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  • Needless to say, Superior Spider-Man #30, which has Octavius giving Peter back control of his body lead to many fist pumps. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
    • But the fans who like both Amazing and Superior can possibly have their cake and eat it, too! It looks like Peter David is taking over Superior Spider-Man!
  • Spider-Man 2099. Ongoing. Peter. David. Must. Buy.
  • Spider-Man is cool, two Spider-Men are cooler, four Spider-Men are even cooler, but do you know what's the coolest? EVERY! SPIDER-MAN! EVER!
    • That Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman is so awesome, I just hope she...hold on, she's getting her own series? And it's dealing with what happened after her Edge of Spider-Verse story?
  • Amazing Spider-Man #611 will feature a showdown between Spider-Man and Deadpool. A showdown that will, apparently, degrade into "Yo Mamma-geddon". And it's being written by Joe Kelly.
  • God, I hate Carly, yet Quesada keeps insisting that she's Spider-Man's perfect girlfriend. Good grief when is this ever going to... wait? Carly broke up with Spidey? Woo-hoo, choo-choo, the MJ train is back on track!
    • The final issue of Superior Spider-Man has Carlie Cooper leaving New York. While it's up in the air whether or not she will return, fans were happy all the same that she's gone.
  • The announcement that Spidey will be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Many fans are speculating that it he will debut in 2016's Captain America: Civil War, which adapts the Marvel Civil War storyline, which Spidey was an important character in.
    • And indeed, Peter Parker and Spider-Man made his MCU debut in Civil War, though in much reduced and different role than the comics. Even so, he's often cited as one of the film's highest points (in a film filled with them). More info on the Captain America: Civil War page. And now, MCU Spider-Man is getting own solo film this summer in Spider-Man: Homecoming.
    • Disney and Sony had a fall out after the release of Spider-Man: Far From Home, which meant that Spider-Man would be out of the MCU again. He would be reboot yet again, and the huge Sequel Hook of the film would have to be ignored. But some weeks later Disney and Sony made a new deal. Although Sony is still going to remove Spider-Man from the MCU, he would have a last film and guest appearance in some other film to wrap things up before that point, and perhaps set up the change.
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    • No longer subverted, as a new deal was made a few weeks later.
  • Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows promises to undo the events of One More Day, having Peter Happily Married to MJ once again, and raising a daughter to boot.note 
    • Also, Eddie Brock comes back as Venom for a brief time. Repeat; Eddie. Brock. As. VENOM.
    • One of the new series in Marvel NOW! (2016), also called Renew Your Vows, delves deeper into this universe!
  • So, Spider-Man: Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy, huh? The Jackal is back and making clones of everyo... Wait. Is that Kaine? As the Scarlet Spider?!
  • After what felt like decades, and after all the different hosts...Eddie's back as Venom. And this time, canonically.
  • Spider-Men II ends in December 2017, with a huge surprise: the Ultimate Marvel universe is back!!
  • The Fall of Parker would be a depressing, cliché Status Quo Is God story, if not for the fact that Peter's return to the Daily Bugle has him take an actual job for the paper; no longer a freelance photographer, Pete's using his experience in science and tech to work as a group editor. Pete's finally growing up!
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  • Venom Inc: Flash Thompson returns, as the new Anti-Venom note , Black Cat gives up her mob and returns to the side of angels, and Flash, Felicia, Brock, and Peter all end things in a positive mood towards one-another? OK, if there's reason to get back into reading Spider-Man, this is it.
  • Dan Slott's final story is this for anyone who's wanted his run to just end already, but even outside of that, its hard to not find some positives: Carnage!Goblin is a big one, but also some pages revealed something: Mary Jane and Peter are reuniting!
  • Nick Spencer's first story started out with a bang. Not only did he address one of the biggest sore points of the later Slott's run, namely the fact that Peter kept using the doctorate that Octavius got when he took over his body in Superior Spider-Man (read, Peter didn't really earn it), but finally did what long time fans had been waiting for an awful long time: Peter and Mary Jane officially start dating again! Meaning that, after spending the better part of the last decade in a Shipe Tease-Ship Sinking cycle, Slott's last tease was finally for real. "And the Fandom Rejoiced" doesn't even begin to describe it!
  • After the events of Absolute Carnage, for the first time in a decade, Ultimate Venom is finally starting to come back!

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