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Arfenhouse is a collection of flash movies by Disaster Labs, based loosely upon their RPGs, with the first movie appearing in 2002 at Newgrounds. After the movie series "Arfenhouse: The Movie 1-4" was released piece by piece on Newgrounds, it became popular enough to get its own IRC channel, #arfenhouse.

The Flash series has examples of these tropes...

  • Animation Bump: The sixth and final film as a whole has more fluid animation than the others.
  • Art Shift: A couple scenes from the sixth movie stand out.
  • Battle Cry: Teh BUHHS/BUHAAZZ (Pringles cans) always do their signature cry whenever they appear. And it's hilarious.
  • Bilingual Bonus: Arfenhouse 6 has a scene with katakana that reads "ゴトヘルアナダイ ファキュ". Explanation 
  • Brick Joke: One that takes a few movies: in Arfenhouse 2, Housemaster made plans to go to Hawaii. The heroes eventually make it to Hawaii at the end of Arfenhouse 6.
  • Butt-Monkey: Joe, in spades.
    Joe: Hey!! Let me see that! ... '...Beef jerky... Joe goes to... jail'? 'Get $400, Joe goes to jail'... 'Get out of jail free except for Joe who goes to jail'... 'Everybody wins except for Joe who goes to jail'?! ...Y'know what? Forget it! Why did I even come here thinking I could play a decent game of Monopoly with you people?"
  • Chest Monster: Played for Laughs when Good Kitty bursts out of Joseph's stomach in Arfenhouse 6, much to the latter's horror and pain.
  • Cool and Unusual Punishment: "FOOL! All we do in Hell is play DDR!"
  • Eye Scream: L3MUNAA@@AIIIIYYYYDdd!!!!!1
  • Headdesk: Arfenhouse Teh Movie Too has a random interscene with someone saying "BREAK TIME" repeatedly while bashing his head against a desk. And bleeding.
  • Fridge Horror: Invoked in-universe by Seppel.
    Seppel: Wait a minute! What was Professor Utonium doing making little girls in the first place?!
    Misteroo: Ew.
  • Fourth-Wall Observer: Joe is aware that there are scripts.
  • A Glitch in the Matrix: Near-constant, except the "Matrix" in this case is reality itself, or whatever passes for reality here. Sometimes commented on: "Oh no, it's doing it again! I feel nauseous!"