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     Animated Webshows 

     Apps and Games 
  • PostSecret opened an iPhone app at the end of 2011 so people could take photographs and edit them quickly to make their own secrets and send them to a separate secret section that other app users could see. While mostly secrets similar to those found on the website people started to send in generally hurtful secrets, often about other secrets sent through the app. PostSecret is known for sending in the most personal secrets people have so rude comments aren't looked upon kindly. This started a huge fight between those being rude, trolls and those trying to defend those being attacked. Actual secrets got pilled under all of these. The creators tried to set up a system where they would screen every secret sent in, which was at an average of 30,000 per day. This quickly proved impossible and the app was closed on the first day of 2012, lasting a total of four months.
  • There was a fun little web game called Space Email, where people could send random, anonymous letters to people, ranging from funny (or spammy), sad, or heartwarming. Less than two days after it was made, the program was shut down because many people also used it as a way to be racist, post other people's personal information, and other unpleasant things. In order to protect others from getting hurt, the program was pulled, ruining the chance for anyone else to make a letter.
     Content Creators 
  • In January 2018, Gavin Free (a well-known member of Rooster Teeth and creator of The Slow Mo Guys) and his girlfriend (former Rooster Teeth member Meg Turney) had a crazed fan break into their house armed with a handgun, their intention being killing Gavin, as the fan had an obsession with Meg and hated Gavin for being with her. Gavin has since stopped doing meet and greets with fans at live events, had his RTX schedule privatized, and significantly scaled back his online presence. He later revealed in a December 2021 interview with SMOSH co-creator Anthony Padilla that he grapples with PTSD from the incident. Meg didn't recover too well either, since her YouTube channel went silent for six months before she put up a video letting her fans know about what's going on and saying that she was nervous to return to her videos in fear of a copycat.
  • In a Reddit AMA, RWBY co-writer and co-director Miles Luna stated that he's lost interest in writing scenes involving his character Jaune Arc due to fans accusing Miles of making Jaune his self-insert.
  • Liana K originally hosted Zoom parties for her Patrons as a chance for people to have fun and talk. After one incident in 2020 where an argument broke out, she opted out of doing them again, saying it was impossible to have fun and be a moderator at the same time.
  • Monty Oum used to be very active on Facebook, often chatting with and exchanging ideas with fans. This changed when he started getting bombarded with comments and messages demanding he finish Dead Fantasy. The last straw was when a photo of him and his family at his mother's wake got these comments, which caused him to turn his Facebook page into a like page and rarely visit it anymore. Prior to his death in 2015, Twitter was the only social media outlet that he updated regularly.
  • Cow Chop, a now-defunct comedy group under Rooster Teeth, ended up getting evicted out of the home they used for filming when someone doxxed them about the damage done to the house and contacted their landlord.
  • redhotsonic, a YouTuber who covers various Sonic the Hedgehog games, fan games, and Game Mods, ended up going on a hiatus from YouTube for several months after harassment from an aggressive troll, who had made several threats towards him and his family (including his at-the-time unborn child), as well as doxxing several other people as well. Fortunately, he has since recovered from this and returned to uploading videos.
  • Voice actress Wubcake was quite prominent in the fandom for My Little Pony: Equestria Girls and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, including being widely thought of as the fan voice for Sunset Shimmer. In 2020, Wubcake announced that she would no longer be making MLP-related content, choosing to focus on Danganronpa content instead. In a livestream, Wubcake cited general burnout with being asked to do the same kinds of lines over and over in brony videos, as well as meeting very toxic people in the brony fandom.
    • She also cited a specific incident in which IDW MLP comic creator Jenn Blake raised tens of thousands of dollars on GoFundMe for her cancer treatment, then deleted all of her social media accounts shortly aftwards (per Blake's close friends, this was due to the former comic creator's increasing irrationality resulting from the progression of her end-stage brain cancer). Wubcake posted in a now-deleted Twitter thread accusing Blake of scamming fans and not adequately expressing gratitude. When a fan backlash resulted from her accusation, she then accused Peter New, a voice actor from Friendship is Magic and friend of Jenn Blake, of quote mining her out of context and sending his Twitter followers to harass her. However, the deleted Twitter thread was later recovered and showed that she had not only been quoted accurately, but had repeated her scam accusation even after the social-media disappearance had been explained by Blake's close friends. This led to further backlash against Wubcake, who then decided to bolt from the MLP fandom and never look back.
  • Internet analyst Lily Orchard both discusses this trope in her work and has played it straight with her own fandom.
    • For being discussed: Orchard hates the Vocal Minorities of various cartoons for either their toxic behavior or fandoms not policing their behavior. Most of the problems she has with toxic fans wind up in her opinion series Glass of Water, where Orchard calls out fans on how they're only making creators' jobs harder. She especially calls out bronies quite a bit, arguing that their reputation as a toxic fandom is deserved because of a refusal to police and/or purge the more extreme members of their fandom. She's also talked about a cadre of internet stalkers that she's accumulated over the years, referring to herself as their "bitch eating crackers" for how anything she does is being taken in the worst possible light, to the point of Irrational Hatred. Orchard also discusses the Sunk Cost Fallacy involved in such stalking, arguing that the people who stalk Orchard need her to be as bad as they claim she is because it helps them feel better about themselves, and because to admit otherwise would mean that they're harassing her for no reason. Orchard even mentions that one such stalker had been doing it for eight years at the time that the video discussing the harassment went live.
    • For playing it straight: Orchard usually deletes comments on her videos that don't provide maturely-worded criticism because she "can't trust fans to do that on their own", and she frequently disables ratings. In April 2020, Orchard posted a video where she revealed that she was having a Creator Breakdown from people asking the same questions over and over, and she called out one fan in particular for tracking down her home address - not to harass Orchard, but to send her a Nintendo Switch and a copy of Pokémon Sword and Shield because they wanted her to bash the game, despite Orchard previously stating that she was not interested in doing so.
  • Littlenommer was known for not only being the girlfriend of Trott of Hat Films but also being quite involved with the fandom on Tumblr. This changed in 2015 when fans harassed her after she asked them to tone down the shipping and sexualization of her boyfriend, which caused her to temporarily turn off anonymous asks. The last straw was harassment during a stream by the Sirs, followed by a post that accused her of being insecure in her relationship, basically blaming her for the harassment from the fandom. Littlenommer vowed to never moderate for the trio again and temporarily deactivated her Tumblr.
  • Ricky Gervais expressly pointed out that the reason that they decided to stop giving The Ricky Gervais Show away for free and start charging for it upfront was because they were getting annoyed at fans whining that they had missed out on the brief free period.
  • PokéTuber TamashiiHiroka was forced to disable comments on her videos due to the intense controversy that her feminist views (particularly her video criticizing Lopunny's design) and criticisms of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl amassed. The only reason comments sections began reappearing on her videos is because she wasn't able to keep disabling them; all videos released before December 2015 still have comments disabled, even if they didn't address any controversial topics.
  • LittleKuriboh had mentioned his bisexuality on his LiveJournal, and someone who knew him personally took that information to his parents, who didn't take it very well. Kuriboh has since stated that he will be much, much more cautious about posting personal information in the future.
  • An artist named Sitrophe had an OC named Equilibrium. So many people stole the OC through tracing, ripping, etc. that Sitrophe was forced to sell the character.
  • TotalBiscuit, a YouTuber known for his highly professional video game commentary and being very opinionated, came under scrutiny multiple times for getting mad at fanboys for being too rabid or too bossy. One of the biggest controversies involving TotalBiscuit was when he got mad at a user because, after telling someone that he didn't take requests in a completely passive manner, they told TotalBiscuit that he should have taken requests because he "owed it" to his fans.
    TotalBiscuit: All fanboys must die.
  • Twitch streamer Bwana had enough of the BrainSlug emoticon being synonymous with racist comments. Not only did he make Twitch change the emoticon to an actual brain slug, he made the old emoticon for subscribers only.
  • YouTube Poop creator cs188 took down two of his poops, "No one needs foundation repair" and "Escape from HoH SiS", because both used an advertisement from a foundation repair company in Texas who filed a complaint against him on YouTube. After taking them down, he put up a video explaining why they were taken down, and asked that anyone else using that company's ads for a source do likewise. But three years later, after receiving a call from one of the employees saying that someone had prank-called the company, he put up another video asking people not to do that.
  • On Twitter, Japanese artist Manga Materials has locked all of her English-translated art tutorials behind a paywall due to harassment by western users accusing her of attacking art styles.
  • The fact that he doesn't want to be remembered for it is the reason why MoBrosStudios will no longer do any SpongeBob countdown videos.
  • Even when Josh Scorcher begged people not to harass the target of his response videos, it still happened anyway. The nadir of this behavior was a response video to Lily Orchard, with whom Josh has a long-standing feud. Despite the fact that Josh repeatedly said in the video for his fans to leave Lily alone and not to harass her over his response, it still happened anyway, with Lily citing multiple instances of such behavior on her own channel. As a result, Josh decided to stop doing response videos altogether.
  • Mark Does Stuff used to allow people to do one-off commissions of movies and episodes of TV shows, which would let you see Mark react to it for the first time and get a short write-up about it. This was stopped, partially because it was too time-consuming and hosting was overly expensive, but also because fans of a show would become hugely demanding if Mark didn't watch the entire show or write enough about it. Similarly, enough bronies kept sending Mark rude messages demanding him to start watching My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic that the show is permanently off his watch list, since he doesn't want to deal with the dark parts of the fandom.
  • On May 2014, Manu Larcenet closed his blog where he published exclusive cartoons after they were reused without any approval from him.
  • Bald Dumbo Rat, head of producing Doctor Whooves and Assistant, has a side-blog called Lovestruck Derpy. When he uploaded voiced-over dubs of the pictures on YouTube, they became one of his channel's most popular videos. Unfortunately, since delays are long between updates of the dub, rabid fans attacked him and even gave his boyfriend death threats. He was on the verge of taking down the blog and posted a response video saying that these insults weren't helping at all:
    Want (Lovestruck Derpy) to be up to date? Want more Doctor Whooves and Assistant? Now leave me alone.
  • Fandom VIP Rebornica, the previous owner of a popular Five Nights at Freddy's AU, decided to leave the fandom and stop working on the AU due to death threats, complaints about their work, being forced to apologize for things they had done years ago, and extremely uncomfortable but popular mischaracterizations of their versions of the original characters. While they left the AU to a friend that would do it justice and can now work on their new projects, it was still horrible to see. Later, in 2015, Rebornica and Cam (the friend that they left the AU to) announced that they were going to "bury" it due to a fair deal of abuse from the fandom. Also, due to people that refuse to let the past live in the past, they shut down their Tumblr account until further notice.
  • Most if not all of Achievement Hunter have been a little more cynical towards their fandom. This can be due to many things including the YouTube comments complaining about Let's Plays being uploaded late, hateful comments towards any hunter not in the "main six", being shown sexual fan art of them kissing or having sex with their friends/coworkers, and much more. However, the biggest annoyance they face is constantly having their "catchphrases" or even things they've said just once being constantly tweeted or messaged to them, which specifically caused Ray to go from being one of the loudest and most talkative to being the quietest, out of fear of creating a new phrase to be constantly hounded with on Twitter. Also, at RTX 2014, the Achievement Hunter panel was so full of uncomfortable questions and people just requesting shoutouts that, when one fan announced that they were asking a real question, the hunters and audience cheered.
    • The toxicity reached a point in 2020 that they made their livestream chat only accessible to the premium members because, over a course of several streams, the chat and comment sections became increasingly negative towards their gaming style as well as being racist and sexist towards Fiona and Lindsay.
  • Matt Wilson, the creator of Bonus Stage, ended the series and dropped off the Internet in part due to the fans, who were either screamingly negative or creepily obsessed.
  • Oddity Archive host Ben Minotte used to Skype with Archive viewers, but stopped due to two separate incidents with a stalker and a troll.
  • Matthew Mercer is supremely patient with fans of Critical Role, and usually restrains himself to politely asking them to tone it down when they cross a line with the cast. But after receiving a barrage of criticism from disgruntled shippers in the aftermath of Campaign 2 Episode 118, Mercer aired his frustrations on Twitter.invoked
    Seeing some VERY weird conversation about planned "aging" of characters and the like... which is very much not the case? A randomly rolled encounter combined with unexpected player choices makes for unexpected outcomes. I'm seeing some really toxic discussions, based in (surprise) shipping spaces. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for shipping. I think, when engaged with in a HEALTHY way, [it] can be a great way to enjoy media and engage with it. However, the misinterpretation of a story (especially improvised) wielded as a weapon against others who disagree with your ship, or anger against not seeing YOUR ship realized and turning into hate for a fandom and/or it's creators is toxic beyond belief. Sometimes the mental gymnastics I read when folks try to justify a perceived personal slight by creators and storytellers who both made no promises to you, or did nothing but continue to follow an organic, honest path with care, makes me not want to create. Scenarios like this continue to push me away from engaging online, for my own mental health. I don't want to pull away, but man... sometimes you all try my patience. The conspiracies, the assumptions, the untrue, unwarranted statements... *sigh*
  • Zaranyzerak, a movie and comic book collecting YouTuber and gamer was also known for his rant videos on various fandoms. However, in April 2018, he posted a rant video on The Last Jedi where he liked the movie and defended it. The video was met with instant backlash as well as attacks and harassment from trolls and Star Wars fans for his opinion on the movie. Before long, it started to spill into the comments sections of all his the videos he posted after his TLJ and even his older videos as well. The harassment and troll attacks got so bad that it even led to him being doxxed and they even started attacking at his daughter. This lasted for nearly nine months, until January 2019 when he finally had enough of it and disabled both comments and ratings on all his videos. As of of 2022, he has since reinstated the comments on all of his videos as well as ratings. However, he has since privated his video on TLJ and has refused to make the video available again. The backlash and harassment he endured for his video on TLJ is the main reason why he semi-retired from YouTube to instead mostly focus on his livestreams on Twitch. Currently the majority of new content he posts to his YouTube channel are livestream highights from his Twitch streams, which has resulted in his channel going into partal Network Decay. While he occasionally still does movie collection videos, he has refused to go back and make nerd rage videos again, out of fear of creating and facing more backlash and harassment from other fandoms.
  • Lindsay Ellis was the victim of multiple online harassment campaigns throughout her career, but it finally reached a breaking point in December 2021 when she became a victim of a particularly intense smear campaign after making a few poorly-worded comments about Raya and the Last Dragon note  back in March of that year. The campaign was so incredibly hostile, to the point of digging up things she'd apologized for twelve years prior, that it drove her to retire from YouTube and online content creating as a whole.
  • John Darko, an audiophile YouTuber has always been cynical towards the audiophile community. Starting around 2019, he started getting a lot of hateful and toxic comments regarding his audio set up, paid sponsorships and his positive remarks towards bad audio products. The toxicity reached a point that in November 2020, he disabled comments on his YouTube channel and his Instagram. In 2021, he reinstated the comments on most of his videos, though on “approval only” mode. However, the comments on his Instagram, his YouTube community page and all (pre-May 2018) videos have remained disabled.

  • In-universe example: At the end of the fifth season of The Guild, main character Sydney (who often goes by her MMO game's character name Codex) gets a job at the company that makes the MMO she and her guildmates are obsessed with. In the sixth season, she finds that the creator is a neurotic recluse who has scrapped the nearly-finished expansion multiple times for fear of provoking the ire of his game's haters. Making matters worse, her game's guild leader Vork storms into her boss's office and demands to have retribution for thousands of petty complaints. When Vork later organizes a loud and angry mob against the MMO, Codex goes out to tell the crowd that complaining about something too much to the point where the original creators want nothing to do with the thing they used to love anymore. In other words, "This is why fandom can't have nice things" is the main theme of the season. Indeed, this very issue may have been the reason why Felicia Day stopped making episodes of The Guild after this season, since Seasons 5 and 6 had not been well-received by some in fandom.
     Let's Plays 
  • Two Yogscast channels, specifically Rythian and Simon Lane and Lewis Brindley's joint channel, turned comments off for a few months in 2013. The former did it because he felt it was just getting annoying, the latter did it in part because of that (you can see examples of just what was written here) but the main reason was because of fraudsters, who pretended that Simon had died and that extra funding was needed to complete Shadow of Israphel. They did eventually turn them back on in both cases, however.
  • CaptainSparklez is mostly positive about fan feedback, but on occasion, he gets fed up with "Stop Having Fun" Guys. In particular, he very nearly canceled one of his modded Minecraft shows because fans expected him to know how every single mod that he had worked - even though he had installed over one hundred of them.
  • Kim Richards, a member of the Yogscast, has mentioned that due to irrational fan hatred (including harassment, racism, and "fans" calling for her to be fired because they don't like her), she does not read the comments section for her videos anywhere near as much as she used to. She also turned off the "ask" function on her Tumblr due to constant abuse.
  • Sips used to read the comments on his videos fairly regularly, occasionally joining in with bashing against both him and Sjin. However, due to the comments section becoming a total mess, he switched to Reddit instead due to the latter being more organized and fans being considerably more rational.
  • PewDiePie has disabled his comments section at least once because things tend to degenerate very quickly into flame wars, making it hard for him to get any genuine fan feedback. He's also had trolls accuse him falsely of beating his girlfriend, which he did not like.
  • Undertale was a commonly requested game for many Let's Players to play. Unfortunately, fans of the game became notorious for spoiling and ruining the game for most YouTubers who did not do the true Pacifist Run on their first playthrough. Between the level of vitriol such YouTubers received and the fact that it's a game best experienced blind, this frequently caused many Let's Players to have the experience ruined for them and sometimes end their runs of the game prematurely. Here are some of the more infamous cases:
    • One of the biggest cases regarding a Let's Player clashing with the Undertale fandom is Mangaminx. She got almost the entire game spoiled in the comments on her first video, despite her explaining extensively in both the video and description that she wanted to play the game blind. She then proceeded to kill every character she could out of pure spite and amuse herself with videos where she ridicules the comments she gets on her Undertale videos. In fact, this may have been a factor that caused her to place it on the top of her "TOP5 most disappointing games 2015" list, which more or less made her a proclaimed enemy of the entire Undertale fandom.
    • Markiplier started a Let's Play series for the game. However, after two videos, he abruptly stopped the series after the fandom commented on the videos and expressed their dislike at both his voices for the characters and his playstyle not being how they wanted him to play, dropping spoilers along the way. When Mark finally returned to it via Twitch, he made it a point to ignore the chat the entire time so he didn't get spoiled or harassed again.
  • Roahm Mythril ended up cutting his first Make a Good Mega Man Level Contest Let's Play short due to the comments on his videos personally attacking the judges of the contest, especially Blackmore Darkwing. Not only did it greatly upset Roahm, but it also greatly upset SnoruntPyro (the contest's leader) so much that she asked him to not cover the second game due to this. Fortunately, Roahm eventually recovered from this ordeal and announced that he will be finishing the playthrough, as well as going through with a playthrough of the second game.
  • It's highly unlikely that PBG Hardcore will do a Hardcore series on a public server again after a player killed McJones during MineZ #2. ACrispyWaluigi was a fan that had been actively stalking the group, trying to give them items they would need for their quest, and wouldn't leave them alone despite them asking him to stop several times. McJones thought that killing his character would finally make him stop, but he instead got killed and derailed the mission. Additionally, there were fans who checked the servers to see who was logged on (and therefore who was still alive) and spoil the series.
  • Nerd³ "rebooted" his YouTube channel and started ignoring almost everything his fans said in December 2013. He wrote a detailed explanation of exactly why he did this, saying that it helped turn video making back into a paid hobby instead of an extremely stressful career.
    "The community is toxic because they think you're their friend. When they don't like something they won't just dislike and move on, they'll take it as an attack on our 'friendship' and respond in kind."
  • Many LPers have quit playing ROM Hacks because they were sick of getting nothing but poorly-made "Kaizo Clones" made to get them angry enough to Rage Quit. ProtonJon is at least indifferent to people asking him about it, even though he constantly makes it clear that he won't do ROM Hack LPs again. and Azureblade49 is so sick of such Kaizo Clones that it's not a particularly wise thing to ask him about.
  • If NintendoCapriSun is playing blind through a plot-heavy game on Twitch, he'll disable alerts, place the chat in followers-only mode, and have the mods immediately time out anyone who so much as hints at a spoiler. This is due to his blind run of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, where a troll who subscribed to the channel had a username that spoiled the identity of the Big Bad.

  • YouTube video game cover artist "Little V" Mills did two covers of songs from Persona 5: one of "Life Will Change", and one of "Rivers in the Desert". In the latter video, Mills commented that he was planning to cover more songs from the Persona series, but changed his mind due to comments from Persona 5 fans that either spoiled the game or nitpicked the lyrics. As such, a small EP of Persona songs was also canceled.
    LittleVMills: Alright so this is my last Persona cover.
    Not only did people spoil the game for me after I specifically told everyone not to, the constant "NO YOUR WRONG" comments about the one word I misspoke and addressed is exhausting. Both of these comments were pinned at one point making it impossible to miss while commenting so it's clear they were done out of spite. I removed the spoiler comments to protect others still playing so you should still be good if you haven't finished the game like I have. I had 4 more P5 covers planned by the way and was planning to announce a small EP this coming week but, I'll be doing other tunes now and from fandoms that are more respectful. To my core fanbase that was hoping for more sorry to disappoint but all of my energy and excitement for Persona has been basically wiped out due to the comments on this video.
    Hope it was worth it guys
  • hololive:
    • Generation 5's Mano Aloe accidentally leaked footage of her character via test stream before her official debut, which resulted in a two-week suspension. However, "anti-fans" then uncovered her personal information and used it to send her harassing phonecalls and DMs on social media, as well as tracking down and harassing her family members and even her then-boyfriend (with their relationship ending specifically because of the harassment he was getting). After the suspension was up, COVER Corporation (who runs hololive) announced that Aloe had decided to permanently retire from the role because she was "not physically or mentally prepared to continue with her activities".
    • In September of 2020, Coco Kiryu and Haato Akai were placed on suspension as a result of mentioning Taiwan as an independent nation while discussing viewer metrics in a live stream. Not in support of Taiwan, not in any way that disparaged China, simply acknowledging Taiwan's existence as an independent nation - which is a hot-button issue in the Chinese government. The main purpose of the suspension was not to punish Coco and Haato, but to protect them from Chinese nationalists that would harass them. After three weeks, their suspension ended, and they apologized in their following streams, but a large number of Chinese viewers continued to call for their termination. Unwilling to fire one of their biggest stars, and with the brand becoming tarnished in China, hololive ultimately ceased all business in China, which included the closure of their fledgling Chinese branch. As a sort of mercy, the streamers from the Chinese branch of hololive were allowed to keep almost all of their stream donations until their departure.
    • In late 2021, Connor of the Trash Taste podcast (also known as CDawgVA) argued in an interview with Ironmouse that becoming a member of hololive was a recipe for quick success because of the built-in fanbase for the brand itself rather than the merits of the talent. In early 2022, Mori Calliope was given a superchat in a members-only stream that argued she shouldn't collaborate with Connor anymore because of his previous comments, which Calliope thought was ridiculous. However, this one superchat ended up starting a firestorm of drama around both Connor and Calliope when a few toxic members of Calliope's fanbase, aka "deadbeats", began harassing Connor. This lead to a week-long break from streaming for Calliope, with clarification that she was waiting for the heat from the drama to die down before returning.
    • In August 2022, the company released Holostars EN, the first set of male performers who primarily streamed in English. As a way for the new boys to build up a fanbase, they collabed with various female Hololive English stars, including Ouro Kronii. This caused several of Kronii's more toxic shipper fans to attack the members of Holostars EN that she collabed with. Kronii eventually addressed the drama, telling these toxic fans to knock it off unless they wanted her to stop collabing with everyone (much less any dudes). Kronii denied she had any romantic attraction to any of the Holostars members, and added that even if she did, she wouldn't engage in Office Romance with anybody because it would be unprofessional and would risk damaging her reputation. She ended with an appeal to not "act as if you're maidenless" to her fanbase.
  • For a short period after retiring from updating his review site, Mark Prindle would use his Facebook account to briefly post about albums he listened to recently. This changed with part of the reason being due to fans constantly asking him to just un-retire his site since he's still reviewing things. Instead, he started posting a list of music he listened to, with factual information included in parentheses (year of release, genre, and where the artist is from), inviting his followers to discuss their opinions in comments. However, if someone asks his opinion about an album, he'll give an answer, so it's not a complete loss.

  • Diva Dirt temporarily disabled the comment feature on its articles after a news report about a shooting outside the WWE Performance Center was met with a lot of tasteless comments from trolls - and the editor warned the site's users that such things were not to be joked about.
  • IMDB shut down its message boards in 2017 due to too much abuse from trolls on them.
  • Channel Awesome:
    • A lot of contributors used to have FAQ threads on the forums where they would answer any question. Not only are those threads gone because of questions that got too personal, but most of the people on the forums have fled the place altogether because of the culminating mess of trolling and general obnoxious behavior.
    • There was a site-wide Running Gag that everyone wanted Allison Pregler and treated her like a sex symbol. It had a lot of funny moments, there was no sexist behavior involved, and it produced loads of Fanfic Fuel. Unfortunately, too many fans took it as permission to just consider Allison as a hot chick and not a reviewer, so the jokes had to die down.
    • Another Allison-related one. Her relationship with her boyfriend Phelous produced lots of videos and a shared fanbase, but due to some people hitting her with accusations of ruining Phelous' work, she says she's become hesitant to make videos with Phelous.
    • While Doug Walker never liked The Dark Knight Rises, his first review of it was him trying his best to be nice and constantly interrupting his own opinions to assure people he was probably just overreacting and would never be a Fan Hater about it. However, a wave of He Panned It, Now He Sucks! hit Walker, including a Facebook post having to be deleted because over 100 people were calling him names for asking why the review got hated.
  • Furry image board site Fchan had played an April Fools prank on its viewers by making every link always direct to a specific category of images instead of the section people intended to click on. People complained loudly about this, causing the admin to revolt by shutting the site down for a day because, in his own words, "People don't know how to take a joke."
  • Japanese artists, particularly on Pixiv, are staunchly against the posting of their art on other sites; pages like the Japan-based Online Fanarts Protection exist to inform people about such policies. Although artists are generally fine with people linking to the pages for their art on sites like Twitter and Facebook, they draw the line at their art being uploaded onto sites such as Tumblr, and will often have a quip on their Pixiv profile warning users against the unauthorized posting of their art on other sites, or at the least telling fans to ask them before reposting. Some artists will go as far as to make their works private or delete them altogether if this problem is bad enough. Reactions to this sort of policy have been mixed; fellow artists generally agree with them, citing that they prefer to control where on the web their works show up (especially considering some users don't bother to give credit to the original artist when posting their images, or worse, claim the art as their own) while many non-artists, especially Westerners, feel that there's no point complaining about it by virtue of content on the Internet being easily reposted elsewhere and that asking artists for permission to post art on other sites is too much of a hassle, especially when most artists on Pixiv do not understand English and most Westerners don't know Japanese. Many Japanese artists are nonetheless critical of the Western and overseas fandom and claim they do not respect their rules and boundaries. So this ties into Values Dissonance since the Western fanbases interact differently than Japanese fanbases (in addition to language barriers), and they thus have different views on what is considered acceptable behavior. Because of the issue, even if it's your own Pixiv account, you can't post pictures using a link from Pixiv on Tumblr.
  • Before Serenes Forest became the new go-to place for Fire Emblem information, other sites had served the purpose and were later shut down because the moderators and administrators got too tired of dealing with the raging fans.
  • The Tropes Mirror Wiki originally was open for anyone who wanted to sign on and edit. But then a handful of jokers from This Very Wiki decided the folks over on the Mirror needed to be "punished" for daring to actually exist as a website and started spam-bombing the Mirror by creating new pages that were titled from the old wiki (using actual trope titles of pages that hadn't been imported yet), but filled with porn spam, or ads for erectile dysfunction drugs, or cheap cigarettes, and the like. As a result, new editors have to now be approved by the admins before they can do anything on the wiki. When one of the spammers was tracked down and confronted, he admitted to doing it as a "fuck you" to the Mirror on behalf of Fast Eddie and TV Tropes, despite the Mirror's existence not violating any law, rule, regulation, or standard of behavior. A different Tropes Mirror Wiki, founded by a different user, exists today, but it can only contain material from this wiki that originated before July 2012.
  • The website Know Your Meme has locked submissions to several image galleries after misuse or drama got out of control:
    • "Cringeworthy" was locked after people started flooding it with fetish art, most notably a series of pictures depicting a drawing of an inflated Hercules, as well as the fact that the image gallery as a whole was becoming a haven for lots of incoming Flame Wars thanks to people uploading things they themselves found cringeworthy but others did not (usually involving political subject matter). In response, a forum thread was created in which people posted these images, which was seen as an acceptable compromise since, as a forum, it was clearer that the posts specifically reflected the opinion of the poster, but even that ended up being shut down when users started posting screenshots of Tumblr blogs expressing views they disagreed with, which led to people contacting/harassing said blogs' owners to let them know they were "cringe".
    • The galleries for "Childhood Enhanced" and "Ruined Childhood" followed suit, primarily because "Childhood Enhanced" would mostly consist of pictures of female characters in sexual scenes while "Ruined Childhood" mostly contained cover art of child-oriented media considered low-quality.
  • Because of generally good behavior and quality in their sporkings, Das Mervin, mod of Das Sporking, announced that new sporkers no longer had to be approved and could post whenever they wanted. Three months later, a series of major rule-breaking cases caused Mervin to temporarily shut down the comm and announce that sporkers could only post after being approved.
  • At Tumblr, there are a number of "theme makers", users who make blog layouts for the site. Unfortunately, some users tend to constantly flood the theme maker's ask box with repeated questions about either the themes or their perceived slowness in updating the codes, as well as using them without crediting the theme maker, resulting in many of them deciding to quit making blog themes, deleting the codes or making them private, or leaving the site altogether.
  • The Dreamwidth Journal Roleplay-related site Wankgate had a major upheaval in early January 2016 when anonymous posters (the vast majority of those on the site due to its nature) were discovered trying to attack the RP meme community Bakerstreet in an attempt to drive players they didn't like out and stir up needed "wank" to talk about. This led to the site's mod to temp-stop anonymous posts before restoring it with a set of new rules that essentially ended the idea of baseless wank on the site. While some got the hint, others just moved to another site RPAnons and opted to set fire to that, leading to another migration.
  • In April 2021, Verizon Media announced that they would be shutting down Yahoo Answers. While the exact reasoning was not stated, many speculated that it was due to the reputation it built up over the years, as well as increased amounts of fighting among users since the 2016 American presidential electionnote .
  • YouTube itself has severely limited opportunities to make it on the platform, much to the chagrin of many creators, in response to bad actors:
    • In 2018, YouTube severely tightened its monetization rules so that eligibility is only possible for those with at least 4,000 hours of overall watch time and at least 1,000 subscribers. Though advertising on inappropriate content was not a new problem, there were indications everywhere that the controversies involving Logan Paul had almost everything to do with it.
    • Elsagate ended up causing this for YouTube, although this has more to do with bringing the site into compliance with existing laws forbidding ads targeted at young children than it does with the fandom of the site. For those unaware of what Elsagate is, it was a major controversy surrounding channels that were making inappropriate videos targeted at kids that featured characters from children's media (most prominently Spiderman and Elsa from Frozen, hence the name). YouTube largely ignored it until news outlets reported what was happening, at which point YouTube had to do something to salvage their reputation. However, the removal of "Elsagate" started a chain reaction that caused YouTube to implement a rating system, which consists of "kid-friendly" and "not kid-friendly" - and only not-kid-friendly content is eligible for monetization. In essence, YouTube started operating on the concept of Rated M for Money taken to its logical extreme thanks to what was once a series of prank videos snowballing into a major scandal.
    • The site made dislikes only visible to the videos' creators in late 2021 in order to prevent dislike-bombing and embarrassing the creators, putting an end to "ratioing" and "missing the like button" jokes.
    • This is the primary reason why uploaders disable comments on YouTube, far more so than not being able to handle criticism. Case in point, WWE's official YouTube Channel. However, knowing the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community), one would only be able to guess how many comments they would receive about Ring of Honor, TNA, Chris Benoit, or the myriad of other "We Do Not Speak of Such Things" topics that they would undoubtedly be inundated with.
    • Sometimes, when a group of videos on YouTube gets taken down due to copyright infringement, fans of the videos will quite unfairly and needlessly harp on the uploader. In at least one case, this has resulted in the uploader personally taking down all of their videos.invoked
  • This is likely the reason for GoAnimate's removal of the casual GoPlus subscription plan accounts and retool as a pay-only business website in 2015. Even though the site was initially made with anybody's usage in mind, it was soon viewed as the laughingstock of the internet due to it only being used to make videos where characters from shows like Caillou get grounded and assaulted. However, the Comedy World themes were still accessible through a hidden menu in the main video maker until 2016, when the non-business themes were removed as part of the company's transition from Flash to HTML5. This led to users to latch on to GoAnimate for Schools, which still hosted the non-business themes until they were also removed from the service in mid-2016 before it was shut down entirely in 2019. As time went on, the site continually removed features that were left as artifacts on other websites until the only way users could make the videos was by using a web browser extension. Because of all this, coupled with the irrelevance of non-business themes on the website, it's likely that this means the use of the platform for Grounded and other videos for casual purposes will likely and finally come to an end entirely. On the bright side, we wouldn't have to worry about the Vyond Shovelware content anymore.
  • On Dragon Cave, the Frilled Dragon was a very nice, but exceptionally common breed. The combination of this and its description being the same as other, more valuable breeds caused a massive backlash, to the point of outright insulting its sprite and artist. At first, the creator tried to brainstorm ways to make it more appealing, but eventually she got so sick of the thing that she straight out discontinued the breed. However, Frilled Dragons returned in May 2016, complete with their original descriptions and with a sprite for the males. The creator regretted having them retired in the first place, admitting that they were less mature at the time and really could have handled the whole situation better.
  • As an April Fools' Day prank, Maddox changed The Best Page in the Universe into One of the Better Pages in the Universe. Most of the fans didn't get the joke and thought that it was either a serious new direction, a change imposed by a girlfriend, or a hack. After reviewing the emails he received reacting to the prank, Maddox declared "I seriously contemplated taking down my site and just posting links to animal porn for you retards. You're all idiots, and I've lost what little respect I had for you."
  • At the beginning of 2015, the Creepypasta Wiki's chat room was taken down due to the amount of drama it was amassing. The chat room had been taken down and restored after a short while several times before. But this time, it was gone for good.
  • The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Wiki, "TurtlePedia", has had to shut down discussion pages on occasion due to rampant bullying from a small handful of members toward the majority. Some articles also have had to have long-term admin-only blocks due to one or two people continuously adding false information (including, but not limited to, obvious fan characters into articles on official works), and then complaining about them being the victims of bullying when they're asked to quit vandalizing.
  • One result of the Seigenthaler incident was The Other Wiki barring unregistered users (i.e., those with IP addresses only) from starting articles (although they are still free to edit those started by registered users).

  • ComedyShortsGamer briefly disabled his YouTube comments section (and only approved certain comments for a while) in June 2017 after many of his fans started to attack him for his content (it got to the point people linked viruses disguised as Deji's account). It has since died down.
  • Retsupurae:
    • The comments section for traditional Retsupurae videos were removed after viewers wouldn't stop bickering amongst themselves or posting links to videos to be riffed on, even after it became apparent that such links were always ignored. After much clamoring, the comments were eventually reinstated, only for the same bickering and link-posting to keep happening. The comments were removed again, and this time, they were gone for good. Not helping matters was the person who posted a fandom secret of pairing the guys up, or the person who uploaded a video consisting of nothing but Slowbeef's laughter strung together for ten minutes. Both of these things ended up intensely creeping out the Retsupurae creators, which factored into the decision to turn comments off permanently.
    • In 2013, the creators started editing out the names of Let's Players due to fans thinking that having a Restupurae made about someone meant that it was okay to bully the Let's Player off of YouTube. In spite of the names being removed, fans continued to track the people down and harass them, which eventually spelled the death of "traditional Retsupurae" in favor of riffing longplays of games, where the hosts mock the content of the game itself and not the person who's playing it.
  • The Spoony Experiment:
    • After Spoony won the Mashable Open Web Award for 2009's Funniest Person to Follow, he posted a video thanking his fans for their support. Unfortunately, more than a few viewers posted comments insulting his then-girlfriend Scarlett, who made a rare appearance in the video, prompting Noah to replace it with a new video titled "An Appeal For Manners".
    • Spoony has publicly called out the fans who made the other TGWTG contributors hesitant about doing crossovers with him because said fans would inevitably cause trouble, usually by endlessly talking trash about the other reviewer and claiming that they were taking Spoony's attention away from his own work.
    • There's been at least one occasion where fans have shown up unannounced and uninvited in cosplay outside of Spoony's house. One fan even did the same thing to his parents, having looked up Spoony's address before he moved out. These "fans" refused to leave until the police were called. Considering that Spoony's brother is a police officer who has had people try to kill him, Spoony was not amused. He would later post on Twitter that anyone who tried this is not welcome, and that he'll be calling the police instantly if anyone tries it again.
    • His vlog on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 where he and April rip into it received backlash that was so negative that he disabled comments on the video. Spoony even made a response video to the backlash where he stated that while the negative reaction was expected, he was surprised at the sheer quantity of childish and borderline incomprehensible vitriol for his opinion on the film. This was one of the incidences that led him to disable all comments on his videos, a decision he's stood by to this day.
  • Lewis Lovhaug of Atop the Fourth Wall gets a good deal of this from his History of Power Rangers series, mostly in two different forms:
    • The most prominent is people who harass him about when the next episode will be posted, which has prompted Lewis to comment on multiple videos (with varying levels of annoyance and frustration) that there's no set release schedule and that he has less time to work on the series than he would like thanks to real life and work on the normal AT4W episodes. Eventually he did set a fixed schedule, but of course Real Life sometimes gets in the way.
    • The other part comes from fans who dislike Lewis' stance towards Super Sentai; namely, he has no interest in watching itnote  because it wasn't a part of his childhood like Power Rangers was and therefore it holds no nostalgia for him. He only brings it up in HOPR when it serves to explain factual information about the show he's reviewing (like the sillier aspects of Power Rangers Turbo stemming from its source material being an Affectionate Parody). He's also said that he specifically wants to avoid drawing needless comparisons between a Rangers show and its Sentai source to keep from falling into the conflict that exists between more vocal fans of the two franchises; needless to say, this doesn't sit well with the Sentai purists.
    • Later, an AT4W episode had Linkara (Lewis's character) insulting people who use ad-blockers to browse his site, which caused a backlash from people who didn't understand the concept of Alter-Ego Acting and thought it was serious rather than a joke. This was followed by Lewis posting an out-of-character video to explain that the show is his primary source of income and asking politely for fans to disable ad-blockers because this is quite literally the money he uses to pay rent, buy food, etc., and a couple of thirty-second advertisements shouldn't be that big a problem. Although he later noted a massive increase in ad revenue following this video, there were more than a few commenters who acted like Lewis's request was unreasonable and openly stated their intent to continue blocking the ads purely out of spite.
  • The creators of Everyman HYBRID were formerly very accommodating with fans, even granting permission for fans to do their own versions of the Seven Trials of HABIT. Some people took this as a carte blanche invitation, and began using the cast members' actual names and incorporating details from their personal lives into fanmade content (with some going as far as to "borrow" and edit family photos from their social media accounts). This came to a head in 2021, when one fan (who claimed to have Dissociative Identity Disorder) begin using Evan Jennings's full name and identity to roleplay as his character — and accused Evan and his partner of being ableist when they asked them to stop. Finally, Evan held a Twitter poll and had fans choose a last name for his character, to differentiate between himself and his onscreen persona (with "Evan Myers" winning out).
    • All three of the creators and their girlfriends have had to delete or purge the followers from their social media accounts, due to harassment from fans and enamored fangirls. Vinnie quit posting on social media entirely in 2019, after one female fan began stalking him across his social media accounts, claiming that the two of them were in a relationship (and, after Vinnie ignored her, that she was being emotionally and physically abused).
  • Vinesauce had two notable instances within a relatively short interval of each other, and a third in 2021:
    • During the six days that Joel had his channel hijacked by a script kiddie, Vinny was forced to call out fans for their incredibly volatile responses to the incident, which included attacking both himself and Joel for giving little vocal response to the incident. Vinny specifically called this Vocal Minority "the worst kind of Vinesauce fans" and heavily reiterated that they were doing exactly what the hacker wanted them to do.
    • A few months later, Joel went on a rant condemning viewers who try to derail the chat by announcing that another streamer has gone live before antagonizing Joel for forcing them to pick between two channels. This behavior was so bad in Joel's eyes that he made a new rule for his streams that explicitly condemned this kind of behavior.
    • Vinny was the victim of a cancellation attempt in April 2021, leading to him taking a brief leave of absence and scaling back both his streams and his presence online as a whole. In addition, he stopped hosting the Art Corner segment for how uncomfortable it made him at times.
  • The Game Grumps had to take down an episode of their Sonic Adventure playthrough because they made the mistake of revealing the name of the author of a rather unhelpful FAQ that they were using, which led to a few fans harassing the author and even hunting down his personal phone number. The episode was later re-uploaded with the author's name censored, and Arin and Dan sent the author a personal apology (who was cool about the whole thingnote ) and noted that the vast majority of Grumps fans in the original video were either defending the author or calling out the Vocal Minority who suggested harassing him.
  • Jacksfilms removed the original version of JackAsk #116 with his wife Erin as a guest star at Erin's request, due to fans making unkind comments about her weight. Erin opened up on the couple's podcast about how insecure these comments made her. In a rare serious tweet, Jack was very unhappy and told such fans not to watch his videos.
  • When Jenny Nicholson reviewed a published So Bad, It's Good Jeff the Killer fanfiction called Insanity, she heavily implied at the end that she'd review its sequel next. However, some of Jenny's fans tracked down the socials of the fanfic's author and harassed her with overly negative reviews and judgments, prompting the author to apologize and offer to delist her stories from the Internet. Due to this, Jenny decided to not review the sequel and chastised fans for their behavior. Since then, Jenny has tried to make it clear that she does not want her fans to chase down the creators of work she reviews.
  • The Mysterious Mr. Enter:
    • In late January 2020, Enter deleted his Twitter account due to heavy backlash and criticism towards his Nick-O-Rama series, in addition to excessive hostility towards him in general. When he recreated his Twitter in 2021, he was very open about it being run by someone else.
    • Around 2016, Enter deleted his Tumblr for then-unknown reasons. Later, in 2019, he revealed in his "dealing with my cyberstalker" video that this was solely due to a cyberstalker who had harassed him so much that he decided that the platform was more trouble than it was worth.
  • PIEGUYRULZ admitted that harassment from fans over him not making his "Every Episode Of SpongeBob Reviewed" series in favor of other content played a significant factor in why he ultimately lost his passion for making said videos and put them (along with any other videos explicitly about SpongeBob SquarePants) on indefinite hold. Not helping was backlash over the final "Every Episode of SpongeBob", where Pie Guy gave Season 10 (a season that the SpongeBob fanbase largely saw as a return to form) a "Meh" rating for using too many ideas and concepts from earlier seasons for it to merit a total pass from him, resulting in backlash from fans who disagreed. He has since started other "Every Episode Reviewed" series for other shows (such as Adventure Time), but he's adamant about not continuing the Every Episode of SpongeBob Reviewed series.
  • Meatsleep (a creepy ARG that spanned several years and amassed quite a community) shut down in January of 2016 once it became clear that the fanbase was accusing people of being "Meat" (the central figure of the videos) and harassing them. The final video explains the purpose of the project and calls out the people who unwittingly ended it.
  • Given the controversial reception to Ghostbusters (2016), Screen Junkies preemptively turned off comments for the Honest Trailer for the movie.
  • Video Games Awesome! used to have it where anyone could communicate with them in their chat room during their playthroughs, but after one too many instances of trolls spoiling the games, they made it so that only donators who contributed at least fifty dollars could participate in the chat, which pissed off some long time fans who couldn't spare the money.
  • After Chadtronic showcased him in the (now deleted) "DEEP INTO YOUTUBE 1" video, Obscure (and surreal) 3D animator Nicolas Fedorov had his videos explode in popularity. However, this is one of the few instances where the Colbert Bump turned into a bad thing, as he became increasingly impatient with the influx of fans coming in from Chadtronic's channel, lashed out against them, and eventually purged all of his media accounts and went off the internet permanently. The only way to watch his videos now (or the first "DEEP INTO YOUTUBE" for that matter) was to Keep Circulating the Tapes.
  • Bobby Calloway made Aaron unlisted for a long time, due to getting sick of comments attacking him for the sound quality, or else pervy fans sending inappropriate messages shipping him with his co-star.