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  • The Ultimates
    • Red Skull holding a gun to a baby's head. Horrifically, he killed the baby anyway, even after his demands are met!
    • Black Widow killed all of Hawkeye's family, including his children.
    • Captain America uses an entire kindergarten class as a human shield against War Machine. He knows that black ops would hurt children, but not in broad daylight, when it can become a huge PR problem.
  • The Joker has been known to do this, just ask Jason Todd...
    • On one occasion, he and Catwoman took a whole rich family hostage, including a tiny Ill Girl who was in a coma. Joker was completely ready to kill the little girl in front of her father and older brother, but a VERY pissed-off Catwoman stopped him and screamed that that wasn't what they came for.
    • Perhaps Joker's most notorious moment of this came during the "No Man's Land" mega-arc, where he plotted to kill all the newborns in Gotham City on New Year's Day, just so that he could destroy the already fragile spirit of Gotham's citizens. Although his dialogue to the babies indicated he thought he was doing them a favor, sparing them from life's cruelties. And he did promise it wouldn't hurt. After killing Sarah Essen-Gordon, who tried to save the babies from him, he leaves the newborns unharmed despite still having plenty of time to kill them before Batman arrived. Notably, it's one of the few times the Joker has stopped smiling.
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    • So has Two-Face. Ask all the Robins.
    • There was also what he did in The Nail: torturing and killing Dick and Barbara on live television. No wonder this is one of the VERY counted times Batman breaks his not-killing vow.
    • Robin villain Scarab was hired to kill Robin and set out dispassionately killing a bunch of teenagers and their families who fit the profile to possibly be him before Batman realized what was going on. She only stopped because Stephanie's appearance as Robin convinced her that one of her previous victims was her target. Tim managed to build an entire Rogues Gallery of individuals willing and eager to try and kill him only one of whom was a fellow kid.
    • Death of the Family: Joker has a track record for this. He certainly has no problem fighting Damian, the 10-year-old kid who beat him up with a crowbar.
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    • Harley herself is not withheld from this. In the New 52, she massacred hundreds of children by using bombs disguised as handheld gaming consoles.
  • Aquaman's arch-enemy Black Manta won notoriety by killing the hero's infant son.
  • The Scarlet Witch from The Avengers stood in awe as Pandemonium deformed and grafted her children on his own arms.
  • The child abductor in Watchmen.
  • Wonder Woman:
    • In The Legend Of Wonder Woman the amoral Mad Scientist Queen Atomia was fine with kidnapping children, including young Suzy.
    • Wonder Woman (2006): Alkyone tried to kill Diana when she was a defenseless baby, out of jealously and a misplaced twisted sense of duty.
    • Wonder Woman (1987): Medusa specifically targets the young Garibaldi brothers during her attack on the embassy, though she'd prefer to kill everyone there. She actually succeeds in murdering Martin Garibaldi despite Wonder Woman's attempts to stop her, all it takes is the tiniest lull in their fight while Diana was getting back to her feet.
  • Fantastic Four villain the Wizard had absolutely no qualms about performing an experiment on Franklin Richards that had a high probabilty of causing Franklin's death. Fortunately for Franklin, the Wizard's current partner the Mad Thinker would not hear of it, dissolved their partnership and contacted the Thing, who helped him defeat the Wizard.
  • Winnowill in ElfQuest imprisons, humiliates and tortures the Wolfriders, but it's only when she threatens Cutter and Leetah's children that she really crosses the line. Then there's her 'relationship' with her son Two-Edge.
  • One of the first things the Plutonian does in Irredeemable is vaporize a child.
  • Rare Female Example: Frau Totenkinder of Fables kills her own son and countless other infants for power - even in the mundy world, she funds abortion clinics.
    • Baba Yaga is stated to have the same habits of the folk tales, including eating babies.
  • The plot of That Yellow Bastard revolves around a Cowboy Cop going after a villain that preys on children.
  • Spider-Man villain Carnage has no qualms about who he kills, children included. During his rampages, child corpses are often among the dead, and in his youth he torched an orphanage.
  • Sabretooth from X-Men is known to attack, murder, and sometimes even eat children. In one issue, Deadpool is in a cabin with him and he opens a closet to find a little girl tied up. When he asks about this, Sabretooth replies that he's saving her for later.
  • Dodge from Locke & Key has no problem pushing a child under a school bus because he's figured out too much.
  • In Cerebus the Aardvark, this starts showing up once the Cerebus Syndrome kicks in, with the most notorious example being Pope Cerebus blessing an infant after his mother begs Cerebus to do so and then hurling it away to illustrate the point that "you can get what you want and still not be very happy."
  • Doctor Doom showed no hesitation in trying to murder the Hulk's young son, Skaar, and at the end of Avengers: The Children's Crusade, he kills the young Cassie Lang. On the other hand, God help anyone who tries to hurt one of Latveria's children when he's around (or the Richards kids. Especially Valeria).
  • In one issue of The Spirit, two bank robbers plan to kill all witnesses to their crime — including a little girl just coming around the corner. With tommy guns. note 
  • In Superman, Catherine Jane "Cat" Grant's son Adam Morgan is first kidnapped by Toyman (alongside other children), then is stabbed to death when he attempted to escape from him.
  • Billy Kincaid, an early Spawn villain, was a Serial Killer who targeted children through his Bad Humor Truck.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (IDW): Queen Chrysalis has made it quite clear that she doesn't intend on letting the Cutie Mark Crusaders leave. Not to mention a luvcat kitten was seen before Chrysalis and her soldiers took over the village.
  • Marcus Brutus in Asterix and Son fits this trope. He burned down Asterix's village, and nearly kills the baby boy Asterix is trying to protect because the boy is really Ptolemy XV Caesarion, the son of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra, and that killing would solidify Brutus' power in Rome. A rare departure from the comedy of the usual comics.
  • X-23:
    • A very rare heroic example: X-23 confirmed to Valeria Richards that she killed children during her time as a Tyke Bomb assassin-for-hire. This changed, however, after her escape from the Facility. She did later kill symbiote-infused clones of herself in Blackheart's service, who could technically be considered children.
    • And the Facility members who tortured her in the first place certainly qualify. Zander Rice and Kimura both subjected Laura to horrific physical abuse from the time she was seven years old. Rice also sent her to kill his illegitimate toddler son Henry (she ultimately refused to carry it out), while Kimura tried to kill Laura's cousin, Megan, by slowly pushing her finger through her heart just to punish Laura over her escape.
  • The Runaways frequently manage to run into villains who are willing to hurt kids. This often leads to humiliating defeats at the hands of Molly and Klara.
  • The celebrity team X-Force (later called X-Statix) overthrew their former coach in part because he planned to hand over a little boy with healing powers to pharmaceutical companies to be dissected.
  • Norman Osborn visited Baxter Building to speak with Reed in one of the Dark Reign stories (Dark Reign: Fantastic Four Vol 1 4). Unfortunately, the Fantastic Four team was away at the time and the only people left in the building were Richards' children, Franklin and Valeria. Visit is tense, but more or less civilized, until Franklin showed up with Spider-Man's mask. It does not take long for Norman, known psychopath, to start shooting at kids.
  • In the X-Men graphic novel God Loves, Man Kills, the evil of Stryker and his Purifiers is established on the very first page as the Purifiers kill two young mutant children, the older of whom might be 10, the younger of whom is six or less. At the end of the book, Stryker himself aims a gun at the adolescent Kitty Pryde.
  • Judge Dredd: ALL the Dark Judges are willing to murder children, given their whole "life is a crime" philosophy. Notably, Judge Fire burning down a primary school with everyone inside (earning him the nickname) when he was still human, Judge Mortis pursuing a group of juvie Judges like some undead Implacable Man during Necropolis, Judge Fear forcing a child on board the Mayflower to gaze into his face, and Judge Death going on a killing spree in an orphan shelter to draw out Judge Anderson.
  • In DC Comics' Legends (DC), Glorious Godfrey goes as far as slapping a child when she tries to speak reason to a crowd of adults that were surrounding the superheroes at the climax of the story, ready to let them have it - unfortunately for Godfrey, this is what frees the mob from his power.
  • In Cable & Deadpool Deadpool states that he would kill a child — wouldn't like it, but would do so, as he's a merc and this is his job. He later attempts to kill a child version of Cable, although he's been brainwashed and has just rescued Little Nate... this all actually Makes Sense In Context.
  • In A Distant Soil, there is actually a holiday for this on the planet Ovanan. In order to weed out children whose psychic potential is too great ("variants"), all children are ceremonially tested by the Avatar, who kills any with potential that could allow them to threaten the ruling Hierarchy. The kids have to stand in line and literally wait for their turn to find out whether they will live or die!
  • In The Multiversity Guidebook #1, the alternate Sivanas have no problem luring a chibi Sivana into their number so that one of them can eat him. Given everyone else on his world was a robot, that Sivana was found unpalatable.
  • In Convergence: Titans, Dreamslayer is more than happy to resurrect and use Lian Harper to force her father into fighting his friends. He keeps his hands on her throat and caresses her cheek to demonstrate he's in control, so he quite literally has her life in his hands.
  • In Violine, the doctor, Muller, and Van Beursen all threaten Violine's life at one point or another, either by poison or with guns.
  • In The Ultimate Doomsday Trilogy, among the first people The Maker/Ultimate Reed Richards kills when he turns evil is his own little sister.
  • Part of what makes the Marvel Universe such a Crapsack World, at least if you're part of the extended X-family stories? This is a world where Fantastic Racism is so strong that this trope is in place. Yes, there are humans in this world willing to physically abuse, torture and even kill kids, just for being born mutants. The 80s story God Loves, Man Kills actually opens with two grade school kids being hunted through the streets at night and then lynched in a playground by anti-mutant religious bigots. Meanwhile, the fortunately minor villain organization the U-men specializes in hunting down young mutants and vivisecting them for the raw materials for super-power-granting organ transplants. There's a reason readers often complain that Magneto's Kill All Humans aren't unjustified.
  • Apocalypse attempted to kill Franklin Richards during Onslaught, both to rid himself of a rival and because he was horrified by what Onslaught was doing and knew Franklin was a key part of his plans.
  • Back to Brooklyn
    • Paul rapes and kills kids and has it videotaped.
    • Churchill is the one who set a deal with Russian mobsters to always provide Paul with immigrant boys.
    • Penny was the one who taped Paul's crimes and was willing to let him have his way on her own son.
  • In Robyn Hood, Cal King, a.k.a. the Sheriff of Nottingham, murders the child son of Prince John to take power for himself.
  • Oxymoron: Oxymoron mails a bomb to a classroom full of children, and later murders Mary's son in front of her.
  • Hide is set in a world where, after the day of The Hero's Birthday, all the adults in the world over the age of 18 go from loving their kids unconditionally to killing them on sight.
  • The Uncle Scrooge story, "McDuck of Arabia" has the Scrooge and his nephews dealing with Hassan Den Jaild. He's a loathsome Smug Snake of a Arabian villain who is outright eager to threaten a child, Hewey, whom he's kidnapped, to force Sheik Arrabi to lead him to a treasure trove. Furthermore, when the villain finds the mine, his first thought is to force his hostages to dig for the gold and then kill them, including Hewey. Fortunately, Hewey's family, the local Junior Woodchuck and an isolated desert settlement are able to thwart him.


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