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  • Acceptable Targets: Many, including:
    • Certain notorious Lets Players, like PewDiePie, The King of Hate and Tobuscus.
    • Camcorder LPs — they have a particular disdain when it's mixed with...
    • Child Lets Players, especially ones with high pitched voices. Though this is soon averted as detailed in the Trivia tag, due to children not knowing professional standards and making fun of them just comes off as cruel.
    • Poor editing and commentary will get you mocked.
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    • Though they insisted that The Irate Gamer shouldn't get hate, they still spent many minutes mocking him at an RTX panel.
    • "Horror" flash games that rely on cheap jpeg jump scares are always ripe for the mocking.
    • By a similar token, poorly written video game Creepypasta that rely too much on blood or "hyper realism" for their scares.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: A handful of people see Retsupuraes as constructive criticism, though slowbeef has said that they were simply making the riffs for fun. Amusingly enough, the parody/critique stream that he did with Diabetus effectively works on both fronts.
  • Arc Fatigue:
    • During the Dark Seed II riff, they hadn't yet had their time limit removed, so they had to upload each part in fifteen minute chunks, once a day. Since there were 34 parts to it when split up in this way, this went on for over a month.
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    • The Sonic 06 wrongpurae was even worse, as it went on for 10 months and consists of 50 videos... and a good chunk of them are much longer than 15 minutes.
  • Awesome Music: The Unofficial Theme Song.
  • Base-Breaking Character: MegaManNG, aka 'MegaJose', has divided opinions. Some find him endearing and consider him the next BillyMC, others find him absolutely irritating and don't want him on the channel again.
    • Lowtax's guest appearance on Retsutalk Episode 34 was also somewhat divisive.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: After escaping from the exploding mechanical Big Bird in the last video of Space Adventure Cobra, a plot point is abruptly introduced concerning a spy that is somewhere aboard Cobra's ship. Within minutes, Parrot Grass somehow returns, but not only quickly turns out to be the spy in question, but is also revealed to not even be the real Parrot Grass; it almost immediately sheds its disguise to reveal that it is some sort of demon-like creature. And just when it's about to explain who it is, Cobra kills it with one shot of his weapon. The multitude of questions this raises - who and what was it, what was its mission, how did it know who Parrot Grass is, how and why did it disguise itself as Parrot Grass, etc. - are never answered, as the entire incident is never mentioned again.
    slowbeef: (holding back laughter) I don't understand what the last five minutes did! I feel like this is what it must be like to have a seizure, fuck! What the hell?
    • "How To Get A Raise" is full of these despite being allegedly educational. Besides the fact that you must earn a raise to pay for your cat's cancer treatment, the mouse in your boss's office can talk, and turning away when it tells you to will, in the words of one commenter, cause a "magic female rapist" to appear and begin stripping. And if one waits around for too long then, the cop from "How To Get Out Of Speeding Tickets" will literally appear from nowhere, call you a pervert, and arrest you. The whole sequence is tellingly rather low on commentary.note 
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    • About ten minutes into Part 14 of the Ambition videos, a small orb of green light suddenly appears and spends a few seconds bobbing around the screen before flying out of frame to form the previously-witnessed spotlight background to Duke as he kills the player with a tire iron. Slowbeef and Diabetus's reaction once they finish hysterically laughing pretty much sums it up.
    Diabetus: Oh my God, what?
    slowbeef: ...Wha... wait, what happened—
    Diabetus: What was that?!
    slowbeef: Wait wait wait wait wait. Hold--hold on a fuckin' minute, what?!
  • Broken Base: Viewers are somewhat divided on the Apocalypse Wrongpurae, as a portion consider it the funniest case of reference overdosing, and the rest consider the Incredibly Lame Puns render the video intolerable.
    • While the Crappy Pasta videos have been well-received, some people are unhappy with the third part of Diabetus' Mega Man Unlimited stream being hijacked by slowbeef for the purposes of it.
    • Similarly, viewers are divided over Slowbeef's House of Horror. Some of them enjoy the higher production values, while others think that what made the Crappy Pasta videos so good was Slowbeef and Diabetus going in blind. For at least "The Memory Card", slowbeef seems to have tried to play to both audiences, handling it first as a "Crappy Pasta" video alongside Diabetus streaming The Binding of Isaac, then revisiting it in "Slowbeef's House of Horror" form a month later.
    • The King's Quest VII Wrongpurae is another point of contention. Some want the duo to finish making fun of it instead of riffing on other things first, and others think that the material doesn't make the best riffing material or that they shouldn't subject themselves to the game if they find it boring. This isn't helped by the long Schedule Slip between each episode.
    • The consideration of doing a wrongpurae of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) has been met with overwhelming approval, though there is a minority of viewers who believe the game has been given more than enough attention in the years since its release and that Retsupurae are better off taking more original avenues. This is lampshaded in the playlist description, which states "I can't believe no one has covered this atrocity until now!"
    • The video on the Kickstarter project Night Cry was hit with Youtube comments on both sides. The pro-NC/anti-RP side defends the game on its merits and states that the total was already reached. They also want readers to acknowledge key personnel behind the project and believe that those personnel will make the game an automatic success. The other side wants to enforce that the video doesn't provide the best side of the project (especially the narrator) and that just because the game has potential to improve, that doesn't mean it will.
  • Critical Backlash: It's happened several times:
    • They mention Sir Ron Lionheart's low subscriber count, and blame it on his voice. Their spoofing of him made him extremely popular because of his accent.
    • The Mystery of the Sponsored Let's Play: Lots of Seamus's fans had found the video and in a fit of rage, have invaded it to give it hundreds of dislikes and negative comments. Retsupurae has gotten ire for riffing on certain LPers before, but not of this magnitude.
    • The same thing happened on their riff on The Nostalgia Critic, but not quite on the magnitude of Seamus', as the Nostalgia Critic's own fanbase is split on the video, and Doug Walker himself has expressed regrets over how it turned out. Some say the Critic's LP was a bad video and deserved it, some are panning the Retsupurae just like Seamus' fans did, and some are saying they disliked both the original Let's Play and the riff. Even slowbeef and Diabetus have expressed dislike over how the video turned out, saying that they should have scrapped the first take and done something different.
    • It happened again with their Wrongprae of King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow. Quite a lot of people have come to the defence of that particular game - and the series in general — in the comments section, pointing out that there were other King's Quest games that were far more douchebaggy. Near the end of the Wrongprae, even slowbeef notes that V probably deserved it more, and guess what they went after next? slowbeef has since commented that he doesn't really think VI is bad, but he dislikes the protagonist.
    • When they started the Alone in the Dark wrongpurae, they made fun of the game's graphics and animations, which prompted a lot of angry comments pointing out that the game came out in 1992, and that it really wasn't fair to mock the visuals, even if they look dated by today's standards. They ended up discussing this while the game was giving a really long infodump during the second vid, and said that while the graphics may have been impressive for the time, sprite-based games from the same period still looked and played much better.
    • And yet again when they merely mentioned Jesse Cox's mini-Let's Play of I Wanna Be The Guy Gaiden, ironically prompting slowbeef to RP it after all. Which, shockingly, led to still more backlash. In both this case and with Seamus, above, many of the people insulting slowbeef and/or Retsupurae claimed Quality by Popular Vote.
      • There's no bad blood between Slowbeef and Jesse however, as Jesse laughed off the RP when Slowbeef was the guest on The Cooptional Podcast.
    • A less severe example is HarmfulGravemind's LP of Super Mario World. Most people liked the RP (including HarmfulGravemind himself), but many people argued it shouldn't have been criticized that badly since the LPer wasn't that bad at the game and put significant effort into making the video good (even if he did it in an unnecessarily-convoluted way).
    • This may have been subverted with their Warioware RP. A lot of the viewers left comments saying they genuinely enjoy FFL2and3rocks (a.k.a Third Rate Gamer), but most of them have admitted that the original LP wasn't that good.
    • This may also have been subverted with their video they made about PewdiePie. The like/dislike scale on the video is much more favorable to Retsupurae than other videos of the same ilk. slowbeef even stated surprise at the support they've gotten, having expected the usual backlash.
      • It certainly helps that soon after, PewDiePie made a comment suggesting that he's Only in It for the Money, which caused huge chunks of his fanbase to turn on him.
    • LargeMentalBlock did a riff on AttackingTucans's 2,000 subscriber special (wherein he was covered in Vagisil), causing quite a bit of backlash (though some noted that coating themselves in Vagisil, even for a subscriber special, is a very stupid idea).
      • The same channel faced even more backlash when they took on Jay Pavlina (of Super Mario Bros. Crossover fame). As of 2013, the video has 23 likes and 362 dislikes, in addition to more views than they normally get.
      • And then some more with the "From Hell" riff, which was on a video from an LPer who committed suicide in August 2009.
    • A milder example with Nocturnal Letters. Based on the comments, a lot of the fans thought it was much better than any of the other Newgrounds flash horror games they've played, despite it not being great and the goons giving it more or less the usual treatment.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Despite only guesting in a handful of early RP videos, Shmorky has a surprisingly large number of fans.
    • Among the guest retsupuraers, Proteus4994 and Dave_O are the most popular. The latter's return in August 2012 has been met with much praise.
    • VoidBurger has more recently proven a runaway hit; many of the comments on the videos featuring her include requests that she become a Retsupurae regular.
    • slowbeef's wife has a small, growing fandom because of her tendencies to show up at the weirdest situations, causing unexpected hilarity.
    • AllShamNoWow was popular when he showed up on Retsutalk, and became even more so during the T.R.A.G.: Mission Of Mercy Wrongpurae.
    • TieTuesday won the fanbase's heart after his appearances in Real Horror Stories and especially Deep Freeze.
  • Fan Hater: Most of the comments on a riffed video can be summed up as: If you like this loser, you suck.
    • As for the Let's Players that were riffed on, this could apply to some of them. While they might not mind the people of Retsupurae themselves, they may dislike the fans. Of course a number of the fans of riffed LPers start saying the exact same thing to fans of Retsupurae.
  • Family-Unfriendly Aesop: Taken to a extreme with Loneliness which says that if a loved one dies, you should immediately kill yourself.
  • Faux Symbolism: Mocked by Chip and Ironicus in A Demon Tale.
  • Fetish Retardant: Yowie Wowie!! Barring the rancid "script" and the terrible apron joke, this is a video that caters to neither Yaoi fans (because it prominently stars two women) nor Yuri fans (because said girls are also pretending to be boys). And even if you're a fan of both, said script and jokes are likely to cause more headshaking than arousal.
  • Follow the Leader: As mentioned above, there have been a number of smaller RP groups popping up, eventually leading to a hilariously recursive video of an RP group RPing another RP group's RP.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Why does Slowbeef generally do so well on the most infamous segments of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)? Take a look at his playstyle. He's the type of gamer who likes to stop and think before he acts, but he also has excellent reflexes. So he knows how to assess a situation, but he can also react quickly when he needs to.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: George Wood's suggestion that Lara Croft get breast cancer got less funny after Angelina Jolie's double mastectomy.
    • Queenie Z's RP, while still having some of the most hilarious jokes from the riffers, became a lot less funny after not only did she reveal she has autism, but was still being bullied and getting sent death threats even after she apologized for the LP and remade it.
    • The BigMastadon riff where he's eating the pizza rolls comes off a lot harsher now after he passed away in 2016 from weight issues.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • slowbeef's enthusiasm for Dangan Ronpa in the Retsutalk videos becomes this, considering the growing prominence of the overzealous fans for both of the LP threads (which he had been paid to moderate) have basically tarnished his ability to enjoy the game. He's even made a series of videos tearing into the game.
  • He Panned It, Now He Sucks!:
    • After they mocked LuizPrower, UltraJMan, ProtonJon note , Cloud8745, DeceasedCrab, HC Bailly, penguinz0 note  and Oyster. Made funnier by the fact that Oyster was in on that one all along.
    • Inverted in the case of SirRonLionheart. Though he wasn't that popular at the time of the episode; Ron's subscriptions skyrocketed after this grilling. They've even said that they love him, now.
    • The same has been said for ElectricalBeast. EB, for his part, quite enjoyed his retsupurae videos.
    • SSoHPKC. Only five hours after the video was posted, it had 1,200 likes and 1,600 dislikes. To be fair, all of the dislikers were followers of Seamus and Machinima, which was at least 300k strong for Seamus alone. To make matters even worse, SSoH is a follower of Retsu much like ProtonJon, and has admitted he even likes the video, but people still don't catch on and accuse slowbeef and Diabetus of pointless trolling.
    • Their riff on The Nostalgia Critic caused quite a bit of flak, mostly for all the personal insults, although it was somewhat mitigated by Doug himself admitting the LP went really, really badly.
    • Their Amnesia: The Dork's Descent video got a lot of flak from both fans of the LPer and fans of the game, who claimed it was scary enough to justify the LPer's reactions.
    • During the Wrongpurae of Apocalypse, slowbeef briefly mocked the Playstation, wondering if there were any games besides Resident Evil that were memorable on the system. Whether or not he was serious (it may well have been a reference to the "Nintendo 64 vs. Playstation" NAViGaTR video, which they mocked for expressing a similar opinion), many people took it badly.
    • They made an extremely negative video centered around PewDiePie and his LP's in general. His fans haven't taken it too well.
      • This became even more notable when fans on both sides exploded at PewDiePie himself commenting on the situation, which only made things worse (thanks to his comment telling them to keep on watching because "your extra views give me extra cash"). This seems to have mostly died out now with PewDiePie's apology video, though attacks on retsupurae and their fans are still common.
    • Mostly averted with their riff on ImmortalHDFilms, where only a fairly small amount of his fans reacted negatively.
    • Also averted with slowbeef and Mr. DJB's riffs on Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Only a few people actually cried "He Panned It, Now He Sucks!!"; most viewers are just expressing bafflement at how slowbeef's opinion of the game inexplicably pulled a complete 180 in just a few months.
    • Averted with Chip Cheezum, who mocked Minecraft Chick and DarkSydePhil with little to no fan backlash, although Phil posted several angry tweets after the video went up.
    • Unsurprisingly, quite a few of these cases were met with the opposite as well.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • During the retsupurae of Cornshaq's Mario 2 LP, slowbeef utters, "Mrs. O'Neil, the answer to this multiplication problem is 12, but also Mario 2 is the greatest game ever." Some have drawn parallels between that statement and one that a certain famous person made over a year later.
      • When Diabetus calls the video an "assault on the entire Let's Play community", slowbeef jokingly replies "We have a community now. It's great!", clearly amused by the implausibility of the concept. With the growing popularity of Let's Players who even manage to make a living out of the hobby, the joke slams right into It Will Never Catch On territory.
    • Reading "On Liberty" becomes a bit difficult after watching "SNES9X".
    • Likewise for American Gods after watching "A Public Service Announcement for Let's Players".
    • During the riff on ProtonJon, Diabetus makes a joke about Jon's prolific uploading. A couple of years later, Jon became infamous for Schedule Slip.
    • In the Arise 2 RP, when they encounter a keypad, Diabetus immediately asks if the code is 666. It isn't. One year later, Arise 4 comes out. There's another keypad in that game. Guess what the code is?
    • On a more worldly aspect, the makers of Last Alert made one of the villains an Expy of Libya's Gaddafi. That said, Gaddafi was a very visible figure in the mid-to-late 80s; see Abdul Fakkadi from Transformers: Generation 1 for another example. Come Retsupurae:
    slowbeef: I think it's supposed to be Qaddafi from Libya, but you know how videogames do that fake—
    Diabetus: A lot of foresight, there.
    • Earlier on, the fake President boss explodes, leading to Diabetus joking that he was a robot all along. This turns out to be the case with the last of the Big-Bad Ensemble.
    • In one video, they claim that Miss Hannah Minx is "a cross between Hello Kitty and Elvira!" Later...
    • In this video, Diabetus says he can't wait until people start LPing Batman: Arkham Asylum right after release. Two days later this happened.
    • Near the start of "True Shit", Diabetus takes a crack at the opening credits of The Town With No Name, asking "Is this a Western, or Sci-Fi?" The ending to the game has the main character ride a train off into space.
      • In the same video, Diabetus mocks the overly simplistic "Here's The Queen" card game by saying "In the DLC they have an Ace". A few days after the RP, cubex55 posted a "Full Version" of the original Longplay with a few things the longplayer missed (including the "real" ending of the game). One of those things was a different card game called... "Chase the Ace".
    • slowbeef and Diabetus call Cobra the "anti-Han Solo", and the former even asks if Cobra's attempting to imitate Dante at one point. Earlier, Dante and Han Solo were considered derivatives of Cobra.
      • When the villain at the temple reveals his name to be Hammerbolt Joe, Diabetus offers his condolences. Later in the game, Cobra makes the same joke after killing the fake Parrot Grass before it can finish revealing its name.
      • In Part 4 of the Cobra Wrongpurae, the duo speculate about what enemy they will face next after fighting the Fire Dragon and Wolfhounds. slowbeef guesses Parrot Grass, but Diabetus concludes that he wouldn't be threatening enough. Later, Parrot Grass returns in the form of a disguise donned by a huge, demonic alien infiltrator. Although Cobra then proceeds to immediately kill him, so maybe Diabetus was right after all.
    • In the Meat Boy RP, slowbeef jokes that when the player gets the golden god achievement he will instead get the "Stop Playing" achievement. In The Binding of Isaac DLC, this is a possible title screen.
    • In BillyMC's original Let's Play of Mario Bros. with TheLimePopsicle, the two start doing impressions of each other, causing TheLimePopsicle to say "I can't do BillyMC." In the accompanying retsupurae, when they are doing their impressions, slowbeef makes the exact same double entendre:
    slowbeef: They're gonna do each other now.
    Diabetus: Watch your wording.
    • Somewhat early on in the Dark Seed II Wrongpurae, they joke about Jack being the same in the Dark World as he is in the Light world. Guess what happens at the end?
      • When Mike asks a Darkworlder how he can be sure he's in the Darkworld, slowbeef jokingly responds "Because in here you're the coolest person alive". Turns out to be true, within the game's universe.
    • In the second video of a Heavy Rain LP from their livestream, slowbeef proposes that they forego making fun of the LP and instead make fun of the game. While Heavy Rain has not yet been a subject, this is basically the premise of the Wrongpuraes.
      • It's come full circle with the duo considering to riff on the whole game some time in the future.
    • In late 2010, the Ridley voice had its magnum opus in the Omega Ridley battle from Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, including a lengthy rant about Heavy Rain. In September 2011, a Jurassic Park arcade game Wrongpurae reintroduced the voice to make fun of the dinosaurs. Two months later, Telltale Games released Jurassic Park: The Game, with gameplay that's heavily based on Heavy Rain.
    • An early joke in this video, wherein slowbeef and Diabetus riff on a Newgrounds Zelda "parody" that uses graphics from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, revolves around it supposedly being an E3 sneak peak of the first Wii U Zelda game. Come the following year, it would be revealed that the first Legend of Zelda title for the Wii U would be an HD remake of The Wind Waker.
    • During their RP of LuwiigiMaster in "The Marios", Proteus quips that he thinks they should stop doing the RP early on in the video. Now, remember what happens at around 6:35 in the video along with how the gang considers it an Old Shame...
    • In "Mr. Miyagi, where did you get all these LPs?", slowbeef asks, "Who the hell knows the name of the characters in The Karate Kid?"
    • In Episode 7 of the Retsutalk podcast, slowbeef jokingly declares "Fun fact: The first ten minutes of this podcast will be cut out." When the episode aired, the first half of the episode is missing because dave_o accidentally deleted it.
    • In Chip and Ironicus's parody of Elemental Goddess, Chip notes that one character has a special eye condition. No, it's not about her brand.
    • In Retsupurae Mario Party, Ironicus claims that the LPer sounds like a German version of Wario. Wario is played by his German voice actor in the first two Mario Party games.
    • The joke about Mike Dawson taking a picture of himself in the Dark Seed II riff became this after the Selfie fad started.
    • During slowbeef's dramatic reading of Mega Man's Ladder to Hell, he asked the question "So you think his dead brother passed down this cursed video game to him?" Turns out it was cursed by the protagonist's dead brother, who was out to get back at him for being the favorite in the family, instead of his parents for shafting him.
    • At one point in the T.R.A.G. Wrongpurae, AllShamNoWow wonders how short the credits will be for the game. In the video they watch, the credits last for only a second before the longplayer skips them.
    • In the tenth part of their Xin commentary, Chip notices that somebody posted a review that matched their commentary in the first nine parts.
    Chip: Who did this?
    • During one of their RPs of BillyMC's playthrough of Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, Billy's comment about how his mom was asking if he wanted McDonald's while she was out Christmas shopping got the duo to think that the McDonalds was what he would be getting as a Christmas present. In December of 2014, McDonalds started running an advertisement that featured a dad giving his family chicken nugget boxes with Christmas bows on top.
    • In one episode of Retsutalk, slowbeef remembers a fan that had asked the two to sign a copy of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), finding it odd since they had never done anything related to it. In 2014, slowbeef began playing it for the channel.
      • At the very beginning of the first Sonic 06 episode, Diabetus' first remark was, "Will it explode your Playstation 3?" Several months later, the LP was briefly delayed due to slowbeef's PS3 dying.
      • Slowbeef's sarcastic declaration of "All hail Shadow!" becomes a delicious case of Tempting Fate (foreshadowing?) when the game sings those very words sincerely during Shadow's credit song.
    • In episode 3 of Retsutalk, General Ironicus notes that since all he and Chip Cheezum do is rip off slowbeef and Diabetus the next thing to do is make a podcast. Come December 2014...
    • At the beginning of the Banana Nababa Retsupurae, slowbeef remarks that he feels like he's watching an '80s horror movie, and Diabetus remarks, "An '80s horror movie... where nothing happens!". Five years later, they make fun of Hell's House, which can be easily described as a horror movie where, in a successful playthrough, nothing happens.
    • In Chip and Ironicus' Retsupurae with Chris & Tim!, they riff on a duo for putting a feed of their own faces in the corner of the game footage, with a heavy dose of It Will Never Catch On. This riff was posted in 2008, years before acts like PewDiePie and Markiplier would become internet celebrities for doing essentially the same thing and even further before having a facecam became standard practice in Let's Plays and livestreams.
    • During the Retsufrash of The Trapped Trilogy, they express complete disbelief at the main character being locked in a car. Years later, slowbeef and Diabetus start a wrongpurae of a series where that happens for most of the episodes, appropriately called Car Escape.
    • The first Retsupurae video on ElectricalBeast was called "Let's 'ave a carriage ride!" Seven years later, during their Wrongpurae of Dracula Unleashed, the exaggerated accents of the various carriage drivers draw immediate comparisons to ElectricalBeast.
    • In their first ever Wrongpurae, slowbeef and Diabetus end up joking over some rapid-fire Exposition and realize their mistake, feeling like the game's going too fast and they should start paying more attention if they want to make fun of the game properly. Many of their later wrongpuraes (most infamously Dark Seed II) feature glacial pacing, whether due to the game design itself or excessive Padding on the part of the longplayer, leading to many hilarious moments. It becomes even more hilarious after the insane rapid-fire pace of ObsCure II leaves slowbeef and Diabetus at a loss for words.
    • One of the Kickstarter Nonstarters is an incredibly mediocre shmup game, with the video subtitled Bullet Hell? Or Bullet HEAVEN???. A year or so later on his personal channel, slowbeef showcases a game called Bullet Heaven (though he decides that it's So Okay, It's Average).
    • In their Wrongpurae of King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder!, they joke the game is about a grandfather telling the story to his nephew, who points out narrative flaws and complains about the ridiculous deaths. The 2015 reboot features a now old King Graham telling stories to his granddaughter, who sometimes picks apart what her grandfather is saying (especially if he dies in the story).
    • Slowbeef's and TieTuesday's grilling of fuckjerry's attempt at getting a Cards Against Humanity clone funded seems almost prophetic in light of the #fuckfuckjerry movement that exploded two and a half years later for exactly the reasons the RP crew took an immediate dislike to him.
  • Ho Yay: Between slowbeef and Dave_o in their Braid retsupurae.
  • I Am Not Shazam: The man behind the "Gaming In The Clinton Years" videos is called "navgtr" by slowbeef and Diabetus in the original set of RPs. His name is actually George Wood, and navgtr (or NAViGaTR) stands for "National Association of Video Game Testers and Reviewers."note  More modern RP videos of Gaming in the Clinton Years reviews have them fixing the mistake and referring to George by his actual name.
    • In rants against them, the term "Retsupurae" is almost always confused for just one guy. This indicates that either the complainants have literally never seen an RP video, or that they're actually too stupid to realize that there's more than one voice talking in the vidsnote .
  • Memetic Badass: It was inevitable, given their frequent Alternative Character Interpretations.
    • After playing up BillyMC as a Butt-Monkey for some time, slowbeef and company decided to start cheering him on and treat him like a person who decided to Dare to Be Badass. The fans have taken off with this.
    • Their take on Gally 'Vanish' Gregman and/or his voice actor, Paul Eiding.
    • Cornshaq, who's in such a hurry that he doesn't have time to die and doesn't even need to breathe at all.
    • Duke Crabtree from the Ambition series is shaping up to be this due to being the only character who isn't totally incompetent. It's because he's a terrorist.
    • Rock Knight from Space Adventure Cobra is also given this treatment, to the point that Diabetus and slowbeef start shouting "NON CANON" after his death scene.
    • Played with in the case of Edward Carnby, who goes back and forth between this and a drunken Cloudcuckoolander.
    • Steve from Harvester gets this treatment from the fanbase, which tends to see him as Mike Dawson's polar opposite.
  • Memetic Loser: Mike Dawson, who is considered the wimpiest game "hero" of all time by everyone, in-universe and out.
    • Same goes for Cobra, who's now known as the second biggest loser.
    • After their Wrongpurae of Shadow of Destiny, Eike Kusch has become one, with most fans feeling that he has serious contention for the position of "Dumbest Motherfucker in a Wrongpurae".
    • Subverted with John Parker from Shadow of The Comet. He initially became this thanks to him having a heart attack after looking at a photograph.note  However, he later shifted to a Memetic Badass after pulling some really badass stunts later in the game.
    • Hopkins of Hopkins FBI, particularly after he allows himself to fall for a very obvious trap and shoots his own girlfriend to death because of it.
    • Silver and Elise from Sonic the Hedgehog (2006); the former for spending most of his screen time running around aimlessly at the whims of whichever character he most recently ran into, all while failing to accomplish anything meaningful, and the latter for getting kidnapped by Dr. Eggman nearly every time she shows up onscreen, often less than a full minute after she had previously been rescued.
    • Albert Tokaj from Afterfall, because of his general Jerkass demeanor and the fact that several Shocking Swerves in the story proper render everything he did in the game moot. But the main reason is because the game keeps showing Tokaj as some kind of genius protagonist, while his lines and actions are stupid or hilariously nonsensical.
    • Alexander Morris of Dracula Unleashed, due to constantly failing to realize he's going up against vampires, taking an absurdly long time to figure out what's going on, and not noticing somebody who is blatantly evil right in front of him.
    • The nameless protagonist of Car Escape quickly became this, with his bizarre tendency to be trapped in nonsensical ways wherever he goes.
    • Brent Halligan, a detective of Scotland Yard and the protagonist of The Mystery of the Druids is already shaping up to be this. Asking ridiculously incompetent questions of just about everyone he runs into, including having seemingly no knowledge about a month-long series of murders involving whole skeletons being left behind with no skin and not knowing what the word "INITIATION" means! And everyone in-universe seems to hate the guy just as much as the Retsupurae gang.
      • Which was quickly confirmed by the end of the game when Halligan stabbed his own love interest in the gut. Even if it was to stop the Big Bad, it came so far out of nowhere and was so over the top that it cemented the Retsupurae crew's hatred of the guy.
  • Memetic Mutation: Has its own page.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: slowbeef and Diabetus' laughs. They're really damn contagious.
    • One of their friends and guests, TieTuesday, has a great laugh as well.
  • Narm: About half (if not all), of the flash videos or games on Retsufrash.
    • Broken Dreams attempts to be a rather serious game about stalking... with sprite artwork from MapleStory. As if that weren't bad enough, there are a couple of levels that feature the Mare in the Moon in the background (even worse, it's the biggest object in that particular background, so your eyes are naturally drawn to it). As if that weren't bad enough, a cutesy cartoony giraffe head, part of the logo for, is pasted on the upper-left corner of the screen at all times, as lampshaded endlessly by slowbeef and Diabetus to hilarious effect.
    • Lots from the stories riffed on during the Crappy Pasta videos, such as this hysterical line from Ihsoy:
    Curiosity killed the cat. Or in this case, curiosity killed everyone.
  • Network Decay: The channel continues to undergo this, shifting from focusing on bad LPers to focusing heavily on MSTing flashes, longplayed games, creepypasta, and the like. Admitted by slowbeef, who said that they were beginning to run out of material for retsupurae videos, and noting that some were making them wary of riffing on just any LPers. He said this on Formspring in response to a fan asking why they went in this direction:
    slowbeef: For the record, I put a lot of thought and watch a lot of longplays before I find one. We don't just put up anything - we'll IM each other during the sessions or even drop sessions altogether.
    What happened to the riffs? False copyright claims, fans who would genuinely try to get RP victims knocked off YouTube, people intentionally making bad videos in order to get RP'ed. We are going to try a few more LP riffs, but we'll see.
    I genuinely enjoyed doing the Last Alert, Dark Seed, Earnest Evans, and Cobra longplays, and thought they were some of our best stuff. KQ6 took a bit to get going, but I liked how that turned out too. IMDB was just sort of a "for-fun" thing. I think everyone does things like that from time to time.
    As far as effort-ful VLP goes, that's what SA is for. I'm in the middle of an effort-ful SSLP, and I might want to do another after that.
    But I can't possibly be the guy everyone loves. I can only devote so much time to doing Let's Play, modding Let's Play, and mocking Let's Play before my head explodes. But if you think all I care about are fans, all I can say is every person I probate/ban is someone who'll never be one.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    "Harvester! So let me just ask you, did you see that coming? Because I forgot all the fuck about that."
    "I'm gonna make my own girl and you're gonna watch me."
    Khad: ...I feel like I'm on... what, the third layer of hell right now?
    slowbeef: I think you need, like, irrational numbers to describe that.
  • Nightmare Retardant:
    • Their reaction to all of the "scary" flashes that they've watched.
    • Lechuza too. When the scariest thing about your horror game is the haggard-looking face of your protagonist plastered across the title screen, something is very wrong. At the end of the game, an owl demon appears to kill the protagonist: the creators clearly want you to be scared out of your mind, but it falls flat because the "owl demon" is just an unmodified photograph of a great horned owl peeking in through the windows.
    • Their main thought on "Where Am I?" was basically that it was an attempt at Nothing Is Scarier that ended up making the game downright bland.
    • The creepypastas that slowbeef reads during a livestream.
      • Sonic.exe takes most of its "scary" elements from games other than Sonic the Hedgehog (and overuses gaming-related analogies even in descriptions of its own attempts at horror) and tries to make a blood-soaked Sonic plushie scary. It's also notable for the fact that the protagonist puts the lives of the game characters on the same level of importance as that of his probably-murdered best friend.
      • Ihsoy is simply very hard to follow, as it includes inane descriptions of useless information - such as the narrator's trip to GameStop to buy the game - features incredibly bad action-movie style banter between the narrator and the monster, and the majority of the story is spent with Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Princess Peach, and Bowser being possessed and un-possessed over and over again with no apparent rhyme or reason for why any of it is happening. All of the possessed characters' names are also backwards, making the possessed Princess Peach's name "Hcaep Ssecnirp", which (as the helpful pronunciation guide in the fic tries to point out) sounds like /hkeɪp sɛknɜrp/. It certainly isn't helped by the fact that the Big Bad turns out to be Reznor, which is almost unanimously considered one of the easiest bosses in an entire franchise that is full of easy bosses, and doesn't even have the benefit of having an intimidating appearance either. It doesn't help that right from their introduction into the series, Reznors are described as Dinosaurs who have been enslaved by Bowser, and thus don't act on their own will. The author whoring his YouTube channel at the end of the story did not make things any better.
      • Blood Whistle includes strange descriptions of laughing fish, ritualistically suicidal Goombas, Purple Prose to an absurd degree, and attempts to create atmospheric horror by changing all water into blood and scattering random demons and pentagrams everywhere. The main character is also far more profoundly effected by the game's content than is probably realistic, to the point of committing suicide by stabbing himself in the neck with his old recorder after he stops playing the game.
      • Then came a fourth one, Yellow Devil involving a Cut Man who can somehow breathe and suffocate (despite Cut Man being a robot) and copious usage of blood in an attempt to make the story more frightening or tense. It got to the point that, before slowbeef nearly finished a descriptive sentence, Diabetus interjected with "blood" half a second before the word appeared in the story. Cue the two breaking out in a fit of laughter.
      • The fifth one, Ladder to Hell, features a protagonist whose brother commits suicide and leaves him a copy of Mega Man 2, which apparently causes him to get over his brother's death instantly. It turns out that his brother was The Unfavorite and possessed the cartridge to get back at the protagonist. As opposed to the parents who neglected him, of course.
      • The sixth one, Tracy, features a Mega Man 3 cartridge possessed by the ghost of a young girl who somehow managed to beat her parents to death with a plastic NES controller. By the end it turns out to be a bizarre attempt at some sort of romance story, apparently having forgotten the horror aspect altogether.
      • The series took on a new format in the form of "Slowbeef's House of Horror," debuting with 0bl1v10n.exe, a story about a master hacker whose "hacking" abilities initially seem to be limited to downloading obviously-unsafe torrents and mounting disk images (with great speed, despite complaining about the slowness of his internet connection). Of course, come the end of the story, his hacking skills have grown to such a degree that he is able to literally destroy entire websites at will. Other highlights include him miraculously not coming under suspicion for the death of his (unnamed) best friend - despite the fact that threatening messages were sent to the friend from the protagonist's Steam account the previous day — and the protagonist simply destroying his computer to successfully defeat the uber-powerful, demonic antagonist. The story also seemed to be playing with the Idiot Ball, as the protagonist claimed that he never broke the law when he found out that he was banned on Steam, yet he pirated video games off the Internet, which is a felony.
      • The second Slowbeef's House of Horror is a Cooking Mama creepypasta. Enough said.
      • I HATE YOU claims that what the narrator found in Super Mario World wasn't the result of a hack or a haunting, but a legit part of the game. This might work if they were playing an actual copy of the game and not on an emulator.
      • It Wasn't Lavender Town tries to create a frightening story using fancy descriptions and big words. The result ends up being more confusing than scary, not helped in part by the story constantly switching between first- and third-person narration, and being inconsistent on whether the events are in the game or in reality.
      • Blood Pichu also includes inane and pointless information, such as the narrator saying they had an interest in "video game controversies", which never comes up again. The narrator also claims they're a huge Pokemon fan and tries to prove it by saying they have a box with all the Pokemon games and then proceeds to list every game from Red and Blue to SoulSilver and HeartGold. But then they make a novice mistake and claim that the Pichu that somehow appeared in a Gen 1 game was a Gen 3 Pokemon. The narrator is also seemingly killed by the Pichu in the real world and somehow becomes one with the game?
    • They also have this reaction to several Survival Horror games that they cover for their Wrongpuraes, including Deep Fear, the Alone in the Dark games, Galerians, ObsCure 2 and Clock Tower 2, thanks to all kinds of Narm and/or primitive graphics.
  • No Such Thing as Bad Publicity: A coping mechanism often employed by subjects of the RPs.
  • Older Than They Think: During the Shadow of the Comet Wrongpurae, slowbeef mistakenly thinks that the writers lifted the term "Necronomicon" from the Evil Dead franchise. In reality, Sam Raimi lifted the tome's name from H. P. Lovecraft, whose works directly inspired the game in question. Later, when a character says "that is not dead which can eternal lie", slowbeef recognizes it as a Metallica lyric, when the song it's used in was inspired by Lovecraft.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Cherrydoom's appearances in some early Retsupuraes weren't very well-received, with fans complaining that she didn't really add much to the videos. Her appearances in several podcasts have been met with significantly more praise.
  • Reviews Are the Gospel: Much like Something Awful, a lot of people use Retsupurae as a metric for an Internet personality's worth, and you can guarantee if a user gets a riffing it will be used as "proof" of them being objectively awful. The most brutal example of this undoubtedly being The Nostalgia Critic, whose reputation is forever tainted by his Bart's Nightmare Let's Play and has had his Hatedom increase exponentially since the duo's surprisingly (and regrettably) personal attack on him.
    • This goes for the games they rip on as well, despite them claiming that they make their videos for entertainment, not as serious criticism. Alone in the Dark (1992) suffered a very similar fate to that which Castlevania II: Simon's Quest did in the hands of The Angry Video Game Nerd: a game that was generally well-liked suddenly faced mobs of detractors parroting the sorts of things their most trustworthy source said - only much, much more seriously than the actual riffs. The same went for the King's Quest games as well (even King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow, even though they've stated several times that they don't hate that particular game). No matter how sterling a game's reputation, getting the Retsupurae treatment almost guarantees it an immensely expanded Hatedom, with some even going as far as attacking people who claim to like the games, often accusing them of wearing rose-tinted glasses.
    • On the other hand, several games that they are less harsh on tend to end up gaining a bit of popularity with their fans, no matter their previous reputations. One of the biggest examples was Harvester, which already had a cult following, but suddenly gained a lot more acclaim from fans. Apocalypse had a similar reaction, as despite slowbeef trashing the game throughout the video, many viewers found it to be actually pretty awesome, while others who had played the game (especially in the arcades it was designed for) came to its defense.
  • The Scrappy: If a video features a guest commentator that isn't Dave_O, Chip Cheezum, General Ironicus, Proteus, Schmorky, or VoidBurger, you can bet that some of the comments are gonna bash them.
    • Ferr got a lot of hate for starring in the infamous drunken Retsupuraes, although at that time he was drunk with Diabetus and the commentary from him was questionable.
    • If you look at some of the Webcam Ward videos, there will likely be a couple comments saying how annoying Khad is.
    • Though you can say most LPers featured on Retsupurae are disliked, none seems to have attracted as much vitriol, both amongst the crew and the fanbase, as Queenie Z. LijikLetsPlay received similar treatment, which eventually forced him to close his account.
    • Fictional example: Dark Seed II's Mike Dawson. You can practically feel the animosity slowbeef and Diabetus have for him as the longplay goes on.
    • Another fictional example: Cobra, who spouts dumb one liners and feels more like a loser than the "brave space pirate" the game claims he is.
    slowbeef: I'm rooting against the protagonist here!
    • Speaking of Dark Seed II, ADVGames4ever, the guy who longplayed the game, is this as well for wasting the riffers' and the viewers' time by talking to every single character in the game after every plot event, regardless of if that character actually gets new dialogue from it, and for standing still doing nothing for minutes at a time at random points. People have said that the longplay could've been much shorter (the full longplay as is comes out at just under eight hours) if he were to edit the footage; he even makes Diabetus angry when he does try to edit, but screws it up and makes the scene in question longer. Granted, his pauses did give us some really funny moments from the duo.
    • A lot of viewers do not like Axikal, the longplayer who did Clock Tower Ghost Head for similar reasons to the above. He frequently ran around wasting a lot of time, showing the same thing multiple times for no clear reason, and generally gave off the impression that he didn't actually know what he was supposed to do in the game, made worse by his only very sparsely using editing to make things go any faster. At a few points, the help of other longplayers was needed to show off certain aspects of the game. His only other project with Retsupurae was Afterfall: Insanity, where the first and only episode he uploaded for the game was done at such a horrible framerate that he was essentially booted from the project and slowbeef recorded the rest of the game himself.
    • Several characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) longplay inspired hatred of their own:
      • Slowbeef already has stated hate for Tails at the beginning of the game, but due to his lack of prominence, he quickly gets overshadowed by the characters below.
      • Silver spends nearly all his time onscreen running around aimlessly at the whims of whatever secondary character he happens to run into, accomplishing virtually nothing of importance during most of his story. Combined with his awkward gameplay mechanics, this earns him a lot of slowbeef's ire.
      • Princess Elise does virtually nothing beneficial in the story, and seems to only exist to get kidnapped by Eggman every time Sonic turns around.
    • Brent Halligan from Mystery of the Druids earned a ton of ire for being a general idiot despite being the main protagonist. Also, he does a lot of awful things in the game, ranging from poisoning a homeless man just to get change for the phone to stabbing the female lead apropos of nothing.
    • Jack Orlando, due to the fact that he's overly confrontational, bigoted against minorities and gays, and an unheroic Jerkass. Slowbeef and Diabetus say Halligan was almost a better hero, due to the fact that at least he was just kind of stupid rather than outright malicious, and later on in Part 8 say Mike Dawson had more charm than Jack.
  • Signature Scene: A number of their Wrongpuraes have at least one scene bound to be mentioned or come up in their commentaries, or Youtube comments.
    • For Dark Seed II, Mike's mother claiming that she'll explain everything, only for her head to explode. This one in particular is so famous that the two tend to call similar signature scenes "Dark World Mom moments."
    • Shadow of the Comet and the scene where John Parker uses some wings he found, glues them together with wax, and then flies to escape a lighthouse and his doom.
    • Shadow of Destiny has Eike going back in time and removing a tree from existence, replacing it with a statue, all to stop himself from getting stabbed in the back. As well as him wondering if the bar from earlier is still around.
    • Ambition has Duke revealing himself to be a terrorist.
    • Deep Freeze has the fight against Deimos and subsequent conversation with MAM.
    • Sonic 06 has Princess Elise kissing Sonic. Most viewers were understandably horrified.
  • Slow-Paced Beginning: Some of the Wrongpuraes tend to start out with a lot of exposition, buildup, or even half-hour long stretches of nothing noteworthy happening, both for the viewers and the riffers themselves. But then, something particularly baffling or noteworthy occurs that cements the reactions from the riffers and the audience from there on in. The Wrongpuraes that fell into this include Shadow of the Comet, Dark Seed 2, Afterfall: Insanity, and Shadow of Destiny.
  • So Bad, It's Good: Some of the LPers that got riffed on fall into this territory.
  • So Okay, It's Average: Many of the LPers riffed on fall into this category.
    • This also seems to be slowbeef's feelings towards the Game Grumps, as he's stated that he doesn't have strong feelings one way or the other about Jon and Arin or the show itself. He also said at one point he considered taking the audio from the first episode of their Naughty Bear LP and putting it over footage of a houseplant with a caption saying, "There, OK?" just to keep people from constantly asking for an RP of them.
  • Special Effect Failure: Several of the Flash games they've reviewed. The Arise games and Death Trap are particularly noteworthy offenders.
    • To elaborate on Death Trap: Every single background picture looks directly ripped off a 3D art gallery website from the mid 90s. A lit fireplace is displayed in one room at a slight angle. Not only is the fire inside it not angled, and not only is it tilted incorrectly (so it appears that a second, brown fire is floating in midair above the first), it is very obviously an animated GIF. In addition, the jump scares are just pictures with slight twitching animations applied to them.
    • This is one of the things that angered Chip and Ironicus with Fusion Media Hub, whose videos include such gems like the fake images on Hugh's TV, poorly done fade outs, the two main guys greenscreening an upside down image of a TV behind them, very poor oompositing, and no attempts to cover up their usage of other people's footage.
    • At one point in Arise, they find a drawer full of blood. Transparent blood.
      Diabetus: Oh my god, it's Crystal Light!
  • Tear Jerker: Mario, Party of One? Funny commentary aside, this is by far their most upsetting RP, no thanks to Joshey164.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: Initial fan reaction to the "Retsufrash" period of RP. Seems to have died down once it became obvious they weren't going to stop their usual RPs.
    • Same could be said by some fans on their series of Longplay RPs from early 2011 on.
    • Also could be said about their decision to more or less stop making fun of most LP's in general. For some fans, it's just not Retsupurae without making fun of Let's Plays.
  • Ugly Cute: Dark Seed II's Behemoth in its larval form, whom slowbeef and Diabetus affectionately term "Shrimp Baby."
  • Uncanny Valley:
    • The various animations in Newgrounds flashes, such as the weird puppet-people in Arrival in Hell, the incredibly stiff animation in The Mike Weiss Show, or the Deranged Animation in Xin.
    • There's also Earnest Evans, with his QWOP-style animation. slowbeef's then-girlfriend said it best: "Is he supposed to be human?"
    • The awkward and primitive CGI cutscenes in Deep Fear, a Saturn game which was released in 1999 yet looks almost a decade older technologically.
      Diabetus: She's beautiful as far as things you can order off the Internet.
    • Paradigm Shift is probably one of the most notable cases, considering there are multiple encounters possible with endless hordes of bloodthirsty zombies, and yet the single scariest-looking thing in the game is the one other living, non-infected human being you find. A car battery that just so happens to look like it has a face is more human than an actual human (and becomes their favorite "character" as a result).
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: Quite a few characters in games they've riffed on.
    • Ted Hartrup/Hadrup from the Ambition series is probably the prime example. His wife left him for the rich owner of a company and took their kids with her: sympathetic. Responding to this by strapping a bomb to yourself and threatening to blow up the building the new guy owns? Assaulting a police officer and escaping custody multiple times for no reasonable reason? Generally acting like a complete lunatic but still canonically passing the psyche evaluation and being declared not responsible for your actions because you're sane? Not so much.
      • Later installments in the Ambition series feature an absurd amount of swerves that seem to be there for the sole purpose of retconning anything bad Ted did to be part of an insanely-convoluted conspiracy to frame him for several murders orchestrated by his ex-wife Bridget, Rolf Klink, and the crooked police force. It doesn't help make him seem sympathetic and only serves to further muddy an already hard-to-follow plot.
  • Values Dissonance: The Jack French Episode 2 Retsufrash has an example when Jack talks to the black janitor and what sounds like backing music for a rap song starts playing.
    slowbeef: When I make a video game, I'm gonna make sure my soundtrack matches the ethnicities of my characters. Not racist at all!
  • What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?: The duo have this reaction to a Kickstarter game meant to appeal to younger and older gamers... That is based around scantily-clad monster girls. Made even more concerning by the fact that the description outright states that it's an H-Game - and while there's a Bleached Underpants version, it's still pornographic in nature.
  • What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?: A few LPers sound like they're under the influence of something.
    • During the QueenieZ RP, you can clearly hear a bong hit coming from one of the RPers' mics (most likely Dave_o due to his slurred speech during the ordeal). Which, given the video in question, is quite understandable.
    • The Zap Dramatic games, especially anything involving Ted, who has a tendency of throwing around bizarre Imagine Spot graphics whenever he starts waxing poetically about anything. This doesn't even touch on the random and incomprehensible things that happen in the series in general.
      • In the follow up series, Sir Basil Pike (referred to as "Ambition Babies" in their channel) has Janine's bizarre rock sequence.
    • A lot of the Kickstarter/Indiegogo promo videos. Examples include a guy in a gorilla suit, a trailer for a FMV game with a weird tickle fetish, and a pregnant guy.
  • The Woobie: Their general treatment of BillyMC.
    slowbeef: For the record, BillyMC: Of all the people we've made fun of, I like you the best, but you are still fucking awful.
    • Slowbeef himself during Let's Play Wii Sports Resort IMMEDIATELY. You can just hear how far the video pushed him toward the brink. Many of the comments show a bit of concern for the man as well.
    • Tyler, ActionBastard's guest in their LP of Monster In My Pocket, almost never gets a word in edgewise while ActionBastard throws abuse at him for being a bad player. Even slowbeef and Diabetus tell poor Tyler to stand up for himself.
    • A newer one is Joshey164. Despite his LP of Mario Party 2note  being RP'd in order to highlight the very depressing nature of it, in the end, the two actually feel incredibly sorry for him and suggest their fans to go over to Josh's video (now deleted) and encourage him. Since then, Josh has undergone a massive Colbert Bump with his channel, chock-full of enthusiastically supportive comments. And then he deleted his Mario Party video and seems to have closed his account. He's returned since then however, playing Mario Party with other people.
      • The video, sadly, has again been deleted. Apparently, by now, the presence of anyone affiliated with Retsupurae is enough to scare the poor guy off.
    • James, the poor guy who had to play through Metroid; Beginings.
    • Mr. DJB, who played and recorded Meet'n'Fuck Kingdom. He later commented that he had a strong urge to delete the uncensored recording from his computer with a sledgehammer.
    • MegaManNG, who was unaware that both slowbeef and CherryDoom were taking potshots at him. This blow has been softened a little by slowbeef and Diabetus saying that they liked the guy, and because slowbeef actually congratulated him on reaching 10,000 subscribers.
    • Of all people, QueenieZ ended up becoming one. Years after the Eternal Darkness LP, she still got hate comments and death threats even after she took the LP down, remade it, and apologized for the original. slowbeef and Diabetus were horrified when they found out.note  Read Harsher in Hindsight above to feel worse.
    • AltAlter, the guy who who played and recorded Zombie Inglor, deserves a spot here. Not only did he have to go through all of the game's bullshit, he also had to replay not only a really long boss fight, but also the entire game because of a terrible glitch.note  It doesn't help that slowbeef didn't even ask him to play the game for him, AltAlter decided to play and record it himself just for them.
    Diabetus: Get this guy a reward.
    • Bearpigman, the poor guy who suffered through Paradigm Shift due to its horrible difficulty by forcing him to replay the entire game from the beginning whenever he died and never giving him any hints on what he was supposed to do in some situations. He had to replay the game many times just to finish it, let alone showing everything off, to say nothing of having to pay to show it off in the first place because of it being on Steam for some reason.

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