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Welcome To Dangerland is an as of yet unpublished work thought up by the troper Dingjun. It is an [[Animesque]] black-and-white comic featuring the adventures of Noah Lapucelle, a young man with the ability to use his inner madness and rage to manipulate his surroundings, also known as "Danger". However, he is not the only one to possess such powers. Together with several hundred other students, he attends Poe University, with the goal to one day become capable of controlling the powers still resting within him.WTD is notable for on the one hand being a typical Shonen fighting series, bordering even on Cliché Storm sometimes, but on the other hand featuring a large and colorful cast mainly consisting of psychopaths, sociopaths and the occasional Anti-Hero. Also, its artwork tends to be either really weird or outright inconsistent. Expect lots of eyes.Six chapters have already been drawn by Dingjun, however, due to him being a Lazy Bum, none of them has appeared online yet. However, rumors have it that that might change over the course of the next months.



  • Anti-Hero: Noah veers on the edge between Type III and Type IV. He is by no means nice, and even outright nasty sometimes, but he still is rather considerate of others and fights for the right thing.
  • Ax-Crazy: Everyone, with a few exceptions.

Character Tropes

There are more than just a few things wrong with the cast. Most of all, nigh all of them suffer from some kind of psychosis.

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    Noah Lapucelle 
"Listen up, folks of this place! I have come to conquer you!"

Our hero. A 19-year old Danger user who originally came to Poe University to simply become stronger. He is a rather big jerk, although sometimes his heart of gold shines through. He has not one, but three Berserk Buttons. Should all of them be pushed, God help you.

Later on, it is revealed that his Danger is actually one of the 13 Angel-Parts, making him a living Macguffin Gernica needs to obtain.

Currently, he is a member of Class 13. His Danger is Oculum Dei, allowing him to manipulate anything non-living he touches at will. It manifests as a cluster of eyes, of course. Later on, he gains the Worm Ability toswitch into an alternate dimension for a short period of time.

    Poe University - Staff 

Oren Regan

The headmaster of Poe University. Probably one of the strongest Danger users alive, he manages to maintain a R-Level of 1. Although he is a grumpy man in his fifties, his softer side may shine through occasionally. Mostly however, he ensures that his students do not forget their stay at his institution.

His Danger is Iactus Decies Centena Milia. It manifests as a pair of revolvers. Its ability is to shoot beams of energy.

  • A Father to His Men: While he is originally shown to be very cruel to his students, he actually grows to like them and starts to treat them like his children.
    • It is heavily implied that the selection process the student staff of Poe University is constantly undergoing is actually his way of preventing weaker students from getting into the very real, very dark problems his institution has to face every year.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking
  • Badass Mustache
  • Badass Teacher
  • Cool Gun: The IDCM.
  • Former Teen Rebel: He used to be a loud, bratty idiot while he was a student at Poe.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: When it becomes obvious that he can't defeat Ewig, he tries this, reducing his R-Level to 0 for a short time. Luckily, Noah snaps him out of it.
  • Hidden Depths: He is apparently into cosplaying and a huge fan of stuffed animals.
  • Large Ham: With cheese. So much that it left the student body baffled when they first heard him speak.
  • Weak, but Skilled: When he was a student at Poe, his Danger actually was one of the weakest around, and probably still is today. It's just that he keeps constantly honing his skills with it, never having stopped developing it in 57 years.
  • World's Strongest Man: His pure Danger level is the highest one ever measured, so he is this OFFICIALLY. Inofficially, of course, there are several others who might be on an equal level with him or even surpass him.

Glenberg Zappi

Poe University's cook. Constantly gets into quarrels with the students, who regard his food as rather eccentric.


The founder of Poe University. Originally a Victorian-era gentleman who decided to found an academy for outcasts of society who suffered from the same ailment (Danger) as him. On his deathbed, his Danger activated. Thanks to it, he is alive even today, his body constantly falling apart and putting itself together again. He is one of the few beings in the history of mankind with an R-Level of 0. This allows him to use his Danger not only on physical objects, but also on abstract terms. His Danger is Specter Solidi. It allows him to split objects into pieces and put them back together after a given time.

    Poe University - Class 1 
Class 1 is one of the largest classes of Poe University, inhabiting over 70 students before the student council election. Its emblem shows an eagle. Its Class ability is Angelus Lusitandis. It allows its users to walk through the air for a few seconds.

Globul Arrier

The teacher of class 1. A big and jolly man who might be more than he seems at first.

His Danger is Editio Caeli. It mainfests as a cloud. It is able to cause several weather effects, such as rain, hail and thunder.

Rubra Rubra

Class 1's prodigy student and later member of the student council. Throughout her entire life, rooms she stayed in started to become extremely dusty within seconds. When her first true love insulted her for this, she tried to kill herself. At that moment, her Danger activated for the first time. Ever since then, she has been constantly training to control her ability.

She is in possession of one of the 13 Angel Parts, in her case the bones of the angel.

Her Danger is Os Dei. It allows her to turn every part of her body except for her bones into dust, which she can control freely. Later on, she gains the Worm Ability to coat her bones in sharp metal scales.

Taya Taihou

Class 1's representative. A very vain and excentric woman with an incredible ego. She believes that she can subdue whomever doesn't share her worldviews, but isn't that bad a person elsewise.

Her Danger is Astrum Celsum. It manifests as a pair of boots. It makes her invulnerable to whomever has a lower alititude than herself.

Chane Acult

A very strong woman who trains on a regular basis and thus is quite muscular. Despite her rough outside, she is very motherly towards her comrades and is willing to step in to protect them.

Her Danger is Vis Et Sucus. It manifests as a pair of syringes conjoined by a chain. These syringes allow her to infuse herself and others with a very potent doping drug.

Ascot Wilder

Heir to the world-renowned Wilder-hotel franchise. He is a member of ROYAL.

His Danger is Desultor Undarum. It manifests as a surfboard and is able to ride on air.

Helio Ernares

Another member of ROYAL. This one is the heir of the very rich Ernares-Icecream-foundation.

His Danger is Ascia Specularis. It manifests as an axe. It is able to deflect objects thrown at it.

Shura Laiy

A student of Class 1 and former member of ROYAL. She is a bold and strong-willed woman with rather cruel tendencies. After her fight with Gamble, she starts to soften up, at least a little.

Her Danger is Coma Medusae. It manifests as black extensions of her hair. She can control it at will and use it to suck blood. Later on, she gets the Worm Ability to control her natural hair as well, which becomes able to give off small electric shocks.

Gajung Threeheart

The big guy. A towering giant of a man who dwarfs everyone else on Poe University. He is actually very calm and collected.

His Danger is Catena Gigantis. It manifests as a big flail. It has the ability to cause the air around itself to whirl around like a tornado.

Magobi Gobi

Where Gajung's physical mass comes from constant training, Magobi's comes from constant eating. He is a shy but very nice guy who is willing to stand in for his comrades.

His Danger is Rica Custodis. It manifests as a headband. It allows him to gather the damage taken from the Dangers of others and transfer it into additional physical energy. He later on also gains the Worm Ability to unleash the energy gained from Rica Custodis as waves of power.

Elsbef Roger

A rather clumsy student of Class 1. Her tendency to get into rather stupid situations has earned her the nickname "Queen Of Fail".

Her Danger is Baculum Resurrectionis. It manifests as a simple staff. It allows her to decrease her own weight.

Marial Lafou

A student of Class 1. She tends to be rather silent and shy, but has a gentle personality. She is also notable for being rather big, not that that was a bad thing.

Her Danger is Arbor Agnitionis. It manifests as a wakizashi. It causes small trees to grow from the wounds she inflicts on her enemies. The fruit of these trees has a healing effect.

Jimina Geville

The local Psycho Lesbian with one hell of a crush on Ingra. Don't get between her and her prey. She deeply admires Ingra ever since she was protected from bullies by her. They are special now, at least according to her herself.

Later on, however, she learns to accept Ingra's relationship with Augus and starts to stand up more for herself.

Her Danger is Ancilla Alata. It manifests as a short rapier. It has the ability to sprout wings with razor-sharp feathers. Later on, she gets a Worm Ability which, much to her anguish, increases her Danger's power the farther she is away from Ingra.

    Poe University - Class 2 
Class 2 doesn't have a lot of students, however, they make up for it with their strength. Their emblem shows a millipede. Its Class ability is Solum est Haustum. It allows its users to shift through the walls of Poe University.

Maga Maaga

The teacher of Class 2. A constantly frowning small older woman.

Her Danger is Unguis Telli. It manifests as a pair of claws. It allows her to absorb minerals.

Unun Ullium

The prodigy student of Class 2 and later member of the student council. Crazy. He is, due to some reason, completely off his rocker. This may be partially related to his parents force-feeding him caffeine as a child, for no other reason than to see what would happen to him. He is VERY ambitious as well, being of the opinion that he belongs on the top of Poe University's food chain. That's why, when he doesn't become the head of the student council, he starts initiating a scheme to gain that position. Also, join his coven!

His Danger is Vestimentum Aequabile. It manifests as the skintight bodysuit he WEARS ALL THE TIME. It allows him to match the speed of every object around him. Later on, he also gets the Worm Ability to absorb the momentum of other objects with his hands. Also, the constant use of his Danger seems to have trained his body to such an extent that he can actually move at supersonic speed with minimal effort.

Limuel Ender

Unun's most loyal follower. He is very devoted to him, going to the point of obsession.

Later on, he takes part in the plan to topple the student council.

His Danger is Aleator Ambrosius. It manifests as a set of claws springing from his right hand. It is able to turn everything it cuts into cubes. His Worm Ability furthermore allows him to control these cubes and to change them into other basic shapes such as pyramids, spheres or cylinders.

Kozue Mikihara

An actually pretty normal guy who serves as the class representative of Class 2.

His Danger is Risus Lunae. It manifests as a crescent-bladed naginata. Its ability is to cancel out the Danger abilities of anyone it injures, although only for a few seconds.

    Poe University - Class 3 
Class 3 of Poe University. Its badge shows a mongoose. Its Class Ability is Silentium et Clamor. It increases the hearing abilities of its users.

Master Honshee

The teacher of Class 3. He insists on being called "master" by his students.

His Danger is Gubernator Suffragiorum. It manifests as a short stick. It allows him to control the sounds around him.

Rimae Szuru

The class-representative of Class 3. Her main motivation is the suffering of others, which she causes not only personally but also through her manipulative schemes.

After being thrown out of the student council election early on due to Noah's meddling, she joins Gernica and later on becomes one of the organization's Eight Black Angels. However, she once again is defeated, and afterwards put into "detention" for a longer period. However, she manages to escape captivity and join Septemfluus, offering her body and Danger to its leader, Yocto. She fights Noah once again with the power gained from being Yocto's vessel, but is ultimately defeated. Afterwards, she is put into a permanent detention.

Her Danger is Regina Spinarum. It manifests as black clots of haywire. She can control anybody she captures with these wires, by having their spikes pierce the neuronal system of her victims and infusing them with her Danger energy.

Eins Zero

A student of Class 3. A master mathematician who only speaks in binary.

His Danger is Verbi Sapientiae. It manifests as a scouter-like device. It allows him to solve any mathematical problems in no time.

    Poe University - Class 4 
Class 4 of Poe University. A rather big class, it has several talented students. Its emblem shows a bat. Its Class Ability is Aurora Mortuorum. It vastly increases the healing processes of its users.

Warhol Bianche

The teacher of Class 4. A former rival of Headmaster Regan. He is a nice, seemingly ordinary teacher. However, he actually is the strongest among the teachers of Poe University.

His Danger is Eques Albus. It manifests as a large Zweihander sword. It cuts through any substance, no matter how solid it is.

Ingra Buronsteen

The representative of Class 4 although she later abdicates that position to become a part of the student council. From the very start, she is one of the most powerful Danger users at Poe University. She is a stern, rational and caring leader. However, due to her immense power, many factions are constantly trying to drag her to their side.

It is later revealed that her brother, Marcel, is a member of the Black Angels of Gernica.

Her Danger is Cignus Venti. It manifests as a rapier. It is able to manipulate the air around her. Her fight against Marcel reveals that it is also able to actually cut air apart, causing vacuums. She later also obtains the Worm Ability to drag her blood back into her body by touching it. This only works, however, as long as her blood is still warm.

Murai Samsou

A student of Class 4 and its later representative. An easygoing, talkative man, Murai often is at odds with his easily provoked colleagues.

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