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Survivor: Xover Version is one of the fanfic series Spinoffs of the webcomic, Survivor: Fan Characters which is based off the real life reality show Survivor. The entire series is done in story format due to the author's lack of skill with drawing.

The story is similar to the real show. 16-20 people from a different franchises goes on the show in hopes of winning a million dollars. They are paired up into teams to face physically and mentally challenging Challenges. The losing team goes to Tribal Council where they are forced to vote off one of their own.


The series has six seasons completed, with a seventh one currently underway. It is also worth noting that the first season's contestants were all canon while the rest of the seasons had fan-characters, mainly due to the author finding easier to write with fan-characters.

The series from Season 2 and up are be seen here while all of the seasons from 1 to 5 can be seen here

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