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Diabetus and slowbeef, "Let's Players" (people who play video games and comment over them, MST3K-style) branch out into making fun of bad video-game style videos, and bad video games. It's like a mysterious show about science and theaters and totally not a ripoff of any of that.

We bring you grate video content from aroundthe Webb straight into the YouTube in your home! A collection of video game designers were happy to oblight when we saw hour games Lets Played!
We hire only the best in audiography engineer and comedy heuristics to dub over Let's Play. Together these combinate into only the best of forces. ONLY YOU Can sTOP PIRACy! That was Let's Play is?
Yes, sir or Madame.
Consider these words from Retsuprae Vice President Shuguro: "I approve of the job." Please enjoy our videos and buy more video games, only love can conquer them.

We do videos or something.
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