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  • In the fanfic Shigeko Kageyama AKA Mob like in cannon Claw, the evil organization, would hurt a child. Unlike in cannon we see the way seeing the child/teenager you've known for four years and has been left in your care affects you and your relationship. Reigen becomes much more worried for Mob and clingy with her, exacerbating the feelings he had begun to develop for her.
  • In the The Question Volume 01 more than one of the villains are shown willing to hurt children. Victor's own parents abused him for years along with Stan Merkel who abuses his daughter and Boris Ebar who rapes a ten year old girl.
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  • In the A Rebel family Owen Lars is more then willing to hurt a child Luke Skywalker for just about anything he feels like and Beru while not physically abusing, is no better given she didn't even bother to help treat Luke's wounds.
  • Barty Crouch Jr. both would and repeatedly did in The Parselmouth of Gryffindor. Not only hurt, but ruthlessly murder.
  • In "Back to the Future Prequel", Hank kidnaps the six-year-old Marty, threatens to shoot him if he doesn't stop screaming for help, and eventually throws him into an icy lake.
  • Despite emulating a children's show, Calvin and Hobbes: The Series' villains have no qualms about trying to hurt Calvin and Andy. Then again, Calvin can easily fight back and the most recurring villain is Stupid Evil. Nonetheless, standing out from all of this is a rather chilling quote from "The Night of the Living Television":
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  • Then there's Camp Nightmare, where the camp counselors eat little kids!
  • Equestrylvania: Dracula's minions have no problem killing any foals they come across. But Marble really takes the cake — she poisons most of the foals taking refuge in the Ponyville hospital and says she'll only hand over the antidote if Twilight surrenders Dracula's rib.
  • In the Dashverse story Hot Heads, Cold Hearts and Nerves of Steel, Sombra has his minions kidnap every foal in Ponyville and several other towns so he can drain their life forces to make himself stronger.
    • His bushwoolie Mooks have no problem with harming foals, and the two that Pip, Alula and Dinky encounter try to eat them.
  • The Stars Will Aid Their Escape: Herald rips out the CMC's souls (leaving them Empty Shells) and sticks them in a jar to use as leverage against the Princesses and Mane Six. And when he feels he doesn't need them anymore, he throws them off a waterfall (Rarity and Rainbow Dash save them).
  • Hitman Miami: In mission (chapter) seven, 47 (the protagonist) needs to get money for his supermarket shopping. The only way is, apparently, garrotting children in the toy section and stealing their change.
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  • Armitage III fanfic Gods and Monsters features a female protagonist who is more than willing to kill children. Even the author called this out as being hard to pull off.
  • In Origins, a Mass Effect/Star Wars/Borderlands/Halo Massive Multiplayer Crossover, the Republic Intelligence Service conducts horrific experiments in attempts to cure The Virus, and they don't hesitate to use "younglings" (Star Wars speak for children) in their testing.
  • Pages Of Harmony is another example of a female character putting this trope into effect - namely, Twilight Sparkle. She tortures and murders both Sweetie Belle and Spike. The worst part? The only reason they're harmed at that point is because Twilight fears that they'd find out about her plan to preserve harmony in Equestria by killing her friends to extract their Elements.
  • Cupcakes also has a female protagonist accomplishing this. Pinkie Pie murders Diamond Tiara and Twist before doing the same to Rainbow Dash.
  • Sweet Apple Massacre has Big Macintosh seeking peace and quiet. He succeeds in doing this by raping and murdering the Cutie Mark Crusaders.
  • In The Prayer Warriors, Jerry believes that children should have their hands cut off if they steal or lie, even if their families are starving. In The Titans Strike Back, Draco Malfoy leads a mob against the British royal family, with the intent of killing everyone, "men women children and all".
  • Mass Effect Human Revolution:
  • Scorpan from The Warmistress of Equestria tears through a family of griffons (including three children) in order to get enough blood to contact his master. Worse, he says the victims should be thanking him for killing them, as it advances the final victory of Chaos.
  • In the Danny Phantom Facing the Future Series, it is shown there are many, many villains who would definitely hurt a child.
    • In the first fic Dark Danny causes an avalanche that nearly crushes a school bus full of children to distract Danny.
    • In Stolen Years The Guys in White are all too eager to experiment on a de-aged Danny and Sam, and on Danielle.
    • In Ancient History Ghost Tucker gleefully blasts Danielle out of the sky.
  • Most of the villains in the Pony POV Series have no problem whatsoever with harming or even killing foals, with the only real exception being Princess Gaia/Nightmare Whisper.
  • Reality Is Fluid: An Undine psi master shows Eleya images of Federation, Gorn, and Klingon warships, which Eleya knows to be Iconian fakes, bombarding Undine spawning pools and killing their hatchlings.
  • The Matrix/Supernatural Hunting Series in part 3 - Hunting and Saving has vampires that in the past killed/drunk from kids and would have killed one of the future progtagonists if John hadn't been hunting that night.
  • In "Dear Scootaloo", Feather Duster had no qualms about firebombing an orphanage and tossing foal Scootaloo off a cloud.
  • Played horrifyingly straight with Tsali in Sonic X: Dark Chaos as a deliberate terror tactic. It's stated more than once that he slaughtered every single Seedrian he found down to the babies. In Episode 70, Trinity finds a recorded memory that Tsali saved for his own entertainment - which shows Tsali setting Seedrian children on fire and using their screaming husks as human shields. And Beelzebub ''really'' has a thing for kids...
  • In I Against I, Me Against You, one poor filly ends up comatose after trying to welcome the Meta to her town.
    • Granted, although it happens offscreen, it's implied that the filly merely got too close to the Meta's true target, and that it didn't exactly go out of its way to hurt her.
  • Fallout: Equestria: Calamity has no problems shooting children who prove themselves as bad as the raiders. Unsurprisingly, this shocks Littlepip and Velvet Remedy the first time it happens to the point of starting a group argument over the situation.
  • The Uplifted series features this in droves. Uplifted: Last Days features a disillusioned Waffen-SS Officer Joachim Hoch verbally abusing and manhandling a Jewish child he rescued from Buchenwald on a whim (considering the boy defied an order meant to keep him safe, it's somewhat understandable reaction) and accumulates with the horrifying murder of half a dozen children and their mother which Hoch considered family. Their home set on fire, all of their little bodies broken and hung on a single tree with signs on their necks proclaiming Hoch's betrayal of the National Socialists. The most agonizing part? they were dead before they even had a chance to save them. They had been murdered hours before his betrayal, before their father Gerald Langer made a deal to kill Hoch in exchange for their lives. Judging from the reviews, the author swiftly became a target of anger.
    • Later in Uplifted:Arrival Hoch loses one of his last childhood friends to a Hitler youth kid who feigned surrendered. Hoch makes an example out of him by taking him to a public square and proceeded to carve a Swastika into the boys arm. and despite being a victim of seriously physically and emotionally Abusive Parents, he makes it quite clear he is a proponent of corporal punishment for misbehaving children and is not afraid to exchange his disciplines to quarian children, much to the horror of the more progressive minded quarians he's connected to.
  • Mortal Kombat: Desperation: Raiden crosses the line when he mass-electrocutes the Lin Kuei, especially Sub-Zero and Frost, to a near-comatose state while killing off half of the clan - the worst part is that many of the dead or injured Lin Kuei were in their early teens.
    • And when he orders the destruction of Li Mei's village, Elder Gods know how many innocent men, women and children were slaughtered in their sleep.
  • In This Bites!, one of Hody's thugs tries to make a couple kids eat a Transponder Snail for listening to the SBS, or else he'll kill them. Fortunately, Jinbe steps in and says anyone who tries similar will answer to him.
  • Shattered Innocence: In this darker retelling of "No Such Luck", Lincoln is abducted and murdered by the Royal Woods Stalker — a notorious Serial Killer who had accumulated a large number of child victims prior to Lincoln.
  • Reaper, in the Overwatch fanfic Break My Heart, Break Your Heart, in keeping with his far scarier and way more violent portrayal. After murdering a former Talon agent and his wife in front of their two children, he takes the kids and indoctrinates them into Talon so that they essentially serve as his slaves.
  • In Master Potter of Kamar-Taj, after Stephen admits that he has been teaching Harry sorcery, Mordo vows to find and kill him for the dishonor Stephen has brought to the craft.
  • Miraculous Knight sees the Joker try to spray Ladybug with acid, Chole die after ignoring Batman telling her not to use her phone when the Riddler rigs it with a bomb, and the Joker rip the Ladybug Miraculous off Marinette's ears. Furthermore, the Joker killing Jason Todd is mentioned throughout and part of Adrien calling out his father on being Hawk Moth was bringing up Gabriel akumaitizing Manon.
  • The End of Ends' own Count Logan wasn't a very good person to begin with, but in Friendship is Failure #10 he takes this trope to its most logical extreme by brutally ripping the head off of Flurry Heart. The reasons this scene was included are... best not brought up here.
  • In the AU fanfic Dead Man Switch, after they taken Kim to be tortured, stripped and beheaded, the Lorwardians begin an annual tribute which 15 teenage girls are taken to be executed the same way. Word of God says the girls' severed heads were given to Lorwardia's elites as trophies, and develop a taste for human flesh. And this has been going on for 20 years before the start of the fic.
  • Ladybug in a Half Shell: When Hun and the Purple Dragons encounter April with Adrien, Alya and Marinette...
    Hun: Take them and make sure to hurt Ms. O'Neil in as many different ways you can think of.
  • In My Little Pony: Nakama is Magic, the Franky Family beats up Spike for the Straw Hats' money.
  • According to the Ed, Edd n Eddy Theory, Nazz was murdered by a serial killer along with her entire family. Kevin's Dad is also the cause of him being present in purgatory having beaten him to a bloody pulp in drunken rage.
  • The Volatileverse: not only Joker murdered a seventeen-years-old Jason Todd, he's downright eager to repeat the performance with a thirteen-years-old Dick Grayson.
  • Miraculous: Marinette's Predicament: You know Evillustrator is a much bigger threat than the first time when he kidnaps Louis and drops him from the Eiffel Tower.note 
  • Subverted in The Devil Does Care!, where Trevor tries taking Adrien because he believed that Vlad kidnapped him with the intent of eating him, while Vlad initially believed that he was going to kill Adrian because he was part-vampire.
  • Mother cats in Warriors Redux are instinctively wary of letting their kittens around unknown males or males they don't trust. This is because many toms will kill kittens that aren't theirs.
  • Neither a Bird nor a Plane, it's Deku!
    • The Sludge Villain who attempts to drown Izuku and Bakugou to use their bodies is this as per canon. Later on, the Ultra-Humanite has zero qualms with executing Izuku and dissecting his corpse.
    • Brainiac sends a proxy back in time to kill a defenseless five-year-old Izuku before he reaches the height of his powers and becomes Superman.
  • Rise from Darkness involves a corrupt politician requesting that Samus kill six people for him. This includes a prostitute he impregnated and the 6-year old son of another victim. None of the other's the politician asked would do such a hit, but Samus doesn't have the same moral issues as they do.
  • A Brief History of Equestria:
    • The Unicorn nobles who attacked then Prince Aurum's family killed the foals as well, and chased him down in order to finish him off. Luckily Star-Swirl the Bearded intervened.
    • Talonhoof. He spends almost an hour beating a foal, not caring that she's dead, and enjoys it.
  • Coil from Atonement would hurt anyone he needs to make his plans happen. A list of harmed minors:
    • Dinah Alcott, the mayor's precognitive niece, who he addicted to drugs so she could answer questions for him.
    • Amy Dallon, also known as Panacea, who he kidnapped with the intent of having her do what she could to fix Noelle (along with getting rid of the Empire 88 by blaming the kidnapping on Kaiser).
    • Aster, Kayden's baby, kidnapped as leverage so Kayden wouldn't betray him.
  • Hellsister Trilogy has Satan Girl, who has no qualms about killing little girls just because she is angry and they are conveniently nearby.
  • In Crimson Dawn, the Imperium of Man has no problem of hurting children or killing them.
  • In It's All in the Details, while Travis claims he wouldn’t do this to justify him not killing Jack Montgomery when he was an infant, Dean informs him that it’s just as sick that he’s willing to kill Jack’s unborn baby while it’s still in the womb, particularly since doing that would also kill its completely human mother.
  • In Baby, Won’t You Please Come Home, Slade’s words strongly suggest that he sees Oliver and Laurel's newborn daughter Olivia as just another way to hurt Oliver, despite the fact that she’s literally just been born and should have nothing to do with his vendetta against Oliver, further reflecting Slade's current insanity.
  • Pokémon Reset Bloodlines:
    • Hunter J has no qualms about kidnapping Ash just for money.
    • The Georgia Gaiden sidestory has her confronting a Serial Killer named "The Reaper", finding him just when he killed her parents, and he almost killed her too. Prior to that he had been already confirmed to have killed a seven-year-old child.
    • The Bloodliner Hunter is implied to have a pretty high body count of people under the age of sixteen, with his youngest known victims being a pair of ten-year-old twins.
  • Spottedleaf's plot: Spottedleaf gets Mapleshade to work with her by threatening to kill her kits. Since they're all already dead, killing them again would invoke Cessation of Existence. When Mapleshade doesn't do as she wishes, Spottedleaf claws one of her son's to death anyway.
  • The Lion King: Hidden Stories:
    • Chumvi and Kala's absence throughout The Lion King is explained as their mother's running away. Scar wanted to kill all the cubs besides Nala.
    • Zira was banished from the Pridelands for killing Simba's son Kopa.
  • Severance: Butch and Cassidy have no issue with Giovanni telling them to kill his ten-year old son Ash.
  • Missing Linc: Dirk O'Donnell had Lincoln kidnapped and would have kidnapped Clyde as well if Clyde's parents hadn't refused to let him leave the house. Later, when the Loud sisters unravel Dirk's plan, Lynn's intervention is the only thing stopping him from hitting Lucy.
  • RWBY: Dark: Ruby Rose is a psychotic teenage Serial Killer who, when she goes on her rampages, leaves none alive. She breaks into homes and kills entire families. At one point, she murdered a baby, and another time slaughtered five small children and forced her slave Yang to kill a sixth.
  • Cabin Fever: Despite being caged up and subjected to constant dehydration along with all of the other waterbenders of her tribe, Katara is still burned by Fire Nation guards from time to time whenever they feel like it.
  • Fractures (ATLA): Taken Up to Eleven by Ozai. Maiming and scarring Zuko on the face wasn't enough. After imprisoning his son, he routinely visits the capital city prison just to torture him into submission.
  • Blood Moon: Hama warns Katara that when they break out of their cage, the prison guards won't be merciful to them if they're caught, even though Katara is only a child. Though, hypocritically, Hama usually punishes Katara's defiance by bloodbending her.
  • The Portal: Zobek stabs the teenage dragon Blizzard (who is actually a human) with his tail, infecting him with his power.
  • Pawprints:
    • Yang hates Panthers and has no issue killing cubs.
    • Weiss confides in Blake that she was forced to kill two baby Panthers on her first hunt. It was either Weiss got shot (and the babies still get shot) or Weiss shoot them herself.
  • A Diplomatic Visit: Doing this is a big crime in wolf society, and those who do so are permanently exiled from their lands. One wolf made the mistake of not only breaking this law, he came back to try and get revenge on the one who exiled him by attacking that wolf's mate and pups. Fortunately, this attempt was thwarted by a rather high-spirited member of the litter.
  • Triptych Continuum: In A Confederacy Of Dunce Caps: From Chapter 4, Mr. Gastrope, almost attacking her with his magic, before slamming the door on her and almost charging at her with his horn.
  • Dungeon Keeper Ami: Multiple Underworld forces:
    he sired children for the sole purpose of sa-sacrificing them!
    • From "Divine Opposition, Part 1": When the devastation that was inflicted on the Avatar Isles was related:
      "This used to be lush forest, where fairies danced around standing stones. The laughter of their children turned into heart-rending screams as the Keepers' hordes boiled them alive!"
    • From "Deadline": The vampire that mind-controlled a family to get to a place to sell them:
      "That vampire had them walk with no regard for their health, even the children."
  • The Loud House fanfiction The Nightmare House has several of the kids' nightmares involve people hurting them:
    • In Lana's, Dr. Mitchell numbs her and brainwashes her into acting like a stereotypical "good girl".
    • In Lisa's, she gets spanked by an evil teddy bear, who believes she is a baby no less.
    • In Lily's, a monster tries to eat her— and she really is a baby.


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