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Shinji Ikari made the Son's Revenge Flash
This is what Shinji would do if he had access to Adobe Flash.

Think about it. Musclebomber 2021 may or may not be Captain Hammer.

ElectricalBeast is an insane time lord
It would explain how he keeps rambling on about time and his ability to TELEPOR'!

ElectricalBeast is the greatest Internet troll ever.
He starts LP-ing a game, one that is VERY popular. Slowly he builds a fanbase. He makes himself likeable. He makes a kooky alternate storyline for the game to entertain people. And then at the height of his popularity, he gives the Internet the finger by NOT actually making an episode 60. Instead he makes phony excuses, like computer crashes and whatnot. To push the ploy along, post "video software tests."
  • Jossed: he released it. The reason it was so delayed was because the game crashed, forcing him to get 119 Stars again.

ElectricalBeast is an alternate universe Tracer
British? Check. Travels through time? Check. Teleports? Check.

Slowbeef and Diabetus are dead
That's why they haven't uploaded a new video in so long; an enraged Let's Player murdered them after they retsupuraed one of their LP's.

Or, you know, they haven't updated in a month because they have lives outside of mocking Lets Plays. But that theory's not as WILD!

  • I think they killed each other as the argument over what sort of website they should maintain spiralled out of control.
  • Jossed. They're alive and well and made three new videos.
  • Boring but true theory: they were working on their Snatcher LP. Yes, they still LP.

The last episode of ElectricalBeast's Let's Play is lost in time
If it had been uploaded, we would've seen that Mario made a rip in the space/time continuum after using his power to turn back time. The resulting hole sucked in the whole video from the inside, meaning it will never see the light of day.
  • Not anymore...IT'S HERE.
    • I think that just proves that we are lost in time, too.

Bill Clinton himself helps Diabeetus make all those Clinton jokes in most of the Navigtr RPs
It would explain how Diabeetus made one in regards to Xenogears.

Abusive parents, low self confidence, glutton for punishment, refusal to runaway. It all fits.
  • So Billy made Son's Revenge?
    • I'd assume so. Which raises the question: Who's JacobMC?
      • Gender-swapped Rei?

Billy's new buddy, Ken, is Kaworu Nagisa.
Relies on the WMG above. It would explain some of the...Overtones... In their videos together.

ElectricalBeast gave Kevin Baugh the toy katana by mail
Any other reason why the toy katana gave Kevin Baugh the ability to

Chuggaaconroy will be an inevitable target of Retsupurae
Despite being pretty big in the Youtube LP circles, Chuggaaconroy is potential RP bait. He hits a good amount of Slowbeef and Diabetus' berserk buttons—excitable Large Ham, prone to cracking corny jokes) to the point that they might decide he's sufficiently "annoying" even though he's hardly an LP-er of poor quality. He's also the only member of The Runaway Guys who wasn't retsupraed solo (Jon was in a Mario romhack video, and NCS was in the livestream).
  • Jossed. Buried in the "Comments" section on their Youtube page (made before "Let's Play Contra 3 using 1950's recording technology"), one of the RP-ers said "I don't get what's so bad about this Chugga guy. He seems to make decent videos and has a sizable fanbase WHAT A MONSTER".
  • On one Retsupurae stream, Slowbeef himself said that a Chuggaconroy RP would be boring and pointless because nothing's particularly terrible about his videos and they wouldn't have much to riff on.
    • Like that's ever stopped them before.
    • It has stopped them quite frequently.

MuscleBomber2021 is an in-character account created by Dermott's voice actor
They just sound too much alike for this not to be true!

Metroixer is an alt account for Ocelot
He notes how it's weird celebrating Thanksgiving being Russian but living in America (Slowbeeef and Diabetus disagree, though) during his Mario Land LP. the only way I can theorize why he does so might be that he is part Russian. Now consider how Ocelot was the son of The Boss (An American) and The Sorrow (A Russian) and suddenly, things begin to make a lot more sense because, being Russian and spending most of his life there, Ocelot might not "get" this American holiday and feels weird celebrating it being part Russian.

There will eventually be a Web Comic about either Retsupurae or BillyMC and Musclebomber

(This is currently under construction)

More wishful thinking than anything, but this would be a cool thing to have happen. I could see a Retsupurae centered one with them as a sort of team of monster hunters with shitty LP'ers acting as a sort of Monster of the Week set up.

The BillyMC and Musclebomber one would be more of a superhero duo, with Musclebomber being a sort of hulk-like Mighty Glacier type character with Billy as a Fragile Speedster with heightened reflexes from his parents giving him Training from Hell in the form of the Lost Levels.

There are several opportunities for epic storylines with several characters like DeceasedCrab and Quadraxis14 as Big Bad candidates.

Mike Dawson is a Bad Future BillyMC
All the pathetic incompetence, none of the loveability.

Cobra is really Jack after having killed Mike Dawson
Turns out when Jack killed Mike Dawson, he gained some of Mike's personality traits, pretty much assimilating him... or something, and thus becoming simultaneously a stone-cold badass killer and a pathetic loser.

Rocknight is really Jack after having killed Mike Dawson.
Jack is Mike's Dark World equivalent, meaning he is the opposite of Mike. An anti-Mike, if you will. In their riff of Cobra, the RP guys state that Rocknight is the opposite of Mike Dawson. Therefore, Jack is Rocknight.
  • But Jack has a stick up his ass. It is hard to see anybody rocking out like that.
    • The stick is actually his guitar, which he takes out to rock.

Jack Slate is really Jack after having killed Mike Dawson.
His name is Jack and he clearly has a total lack of respect for the sanctity of human life.

He calls Amps "Electrical Beasts".

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