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  • Colbert Bump: The insane popularity of the game during its February 2019 launch week actively contributed to Titanfall 2 seeing a surge of interest and a re-examination after its initial 2016 release ran into the twin buzz-saws of Battlefield 1 and Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare and became an Acclaimed Flop.
  • Development Gag: The Triple Take is a reference to the fact that the Double Take sniper rifle from Titanfall 2 actually fires a third invisible bullet.
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  • Fandom Nod: Octane's backstory is derived from a Titanfall 2 player making the Gauntletnote  run in twelve seconds via Grenade Jumping. Reality Ensues in Octane's case.
  • Follow the Leader: An archetypal example, as it emulates both Battle Royale games, such as Fortnite, and Hero Shooters like Overwatch. Ironically, that Apex Legends follows in the footsteps of two "hot trending" genres makes it more unique compared to standard examples of either.
  • I Knew It!: Many players immediately caught on that the short-lived "Elite Queue", reserved for players who placed in the top 5 squads during the Wild Hunt event, was little more than a Poorly Disguised Pilot for a proper ranked mode. Sure enough, less than a week after Wild Hunt started, ranked mode was announced to debut in Season 2.
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  • Meme Acknowledgement: The devs are aware that the Mozambique is a bad gun. This is evident in their 50 million players celebratory video, which includes statistics like "1(?) Mozambique kill". Furthermore, the Wild Hunt patch added a unique animation that sees players hurling it to the ground in disgust when swapping it out for a different weapon.
  • Prop Recycling: The game reuses a lot of assets from Titanfall 2, most of which make sense by being a Spin-Off set in the same universe.
    • Most of the weapons and their models are recycled from Titanfall 2. The Arc Star is even a mashup of two existing ordnance, the Arc Grenade and Firestar or Gravity Star.
    • Many Legends' abilities are derived from Tactical Abilities or similar, down to the visual effects:
      • Bloodhound's Eye of the Allfather is the same as Pulse Blade, except emitted from the player instead of a projectile. Track is a vastly expanded version of the Kill Report Kit.
      • Caustic's Nox Gas Traps, and the gas cloud they create, are visually very similar to the Scorch Titan's Incendiary Traps.
      • Mirage's Psyche Out is Holo Pilot with some extra animations where your hologram fakes environmental interactions. In-lore, it's directly related to the same technology. He also use Cloak when incapacitated or using his ultimate.
      • Wraith's Into the Void is mostly the same as Phase Shift (including black-and-white negative vision), except she's still partially visible while using it. It's implied they're connected somehow in-story, as Wraith Escaped from the Lab run by IMC, whose experiments created the version of the ability used in 2's campaign.
      • Pathfinder's Grappling Hook is exactly the same as Grapple.
      • Stim returns used by Octane, including the same sound effect and robot legs.
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    • Even a few animations have been reused, including the run off of a dropship at the beginning of most Titanfall 2 maps.
    • Pathfinder himself is a MRVN robot, many of which are featured in both Titanfall games.
  • Refitted for Sequel: Bloodhound's design is based on a previously unused pieces of Titanfall concept art.
  • Viral Marketing: Instead of using a traditional marketing push that publisher Electronic Arts would've started months before launch, Respawn chose to announce and release the game at the same time in hopes of relying on word-of-mouth to gain interest.

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