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    The Legends as a Whole 
  • The Aces: Most of the legends were aces in their respective professions before they joined the Apex Games. For example, Bangalore always topped her classes at the military academy, Caustic was a top scientist at the Frontier's leading pesticide manufacturer, Octane had a large amount of fans for his stunts, etc.
  • Action Girls: Given the bloodsport nature of the Apex Games, any woman who can survive the experience is this.
    • Dark Action Girl: Since the Apex Games’s only entry criteria is being able to keep up with the other legends, some of the women are criminals and/or serve in unsavory jobs during their downtime.
  • A Day in the Limelight: Most legends have received additional characterization and attention outside of gameplay, being the focus of cinematics, comics or short stories.
  • Badass Bookworms: Several of the characters are scientists or engineers by trade (e.g. Caustic), yet have no problem keeping up with legends who have military training (e.g. Bangalore).
  • Badass Crew: The legends are superstar contestants in the Apex Games - a bloodsport show where only the strongest and fittest survive.
    Apex Games Tag Line: “They kill you, they’re better. You kill them, you’re better.”
  • Blood Knights: Though they're not all violent under normal circumstances, it's clear all of them like to fight.
    • Subverted with Revenant, an Ax-Crazy Serial Killer who entered the Apex Games to satisfy his craving for death and murdering people. He was enticed into the games by Hammond Robotics and the Syndicate to make sure he doesn’t target their employees/leaders instead.
    • Also subverted with Loba. In the Season Five “Broken Ghost” storyline, her internal monologue revealed that she didn't enjoy the Apex Games and was in it only for the purpose of getting revenge on Revenant.
    Loba (internal monologue): “I'm so close. Wattson has regained consciousness. She and Crypto have nearly finished assembling the artifact. Everything is going according to plan. In a day or two, I can wave goodbye to the Apex Games and get back to my life in the penthouse. This is truly my favorite place to be... on top.”
  • Code Names: Most of the legends in the Apex Games has one of these, except for Gibraltar and Loba, who are using their real (last) name and real first name respectively.
  • Color-Coded Characters: Several of the legends have specific Color Motifs related to their personalities and abilities.
    • Caustic, a chemist specialized in the use of toxic gas, is associated with sickly-looking green.
    • Fuse, an explosives enthusiast, is associated with a fiery orange.
    • Mirage, the most laid-back legend, is associated with yellow.
    • Loba, the thief with wolf motifs, is associated with white and light grey, the most common fur colors of wolves.
    • Pathfinder, the scout with a grappling hook that can zip him through air, is associated with sky blue.
    • Revenant, the hatred-driven assassin, is associated with a blood-like shade of red.
    • Wattson, the electrical engineer, is associated with an electrifying blue.
    • Wraith, a legend whose abilities appear supernatural, is associated with purple.
  • Friendly Rivalry: Based on what has been shown in cinematics, there's little - if any - vitriol amongst most of the legends. They seem to regard each other more as rivals than anything. However, there are exceptions which have unfolded as the storyline advances...
    • Loba harbors deep hatred towards Revenant, who murdered her parents. In fact, the legends in general (understandably) hate Revenant, who is a murderous sociopath, and were willing to work together during the Season Five “Broken Ghost” storyline in order to undermine his power and influence - especially in the Shadowfall Universe, a twisted alternate dimension where that universe’s Revenant has taken control of seemingly the entire Outlands, and runs his own bloodsport to amuse himself at the expense of the contestants.
    • Caustic hates Crypto, though it’s unjustified in this case. After Caustic was revealed to be the mole in the “Broken Ghost” storyline, he harbors extreme hatred towards Crypto since Caustic had hoped Crypto would take all the blame after being framed.
    • Bangalore seems to believe that Loba got her way into the games by seducing the higher-ups, and thus developed an instant dislike of her. However, this rivalry seems to have cooled off a bit after Bangalore discovered that Revenant wants Loba to kill him. Since Bangalore dislikes Revenant even more, she’s not against the idea of leaving Loba alone for the time being while she finds Revenant’s source code in order to finish him off for good. Voice lines during Season Six seems to confirm this, as the two women are more polite towards each other, and in Season Seven Bangalore shows genuine concern towards Loba when they arrive in the area where Revenant murdered her parents.
  • Leitmotifs: Starting from Season Two, each legend has a theme music dedicated to them.
  • Meaningful Names: Most of the legends have rather descriptive names. This is justified, as the Code Names they use are the stage names people give them base on their fighting styles.
    • Bangalore is named after a type of explosive, and she's a professional soldier who can call in a missile air strike during a fight.
    • Bloodhound is a tracker.
    • Caustic, real name Nox, is a chemical weapon expert.
    • Crypto is a hacker who thrives on information manipulation.
    • Forge is a brawler with a mechanically augmented arm.
    • Fuse has a kit revolving around explosives.
    • Gibraltar, as in "Rock of Gibraltar", is a giant of a man with defensive abilities.
    • Horizon, as in event horizon, the point at which not even light can escape a black hole, has a kit that manipulates gravity.
    • Lifeline is a medic.
    • Loba (which means "female wolf" in Portuguese) is a thief.
    • Mirage tricks people with holographic decoys.
    • Octane moves at a high speed.
    • Pathfinder is a scout.
    • Rampart uses machine guns with unlimited ammo reserves to cause serious destruction and go on a rampage on the battlefield.
    • Revenant is an assassin who can turn into a shadowy form.
    • Wattson has a kit which revolves around usage of electricity.
    • Wraith can phase in and out of existence.
  • Oh, Crap!: Most of them react like this when fighting one squad only to get fired upon by a third party. Considering that even if you're fully kitted out with purple gear, you can still get blindsided by an ambush and torn apart, this can often mirror's a player's reaction in real life. Especially if it comes right the hell out of nowhere, like say, getting sniped while you got a target pinned down.
    Bangalore: "Ambush, AMBUSH! There's another squad!!!"
    • They also react similarly when struck by Revenant's "Silence" ability. As their entire kit outside of guns gets locked down, the sudden panic is very much justified, especially if it's a support Legend like Lifeline or Gibraltar.
  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: People who join the Apex Games tend not to be moral role models, and despite this have to work together during official matches. E.g., the Apex Games admin crew had this to say after doing background check on Crypto - who faked a spotless and clean record:
    Apex Approval Report: "Honestly, something feels off. He’s spotless – no warrants, no enemies, not even a truancy notice. Who stays that clean their whole life, then joins the Games? Put him in, but you should probably keep an eye on him."
    • However, as shown in the Season Five “Broken Ghost” storyline, this trope is brutally deconstructed. While the legends were able to work together at first, it became apparent with the presence of a mole that not all of them believe in cooperation, and their willingness to work together fell apart when Crypto was suspected of being the traitor. And once Gibraltar revealed to the group (with the exception of Wattson, who wasn’t there) that Caustic was the traitor, all they wanted to do was get the mission over with so they could go back to their own lives. In short, a group of misfits who kill each other on a regular basis in a bloodsport will not have the best teamwork chemistry - especially if some of them had pre-existing enmity to begin with - and all it took was one rogue member to spiral their cooperative spirit into the ground.

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