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The below covers just a fraction of the silliness the livers can get up to.

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    Mito Tsukino 
  • Many of the things that appear in her early compilation videos consist of funny moments.
    • Part 1 includes several funny moments from the first set of Europe Kikaku games Mito played, as well as that time Mito claimed to have played Amagami at the age of 8.
    • Part 2 includes Mito showing off her unique cookies (featuring fake blood left over from Halloween), talking about eating grass, and hiding things with herself.
    • Part 3 includes Mito playing a weird game about making croquettes, a game inspired by her previous streams, and using a voice changer to read out some infamous copypastas.
    • Part 4 includes several more unique games inspired by her streams, with entertaining reactions.
    • Best of Mito-chan! Total defeat edition includes Mito picking a fight with Tsukasa Ayatsuji from Amagami, and the incident where Mito complains about being mistaken for being underage when out at night, before remembering her age and backpedalling.
  • Mito tries another Europe Kikaku game about "mountain climbing".
  • Mito streams from the bath (with her clothes on), bamboozling everyone. The bamboozlement grows further when she then sings "Cruel Angel's Thesis" while underwater.
  • After a serious sequence involving Mito being possessed, becoming a zombie, losing her memories and having to be reminded of her identity by the chat, Mito then gets her body back by telling Possessed!Mito about a series of (fan-submitted) ridiculous fake rumours about her and claiming they're all real in order to convince her that she's someone not worth taking over, culminating in "Mito once starved to death because she was afraid of forks".
  • Mito did a contest for people to impersonate her. Naturally, there were some very entertaining entries:
    • A guy submitter was disqualified because his voice was cuter than hers.
    • Another guy puts his entry in song (complete with guitar playing) and has an existential crisis midsong. (Here's the clean audio, by the way.)
    • The alien abductee.
  • Mito using the Saito-san app to call a random person and seeing if Akinator can guess his identity.
  • The infamous "apology stream" made in response to her Prison Princess stream being banned barely a minute into the game, in which Mito treats "YouTube-kun" as a virgin who's easily provoked while doing using the thumbnail of her banned stream with "wholesome" background music.
  • Mito asked her viewers to send in info on dreams they had about her.
  • Mito plays around with recordings of her 3D model. The best part is that the clip of Mito eating something off the ground would be used as her standby screen for a long time afterwards.
  • For an otome game stream Mito put on a high-pitched cutesy voice, claiming that it was her usual voice. She only stops when someone superchats her 10000 yen with the message "Will you stop if I pay this much?"
    • Shortly after that someone writes a long comment about how they became her fan after watching her cover of "Chururira Chururira Daddadda!" — except that they addressed it to Pekora Usada. Mito's reaction is as one might expect.
  • Mito shooting Santa at the start of her Christmas 2020 singing stream. This wasn't the only time that happened during that stream, by the way.
  • Mito's second impersonation contest.
    • Shinzo Abe (?) shows up midway through to congratulate her and do an impersonation.
    • Guitar guy comes back, of course.
  • Mito's April Fools stream for 2021 has her announcing the results of a popularity contest she'd never talked about before, ranking different characters and versions of herself that appeared in her streams.
    • Just the fact that "characters" such as natto and an axe thrown by Mito were included as entries and placed higher than actual characters (though to be fair this sort of thing isn't uncommon in this type of poll).
    • When introducing Nazono Mito she picked out English comments as the poll comments to showcase, then promptly failed at translating said comments and had to ask the chat.
    • Nazono Mito invades the room complaining about the results being rigged. Mito eventually succeeds in defeating them by summoning a silhouette of Shinzo Abe who talks at an inaudible volume.
    • The stream ends with a cover of "Koi" by Gen Hoshino, as sung by "Tsukino Mito Family". This was later released as its own video.
  • Mito plays Uma Musume, and picks a fight with Sakura Bakushin O just like she did with Tsukasa Ayatsuji, declaring her intent to be the Class Representative of all world lines.
  • Mito released an image of herself on Twitter and challenged her viewers to make meme edits. They didn't disappoint.

    Touya Kenmochi 
  • Since Touya and his fanbase specialise in bantering with each other, basically any time he interacts with them (or rather, fights against them) for an extended period of time will lead to funny moments.
  • Touya's fans like to shitpost at him through Marshmallow questions, part of the reason why he's called the Marshmallow King. Here's a compilation of him reading some of the funniest ones.
  • This also happens whenever he asks for video thumbnails. Or when he doesn't ask for them, for that matter.
  • When he played Plague Inc. on stream for the first time he named his disease "Lolicon", leading to various hilarious lines as lolicon spread around the world.
  • Touya's parody of Kana Nishino's "Torisetsu".
  • For April Fools' Day 2021 Touko returned and had a conversation with Touya begging him to let her take over permanently. Then Michael Yamamoto shows up and they end up in a three-way rap battle.
    • The same stream revealed that Touya has a folder on his desktop called "Nijisanji Destruction Plan".
  • Touya decides to host a Civilization Revolution tournament with a bunch of other livers (Kuzuha, Minato Fuwa, Kanae, Ibrahim), only to discover one day before the event that the game's online service ended seven years earlier — after the other participants had bought PS3s specifically for the event. He decides to make the most of it by holding a trial stream:
    • His viewers acted as both the prosecution and defence, posting their arguments on Twitter. Naturally, they brought in several unrelated topics, such as the time he sang on an NHK show.
    • He pulled the verdict from his Marshmallows. The result: "Tuna orange". Apparently this was equivalent to guilty, because he then gets imprisoned.
  • Touya [[ tests out an AI that is supposed to detect faces. It evidently still needs work, since a pic of him and

    Tamaki Fumino / Noraneko 
  • One time she failed to disconnect her stream. Mito messaged her to let her know, except that she then failed to disconnect her stream again, and viewers were treated to her doing random things such as singing 'Arigatou' with the lyrics replaced with "asshole" (ketsu no ana) and drumming to Gurenge. Mito had to call her directly and point it out.
  • The infamous collaboration with Taka Radjiman of Nijisanji ID, and its various random moments. Highlights:
    • Taka has to explain that India and Indonesia are different. It doesn't help that she planned to make naan bread for the stream.
    • Tamaki asking him "Do you know Nijisanji?" despite him already being from Nijisanji.
    • The fact that the first several minutes were in very awkward English even though Taka could speak Japanese.
  • When the #NIJINYANJI project was announced Tamaki wasn't included because she didn't have a 3D model. In response, she decided to stream through the entire duration of the project — 14 hours in total. Of course, the stream isn't just her singing Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya. Highlights include (partial highlights here):
    • Roping in her brother into singing when he calls her, and then later getting her sister to sing;
    • Getting viewers to sing (or not), some of which were better than others, including the infamous Mito impersonator guitar guy;
    • Getting Nijisanji livers to join in (or trying to), including Gilzaren III, Sango Suo, and Sister Claire;
    • Calling up other YouTubers — Takaharu Ooi (the pro mahjong player, who she called 3 times while he was streaming), Tamaki Inuyama (who managed to avoid singing), Yutabon and Atsushi.
  • Tamaki's English-only stream. She managed to call several different people and have some "interesting" conversations with them. Clips here.
  • Tamaki's 3D debut stream was as chaotic as one might expect (partial highlights):
    • Tamaki shows off her chest size in front of Mugi, and later Mito and Kaede.
    • One of the early transition scenes has Tamaki imitating a cricket for some reason.
    • Tamaki re-enacts the Get Down meme with her 3D model. She does all the poses properly, as well.
    • The alternative faces she has include a Pien face, which she uses to sing Pien no Uta, and a Joey Wheeler meme face.
    • Tamaki sets up the Party to Protect Citizens from Ichikara and promises to crush Ichikara. This gets her hauled in front of Mito who lectures her.
    • The ending has an On the Next parodying the famous "Jounouchi Dies" preview from Yu-Gi-Oh!.

    Era Otogibara 
  • Era's dirty mind is exposed when she plays Plug & Play.
  • Era's 3D debut stream had many funny moments (highlights):
    • Era being showered with money and parodying the logo and ad jingle for "High-Income Job Information Vanilla", a website that advertises mainly sex work and which is infamous for the advertising cars that play its Ear Worm jingle. (Incidentally, this caught the attention of Vanilla's official Twitter account.)
    • Her reaction to guessing various objects while blindfolded, such as the bust of Eudrick.
  • Era rewatches her debut stream one year on and cringes at basically everything.

    Pomu Rainpuff 
  • Elira's and Pomu's NKODICE stream, where they completely throw any and all notion of being "pure" out the window. The best part is that, after a little while, Pomu asks Elira how many rolls will it take for them to get the game-ending "ochinchin" roll, Elira says "right now", and Elira was absolutely right. "E to Believe", indeed.
  • Pomu quickly becomes addicted to Minecraft, to the point to where she succinctly summarizes her decision to reduce her hours at her non-Vtuber job as "I quit my fucking job for Minecraft!"
    • Elira manages to convince Pomu that she was able to gain early access to Minecraft 2, to the point that Pomu asked her how to gain access via Discord. Pomu's chat has to break it to her that it's a joke.
    • Pomu mistakenly calls ANYCOLOR CEO Riku Tazumi "senpai" during a Minecraft stream. Out of embarrassment, she asks that this doesn't get clipped, at which point Elira literally namedrops one of Pomu's clippers and asks them to clip it. They did so, with Pomu desperately asking them to delete it in the comments.
    • Pomu becomes extremely desperate for a Minecraft session with Elira and descends into madness culminating to an absolutely cursed Minecraft stream combined with a demonic version of her model randomly appearing during Elira's Henry Stickmin stream that was going on at the same time.
    • Pomu had a stretch where she was guaranteed to show up for every single Nijisanji EN member's Minecraft stream, even for Petra whose first stream on the World Server went past midnight in Pomu's timezone on a work night.
  • Pomu likes stale popcorn, and will have words if you diss it.
  • During a stream with Elira doing Cookie Clicker, someone mentioned they had their wisdom teeth removed and had a request. Namely, for Elira to comfort them like they were her darling child and Pomu to insult them for being weak.

    Finana Ryugu 
  • Finana had quite possibly the shortest debut stream in Virtual YouTuber history at 8 seconds. In reality, her stream software failed her and she would do a proper debut stream a couple of days later. This led to countless "#FreeFinana" memes between her failed debut and her proper stream.
  • Finana's infamous "Egg" story, where, after YouTube troubles forced LazuLight onto Twitch, Finana describes her dad coming across a NSFW package intended for her.
  • Pomu and Selen suspected that Finana (who built LazuLight's Minecraft house) would have a stroke after seeing the OBSYDIA house. Sure enough, Finana reacts in silent horror before calling it "terribad" and worse than beginner-level.
  • In Finana's second Grand Theft Auto V stream, she ended up despairing over having to do a mission in which she has to fly a helicopter. As she's doing her best to fly, a random chat member begins telling her to "press F to autopilot", which she reads, and immediately proceeds doing just that, making Trevor jump exit the helicopter hundreds of feet up in the air, killing him. Finana's despaired reaction to having just fallen for said ruse is priceless.

    Selen Tatsuki 
  • While Selen's Resident Evil 4 playthrough unfortunately had to be put on hiatus, what she did play still provided plenty of laughs:
    • She fumbles around with the settings while looking for subtitles and completely glitches her stream out.
    • She opens a gate and sees a slow-moving but continuous stream of zombies. Rather than push through guns blazing, she spends a ridiculously-long amount of time peeking out of the gate and picking them off a few at a time.
    • Selen getting decapitated by the chainsaw enemy during Leon's reload animation multiple times, one of which she admitted happened because she was thinking about the ammo count in another video game.
    • Selen thoughtlessly blowing the lock holding dog enemies back and subsequently getting swarmed, then practically blowing herself up trying to use a grenade.
    • Selen encounters a scary-looking corridor and asks Finana (who was in chat at the time) to call into the stream for moral support. She gathers her courage and steps forward...only to be met with a harmless puzzle.
  • Selen's first Minecraft stream on the Nijisanji World server is also full of laughs, including:
    • Selen practices "Ocean Law". As in, taking everything she comes across that isn't nailed to the floor. All of this happening while Reza tattles on her in Minecraft's text chat.
    • Selen unexpectedly encounters Pomu. Selen assumes Pomu is going to give her a tour and tags along for bit... until Pomu turns around and asks why Selen is following her. After that awkward moment plays out, Pomu gives her a tour to remember.
    <PomuRainpuff> OKAY I GIVE YOU TOUR
    <PomuRainpuff> this is my sky bridge :)
    <PomuRainpuff> tour over
    <SelenTatsuki> that was beautiful
    • Selen and Pomu explore the sky bridge, but when Pomu realizes that Selen stole from one of her chests, she silently turns around, equips her sword, and slowly walks towards Selen until the items are returned. Selen still gets away with stealing some after Pomu turns away.
    • Selen creates a shack for OBSYDIA that has to be seen to be believed.
  • During one Apex Legends session, she encounters a slippery opponent who she repeatedly whiffs shots on. Her solution? Do absolutely nothing until they strafe into her aim and then blast them.
  • Selen plays the first Metal Slug with a coin prop so she can metaphorically "feed" coins into the machine as she uses continues. Once the deaths begin to rack up, she starts describing the things that she is giving up to play Metal Slug when she pauses to "feed" the machine, starting with lunch money and escalating into college, her bed (which includes another dig at Rosemi's living situation), her kitchen, her bathroom, her kidneys, and a bit of her hair.
  • As Selen quickly built a reputation as The Hyena, she decided to do a challenge stream where she loses one of three lives if she laughs, the goal being to make it past ten minutes. Many thought it would be a disaster - and it certainly looked that way from the start - but then she surprised everyone by lasting over 90 minutes with "the power of spite".
    • She handled most of the stream in Dissonant Serenity, reading poems while also taking shots at Shakespeare, her chats attempts to make her laugh, and The Big Bang Theory (the last of which directly led to her downfall).
    Selen: "I know you can do this for hours, I believe in you Elira." Thank you. Also, fuck you, I'm not Elira. Thank you for the super chat. Thank you, thank you! I'm Selen, the serious sister.
    • Pomu tries and fails to get Selen to laugh by sending her the lyrics to Cardi B's "WAP", only replacing certain lyrics with "Pomu".
    • Amusingly, the first fail was the only one caused by her fans:
    Selen (at 1:13 of her timer): Okay guys, I'm just gonna say that I see people out there being like "Oooh, peepeepoopoo" [chuckles, then stops to collect herself] ...that counted.
    • Her next fail was more than fifty minutes later, while recalling Elira's Minecraft stream that was ongoing at the time:
    Selen (at 53:58): I was actually watching Elira doing her Minecraft stream, where she was, uh, trying to find the End. And, uh, it was so funny because she was like "Where's the dragon?" Then like, the dragon was dead a-[chuckle]-already. Oh wait, that was a chuckle. Welp, no more stories for you guys.
    • Elira, having wrapped up the aforementioned Minecraft stream, enters the chat and causes the challenge to end:
    Selen (at 1:34:58): Do you actually watch Big Bang Theory? Are you a Sheldon stan, Elira? Is this true?
    Elira (in chat): do I look like I watch anything 3D
    Selen: "Do I look like I watch a-" [starts laughing] God DAMN it! I hate you, Elira! [...] Goddammit, Elira! Why do you have to be so funny?!
  • Selen may be an expert Hero Shooter player, but that experience does little to help her in Serious Sam: The First Encounter, where the near-endless swarms frequently jumpscare and/or overwhelm her with hilarious results. Additionally, the final level sees Selen frequently saving and loading into virtually-impossible situations between the combination of Selen's quick-saves and the game's natural autosave.
  • During a Q&A stream, Selen included the question from chat "Why did your Dad bone a dragon?". She had forgotten about it and could barely gasp the question out before breaking out in laughter.
  • On one of the first Protoss missions of her playthrough of the remaster of StarCraft I, she rampages through a Zerg base. Before making the final push, she takes the time to set up a couple of photon cannons and build a large dragoon force before finally going off to attack... only to discover that the rest of the Zerg "forces" consisted of a single Sunken Colony, which died in seconds, causing her to burst out laughing.

    Snack Time! 



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  • Chima Machita has the voice of an opera singer. So she uses this talent for comedic purposes, like singing Japanese puns to the tune of Freesia, or singing Caro Mio Ben to goad other streamers into laughing.
  • Lulu's idea of a toy for people of all ages is a time bomb that you play hot potato with. The other Niji members awkwardly try to suggest non-lethal ways to play with it, but Lulu continues to insist that, yes, it's as lethal as it sounds.
  • Kaede and Mito singing Shintakarajima while Mito gets 100kg weights dropped on her every few seconds.
  • During Dokuzuhonsha's stream of Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, when Himawari and Kuzuha are playing they encounter the "Who's On First" module and promptly demonstrate why it has that name.
    Himawari: Left side, second from the top... (reading the button) "Eh?"?
    Kuzuha: Eh? Wha?
    Himawari: "Eh?"
    Kuzuha: What happened?
  • Mea Kagura "accidentally" leaks that Gwelu Os Gar is married while he is streaming at the same time, leading to them talking and Mea seemingly being worried about what would happen. He then stops his stream and begins a ridiculously over-the-top "public apology", at which point Mea explains (on her own stream) that the whole thing was staged. Then it turns out that Mea thought it was a joke when he told her about being married and she only realised the truth just then.
    • During the apology stream Gwelu announced the opening of memberships on his channel and then birthday plans while still crying.
  • Gwelu hosted "Stream won't end until Kana Sukoya solves an integral equation", which is Exactly What It Says on the Tin and a reference to a previous stream he did with Ririmu that lasted 8 hours. However, since Kana already knows calculus she solves the problem before Gwelu finishes his introduction.
  • Kai Mayuzumi once decided to take some suggestions from viewers on how to change his image. Here's the result.
  • Gwelu gives a very serious chemistry lesson to Fumi.
  • Mito and Touya play LINE text chicken. The rules: send a fake messagenote  to a person, then try to leave the message up as long as possible before deleting it without the message being seen. Hilarity Ensues, especially when they fail and have to deal with the other person's reactions.
  • There's a trend of the livers doing unique "appeals" during the standby waiting time for big tournaments.
    • From the 3rd Nijisanji Mario Kart Cup highlights include:
      • Mao trying to flaunt her chest, which would be more effective if she had any. Ratna does a bit better when she does it.
      • Lize bragging about her internet speeds (500 Mbps download, 220 Mbps upload!)
      • Hajime, meanwhile, prefers to flaunt his crotch — leading Masaru to do the same but with his genderbent version.
      • People doing self-promotion in various unique ways.
      • Mito fiddling with a pic of Touya.
    • The finals also had their own set of loading screens.
  • Kei Nagao receives a Marshmallow from a Fumi fan telling him about how she was commenting that she hasn't received any Marshmallows from angry fans yet, and asks him to write a fake Marshmallow to send to her. Unfortunately just as he sends it through Fumi shows up in the chat and reveals she was watching the whole thing.
  • Ange wrote shipfics featuring herself and fellow livers for the Nijisanji Minecraft server's library set up by Kokoro Amamiya.
    • Here's the whole set as read by Tomoe.
    • Belmond and Yuika have both reacted to the fics featuring themselves.
    • While we're at it, Kei's contribution, inspired by the fake Marshmallow he wrote above, was a fictional diary about a rather obsessive fan of Kei, while Kana's contribution (here as read by Tomoe, or Lize) was a set of "interesting" lines for others to voice act.
    • Mito's contribution (not yet translated) proves once again the depth of her Internet subculture knowledge as she sets up hers in the style of a 2ch "anka thread" (an Interactive Fiction style thread where the responses to fill in are marked in the text as anchors to a post number somewhere in the next few posts; here Mito closes her eyes and selects a random comment in the live text chat to put in), leading to some very funny results, and finishes off the story by using a copypasta as her afterword.
  • The saga of the Lantern Trees (on the Nijisanji Minecraft server), trees made of emeralds that "grow" lanterns, built by Haru. Starts off wholesome enough... then Shellin finds the tree built on the mountain and decides to expand it a bit. The saga continues when Luis Cammy tries to clean it up, then Shellin and Haru decide they might as well turn it into a complete monstrosity.
  • Kai Mayuzumi sets up various Minecraft shaders to test the performance of his computer. After he's been standing still for a while Shellin builds a train track around him and starts riding a cart on the track. Kai eventually breaks the track apart, sending Shellin crashing to the ground.
  • Kei pretends to be Ibrahim during a Meifu collaboration in order to prank Furen. Furen gets suspicious and starts asking questions, and every time she asks a question Kei has to ask the chat for the answer. Cue Melissa trying to explain why "Ibrahim" took two "toilet breaks" within 10 seconds of each other.
  • Kaede and Mito's song for the 2020 Nijisanji Unit Music Festival was "Buta no Gohan". Not the kind of song one would expect them to sing at first glance (especially when they did more standard fare in the past... and earlier in the same event, for that matter).
    Touya: You thought they were idols? This is Nijisanji!
  • From the bonus disc of "Prismatic Colors" comes a cover of "Memeshikute" by Golden Bomber, performed by Kou Uzuki, Touya Kenmochi and Shellin Burgundy. Nijisanji released an official video for it, which is more-or-less faithful to the original — and therefore has its own share of funny moments:
    • The roles of the man and woman at the start of the video are played by Kizuku Yashiro and Chaika Hanabatake. Touya's face in the middle when Kizuku puts his arm around Chaika potentially takes on a whole new meaning.
    • When Kou does the part where he takes his shirt off, his chest is censored.
    • Kou playing the guitar with his teeth during the bridge.
    • The pom-pom holders in the last chorus are filled in by Belmond Banderas, Keisuke Maimoto, Kuzuha, Kanae and Hayato Kagami. They are rather less enthusiastic than their counterparts in the original video, ranging from "making an attempt" (Keisuke) to "why did I agree to this" (Belmond).
    • In the making-of video Joe Rikiichi questions why he's in the video if he didn't sing the song. The others confirm that it was entirely because of his face.
  • Chima re-enacting the Get Down meme with her avatar while singing "Promise".
  • This idol audition skit featuring Masaru and Sister Claire as the judges and Shellin, Kana, Naru Naruse and Eru as applicants.
  • Ex Albio tried out Saku Sasaki's method of making thumbnails. It doesn't quite work out.
  • At the start of an Among Us game Kai Mayuzumi offers to pair up with Mao Matsukai since she was still inexperienced, but is concerned about ending up as imposter. Akina Saegusa suggests he just kill her as fast as possible. Sure enough, he pulls impostor and promptly kills Mao within five seconds of the kill button being enabled, in full view of half the players.
  • For Minecraft New Year's 2021 Haru Kaida was the first to set up an ema at the Neo Gion shrine. Then Kei Nagao found it and decided to write a joke board impersonating Haru, which leads to a whole series of livers joining in.
  • Kaede Higuchi's cursed ASMR (clip).
  • Shellin built a Pachinko sign in Minecraft that lights up. Then he added a feature where the "pa" can be turned off, leading to the sign reading "chinko" (penis). See it in action here (as demonstrated by Ars).
    • In Kuukiyomi 3 there's a question where the player is passing in front of a pachinko sign, which Shellin was naturally excited about when he played it. He even changed the name of the stream to "**chinko" before it started.
  • The "You Laugh, You Lose" competition, in which the contestants (Kakeru and Fuyuki) are shown a series of "touching stories" and have to avoid laughing in order to win.
    • Melissa tells a story of how a scout from Nijisanji appeared while they were singing on the street and requests the song they can sing the best, so Melissa sings "Chichi wo Moge" from Zatch Bell!. And Haru Kaida just so happened to be there to play the guitar.
    • Chima gets the contestants to laugh just by singing "Caro ben mio" seriously.
  • Kyoko Todoroki tries to draw a self-portrait while blindfolded.
  • For Ririmu's 200,000 subscriber commemoration, Kuzuha and Kou set up "Pacific Ririmu", a plan where they direct Ririmu through calls with various other members. Of course, things go south fast:
    • Haru Kaida is first up, and not only does he gets roasted with Ririmu calling him an unsuccessful musician (a line uttered by Kuzuha), but Ririmu then interrupts him with shouts of "Oi!" and tries to encourage him loudly.
    • During her call with Sara Hoshikawa, Ririmu and co. manage to botch the conversation completely, culminating in Ririmu declaring that she likes the way Sara "laughs at tears" after mishearing a line. After the call ends Ririmu laments that she lost a friend.
    • Then there are the many times she repeats lines blindly as well ("My favourite food is blank!").
    • Eventually they all get tried on "Tasukete! Gakkyu Saiban" over the whole mess and found guilty, leading to the three of them receiving a punishment game.
  • When Utako appeared as a guest during Touya's radio show Sharpness Radio, during the rap battle she started naming various ero manga that she'd been reading, all of which were heavily censored.
  • Kai Mayuzumi does a stream where he reacts to the very stream he's making with a slight delay. Later in the stream he reduces the delay, and by the end of the stream there are at least 40 nested copies of the stream.
  • Kei declares during a Mario Kart stream that there's no way that his sister will get married before he does. When called out by the comments he assures them that she's probably not watching — then there's the sound of his phone vibrating, after which he starts praising his sister (badly).
  • Kai Mayuzumi's 100,000 subscriber celebration call-in stream had him sitting in the middle of an empty room set up for a large party. Various people show up in the comments but throw in excuses for why they can't call in. Midway through Lize declares her intention to celebrate with him and he shoos her off because it would ruin the joke.
    • A few months later, he revealed that he'd found a way to stop it from happening again: throw money at everything (courtesy of a game he found on Steam).
      "Are you watching? Natsuiro-san, are you watching? Amane-san, are you watching? Minato-san, are you watching? I won't have a zero-person call-in ever again. By spending money... the calls will come..." (starts laughing crazily)
  • Sanbaka's Gomi BGM (originating from when they tried to create a song during their debut streams).
  • Saku Sasaki blows up Ichikara because her stickers looked bad.
  • In February 2021 Sara Hoshikawa made an English self-introduction video. Both the YouTube and Twitter versions had Japanese subtitles, but while the YouTube version had normal subtitles the Twitter version instead had a Gag Sub written by Haru Kaida (a translation can be found in this Reddit comment).
  • Touya and Gaku play Dream Club Zero together, and Gaku keeps choosing the pachinko option despite Touya's attempts to stop him. When Touya has to go to the fridge to get some drinks, Gaku goes to pachinko again, wins some money, then asks the chat to claim that he earned it through a cleaning job. Touya comes back, finds the whole chat praising cleaning and isn't fooled one bit.
  • For his 180,000 subscriber endurance stream Gwelu decides to stream without speaking until he reaches 180k, instead miming his reactions. The listeners respond by repeatedly unsubscribing and resubscribing, causing his live count to rise and fall by 100 or 200 subs at a time.
  • JKL (Mito, Kaede, Rin and Elu) play the Kuzozako English Telephone Game, inspired by a famous MMD animation that featured them. Since all of the JK Gumi suck at English the messages get messed up beyond recognition almost immediately.
  • Ange Katrina channels her inner Dirty Old Man while visiting Yumenographia. Special mention goes to the point where Ange tries to get a virtual Indirect Kiss via a coffee cup, only for the girl to turn the cup around to avoid it every time, leading to Ange "licking" the entire lip of the cup.
  • For a while there was a trend to get VTubers to say "hi honey". Chiho Han is having none of it, and trying to avoid his viewers' attempts to get him to say it leads him to forget English, Japanese and Korean.
  • Part of Kokoro Amamiya's 3D debut stream includes a version of "Pokemon in Real Life" starring Kokoro and Lize.
  • Haru Kaida worries that he's being too cool.
  • Any time that a liver states they'll end the stream if something happens and it takes much less time than expected. It happens often enough that the official (Japanese) clip channel did three compilations.
  • During a Gartic Phone stream featuring multiple Nijisanji branches, ZEA Cornelia compliments Elira's good English...Elira being a member of Nijisanji EN, who are obviously English-fluent.
  • During a cooking stream, Rosemi claims to have no strength before proceeding to destroy her can opener.
  • Elira, Finana, and Selen have a laugh at Rosemi's lack of furniture. When Rosemi's questionable cooking skills come up in one of Selen's other streams, Selen remarks that she hasn't burned her house down yet because doesn't have anything in her house to burn.
  • Petra visits the Nijisanji World Minecraft server for the first time. Her reaction to the OBSYDIA house built by Selen is to attempt to defect to LazuLight:
    • First she places a sign outside the LazuLight house and sets up her bed in a corner of Finana's room.
    • After Pomu logs in, Petra asks if she can adopt her. Pomu eagerly agrees, even offering Petra the room on the house's rooftop — only to take back her offer once she finds out Petra's been killing their sheep for wool (she didn't know about shears).
  • Rosemi makes reference to Finana's egg, stating that she was using it in her cupcakes — apparently missing that the "egg" in question was a thinly-veiled euphanism for a particular NSFW device. When chat asks if she knows where that egg's been, she starts thinking about where eggs come from and briefly grosses herself out, before admitting that she's never seen a chicken lay an egg so she doesn't know the exact mechanics. Finana later enters the chat and Rosemi tells her that she used her egg, to which Finana could only reply "WHAT".
  • For Ibrahim's 3D debut, after some games with Ex Albio he sits down at a pachislot machine and starts playing (while giving commentary to the audience)... and keeps playing... and keeps playing. In the end, apart from a short break in the middle Ibrahim spent nearly 40 minutes of his 1 hour 3D debut with his back to the camera playing pachislot. The sequence only ends when someone comes up to tell him the parlour is closing, and even then he has to be dragged away from the machine.
    • Apparently if the staff hadn't decided to bring in Ex Albio he would have spent that whole time playing the pachislot machine instead.
  • After a round of Kizuku Yashiro testing Himawari Honma on academic questions, Himawari sets up a surprise quiz for both of them, where they would both try to solve five questions set by the staff. Kizuku gets frustrated at the increasingly ridiculous questions and how obvious of a set-up it was, and eventually...
    Himawari: The surprise event of "giving extra hard questions to Yashiro and Hima getting every question correct" is a success... ah...
  • Someone made a WarioWare-style game based on Ex Albio, and he played it on stream. It has to be seen to be believed, especially the bit where the creator shows up in the game.
  • Petra's 100k subscriber celebration stream began with some karaoke. ...unfortunately, Petra forgot to unmute herself as the stream went live, leading to her model silently singing to music as chat frantically tried to signal her that she was muted. When she finally realized what happened and restarted, she punctuated the song with groans of embarrassment at her mistake.
    Petra: (after the song) I am full of regret and pain. I don't think I'll recover from that for a while...

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