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Recap / Calvin And Hobbes The Series S 1 E 14 The Night Of The Living Television

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Calvin watches in envy as the Derkins set up their new DirectTV, chastising his father for not keeping up. Neither he nor Hobbes agree with Calvin, but he's got a plan - the TR (TV Restoration) device, a band-aid that directs all the electricity in the state to his own TV! What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Hobbes: (to the audience) You know what's going to happen, and I know what's going to happen.

When he installs it, a 45-second power failure ensues, a sure sign that the TR has worked.

Later, Calvin gets up for a midnight snack and finds the TV on. And no matter how much he tries, It Won't Turn Off! Until he tries to convince Hobbes that it's possessed, that is. The next day, while Calvin watches SpongeBob SquarePants, the TV starts screwing around, revealing a face. Calvin simply avoids the TV for the rest of the day.

That night, Calvin confronts the TV, who reveals that it came through the TR, and it isn't planning on leaving anytime soon - in fact, he's trying to get more power by using all the electricity in the world. His brainwashing attempt fails, so he begins attacking through the appliances. Eventually, Hobbes ends up witnessing this turn of events, and he and Calvin form a plan - he distracts it so Calvin can try to stop it. Unfortunately, Calvin is trapped by the phone wires before he can get to it, and he's soon attacked by his own inventions.


Calvin then pretends to go along with the TV, making a new power strip. However, it ends up weakening him, and though he promises to return, Calvin refutes his claims.

The duo remark on how they've saved the world (though no one will ever know), and then note the wreck that is their living room...



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