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  • Towards the end of the Huzzah RP, it's revealed that slowbeef and Diabetus weren't even watching a video while commentating - they were going to splice their dialogue over a random DeceasedCrab video. It works.
  • LuwiigiiMaster, one of the targets of parody, gets one in that he successfully trolled Retsupurae into making fun of his Stealth Parody while deliberately avoiding the Parody Retcon problem that many other targets use. The derailment that this causes for the commentary catches the crew completely off guard, and they admit that it was Actually Pretty Funny.
  • The fact that slowbeef and Diabetus managed to commentate on over six hours of repetitive gameplay and one of the most unsympathetic game protagonists ever warrants some recognition.
    • Speaking of that, slowbeef deserves special recognition here, for having the sheer patience and will to sit through those six hours of repetitive gameplay without spoiling a single thing, such that the best moment of the game catches Diabetus completely off guard. It also helps that slowbeef had LPed the two games long before this giving him somewhat of an advantage.
    • The amount of Fan-Content of the Dark Seed II Riff deserves mention too.
    • According to a Gearbox developer, Dark Seed II got a Shout-Out in Borderlands 2 (Mike Dawson is listed under the "Special Thanks" section) directly due to the duo's Wrongpurae.
  • When a bad LPer commends Retsupurae and acts like a good sport counts.
    • Alternately, whenever a bad LPer takes advice and finds a way to improve their videos.
  • Paul Eiding himself left a comment on their Evil Zone video, stating how hilarious he found their commentary to be:
    OMG! You guys had me in stitches with your commentary. I remember them wanting it to be 'over the top'...and they got it. In my defense, an actors job is to give the client what they ask for. :) I must admit, we had lots of laughs along the way.
    Keep up the good work.
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  • Michael Gibson, the creator of Ambition games, also liked the Retsufrashes they did on the series.
  • Chip and Ironicus getting the voice of Dan McNeely to read MDickie's journal.
  • The intro to Retsutalk Episode 4, summarizing slowbeef and Diabetus's journey so far.
    • The intro to episode 9 counts as well since the creator of the intro, SegaSky, managed to get Jeff Lupetin, the voice of Gillian Seed from Snatcher, to voice it. Needless to say, slowbeef claimed to have listened to it ten times in the episode.
      • A fan managed to get the voice actor of King Graham to do the into to Episode 17.
      "Hi! This is King Graham, and you're listening to Retsutalk! It may not be much, be it's sure beats the Town Theme. And I know I speak for everyone in Daventry when I say 'Cedric!' heh heh heh 'Fuck off!'"
  • Adults React To PewDiePie not only features the RP crew, but a slew of other Let's Players and Goons.
    • The fact that the Retsupurae team was willing to take on PewDiePie and his rabid legions of fans deserves another awesome moment.
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    • And thanks to the vocal outcry Retsupurae caused (even though Retsupurae aimed to lampoon PewDiePie's "inability to entertain" as opposed to his offensive humour), PewDiePie has resolved to stop making rape jokes.
    • PewDiePie posted an apology video at the end of the year, though to some, that seemed like a hollow gesture that was too little and too late. In response, slowbeef discussed the video.
  • Kuroinokaze gets one by making a longplay so inherently funny that slowbeef and Diabetus praised him for it.
  • The 2013 RetsuBlitz is worth mentioning here: in every day in February (except for the first), the guys uploaded, on average, about 3 videos per day - adding a total of 77 videos to their video count (it was 79, but unfortunately, at least two videos were removed; one is available on Blip and the other can be found in the comments section of the first Exmortis III video). The surge of videos had a number of interesting venues for the channel, including a few Wrongpuraes, several Retsufrashes, a Retsutalk podcast episode, and guest commentators from Facebook. Best of all, it was all set up to celebrate Retsupurae's 5th Anniversary.
  • After the duo made fun of a Pokemon Lets Play that was recorded using EZ Vid, the official YouTube channel for the product actually commented on the video and even made a few jokes at their own expense.
    ezvidinc: This is the best Ezvid review ever.
    ezvidinc: If you are baked, Ezvid will automatically end your video at 4:20 minutes. As a safety precaution.
    Jevandyr: I love how he has the FRAPS icon on his taskbar as if to show he couldn't get it working.
    ezvidinc: Oh, that's Ezvid in "fake Fraps mode". Very popular user mode.
  • After the end of Ambition Part 8, PinstripeHourglass (the guy who played and recorded the game and paid ten god damn dollars in subscription fees for Slowbeef and Diabetus) decided to do a little bit of research on his own, and found the actual context of a quote that was used in that Ambition game. invoked
    Slowbeef: Wow, who'd have thought that Michael Gibson didn't do good research on these games.
  • A Day in the Life of DarkSydePhil, another collab. Slowbeef notes in the description that he got over two hundred submissions. It helps that Phil has a pretty massive Hatedom.
  • In Retsutalk Episode 37, the guys got Ben Croshaw to guest on the podcast.
  • Their vicious extermination of all the cutscenes in Metroid: Other M.
  • The Crazy Awesome Cornshaq, who does a combination Speed/No Death Run of Super Mario Bros. 2 and makes it as far as World 6-2note  before hitting the then-10 minute YouTube time limit, all the while spewing commentary non-stop, passing for breath only once. Using nothing but Luigi.
  • In Part 41 of the Sonic '06 Wrongpurae, Diabeetus nails how far they've gotten in Shadow's story.
    • Despite taking almost a year and being close to rage quitting several times, plus being handed the perfect opportunity to give up when his console burned out, Slowbeef was able to beat the game all by himself. Just consider that the most famous LP of the game and one of the few to finish it needed four people to take turns so they could have the stamina for it. His sheer joy at reaching the penultimate save point is obvious to hear.
    slowbeef: Wait-wait-we never saw this! The results screen! That means a save point! YYYEEEEEEAAAHHHHH!!
    • Slowbeef also deserves credit for beating the infamous "tornado chase" sequence of Sonic's Crisis City level on his first try.
    • Slowbeef additionally deserves credit for displaying a surprising level of competence compared to other LPers that have tackled the game; for example, he gets through the mach speed sections as easily as he does because he abuses the Light Dash, something most people forget they even have on their first playthroughs (since it's only absolutely necessary at the very beginning). He only arguably starts messing up towards the end due to the game finally wearing him down, and even that's impressive because most people break down much sooner.


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