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Divided We Stand. note 

Marvel NOW! is the 2016 relaunch of Marvel Comics, set in the wake of their massive Civil War II crossover event earlier that summer (Well, at first). It's also a spiritual successor to the original Marvel NOW! relaunch of the same name, as well as one to 2015's All-New, All-Different Marvel.

As was the case with its predecessors, Marvel NOW! is not a continuity reboot; instead, new books will be published, while existing titles/characters may be refreshed with new creative teams and status quos. According to Marvel editorial, the conclusion of Civil War II will lead to shocking new developments within the Marvel Universe, and nothing will be the same anymore.

While the full extent of Marvel NOW! initially wasn't known, its tagline and logo teased a few wrinkles thrown onto existing Marvel concepts. Regardless, a free previews magazine dedicated to the initiative was offered to customers in mid-July, with more details spilling out over the duration of Civil War II.


After Secret Empire ended, yet another relaunch of the line happened in September 2017: Marvel Legacy.

    General Developments 
Some titles and characters confirmed to be getting some emphasis during Marvel NOW! include:

    Marvel NOW! 

Marvel NOW! (October 2016 — September 2017)

The following titles will launch during this phase, listed with their original creative teams. Bolded titles are ongoing.

The Avengers

  • Occupy Avengers — Clint Barton leads a renegade team of Avengers note  after being accused of murder during Civil War II. Written by David Walker with art by Gabriel Walta.
  • U.S.Avengers note  — Sunspot's A.I.M. evolves into the American Intelligence Mechanics, a new organizationnote  endorsed by the government and working with S.H.I.E.L.D.. Written by Al Ewing with art by Paco Medina.
  • Uncanny AvengersCable takes control of the Unity Squad note ; continuing the ANADM volume at #15. Written by Gerry Duggan with art by Pepe Larraz; continuing the ANADM volume at #15.
    • Creator changeover with the Secret Empire event at #24: Rogue, Synapse, Wasp, Human Torch, and Doctor Voodoo continue on, but Deadpool, Cable, Quicksilver, and Captain America are out, to be replaced by as yet unannounced new team members, as Jim Zub takes over as writer, with Kim Jacinto on art.
  • The Ultimates2 note  — The Ultimates note  return in a new volume of their title. Written by Al Ewing with art by Travel Foreman.

The Avengers (Solo titles)

  • America — Ms. America Chavez: multidimensional college student. Written by Gabby Rivera with art by Joe Quinones.
  • The Mighty Captain Marvel — Carol Danvers emerges from the events of Civil War II and deals with the aftermath, having suddenly became a household name, for better or worse. Written by Margaret Stohl with art by Ramon Rosanas.
  • The Mighty Thor — The Asgard/Shi'ar War begins! Written by Jason Aaron with art by Russell Dauterman; continuing the ANADM volume at #15.
  • The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl — Written by Ryan North with art by Erica Henderson; continuing the ANADM volume at #16.
  • Unstoppable Wasp — Nadia Pym (the all-new Wasp) comes into her own as a superhero. Written by Jeremy Whitley with art by Elsa Charretier.

Black Panther

  • Black Panther: World of Wakanda — A companion to the Black Panther title exploring the lives of Wakandans featured in that series, such as ex-Dora Milaje members Ayo and Aneka. Written by Roxane Gay, Yona Harvey, and Ta-Nehisi Coates with art by Alitha Martinez and Afua Richardson.
  • Black Panther and The Crew — The King of Wakanda protects the streets of Harlem with the aid of Storm, Luke Cage, Misty Knight and Manifold. Written by Ta-Nehisi Coates with art TBD

Captain America

  • Captain America: Steve Rogers — Steve descends onto a previously unknown path. Written by Nick Spencer with art by Jesus Saiz; continuing the ANADM volume at #7.
  • Captain America: Sam Wilson — #TakeBackTheShield. Written by Nick Spencer with art by Daniel Acuña; continuing the ANADM volume at #14.

Deadpool & The Mercs for Money

  • Deadpool — Written by Gerry Duggan with art by Mike Hawthorne; continuing the ANADM volume at #21.
  • Deadpool & The Mercs For Money — Deadpool assembles a new teamnote . Written by Cullen Bunn with art by Iban Coello; continuing the ANADM volume at #4.
  • Foolkiller — Foolkiller tries to go normal by becoming a psychiatrist. Written by Max Bemis with art by Dalibor Talajic.
  • Slapstick — A book for those who think Deadpool is too "high-brow". Written by Reilly Brown & Fred Van Lente with art by Reilly Brown & Mike Norton.
  • Solo — The "One-Man War on Terror" gets his own solo ongoing series. Written by Gerry Duggan & Geoffrey Thorne with art by Paco Diaz.

Running With The Devil

  • Bullseye — Written by Ed Brisson with art by Guillermo Sanna.
  • Daredevil — Written by Charles Soule with art by Ron Garney; continuing the ANADM volume at #15.
  • Elektra — Elektra relocates to Las Vegas and clashes with Arcade. Written by Matt Owens with art by Alec Morgan.
  • Kingpin — Written by Matthew Rosenberg with art by Ben Torres.

Doctor Strange

  • Doctor Strange — In the aftermath of The Last Days of Magic, Dr. Strange is at death's door. Time for his enemies to strike! Written by Jason Aaron with art by Chris Bachalo; continuing the ANADM volume at #12.
  • Doctor Strange & The Sorcerers Supreme — When Doctor Strange meets a threat so big that even he can't face it alone, he assembles a team of Sorcerers Supreme past, present & future note  to help conquer it. Written by Robbie Thompson with art by Javier Rodriguez.

Guardians of the Galaxy

  • Gamora — Written by Nicole Perlman with art by Marco Chechetto.
  • I Am Groot — Baby Groot ends up in a long forgotten planet and unravels the planets secrets. Written by Christopher Hastings and art by Flaviano.
  • All-New Guardians of the Galaxy — After being Grounded, the Guardians blast back into space. Written by Gerry Duggan with art by Aaron Kuder.
  • Nova — Richard Rider (the original Nova) returns from the dead and teams up with Sam Alexander. Written by Jeff Loveness with art by Ramon Perez.
  • Rocket Raccoon note  — Five issue mini-series written by Matthew Rosenberg with art by Jorge Coelho.
  • Rocket — Back in space, Rocket gets involved in heist. Written by Al Ewing with art by Adam Gorham.
  • Star-Lord — Peter finds himself trapped on an unfamiliar world: Earth. Written by Chip Zdarsky with art by Kris Anka.
  • Thanos — The Mad Titan gets his very first ongoing as he seeks to reclaim his position as a cosmic entity to be feared. Written by Jeff Lemire with art by Mike Deodato.


  • Hulk — After the events of Civil War II, Jennifer Walters goes gray. Written by Mariko Tamaki with art by Nico Leon.
  • Totally Awesome Hulk — Written by Greg Pak with art by TBA; continuing the ANADM volume at #15.

The Inhumans (continuing ANADM titles)

  • Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur — Lunella Layfayette: The Smartest Person in the Marvel Universe! Written by Amy Reeder & Brandon Montclare with art by Natacha Bustos; continuing the ANADM volume at #13.
  • Mosaic — Morris Sackett is a professional basketball player whose life is changed forever when his latent Inhuman genes are activated, turning him into a free-floating entity who inhabits the bodies of others to survive. Written by Geoffrey Thorne with art by Khary Randolph.
  • Ms. Marvel — In the aftermath of Civil War II, Kamala does some soul-searching. Written by G. Willow Wilson with art by Takeshi Miyazawa; continuing the ANADM volume at #12.
  • Uncanny Inhumans — The reign of the Inhumans is put in jeopardy. Written by Charles Soule with art by Kev Walker; ANADM volume continuing with #15.

The Inhumans (ResurrXion)

  • Royals — Follows the royal family, and Marvel Boy, searching for answers in the Inhumans' past. Written by Al Ewing with art by Jonboy Meyers.
  • Black Bolt — The silent king of the Inhumans finds himself trapped in an alien prison. Written by Saladin Ahmed with art by Christian Ward.
  • Secret Warriors — Daisy Johnson leads a team of Inhumansnote  who opt to stay behind when the rest of the Inhumans head for space. Written by Matthew Rosenberg with art by Javier Garron
  • Inhumans Prime — Similar to X-Men Prime, a one-shot setting the stage for the Inhumans going forward. Written by Al Ewing with art by Ryan Sook.

Iron Man

  • Infamous Iron Man note  — Doctor Doom decides to take the Iron Man name for himself, planning to succeed where he believes Tony Stark failed. Written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Alex Maleev.
  • Invincible Iron Man — The events of Civil War II and other incidents forces Tony out of the Iron Man armor and young genius Riri Williams into it. Ironheart has arrived! Written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Stefano Caselli.

The Defenders (2017)

  • The Defenders (2017) — Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Daredevil and Jessica Jones team up. Written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by David Marquez
  • Iron Fist — Danny delves into his and K'un Lun's past. Written by Ed Brisson with art by Mike Perkins.
  • Jessica Jones — Jessica explores her life as it changes for better — or for worse. Written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Michael Gaydos and covers by David Mack.
  • Luke Cage — Luke goes to New Orleans to investigate the death of a man who was like a second father to him. Written by David Walker with art by Nelson Blake II.
  • Power Man & Iron Fist — Harlem burns! Written by David Walker with art by Sanford Green; continuing the ANADM volume at #10.


  • Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man — Written by Chip Zdarsky with art by Adam Kubert.
  • Ben Reilly, the Scarlet Spider: In the aftermath of the Clone Conspiracy, Ben returns to the identity that defined him. Written by Peter David with art by Mark Bagley.
  • Prowler — Written by Sean Ryan with art by Jamal Campbell.
  • Silk — Cindy buddies up with J. Jonah Jameson ... and Mattie Franklin, the third Spider-Woman?! Written by Robbie Thompson with art by Tana Ford; continuing the ANADM volume at #13.
  • Spider-Gwen — Miles and Gwen sitting in a tree, K I S S I N G... Written by Jason Latour, artist TBA; continuing the ANADM volume at #16.
  • Spider-Man — Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen ... a couple?! Written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Sara Pichelli; continuing the ANADM volume at #12.
  • Spider-Man 2099 — Miguel faces a death. Written by Peter David with art by Will Sliney; continuing the ANADM volume at #21.
  • Spider-Woman — Jessica battles the Hobgoblin. Written by Dennis Hopeless with art by Veronica Fish; continuing the ANADM volume at #13.
  • Mike Costa's Venom Vol. 3 note  — Back on Earth and badder than ever, the Venom symbiote finds a new host. But who? Written by Mike Costa with art by Gerardo Sandoval.

X-Men (continuing ANADM titles note )

  • All-New X-Men — The teenage X-Men encounter the Terrigen Mists for the first time. Written by Dennis Hopeless with art by Mark Bagley; continuing the ANADM volume at #12.
  • Extraordinary X-Men — The X-Men lick their wounds in the fallout of "Apocalypse Wars," with Colossus tainted by the villain's essence. Written by Jeff Lemire with art by Victor Ibanez; continuing the ANADM volume at #13.
  • Uncanny X-Men — The return of the Hellfire Club. Written by Cullen Bunn with art by Greg Land; continuing the ANADM volume at #11.

X-Men (ResurrXion)

  • All-New Wolverine — Laura investigates an alien contagion that she's somehow connected with. Written by Tom Taylor with art by Leonard Kirk; continuing the ANADM volume at #19.
  • Astonishing X-Men — A new team of X-Mennote  unite to save a friend from a resurrected evil. Written by Charles Soule, with art by Jim Cheung
  • Old Man Logan — Logan fights the Maestro! Written by Ed Brisson with art by Mike Deodato, continues the ANADM volume at #25.
  • Generation X — In the wake of Inhumans vs. X-Men, Jubilee leads a group of mutantsnote  who are ill-fit to be X-Men or ambassadors of mutantkind. Written by Christina Strain with art by Amilcar Pinna.
  • Iceman — Fresh off his stint in the Extraordinary X-Men, Bobby Drake explores his new identity as an out gay man and what it means to be an Omega-level mutant. Written by Sina Grace with art by Alessandro Vitti.
  • Jean Grey — In the wake of Inhumans vs. X-Men, the teenage Jean Grey gets her own ongoing as the Phoenix Force rises from the ashes. Written by Dennis Hopeless with art by Victor Ibanez
  • Cable — In the wake of Inhumans vs. X-Men, Nate chases new villain Conquest through time. Written by James Robinson with art by Carlos Pacheco.
  • Weapon X — In the wake of Inhumans vs. X-Men, Old Man Logan recruits a new black-ops teamnote  to stop a resurrected Weapon X project from finishing the job the Terrigen Mists failed to do. Written by Greg Pak with art by Greg Land.
  • X-Men: Blue — The original, time-displaced X-Men reunite under Jean Grey's leadership and under the mentorship of Magneto. Written by Cullen Bunn with art by Jorge Molina
  • X-Men: GoldKitty Pryde returns from her stint with the Guardians of the Galaxy to lead the X-Men note  and get them back to focusing on super heroics after warding off extinction. Written by Marc Guggenheim with art by Ardian Syaf
  • X-Men Prime — The jumping-on one-shot dedicated to setting up the new X-Men status quo, where mutantkind is rebuilding and humans are starting to realize mutants aren't so bad. Written by all writers of the new titles with art by Ken Lashley

Solo (Other)

  • Black Widow — Written by Mark Waid & Chris Samnee with art by Chris Samnee; continuing the ANADM volume at #7.
  • Ghost Rider — Robbie Reyes returns. Written by Felipe Smith with art by Danilo Beyruth.
  • HawkeyeKate Bishop flies solo under the Hawkeye name. Written by Kelly Thompson with art by Leonardo Romero.
  • Moon Knight — Written by Jeff Lemire with art by Gregory Smallwood; continuing the ANADM volume at #10.
  • Nick Fury — Written by James Robinson with art by ACO.
  • Patsy Walker, a.k.a. Hellcat! — Enter Black Cat! Written by Kate Leth with art by Britney L. Williams; continuing the ANADM volume at #11.
  • The Punisher — Written by Becky Cloonan with art by TBA; continuing the ANADM volume at #7.
  • Silver Surfer — Norrin and Dawn take some time apart. Written by Dan Slott with art by Mike Allred; continuing the ANADM volume at #9.
  • The Unbelievable Gwenpool — Gwen founds the G.W.E.N.P.O.O.L. organization. Written by Christopher Hastings with art by Gurihiru; continuing the ANADM volume with #7.

Other Teams

Limited Series

  • Cage! — Set in the The '70s, Luke Cage patrols Harlem and provides heroism — for a reasonable fee, of course. Written and drawn by Genndy Tartakovsky.
  • Deadpool: Back in Black — A sequel to Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars, Deadpool gets a new costume: the Venom symbiote. Written by Cullen Bunn with art by Salva Espin.
  • Deadpool vs. The Punisher — Frank Castle is on the hunt for "The Bank"; a high-interest lender to various criminal organizations...who just so happens to be Deadpool's taxpayer. Written by Fred van Lente with art by Pere Pérez.
  • Man-Thing — Man Thing haunts the Marvel Universe again in a limited series with short horror stories from Stine. Written by R. L. Stine with art by German Peralta.
  • The Unworthy Thor — Thor Odinson (still unworthy) discovers the hammer-axe wielded by Thunderer Thorlief. Written by Jason Aaron with art by Oliver Copiel.

Crossover Events

  • Dead No More: The Clone Conspiracy — A sequel to the infamous Clone Saga. Written by Dan Slott with art by Jim Cheung.
  • Death of X — The story of the tensions between Mutantkind and Inhuman and the final fate of the original Cyclops revealed. 4-issue mini-series written by Jeff Lemire and Charles Soule with art by Aaron Kuder.
  • Inhumans vs. X-Men — The Terrigen mist storyline comes to a climax as the two superhuman races fight to the death. 6-issue mini-series written by Jeff Lemire and Charles Soule with art by Leinil Yu.
  • Monsters Unleashed — Written by Cullen Bunn with art by Adam Kubert, Greg Land, Salvador Larroca, Steve McNiven, and Leinil Yu. An ongoing with the same name will follow afterwards starring Kid Kaiju and Elsa Bloodstone.
  • Deadpool: 'Til Death Do Us... — Crossover with Deadpool, Deadpool/Spider-Man and Deadpool and the Mercs for Money as Shiklah declares war on Humanity and Deadpool is forced to fight his demonic wife.
  • Secret Empire — 2017 major event, continuing the saga of Steve Rogers' descent into villainy.
  • Edge of Venomverse — A five-issue miniseries serving as a prelude to Venomverse, wherein characters all over the Marvel Universe are taken over by the Venom symbiote.
  • Venomverse
  • W.M.D.: Weapons of Mutant Destruction — Crossover with The Totally Awesome Hulk and Weapon X as Amadeus Cho and Old Man Logan's anti-Weapon X team team up to stop Weapon X's latest means to destroy mutantkind.
  • Generations — Ironheart, Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, the All-New Wolverine, the time displaced Jean Grey, Sam Wilson, Miles Morales, the Totally Awesome Hulk, Jane Foster and Kate Bishop team up with the heroes they're the legacy of.note 

Compare to 2016's DC Rebirth, a similar relaunch of Marvel's distinguished competition.


Marvel NOW! (2016) provides examples of the following tropes:

  • Affirmative Action Legacy:
    • Riri Williams —a black girl— replacing Tony Stark —a white man— as Iron Man. You could also count Doctor Doom taking the Iron Man for himself as being this trope, since he's of Romani origin.
    • Danielle Cage, the black (and female) Captain America from a possible future.
  • Back for the Finale: The original Marvel NOW! Guardians of The Galaxy are reunited for Bendis' final story arc on the title, which he's been writing since 2013.
  • Back from the Dead:
    • Mattie Franklin was last seen during the Grim Hunt arc, where she was murdered by the Kravinoffs. She unexpectedly returns in Silk, several years after her death. Considering that this coincides with The Clone Conspiracy, this is actually a case of Cloning Blues.
    • Richard Rider is also back from the dead.
  • Big Bad Ensemble: Power Man & Iron Fist storyline escalates in all-out gang war over the control of Harlem between Tombstone, Piranha Jones and Alex Wilder.
  • Brought Down to Normal: Flash Thompson loses the Venom symbiote, which is picked up by a Sociopathic Soldier named Lee Price.
  • The Bus Came Back: The Great Lakes Avengers, last seen as part of the 50 States Initiative. Arguably Odinson as well, who was out of the limelight for the previous two years since becoming Unworthy.
  • Darker and Edgier: Doctor Doom's Iron Man armor invokes this with a black and gold armor similar to Tony's Mark 40 armor, but adds in talons similar to how Otto Octavius gave Spider-Man's costume them for his Superior Spider-Man run.
    • Lee Price, the new host for the Venom Symbiote counts as this to Flash Thompson, who lost it in circumstances that have yet to be revealed. Lee is self-serving and pragmatic to the core, and ambitiously plans to use the Symbiote's power, while keeping it a secret that he has it, to get himself good with Black Cat's gang as a starting point for who knows what. His personality/disposition, background, and military training also gives him the willpower and means to dominate the Symbiote's influence, and at a point where the Symbiote, coming off a lengthy tenure with Flash, doesn't want anything to do with the kind of behavior that Lee condones and exercises.
  • Divided We Fall: Seemed to be the tagline for this initiative. Several posters have been released showing two unrelated characters and the phrase "Divided we..." The assembled image, however, actually had the tagline "Divided We ''Stand''."
  • Fish out of Temporal Water: The Danielle Cage featured in U.S.Avengers is from a possible future where she becomes Captain America.
  • Fun with Acronyms: A.I.M. rebrands itself from Avengers Ideas Mechanics to American Intelligence Mechanics.
  • Late-Arrival Spoiler: The first issue of Infamous Iron Man reveals that Tony Stark dies in Civil War II. Made even worse due to Bendis' Schedule Slip with Civil War II causing said event to occur AFTER Infamous casually dropping it in the beginning. Somewhat subverted in that he doesn't die but instead is put into a coma, and the characters who talk about his death have no way of knowing that.
  • Legacy Character:
    • Riri Williams, who was introduced in the Iron Man storyline "The War Machines", will be taking up the Iron Man armor post-Civil War II. Doctor Doom will also be taking up the same mantle.
    • Nadia Pym, the all-new Wasp.
    • Danielle Cage as Captain America and her nemesis, the Gold Skull.
    • Flash Thompson loses the Venom symbiote, due to as-of-yet unknown circumstances, to newcomer Lee Price.
  • Logo Joke: Likely teasing a few shocking developments to come from this relaunch, the "NOW!" part of the logo (lifted from 2012's Marvel NOW!) is smashed and distressed.
  • New Season, New Name: Yet another "seasonal" relaunch of the entire Marvel Comics line, meant to serve as a jumping on point for new readers. It's subverted in the sense that they've already used the name "Marvel NOW!" for an earlier initiative, but in a different context (Avengers vs. X-Men fallout).
  • Nothing Is the Same Anymore: Marvel's favorite promise as of late (regarding their frequent relaunches) applies here.
  • Official Couple: The cover for Spider-Man #12 show Miles Morales and Gwen Stacy kissing, and the solicits promise the romance will shake things up in both characters' comics.
  • Retraux: The Great Lakes Avengers logo is the old West Coast Avengers one.
    • Not surprisingly, considering its setting, Avengers Point One. The covers use the corner box and logo from the silver age, and they even reprint the letters pages from that era.
  • Ripped from the Headlines: Both Occupy Avengers and Captain Marvel have been noted by a few places to hold similarities towards recent real life events stemming from police officers killing others without provocation.
    • Champions as well, regarding women being oppressed by extremists in Pakistan. Malala Yousafzai was even mentioned.
  • Rogues Gallery Transplant: Power Man & Iron Fist worked very hard to establish Tombstone, a Spider-Man enemy, as antagonist more associated with Luke and Danny. And then Alex Wilder, best known as The Mole in Runaways tried to take over Harlem.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: The premise of the new Champions involves many of Marvel's teenage characters (including half of the All-New, All-Different Avengers) leaving their respective teams or standing apart from their older mentors to form a new organization.
  • Status Quo Is God:
    • Played with in regards to Venom. Despite so much changing, the symbiote is back on earth after its sojourn with the Guardians of the Galaxy and Agents of the Cosmos, and back to a look resembling its classic design. However, its time with Flash has made the symbiote want to strive to be as good as he was, after being separated from Flash in hitherto unknown circumstances. Seeking a new host who was a soldier like Flash, it bonds with a down-on-his-luck former military man named Lee Price in the middle of a mob exchange gone wrong , only to find out that Lee is an ambitious opportunist who decides to subtly but pragmatically make use of his newfound powers to get what he feels he deserves out of the world. So Venom may be back on earth, and it may be back to a design more akin to its original look, but it's not the symbiote who's corrupting the host, but the host who's corrupting the symbiote... at least until the symbiote reunites with its most famous host, Eddie Brock.
    • In the wake of Dead No More, Kaine loses his augmented spider-powers after the Inheritors killed the Other, while Ben Reilly returns as the Scarlet Spider.
  • Trailers Always Spoil: The Champions series announcement pretty much spoils that Viv Vision will survive her father's ongoing series. The Avengers reveal then spoiled that Vision himself survives.


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