on Bajor, and wasn't averse to casual sex before she fell in love with Gaarra (they met when she picked him up in a bar) and likes to take the lead.
  • Mildly Military: She's informal with her command crew, even on duty, and is on a First-Name Basis with them. The fact that she initially addresses Gaarra by rank and surname highlights how awkward she feels around him. With superiors such as Admiral Marconi she maintains a semblance of military decorum but isn't afraid to speak her mind.
  • Military Brat: Played with. Her father and her paternal grandfather both fought in the Bajoran Resistance during the Occupation, the latter being one of those killed in the Kendra Valley Massacre. But her father didn't join the Militia after the Cardassian withdrawal, and Eleya wasn't born for another eleven years.
  • A Mother to Her Men: From "An Anomalous Nightmare", when Biri objects to Eleya's order to nuke the sentient Negative Space Wedgie feeding on the crew's dreams:
    Eleya: Full spread of quantum torpedoes seems like a plan to me. If it’s alive, I can kill it.
    Biri: What? We don’t even know what that’ll do! And you’ll be killing the only known example of a—
    Eleya: I’ll be killing a threat to my ship and my crew, and to any other crew that comes through here thinking it’s a safe area of space like it rightly should be. Have you got any better ideas?
  • The Name Is Bond, James Bond: Occasionally introduces herself as "Eleya. Kanril Eleya." An inversion since Bajorans traditionally put their surname before their given name.
  • Noble Bigot with a Badge: She hates Orions, having nearly died fighting off a Boarding Party in the Backstory, and harbors a deep grudge against Imperial Klingons (as a group) due to her war experiences (dealt with directly in "A Changed World"). She also alludes in one chapter to a dislike of Cardassians, something that's fairly common among Bajorans due to the atrocities they suffered during the Cardassian Occupation. Although her ship's bartender turns out to be Cardassian, albeit an old civilian who lived through the Dominion holocaust at the end of the war.
  • Noodle Incident: It's strongly implied she used improvised bombs against the Klingons at some point during the 2405-2410 war.
  • Official Couple: With Gaarra, as of the end of Reality Is Fluid. They go the Secret Relationship route for a while but eventually marry during the Iconian War.
  • Origins Episode: From Bajor to the Black lays out her Backstory up to taking command of the USS Kagoshima.
  • Overranked Soldier: At age 30 she's incredibly young for an O-6, which is explicitly due to her having been fast-tracked into the captain's chair on Admiral Quinn's orders.
  • Pardon My Klingon: Sometimes you can't even go two consecutive pages without running into a "phekk" or a "sher hahr kosst". Every once in a while she'll even cuss in English.
  • Passionate Sports Girl: Doesn't come up very often, but aside from being a martial artist, in Reality Is Fluid and "Alls Fair In Love And War" she's shown to be a fan of athletes from Kendra Province, namely a springball player named Tomis Lee and a baseball team called the Warriors. (Her father-in-law jokingly tells her and Gaarra to get an annulment because he doesn't want his grandchildren to grow up rooting for the Warriors.)
  • Past Experience Nightmare: She has recurring nightmares of the boarding action on RBS Kira Nerys where she was stabbed.
  • Rank Up: She's shown as an admiral in a possible future where she and Gaarra have several sons and she's just delivered a daughter.
  • Real Women Never Wear Dresses: Averted, though as she's rarely out of uniform in The 'Verse it's hard to tell. She was wearing a skirt when she and Gaarra met at Quark's in civvies.
  • Religious Bruiser: Played with. She's fairly secular for a Bajoran, although later-set installments have been exploring her spirituality more. It's eventually explained that she was close to a Hollywood Atheist for a while in her late teens and twenties, but now seems to have joined a more moderate branch of the Bajoran religion.
  • Reluctant Warrior: In her own words in From Bajor to the Black, "I don't really like killing people, although I'm very good at it." Red Scar, however, confirms something implied in earlier stories: that she does enjoy killing, and hates and tries to repress that part of herself.
  • Scars Are Forever: She was wounded on the left cheek and right kidney and retains the scars despite Starfleet medical tech being easily capable of removing them. In From Bajor to the Black it's explained that she keeps them as a reminder that she isn't immortal. The short piece "All of My Scars" also indicates that the scars are as much mental as physical, and Eleya ends it with the comment that she can't get rid of the past, but she can work for a different future.
  • Secret Relationship: As of The Wrong Reflection she and Gaarra are keeping theirs a secret to avoid difficulty with the regs, since their relationship violates fraternization policy. But in "To Absent Friends" it turns out Everybody Knew Already.
  • Semper Fi: In StarSword's writings the Bajoran Militia, Eleya included, uses USMC lingo and ranks and follows their "every Marine is first a rifleman" philosophy, said to be a Translation Convention meant to draw a contrast with the more Mildly Military Starfleet (which uses mainly US Navy metaphors).
  • Shameless Fanservice Girl: Mildly: though not exhibitionist, she's frank about her enjoyment of sex and has been shown a few times she Sleeps in the Nude. When Franklin Drake complains about the latter in Didn't Expect That, she retorts, "I happen to like having nothing but my man with me in bed, not that it's any of your business, ye'phekk maktal kosst amojan."
  • Significant Green-Eyed Redhead: Seeing as how she's the main character. She has dark green eyes and mid-back length red hair that she wears in a Tomboyish Ponytail.
  • Small Town Boredom: She grew up in a small town in Kendra Province called Priyat. She didn't want to be a town maintenance worker like her parents, so she enlisted with the Bajoran Militia at the earliest legal age.
  • Space Marine: In addition to her primary role as a naval CO she's also stated to have taken the MACO training course (due to not wanting to make her crew take any risks she wasn't willing to take herself), making her something like a Space Navy SEAL.
  • Statuesque Stunner/Tomboyish Ponytail: She stands about 6'2", wears her hair in a ponytail, and is definitely a tomboy and Action Girl.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Jumja sticks, a Bajoran sweet resembling a large lollypop, made from the sap of the jumja tree. It's to the point where she brings a large takeout box of homemade jumja sticks along from DS9.
  • Unreliable Narrator: Most of the stories are told from her perspective and the author has noted that she frequently isn't completely objective, especially when they hit her cultural hot-buttons. For example, she hates the Klingon Empire's cultural practices and was a little too enthusiastic about the opportunity to deliver Starfleet weapons to Gorn Separatists, contrasting it with the Federation's inaction during the Occupation of Bajor that cost the lives of millions. It's mentioned in a later story that this led to more trouble after peace broke out, and a slightly older and wiser Eleya admits she was partly responsible.
  • Up Through the Ranks: She spent four years as an enlisted gunnery tech in the Bajoran Militia, then attended Starfleet Academy later and made captain in only a handful of years.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: She's terrified of the Borg, but she seems to be able to control that fear when she's in combat against them.

Commander Tesjha Phohl
“Don’t get me wrong, I’m still your XO. The spirit of the regs is to protect the ship. If I ever think for a minute that your relationship, should you choose to pursue one, is endangering the ship or the crew, I’ll write you both up myself.”
Gender and Species: Andorian shen
Homeworld: Andoria
Position: First Officer and Tactical Officer
Headcanon Actor: Claudia Black

Commander Tesjha "Tess" Phohl, formerly second shift projectile weapons officer on the USS Khitomer, was sent back over to the Kagoshima with Eleya to be her temporary tactical officer. After the Kagoshima was able to save much of the fleet Starfleet Command made Tess's transfer permanent along with Eleya's command. Eleya made her the XO in addition to her post as tactical officer, and brought Tess along with her when she transferred to her next command.

Tess is quietly professional when acting as first officer, but is anything but when speaking as Eleya's friend. During space combat Tess operates the Bajor's weapons arrays and lets some Blood Knight tendencies through.

Commander Birail Riyannis
“And hey, maybe we’ll get to do some actual science in the DQ in spite of ourselves.”
Gender and Species: Trill female (joined)
Homeworld: Trill
Position: Science Officer
Headcanon Actor: Ursula Abbott

Easily the eldest member of the Bajor command crew, except maybe Dul'krah, Biri Riyannis is the fifth host of the Riyannis symbiont and a specialist in physics and xenobiology. She and Eleya met in 2407 when Biri, then a laboratory officer at Starfleet Academy, played the role of Eleya's science officer when the Bajoran took the "Kobayashi Maru". Eleya brought her aboard the USS Kagoshima to act as her permanent science officer, and Biri stayed with her into the present day.

  • Action Girl/Brainy Brunette/Badass Bookworm: She's a Starfleet science officer, and she's also comparably competent in combat to the others.
  • Combat Medic: Serves this role on the away mission in chapter seven, mixing it up with the rest of the team and providing first aid to an injured colonist and Senior Chief Athezra Darrod, who gets nonfatally shot.
  • A Day in the Limelight:
  • In-Series Nickname: Eleya calls her "Biri". So does Tess on occasion, as does Bynam.
  • Inter Service Rivalry: There's occasionally some sniping between Biri, a science officer, and Eleya, a space warfare officer. Word of God (forum remarks around "Tinker Doctor Golfer Trill") says this is indicative of a larger rivalry between Starfleet's scientific and military subdivisions, given how much of their job since Wolf 359 has been military and defense-related instead of exploration.
  • Military Brat: Her mother Pallas Izer was a senior chief petty officer who was killed when the USS Shanghai was destroyed at Second Chin'toka. Her father discouraged her from joining Starfleet. Also, one previous host, Devon Riyannis, was a transporter chief who died in the 2360s.
  • The Nth Doctor: Birail Izer is the fifth host of the Riyannis symbiont.
  • Really 700 Years Old: The Riyannis symbiont is on its fifth host and is about 230 years old. However the host, née Birail Izer, is in her thirties.

Lieutenant Commander Reshek Gaarra
Gender and Species: Bajoran male
Homeworld: New Bajor
Position: Operations Officer
Headcanon Actor: Adam Baldwin

Born in the Gamma Quadrant on New Bajor, Lieutenant Commander Reshek Gaarra received a Starfleet ROTC scholarship to the University of Alpha Centauri. Upon graduation he was assigned to the USS Spruance as first shift deflector officer, where he stayed for seven years. Captain Parsa credits him with saving the ship after the chief engineer was decapitated by shrapnel during a fight with a D'deridex-class battlecruiser. He was assigned to the USS Bajor to replace Lieutenant Commander T'Var as Operations Officer but the files regarding her captain didn't come through. The night before his arrival aboard he and Eleya met in a bar and hooked up for the night, leading to a very awkward few days after they found out who the other was. They eventually became a couple, and Eleya often leans on him for psychological support.

  • Cloning Body Parts: Ends up with replicated replacement lungs at the end of Reality Is Fluid.
  • Fourth Date Marriage: He and Eleya have known each other less than two months when they become an Official Couple, and are married in less than a year, all without ever traditionally dating. Justified in part due to their offscreen wedding having been a spur-of-the-moment thing before the Battle of Iconia: it's strongly implied they didn't expect to survive the battle anyway.
  • Heavyworlder: New Bajor has about a third more gravity than the homeworld. Gaarra is seen in the gym adjusting the weights and gravity field to mimic conditions on the colony so he won't lose the extra edge it gives him.
  • Heroes Want Redheads: Admits to being very attracted to Eleya, even after finding out she's his CO.
  • Humble Hero: He got a medal for saving the Spruance from a core breach but is pretty nonchalant about the whole thing.
    "I knew enough to operate a welding torch and reseal the coolant line and I suppose they considered that worth a medal."
  • Introduction by Hookup: The first clue you get is that the Bajor's new ops officer is supposed to arrive the morning after the Bajor docks at DS9. He's identified by rank and surname. Then Eleya goes out for dinner at Quark's and meets Gaarra, they introduce themselves by given name, and sleep together. Next morning she walks into the ready room to meet the ops officer, and it's Gaarra.
  • Klingons Love Shakespeare: He reportedly has a fondness for Trill mystery novels.
  • Military Brat: His father is the Bajoran Militia's garrison commander on New Bajor, and was in the first wave to return after the Dominion pulled out, to check to make sure they didn't leave any surprises behind.
  • Missing Mom: She died when he was two.
  • Official Couple: As of the end of Reality Is Fluid, with Eleya.
  • Parental Substitute: He was raised jointly by his father and his aunt Nefris, particularly since Dad had to go out on maneuvers a week out of every local month.
  • Second Love: For Eleya. He's the first serious relationship she had since her Academy boyfriend broke up with her, and ultimately marries her offscreen.
  • Secret Relationship: In The Wrong Reflection he and Eleya are keeping their relationship quiet to avoid legal trouble, since them being an item violates fraternization policy.
  • Taking the Bullet: In Reality Is Fluid, is said to have tackled a civilian out of the way of an exploding EPS conduit, taking the full blast on his back.

Lieutenant Dul'krah, Clan Korekh
“My people have a saying. Tuivakh ver eshalakh. The truth is mighty.”
Gender and Species: Pe'khdar male
Homeworld: Korekh Clanhold, Dar Klatus System
Position: Chief of Security
Headcanon Actor: Idris Elba

A member of a minor race from the Arucanis Arm, Korekh has been in space almost his entire life. A former officer of the Ver Eshalakh, the Pe'khdar military and police agency, he attended Starfleet Academy after the Pe'khdar Council of Clans was admitted to the Federation. After various postings as a security officer at a number of Starfleet installations he was assigned to the USS Exeter as third shift assistant security chief. In 2409 he was reassigned to the USS Bajor to serve as Eleya's chief of security.

  • Badass Baritone: Described as having a deep, rumbling voice.
  • Bio-Augmentation: His entire species consists of genetic augments, a relic from the days following their self-inflicted Apocalypse How. They're resistant to disease and radiation due to improved immune and cellular repair functions, and can "subsist on materials that most would not even consider edible".
  • The Big Guy: To quote Eleya, he's "built like a Cardassian main battle tank, bigger and stronger than most Klingons I've met."
  • Custom Uniform: He has special permission to continue wearing his black and green Ver Eshalakh uniform while working in Starfleet.
  • Cultured Warrior: Competently plays the vodchakh, a Pe'khdar instrument similar to cross between a lute and a violin. He's even got a hobby of converting music written for other species' stringed instruments for play on the vodchakh.
  • A Day in the Limelight: The Headhunt is told from his perspective rather than Eleya's as usual.
  • I Am X, Son of Y: A variation. Pe'khdar don't have surnames in the usual sense and instead identify themselves by clan. In The Headhunt he identifies himself to the reader as "Dul'krah, son of Var'takh, Home-Clan Korekh, Blood-Clan Rustra, Ship-Clan Bajor".
  • Religious Bruiser: Doesn't come up much outside of his Day in the Limelight, but he's a practitioner of his species' polytheistic religion. This includes burning incense as an offering to their sun goddess before beginning an investigation.
  • Space People: The Pe'khdar all live in asteroid habitats because their homeworld is a post-nuclear wasteland.
  • Space Police: The Ver Eshalakh are both military and police force for the Pe'khdar Nation.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Dr. Warragul William Wirrpanda
Gender and Species: Human male
Homeworld: Sagara IV
Position: Chief Medical Officer
Headcanon Actor: Wayne Blair

The Bajor's chief medical officer and the only human on the command crew, Warragul is also the youngest member of Eleya's staff.

  • Alliterative Name
  • Improbable Age: Downplayed. Based on his Academy graduation date of 2404, we can infer he's about 27 years old, and he's said to be on his first assignment as chief medical officer (his previous post was chief of surgery on the USS Alphecca, and before that he was doing his residency in a starbase hospital). CMO for a thousand-man crew is a fairly big job for somebody that young.
  • Meaningful Name: "Warragul" is an alternate name for the dingo in one Australian Aboriginal language, albeit not from the tribe he's known to be descended from.
  • The Medic: In Reality Is Fluid one of his corpsmen calls him the finest trauma surgeon she's ever served with.
  • Token Human: He's not the only human on the Bajor, but he is the only one at command level. The other command crew members consist of two Bajorans, two Andorians, a joined Trill, and a Pe'khdar.
  • Twofer Token Minority: More like a three-fer. He's ethnically an Australian Aborigine (his mother is stated to be Pintupi), making him black and a Pacific Islander, and he's also the Token Human.

Lieutenant Junior Grade K'lak, son of Rokar
“I have sworn my honor to the service of the Federation. I would suggest you do not make an issue of it, qarDaSngan.”
Gender and Species: Klingon male
Homeworld: Ajilon Prime
Position: Security Department (sniper)
Headcanon Actor: Tony Todd

A MACO-qualified sniper assigned to the Bajor's Starfleet Security detachment. He accompanies Eleya on an away mission in chapter seven.

Has a full bio here.

  • Ascended Extra: The name and face belong to a randomly generated Starfleet security officer doff.
  • Battle Couple/Interspecies Romance: With his spotter, Ens. McMillan.
  • Berserk Button: Tess was quite surprised he didn't kill a lieutenant from the IKS HoS he encountered at a strip club on Deep Space 9 who called him a bolwI'. Being called a traitor would piss anyone off. Cooler heads prevailed, though, and they settled it with a Drinking Contest that ended in a draw.
  • Can't Hold His Liquor: Offscreen, apparently passed out after four shots of Romulan ale, and this from a species that drinks bloodwine, a liquor with twice the potency of whiskey, by the tankard. In fairness to K'lak, pretty much everyone who isn't a Romulan has trouble with Romulan ale (his opponent did no better).
  • Cold Sniper: Not exactly unfriendly, but quite dour in demeanor.
  • Mauve Shirt: One of several recurring background characters with a small amount of characterization.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Kaitlyn Eloise McMillan
Gender and Species: Human female
Homeworld: Earth
Position: Security Department (sniper's spotter)

K'lak's Target Spotter and off-and-on girlfriend.

Has a full bio here.

Senior Chief Petty Officer Athezra Darrod

Gender and Species: Bajoran male
Position: Ranking Security noncom
Headcanon Actor: Matt Czuchry

A senior non-commissioned officer in the Bajor's Security department, he reports to Dul'krah and is also the commander of the ship's assault unit.

  • Back from the Dead/Put on a Bus: In "Last Rights" he dies after taking a piece of shrapnel in the chest. He's revived as a Kobali named Q'Tal, but doesn't remember anything of his previous life.
  • Mauve Shirt: He basically floats around in the background for several stories before being killed off.
  • Plot-Triggering Death: He's killed in action in "Last Rights", then the Kobali ask to turn his corpse into a Kobali.
  • Sergeant Rock: A competent, dependable Starfleet Security senior chief petty officer.
  • Space Marine: Starfleet Security does double-duty as both military police and ground forces. He's mentioned to have been stationed at a Starfleet installation on Korvat when war broke out with the Klingons, and makes surface landings alongside Eleya several times. He's guarding her on Kobali Prime when he's killed.

Lieutenant Alicia Westlake Gantumur

Gender and Species: Human female
Position: Assault team leader and crew combat trainer
Headcanon Actor: Keira Knightley

A Kurdish-Welsh MACO lieutenant brought on to replace SCPO. Athezra as head of the assault unit during the Iconian War.

Lieutenant Rachel Connor

Gender and Species: Human Augment female
Position: CO, MACO Unit 133

A Supersoldier created by Section 31, Rachel Connor commands a MACO unit that was attached to Bajor beginning in the Iconian War. Hunted endlessly by her creators, her nature is known only to a few on the ship's crew.

  • Butch Lesbian: Much like Eleya, she's a hard-drinking career soldier prone to profanity, but unlike Eleya is not at all heterosexually inclined. She soon starts a relationship with a more feminine member of Bajor's Science department, Eleana Valens.
  • Cannot Tell a Lie: She's a lousy liar, as is brought up in "Brother on Brother, Daughter on Mother". Gantumur doesn't believe her excuses for surviving an attempted Borg assimilation for a minute, and Reshek Taryn, her coworker from a future timeline, comments that she cleans Rachel out every time they play poker.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: In a story set in 2415, she challenges Earth's anti-Augment laws and gets most of them overturned on appeal. But in the meantime, she has to deal with bigotry all over the place and two attempted kidnappings by Section 31 (including an attack on Tess's ship as it transports her to protective custody at Facility 4028).
  • Extreme Omnivore: She can eat virtually any organic material for fuel, and frequently has to because her Bio-Augmentation consumes a lot of energy.
  • Gone Horribly Right: Section 31 created her but didn't fully think through how to control her: their first attempt with a brain implant was broken down by her immune system.
  • Living Lie Detector: Her Super Senses let her detect a lot of subtle cues to whether someone is lying to her.
  • The Knights Who Say "Squee!": She was a decorated MACO officer even before being assimilated by the Borg and then converted into a Supersoldier, but she idolizes Eleya, in large part because the Captain treats her like a person instead of a science project (while also demanding that Connor treat herself like a person and not a monster).
  • Mixed Ancestry: She's an American of Irish and Omani descent.
  • Supersoldier: She has Super Strength and Super Senses and grows chitinous armor all over her body if hurt badly. On top of that her enhanced immune system rapidly destroys foreign material, up to and including Borg nanoprobes.
  • You Are What You Hate: She was raised in Earth's strongly anti-Augment culture, so to then wake up having been involuntarily converted into a genetically altered Supersoldier was a bit of a shock. She struggles constantly with self-hate.

    Other Starfleet Personnel 

Admiral Amnell Kree
Gender and Species: Trill female (joined)
Homeworld: Trill
Position: Flag Officer-in-Command, Marduk Carrier Battle Group CBG-62
Headcanon Actor: Carrie-Anne Moss

The commander of the Marduk Carrier Battle Group. A joined Trill and a heavily decorated veteran of the Dominion War.

Has a bio here.

    Crew of the ch'M'R Aen'rhien 
The main cast of the Legacy of ch'Rihan sub-series, crew of a Romulan Republic D'deridex-class warbird.

Khre'Riov Morgaiah ir'Sheratan "Morgan" t'Thavrau
“You dishonor yourself. You prey on the weak and the innocent. You kill for glory like the worst kind of Khe’lloann’na. And now you dare to insult my honor?”
Gender and Species: Romulan female
Homeworld: Sheratan VII
Position: Commanding Officer
Headcanon Actor: Dina Meyer

The commanding officer of the Bloodwing, Morgan was born into a noble family in 2356 and served in the Galae s'Shiar Rihan (the Romulan Grand Fleet) before Hobus. While she missed the Dominion War on account of being too young at the time, she served during Shinzon's coup d'etat and the following civil war years and by 2387 was the executive officer (ih'hwi'saenhe) of the Raptor-class warbird ch'R Albintian.

Morgan's entire family died in the Hobus supernova, and Morgan was severely wounded when the Albintian was attacked by Nero while escorting the survivors of the Senate to safety. She was later forced to abandon the Galae in yet-to-be-explained Noodle Incident where the Tal'Shiar "destroyed my career", and eventually settled on Virinat to become a farmer, gaining a reputation as the best vintner on the planet.

After the Tal'Shiar/Elachi attack on Virinat, she swore herself to the Romulan Republic and eventually took command of a D'deridex-class warbird that defected from the Tal'Shiar, the ch'M'R Aen'rhien (the RRW Bloodwing in Federation Standard).

  • Anti-Hero: Due to Deliberate Values Dissonance. She definitely one of the good guys, but she believes very strongly in the Rihannsu creed of mnhei'sahe, which sometimes leads her to unapologetically do things like killing an unarmed Kazon prisoner in anger.
  • Blue Blood: The Romulan Star Empire having been a Roman-style Hereditary Republic rather than a traditional democracy, as the grand-niece of a senator Morgan is minor nobility (part of a cadet branch). She'd be the head of the House of Thavrau now, except that all of its holdings were destroyed in the supernova.
  • Broad Strokes: Some sacrifices have to be made to do crossovers with Worffan 101's character D'trel, since all Romulan Player Characters have the same basic Backstory. Among other things Tovan tr'Khev's presence in some of D'trel's past adventures is ignored in favor of him being assigned to Morgan's ship.
  • Broken Pedestal: She took the honorific "ei'Salthos" while she was a Military Academy cadet in honor of the heroism of her ancestor Salthos i'Mirek t'Thavrau during the Earth-Romulan War. She later stopped using it after learning of his involvement in what sounds like a reprisal campaign against a rebellion from what little we're told about it.
  • Call to Agriculture: She grew grain and manufactured ale and wine on Virinat, with a reputation for being the best vintner on the planet, and her fondest wish is to be able to retire and go back there. She gets part of her wish after the Iconian War when she talks D'tan into funding the planet's resettlement.
    Peace, Sarsachen. If this works out, I am one step closer to my quiet vineyard on Virinat.”
  • The Captain/Commanding Coolness/Four-Star Badass: Khre'riov translates as "subadmiral" or "commander-general" and is equivalent to a Starfleet commodore, something of a senior-grade captain ordinarily assigned to a single warbird but holding the authority to command a task force. Morgan is no slouch as either a starship commander or a ground combatant.
  • Daddy Had a Good Reason for Abandoning You: Her biological father Merken tr'Vreenak was never in the picture due to her parents' adulterous relationship having the potential to cause an inter-clan blood feud.
  • Fantastic Racism: As seen in the quote, she has a very low opinion of the Klingons, considering them little more than idiotic thugs prone to suicide charges and killing for personal glory. Sort of understandable: the two species were regional rivals for centuries.
  • Gratuitous Foreign Language: Her speech is regularly peppered with words and phrases in Rihan, said to be intended to place emphasis on the fact that she's not human and doesn't have a human viewpoint. This disappears when she speaks Federation Standard.
  • Heroes Prefer Swords: She's trained in the use of the honor blade, a traditional Romulan sword that resembles a saber.
  • Heroic Bastard: She was born out of wedlock and her mother never told her who her father was. Her mother and her great-aunt apparently weren't on the best of terms after that. Morgan suspects her father was a senator, confirmed to be Merken Vreenak in "Heis'he Ri'nanovai".
  • In-Series Nickname: "Morgan" was apparently given to her by her childhood friend Gina Parker, the daughter of a Federation embassy officer.
  • Master Swordsman: Her skills with the honor blade are on full display in "Sienov Mnhei'sahein", where she defeats a Watraii swordsman of similar skill who has a considerable height and weight advantage.
  • Military Moonshiner: She was an ale-brewer and wine-maker on Virinat and maintains a sideline as a brewer in the present day.
  • Proud Warrior Race Girl: In "Sienov Mnhei'sahein" she's about to duel a Watraii nobleman to salvage a diplomatic mission, and reflects on this.
    Her sword, the Khul’ar Pattern 2373, was not a true sienov omienai, only a Fleet officer’s saber, a machine-produced reproduction of the famed Rihan swords of which so many had died with the homeworld.

    But like her opponent, she had killed with the blade. In a boarding action, in the closest of quarters aboard a warbird or a pirate’s converted freighter, you used whatever weapon came to hand, even the ostensibly ceremonial ones. Factory-forged or not, the saber [i]was[/i] her honor blade, and she knew every scratch and nick on it as they caught the light amid the practice swings she took to limber up as she approached Garaf. A scratch from sparring with tr’Sauringar. A chip in the fuller where it had blocked a bat’leth.

    That was the difference between herself and this man, or with any Khe’lloann’nanote  you cared to name. Battle was not glamorous, it was certainly not honorable, and by the Elements it was not to be sought. But there was a certain savage beauty in it.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: When paired with Worffan 101's character D'trel, she's the blue to D'trel's red. She's more methodical and even-tempered than D'trel (no Tal'Shiar-related Berserk Button, for one) and commands a more defensively oriented ship.
  • Sour Supporter: To D'tan. She disagrees with him politically (she's a Blue Blood and is against Romulan-Vulcan reunification) and considers him a too-naive Wide-Eyed Idealist, but she follows him anyway because he's sincerely trying to do right by the Romulan people.
  • Sword and Gun: In "The Road Not Taken" she uses a not-so-ceremonial sword and an appropriated Jem'Hadar pistol when the Jems attack Deep Space 9.
  • Younger Than They Look: Initially said to be 49, later retconned to mid-fifties, which either way is only about a quarter of the way through a typical Romulan lifespan. However, due to two decades or so of farm work she's aged prematurely and is already going silver at the temples.

Lieutenant Commander Jaleh Khoroushi (ژاله خروشی)
“Tr’Khev, I may be elsaenen ch’temivhen on this ship but I’m still a Starfleet officer.”
Gender and Species: Human female
Homeworld: Shahediyeh, Yazd Province, Iran, Earth
Position: Operations Officer, Starfleet Liaison Officer
Headcanon Actor: Naz Deravian

A career Starfleet officer from Iran, specializing in logistics, Jaleh Khoroushi took courses in Romulan Studies at Starfleet Academy, and after the alliance with the Romulan Republic was assigned to serve aboard a Romulan ship as an exchange officer. Like Eleya she's also known to be a mustang.

Jaleh Khoroushi is a practicing Twelver Shiite and her beliefs and practices are frequently touched on in the various stories.

  • Big Sister Instinct: Along with her older brother Ehsan, she spent her childhood helping her parents raise their three younger siblings, and she falls back into that habit when she learns that her youngest brother Dariush lost his leg when the Iconians bombed Starfleet Academy.
  • Brainy Brunette: She's fluent in Romulan.
  • Deuteragonist: Stories set aboard the Aen'rhien generally follow either her perspective or Morgan's. Morgan is the captain, but Jaleh has a bit more time as the POV character.
  • Fantastic Religious Weirdness: Her faith is very important to her but she has to make a number of adjustments to serve on a Romulan ship. She prays facing towards the Sol system, based on ship time, and while she's undertaking her Ramadan fast in "Solaere ssiun Hnaifv'daenn" Tovan tr'Khev gets worried about her not eating. When she has to be vaccinated against bloodfire, she insists to Emira t'Vraehn that she be given an injected vaccine rather than the usual pill, since the latter would break her fast according to real-life fatwas. She does drink alcohol, which she said is because she gave up trying to keep halal on deployment earlier in her career (although StarSword admitted this was him covering a goof). She also doesn't wear hijab with her Starfleet uniform, though she does when she's in civvies.
  • Gratuitous Foreign Language: Even in stories that don't focus on her faith, she'll still frequently say bits of Farsi or Arabic (some expletives, some not).
  • Humans Are White: Almost inverted. Jaleh is almost invariably the only human in the story, and she's an ethnic Persian.
  • Massive Numbered Siblings: She has one older brother and two younger brothers and one sister.
  • Morality Pet: She and Tovan discuss the possibility of her trying to discourage Morgan from her more questionable actions, such as the murder of that Kazon prisoner.
  • Older Than They Look: To be first a chief petty officer and now a lieutenant commander implies she's in her forties. Mhirrafv Terrhai nails down her age to 37.
  • Promotion to Parent: Both parents were around, but she was the second of five kids and she and her elder brother Ehsan got drafted into being backup parents.
  • Reconstruction: Of Middle Eastern and devout Muslim characters in general, after the author got tired of how Muslims are nearly always Islamic terrorists in contemporary fiction. Although she doesn't wear hijab on duty and does consume alcohol, she is absolutely a devout Shiite and also absolutely a good Starfleet officer, and doesn't see any conflict between the two.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Compared to Morgan, she's the blue oni, although she's got her moments.
  • Ship Tease: There's some of this between her and Tovan tr'Khev. They're good friends, and in "Solaere ssiun Hnaifv'daenn" there's some back-and-forth about whether them having dinner together counts as a date. In Mhirrafv Terrhai Jaleh insists to her brother that they are not sleeping together (which would violate Islamic religious law).
  • Threatening Mediator: Her solution to Praetor Velal trying to walk out of the peace conference with the Republic is to blow up a light fixture with her holdout phaser and order him to sit back down at gunpoint so she can look at the evidence.
  • Token Human: As a Starfleet exchange officer she's the only human on the Aen'rhien, and usually the only human character, period.
  • Up Through the Ranks: There's a throwaway mention in Peace Forged in Fire that she was a chief petty officer earlier in her career, specifically a quartermaster. That's a grade that takes years of service to attain.

Riov Sarsachen i'Amriel tr'Sauringar
“All we can do is hope that [Sahuel’s] defection with the Aen’rhien and our subsequent actions will be enough to cleanse the stain on its name.”
Gender and Species: Romulan male
Homeworld: Kevratas
Position: Executive Officer
Headcanon Actor: Christopher Eccleston

Morgan t'Thavrau's Number Two, Sarsachen is a fifteen-year veteran of the Federation Starfleet. Unlike Jaleh, who is an exchange officer, Sarsachen holds a dual commission with the Galae s'Kreh'dhhokh Mol'Rihan.

  • City Mouse: He doesn't understand Morgan's Call to Agriculture in Mhirrafv Terrhai, noting that farming village life isn't his thing: he's a city boy.
  • Commanding Coolness: Riov ("commander") is an O-6 grade, the same as a Starfleet captain.
  • Dueling Scar: He was reportedly challenged to a duel by another Republic officer who took exception to Sarsachen's time in Starfleet. He came away needing stitches but put the other guy in the hospital.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Briefly appeared in the Eleya short "An Anomalous Nightmare" (he hitched a ride to New Romulus on the Bajor) before being introduced in more detail in "Aen'rhien Vailiuri".
  • Number Two: To Morgan.
  • Stout Strength: He's described as being tall, stocky, and powerfully built.
  • Threat Backfire: In "Solaere ssiun Hnaifv'daenn" he exchanges insults with a Nausicaan clan chief without flinching, before they start shooting at each other.
    Vaklarash: You're in no position to make demands, Romulan jil'kresh. Maybe you didn't notice but there's eight of us and twonote  of you.
    Sarsachen: So why don't you get some more friends and make it an even fight.

Erei'Riov Tovan ir'Hfihar tr'Khev
“I’m chief of security on this warbird, and I’m your friend. I get worried when my friends don’t eat.”
Gender and Species: Romulan male
Homeworld: Romulus
Position: Chief of Security
Headcanon Actor: Jon Huertas

Security and intelligence chief to the Aen'rhien, Tovan tr'Khev is the Legacy of ch'Rihan incarnation of the NPC Tovan Khev in the canon Star Trek Online game. A police constable on Virinat, he fled the planet with Morgan and swore himself to the Republic.

  • Blue Blood: His father was a Romulan nobleman who served as an aide de camp to then-General Velal during the Dominion War.
  • Broad Strokes: He's Tovan Khev, the Romulan PC's friend from Virinat and the details are more or less the same as canon, but the story focuses less on him as Morgan's old friend and more on him as her officer. Also, crossovers with D'trel ignore that Tovan exists in D'trel's past as well.
  • Commanding Coolness: Erei'riov ("subcommander") is an O-5 grade, same as a Starfleet commander. He has balls to spare, as demonstrated in "Solaere ssiun Hnaifv'daenn" when he gives his gun to a local tough who's stirring things up and dares the guy to use it on him. (He neglected to mention he'd palmed the power cell.)
  • Friend in the Black Market: As befitting a Space Cop, he's got his sources on the other side of the law. In Peace Forged in Fire he reaches out to his contacts as intelligence sources, and one of them, a Suliban gunrunner named Rhaego, clues him in that the Tal'Shiar are trying to sabotage the negotiations between the Empire and the Republic.
  • Mildly Military: He's one of the only members of the Aen'rhien crew to call Morgaiah "Morgan", and complains to Jaleh in "Aen'rhien Vailiuri" that she doesn't call him Tovan anymore. Justified considering he was a civilian less than two years ago.
  • Ship Tease: Some of this with Jaleh. They're good friends, and in "Solaere ssiun Hnaifv'daenn" there's some back-and-forth about whether them having dinner together counts as a date.
  • Space Police: He's the chief of security, and previously was The Sheriff on Hfihar and in i'Haanikh on Virinat.

Arrain Sahuel i'Tlhira t'Khnialmnae
“That was an accident! And I wasn’t even on duty!”
Gender and Species: Romulan female
Homeworld: Romulus
Position: Tactical Officer
Headcanon Actor: Daniela Ruah

A Tal'Shiar defector, Sahuel t'Khnialmnae served aboard the Aen'rhien as a gunnery officer under its former management. Mans the guns on the Aen'rhien.

Doctor Emira i'Kallia t'Vraehn

Gender and Species: Romulan female
Homeworld: Unknown
Position: Chief Medical Officer
Headcanon Actor: [[ Parminder Nagra]]

Chief medical officer of the Aen'rhien.

  • Outgrown Such Silly Superstitions: Emira is unimpressed with Jaleh Khoroushi's insistence on following religious law in not taking an oral vaccine during Ramadan, calling her a "ridiculous Terrhasu".
  • What the Hell, Hero?: In Peace Forged in Fire she points out a painful aspect of Sahuel's backstory, the mistaken killing of a group of refugees that prompted her to defect to the Republic.


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