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Comic books often have large announcements to create excitement, especially when someone famous is hired to write or draw a story.

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    DC Comics 
  • Gail Simone being named as the writer for Wonder Woman.
    • "Gail's off the book now? Dammit... oh, well, wonder who the new writer's gonna be? J. Michael Straczynski? YES!"note 
    • DC is going to put out a new digital comic about Wonder Woman called Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman. And the writer of the first story arc... Gail Simone. And, wait, hold on, the preview mentions "Oracle," so it must take place pre-New 52!
    • Secret Six is returning!
  • Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne. Batman, fighting his way through all of history, with the first edition being illustrated by Chris Sprouse and written by Grant Morrison. Epic. Win.
  • The existence of the Jason Rusch run of Firestorm was full of these, having reappearances by the supporting cast of the Ronnie Raymond days, including: Firehawk, Pohzar/Mikhail Arkadin, and several of the original Firestorm villains (Killer Frost, Multiplex, Typhoon, even Cliff "Thinker" Carmichael). Raymond even came back from the dead in a story arc, and eventually Rusch would be joined by Martin Stein himself to form Firestorm. In one issue, Rusch even makes a veiled fourth wall reference to the fandom rejoicing in his book, as he comments about how he fashioned his costume to look more like the "classic" Firestorm design.
  • The Milestone Characters becoming integrated into DC Canon.
  • Okay, so DC is putting out one last issue of several long-cancelled titles to "resurrect them" as a tie-in to Blackest Night. Sounds like a crossover stunt to- holy shit Ostrander and Simone are working together on a Secret Six/Suicide Squad team-up, and O'Neil and Cowan are doing the Question!
  • Oh Bart Allen is back... And he's back to his old personality?!
  • Man I miss the DCAU... Wait. Batman Beyond will be integrated into the DC canon and Static is getting a new comic? Excuse me for a moment, I'll be right back after geeking out!
    • Yeah, except the former is being written by Adam Beechen, aka the guy who derailed Cassandra Cain. Still, he was a great animation writer so this may actually be up his alley.
  • Many Cassandra Cain fans were rejoicing when she returned in Batman Incorporated #6 as Blackbat!
  • Recent news of the massive reboot of the DC Universe has been met with predictable reactions, but there are a few things that couldn't get more warmth:
  • An issue of The All New Batman: The Brave and the Bold with all the Robins, including Stephanie and Carrie? Yes!
    • Stephanie Brown's Batman Inc issue will be in Leviathan Strikes, by Grant Morrison and Cameron Stewart!
    • Stephanie Brown is Batgirl in 'Leviathan Strikes'!
  • The Sandman prequel, by Neil Gaiman, with JH Williams doing the art for the 25th anniversary in 2013.
  • There's going to be a New 52 Earth 2? Let's just see how they manage to screw it up.... They got James Robinson to write it?! And it features completely different origins for the heroes?!
    • Earth 2 was great, but now James is leaving, it's going to crash and... Oh hey, Tom Taylor!
      • Yeah, but still not so sur... wait, Nicola Scott is staying on? Okay!
  • Hmm, Trinity War is neat so far, and Forever Evil looks decent, but how can they really... The Crime Syndicate of America? Ultraman, Owlman, Superwoman, Powerring and... Deathstorm!? Lex and Ultraman in battle... Black Adam and Ultra Man... Take my money, DC, take all of it!
  • Man, the Superman titles haven't been doing all that well (Bar Morrison's run on Action Comics), it says something when Lobdell is the best writer in the family. Wait, a Superman title done by Scott Snyder? Nice, but it seems to be sort of on its own, so does that really... Greg Pak is writing a Batman-Superman series and Action Comics? Hell yeah.
    • Now that Scott Lobdell is gone with the main Superman title, I just hope they get anyone better to- Geoff Johns is the new writer? Hell yeah.
      • Aaaaaand Johns has left the title in less then a year. That stinks. Who're they going to put on nex—Gene Luen Yang!
  • The New 52 is still missing a ton of characters, and the fans won't be happy until they all appear, but with all the changes can they even all...? Wait, who was Lex Luthor talking to in Forever Evil? Thomas Kord, the father of Ted Kord?. And it's written by Geoff Johns, the Silver Age lover — this is promising, very promising.
    • Better yet, Johns confirms that Ted Kord is coming back!
  • Ah, New York Comic Con; a perfect time to find out little tidbits that just get the fans to rejoice, wonder what gets posted first. Hmm, a weekly Batman title? Okay, there is such thing as too much Batman you know. Wait, did Snyder just say «Stephanie Brown»?
  • So, the Flash is getting a creative team that is on par with his old one? Nice, but what sort of things will be put on the table? Oh God. Wally West is returning!
  • You know, Green Lantern was so good, particularly the last issue under Geoff Johns, however I wonder if we are ever going to see any of this fu.....Wait, we'll see the fabled Jessica Cruz in Justice League? And she'll have Power Ring's ring!?
  • Ambush Bug is going to be in a short story in the Convergence crossover. Rejoice!
  • So, Batman Eternal is getting a sequel focusing on the Robins. Well, okay. Eternal was really good and the creative team seems go—wait, did you say «Cassandra Cain»?
  • Alright. Fine. This whole Rebirth thing is finally getting revealed. Another reboot in the wa- Wait? It's not a reboot. The Birds of Prey are getting a new series. So are Teen Titans. Dick Grayson is Nightwing again! Batman Beyond is getting a new book! Ted Kord is teaming up with Jamie Reyes! Batman and Batwoman are teaming up with Stephanie Brown, Tim Drake, Cassandra Cain and Clayface! PRE-FLASHPOINT SUPERMAN IS BACK!
    • AND SO IS PRE-FLASHPOINT WALLY WEST! Thank you, Mr. Johns! Thank you!
    • And Kaldur'ahm/Jackson Hyde! They remember he exists!
  • The Fantastic Four fandom's displeasure with Marvel's current disinterest with the team found a reason to cheer when DC announced their own Super Quartet The Terrifics, with the team consisting of Mr. Terrific, Plastic Man, Metamorpho, and surprisingly Phantom Girl.
  • DC released a preview of the new Justice League lineup following the conclusion of Dark Nights: Metal... and Martian Manhunter is finally back in the main lineup!
    • The sequel event is fun as far as "After the End leading to Set Right What Once Went Wrong" stories go, especially for the focus it's giving long-suffering fan-favourite Wally West, but then Speed Metal has Wally West retake his position as the lead Flash and brings back his 90s suit! He's Back indeed! It's essentially the Flash equivalent of Green Lantern: Rebirth, even moreso than the actual Flash Rebirth story!
    • Even better, after DC Future State provided a less-than-pleasing premise of a future where Wally is corrupted by the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the slate for DC Infinite Frontier presented that the Flash book going forward would start with a story focused entirely about Wally West, with the indication that, moving forward, he and Barry will be given much fairer balance of respect. We've seen this before, but with Dan DiDio gone, there's reason to actually believe this sticking. Helping this is the 2021 Annual, revealing Wally was innocent all along; the true cause of the explosion was Savitar trying to take control of the Speed Force.

     Marvel Comics 
  • When Brian K. Vaughan announced his departure from Runaways, there was much speculation as to who the "worthy replacement" he promised could possibly be. It turned out to be Joss Whedon. Unfortunately, Whedon's Runaways arc was not terribly popular with fans. But at the time, it sure shut up complaints. His replacement Terry Moore on the other hand was more of a WTH, Casting Agency? moment, though.
    • And yet again with Kathryn Immonen (writer of the Hellcat mini).
  • The disastrous Crisis Crossover event, Ultimatum, caused many fans to quit Ultimate Marvel until Marvel announced an Ultimate Iron Man miniseries, written by Warren Ellis, and an Ultimate Avengers series written by Mark Millar.
  • The Sentry, a God-Mode Sue who gets New Powers as the Plot Demands is killed during Siege. What's funny is that everyone in the Marvel U is sad because they all loved him, and most fans couldn't stop dancing on his grave. Made even better by the ending of the miniseries itself.
    Captain America: (implied to be talking with Barack Obama) But... I'm going to want to do it my way.
    (next page) SUPERHUMAN REGISTRATION ACT THROWN OUT — Steve Rogers AKA Captain America replaces Norman Osborn as America's Top Cop
    (final panel) Captain America: ... because I'm going to need all of you for what comes next.
  • Chris Hastings is going to be the writer of a new Deadpool miniseries. We can only dream of what will ensue.
  • In Uncanny X-Force, Psylocke, Deadpool and Fantomex join the team. And the team will eventually go into the Age of Apocalypse universe! Yeah, baby!
  • Marvel is ''finally'' getting around to publishing the Miracle Man stories from Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman? About damn time... Wait a minute, they're getting Neil Gaiman to come back and finish his story arc? Surely a Moment of Awesome for Marvel.
  • The announcement that Brian Michael Bendis will be wrapping up the Avengers story he's building up at 2012 and retiring his position as the head writer are met with much rejoicing.
  • Ed Brubaker resurrecting Bucky (one time sidekick to Captain America) was so popular, that news of his death in the pages of Fear Itself angered fans. That anger turned into rejoicing after it was revealed in a post-event comic that Bucky didn't die and that he's going to star in a "Winter Soldier" on-going written by Brubaker starting in January 2012.
  • The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes! fans lamented the show getting canceled before Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver could become Avengers, or even guest star. Fortunately, one issue of the comics has them.
  • As for The Avengers, there's Avengers: The Children's Crusade. Full stop. Basically a series that exists simply to outright overturn the much hated "Avengers Disassembled" storyline as well as allowing Allan Heinberg to finish the storylines he was banned from doing in Young Avengers (confirming Wiccan and Speed as Scarlet Witch and Vision's kids and bringing back Scott Lang, which was foreshadowed at the end of Heinberg's first Young Avengers arc).
  • Dan Slott taking over "Mighty Avengers".
  • Warren Ellis' brief run on Secret Avengers, which was basically Global Frequency Volume 2.
  • Writers under Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso seem to be making a habit of tacitly undoing many of the more unpopular creative decisions made by Alonso's predecessor Joe Quesada. We have Children's Crusade and the end of Bendis's Avengers mentioned above, as well as Spider Island where, in addition to the aforementioned breakup with Carlie, the magic spell that prevented anyone from learning Peter's identity is undone and Mary Jane admits she's still in love with Peter (although not to his face, unfortunately) after she of all characters had been repeatedly used as a Shipper on Deck for Peter and Carlie. Also, Avengers vs. X-Men issue 9 torpedoes the much-maligned Black Panther/Storm marriage with a single throwaway line, and foreshadowing within the same storyline seems to indicate that the Decimation and possibly the Cyclops/White Queen relationship may be on their way out, too.
    • Consequences, the Post-AVX mini, exploring Cyclops' side in the whole situation, setting up a new Status Quo for him, and basically establish that he really wasn't a villain, but a victim of circumstance? Yes! Wolverine getting called out on his hypocritical bullshit? DOUBLE YES!
  • When it was announced that Kieron Gillen was leaving Journey into Mystery come October 2012, there was much fear that Kid Loki was finally going to die and that the status quo would be unfortunately restored. However, previews for Marvel NOW show that Gillen will be writing a story with Kid Loki, Wiccan, and Miss America. Then this came out and showed that perhaps Kid Loki's adventures are not quite over yet...
    • Then "Journey into Mystery" #645 came out, and there much less rejoicing after that.
      • Then issue #1 came out, and the fandom rejoiced all over again!
  • Hawkeye getting his own ongoing, written by Matt Fraction and art by David Aja? OK, that's pretty cool but-*Reads first few issues* Marvel, take my money. Now.
    • And Kate Bishop, the second Hawkeye is basically a second lead character? And she's getting an annual focusing on her?! Take even more of my money!
  • Secret Avengers coming to an end? That sucks-wait, its being relaunched, and will add Phil Coulson, Daisy Johnson, Mockingbird, and Taskmaster to the team!? So what if the story behind the team doesn't sound great, its got Taskmaster!
    • Wait, they're actually getting consent to suppress the team's memories of the missions, and they still feel bad about it? Sold!
  • A+X isn't really notable, though fairly enjoyable, besides being a team up book that has a rotating artist and writer for every issue...then they announced they were going to do a multiple part story. OK, that doesn't sound too...The story is going to be about Captain America and Cyclops teaming up, meaning that they may finally resolve their differences? Fuck. Yes.
  • Marvel released a teaser for their post-Infinity status quo. Pfft, they did that for Marvel NOW!, so what... Is that The Amazing Spider-Man? No, I mean The Amazing Spider-Man? He's back? You gotta be... Is that Nightcrawler? Two of Marvel's most popular characters are comic back after being killed off? Ladies, gents, we can officially Squee!
  • Oh man, Marvel NOW! is so obviously movie and Superior dominated it is sort of sicken- Wait, a series of all X-Men girls? Hmm, sort of gimm- Brian Wood?! Better, though Storm is still in that weird new... Jubilee! Jubilee is back!
  • Battle of the Atom. Another event, seriously? Sure, it's not taking over all the books, but it is written by Bendis and Aaron — yuck, there is no way that can be any good. X-Men from the future, hasn't that been done to death, and what the hell with some of these guys; Deadpool isn't an X-Men, Beast's redesign is hideous, and no one really likes him at the moment, an Ice Hulk is the worse idea for a character since Red H... wait, one of the future X-Men is Molly Hayes, and She Is All Grown Up! Maybe it might be a decent read.
  • Now for Marvel Comic Con 2013, what sort of interesting stuff are we getting on the other side? Blah blah Inhumans, blah blah Avengers, blah blah She Hulk ongoing and Ghost Rider in the Thunderbolts wait, what was that last one?
  • Oh look, more Marvel NOW! release-Wait, Doop is getting a series?!
  • Cyclops and Storm receiving their own solo series? Enough said.
  • Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle are taking over Amazing X-Men?
  • Matt Fraction and David Aja's run on Hawkeye is ending. It's just a matter of time before it relaunches with a new creative team and it's...Jeff Lemire! With Ramon Perez on art!
  • AXIS has not been that well received. What? Scott Lang is getting an ongoing after? Well that's not ba- Cassie is being brought back?!
    • And then after Secret Wars, Cassie was repowered - as Stinger.
  • So, SHIELD is celebrating a big milestone, and Marvel are capitalizing by releasing several one-shots about the most prominent agents? Oh, so, more MCU pandering then with Samuel L Jackson's Fury and Coulson-wait, Coulson isn't one of the agents focused on, and the Fury issue is a team-up between old and new Furys AND featuring Dum Dum Dugan? And the other oneshots include Peggy Carter, Bobbi Morse, Melinda May, and Daisy Johnson? Each one is either an Ensemble Dark Horse, a Breakout Character, or Fan Favourite, and they are all getting oneshots? Sold! note 
    • And now Bobbi is getting her own ongoing thanks to the success of that? Way to earn brownie points, Marvel.
  • Marvel NOW! (2016): Nova new #1? Starring Richard Rider? And Silk meets Mattie Franklin, aka Spider-Woman III? They both are Back from the Dead!
  • Marvel Legacy: You know who else is back from the dead? Wolverine, bubs.
    • And not just him either. After being missing in action for way too long, the first family of the Marvel Universe finally makes it comeback! That's right folks! The four and only Fantastic Four are back in action!
  • Marvel teased Donny Cates' post-Infinity Wars Guardians of the Galaxy with this image, featuring every major character to have played a role in Marvel's cosmic sagas since 2006, with an aesthetic similar to that of Abnett and Lanning's beloved run on the comic. But even better was this image, featuring eleven of those characters, six of whom will go on to form the new team. There's Star-Lord, Groot, Adam Warlock... hang on, Cosmic Ghost Rider? Beta Ray Bill? Silver Surfer? Moondragon? Darkhawk? PHYLA-VELL? Looks like this new series won't be taking its cues from the films, but going in a completely different direction altogether!
  • So Absolute Carnage has just ended, and what an insane tale it was. Venom's stronger than ever, Knull has awakened, The Maker has Ultimate Venom in his disposal—Ultimate Venom?! Are we gonna see Venom vs. Venom action here?!


    Other Comics 
  • The facts were these. Pushing Daisies had met an unfortunate demise at the hands of an apathetic network after suffering in its first season thanks to the writer's strike, meaning that the much awaited «Ned vs. zombies» plotline would indeed never happen and many loose threads would, alas, remain lose. But then, as though gifted with the piemaker's touch, Warner Brothers production company resurrected the program by gaving the okay to one Bryan Fuller to recruit three of the show's other writers to continue the story in comic form, and series composer Jim Dooley to release a companion soundtrack. Said books are due to be released sometime this year. At this very moment, nine million, four-hundred and sixty thousand nerds are punching their fists in the air.
  • Thanks to Archie Comics, we have this: Sonic and Mega Man crossing over. For. The. First. Time.
    • Oh, they're making another one? Yawn. Hmm, new teaser pic. Is that Sticks the Badger and Mega Man X? And Sonic Boom is getting involved in this, too?!
      • Then, this image came out. It's getting bigger, folks!
  • Rule 63 Archie?! Done by Gisele Lagacenote  and guest starring Sabrina?! Strange things happenin' in Riverdale...
    • If you told someone a few years ago that Archie would make a comic about zombies they'd laugh. Not so much now that Afterlife with Archie is a thing.
    • Sabrina is back and she's darker than ever, thanks to Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Even Sabrina having a bob again in her Archie cameos (after years of swaying styles) made fans hyped.
  • Many fans of the TV show Heroes were pleased with this announcement.
  • Did you guys miss the Darkwing Duck series by BOOM Comics? It's coming back, courtesy of new company Joe Books.
  • The Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics have been hit and miss with most fans; season 8 is almost universally hated while season 9 was a dead bore. Then season 10 came along. Look up some reviews. Almost everyone is saying that finally, we've got some comics that actually feel like they're set in the Buffyverse.
    • This. The brains of Spuffy fans across the globe promptly exploded.
  • Paperinik New Adventures:
    • The second series ended in 2002, with the reboot being seen negatively. Looked like the fans will never see how the series ends, or the various open plotlines concluded... And then, in 2014, the miniseries "Might and Power" started a new era of PKNA stories.
      • The start of the second series informed the fans that One had been deactivated, with many thinking it had actually been erased. At the end of "Might and Power" they were treated to Everett Ducklair reactivating One.
    • Most PKNA loved Double Duck and the various mentions of PKNA events. They would really like to see a Crossover, but what are the chances? Pretty good.


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