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  • Awesome Music: The jump theme is practically guaranteed to get you pumped for the match ahead.
  • Author's Saving Throw: The Season 1 battle pass was poorly received by most fans since a large chunk of the rewards were fairly worthless stat trackers and badge modifications, it took forever to level up (each level requiring over 10,000 more EXP than a standard badge level) which alienated those who couldn't play the game religiously, and there were no challenges or objectives to spice things up. For Season 2, Respawn reworked the battle pass so that the badge modifications were eliminated entirely, the stat trackers were all placed within the first ten levels, the pass took much less time to level up, and introduced daily and weekly challenges that stack for players who might not be able to play for lengths of time. Furthermore, during the Legendary Hunt event, players who owned the season 1 battle pass automatically got a new Wraith skin and anyone who reached level 15 also received a legendary skin for the R-301 assault rifle.
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome:
    • A lot of pros and fairly-skilled players gravitate towards using a Wingman/Peacekeeper weapon combo. The Wingman is considered by many to be one of the best all-around weapons due to its powerful damage-per-shot, high accuracy, versatility and nary requiring attachments aside from an extended mag to be useful, and that's not accounting for the Skullpiercer attachment which increases headshot damage even more. Meanwhile, the Peacekeeper is considered the go-to for close combat, with damage up to 110 with full bodyshots or upwards of 160 if some pellets hit the head, not to mention its tight spread and the "Precision Choke" attachment that can practically turn it into a sniper shotgun. Some people opt to swap either out for another weapon but generally, the go-to loadout is "(preferred weapon)/Peacekeeper or Eva-8". Furthermore, neither weapon has significant movement penalties when aiming, making them great for a "run & gun" playstyle.
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    • Alternatively, players carrying light ammo gravitate towards using either the R-301 assault rifle or the R-99 submachine gun. Among the assault rifles, the R-301 has the best accuracy, most predictable recoil pattern, and most attachment slots for any assault rifle. The R-99 on the other hand has the highest rate of fire at 1080 rounds per minute and is surprisingly accurate when manually burst fired. Both also accept light ammo, which is the most common and stackable type of ammunition in the game. Subsequently, many players go with either the R-301/Peacekeeper or Wingman/R-99 for maximum versatility at all ranges.
    • As for legends, expect a lot of players to go for either Wraith or Lifeline. Wraith for her flanking playstyle and outplay potential and Lifeline for her incredible ability kit and the "support" playstyle not being as boring as with other MMO or MOBA games. Furthermore, they have small hitboxes that make them nearly impossible to hit outside of close quarters.
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    • Whenever a match starts, expect at least half of the squads to drop at Skull Town if the dropship starts on that side of the map. If it starts on the opposite side, that number drops to maybe one fourth, with the remainder shifting to Artillery. Dropping virtually anywhere else vastly increases your odds of success if racking up kills isn't a priority.
    • Ultimate Accelerants are only for Lifeline and, more recently, Wattson. The former has by far the slowest Ult charge in the game (taking a full five minutes in a game where the average Ultimate charges in around two) and is vital for getting good gear early in the game, whereas the latter's Passive allows them to charge her Ult instantly (as opposed to the 20% charge other Legends get), enabling her to throw down multiple beacons in rapid succession. None of the other Legends get enough of a benefit from them to justify the inventory space.
  • Critical Research Failure:
    • Absolutely all of Caustic's lines which feature "scientific" terminology make it quite clear that the person who wrote them had no idea what they meant.
    • Almost every time Bangalore uses military slang, she slightly misuses it. Aside from "FNG", the writers seem to have just played mad-libs with various military jargon.
  • Fandom Rivalry:
    • As to be expected, it has a fairly significant rivalry with Fortnite's Battle Royale mode as both are free-to-play, and among the more polished Battle Royale Games available, despite both games' comparisons ending there. There's a sizeable hatedom that want Apex to dethrone Fortnite as the battle royale king. That said, there's still a decent amount of people that consider both titles divergent enough to where comparisons can hardly be made. It's yet to be seen whether the rivalry will die down or flare up in the future.
    • It also shares a much stronger rivalry to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 's "Blackout" gamemode, as both emphasize fast-paced realistic combat with more polish than other Battle Royale games. Detractors are quick to point out that "Blackout" is stuck behind a $60 paywall and hasn't been dynamically updated despite Activision's claims of the opposite. None of this is even remotely helped by the fact that Respawn Entertainment was formed by members of Infinity Ward, the studio responsible for Call of Duty, who left when spurned by Activision to form a studio with the help of arch-rival Electronic Arts.
    • While the gameplay doesn't overlap that much beyond both being team-based First Person Shooters, the fact that both games focus on a diverse cast of quirky, larger-than-life characters has also sparked a rivalry with Overwatch fans.
    • There is a rivalry with Battlefield V 's "Firestorm" mode, which launched just a month after the release of Apex Legends. Although both games are published by Electronic Arts, Apex Legends ended up overshadowing "Firestorm" among more casual audiences owing to its more intuitive design, more polished state and free-to-play model. It didn't help matters that "Firestorm" is locked behind a purchase of Battlefield V.
  • Friendly Fandoms:
    • Surprisingly, fans of this game are on good terms with fans of Player Unknowns Battlegrounds. Although both games belong in the Battle Royale genre, they are distinct enough from each other that they don't cannibalize audiences as Apex Legends is a fast-paced Hero Shooter while PUBG is a slower-paced Tactical Shooter. It also helps that the PUBG creator, Brendan "PlayerUnknown" Greene, openly congratulated Apex Legends for its milestones, and Respawn Entertainment credited PUBG for kickstarting the Battle Royale craze that made Apex Legends possible. Then there's the fact that fans of both games are united in their opposition to BR king Fortnite.
    • Despite the initial backlash, fans of Titanfall 2 are actually quite happy with the positive reception that Apex is receiving, due to a resurgence in Titanfall 2's population and general interest.
  • Game-Breaker: The Alternator of all things became one upon the launch of Season 2, which not only buffed its base damage, but also introduced the fairly common Disruptor Rounds hop-up, which increased the amount of damage compatible guns deal to body shields by 125% (i.e. more than double). These two factors combined allowed an Alternator equipped with this hop-up to completely shred shields, and since its post-buff base damage isn't too shabby, it could make quick work of unshielded targets as well. Suddenly the Alternator found itself at the top of the weapons tier, outpacing even guns that are intended to be stronger like the R-99 and R-301. Respawn responded by knocking the Disruptor Rounds damage boost to 70% and then later 55%, making a fully-kitted Alternator still a tough gun to deal with, but overall much more manageable.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: A brief discussion took place in the game's early days about how, while Titans were not present, it was more than understandable. How overpowered would a giant nigh-indestructible mech be in a Battle Royale game? Fast-forward to the Fortnite Season X update, which introduced the BRUTE...
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • "Some minority man" explanation 
    • Toxic white male. explanation 
    • The Mozambique is a bad/great gun.explanation 
    • Gibraltar's hitbox.explanation 
    • Space Maui.explanation 
    • (X) here. Level (1-4)! explanation 
      • I need it./Dibs.Explanation 
    • You committed the ultimate cardinal sin, you got personal.Explanation 
  • Most Annoying Sound: Several of the various Legends are obnoxious in their own ways.
    • Whenever Bangalore pings an item, she delivers a painfully long description of said item, peppered with her trademark misused military jargon.
    • The writers apparently really enjoy the word "bamboozle", so they have Mirage awkwardly use it so incessantly that it loses any humor and simply becomes grating.
    • Caustic's edgelord attitude combines with his random misuse of scientific terminology to create a perfect storm of cringeworthiness.
    • In general, the Legends incessant ambient commentary on events such as first blood, ring progression, and leader status. It ranges from the groaningly awkward to the painfully obvious, gets extremely repetitive after just a few games, and can't be disabled without also disabling the extremely useful ping system.
  • Paranoia Fuel: Wraith's "Voices from the Void" passive ability gives you a reminder that you're never safe. At any moment, you can hear her saying in a chilling, alarm like voice things from "They might be watching you" to "They're aiming right at you!". After all, it's a Battle Royale Game, and everyone but two other people wants you dead. "Voices from the Void" just make sure that you aknowledge that.
  • Scrappy Mechanic:
    • The Season 1 battle pass was poorly received by most fans for its unrewarding grind. A large chunk of the rewards were fairly worthless stat trackers and badge modifications. It also took forever to level up and there were no challenges or objectives to spice things up.
    • While the Season 2 battle pass was considered a significant improvement for its challenge-based system and better cosmetics, some challenges require playing as legends that some players haven't unlocked yet.
  • Scrappy Weapon: The Mozambique has already developed a reputation as a terrible gun, barely a week since the launch of the game. The spray pattern is inconsistent, the range is terrible even for a shotgun, and the gun doesn't have a unique gimmick to help it work. Even the developers joke about it. Unlike some other battle royale games, Apex features a pretty-good handgun (the Wingman) even compared to rifles, so the Mozambique's terribleness is even more prominent; some players think even being unarmed is better than picking it up. Season 2 introduced the Hammerpoint Rounds hop-up, which doubles the damage the gun deals against unshielded targets, so it remains to seen how the Mozambique will fare in the new meta.
  • Tainted by the Preview: Defied – Respawn Entertainment didn't reveal the game until its launch date because the studio didn't want a marketing campaign that could potentially mislead or alienate their fans and instead wanted players to draw their own opinions.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: While the lack of Titanfall's famous Titans in a Battle Royale setting is understandable, as it would be disadvantageous to players on foot, the inability to perform Le Parkour is largely deemed as an undersight, being seen as a missed opportunity with how central it was to the main games. Respawn, for their part, have said they had parkour in the game for a long time during development, but that the wild angles of attack and ambush it allowed for are certainly fun to do, it ended up feeling fairly rubbish to be on the receiving end of in a battle-royale-style game (as opposed to the Titanfalls, where you can automatically respawn quickly.)
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy:
    • Locking in Gibraltar or Caustic is practically guaranteed to piss off a squadmate at some point. For starters, both of them are larger than most other Legends, making them extremely easy targets. Second, their ability kits are incredibly niche and can often work against their allies: Gibraltar's shield dome can be easily outplayed and can actively hinder your own squad since it blocks their shots as well as the enemy's, and Caustic is borderline useless if he gets caught in the open since his gas traps are only really effective in close quarters. Their status as this led to buffs in one of the game’s first big patches that makes them take less damage. Gibralter's gun shield was buffed alongside this and while Caustic is still a close range fighter, the damage of his poison was buffed to make him more powerful in situations where he is useful.
    • Mirage, to a much lesser extent. While his active ability to send decoys sees plenty of use, his passive and ultimate are seen as useless. His passive only buys him a few more seconds to get away and people will immediately figure out there's an invisible Mirage around the moment they see multiples of him from his ultimate. In a Season 2 update, his ultimate received a massive buff that makes him completely invisible and impossible to see.
    • On the other hand, Lifeline, Wraith, and Octane are all seen as "easy win" Legends. All three are incredibly small and thus difficult to hit in a frenetic gunfight (especially Octane once he pops Stim to boost his movement speed) and have easy-to-use and incredibly helpful abilities, meaning that even low-skilled players can get a decent amount of utility out of them.
  • Win the Crowd: Fans initially turned off by the idea of a Battle Royale Spin-Off for Titanfall were won over by the final game. It helps that Apex Legends was released without issues and plays similar to other Hero Shooters, making it seem less like a lazy, derivative cash grab from a divisive publisher. Giving its predecessor a Colbert Bump also helped placate any still-bitter Titanfall 2 fans.


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