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Fridge Brilliance

  • It seems egregious Apex Legends has no Pilots or Titans to use, though the latter is Justified since having access to a Humongous Mecha in a Battle Royale gives its user an exceptional advantage to those without one. From a lore standpoint, however, it's reasonable Pilots and Titans are absent: according to the official site, this game takes place after the Frontier War is over - neither the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation and Militia are present in the Frontier anymore, with both factions taking "everything of value and left the Frontier worlds". Of course Pilots and Titans aren't in Apex Legends; they've disappeared with their respective organizations. In fact, any leftover, independent Titans would certainly be indescribably valuable - Too Awesome to Use in a destructive Blood Sport such as the "Apex Games".
    • Coming off of the same point, why can't any of the Legends in the game use Le Parkour like Double Jump and Wall Running like Pilots can? It's because Legends aren't Pilots, they're not trained to know of the same combat capabilities as the latter - a necessity for Pilots in the Titanfall setting. Furthermore, the Jet Packs the Legends are wearing aren't like the ones the Pilots have: these devices merely slow down their descent onto the arena at the start of a match, whereas the kind that Pilots use have thrusters that enable Double Jump and Wall Running; simultaneously, this also justifies why Legends don't suffer from Falling Damage like Pilots - no matter what height they fall from, their Jet Packs will automatically activate to decrease their velocity, a subtle Gameplay and Story Integration.

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