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Grand Unified Timeline / Medieval History

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Grand Unified Timeline events from 501 C.E. - 1500 C.E.

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     501 C.E. - 900 C.E. 


  • On the planet Almea, the empire of Gurdago reluctantly extends the franchise to citizens outside the metropole, to prevent a possible rebellion. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • On the planet Almea, a religious revival called the Revaudo breaks out in Xurno, demanding greater freedom from the state’s despotic rule. Emperor Imdax IV orders the imprisonment of any priest who promotes the Revaudo. This causes a civil war to break out. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • On the planet Almea, Jippirim is liberated by the Tžuro alliance. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • The Council of Avéla is convened on the planet Almea, officially merging the Christians of Almea with the preexisting Arašei monotheism, under the name of Eled’at. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • The state of Jaešim founds a colony on Arcél on the planet Almea. Benécia gains independence from Barakhún. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • On the planet Almea, the Tžuro alliance breaks down due to disagreement on whether to conduct a war. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • Baba Yaga invades Golarion, presumably from Earth. After a 23-day war, she conquers a large swath of northern territory and founds the nation of Irrisen. She places her daughter Jadwiga in charge of the new country and then leaves for parts unknown. (3313 AR) (Pathfinder)


  • The Mayans in pre-Columbian Mexico discover a number of Huitzil/Phobos robots. They are sufficiently advanced to reprogram them into serving them. One such unit is tasked with protecting Central America from invaders. A major earthquake would eventually de-activate it. Upon revival it would become the primary unit of its kind. (Darkstalkers)
  • Béowulf sets sail for Denmark, having heard of the Grendel atrocities. He effectively defeats Grendel and later Grendel's mother, is greatly rewarded for his deeds, and returns to his own Geatish land. (Beowulf)


  • May: Antioch is devastated by an earthquake which kills approximately 250,000 people. (Real Life) The earthquake is caused by the Jarhanpurian Rama Khan. (Supergirl (2015))



  • Hygelac, king of the Geats, reigns. Béowulf takes the Geatish crown and rules for many years. (Beowulf)


  • On the planet Almea, the kingdom of Disainor converts to the religion of Jippirasti. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • On the planet Almea, the first phase of the Xurnese civil war ends with the Revaudo conquest of Curau. However, they soon argue among themselves. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • King Ževuran of Verduria promulgates the Great Code on the planet Almea. The Golden Age of Verduria begins. The Kebreni are driven out of Érenat, the first parliamentary republic in the region. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • On the planet Almea, the Xurnese loyalists attack the Revaudo-held territories, but are defeated, and the Xurnese now choose their rulers from the class of intellectuals, artists, clerics, and bureaucrats. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • The Saiyans land on the Tuffles' planet, eventually renaming it Vegeta. (Dragon Ball Z)


  • On the planet Almea, Crown Prince Estdorot of Verduria creates the Verdurian Navy by combining the patrol and ocean ships into one force. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • Karim and Chandra die and become new guardians of the lost temple. (Eternal Darkness)


  • Ževuran of Verduria dies on planet Almea. His son Estdorot succeeds him as king. Bṏle, the king of Cuoli, inherits the principality of Evan and unites it with his own kingdom. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • On the planet Almea, King Estdorot of Verduria liberates Sarnáe from Dhekhnam. However, he leaves in disgust upon realizing that the Sarnáeans still can’t put aside their petty differences even after having been enslaved together. Érenat abolishes the legal privileges of the nobility. The Disainor invade the land of Fei. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • A Geatish servant robs a dragon's den, and accidentally awakes it. The dragon wreaks havoc in Geatish lands, and Beowulf the king mounts up to fight it. After vowing to fight the dragon alone, Beowulf is severely wounded, and only his warrior Wiglaf is there to support him. With the help of Wiglaf, the dragon is defeated, but Beowulf dies, leaving the kingdom to Wiglaf. (Beowulf)


  • On the planet Almea, the Ejiji Tej is overthrown by mystics, but they cannot hold onto their rule, and the country collapses. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)

6th century

  • Merlin conceals the Crown of All Things on the lowest level of the Twilight, leaving a riddle for the benefit of any who might come after him. (Night Watch (Series))
  • An Arab merchant named Mouamet converts to Christianity and gains fame for his sublime hymns. (Departures)
  • Tuesday, April 6, 853more  - Peabody and Sherman go to Camelot and defeat a dragon via the clever use of bubblegum. (Rocky and Bullwinkle)
  • A 12-year-old squire named Arthur pulls the mystical Sword from the Stone, and is thus revealed to be the true King of England, as anointed by Heaven. From this point on, he will be known to history as King Arthur. (The Sword in the Stone)


  • Queen Leene of Guardia is kidnapped by the Mystics, lead by Magus. Crono, Lucca and Marle arrive from the year 1000 and participate in the war against the Mystics. (Chrono Trigger)


  • An ancient version of rugby or American football is played by two five-man teams (plus some trolls). (Pigskin: 621 A.D.)


  • Toyosatomimi no Miko, prince of Japan, a saint who spread Buddhism throughout the country, and secretly a power-hungry Taoist, enters a deathlike trance to attain immortality. Her plan to rule Japan as a divine being is foiled by Buddhists, who continually place seals on her mausoleum to prevent her awakening. (Touhou)


  • On the planet Almea, Dhekhnam reconquers Sarnáe and invades Eretald. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • On the planet Almea, the Golden Age of Verduria ends. General Bod’omor Kušďey usurps the throne. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • Great Library of Alexandria is destroyed. (Real Life)


  • Peredur fab Ragnal Percival, guardian of the Holy Grail, founds the Illuminati. Peredur himself is immortal and several members would enjoy extended lifespans. (Gargoyles)
  • On the planet Almea, Bod’omor Kušďey loses the throne of Verduria to another warlord. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)



  • On the planet Almea, Kebri is moving in to fill the power vacuum caused by the decline of Verduria. Ambekh I of Barakhún brings his country to the height of its power. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • On the planet Almea, Caloton, Duke of Pelym, restores order in Verduria. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • On the planet Almea, the Ḍas Uṭandal collapses after an unsuccessful war. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)



  • On the planet Almea, the barbarians are finally eclipsed in power. Xurno conquers Bolon. Dhekhnam destroys Mitigaoma, and foments rebellions in Eretald which result in the formation of Dhekhnami client states. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • On the planet Almea, the kingdoms of Dusila and Pafliopagimi unite into Šura. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • Kaguya Houraisan, a Lunarian princess, is banished from the moon for drinking the Hourai Elixir and attaining immortality. Exiled to Japan, her beauty inspires the Tale of the Bamboo Cutter. (Touhou)
  • On the planet Almea, King o-Seutsɛ of o-Dayevu, with the help of Kebreni and local merchants, establishes rule over all of Nan. During his reign the Nanese finally adopt writing. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • On the planet Almea, Cuoli and Xurno go to war. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • On the planet Almea, disaffected Barkhinei nobles rebel against King Albekh and establish the Dhekhnami client state of Mútkün. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • The printing press is invented on the planet Almea. The Eluyet and Makši join forces. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)

7th century

  • During this time, Geatland falls under Swedish dominion and loses independence. (Beowulf)


  • The Council unleashes the genophage upon the Krogan race, ending the Krogan Rebellions and curbing their rampant population growth. (Mass Effect)
  • Zombie outbreak in Frisia put down by a group of knights around this year. (The Zombie Survival Guide)
  • Around this time, the Xul wage a war of extermination against the Eulers. The Eulers survive by detonating their own stars and hiding in the resulting debris fields. The light from these artificial supernovae reaches Earth during the 19th century. (Galactic Marines)


  • On the planet Almea, the wizard Utu usurps the throne of Verduria, completely neglecting it. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • Kebri enforces trade monopolies on the planet Almea. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • Fujiwara no Mokou, whose father was humiliated after failing to complete the Five Impossible Tasks of Lunarian princess Kaguya Houraisan, steals and drinks the Hourai Elixir, ensuring that her feud with Kaguya will be eternal. (Touhou)


  • Tomao Ihtüec is born on planet Almea to Savel and an unknown woman. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • Rediscovery of the planet Tatooine by the Galactic Republic; it had been lost for several thousand years. Beginning of the Republic Dark Age. (Star Wars)


  • The state of Belšay is founded on the planet Almea. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • The war between the Saiyans and the Tuffles begin. (Dragon Ball Z)


  • Utu of Verduria dies on planet Almea. His acolyte Čagu succeeds him as king, and is given the name Utu-On. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • Savel of Arostrana dies on planet Almea. His son Tomao succeeds him as baron. Tomao joins the City Forum, which has a reputation for criticizing the government, and is only tolerated because Utu-On neglects his duties. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • Approximate date that Abdul Alhazred completes the Kitab al-Azif (Necronomicon). (Cthulhu Mythos)
  • After years of fighting the Tuffles, the Saiyans turn into giant apes as the full moon arises. The Tuffles are annihilated. The Saiyans relearn space travel from the Arcosians. (Dragon Ball Z)


  • The Saiyans start working for Lord Freeza and his planet trade. (Dragon Ball Z)


  • Charles Martel defeats the Muslim army at Tours; Islamic expansion is halted at the Pyrenees. (The Song of Roland)


  • Son Goku and Broly are born. Planet Vegeta, the home planet of the Saiyans is destroyed more  with only a handful of off-world survivors, including Goku, Broly and Broly's father. The infant Goku is sent to Earth. (Dragon Ball Z)
  • The state of Luxae successfully throws off Gurdagor imperial rule on the planet Almea. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • Death of Abdul Alhazred at the hands of an invisible monster. (Cthulhu Mythos)
  • After bumping his head, Goku forgets his vicious Saiyan nature. (Dragon Ball Z)
  • Tomao Ihtüec becomes lord of the Verdurian City Forum on planet Almea. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • On the planet Almea, Xurno expands at the expense of Cuoli. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • On the planet Almea, Tomao Ihtüec leads a revolution against King Utu-On of Verduria, deposing him. Tomao is named the new king, and enacts massive reforms to modernize the country. The Gray Years of Verduria end. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • On the planet Almea, King Tomao of Verduria outlaws slavery and legalizes the printing press. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • Elena of Verduria is born on planet Almea to Tomao Ihtüec and an unknown woman. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • The Menla-Vesi Canal is constructed on planet Almea. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • Ihano of Verduria is born on planet Almea to Tomao Ihtüec and an unknown woman. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • September 1: The young Goku and Bulma start their partnership in their search for the Dragon Balls. (Dragon Ball)
  • September 10: Goku and Oolong thwart Emperor Pilaf's plans to take over the world with the Dragon Balls after Oolong wishes for girls' underwear. (Dragon Ball)
  • September 14: Goku and Krillin start training under Roshi. (Dragon Ball)
  • The Northern Kingdoms Trading Company is founded on planet Almea. Lenan begins expanding. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • May 7: The 21st Tenkaichi Budokai. Jackie Chun wins against Goku. Goku starts his search for his adopted grandfather's Four-Star ball. (Dragon Ball)
  • May 8: Goku storms Muscle Tower, rescuing Sno's father. (Dragon Ball)
  • May 9: Mercenary Tao leaves Goku for dead and kills Bora at the foot of Korin's Tower. Goku starts climbing Korin Tower. (Dragon Ball)
  • May 10: Goku starts training with Korin at the top of Korin Tower. (Dragon Ball)
  • May 12: After retrieving the "Holy Water", Goku defeats Mercenary Tao along with the rest of the Red Ribbon Army singlehandedly. Shenron, the Eternal Dragon grants the first life-restoring wish. (Dragon Ball)


  • May 7: The 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai. Tenshinhan defeats Goku and becomes a good guy. King Piccolo returns to power. (Dragon Ball)
  • May 8: Goku kills King Piccolo and his henchmen. In his last breath Piccolo spawns a new offspring to kill Goku. Piccolo Jr. goes into training. Everyone killed by King Piccolo and his cronies (including Krillin) are restored by the Dragon Balls. (Dragon Ball)


  • May 7: The 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai. Goku defeats Piccolo, but lets him live. (Dragon Ball)


  • Before October 12: Garlic Jr. successfully wishes for immortality with the Dragon Balls. Gohan traps him in the Dead Zone. more  (Dragon Ball)
  • October 12: Raditz tells Goku he is really a Saiyan. After Piccolo ends up killing both Raditz and Goku, Raditz reminds him that two more Saiyans will arrive within the year. (Dragon Ball Z)
  • Tomao of Verduria dies on planet Almea. His son Ihano succeeds him as king. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • April 29: Goku starts training under the art of Kaioken with King Kai in the afterlife. (Dragon Ball Z)
  • November 3: Elite Saiyans Vegeta and Nappa reach Earth. Nappa and the Saibamen kill several Earthling martial artists. Vegeta kills Nappa in disgust for not laying a single punch on Goku. Goku, Gohan, Krillin and Yajirobe help defeat Vegeta. Goku lets him escape. (Dragon Ball Z)
  • December 18: Vegeta, Bulma, Krillin and Gohan land on Namek to find the Namekian Dragon Balls to restore Earth's ones after Piccolo's demise. (Dragon Ball Z)
  • December 24: Goku lands on Namek. Vegeta, with the help of Goku, kills the Ginyu force. Piccolo, along with Earth's Dragon Balls, is restored with the Namekian Dragon Balls. Goku seemingly destroys Freeza after turning Super Saiyan after the death of his friend Krillin. Namek is destroyed and the surviving Namekians make refuge on Earth. (Dragon Ball Z)


  • May 3: Krillin and Yamcha are brought back to life by the Namekian Dragon Porunga. (Dragon Ball Z)
  • September 9: Tenshinhan and Chiaotzu are brought back to life by the Namekian Dragon Porunga. He also grants the refugee Namekians a new planet. (Dragon Ball Z)
  • October: Garlic Jr. returns thanks to the power of the Makyo Star. He pours the Black Water mist over the world but Krillin, Piccolo, Kami and Mr. Popo end these plans. Gohan destroys the Makyo Star as Garlic Jr. reopens the Dead Zone, sapping his strength and imprisoning him once more. (Dragon Ball Z)
  • In Tang Dynasty China, Colin bypasses the corpses of several soldiers in his way to Marcus Octavius' chambers only to find his enemy had already left. (Highlander: The Search for Vengeance)
  • On the planet Almea, Kebri declares war on Verduria. Ihano of Verduria abdicates the throne. His sister Elena succeeds him as queen. Elena marries Urys of Zeir. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • August: Future Trunks finishes off Freeza and warns Goku and his friends of the oncoming Android threat. (Dragon Ball Z)
  • On the planet Almea, Verduria sues for peace against Kebri. They lose the right to trade in international waters. Queen Elena dissolves the parliament and then reforms it to her design. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • On the planet Almea, the kingdom of Verduria suppresses a rebellion in Sereor. Andrea of Verduria is born to Elena and Urys. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • May 7: The 24th Tenkaichi Budokai. Goku and his friends are too busy training and preparing for the Androids warned by Future Trunks to attend. Mr. Satan is the champion and his daughter Videl wins the junior division. (Dragon Ball Z)
  • May 12: The Androids appear, as does Cell. Future Trunks returns to help. Everyone is curbstomped by #17 and #18 as Goku suffers from his heart virus. Piccolo merges with Kami to fight Cell. Cell escapes. (Dragon Ball Z)
  • May 16: Cell reaches his perfect form after absorbing Android 17 and 18. (Dragon Ball Z)
  • May 17: Cell announces his Cell Games on global television. (Dragon Ball)
  • May 19: Dende becomes the new guardian of Earth and master of the Dragon Balls, following the merger of Kami and Piccolo. (Dragon Ball Z)
  • May 26: The Cell Games. Gohan, becoming Super Saiyan 2, destroys Cell, (beforehand, Android 18 is retrieved and Goku gets killed trying to save everyone) but Mr. Satan takes the credit. Future Trunks goes back to his own timeline. (Dragon Ball Z)
  • Martino of Verduria is born on planet Almea to Elena and Urys. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • On the planet Almea, Verduria declares war on Kebri. Verduria is victorious, and most of the restrictions put upon it are lifted. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • On the planet Almea, Queen Elena of Verduria promulgates a reform of orthography. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • Queen Elena of Verduria sends fleets of sailors to explore planet Almea and establish trade routes all over the world. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • April 7: Gohan takes costume as the Great Saiyaman to fight crime. (Dragon Ball Z)
  • May 7: The 25th Tenkaichi Budokai. Android 18 bows out, after agreeing to share the prize money with Mr. Satan. Kid Trunks defeats Goten in the junior division. Majin Buu is revived by Bibidi's son Babidi. Buu quickly turns on him. Vegeta, powered by Babidi's magic, fights the temporarily-resurrected Goku, but Buu's destruction of the Earth's population interrupts the fight. Vegeta dies trying to kill Buu. (Dragon Ball Z)
  • May 8: Majin Buu, after several mergers and alterations, eventually becomes the monstrous Kid Buu, who blows up the Earth. Goku, revived after Old Kai gives Goku his lifespan, kills Majin Buu with his Spirit Bomb, after the Namekian Dragon Balls bring Earth and its people back. He asked for Buu to be reincarnated as a good guy because of the enjoyment of the fight. (Dragon Ball Z)
  • September 7: The memories of Majin Buu are erased by Shenron. (Dragon Ball Z)


  • On the planet Almea, Dhekhnam expands further west. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • On the planet Almea, Verduria declares war on Kebri again, ending in a Verdurian victory. The state of Omi successfully throws off Gurdagor imperial rule. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • May 7: The 28th Tenkaichi Budokai. Result uncertain, possibly cancelled. Goku leaves with Uub, Majin Buu's reincarnation in order to train him after a high energy fight. (Dragon Ball Z)


  • On the planet Almea, Queen Elena of Verduria establishes the University of Vyat. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • Goku becomes a kid thanks to a wish granted by the Black Star Dragon Balls. After retrieving them, Baby is handily killed by Goku after reaching Super Saiyan 4. Piccolo sacrifices himself so that the Balls become useless. (Dragon Ball GT)


  • One year after the Black Star Dragon Balls are used, Goku and his friends destroy all those villains who escaped from Hell. Goku defeats Super Android 17. Due to overuse of Kami and Dende's Red Star Dragon Balls, the negative energy stored inside them takes the form of seven powerful dragons. Goku defeats all of them, and Goku departs along with Shenron to heal the negative energy, after one final wish to reset everything. (Dragon Ball GT)
  • Elena of Verduria dies on planet Almea. Her daughter Andrea succeeds her as queen. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • Max Bubba uses future technology to gain command of a group of Vikings. To get revenge on the future, he starts systematically killing every member of the Thoresen family, creating a time storm. (Strontium Dog)
  • Johnny Alpha enlists the aid of a group of Vikings, led by Wulf Sternhammer, to stop Max Bubba. They eventually succeed, and Sternhammer returns with Alpha to the year 2170. (Strontium Dog)
  • Viking raiders destroy the monestary of Lindisfarne, stealing everything of value and slaughtering or enslaving the monks. The prayer From the Fury of the Northmen, O Lord, deliver Us is widely attributed to this event. (Real Life)


  • Andrea of Verduria disappears at sea on planet Almea. The politician Mëranac is elected to succeed her as king. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • King Mëranac of Verduria reconquers Ctesifon on the planet Almea. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)

7th century

  • A group of Vikings with stubbornness issues first engage in a war against encroaching dragons that would last for 300 years. (How to Train Your Dragon)



  • Former king Ihano of Verduria dies on planet Almea. Mëranac reconquers Viminia for Verduria. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • Mëranac of Verduria dies on planet Almea. There is then a succession crisis between his daughter Icëlana and grandson Ažerey. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • The theory of evolution is proposed on the planet Almea. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • King Halfdan of Vestfold manages to kick out the Danish overlords and gains independence for his territory (Heimskringla)


  • January 28: Emperor Charlemagne assassinated by followers of Pious Augustus. (Eternal Darkness)
  • Battle of Ruusan. All Sith destroyed except for Darth Bane, who institutes the Rule of Two. End of the Republic Dark Age. The Galactic Senate passes the Ruusan Reformation, setting the year to zero, redistributing senatorial representation, and taking power from the Supreme Chancellor, giving it to the Senate. The Jedi dissolve their military, take a vow of chastity, and begin training padawans from a very young age at a central facility in the Coruscant Jedi Temple. (Star Wars)


  • On the planet Almea, Verduria loses some of its peripheral provinces during the dynastic sucession crisis. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)



  • A succession crisis in Deverry leads to a three way civil war, which lasts for 105 years. (Deverry)


  • On the planet Almea, Xurno continues its wars with Cuoli. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • Kenneth mac Alpin unites the various kingdoms of Scotland, and is crowned upon the Stone of Destiny at Scone. The Stone would later be used for the coronations of his successors. (Gargoyles)
  • On the planet Almea, Verduria and Kebri start small colonies in distant lands. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • Pelerin Vočnor marries Řesfrea Nueya on planet Almea. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • Orest is born on planet Almea to Pelerin Vočnor and Řesfrea Nueya. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • Aron Nošcerey works out a theory of gravitation on planet Almea. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)



  • Čeiy expands to fill the peninsula on the planet Almea. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • On the planet Almea, Pelerin Vočnor becomes a general in the Verdurian army. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • Leo enters government service more . (House of Flying Daggers)
  • A giant earthquake occurs on the Iberian Peninsula, a huge metropolis appearing the following night. This event brings dragons, the Flower and the Watchers into the world. This shall later be known as "The Great Disaster". (Drakengard)
  • Vlerë is born on planet Almea to Pelerin Vočnor and Řesfrea Nueya. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)



  • Birth of Aud in Sjornjost, in what is now Sweden. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • On the planet Almea, members of the government of Verduria who are tired of the Succession Crisis murder the entire royal family and establish an oligarchy. A civil war ensues as a result. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • King Harald of Vestfold (and adjacent territories) begins his quest for unification of Norway (Heimskringla)
  • On the planet Almea, the forces of Pelerin Vočnor prevail in the Verdurian civil war. Pelerin is declared king. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • Baramund conquers Luṭay on the planet Almea. Čeiy gives support to the rebellions against Gurdagor rule, which are being savagely suppressed. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • Vlaran Vleteon is born on planet Almea to Caiem and an unknown woman. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World).


  • With the assistance of the Hidden Ones (the ancient precursors of the Assassins), the Raven Clan of Norway sets out to colonize England during the Viking conquests. (Assassin's Creed: Valhalla).


  • Princess Vlerë of Verduria marries Vurambes prince of Ctesifon on planet Almea. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • Birth of the gargoyle Hudson to the Wyvern Clan of Scotland. He would grow up to become the leader of his clan. (Gargoyles)
  • Eivor eliminates the last remnants of the Order of the Ancients in England and inadvertently creates the Templar Order with the help of King Alfred the Great. (Assassin's Creed: Valhalla)



  • Pelerin of Verduria dies on planet Almea. His son Orest succeeds him as king. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • Orest of Verduria is deposed by Parliament. His sister Vlerë succeeds him as queen. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • Vlerë of Verduria dies on planet Almea. Her prime minister Onvad’ra Anëtey succeeds her as queen. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • Birth of Prince Malcolm to Donald II, King of Scotland. He would grow up to become king. (Gargoyles)


  • Goku briefly reappears from wherever he's been chilling with Shenron for the past century to give one of his descendants a combined pep talk/lesson on the mechanics of the recently-restored Dragon Balls, vanishes again, then briefly reappears to watch that same descendant battle the descendant of Goku's rival in a martial arts tournament. Goku vanishes again, never to reappear. (Dragon Ball GT)

9th Century


  • Turians admitted to the Citadel Council. (Mass Effect)
  • Vlaran Vleteon marries Nounesa Uprusin on planet Almea. His father Caiem relinquishes his baronial title, so Vlaran assumes it. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


     901 C.E. - 1000 C.E. 

Unspecified time in the mid-medieval era

  • The entity currently known as Jones driven out of the village she was living in for being a demon. Disarms a knight in the process. (Gunnerkrigg Court)


  • Zolges is born on planet Almea to Vlaran Vleteon and Nounesa Uprusin. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • Onvad’ra II of Verduria dies on planet Almea. Vlaran Vleteon is chosen to succeed her as king. Gurdago is driven out of the Čia territory, and the kingdom of Naeŋ is founded. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • Former king Orest of Verduria dies on planet Almea. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • Birth of Indulf to Constantine II, King of Scotland, and an unnamed mother. He would grow up to become king. (Gargoyles)


  • Alric is born on planet Almea to Vlaran Vleteon and Nounesa Uprusin. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • Mërošec is born on planet Almea to Vlaran Vleteon and Nounesa Uprusin. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • Šelicöra is born on planet Almea to Vlaran Vleteon and Nounesa Uprusin. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • Birth of Duff to Prince Malcolm I of Scotland, and an unnamed mother. He would grow up to become king. (Gargoyles)


  • On the planet Almea, Alric is named the official heir to King Vlaran of Verduria. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)



  • Birth of Yoda. (Star Wars)
  • Birth of an unnamed male gargoyle in Scotland. He would serve as Demona's second-in-command during the 11th century. (Gargoyles)
  • Pjallarane, fourth Queen of Irrisen, resists Baba Yaga's demand to cede the throne and leave Golarion with her. Baba Yaga responds by crushing the rebellion in a single day. (3713 AR) (Pathfinder)


  • Birth of Prince Culen to Prince Indulf of Scotland, and an unnamed mother. He would grow up to become King. (Gargoyles)


  • The steam engine is perfected on planet Almea. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • King Arthur and his knights start a quest for the Holy Grail. After many adventures, including facing the stubborn Black Knight and slaying the Rabbit of Caerbannog, the quest peters out when King Arthur is arrested for the murder of an anachronistic historian. (Monty Python and the Holy Grail)
  • Birth of Prince Kenneth II to Malcolm I, King of Scotland, and an unnamed mother. He would grow up to become king. (Gargoyles)


  • Birth of Queen Katharine. She would become the last consort of Malcolm I of Scotland and mother of Prince Malcolm, ruler of Castle Wyvern. (Gargoyles)


  • The gargoyles Goliath, Demona / "Angel of the Night", Othello / "Coldstone", Desdemona / "Coldfire", Iago / "Coldsteel", and Borrklyn's older brother are born in the Wyvern Clan of Scotland. (Gargoyles)


  • Birth of the future Norman Ambassador and founder of the Illuminati. (Gargoyles)
  • Vlaran of Verduria dies on planet Almea. His son Alric succeeds him as king. (Mark Rosenfelder’s Constructed World)


  • Constantine II, King of Scotland abdicates the throne in favour of his son, Malcolm I (Gargoyles and real life)
  • Saxon warlord Heinrich I, along with his army of the undead, is defeated and sealed within the Earth by the warrior monk Simon the Wanderer. (Return to Castle Wolfenstein)


  • Theodorus Philetas translates the Kitab al-Azif into Greek and renames it the Necronomicon. (Cthulhu Mythos)


  • Birth of Prince Malcolm to Malcolm I, King of Scotland and Queen Katharine. (Gargoyles)
  • Death of King Malcolm I. He has his older sons, Duff and Kenneth II, swear an oath to protect the lives of their stepmother Queen Katharine and their infant half-brother Prince Malcolm. Indulf captures Katharine and Malcolm, holding them as hostages. He rises to the throne, with Duff and Kenneth exchanging their silence for the safety of the hostages. (Gargoyles)


  • Birth of Princess Elena to Richard the Fearless, Duke of Normandy, and an unnamed mother. (Gargoyles)



  • Birth of the gargoyles Broadway, Brooklyn, and Lexington to the Wyvern Clan of Scotland. Broadway seems to be a biological son of Hudson. (Gargoyles)



  • Robert rescues and Prince Malcolm II from the usurper Indulf, who abdicates when Queen Katharine threatens to commit suicide (which would leave him with no important hostages). Indulf goes into exile in Ireland along with his son, Culen. Duff, son of Malcolm I, becomes king of Scotland; Robert would go on to become captain of the guard. (Gargoyles)
  • Birth of Prince Malcolm II to Prince Kenneth II of Scotland and an unnamed mother. (Gargoyles)


  • January 14: Frost Giants invade Tønsberg, Norway in an attempt to conquer Earth. The Asgardians prepare for battle to protect Midgard. (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
  • August 3: The Asgardians force the Frost Giants back into Jotunheim. Odin, the King of Asgard, discovers an abandoned Frost Giant infant and adopts him, naming him Loki. (Marvel Cinematic Universe)


  • Birth of the Magus in Scotland. (Gargoyles)
  • Birth of Mary, a peasant girl in Scotland. She was born within a short distance from Wyvern Hill. She would grow up to become a Keeper of the Grimorum Arcanorum.(Gargoyles)


  • King Duff defeated by Culen's army. Princes Kenneth II, Malcolm II, and the infant Kenneth III go into exile in England. (Gargoyles)


  • Birth of Prince Constantine III to Culen, King of Scotland and an unnamed mother. Constantine would grow up to become King. (Gargoyles)
  • Prince Malcolm of Scotland allies himself to Hudson and the Wyvern Clan. Castle Wyvern starts being constructed, intended to become the new seat of both allies. The Archmage is hired to become the court sorcerer of Malcolm. (Gargoyles)
  • Culen, King of Scotland faces the forces of his cousin Kenneth. Among said forces is Prince Malcolm, younger brother of Kenneth, and the entire Wyvern Clan. Culen looses his life in battle. Kenneth rises to the throne as Kenneth II. He decides to spare the life of Constantine, the infant son of his predecessor. Constantine would be raised in court. (Gargoyles)


  • Birth of Lady Finella in Scotland. (Gargoyles)


  • November: Prince Malcolm, ruler of Castle Wyvern, marries Princess Elena of Normandy. Elena's dowry includes the Phoenix Gate, a magical talisman that allows whoever uses it to travel through time and space; Demona and the archmagus conspire to obtain it. Meanwhile, nobody notices that the Norman Ambassador accompanying Elena is a member of the Illuminati. (Gargoyles)
  • Demona, Goliath, and others travel back to this era using the Phoenix Gate. They rescue Elena and ensure her marriage to Malcolm. more  (Gargoyles)


  • Birth of Princess Katharine of Scotland to Malcolm II of Scotland and Richard I, Duke of Normandy. (Gargoyles)
  • The people of the planet that will eventually be known as P7J-989 retreat into virtual reality cocoons after pollution renders the planet uninhabitable; they will remain there for the next 1022 years. (Stargate SG-1, "The Gamekeeper")


  • Birth of the gargoyle Bronx in the Wyvern Clan of Scotland. (Gargoyles)


  • Approximate date that a group of humans with great telepathic powers, led by the former Indian prince Vell-os, leave Earth using their Psi abilities. (Escape Velocity Nova)
  • Current Slayer is sacrificed to a dragon by the vampire Migoto. Minomoto Kishi, a.k.a. Lady Shobu, becomes the Slayer. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)


  • The Archmage takes a new apprentice. The boy would become known as the Magus. (Gargoyles)
  • Birth of Gillecomgain to Maíl Brigti and an unnamed mother. His father is a half-brother of Findlaech of Moray. Gillecomgain would grow up to become a ruler of Moray and the first Hunter. (Gargoyles)


  • The Archmage poisons Prince Malcolm of Castle Wyvern; the Archmage falls to his death, but Hudson and company save the Prince.more  Hudson is blinded in one eye, and abdicates as clan leader in favor of Goliath. Demona becomes the new second-in-command of the Clan. (Gargoyles)


  • Birth of Bodhe to Prince Kenneth III of Scotland, and an unnamed mother. He would become the father of Gruoch, father-in-law of both Gillecomgain and Macbeth, and the maternal grandfather of Luach. (Gargoyles)


  • Birth of Tom / "Guardian" to Mary, a Scottish peasant. He would grow up to become a loyal companion to Princess Katharine, and eventually her lover. (Gargoyles)
  • In a cave in Cornwall, Merlin places himself in a deep sleep for 1,000 years. (The Twilight Zone (1985))


  • As part of a deal with Mephisto, a group of druids receive immortality in exchange for sending souls to their kingdom. (Marvel Universe)

Before 992

  • Hogwarts is founded. After disagreements about the admittance of Muggle-borns, one of the founders, Salazar Slytherin departs, but not before creating the Chamber of Secrets containing a Basilisk, so it can be reawoken by his heir. (Harry Potter)


  • Ahmad ibn Fadlān and Vikings face marauding cannibals. (The 13th Warrior)
  • Queen Metalia attacks the Moon Kingdom, bringing an end to the Silver Millenium, Queen Serenity uses the last of her power to transport the souls of her daughter, her lover, and princesses/warriors from the other planets in the solar system to be reborn on Earth in the 20th century. (Sailor Moon)


  • An internal conflict breaks out among the gargoyles of Castle Wyvern when Iago tricks Othello into thinking that Desdemona has been cheating on him with Goliath. Desdemona prevents Othello and Goliath from coming to blows, but emotional damage is done. (Gargoyles)


  • September 29: Castle Wyvern in Scotland is besieged by Hakon the Viking. The Vikings are driven back by the gargoyles, but Princess Katharine insults them, leading to dissenting feelings. Demona and Robert begin conspiring against Katharine. (Gargoyles)
  • September 30: Demona and Robert attempt to send all the gargoyles away from Castle Wyvern to avoid the Viking attack, but only Goliath and Hudson leave. Before departure, Goliath orders Brooklyn, Bronx, and Broadway to spend the night in the dungeon. (Gargoyles)
  • October 1: Hakon attacks Castle Wyvern during the day, smashing all the petrified gargoyles except for Goliath, Hudson (who were away), Brooklyn, Bronx, Broadway, Lexington (grounded), and Demona (who fled before the attack). The survivors (except Demona) are petrified "until the castle rises above the clouds". Katharine retrieves the remaining gargoyle eggs. (Gargoyles)
  • October-December: Demona finds herself the sole survivor of Clan Wyvern. She blames humans for betraying her. One day, while raiding for food, she scars the face of Gillecomgain, nephew of Findleach of Moray. Demona unites the clanless gargoyles of Scotland into a nomadic clan under her leadership. (Gargoyles)


  • Oberon, King of the Fairies, becomes enraged with the extreme arrogance of his people and banishes the entire race out of Avalon for one thousand years, leaving the Weird Sisters to guard the gate of Avalon. (Gargoyles)
  • The elderly Kenneth II falls in love with Lady Finella, lover of Prince Constantine, who assassinates Kenneth and ascends the throne as Constantine II. Constantine forces Princess Katharine into marriage by threatening to destroy the gargoyle eggs. (Gargoyles)
  • September 28: Finella drugs Constantine III and escapes with her companions and the gargoyle eggs to Avalon, at this time inhabited only by the Weird Sisters. Finella and Mary return to Scotland, tasked with guarding the Grimorum Arcanorum, and the rest enter Avalon.(Gargoyles)
  • September 29: Constantine III awakes to find his betrothed and Finella gone. He is enraged and plans to take it out by destroying every gargoyle in Scotland. He would find an enthusiastic volunteer for his campaign in Gillecomgain, his new squire. (Gargoyles)
  • Peabody and Sherman try a number of tactics to get rid of Leif Erickson's beard, as it's making it impossible for him to sail. When none of them work, they resort to making it longer instead. (Rocky and Bullwinkle)


  • October 18: Battle of Rathveramoen, fought between the forces of Constantine III and Kenneth III, who is aided by Demona's gargoyles at the urging of the time-travelling Brooklyn. Brother Valmont, the court sorcerer of Constantine, betrays his monarch and unleashes attacks on both sides. Numerous people are killed, notably Maíl Brigti, half-brother of Findlaech of Moray. He is survived by his son Gillecomgain, for whom this is his first real battle. Valmont looses a hand to Brooklyn and is forced to retreat. The battle ends with the death of Constantine at the hands of Kenneth. (Gargoyles)

Before 998

  • A South American rainforest is terrorized by a dragon-like monster named Mathra. The Ancient Numarians build the Mathra trap and imprison the beast underground. To ensure Mathra never escapes, the Numarians abandon their great city, hiding one of the keys in the Monkey Kingdom and the other in the Goo Lagoon. Thankfully, the keys are protected by educational third-grade puzzles.Justification  (The ClueFinders 3rd Grade Adventures: The Mystery of Mathra)

10th Century

  • Kahless the Unforgettable unites Klingon society. (Star Trek)
  • Myouren Hijiri, a Buddhist monk in Japan, passes away. His sister Byakuren, frightened by the prospect of sharing his fate, begins to supplement her own Buddhist teachings with magical power gained from youkai. (Touhou)
  • Sigurd, an Icelander, arrives at the coast of northern Norway to make amends with the father of his wife Dagny, whom he abducted without consent. He discovers pretty soon this was not the best of ideas, as Dagny`s foster sister Hjørdis plots revenge, both on her foster father, who loses all of his sons; her husband Gunnar, who is almost forced into {combat with Sigurd, and eventually on Sigurd himself, because he doesn`t love her. She kills him, and then herself, by summoning The Wild Hunt before she throws herself off a cliff. Gunnar loses his farm to arson, and retreats to Iceland with Dagny and her father Ørnulf (The Warriors at Helgeland)
  • After meeting an unusual warrior with a strange past, Tóki Olafsson composes 'The Lay of Walmart'. This would be discovered in a peat bog outside Svelvik in the 21st Century. (The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.)
  • A necromancer kills a samurai who intended to stop him from taking over the Forest of Resurrection. (Versus)


  • A young man named Crono wakes up one morning, and attends the Millennial Fair where he meets a girl named Marle and his friend Lucca. An invention gone wrong sends the trio four hundred years into the past, where adventure awaits. (Chrono Trigger)
  • Battle of Svold, fought between the Norwegian king Olav Tryggvason, Swedish king Olof and Danish king Sweyn (supported by Norwegian earl Eirik, who actually wished revenge for the death of his father). Olav is defeated and leaps into the sea, never to be found again. The Danes take control over eastern and southern Norway (Heimskringla and Real Life).

     1001 C.E. - 1100 C.E. 



  • Time-traveling V.I.L.E. agent Baron Grinnit steals Leif Erikson's ship, leaving Erikson and his crew marooned in Vinland. ACME agents arrive on the scene and help the Vikings to recapture their ship. ACME apprehends Baron Grinnit and takes him back to the present day. (Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time)


  • Pai Mei slaughters all sixty monks in a Shaolin monastery after he believes one of their number insulted him. (Kill Bill)



  • Macbeth is born in Scotland. His parents are Findlaech, High Steward of Moray and Princess Doada of Scotland. His maternal grandfather is Malcolm II of Scotland. Making the boy a potential heir to the throne. (Gargoyles)
  • Fall of the Kingdom of Guardia (Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross)
  • Birth of Thyra in Northern France to Wilmetta and an unknown father. She would grow up to become a witch. (The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.)


  • A boy named Serge drowns/is rescued by a strange girl in El Nido. A timeline that already loops back on itself in several places is split into two dimensions. (Chrono Cross)

c. 1011

  • A dual-sword-wielding thief becomes a main character and challenges Iihiko Shishime, but is killed. (Medaka Box)




  • Yoda granted the title of Jedi Master. (Star Wars)


  • Serge stumbles into an alternate timeline, beginning an adventure to save all of history. (Chrono Cross)
  • Findlaech, High Steward of Moray is assassinated by the mysterious Hunter (secretly his nephew Gillecomgain), at the behest of Prince Duncan in order to secure his own claim to the throne. Gillecomgain was also supposed to assassinate Findlaech's heir, Macbeth, but Macbeth is rescued by Demona and the Weird Sisters. Duncan rewards Gillecomgain by appointing him High Steward of Moray. (Gargoyles)



  • June: Thyra of Collinet, Northern France, gives birth to a girl. The father is unknown. Thyra's aunt Emma gladly takes in both Thyra and her daughter, who is named Beatrice. (The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.)


  • Gillecomgain marries Gruoch. When he refuses to kill Macbeth at the behest of Duncan, Duncan reveals him to actually be the Hunter, and Gillecomgain is killed by Macbeth and Demona. Duncan claims the identity of the Hunter for himself. (Gargoyles)
  • Macbeth marries Gruoch. They have a son, Luach, later that year. (Gargoyles)
  • Birth of Malcolm Canmore to Prince Duncan and an unnamed mother. He would grow up to become a King of Scotland. (Gargoyles)


  • Duncan I succeeds to the throne of Scotland but fears his cousin Macbeth has an equally strong claim to it. He continues to conspire against his cousin. (Gargoyles)


  • Before August 14: Macbeth and Demona are bound together as immortals in exchange for Demona's assistance fighting King Duncan. Demona is left rejuvenated, Macbeth now seems physically older than his actual age. (Gargoyles)
  • The elderly King Duncan of Scotland is killed in his sleep by Macbeth, Thane of Cawdor. Upon the discovery of the body, Princes Malcolm and Donalbain flee Scotland in fear of their lives. This allows Macbeth to implicate them in the murder and claim the throne for himself. (Macbeth)
  • Macbeth and Demona's forces defeat Duncan's forces in battle. Duncan is killed, and Macbeth becomes king of Scotland. Demona earns her new name by "fighting like a demon" in the last battle. She goes on to lead her own Clan of gargoyles to prosperity. Canmore, son of Duncan, is banished to England. (Gargoyles)


  • The Byzantine historian, philosopher, and demonologist Michael Psellos compiles the Corpus Hermeticum; he also produces an independent Greek version of al-’Azīf/the Necronomicon from a Syriac translation. (Hermetic Magic, Cthulhu Mythos)


  • Tristan Lyons of D.O.D.O., having recognised from accounts of her life that Thyra is probably a witch, arrives in Collinet to recruit her. He is correct and succeeds in doing so, helping stave off a village raid in the processSpoilers . (The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.)
  • The being later known as "Ampersand" is "born." (Axiom's End)


  • April: Thyra is admonished by the local church for her reluctance to dispose of her witchcraft tools. The local priest pardons her. (The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.)



  • August: Thyra is scolded by the mayor of Collinet and a local lord for foraging for herbs on their land. She causes 'great sorrow' on them in return. (The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.)
  • Many copies of the Necronomicon burned at the order of Patriarch Michael. All Arabic manuscripts have been lost by this time. (Cthulhu Mythos)


  • Macbeth fights a duel to the death with Macduff, Thane of Fife. He loses and Malcolm Canmore succeeds him as King. (Macbeth)
  • Demona, fearing treachery, betrays Macbeth to Duncan's son Canmore and the English. Canmore destroys all of Demona's gargoyles, except her. Macbeth and Demona learn that neither can die until one slays the other. (Gargoyles)


  • March 21: The gargoyles Angela, Gabriel, Ophelia and Boudicca are born in Avalon. Due to the nature of time in Avalon, the new Avalon Clan would age slowly and be still physically young in the late 20th Century. (Gargoyles)
  • Luach, King of Scotland, is slain in battle by Canmore, who ascends to the throne and becomes the third person to use the Hunter's identity. Gruoch, widow of Macbeth and mother of Luach, commits suicide shortly after. A line of Canmore's descendants would use "Canmore" as their last name and raise further generations of Hunters up to the 20th century. (Gargoyles)


  • Death of Thyra of Collinet. The residents of her valley are concerned by this, as they believe she kept a famine at bay on their behalf. (The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.)


  • Before October 14: The First Doctor and his companions Steven Taylor and Vicki Pallister defeat the Meddling Monk's plan to avert the Norman conquest. (Doctor Who)
  • October 14: William, Duke of Normandy (later known as William the Conqueror) defeats the Anglo-Saxon King Harold Godwinson in the Battle of Hastings, marking the beginning of the Norman conquest of England. (Real Life) The time travelers Phineas Bogg and Jeffrey Jones are present for the battle. (Voyagers!)


  • Zombie outbreak in Jerusalem, put down by local militia using tactics described in surviving Roman texts. Dr. Ibrahim Obeidallah conducts a case study, beginning the science of zombology. (The Zombie Survival Guide)



  • Edward and Edmund Canmore, two princes of Scotland, arrive in Alexandria with an army of two thousand men. Though their expedition began after a night of heavy drinking some months ago, they declare war on the Fatimid Caliphate and conquer the city, beginning the rise of the Scottish Empire. (A Scotsman in Egypt)
  • V.I.L.E. agent General Mayhem steals the Domesday Book, creating an ahistorical Saxon rebellion against William the Conqueror. ACME agents restore history and capture General Mayhem. (Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time)


  • Mathias Cronqvist renounces God and becomes the vampire that will later change its name to Dracula. Leon Belmont swears his clan to devote their lives to combatting him; Vampire Killer whip created via alchemy and the soul of Leon's lover. (Castlevania: Lament of Innocence)


  • Crusaders reach Jerusalem. (Real Life) Ibrahim Obeidallah is beheaded for the crime of devil worship, and much of his work is lost or destroyed. (The Zombie Survival Guide) This crusade was manipulated by Belzebuth so the first attempt at the Second Coming of Christ can be thwarted. (Belzebuth)

11th century

  • Yuyuko Saigyouji, frightened of her power to incite death in others, commits suicide. Her body is used to seal the Saigyou Ayakashi, a cursed cherry tree, while her spirit reigns over the shrine Hakugyokurou in the netherworld. (Touhou)
  • Hoping to face Marcus Octavius, Colin joins the MacLeod clan, where he romances Deborah MacLeod. Colin falls in battle and is buried as a hero, but then revives and scares off most of his old comrades, who think he is a demon. Deborah and Gregor help him to escape, and he decides to keep the name MacLeod. (Highlander: The Search for Vengeance)
  • Hiccup Haddock, son of Stoick, ushers in a new era of peace between Berk and the dragons by befriending a Night Fury and defeating the Green(or is it Red?) Death. (How to Train Your Dragon)
  • On P4S-237, it is prophesied that strangers will one day come through the Stargate to slay the Goa'uld and free the native people from enslavement. This prophecy seems to come to pass in 2003 when SG-1 liberates the planet from Lord Mot. (Stargate SG-1)
  • An unidentified alien race terraforms Madrona. (Stargate SG-1)


  • The Minbari develop interstellar travel and discover the hyperspace gates network left behind by an unknown species. (Babylon 5)

     1101 C.E. - 1400 C.E. 


  • A man named Jonathan summons the angel Raziel at Lake Lyn in Idris, requesting for himself the power to fight against the demonic invasion. Raziel renames him Jonathan Shadowhunter, first of the Nephilim, and grants him the Mortal Instruments: the Mortal Cup to make more Nephilim, the Mortal Sword to keep honesty, and the Mortal Glass to protect the lake and Idris from demons and mundanes. (The Mortal Instruments)


  • The Battle of Trent: English forces are defeated by the fairy army of John Uskglass, who carves out a Northern English kingdom that would last three centuries. (Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell)



  • Eric Njorl, a Viking, rides around and does a whole bunch of stuff that in no way relates to the English town of North Malden. (Monty Python's Flying Circus)


  • An evil djinn is trapped within a jewel by a Persian sorcerer. (Wishmaster)


  • An extraterrestrial probe arrives on the planet labeled Tosev 3. The Race is not impressed by the images of a shaggy, poorly-equipped knight, and launch their invasion fleet. It will arrive in eight hundred years, but it's not like much technological progress can happen in just a few centuries... (Worldwar)


  • The Kludden Tribe kills another three Slayers in quick succession. The fourth Slayer activated this year manages to escape. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)



  • Alchemists create medal-based homunculi known as Greeed. Using the power of the Greeed's medals, a power-hungry king betrays his Greeed ally Ankh and seals him and the other Greeed away. (Kamen Rider OOO)
  • The English city of Nottingham comes under martial law due to raids by the bandit chieftain Robbin of Locksley. (Robin Hood)


  • Peabody and Sherman sabotage an archery tournament between Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham, thereby securing England's supply of kippers. (Rocky and Bullwinkle)




  • Altaïr ibn La-Ahad, a disgraced assassin, works to redeem himself by killing nine men in various cities who are prolonging the Third Crusade. (Assassins Creed)
  • Peabody and Sherman help Richard the Lionheart overcome his fear of everything and win a single combat against Saladin. (Rocky and Bullwinkle)
  • With King Richard the Lionheart away in the Third Crusade, his tyrannical brother Prince John seizes power in England. The people of Nottingham suffer the most under the yoke of the brutal Sheriff and his henchmen. However, the Sheriff finds himself thwarted at every turn by a group of outlaws known as the "Merry Men", led by the archer Robin Hood, who steal from the corrupt rich and give most of their earnings to the poor. (Robin Hood, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and The Adventures of Robin Hood)


  • Siege of Torquilstone; Baron Reginald Front-de-Bœuf is killed in the castle’s fall. Death of the Templar Brian de Bois-Guilbert and seizure of the Preceptory of Templestowe by the Crown. (Ivanhoe)
  • The time travelers Phineas Bogg and Jeffrey Jones help Robin Hood rescue Maid Marian from Nottingham Castle. (Voyagers!)


  • February 8: A Berserker Asgardian goes to live a life on Earth. Fearing of the power of his Berserker Staff if it were to fall into mortal hands, he breaks it into three pieces and scatters them across Europe. (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

Sometime between 1136 and 1198

  • A man in the town of Alnwick terrorizes the town's citizens after his death, sucking their blood and smelling of death. This is essentially the birth of the modern vampire myth. (Historia rerum Anglicarum/Historia de rebus anglicis (History of English Affairs), Real Life)


  • A sorceror in a village in the Koskov Valley becomes the embodiment of the demon Lohesh. Only three people survive his rampage. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

12th Century

  • The evil shapeshifter Aku rises from the Pit of Hate and conquers Japan. The Emperor's son is spirited away to Arabia and spends many years traveling the world, learning the fighting skills of many cultures. When the boy returns home, he comes close to defeating Aku, but is sent to the far future, where Aku has conquered the entire world. (Samurai Jack) However, victory is snatched from Aku's grip when a second time portal opens mere seconds after the first one closes, releasing a hardened but otherwise unharmed Jack. The battle-weary Aku is no match for the Emperor's son, and he is completely destroyed at last, erasing his future conquest of the world. (Samurai Jack: "Season 5")
  • A virginal shepherd girl is raped and murdered by two shepherds. They end up taking shelter in her father's home, which leads to their discovery. The father kills them both in his grief, then builds a church when he notices a spring has sprung from where his daughter died. (The Virgin Spring)


  • Two time travellers transport kalonji seeds from the Empress' garden in Constantinople to rural Belgium, where their crop will be used in 150 years time by the same people as a recruitment bribe for a local witch. (The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.)


  • July 11-August 1:
    • The Siege of Constantinople (Real Life).
    • Historian Niketas Choniates is rescued by a mysterious man called Baudolino, who in the following days proceeds to tell Niketas the story of his life. (Baudolino)
    • Tristan Lyons of D.O.D.O. is present for the siege, posing as a member of the emperor's Varangian Guard. (The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.)


  • Bill and Ted land their time traveling phone booth somewhere in Outer Mongolia, where they meet Genghis Khan and entice him into their time machine with a Twinkie so that they can bring him back to the year 1988. (Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure)


  • Birth of Jabba Desilijic Tiure, aka Jabba the Hutt. (Star Wars)


  • 15 June: King John of England is forced to sign the Magna Carta by rebellious barons. (Real Life) The Fifth Doctor and his companions Tegan Jovanka and Vislor Turlough stop the Master from preventing the signing of Magna Carta. (Doctor Who)



  • Mongols attack the Assassin stronghold of Alamut. Genghis Khan personally kills the Old Man of the Mountain. (Conqueror)



  • Altaïr Ibn-la Ahad, along with his wife Maria and son Darim travel to Mongolia to assassinate Genghis Khan. (Assassin's Creed: Revelations)
  • The Fairy Queen Lurline creates the Deadly Desert around Oz, and makes it a fairy country. (Land of Oz)


  • Lucian LaCroix turns a man named Nicolas de Brabant into a vampire. (Forever Knight)



  • Pope Gregory IX bans the Greek and Latin Necronomicons. (Cthulhu Mythos)


  • End of the Norwegian Civi lWar. Skule, the last pretender to the crown, is killed alongside his son Peter at the monastery of Nonnesæter. Hakon IV consolidates his power (The Pretenders and Real Life)


  • April 5: The Russian Republic of Novgood clashes with the Greman Order of the Teutonic Knights on a frozen lake, eventually culminating in a Russian victory. (Real Life and Alexander Nevsky)



  • Yet another cycle in the Vorlon-Shadow War begins, lasting until 1260. The alliance between Vorlons and Minbari is forged. The Shadows form a military base of operations on Narn, but eventually abandon it. G'quon becomes a religious leader on Narn. Babylon 4 is brought back in time by Valen and the Vorlons to serve as a military base of operations. The Shadows are defeated, and leave Z'ha'dum for 1000 years, but hide their ships and forces all through the galaxy, including the Sol system. Valen re-structures the Minbari caste society and writes the prophecy. (Babylon 5)
  • Death of Dark of the Moon. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Norman of Torn (né Richard Plantagenet, a.k.a. Roger de Conde) launches numerous raids on the city of London. (The Outlaw of Torn)



  • The Assassin stronghold of Masyaf is attacked by Mongol forces. The assassins' leader, Altaïr Ibn-la Ahad, orders all but a few assassins to abandon the fortress. Also sending away visiting guests and newly inducted assassins, brothers Niccolò and Maffeo Polo, he tasks them with spreading the order throughout the world, as well as hiding the five Memory Seals imprinted with his wisdom. After a final goodbye to his son, Darim, Altair seals himself, The Apple of Eden and final memory seal within the secret library beneath the fortress. (Assassin's Creed: Revelations)


  • Gilbert De La Poer become the first Baron of Exham and is gifted with Exham Priory by Henry III. However, Exham sits on top of an ancient underground city used for millenia by a cannibalistic cult, and the evil place corrupts De La Poer and his descendants. (The Rats in the Walls)


  • Marco Polo and his uncles are robbed on the Silk Road by time-traveling V.I.L.E. agent Jacqueline Hyde. ACME pursuers correct the damage done to history and capture Jacqueline Hyde. (Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time)


  • The time travelers Phineas Bogg, Jeffrey Jones and Isaac Wolfstein save Marco Polo, his father Niccolò and uncle Maffeo from Mongol slave traders called the Karuna. (Voyagers!)


  • November:
    • The Mongol invasion of Japan is stopped by a typhoon. (Real Life)
    • The Mongol invasion of Japan is stopped by Godzilla. (Godzilla: Rage Across Time)
    • The Mongol invasion of Japan is stopped by Jin Sakai, one of the last surviving samurai of Tsushima Island. He becomes known as the "Ghost" of the island. Spoilers  (Ghost of Tsushima)


  • August 13: The time travelers Phineas Bogg and Jeffrey Jones meet Kublai Khan in China. He tells them that Marco Polo, his father Niccolò and uncle Maffeo have not yet returned from their expedition to Jerusalem. (Voyagers!)



  • A meteorite from the Jeggorabax Cluster that feeds on fear lands in Lower Saxony. An entity is released from it. (The Sarah Jane Adventures)


  • A stranger with a magic flute leads all the rats out of Hamelin; when the mayor refuses to pay him, he does the same to the children. note  (The Pied Piper of Hamelin)
    • June 26: A piper wearing pied clothing uses a Precious, later known as the Pipes of Hamelin, to spirit away 130 children. Their whereabouts are never discovered. (GoGo Sentai Boukenger)
  • The Pied Piper note  steals children from the town of Hamlin to feed on parents' fears. (The Sarah Jane Adventures)
  • The children of Hamelin eventually settle down and found their own township. The Pied Piper leaves his magic flute with the children, who keep it as a town treasure. (The Phantom)


  • The First Doctor and his companions Susan Foreman, Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright meet Marco Polo and Kublai Khan. (Doctor Who)


  • (Approximate) Ryoko attacks the planet Jurai. Prince Yosho chases after her to Earth. Sasami is gravely wounded in the attack, only surviving due to Tsunami bonding with her (Tenchi Muyo!)


  • (Approximate) Ayeka decides to chase after Yosho. Tsunami urges Sasami to tag along. (Tenchi Muyo!)


13th Century

  • Peabody and Sherman rescue Marco Polo from the cell where Kubla Khan is forcing him to make polo shirts for everyone in China. (Rocky and Bullwinkle)
  • Pyrus slays the Goa'uld who rules Terella. By sending mined naquadah through the Stargate on a regular basis, he maintains the illusion that the planet is still under Goa'uld control. Using the sarcophagus, Pyrus keeps himself alive until 1998. (Stargate SG-1)


  • March 25: Dante Alighieri begins his journey through Hell. (The Divine Comedy)
  • Current Slayer is killed by Tatoul. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • Birth of Eliane Ward de Shaunde in Brittany. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • The only recorded mention of a Necronomicon copy in pre-Renaissance England - a text of dubious fidelity (allegedly from the Sumerian) and since lost. (Evil Dead)


  • Norwegian chancellor Audun Hugleiksson is arrested for treason. (Real Life) Gudmund, a nobleman who has been forced into hiding for years, is freed of all charges, and eventually marries Signe, a girl who has loved him for just as long. Margit, her older sister, becomes a widow overnight, as her husband is hewn down with an axe, and takes the veil. (The Feast at Solhaug)


  • November 18: Peabody and Sherman get William Tell to shoot an apple off his son's head, even though he's lost his glasses, by using an apple with a powerful magnet embedded in it. (Rocky and Bullwinkle)



  • Another Slayer is killed by Tatoul. Eliane Ward de Shaunde becomes the Slayer, but is soon killed following a battle with Tatoul. The infant Isabeau de Shaunde then becomes the Slayer. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)


  • The Corporate Sector Authority, a free-enterprise fiefdom of the galaxy, is founded to free the Galactic Senate and corporate moneymakers from each other. (Star Wars)
  • Time-traveling V.I.L.E. agent Buggs Zapper steals the block of salt which Mansa Musa needs for his pilgrimage to Mecca. ACME restores history and captures Buggs. (Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time)


  • November: Franciscan friar William of Baskerville and his novice Adso of Melk arrive to a Benedictine monastery in Northern Italy to find out the truth about the mysterious death of a monk. (The Name of the Rose)


  • The seal on Orochi weakens, prompting the Kusanagi, Yata and Yasinaga clans to try to re-strengthen it. One of Orochi's Hakkesshu, who freed themselves under the weaker seal, kills the wife of the Yasinaga clan and frames the Kusanagis for the death. Incensed, the Yasinaga rename themselves the Yagami clan and make a Deal with the Devil with the Hakkesshu to one day enact revenage. (The King of Fighters)


  • Sir Daniel Fortesque rises from the dead to save Gallowmere from Zarok the Sorcerer. (MediEvil)



  • The inhabitants of the English village of Ansby commence their conquest of the Wersgor Empire. (The Last Crusade)



  • Spring: Ten nobles from Florence go to the countryside to escape the Black Death. (Decameron)
  • August: An alien spaceship lands near the village of Oberhochwald (later known as Eifelheim) in Germany. (Eifelheim)
  • December: Kivrin Engle, a time-traveling historian from 2054, arrives at an English village and witnesses the Black Death. (Doomsday Book)
  • The Black Death kills 30 to 60 percent of the population of Europe. (Real Life, The Years of Rice and Salt) The Witch Queen who caused this is sealed away by a knight, whom she curses with immortality. (The Last Witch Hunter)
  • An apprentice monk guides a group of knights to a village that is suspiciously free of the Black Death. (Black Death)
  • King Edward III of England sends a group of Crusaders to find and destroy the source of the Black Death, which turns out to be Battra. The Crusaders successfully summon Mothra to end the plague, but the survivors are shot down when they return home and their story is forgotten. (Godzilla: Rage Across Time)
  • While searching for blood untainted by the plague, three vampires named LaCroix, Nicholas, and Janette run into the Fifth Doctor, Nyssa, and the Master. (Rich's ComixBlog story "Forever Janette")


  • Approximate date of the most recent visit to Earth by the Pequod Superorganism prior to 1971, so all of its information about humanity comes from this period. Some humans are taken, studied, and later euthanized, so the Superorganism can learn about Earth languages. (Axiom's End)


  • The Ninja Turtles travel to feudal Japan to confront their old time-hopping enemy Savanti Romero. While in the past, Raphael teaches ninjutsu to two wandering ronin named Sato and Oshi. Unbeknownst to them, the ronin go on to use their new skills to become the founders of The Foot Clan. (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
  • The Fucker family move to Augsberg, Bavaria, where they set up a prosperous textile business. (The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.)



  • Dream makes a bet with Hob Gadling that he will live meet with him again in a hundred years. (The Sandman)

c. 1398

14th century

     1401 C.E. - 1500 C.E. 
  • Lorelei terrorizes the Nine Realms using her power of enthrallment, before being defeated by Sif and imprisoned in Asgard's dungeons. (Marvel Cinematic Universe)


  • November 3Julian : An English army defeats a French army at the Battle of Agincourt. (Real Life, Henry V) The immortal Me is present. (Doctor Who)



  • August 16: The Jupiter Mining Corporation vessel Starbug appears briefly in deep space while testing a time machine. Nobody notices. (Red Dwarf)


  • In the timeline created by Minax's manipulations, human civilisation is restricted to Britain and Italy, ruled over by Lord British, and Le Jester, a small settlement in northern Africa. (Ultima II)



  • Bill and Ted land their time machine in Orleans, France, as Joan of Arc is kneeling and praying. They take her to the year 1988 for their history report. If she'd mentioned her being a Slayer, the duo would probably have figured she was talking about the rock band. (Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure)


  • June 8Julian :
    • Joan of Arc is captured by her political enemies and, after a show trial, is burned at the stake for heresy. Twenty-five years later, a Vatican court declared her innocent. (Real Life and The Passion of Joan of Arc)
    • The English honestly believe that Joan la Pucelle is a witch, so they burn her at the stake. (Henry VI Part 1)
    • Joan of Arc, a Slayer, is burned at the stake. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
    • Joan of Arc, a mildly powerful Dark Other, is burned at the stake for using her magic to help France during the Hundred Years' War, in violation of the Treaty. (Night Watch (Series))
    • Joan of Arc's enemies attempt to burn her at the stake. more  (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
    • Joan of Arc rejects the offer of the vampire Nicolas de Brabant to bring her across. She gives him a wooden cross, which he keeps in his possession for over 500 years even though he can't touch it. Nicolas then witnesses Joan being burned at the stake. (Forever Knight)
  • Vlad Dracula is born in Sighișoara, Transylvania. (Real Life, Dracula)


  • Birth of the vampire Demitri Maximoff in Romania. (Darkstalkers)


  • October 26: Gilles de Rais executed for murdering hundreds of children in an attempt to become an Other. (Night Watch (Series))
  • On P3X-289, the Stargate, known as the Gate of Magh Mar, is discovered in the ruins of Danaan. Archaeologists believe that it is of ritual significance in the worship of the goddess Morrigan, in actuality one of the Goa'uld System Lords. The Stargate is later placed in the National Museum of History. (Stargate SG-1)


  • Prince Skantarios begins his reconquest of the Eastern Roman Empire. (I Am Skantarios)


  • Dracula is mortally wounded in a battle against the Turks, and is turned into a vampire by the Gypsy woman Lianda as a revenge for the deaths of other Gypsies he has caused. He is later confronted by Nimrod, whom he duels fo the title of the Lord of Vampires. (Dracula Lives! #2-3)



  • Peabody and Sherman help Johannes Gutenberg meet the 5 o'clock deadline of his newspaper. (Rocky and Bullwinkle)


  • Ezio Auditore born in Florence to Giovanni and Maria Auditore. (Assassin's Creed II)
  • Jacob Fucker born in Augsburg. He would go on to train in banking in Venice, return to Augsburg and set up a banking business with German nobles that would make him extremely rich. He, or one of his near descendents, also changes the family name to 'Fugger' at some point. (The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.)


  • The Pillar of Flesh designed by Roberto Bianchi for Abu Sa'id ibn Muhammad. Bianchi is sacrificed shortly after completing his survey of the foundations. (Eternal Darkness)
  • After Carmen Sandiego commits a jailbreak in present-day San Francisco, Jane Reaction arrives in this year and steals the royal quipus from the Inca Empire. ACME agents correct the damage done to history and once again capture Jane Reaction. (Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time)




  • Founding of the Trade Federation. (Star Wars)


  • A little girl called Agnes is abducted by a Gypsy tribe. The gypsies replace the girl with a deformed little boy. The mother of Agnes manages to place this child on the steps of the Notre Dame Cathedral, but eventually goes insane. Claude Frollo, the Archdeacon of Notre Dame, finds the deformed child and adopts him, giving him the name Quasimodo. (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)
  • A teenaged Leonardo Da Vinci has his notebook stolen by Piero de' Medici, who plots to overthrow the Duke of Florence. With the help of his friends Lisa, "Mac" Machiavelli, and Lorenzo de' Medici, he regains it and eventually foils Piero's conspiracy. (Leonardo)



  • Basileus Theodoros is killed by an Egyptian assassin after defending Constantinople from Turkish invaders. Skantarios becomes Emperor of Byzantium. (I Am Skantarios)


  • Vlad Dracula dies in battle. He may or may not have been a vampire at this time. (Real Life)
  • Trevor Belmont teams up with Grant DaNasty, Sypha Belnades and Alucard to defeat Dracula. (Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse)
  • Ezio Auditore's father and brothers are executed before his very eyes, accused of treason against Italy. Ezio vows revenge against the men who killed them, becoming an assassin in the process. (Assassin's Creed II)




  • In Paris, the archdeacon of the Notre Dame Cathedral manages to frame a young gypsy girl for witchcraft, but his bellringer comes in his way and secures sanctuary for the girl. The local beggar`s guild tries to free her out, but the bellringer, Quasimodo, defends her fiercely. The girl, Esmeralda, is eventually tricked out of the church, and hanged in the square outside the cathedral. Quasimodo takes revenge by throwing his former master off the bell tower. (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)


  • In Polly Spark's altered version of history, Amelia Air-Bot appears in Leonardo da Vinci's workshop and pours spaghetti sauce over his design for a helicopter, providing an unneeded "explanation" for why he didn't build one. (JumpStart Adventures 3rd Grade: Mystery Mountain)
  • In the kingdom of York, a wizard named Morgred sends Prince Edward and Princess Susannah to the future in order to escape execution by their tyrannical uncle and his executioner. Morgred disappears the next day in a similar fashionnote  (Goosebumps)



  • August 31Julian :
    • A Horse! A Horse! My Kingdom for a horse! - King Richard III of England and Henry Tudor have their final showdown at the Battle of Bosworth Field. (Richard III and Real Life)
    • Victorious at Bosworth Field, King Richard III is slain in error by his misbegotten great-nephew Edmund while trying to steal his horse, who would go on to style himself as 'The Black Adder'. Richard III's favourite nephew, Crown Prince Richard, Duke of York, is crowned Richard IV that same day. Henry Tudor survives the battle, and briefly hides in the royal castle. (The Black Adder)
  • Paul Luther investigates strange occurrences at Amiens Cathedral and is killed. (Eternal Darkness)
  • Torquemada's secretary, the Dominican Olaus Wormius, translates a surviving Necronomicon manuscript into Latin. Wormius is burned at the stake, along with most of his copies. (Cthulhu Mythos)
  • An excavation in Paris opens up a tomb to find two skeletons, one male and one female. The male skeleton has a misshapen back spine, and lies in a protective position towards the woman, who still has a remnant of a gallows rope around her neck (The Hunchback Of Notredame)


  • November: An enraged King Richard IV kills the Archbishop of Canterbury (the third so far during his 2 year reign) for convincing a dying nobleman to sign over his land to the church rather than the crown. He appoints his spineless son Edmund as the new archbishop in the hopes that having a bishop under his control will give him an edge in his conflict with the church of England. (The Black Adder)



  • Winter: A mysterious and iconoclastic young man with supernatural powers arrives in fundamentalist-based Eseldorf, Austria. (The Mysterious Stranger)


  • Foundation of Brookfields School. (Goodbye, Mr. Chips)
  • Peabody and Sherman go along with Christopher Columbus on his first voyage of discovery. (Rocky and Bullwinkle)
  • October 12:
    • Christopher Columbus' expedition arrives in the Caribbean. (Real Life)
    • The Flintstones and Rubbles, traveling through time via a time machine at the Bedrock World's Fair, land on the Santa Maria and help Christopher Columbus discover America, then depart this era. (The Flintstones)
  • October 31: The execution of Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington. He is (nearly) beheaded. (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets)


  • Peabody and Sherman help Lucrezia Borgia's second husband develop an immunity to every poison known to man (or Lucrezia). (Rocky and Bullwinkle)
  • Time-traveling V.I.L.E. agent Dr. Belljar steals Columbus's charts and commandeers the Pinta, setting off for Europe. ACME pursuers arrive in this time period, landing in Spain. The ACME agents take a ship across the Atlantic, rescuing Columbus from the New World and bringing him back to Spain. Afterwards, ACME apprehends Dr. Belljar in Spain. (Carmen Sandiego's Great Chase Through Time)


  • In Florence, Demona acquires the Medici Tablet and evades a Hunter. (Gargoyles)


  • Fed up with being overlooked, Edmund Blackadder conspires to exile his family and take over the throne with the help of the six most evil men in England. This has disastrous consequences, and leads to the entire royal family, Edmund included, getting accidentally poisoned to death by Edmund's companion Lord Percy Percy. This leaves Henry Tudor free to take the crown, becoming Henry VII, and write Richard IV out of history. (The Black Adder)


  • Ezio Auditore, an assassin, travels to Rome to kill the leader of The Knights Templar. more  (Assassin's Creed II)

15th century

  • On M7G-677 in the Pegasus Galaxy, an electromagnetic field generator powered by a Zero Point Module is constructed to protect the planet's inhabitants from the Wraith. No advanced technology can function within it. In order to ensure that the population does not grow beyond the small remit of the field, the inhabitants commit ritual suicide on the eve of their 25th birthdays. This system remains in place until the arrival of Major John Sheppard's team on M7G-677 in 2004. (Stargate Atlantis)
  • Emperor Kuzco of the Incan Empire is targeted for a coup by his conniving advisor Yzma, who turns him into a llama. With the assistance of a peasant named Pacha, Kuzco regains his humanity and retakes the throne from Yzma. (The Emperor's New Groove)
  • Two teenagers, Juliet Capulet and Romeo Montague, take their own lives due to their circumstances (or a misunderstood). (Romeo and Juliet)


  • Emperor Skantarios of the Eastern Roman Empire leads a campaign of destruction into the Egyptian heartland. Over the next three years Alexandria, Damietta, and Cairo are mercilessly sacked and their populations exterminated. The Byzantines depart laden with treasure, leaving behind empty shells of cities. (I Am Skantarios)
  • Ezio Auditore travels to Rome once again to defeat Cesare Borgia, son of Rodrigo and to liberate Rome from the corrupt influence of the Borgia. (Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood)
  • Chaos gods Nurgle, Khorne, and Tzeentch awaken to full consciousness. (Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000)


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