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    Season 1 

Roronoa Zoro

A lazy pirate with a horrible sense of direction.

First One Piece contestant.


A young boy who thinks woman are inferior to men.

First Calvin and Hobbes contestant.


An adorable kitten to tries to his cute charms to make his tribe like him.

First Garfield contestant.

Lucy Van Pelt

A loud-mouthed girl who has constant temper tantrums.

First Peanuts contestant.

Mignon Beart

A clumsy witch who is annoying to some but endearing to others.

First The King of Fighters contestant.

Yomi Mizuhara

A teenaged girl who tries too hard to be a leader.

First Azumanga Daioh contestant.

Augie Doggie

A quiet and very mature puppy.

First Hanna-Barbera contestant.


A cowardly giant creature with a child-like personality.

First Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends contestant.


A valley girl who tries to see if she was a hands-on girl.

First Totally Spies! contestant.

Returned for Season 6: All Stars.

Hank the Cowdog

An arrogant dog with a burning hatred for cats.

First Hank the Cowdog contestant.

Returned for Season 6: All Stars.

Lilo Pelekai

A weird and nice girl who hates spoiled brats.

First Lilo & Stitch contestant.


A literally-heartless sniper who is ironically let his emotions get the better of him.

First Kingdom Hearts contestant.

Returned for Season 6: All Stars.

Swiper the Fox

A fox who intends to prove that he can be sneaky.

First Dora the Explorer contestant.

Returned for Season 6: All Stars.


An athletic cheetah who tries to be the good guy to everyone.

First Pop N Music contestant.

Fuuka Yamagishi

A timid girl who tries to be the voice of reason.

First Persona 3 contestant.


A mercenary who can get cocky when things goes his way.

First Suikoden III contestant.

    Season 2 


A stoic girl who is a survivor of a zombie massacre.

First House of the Dead fan character.


A winged demon who usually has his head on straight.

First Castlevania fan character.

  • Frame-Up: How he got eliminated. Bryan tricked Tom, Becky and Franklin into thinking that he, Schokolade and Red were planning to steal the prize money.
  • Only Sane Man


A doctor who is constantly a worrywart.

First MySims fan character.


An old owl who is quite enthusiastic despite her age.

First Animal Crossing fan character.


A policeman who almost always have a cocky smile on his face.

First Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney fan character.


A hyper kobold who just wants to have as much fun as possible.

Second Suikoden III contestant and first fan character.


A well-mannered fox who constantly tries to be nice to everyone.

First Animaniacs fan character.


A nurse with a surprisingly short temper and violent streak.

First Sam & Max fan character.


A gullible knight who wants to vote out any and all villains.

First Eternal Champions fan character.


A tan soldier who is constantly thinking with a stern face.

First Army Men fan character.


A big man with a scary glare but a heart of gold.

Second Kingdom Hearts contestant and first fan character.


A hot-headed demon from Hades who is constantly the butt of many jokes.

First Looney Tunes fan character.


A hybrid girl who is more mature than other adults.

First Crash Bandicoot fan character.


A producer who is constantly getting taken advantage but may have hidden depths.

First The iDOLM@STER fan character.


A shy, clumsy alligator who came on the show to find her true love.

First Sonic the Hedgehog fan character.

Returned for Season 6: All Stars.


A bubbly girl scout who dislikes betrayals of trust.

First Captain Planet fan character.


A haughty girl who is having her first visit away from her aristocratic life-style.

First Ouran High School Host Club fan character.

Returned for Season 6: All Stars.


A boxing kangaroo who rarely thinks before he speaks.

First Punch-Out!! fan character.

Returned for Season 6: All Stars.


A nice tigress who could also be very mischeavious.

Second Calvin and Hobbes contestant and first fan character.

Returned for Season 6: All Stars.


A grumpy skunk with a negative outlook on things.

First Star Fox fan character.


     Season 3 

Nick Boy

Yo, yo, yo! Nick Boy is in the hizzhouse

A wannabe rapper who wants to align with the ladies on his tribe

First Parappa The Rapper fan character.


All right! We got treemail!

A sweet survivor fan girl.

First Sailor Moon fan character.


Can't we all just get along?

A laid back hippy who wants to plans to go far by being one with the environment.

First Scooby-Doo fan character.

  • The Heart: He intends to be it on his tribe.


An energetic tennis player who wants to cheer up everyone.

First Super Mario fan character.

Returned for Season 6: All Stars.


A shy high-school girl who could actually be quite the fighter.

First Tekken fan character.


A boxing teenager who focus all of his energy in the Challenges.

First Rival Schools fan character.


A mall cop who hates weaklings and thinks only the strongest will win.

Second Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends contestant and first fan character.


A stoic Ronso who can be quite wise and caring despite not talking that much.

First Final Fantasy X fan character.


A young man who prefers to spend time alone rather than with people.

First Nemi fan character.


A mob boss who is not only nice but is quite a father figure to some.

First Sly Cooper fan character.


An aristocrat who tries to be nice but is constantly seen as spoiled.

First WarioWare fan character.


A sneaky sniper who hides behind a facade of a motherly figure.

First Perfect Dark fan character.

Returned for Season 6: All Stars.


A cheeky ghost that has a habit of running his mouth.

First Pacman fan character.


A cameraman who prefers to stay under-the-radar.

First Dead Rising fan character.

Returned for Season 6: All Stars.


A woman who may seem grumpy at first but is actually quite kind.

First Vigilante 8 fan character.

Returned for Season 6: All Stars.


A military man who plans to treat his tribemates like soldiers.

First Medal of Honor fan character.


A girl from the future who has a tendency to get paranoid about certain stuff.

First The Jetsons fan character.


A caring cat that tries to use her positivity to get on people's good side.

First Shrek fan character.

     Season 4 


It will be a piece of cake. I ALWAYS get what I want

A busty woman who thinks she is stronger than she really is.

First Dead or Alive fan character.


A bee Digimon who had been studying for Survivor with a handbook.

First Digimon fan character.


A quiet girl who uses her kindness to oversee her physical flaws.

First Fatal Frame fan character.


A Collie Dog who acts like a representative for good dogs everywhere.

First All Dogs Go to Heaven fan character.

  • Deadpan Snarker: Despite her normally positive demeanor, she becomes this at times.


An aging biker who behaves like a teenager on Spring Break.

First Excitebike fan character.


A cheery girl who hates fighting and violence.

First Madeline fan character.


An Irish porcupine who doesn't like to be underestimated because of his height.

First Darkwing Duck fan character.


A father and an archaeologist with a grouchy attitude.

Second Hanna-Barbera contestant and first fan character.


A neurotic duck who is cursed with bad luck.

First Ducktales fan character.

Returned for Season 6: All Stars.


A cop who intends to bring the good name back to the badge.

First Ghost Trick fan character.


A pirate girl who intends to use her cute and young appearance to her advantage.

Second One Piece contestant and first fan character.


A creepy rat who looks like an obvious villain.

First Classic Disney Shorts fan character.


A muscular orca whale who wants to be depended on.

First Spongebob Squarepants fan character.

  • Hypocrite: It's okay for him to betray his alliance for Catherine, but if he gets betrayed, he'll make a big stink over it.
  • Sore Loser
  • Spanner in the Works: Destroyed Janet's chances of winning due to his bitterness.
  • Yandere: To Catherine.


A kind-hearted Pianta who rarely has a nasty word to say to anyone.

First Super Mario Sunshine fan character.


A Russian scientist that may seem cold and calculating but do have a heart.

First Darkstalkers fan character.

Returned for Season 6: All Stars.


A bratty teenager who can go all giggly at the sight of an animal.

First School Rumble fan character.

Returned for Season 6: All Stars.


A mercenary who tries not to attract attention to herself.

First Ikari Warriors fan character.

Returned for Season 6: All Stars.


A young fighter whose unconfidence could lead to paranoia.

First Street Fighter fan character.

     Season 5 


A shy girl who is constantly mistaken for a boy.

First NiGHTS fan character.


A docile engineer who has a tendency to be somewhat condescending.

First Rollercoaster Tycoon fan character.

  • Innocently Insensitive: Tries to cheer Spencer up about his poor challenge performance, but he only succeeds in making Spencer take his anger out on him.
  • Nice Guy: He has good intentions for everyone on his tribe.


A thief whose stealing tendencies is similar to a smoking addict.

First RPG Maker fan character.

  • Sticky Fingers: Played for Drama. Celvis wishes he didn't have the urge to steal things, and when he caves during a challenge, his tribe is disqualified and he gets sent packing.


A Tasmanian Tiger who is no-nonsense and grouchy.

First TY the Tasmanian Tiger fan character.

  • Jerkass Has a Point: He saw through Drow's excuse for not contributing at camp, but got riled up about it to the point where Angelo and Francesca were reluctant to take him seriously.


A seven-year-old girl who wishes to prove that she could be an asset.

First Twinkle Star Sprites fan character.


A wind mage who has low self-esteem.

First Tales of... fan character.

  • My Death Is Just the Beginning: She takes herself out of the game, but in the process she sabotages the credibility of Malletman, Mami and Spencer for lying to Sugar about keeping her safe, and destroys the chances of Charlie and Kira after the reason she was driven to quit was revealed to be because of them.


A lazy fighter who tries to use his strength to balance his lack of work ethic.

Second The King of Fighters contestant and first fan character.


A deadpan girl with a grim look on life.

First School Days fan character.

Returned for Season 6: All Stars.

  • Disc-One Final Boss: In between convincing Galia to call out the original Byakko tribe for not honouring their promise to keep Sugar safe, and then planting ideas in the heads of her own tribe's majority alliance to make them turn on each other, she is responsible for a lot of the chaos and negativity in the tribal phase of the game.
  • It Amused Me: Her motivation to play the game.
  • The Stoic

Le Cock

A flamboyant rooster who loves the limelight as much as he loves himself.

Second Shrek fan character.


A cheery fairy who can get very determined when she finds someone she likes.

First Arcana Heart fan character.


A laidback cowboy who follows the beat of his own drum, regardless of consequences.

Second Vigilante 8 fan character.

Returned for Season 6: All Stars.


A demolition robot with incredible strength but a short temper.

First Megaman fan character.

  • Does Not Know His Own Strength
    • He cannonballs off the top of a waterfall into the river below, and the splash he creates is big enough to send Spencer flying to the top of a tree.
  • I Did What I Had to Do: His justification for not picking Sugar to rejoin Byakko and, by extension, leaving her without allies on Genbu.
  • No Mouth: Robots do not need mouths.


A punk who is actually savvier than most of his kind.

First Streets of Rage fan character.

Returned for Season 6: All Stars.

  • Delinquent Hair: Sports a green mohawk.
  • The Runaway: He left to join the Syndicate because he didn't want to live the life his father wanted him to.


A jaded zombie-apocalypse survivor who has poor social skills.

First Left 4 Dead fan character.


A serious robot who always tries to thinks things out logically.

First Ratchet & Clank fan character.

  • Only Sane Man: Shares this role with Kenny in the later stages of the game.
  • Ridiculously Human Robot: Not only does she have a considerably humanoid appearance, she shows more emotion than Kira when under pressure... and when her “loved one” shows up.


An energetic monkey who wants to experience the game to the fullest.

First Super Monkey Ball fan character.

Returned for Season 6: All Stars.


A rock star who has inferior issues with her somewhat poor intelligence.

First Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi fan character.


A smug nerd who hates being underestimates by Alpha Males.

First Bully fan character.


A wrestler that tries to be the sane one and get people to see her way.

First Rumble Roses fan character.

  • Ms. Fanservice: In-universe, this is why her wrestling outfit is... skimpy, to say the least.


A psychic Pokémon trainer who has an interest with people's emotions.

First Pokémon fan character.

  • Loophole Abuse: It's against the rules to use any powers that would give a player an unfair advantage in the game, in Kenny's case reading minds, but apparently not to do so before the game even begins.
  • Only Sane Man: Shares this role with Bianna in the later stages of the game.

     Season 6: All-Stars 


A haughty girl who is more manipulative, yet still has a big mouth.

Returned from Season 2.


A bratty teenage girl who still giggles at the sight of an anthro or animal.

Returned from Season 4.


A small monkey who enjoys having another experience in the game.

Returned from Season 5.


A boxing kangaroo who is very protective of everyone.

Returned from Season 2.


A Russian Scientist who is used to the cold, yet knows the ins and outs of dangerous players.

Returned from Season 4.


A mercenary who is doing her best to not become the leader.

Returned from Season 4.


A cameraman who sticks to what he does best by staying under-the-radar.

Returned from Season 3.


A laidback cowboy who can be pretty trusting of almost anyone.

Returned from Season 5.


A valley girl who wants to make up for getting sick in her last game.

Returned from Season 1.


An energetic tennis player that has a big heart.

Returned from Season 3.


A sweetheart alligator who is training to be a detective.

Returned from Season 2.


A sniper Nobody from Organization XIII who is more sinister than last time.

Returned from Season 1.

Hank the Cowdog

A hardworking dog who is determined to change for the better... even if he has to be humiliated.

Returned from Season 1.


A punk who is trying to change his gameplan.

Returned from Season 5.


A deadpan girl who likes nothing more than to see people miserable.

Returned from Season 5.


A former, cowardly duck that plans to play a better game than last time.

Returned from Season 4.

Swiper the Fox

A sneaky fox who has more of a sensitive side.

Returned from Season 1.


A woman who is more than determined to play a brand new game than how she played last time.

Returned from Season 3.


A sniper more determined to play a more cutthroat game.

Returned from Season 3.


A nice tigress who wants to make up for her mistakes from her last game.

Returned from Season 2.

     Season 7 


An over-dramatic ostrich who prefers others to work for her.

Second Animal Crossing fan character.


A sadistic Nobody who likes creating chaos.

Third Kingdom Hearts contestant and second fan character.


A literal piggy bank who wishes to go against his impossible odds.

First Beauty and the Beast fan character.


A rich girl who wishes to show that not all girls of her kind are not all spoiled.

First All Grown Up! fan character.


A island survivalist who doesn't mince her words.

First Gilligan's Island fan character.


A forgetful bounty hunter with a metallic arm.

First Xenoblade fan character.


A war veteran who has a "strong will survive" philosophy

First Jak and Daxter fan character.


A dim model who wants nothing more, but everyone to be happy.

First The Sims 4 fan character.


A prince and a military strategist eager to impress his mother.

First Europa Universalis fan character.


A stoic samurai who is curious to see what "fun" is.

First Killer Instinct fan character.


An super-competitive wombat who doesn't have a filter.

First Diddy Kong Racing fan character.


A strange ninja who was a tendency to make fourth-wall breaks.

Second RPG Maker fan character.


A cat-like man who just wants to have as much fun and mischief as possible.

First Bonkers fan character.


A timid zombie apocalypse survivor who is more tougher than he seems.

First The Walking Dead fan character.


A law student with a horrible tendency to hold grudges.

First How to Get Away with Murder fan character.


A sheltered princess who is eager to learn about the outside world.

First Child of Light fan character.


A ditzy skeleton wants to lead her tribe.

First Undertale fan character.


A loner lion who prefers to do things from the sidelines.

First Batman: The Animated Series fan character.


     Canon Visits 

Season 1

Ace has been visited by Joker from Suikoden III.

Fuuka has been visited by Yukari Takeba from Persona 3.

Lilo has been visited by Stitch from Lilo & Stitch.

Mark has been visited by Judy from Pop N Music.

Swiper has been visited by Boots from Dora the Explorer.

Xigbar has been visited by Demyx from Kingdom Hearts.

Season 2

Allison has been visited by Vector The Crocodile from Sonic the Hedgehog.

Becky has been visited by Linka from Captain Planet.

Karen has been visited by Tamaki Suoh from Ouran High School Host Club.

Stinky has been visited by Wolf O'Donnell from Star Fox.

Tigerlily has been visited by Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes.

Wally has been visited by Bear Hugger from Punch-Out!!.

Season 3

Belle has been visited by Joanna Dark from Perfect Dark.

Floyd has been visted by Frank West from Dead Rising.

Kat has been visited by Donkey from Shrek.

Regina has been visted by Judy Jetson from The Jetsons.

Rinky has been visted by Blinky from Pac-Man.

Roger has been visited by Jimmy Patterson from Medal of Honor

Victoria has been visited by Houston from Vigilante 8.

Season 4

Catherine has been visited by Tenma from School Rumble.

Janet has been visited by Ralf Jones from Ikari Warriors.

Kao has been visited by Il Piantissimo from Super Mario Sunshine.

Oscar has been visited by Larry the Lobster from Spongebob Squarepants.

Richard has been visited by Victor Von Gerdenheim from Darkstalkers.

Ronald has been visited by Pete from Classic Disney Shorts.

Sally has been visited by Chun-Li from Street Fighter.

Season 5

Anke has been visited by MeeMee from Super Monkey Ball.

Bianna has been visited by Courtney Gears from Ratchet & Clank.

Francesca has been visited by Dixie Clemets from Rumble Roses.

Kenny has been visited by his Pokémon, Alakazam from Pokémon.

Mami has been visited by Ami Onuki from Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi.

Spencer has been visited by Jimmy Hopkins from Bully.

Season 6/All-Stars

Belle has been visited by Cassandra De Vries from Perfect Dark. Belle is the third contestant to make the family visit twice.

Charlie has been visited by his father, Benwick, an original character.

Kira has been visited by Makoto Itou from School Days.

Mortimer has been visited by his wife, Pearl, an original character.

Swiper has been visited by Dora from Dora the Explorer. Swiper is the first contestant to make the family visit twice.

Tigerlily has been visited by Becky, a former contestant from Survivor X Over Version 2. Tigerlily is the second contestant to make the family visit twice.

Victoria has been visited by her boyfriend, Blake, a former contestant from Survivor X Over Version 3. Victoria is the fourth contestant to make the family visit twice.

Season 7

Calibri has been visited by Undyne from Undertale.

Christina has been visited by Wes Gibbons from How to Get Away with Murder.

Hector has been visited by Clementine from The Walking Dead.

Isolde has been visited by Aurora from Child of Light.

Leo has been visited by Dr. Emile Dorian from Batman: The Animated Series.

Tybalt has been visited by Bonkers D. Bobcat from Bonkers.


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