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  • Acting for Two: The "Video Game Therapist" shorts have slowbeef playing both the titular therapist and his patient.
  • Approval of God: Paul Eiding, the VA for Gally in Evil Zone, commented on their riff of said game, saying that it "left [him] in stitches".
  • Colbert Bump: Diabetus refers to this trope as the "Retsu-Bump" at the end of the riff on Urban Runner, jokingly suggesting that the game will get a sequel because they made fun of it. Of course, there actually have been legitimate examples of this trope in regards to the subjects that they've parodied.
    • Sir Ron Lionheart's subscriber count skyrocketed after slowbeef and Diabetus riffed on him. Subsequently, Chip and Ironicus made a video about how great he is, without so much as a hint of irony.
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    • Their series of videos on Gaming in the Clinton Years inspired many to take a look at the series for themselves and bask in its So Bad, It's Good-ness.
    • In "Metroid Machinima Makes Me Maddeningly Miserable," there's a crack along the lines of "I love how the tags include 'General Dysisa,' like someone's going to be searching for that." The creator of the video later commented that there was a sudden spike of people finding his video by searching for "General Dysisa."
    • Cornshaq is also enjoying his newfound popularity as an LPer, thanks in part to his badass reputation encouraged by the Retsupurae guys. While he has slowed his speech since then,note  he has beaten a lot of ridiculously hard games seemingly with ease.
    • BillyMC got a lot more subscribers after the Lost Levels Retsupurae. Although, while he does enjoy his boost in fame, he's not really a big fan of how the fans treat him like a kid, nor their constant referencing of the Retsupurae memes. This prompted slowbeef and Diabetus to stop riffing on him, saying how they don't like it when their fans are being mean to Billy.
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    • During the Dark Seed wrongpurae, slowbeef mentions he emailed Mike Dawson about the game, but accidentally insulted him by mentioning he was making fun of Dark Seed. Given how many people watched the video, it makes you wonder if Mike Dawson got hit with one of these.
      • Everything related to someone named Mike Dawson got hit with one after the Dark Seed II longplay.
    • After the Crappy Pasta episodes featured Diabetus playing Mega Man Unlimited, it caused a small surge of Retsupurae fans to download it.
    • Any guest commentator will see a surge in subscribers, especially if they are well-liked. See: AllShamNoWow, TieTuesday, Mr. DJB.
  • Creator Backlash: According to both slowbeef's and Diabetus's, formsprings, they both feel that they could have done The Nostalgia Critic RP a lot better.
    slowbeef: I think the Doug Walker video could've gone a lot better. Honestly, the source material was rough to begin with (it's soooo boring once you get past how bad it initially is) and Psychedelic Eyeball did a way better job.
    Diabetus: The Nostalgia Critic RP wasn't good and we should've either scrapped it or gave it a 2nd take or done it with Chip and Ironicus
  • Doing It for the Art:
    • slowbeef admits that the creator of a weird Mario fanfic was at least devoted to making his series.
      slowbeef: You know what, I can't say the guy didn't put effort in, it's what end?
    • Brought up in a Pokémon LP that goes to great lengths to add some more, lacking a better word, personality to the story.
  • Fake Nationality: Despite their heavy criticism of Death Trap, they had to admit that the creator/voice actor succeeded in one aspect. They would have never guessed that he was Australian.
  • Fan Nickname: Diabetus's family: "The Fat Fucks". "Fat Fuck" has also been used to describe a number of the fatter people who have been riffed on, such as BigMastadon and Velos.
  • Genre-Killer:
    • In episode 14, Slowbeef claims that Let's Players like PewDiePie and Tobuscus are going to lead to the downfall of LPing as a whole.
    • In episode 24, he mentions that LPers who make videos that focus on themselves, with the actual game as white noise, and Let's Players who more or less just churn out whatever's new or popular without any preparation or care are this, and what he thinks is one of the main reasons companies like Nintendo actively started to claim the ad revenue from Let's Play videos.
  • God Never Said That: A number of people have been led to believe that the crew absolutely hate anyone that they riffed on who make money off of their Let's Plays. In Retsutalk 9, they explain that this isn't the case, and they don't hold it against the users (unless they are PewDiePie). Also in Retsutalk 9, slowbeef and Diabetus both say that they don't actively hate The Nostalgia Critic like a number of viewers have argued, and state that he's probably funnier in other videos.
  • Missing Episode:
    • "Porkemon", a video of them making fun of a furry that got an account temporarily banned, but was considered Worth It by those who watched it.
    • The events of their livestream test late in March 2010 were never recorded since slowbeef either forgot or didn't bother to have them archived. Thankfully, a YouTube user by the name of dainegai saved the livestream retsupuraes on his channel.
    • "Streets of Rage- well Mild Bemusement 3!!!!", a scarecam video which included the LP'er vaping, bobbing his head and making lewd remarks.
    • Unfortunately, the two classic "Happy Halloween" videos have been made private by slowbeef, because the LPer being riffed, Queenie Z, was revealed afterwards to have autism and, even after apologizing for the poor LP and remaking it, was still being harassed for her poor first attempt. What makes it worse is that, despite obviously being rather uncomfortable to watch knowing how she has been treated for it, it still features some of the most memorable jokes done by the riffers.
    • "Mario Goes Broke At The End", the first (although mostly unremarkable) IndieNoGo video with slowbeef and Mr. DJB.
    • The Dahi̇r İnşaat riffs had more or less gone this way, with the originals taken down by copyright claims from Dahi̇r İnşaat themselves, and mirrors quickly removed as well by an affiliate. Fortunately, the claims expired in early 2018 and the videos were put back on YouTube.
    • A handful of Retsupuraes that have been uploaded in the past few years are no longer on the channel. Several videos that were re-uploaded on Blip were also lost from the main account again, due to the video service shutting down, though some mirrors have appeared.
    • Slowbeef mentioned in a Retsutalk episode that they have and will remove a video if the person they're RPing comes to them privately and asks them politely. Fans usually Keep Circulating the Tapes to prevent this trope.
    • The first half of Retsutalk episode 7 was lost forever because dave_o got stoned and deleted it by accident.
    • All three Retsupurae Kids episodes were taken down by YouTube for violating the site's community guidelines following the COPPA violation YouTube received.
    • All of the BillyMC videos have been unlisted, reportedly at Billy's request; While they won't appear on the main channel, you can still find them through playlists if you know where to look.
    • Chip has privatized all of his YouTube-based retsupuraes.
  • Name's the Same:
    Diabetus: Well, his body is a wonderland.
    • In "It Came From the TurboGrafx," the duo runs into this when they notice one of the graphics artists is named "Paul Ryan," the same as a candidate for Vice President of the United States in the year it was recorded.
    Diabetus: Wow! Humble beginnings for a political career.
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content:
    • "Adults React To PewDiePie" and "A Day in the Life of DarkSydePhil".
    • The themes that are used as bumpers for Retsutalk are also this - with the exception of the brief Battletoads "Level Complete" theme that plays in some videos.
    • Some wrongpurae footage, rather than borrowing it from World of Longplays, is recorded especially for slowbeef and co. to riff - notable examples include Kuroinokaze (King's Quest V and VI), Leeroyhim (Deep Freeze, Galerians and Space Adventure Cobra: The Shooting), Mr. DJB (the Meet 'n Fuck series), davidspackage (who had already done a video Let's Play of Hopkins FBI and rerecorded the game to be more wrongpurae-friendly), and Pinstripe Hourglass (the Zap Dramatic ouevre).
      • Afterfall: Insanity is an aversion - it was originally recorded by Axikal, but technical difficulties forced slowbeef to take over and play it himself after the first part.
  • Old Shame:
    • Some LPers have expressed regret for their featured LPs:
      • During Let's Freak Out!, Slowbeef remarks that the teenager who made the video will regret it in two years. Not only did the original author, violinbow3, comment on the video that he did regret it after two years, he and another guy made a video response praising the RP - he says it's his favourite! - and mocking the original video.
      Violinbow3: I was such a little faggot...
      effruman: "Was?"
      • Queenie Z also apologizes often for her infamous Eternal Darkness LP, claiming that she didn't know much about how Let's Plays worked at the time she started it.
      • Ramey Elalei, the author of the flash game Death Trap, has praised the respective RP and agreed that the game deserved this treatment.
      • PizzaTrophy, who did the original Earthbound video, says in his comment that he found out about the Retsupurae a while after deleting his videos, and says that the RP is the only good ten minutes to come out of the hours of videos he uploaded.
      • Sonik Dude 101 has admitted he thought his LP of The Unfair Platformer was horrible. He even apologized to Retsupurae for having to sit through his LP.
      • Velos ultimately apologized for his death threat video, calling it "retarded".
    • The commentators themselves have some regrets, such as the following:
      • Slowbeef says that he does feel uncomfortable mocking videos done by younger players (such as the Star Fox 64 one) and that he tries to avoid that now when possible.
      Proteus: I'm not gonna fucking pretend like this video's okay 'cause the kid's fucking retarded and seven years old.
      slowbeef: I'm morally outraged, but I must agree.
      • On Facebook, Diabetus noted that one of the Retsupurae videos he didn't like was The Nostalgia Critic RP because they simply used their first and only take, which he didn't think was "very funny in retrospect". In the podcast, slowbeef agrees, and states that PsychedellicEyeball did a better parody; even with the onset of deleting any and all video game footage, the Nostalgia Critic RP is the only one they haven't re-hosted on Youtube.
      • ChipCheezum put the "AMY ROOOOSE!" video on private, later revealing he did it as he felt bad mocking someone that was clearly... not right in the head. He later privatized all the other traditional Retsupurae videos he did with General Ironicus as well, both feeling that they primarily consisted of making fun of kids who wouldn't know better, and thus weren't much better than making fun of the Amy Rose guy.
    • On his Formspring, Diabetus admits that some of the older content, such as making transgender jokes during the "wario" video wasn't very funny and not the type of humor they'd like to do anymore.
    • Slimebeast, the author of "I HATE YOU", admits that it's his least favorite work of his and that he'd change a lot of it if given the chance.
    • Koridai 011, who made the Toy Story FNAF Flash game that was riffed on, commented on the video that he was embarrassed by his game as well, stating that he made it years earlier as a test demo in Flash.
    • Hystericaldominolego, author of the infamous Ihsoy story, openly called it a "shitshow" in the comments of the video.
    • Seeing as Lechuza was removed from the App Store at one point, and developer Stroboskops has removed nearly all mentions of it from their official pages, it seems like they feel that way now about said game.
  • Parody Retcon: Whenever a new Retsupurae video is uploaded, chances are the original LPer will later state that he was this bad on purpose and that Retsupurae fell for it all!
    • Even more sadly, there has been the occasion where it was actually done on purpose. Let's Play *incomprehensible* was pulled from retsupurae's account because slowbeef and Diabetus agreed that purposefully being bad for the sake of being retsupurae'd was "pretty fucking gay".
  • Reality Subtext: In one Restufrash, a reviewer gets way too excited that his name is Mike, same as one of the characters in the game. slowbeef makes fun of him, saying "Who the fuck is named 'Mike'?" slowbeef's real name is Mike.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Sonik Dude, the Let's P Layer in The Unfair Retsupurae would later rebrand as Ant Dude, before becoming a gaming YouTuber in the style of channels like PeanutButterGamer and Nitro Rad and gaining over 400k subscribers.
  • Schedule Slip:
    • They have trouble keeping a regular Retsutalk schedule.
    • Downplayed with their regular videos, which generally aren't scheduled, but they tend to be uploaded with some consistency when they are. However, there are also riffs that have taken a while to complete (with Jack Orlando taking the better part of two months to complete) due to slowbeef and Diabetus's personal lives.
    • As of 2018, new videos on the channel have come to a halt, with the last uploads being the Over Blood Wrongpurae, which finished in March, and then a(n unlisted) Retsutalk episode in June. slowbeef claimed on Twitter shortly after the last Overblood video that they had another series in the pipeline that was mostly finished, but nothing's come of it since.
  • Talking to Himself: MageKnight404, who plays Pokémon White and voice acts both Hilda and a Self-Insert character. It has to be seen to be believed.
    slowbeef: Wait, that is his voice! *laughing* Oh my god, I thought he had a friend over! The implications are staggering!
  • Vaporware:
    • Part 2 of BillyMC's let's play of Double Dare. slowbeef has stated they'll never make it, as he and Diabetus didn't think the Part 1 RP was any good anyway.
    • Diabetus stated that he and slowbeef scrapped the idea of doing the final Jack French Retsufrash.
  • Why Fandom Can't Have Nice Things: slowbeef and Diabetus discourage their fans from harassing the people they riff on. After their fans continued to ignore their demands, the main channel no longer has a comments section and, with this video, the original video's owner had his/her name censored. This is part of the reason note  why the channel went into Network Decay with traditional videos being produced at a slower rate in favor of Retsufrashes and Wrongpuraes.


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