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    As a whole 
The main cast of Black Ops II, referred to as "Victis". After the blast from the missiles hitting Earth and reducing it to a zombie wasteland, these four come to band together against the undead. These four seem to get along a bit better than the original four did, but they come into contact with both Richtofen and Maxis. As they grow to depend on each other, they must make their choice between the two otherworldly rivals, their actions determining the fate of the world and humanity. They are also the main protagonists in the Call of Duty: Zombies comic.
  • Badass Crew: Four survivors who managed to survive an entire decade of the apocalypse.
  • Back for the Finale: After six years out-of-universe and who knows how long in-universe, they make a playable return in Tag der Toten, the end of the Aether story, in Black Ops IV.
  • Cosmic Plaything: Nothing ever goes right for Victis. This is exemplified in Tag der Toten, where they end up being RetGoned out of existence after every they go through.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: All of them, as with Ultimis. However, their pasts are not truly shown or discussed outside of a few random references, and as such are a lot more vague and don't go anywhere, eventually getting thrown to the wayside entirely by Black Ops III. The timeline does explain some of Russman and Samuel's backstory.
    • Misty implies her parents were killed by the zombies years ago.
    • Marlton apparently had a part in Russman's departure from Broken Arrow, the latter ending up homeless until the apocalypse.
    • Samuel was a member of a fanatic cannibalistic cult that ate zombie flesh, and hides it as best he can.
  • Fire-Forged Friends: They form a powerful alliance as they fight the undead together without end.
  • Hero of Another Story: They star in the Dark Horse Comics series depicting their adventures post-Buried.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: They are fooled into helping Maxis destroy the Earth.
  • Plot Armor: Invoked in-game. Richtofen wants them to fulfill his plans to regain ultimate power, and from Die Rise onward, he begins resurrecting them whenever they fall to the undead so that they can have another chance to work for him.
  • Shoot the Shaggy Dog: They're screwed over hard after all their work due to siding with Maxis. Eventually Subverted; they're able to provide a key part of Primis Richtofen's plan to save the universe, though, and are put in stasis for safe keeping. Double Subverted in Tag der Toten, where for their troubles in getting the Agarthan Device, they’re RetGoned out of existence.
  • The Team: They form an organized unit in Buried. Russman serves as the de facto leader, with Misty as his lancer who keeps the peace in the group. Arthur, the friendly giant, serves as The Big Guy who can help access areas for free and fight the zombies without being harmed by them, making him basically invincible. Marlton is still The Smart Guy and will never let you forget it. Samuel is left as The Chick, as although this is downplayed compared to past maps, he's definitely more prone to panic than the others.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Their last appearance in Black Ops II is Buried, having given Maxis the power to destroy the Earth to reach Agartha. The Zombies timeline (and the first volume of the Zombies comic) eventually revealed that they helped deliver the Kronorium to Primis Richtofen and were put on ice for "when they are needed next" in the lab under Alcatraz. They cameo in Blood of the Dead, but their fate at the end of that map's story is ambiguous once more until they make a full, playable appearance in Tag der Toten.

    Abigail "Misty" Briarton 

Abigail "Misty" Briarton

We keep moving, we keep fighting. It's what we do, day in, day out. If you really need a reason why we do this, I'll give you one. We do it because doing something—anything, is a whole lot better than doing nothing!

Voiced by: Stephanie Lemelin
Appearances: TranZit | Die Rise | Buried | Blood of the Dead | Tag der Toten

An abrasive young woman who has a crush on Marlton, likes Russman and will grudgingly get along with Samuel.

  • Action Girl: The second fully playable female character in Zombies mode.note 
  • Bare Your Midriff: Her stomach is completely exposed thanks to her Ms. Fanservice get-up.
  • Boobs of Steel: Well-endowed and an extremely kickass combatant.
  • Fire-Forged Friends: Even though she usually hates Samuel, she still considers him a member of the team.
  • Fingerless Gloves: For a couple of frames in Buried's opening cutscene, most likely an artistic error.
  • Gasshole: She belches loudly and shamelessly, to the point the game's own wiki notes that she burps the loudest out of everyone on the team upon drinking Perk-A-Cola, and seems to be proud of it.
  • The Heart: She is able to end the others' bickering in the opening cutscene of Buried and rallies them to keep going.
  • Intergenerational Friendship: With Russman.
  • Knife Nut: Mentions being a champion in knife-fighting.
  • The Leader: She seems to alternate the role with Russman.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Pretty much the only reason she continues to wear such revealing clothing in a middle of a zombie apocalypse.
  • Ship Tease: With Marlton. She's far more open about her feelings to the point of what's implied to be very direct sexual advances, while he doesn't openly reciprocate. When Marlton fails to openly reciprocate, she gradually stops flirting with him.
  • The Smurfette Principle: The only female member of Victis.
  • Stepford Smiler: Well, she's not necessarily smiling, but she was putting on a lot of bravado to keep the others going. Various comments in Buried indicate she's very broken by this point.
  • Ugly Guy, Hot Wife: While they never end up together and Marlton isn't exactly ugly, he is overall unpleasant yet the beautiful, nice Misty is in love with him.
  • Vocal Evolution: In Black Ops IV, her voice has gotten much hoarser and gravelly, and she has also lost much of her Southern accent.
  • Will They or Won't They?: With Marlton.

    Marlton Johnston 

Marlton Johnston
I like understanding things, and these days, I don’t understand almost anything.

Voiced by: Scott Menville
Appearances: Nuketown Zombies | TranZit | Die Rise | Buried | Blood of the Dead | Alpha Omega | Tag der Toten

A self-loving nerd, who was present at Nuketown when the missiles hit. Afterwards, he met up with Misty, who he ended up developing feelings for, and later Russman and Samuel, the both of whom he shares a mutual hatred.

  • Badass Beard: Sports a goatee.
  • Badass Bookworm: He's a zombie-fighting nerd.
  • The Cameo: Returns (as a voice only) as part of Alpha Omega's easter egg.
  • Claustrophobia: He's afraid it'll kick in when riding upon the bus.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: If you knife the fallout shelter in Nuketown Zombies, you can hear him locked in there. This is set ten years before the start of TranZit.
  • Friendly Sniper: His preferred weapon is the DSR-50, and can be seen wielding one in Die Rise's opening cutscene.
  • Jerkass: While the others will happily snark at each other, they are when it comes down to it friends. Marlton is far more abrasive, and pretty ungrateful when revived, usually wanting you to get away from him. The only one he seems soft towards is Misty, and even then he won't exactly openly reciprocate her feelings. While most characters have one character they hate, one they are neutral towards, and one they like, Marlton hates two of the other three, and he's not that much better around Misty as it is.
  • Precision F-Strike: Compared to the others, he rarely swears, but the times he does make an impact.
  • Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness: Often speaks in overly complicated diction.
  • Ship Tease: With Misty. The two clearly have feelings for one another, but the zombie apocalypse isn't the best place to have a romance. Plus, Marlton's all about his no-touch policy anyway.
  • Sole Survivor: The only one to walk away from Nuketown after Maxis' missiles struck the site.
  • Specs of Awesome: He wears large glasses.
  • Terrified of Germs: And considering he's surviving in a post-apocalyptic nightmare, he's pretty screwed.

    Samuel J. Stuhlinger 

Samuel J. Stuhlinger

I'm the only one who knows what to do!

Voiced by: Dave Boat
Appearances: TranZit | Die Rise | Buried | Blood of the Dead | Classified | Tag der Toten

A paranoid conspiracy theorist, who's the only one who can hear Richtofen's voice in his head. He's friends with Russman, grudgingly gets along with Misty, and like Russman, shares a mutual hatred with Marlton.

  • Badass Mustache: Sports a mustache.
  • Big Eater: He's always hungry and often complaining about what he'd like to eat. Whether it's booze, cheese, or zombie flesh.
  • Book Dumb: From the quotes he has, he does not sound too intelligent in terms of... standard education.
  • The Cameo: A voiced one, no less, in Classified.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: At times; compared to the other survivors, some of his quotes come off as total non-sequiturs.
  • Crazy Survivalist: Thanks to his paranoia.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: After the apocalypse began, Samuel joined up with The Flesh, a cult that consumed zombie flesh to survive. Eating 115-laced meat caused them to hear the voice and demands of Richtofen, leading them to go to war with a group of survivors who followed Maxis. During the ensuing battle, a horde of zombies came and killed most of the two groups, with Samuel being one of the few survivors of The Flesh.
  • Easily Forgiven: Played With. Samuel comes to genuinely like the much more heroic Primis Richtofen, even after all the grief that Ultimis Richtofen gave him.
  • Fire-Forged Friends: With Misty. He usually returns her dislike of him, but he's willing to listen to her and regard her more as a valuable comrade as the group's story progresses.
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: He's the most unpopular member of Victis. Both Misty and Marlton hate him, while Russman, who even Samuel sees as a "buddy", grows more exasperated with him as time goes on. This plays a large part in why Victis ultimately sides with Maxis as opposed to listening to Samuel and Richtofen.
  • Hearing Voices: Richtofen's, to be exact. It gets flipped on its' head when Blood of the Dead, Richtofen actually hears Samuel's voice in his head. The irony is not lost on either of them. Sam then goes back to hearing Richtofen's in Tag der Toten.
  • I'm a Zombietarian: A well-kept secret of his, and likely the reason for both his ability to hear Richtofen and his seemingly random comments about being hungry after killing zombies.
  • The Lancer: Misty observed that Samuel was Russman's lancer when they met, or his "lapdog".
  • Mission Control: In Blood of the Dead, he helps guide Richtofen on his quest to escape Alcatraz with the aid of Icarus/Weasel.
  • Politically Incorrect Hero: Makes several sexist remarks about Misty.
  • Right-Wing Militia Fanatic: Gives off plenty of comments indicating this, especially in TranZit when he makes several sexist comments about Misty.
  • Sharing a Body: If you complete all easter eggs in Richtofen's favor, he will enter Samuel's body. Samuel isn't pleased.
  • Sole Survivor: He is one of the few survivors of The Flesh.
  • Specs of Awesome: Wears glasses.
  • The Smart Guy: Considers himself this, but Russman claims he only knows what Richtofen tells him to think.
  • Those Two Guys: With Russman. They traveled together in the bus before finding Marlton and Misty in TranZit.
  • Took a Level in Badass: In Buried, he sounds a lot more confident than in the other maps. Judging from his recent redesign, he may have been a recent attack, and survived.
  • Token Evil Teammate: Subverted. He is for all effects and purposes a loyal servant of Ultimis Richtofen, who is essentially the Big Bad of the Black Ops II arc... but on the other hand, he, Marlton, Misty, and Russman side with Maxis, who is revealed to have been Evil All Along.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Cheese.
  • Weapon of Choice: Handguns.
  • Word of St. Paul: Dave Boat, his voice actor, claims that Samuel is a former CIA agent.



The world is broken, very broken.

Voiced by: Keith Szarabajka
Appearances: TranZit | Die Rise | Buried | Blood of the Dead | Alpha Omega | Tag der Toten

An elderly survivor suffering from Alzheimer's, who was a homeless man before the missiles hit. He's good friends with Samuel and Misty, but has a mutual hatred with Marlton. He acts as the group's leader following Die Rise.

  • Big Eater: Despite being an 80+ year old man in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, he never has trouble finding a good meal. A comment from Stuhlinger suggests that he is the only member of the crew to have gained weight over the course of their journeys. When they arrive in Empty Earth, his first instinct is to throw on an apron and make a fresh-cooked meal for the crew.
  • Black Dude Dies First: Played With in Die Rise. He's killed in the opening cinematic by a Jumping Jack, but it's revealed that whenever Victis falls to the undead, Richtofen uses his powers to bring them back.
  • Cool Old Guy: A mostly pleasant, funny old man.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: He was a member of Broken Arrow, America's answer to Group 935 formed after the Pentagon outbreak, but left after suffering from dementia and Alzheimer's brought on by exposure to 115. He became homeless before meeting up with and surviving with Samuel when the zombie apocalypse came.
  • Depending on the Artist: His model in Black Ops II was the same height as the other characters, but the Zombies comic and future appearances depicted him as much taller than the others.
  • Formerly Fit: In Black Ops II he was a stocky but pretty average-sized guy. By the time Victis enters the stasis pods at Alcatraz, he's grown a noticeable pot belly.
  • Guns Akimbo: Wields them in Die Rise's opening cutscene while defending Samuel.
  • Hates Being Touched: "Ain't no one allowed to touch Russman!"
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Buys Samuel some time to run while he's devoured by a Jumping Jack in the opening of Die Rise. He gets better, though, with the others.
  • Intergenerational Friendship: With Misty.
  • It Is Pronounced Tro Pay: Pronounces his own name as "Russ-MAN", as opposed to the expected "Russmun".
  • The Leader: He led the group on foot from Die Rise to Buried, and was the more dominant between him and Samuel before they met Marlton and Misty.
  • Noodle Incident: Something happened that resulted in his departure from Broken Arrow, but it's implied it had something to do with Marlton apparently not keeping his mouth shut.
  • Scatterbrained Senior: Years of exposure to 115 fried his brains, and his old age and implied Alzheimer's has also taken its' toll as well.
  • Stating the Simple Solution: "We could just use the key."
  • Stuff Blowing Up: Loves it. Reason why he loves the RPG and War Machine.
  • Third-Person Person: Often refers to himself in third-person.
  • Those Two Guys: With Samuel, though as said he's the more dominant of the pair.
  • Token Minority: The only black survivor.


"Five" Survivors

    John F. Kennedy 

President John F. Kennedy

Do not pray for easy lives, my friends. Pray to be stronger men.

Voiced by: Jim Meskimen
Appearances: "Five" | Ascension

The 35th president of the United States. He is forced to fight for his life alongside his allies and rivals when the Pentagon is overrun by zombies.

  • Alternate History: Ascension and Revelations reveal that in one fractured timeline, he actually died at the Pentagon during the zombie attack.
  • Enemy Mine: Not a big fan of Castro, understandably, but still stands alongside him in their Last Stand. More downplayed with Nixon, who ran against him in the election. Classified reveals that the true purpose of the fateful Pentagon meeting was to form an alliance with Castro against the threat of Samantha.
  • Forgiven, but Not Forgotten: He invites Nixon to the meeting with Castro as a gesture of goodwill - "forgive your enemies, but remember their names."
  • The Leader: Is nominally in charge of the four, as he's the president and all.
  • Manchild: Some of his lines.
    (upon trying to buy a wall weapon he can't afford, in the tone of a small child throwing a fit) "But I want it!"
  • Unusually Uninteresting Sight: Subverted. He barely blinks at the sight of zombies approaching, but as the lower levels of the Pentagon make clear, the American government was well acquainted with 115, Group 935, and the whole zombie shebang.

    Robert McNamara 

Secretary Robert McNamara

Voiced by: Robert Picardo
Appearances: "Five" | Revelations | Classified

Secretary of State under President Kennedy. He's Kennedy's most loyal supporter and unofficial bodyguard during the attack on the Pentagon.

  • Back for the Finale: Makes a surprise return in an audio log found in Revelations, the final map of Black Ops III.
  • Badass Bookworm: Perhaps the brainiest of the four and still slaughtering zombies with the rest of them.
  • The Cameo: As Radios in both Revelations and Classified. You can also (kinda) interact with him in Classified; knock on the covered glass door in the corner of the office (between the Mystery Box location and the first Perk Machine), and he'll have something to say. Do it four times, and...
  • Enemy Mine: He's even more hostile to Castro than Kennedy, but is forced to team up with him.
  • The Lancer: As the only member of the group with absolute loyalty to Kennedy and his de facto right hand man.
  • My Greatest Failure: Deeply regrets not being able to save the president (and to a lesser extent Nixon and Castro) in his final log.
  • Politically Incorrect Hero: In his final audio log, he derogatorily suggests that the zombies are actually a bunch of "hippies".
  • Sole Survivor: He was the last surviving member of the four for a while in one fractured dimension, and got out one last distress signal that the Origins crew listens to in Revelations.
  • Undying Loyalty: To Kennedy.

    Richard Nixon 

Vice President Richard Nixon

Voiced by: Dave Mallow
Appearances: "Five" | Ascension

The Republican candidate for president who lost to Kennedy, who bears him no ill will and invites him to the Pentagon for a meeting with Castro.

  • Alternate History: Nixon never became president in one fractured Zombies timeline, having been killed in the Pentagon attack.
  • The Big Guy: The least... put together of the four, and also one of their best fighters.
  • Cassandra Truth: When Nixon hears a zombie encroaching on the group, he jumps up and starts panicking, and Kennedy dryly assures him it was just a storm outside. Moments later, it's proven that they really are in danger.
  • Defeat Means Friendship: He has become a nominal ally to Kennedy in the wake of his defeat in the election.
  • Expy: He's basically the same portrayal of Nixon from Futurama, right down to having many quotes (like the one above) straight from the show.
  • Graceful Loser: He's accepted his defeat at Kennedy's hands and now submits to his command in the attack.
  • Sanity Slippage: On full display in the opening when he immediately flips out upon hearing a zombie approaching.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With Castro, of all people.

    Fidel Castro 

Prime Minister Fidel Castro

Viva la Revolucion.

Voiced by: Marlon Correa
Appearances: "Five" | Ascension

The dictator of Cuba and leader of a Communist revolution. After the Cuban Missile Crisis, he meets with Kennedy's group to try to hash out a peace before they are attacked.

  • Alternate History: He is killed in the Pentagon attack before he could become president of Cuba in at least one fractured timeline.
  • Enemy Mine: It's plainly obvious why he's not on good terms with Kennedy and America at the time of the attack, but he nevertheless teams up with them for their survival.
  • Historical Domain Character: Subverted. He is the only character whose real-life counterpart was alive at the time of the release of Black Ops in 2010 note .
  • Smoking Is Cool: Is seen enjoying a Cuban cigar (what else?) during the opening cutscene.
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: With a slight exception for Nixon, none of the group particularly likes or respects him, for obvious reasons.
    Kennedy: "Castro's down; everyone point and laugh!"
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With Nixon.

Celebrity Survivors

    Sarah Michelle Gellar 

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Let's slay some stiffs!

Appearances: Call of the Dead

Famous for her roles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Cruel Intentions, Ringer and others, Sarah Michelle Gellar is one of the actors working a film with George Romero until the zombie outbreak.

  • Action Girl: It is Sarah Michelle Gellar after all.
  • Bare Your Midriff: Thanks to playing a Ms. Fanservice character, even in the cold of Siberia, her belly is exposed as if it were a summer day. She often lampshades this during several quotes.
  • Celebrity Survivor: If you were caught in a Zombie Apocalypse you could frankly do a whole lot worse than Buffy the Vampire Slayer herself by your side.
  • Doesn't Like Guns: Surprisingly averted for the actress.
  • Ink-Suit Actor: Or rather Ink Suit Character: from hefting a minigun bigger than she is tall to her general personality, quips and fighting prowess, while they borrow from some of her other roles and the woman herself Sarah is basically a stand in for her most famous role.
  • Kill 'Em All: Heavily implied; the only reference to the group after this is an obscure bit that states the film crew went missing and was never heard from again.
  • Ms. Fanservice: She was clearly intended to be so in the film-within-a-game, and serves as this in the game proper. Which is the only reason she's wearing such revealing clothes in the cold conditions.
  • Shout-Out: Most if not all of them are to...well, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • The Leader: Appears in this role for the film and assumes it when the zombies arrive.
  • Visual Pun: She prefers Submachine Guns above all else, what are her initials? S.M.G.

    Robert Englund 

Robert Englund

This must be a nightmare!

Appearances: Call of the Dead

The man who played Freddy Krueger in A Nightmare on Elm Street, Robert Englund is one of the four actors trapped on the set of the film he's making when the zombies attack.

    Danny Trejo 

Danny Trejo

You just fucked with the wrong Mexican!

Appearances: Call of the Dead
A popular and well liked former crook from works such as Machete and Sons of Anarchy, Danny Trejo has to put his toughness to the test in order to survive.
  • The Big Guy: The biggest and burliest of the celebrities.
  • Celebrity Survivor: As with the other members of the group.
  • Ink-Suit Actor: His likeness is provided for motion capture by Danny Trejo.
  • Kill 'Em All: Heavily implied; the only reference to the group after this is an obscure bit that states the film crew went missing and was never heard from again.

    Michael Rooker 

Michael Rooker

Things ain't looking too good, folks!

Appearances: Call of the Dead

Michael Rooker has experience with zombies from his role in The Walking Dead. Never did he dream that he would be in a real life outbreak.

Alcatraz Mobsters

    In general 
A group of mobsters who have been incarcerated in Alcatraz for some time thanks to their own misdeeds. Their plan to escape goes awry as they are caught up in the zombie story when Alcatraz is overrun with the undead. Their attempts to escape and even to kill themselves are thwarted every single time, since they just keep coming back. Desperate to escape the hellish nightmare, the four learn the truth behind their fates, and must break the cycle if they've any hope of escaping and finding out where they are going from here.
  • And I Must Scream: They're trapped in a prison fighting zombies over and over in a loop, and are far from happy when they find that fact out.
  • Badass Crew: They've been fighting zombies conjured by Satan for God know how long.
  • Big Damn Heroes: They end up being instrumental in stopping Brutus and freeing the souls in Alcatraz once and for all.
  • Black Sheep: Not counting the Exo Zombies, Infinite Warfare Zombies and Sledgehammer Nazi Zombies continuities, the Mobsters are the only group in Treyarch Zombies where their story is not related to the rest of it in the slightest. As it turns out, this means their universe was one of the very few sealed off to the Apothicons, something Primis!Richtofen was counting on.
  • Dead All Along: It's revealed that the four mobsters are damned to a purgatory where they escape the prison, only to go back, over and over again.
  • Death Equals Redemption: In Blood of the Dead they band together with Primis to defeat the Warden and save the souls of Alcatraz, and are freed alongside them once they triumph.
  • Determinator: They're getting out of Alcatraz and even God wouldn't prevent them from doing so. Satan, on the other hand...
  • Driven to Suicide: After their first flight to Golden Gate Bridge, after they run out of ammo and are swarmed by an army of zombies and Wardens, they voluntarily die by electric chair to end it all. It doesn't work as they're simply sent back to the prison to continue the cycle.
  • The Mafia: Sal was The Don, Billy his hitman, Finn was in charge of gambling and fraud and Albert was the money handler.
  • Rage Against the Heavens: Their reaction when they remember/discover that they're in Hell/Purgatory is not acceptance
    Sal: So this is my punchline. The universe taking its grand revenge for all my misdeeds. Well, I ain't taking it. You hear me? I ain't playing anymore. I don't regret a damn thing. If I had my time over, I'd do it all again. Every fucking part of it. So universe, you wanna know what I think? I think, you can go fuck yourself!
    Finn: This is all just a game isn't it? A big, twisted, fucked-up game. What am I supposed to do, come to some great realization about my life? Throw myself to the ground, beg for forgiveness? Well I got news for you, not gonna happen.
    Billy: Am I stuck here until I see the error of my ways?! Until I repent? Well you're gonna have to wait a long time. Because I don't regret a damn thing!
  • The Reveal: Two, one in their map and another in Black Ops III;
    • "Mob of the Dead": They've been trapped in Purgetory for God knows how long, fighting demonic beings, for murdering Weasel after his plane plan didn't take off. This one is more It Was His Sled territory nowadays.
    • Black Ops III: They've not been corrupted by the Apthoicons and thus remain after their defeat, something Primis!Richtofen uses to his advantage by taking blood from each of them to avoid him and his team vanishing from reality after the Apothicons have been dealt with.
    • Blood of the Dead later confirms that the Alcatraz purgatory is a pocket dimension separate from the rest of the multiverse.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: None of them particularly like each other, but they work together well enough. Until The Reveal, that is.
  • To Hell and Back: Only Weasel gets to walk away though, if the cycle is broken.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Their eternal torment was simply bait laid by the Shadow Man to lure in Primis Richtofen, who would one day come for their vials of blood.

    Salvador "Sal" DeLuca 

Don Salvador "Sal" DeLuca

Let's get off this rock.

Voiced by: Chaz Palminterri
Appearances: Mob of the Dead | Blood of the Dead

A mob boss who was sent to Alcatraz for his crimes of bootlegging, gambling, and prostitution.

  • Affably Evil: He's very polite and professional, but dips into Faux Affably Evil territory towards the end of the story.
  • Ambition Is Evil: A self-proclaimed example, too. In his final confession letter found in Blood of the Dead, he says that despite having a loving family and a happy (if poor) childhood, he wanted to be king even as a kid, and that was his very first sin.
  • The Chains of Commanding: It's heavily implied by one of his downed speeches that he didn't particularly like being a mob boss.
    Sal: All those years, pulling and pushing those guys into shape, teaching them the value of respect. You had to kiss-ass to all those creeps at city hall, Mayor's office, and worst of all, Chicago's finest. They were all too happy to take your money. Kickback after kickback, bribe after bribe.
  • Church Going Villain: He's a Roman Catholic who writes a series of hidden confession letters in purgatory about the crimes he committed and his honest regret that he squandered the last chances and gifts God gave him. He even force the other Mobsters to write their own, hoping that even if it won't grant them redemption it will at least grant them mercy.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: Along with Billy, the f word seems to be a major staple of his vocabulary.
  • Death Equals Redemption: In Blood of the Dead, he, Finn, and Al help hold off Brutus long enough for Primis to progress to the final boss fight to save their souls.
  • The Don: Led a successful gang until the police finally quit turning a blind eye to him.
  • Face–Heel Turn: At the end of the major Easter egg, he turns against The Weasel and tries to kill him.
  • Friendly Enemy: He genuinely liked Ferguson, a guard in Alcatraz, and regrets having him killed.
  • Human Sacrifice: The Warden executed him not just for killing Weasel, but to appease his Satanic master.
  • Kick the Dog: He knowingly leaves Billy to die in the opening cinematic. He, along with Finn and Billy, also murdered the more sympathetic Weasel.
  • The Leader: Ostensibly the leader of the mobsters due to being their boss, but they still have to follow Weasel's guidance to escape Alcatraz.
  • The Mafia: Leads one.

    Billy Handsome 

Billy Handsome

The harder you try not to feel… anything, the more it hurts.

Voiced by: Ray Liotta
Appearances: Mob of the Dead

A hitman who was sent to Alcatraz for a grand total of 116 confirmed cases of murder, and quite possibly more.

  • Ax-Crazy: He really likes to kill zombies.
  • Blood Knight: The most eager of the mobsters to fight.
  • The Brute: Of the four mobsters.
  • Cold Sniper: Defied, Billy wants to be as close as possible actually.
    Billy: (after receiving a sniper rifle from the box) I'll take it, but I won't like it.
  • Decoy Protagonist: He's at the forefront of the Mob of the Dead "movie poster" released by Treyarch, and narrated the first trailer. However, it's ultimately Weasel who breaks the cycle and brings the story to its conclusion. He doesn't even return for Blood when the others do.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: He confesses that he would kill his Judge for his attitude, his criminal-psychologist for approving him to stand trial, his old elementary teacher for saying he wouldn't do anything, the Head of a Boys' Correctional facility he was innote , as well as people who hurt dogs, people who talk at the movies, people who talk about the weather, and everybody that hates country music.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: As noted above, in his confession letter, he wants to kill anyone who hurts dogs. It's the closest he has to a redeeming or at least non-evil trait.
  • Face–Heel Turn: At the end of the major Easter Egg, he turns against The Weasel and tries to kill him.
  • Human Sacrifice: As with Sal and Finn, his execution was partially to satisfy the Warden's dark master.
  • Smoking Is Cool: Lights a cigarette in the intro.
  • More Dakka: His preferred way of fighting the zeds.
  • Psycho for Hire: For Sal's mob.
  • Token Evil Teammate: Even among the group of hardened, murderous criminals, Billy stands out as the most violent and psychopathic of them all. Notably, he does not return in Blood of the Dead to help the others fight Brutus, suggesting that he couldn't give a damn about getting out from the cycle of death and trying to redeem himself. This is something that's supported by his confession letter that Sal made him write, which has a general tone of not caring or even believing if the letter will actually redeem him, even ending the already-lengthy letter early because he got bored.
    Billy: Am I stuck here until I see the "errors of my ways", until I repent? Well you're gonna have to wait a long time, 'cause I don't regret a damn thing!
  • We Used to Be Friends: Averted, he's still on good terms with Sal, despite Sal closing the door on him, resulting in his eventual devourment by the zombies. It also has to do with the fact that the mobsters, barring Al, don't remember anything from their previous "lives" each time they die.

    Finn O'Leary 

Finn O'Leary

This is all just a game, isn't it?

Voiced by: Michael Madsen
Appearances: Mob of the Dead | Blood of the Dead

An Irish-American con man who was married to a silent film actress, whom then backstabbed him and got him sent to Alcatraz.

  • Death Equals Redemption: At the climax of Blood of the Dead, he helps Sal and Al fight off Brutus long enough for Primis to succeed in saving the captured souls of Alcatraz, helping him pass on to the afterlife in peace.
  • Face–Heel Turn: At the end of the major Easter Egg, he turns against The Weasel and tries to kill him.
  • Fighting Irish: Makes a few references to his Irish heritage.
  • Friendly Enemy: He and Ferguson liked each other, even exchanging horse racing tips in the intro.
  • Human Sacrifice: His death by electric chair was not just capital punishment, the Warden was instructed to kill him by his unseen dark master.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: As noted below, despite initially being angry and refusing to allow his wife to leave him, he ultimately made peace with it and hoped for her happiness.
  • Love Letter: His confession letter found in Blood of the Dead is actually a love confession to his ex-wife, who divorced and testified against him in court. It talks about how beautiful Finn thought his ex-wife was, that he regrets making her an accomplice in his crimes and that he's not angry or upset that she divorced and ratted him out, and in fact still loves her dearly. He also asks that her new husband takes care of her, because if he doesn't he will literally climb out of Hell itself and smash his skull open.
  • Oireland: As evidenced by some of his quotes.
  • The Evil Genius: He's a highly intelligent con-man who also was able to successfully bet on several horse races.

    Albert "The Weasel" Arlington 

Albert "The Weasel" Arlington/Icarus

If they don't already suspect you they will soon.

Voiced by: Joe Pantoliano
Appearances: Mob of the Dead | Blood of the Dead

A con man who was also the money handler of Sal's mob.

  • Animal Motifs: A weasel, as evidenced by his nickname. He also compares himself to a rat in Mob of the Dead. His spirit appears in Blood of the Dead in the form of a seagull, representing how he is technically "free as a bird" since he presumably broke the cycle in Mob.
  • Big Damn Heroes: At the climax of Blood of the Dead, his soul frees Primis from their cells and gifts them their confiscated weapons and equipment. He then holds off Brutus' attacks so that Primis could escape to the lab, and then, along with the souls of Sal and Finn, he helps fight Brutus to give Primis a chance to save Alcatraz's captured souls, along with his own.
  • The Cameo: You can wear his hat in Revelations. It can be found in the open cell on the left just before the entrance to the trenches of the Origins section that is opened after the power is turned on.
  • Death Seeker: As the only one of the crew who remembers that they're in an eternal cycle, he claims to be actively trying to get himself killed for real, as evidenced by his quotes when he is revived.
  • Dirty Coward: When he see himself about to fight zombies, he bolts, leaving the others to fend for themselves. Rather predictably, he's the first to die. Possibly justified; as he's gone through this so many times, it's very possible he knew what was going to happen and at what time to make his move to escape, though he clearly mistimed it.
  • Dude, Where's My Respect?: One of Weasel's downed monologues alludes to this being a prime motivator for many of his actions, particularly his propensity to stretch the truth. A particular truth he stretched concerned his plane Icarus, which, in real life, failed miserably and lead to his death.
    Weasel: Rejection hurts. But it's not the worst it, Albert? What really hurts is to be ignored. You know how that feels better than anyone, don't you? Sure, they want your skills, your expertise, but only on their terms. They don't care what else you have to offer. How different you could be, if only they noticed you. Is that why you lie to them - why you promise things you can't deliver?
  • Enemy Mine: Joins Brutus in the Easter Egg finale to ensure he himself lives.
  • Final Boss: Of Mob of the Dead: his allies turn against him at the end of the map's easter egg. Inverted if you're playing as him, in which case the other playable characters are his final opponent.
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: None of the other mobsters like him, as evidenced by their quotes. The easter egg reveals they even killed him, then try again in the easter egg's climax. They hate him so much, he qualifies as an In-Universe Scrappy.
  • Infinity +1 Sword: Loves these types of weapons, including the Ray Gun and the Blundergat.
  • Kill 'Em All: To break the cycle (get the good ending for the easter egg), Weasel has to kill the others. Killing him results in the bad ending, which continues the cycle.
  • Ripple Effect-Proof Memory: Not completely immune but one of his quotes is him asking (and pleading) the others to tell him something they did the day before just so he knows they haven't been trapped forever. Other quotes have him saying him he has a very strong feeling of having already done those things before.
  • Token Good Teammate: Despite his being a prolific con man, he's still a decent dude (at the very least nowhere near as psychotic as the others) and Brutus even helps him escape the Hell of the cycle.

Morg City Survivors

    As a whole 
A group of four people who, one night where they were all at the Burlesque, fell asleep and woke up into a twisted version of their town.
  • Kill 'Em All: Maxis and Richtofen are unable to save them from the destruction of their dimension.
  • Mark of the Beast: A symbol ressembling a "6" on the back of their hands, given to them by the Shadow Man and which allows them to (among other things) transform into the Beast for a while.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: Trapping the Shadow Man in the Key did save their world, but it also meant that he ended up in a position to corrupt Maxis in the House and fucked up the perfect world Monty created.
  • Rage Against the Heavens: Downplayed. In one conversation Floyd theorizes they've been brought here as a punishment for being "bad people". When Jessica asks if they should repent, he answers that they instead should "embrace [their] darker side." This isn't Mob, however, and they're there for a very different reason.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Help the Shadow Man assimilate their world with his. Fortunately, they stop this before it happens. Ultimately, they end up playing the same role to Primis Richtofen.
  • Villain Protagonist: Heavily downplayed compared to the Mob of the Dead crew; the So E foursome all committed murder and were by no means saints, but had a few redeeming qualities:

    Nero Blackstone 

Nero Blackstone/"The Magician"

Played By: Jeff Goldblum

Appearances: Shadows of Evil

  • Badass Mustache: Of the handlebar variety.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: As to be expected of a character played by Jeff Goldblum.
    Nero: "With each subsequent transformation, I grow ever more confident with my tentacles."
  • '80s Hair: He has his portrayer Goldblum's hairdo during his prime.
  • Ink-Suit Actor: He greatly resembles his portrayer Goldblum in his prime during the 1980s (but with a twirly mustache), right down to his '80s Hair he had. However, the way he dress and his shady background makes him bare some similarities with his past character Slick from Silverado (except Nero doesn't wear a jacket unlike Slick).
  • Make It Look Like an Accident: How he kills his wife in the intro, by making her the victim of a 'botched' knife-throw trick.
  • Metaphorgotten: He states that The Pen Is Mightier... unless you're in a sword fight.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: In the intro, after asking his lawyer how much debt his wife has accumulated, he then asks if their life insurance policies are fully paid up and then quickly added "Oh no, no! I can assure you that I'd never, ever, think of taking such a course of action. No, I just want to make sure our affairs order." All during a shot of how he killed his wife.

    Jack Vincent 

Jack Vincent/"The Cop"

Played By: Neal McDonough
Appearances: Shadows of Evil

  • Dirty Cop: His lines often hint at various illegal activities, such as taking bribes and planting evidence.
  • Dude, Where's My Respect?: After completing his ritual, he may angrily shout this:
    Jack: No one ever said "Good job, Jackie". No one ever says "Hey, thanks for keeping the streets safe for normal folks. Here's a raise in pay so you don't have to go on the fuckin' take to pay for your bills". NO ONE EVER FUCKING SAID THAT TO JACKIE FUCKING VINCENT!"
  • Metaphorgotten: "When life gives you lemons, buy a fucking gun!"
  • Say My Name: Very fond of this, usually accompanied by a Precision F-Strike.
    Jack: "I'm Jackie motherfuckin' Vincent!"

    Jessica Rose 

Jessica Rose/"The Femme Fatale"

Played By: Heather Graham
Appearances: Shadows of Evil

  • Action Girl: The least combat-inclined of the four, yet can kick ass with the best of them.
  • Femme Fatale: It's in the name. The cinematic opens with her shanking a guy she's seduced.
  • Leitmotif: "Cold Hard Cash", one of the two Shadows of Evil songs. It's implied to be an in-universe song she performs at the burlesque, and is a soft, dark, jazzy song about gold-digging and materialistic romance.
  • Shapeshifter Mode Lock: Briefly worries about this happening with Beast Mode.
    Jessica: "I just realized. What if one time, we don't change back?"
  • The Smurfette Principle: The only female of the five characters.

    Floyd Campbell 

Floyd Campbell/"The Boxer"

Played By: Ron Perlman
Appearances: Shadows of Evil

  • The Big Guy: The most physically capable of the four. Whereas they in the intro resort to using guns or simply running away from the zombies, he can be seen punching them with his bare fists.
  • I Coulda Been a Contender!: He hid brass knuckles under his gloves for a chance at a title shot.
  • Token Good Teammate: Subverted. His crime is the least severe (its left ambiguous as to whether his murder was intentional) and his interactions the least confrontational of the four, but he's just as unrepentant as them and is even the one to suggest they embrace their "darker side".
  • I Work Alone: To the point of outright refusing to ally with any specific member of the four when offered.
    Floyd: I’m looking out for number one anyway. I don’t have a problem with anyone...unless they get in my way.

"Chaos" Story Characters


Diego Necali

Voiced by: Christian Lanz
Appearances: Voyage of Despair | IX

A master manipulator, veteran adventurer, and second-in-command to Scarlett.

  • Abhorrent Admirer: While it's likely he hits on every woman, not just her, Scarlett in particular finds his flirting abhorrent and usually has a nasty comeback ready.
    • Averted by the time of Ancient Evil; Diego has gone from abhorrent flirting to being genuinely in love with her, and Scarlett, for her part, doesn't respond with outright negativity.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: He uses his good looks and charm to steal a wealthy woman's key right under her nose.
  • Brainless Beauty: Judging by the comments the other members of the Chaos crew make; Diego is good-looking (and knows it) but doesn't seem to be especially bright or clever.
    Bruno: Soon my weapon will be as empty as Diego's brain.
  • The Casanova: Diego is a smooth, attractive man who could seduce an heiress out of her entire fortune if he wanted.
  • Dashing Hispanic: He has the charmer and fighter parts pat down at the very least.
  • The Fighting Narcissist:
    Diego: I wonder where I could get one of those helmets...? Haha, just kidding; it would be a crime to cover this face!
  • The Friend No One Likes: Diego isn't well liked by anyone on his team with Scarlett regularly blowing off his flirting, Bruno insulting his intelligence and Shaw getting frustrated with Diego's condescending comments. It's clear that he's only on the team because of his prior involvement with Alistair Rhodes.
  • Gratuitous Spanish: As expected from a Mexican.
  • It's All About Me: Particularly fond of bragging about or complimenting himself.
  • Ladykiller in Love: Appears to have become this by Ancient Evil with regards to Scarlett.
    Diego: Please, do not think me insincere Scarlett, but I do not understand you. You are unlike any woman I have ever known.
    Scarlett: Is that meant to be a compliment, Diego?
  • The Lancer: Seems to be second-in-command to Scarlett and serves as the face of the crew.


Scarlett Rhodes

Voiced by: Courtenay Taylor
Appearances: Voyage of Despair | IX | Dead of the Night | Ancient Evil

A genius inventor and seasoned adventurer; her father Alistair was investigating the mysterious Order before suddenly disappearing. Though she was always skeptical, his final letter before his disappearance hinted that all his tall tales might have actually been true...

  • Action Girl: She's a capable warrior before and after the zombie outbreak.
  • Ambiguously Human: Thanks to Ancient Evil's ending cutscene, which has the Oracle tell her that she's more than she thinks.
  • Blood Knight: She's the most violent out of the new crew and has more than a few lines that implies she has a bit too much fun killing zombies.
  • Disappeared Dad: She's on the search for her missing father, Alistair.
  • Fiery Redhead: Her hair is nearly cherry red and she's a ferocious woman in combat.
  • Harmful to Minors: If Scarlett is to be believed, she didn't exactly have the best of childhoods.
  • The Hero: Of the Chaos story arc. Her father's past is the catalyst for her adventures, and the rest of the crew are mercenaries she's hired.
  • Missing Mom: Though her father is the catalyst for her adventures, her mother has never been mentioned. Bruno asks about her once, and Scarlett tells him not to do it again.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Scarlett wears a tight outfit that emphasizes her curves, and she strikes an attractive pose during the money-making shot of the crew at the end of the Voyage of Despair cutscene. Notably, however, her personality downplays it.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: Loves to pepper her speech with obscenities, and is the most vulgar out of the Chaos crew.
  • When You Coming Home, Dad?: It's mentioned that Alistair was so obsessed with the Order and his adventures that he rarely made time for young Scarlett of the rest of their family. Then the Order kidnapped him.


Bruno Delacroix

Voiced by: Andrew Morgado
Appearances: Voyage of Despair | IX | Ancient Evil

A hulking, brutish Frenchman with a gentle and remorseful soul. Formerly a member of the French Foreign Legion, now acts as a mercenary-for-hire.

  • Apologetic Attacker: Will often eulogize and express remorse for his kills.
  • Back from the Dead: Was killed defending Alistair, but brought back with the Scepter of Ra.
  • The Big Guy: He's the main muscle of the heist team. In the prequel comic, he singlehandedly flipped a whole car over by himself.
  • Bilingual Bonus: Has a few lines in French, although they're mostly simple stuff like "Oui." (Yes.), or affectionate (or not-so-affectionate) nicknames, like "Mon petite Mexican" (My little Mexican) for Diego.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: As revealed by the end of Voyage of Despair, he's been branded with Order's mark. During IX he'll mention hearing a voice, called "Dark Bruno", and it makes him kill then resurrect Shaw during Ancient Evil.
  • The Eeyore: Is perpetually glum, grim, and morose, and expresses regret for killing (but expresses a belief that it's necessary.)
  • Face of a Thug: Bruno most definitely looks like a brute (and was without a doubt one before meeting Alistair Rhodes,) down to his build, but he's a genuinely good soul. Dark Bruno on the other hand...
  • Genius Bruiser: Despite his strength, Bruno is implied to be quite intelligent and philosophical, such as referencing Hieronymus Bosch during combat.
  • Gentle Giant: Bruno may be huge and intimidating, but he's loyal, hardworking, and can be very gentle and a real team player. Scarlett notes how sensitive he can be when being revived by him during IX. He also hates fighting (despite being really really good at it), and has a number of grim and remorseful lines for scoring kills.
  • I Owe You My Life: He considers Alistair Rhodes to be the one who saved him from his fate and as a result, feels indebted to him.
  • One-Man Army: Regardless of the fact any playable character is this by default, in the prequel comic, Bruno tears through numerous opponents with ease.
  • Mercy Kill: Considers taking down enemies with headshots to be this.
  • Power Fist: Bruno wields brass knuckles in melee combat. Sadly they don't show up in gameplay, and he uses a knife like everyone else.
  • Perpetual Frowner: He's the glummest and morose member of the crew.


Stanton Shaw

Voiced by: Nick Boraine
Appearances: Voyage of Despair | IX | Ancient Evil

An elderly alchemist and friend of Alistair. Serves as the lindquist, occultist, and overall "Smart Guy" of the group. Has a few nasty habits, however...

  • Back from the Dead: Bruno killed him and then resurrected him during Ancient Evil.
  • Cool Old Guy: He's an elderly old man who is a playable character nonetheless.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Is usually the one who points out ridiculous events as it happens. A prime example is when he sees the Goddess Tree for the first time.
  • Disabled Badass: Milky right eye. Braces on his leg and arm. Missing a kidney. Addicted to opioids. None of that stops him from keeping up with his allies.
  • Functional Addict: He's hooked on all kinds of narcotics, some of which are probably his own creation, but he's just as capable of kicking ass like everyone else. He'll even crack a joke at one point if he makes a bad shot that he must be coming down.
  • Last-Name Basis: He’s the only member of the Chaos crew who is largely referred to by his surname.
  • Mad Scientist: He wants to get samples of whatever monstrous mutant zombies he comes across, regularly destroys his lab on occasion, and then there's his elixirs.
  • Man on Fire: He will make comments about having been on fire. If you look closely, you'll notice that he has a burn scar on his face.
  • Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane: IX is explicitly-stated to be a hallucination of his creation, but he has remarkably-little control over it, and the other members of the crew comment that the events feel far too real to be a mere hallucination.
  • Noodle Incident: What happened to his eye. The most he'll say is that it at least still works, even if it has "gone a bit milky."
    • He also apparently sets himself on fire regularly.
  • The Smart Guy: Genius alchemist who knows a great deal about the Order, worked closely with Alistair, and created the Elixirs that the Chaos crew use.
  • This Is Gonna Suck: Is the most likely of the crew to panic whenever something bad happens, and is fond of Gallows Humor.
  • Those Two Guys: Has the most affectionate dialogue with Bruno.

    Gideon Jones 

Gideon Jones

Appearances: Dead of the Night

A rough and rumble cowboy, Gideon Jones just didn't seem to mesh well with the high class socialites. Regardless, he agreed to meet up with his friend Alistair Rhodes, only to find himself in a fight no one could have imagined.

    The Brigadier 

Brigadier General Jonathan Warwick

Appearances: Dead of the Night

A veteran general of the Boer and Zulu wars, the Brigadier had suddenly found himself in a brand new battlefield among the undead during a party hosted by his close friend, Alistair Rhodes. In spite of his age, his experience on the field more than formidable among the hordes of the undead.

    Christina Fowler 

Christina 'Madame Mirela' Fowler

Appearances: Dead of the Night

A fake psychic performing at Alistair's party was just doing what she does best when the Order came in and created a massacre involving the undead. Now forced to fight, she quickly proves to be much more prepared for the sudden fight than anyone could've thought.



Voiced by: Charles Dance
Appearances: Dead of the Night

Alistair Rhode's personal butler, and secretly a member of the Order. He quickly betrayed his master and proceeded to make sure there were no witnesses, but unfortunately was caught in a battle he couldn't avoid.


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