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  • Whenever the person being mocked leaves a comment that approves of the riffing, showing that they are a good sport.
  • When BillyMC FINALLY beat world 4 in Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels, thus becoming a man and renewing slowbeef's faith in him.
    • They do it again when Billy FINALLY beats world 5-3 of Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels, allowing him to have a normal Christmas. It Makes Sense in Context.
  • Billy's entire Karate Kid LP. He's very genuinely happy throughout the whole video, even shaking off his failures fairly quickly.
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  • There's also Chip and Ironicus' own video on SirRonLionHeart, in which they consistently maintain that they love the guy and tell the viewers that they want people to watch him (basically the exact opposite of what Retsupurae is about).
  • There's something oddly charming at hearing slowbeef and Diabetus having a genuinely good time laughing at their stream of pop-culture references during the Wrongupurae on Apocalypse, after the absolute slogs that they previously had to sit through.
  • The hidden message at the very last second of the Retsupurae of The Runaway Guys PAX panel which was plagued by technical difficulties. note 
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  • VoidBurger comforting Chip Cheezum at the end of ~~GaMeR GuRlZzZ~~.
  • Towards the end of the "Mario, Party Of One?" video, the pair feel bad enough for the guy that they're making fun of to the point where they actually ask their fans to subscribe to him and give him words of encouragement.
  • Retsupurae's BillyMC video of Hollywood Squares opens with a serious plea to leave Billy alone with the memes and a reiteration that they genuinely like him.
  • In their Ninth Podcast, the guy who did the voice of Gillian Seed admits to being a fan of Retsupurae. Snatcher is one of slowbeef's favorite games, and he admitted to being surprised when he heard the actor's voice.
  • After four whole videos ending with the goons teasing ProtonJon getting tricked into recording a game for someone who was faking leukemia, the crew begins their whole "Dead to Rights" shtick. When Jon asks if he can say it, slowbeef replies "Of course you can," to which Jon closes the video. There's something about that that's strangely sweet.
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  • The whole concept of "Guestsupurae". It's a typical Retsupurae, with a twist - the guys let lucky fans guest-commentate on the video. People have been really warm to the guest riffers, too.
  • The Grand Finale to Retsublitz, in which slowbeef and Diabetus begin the video thanking everyone that has assisted them throughout the five-year venture, and while all this is happening, the video they're riffing on is about a character's confession of love towards another... and for humor's sake, the former is a Self Insert, and a Let's Player from a previous video.
    • And just for good measure, the LPer even took his RP in stride.
  • In episode 20 of the podcast, slowbeef describes his time with Diabetus at the PAX convention. They met the CEO of NaVGTR (not George Wood), and he laughed/hugged them when he found out who they were.
  • In Retsutalk Episode 25, we get this exchange:
    Diabetus: And all I remember of [TotalBiscuit]- I've never spoken to him personally or anything 'cuz he's your best friend!
    slowbeef: Oh, Jesus. You're my- you're my best friend and that's never gonna change in the future.
  • Mr. DJB, a friend of slowbeef's, was promoting a Holocaust Awareness Kickstarter on a stream that he hosted, and he allowed slowbeef to read a couple of Pokemon Creepypastas. Even with the stream's length and slowbeef's mirroring the readings to link to the Kickstarter, the project was only halfway funded about two days before the deadline (and the project was being funded for the greater part of the month). However, the fandom collectively poured in their reserves in the last 48 hours in order to get the Kickstarter funded just when it seemed like it was a lost cause.
  • Mr. DJB being one of the more vocal people to call out Psy Guy after his history of abuse was revealed. He went on to do a Retsupurae of one of his videos with one of Psy Guy's victims.
  • During the Retsupurae Live! panel, a fan mentions that he wants to start making LPs, but he lacks the equipment. A few moments later, slowbeef reveals that he bought a capture card as part of a planned giveaway and gave it to the guy.


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