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These are the five Player Characters of the original game who play a major role in the story. Players can choose between these characters to use in battle, but will be switched back to Abe no Seimei (if available) during story mode interactions.

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    In General 
  • Action Pet: Each member of the main quarter has one. Seimei has a dragon, Hiromasa has a panther, Yaobikuni has a peacock, and Kagura has Hakuzōsu.
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: Everyone's default attires have color schemes that reflect their personalities.
  • Demoted to Extra: None of them are playable in any way, shape or form in the spin-off and are reduced to no more than avatars that players choose.
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble: Not counting Kohaku, the group consisted of Seimei (melancholic), Kagura (sanguine), Hiromasa (choleric) and Yaobikuni (phlegmatic).
  • Freudian Trio: Story-wise, this is the group's iteration after Yaobikuni leaves, with Seimei being the Superego, Hiromasa the Id and Kagura the Ego.
    Abe no Seimei
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Voiced by: Noriaki Sugiyama (adult), Toa Yukinari (young)
Musical actor: Shinji Rachi (Heian Emaki), Kento Kitamura (Ōezan-hen)
An onmyōji famed for his matchless abilities, he is the hero of Onmyōji. Having lost his memory, he embarks on a quest to restore it as well as battle the forces of evil threatening to plunge the city of Heian-kyō into chaos. The problem? Prior to his memory loss, he found himself developing evil motives that he couldn't control, leading to his casting a spell to remove them. This caused him to be split into two entities, a "yang" entity which continued to be the Seimei we know and a "yin" entity known as the evil Kuro Seimei. Worse yet, this also caused some sort of rift in the dimension, freeing the Yamata-no-orochi. Looks like the odds are really stacked against our hero…

The first playable character players receive when starting the game.

  • The Ace: Handsome, powerful, intelligent, famous, talented, a Chick Magnet, and a very charismatic Onmyoji who is very much adored by many - be they human or yokai / (former) shikigami. However, all is not sugars and rainbows. See Broken Ace below.
  • Amnesiac Dissonance: His biggest fear. Unfortunately, part of it has been confirmed in that he suffered from a bad case of Enemy Within until he took matters into his own hands and turned it into Enemy Without, committing an act of breaking the laws of nature, for which heavy repercussions are warranted.
  • Amnesiac Hero: In spades. The fact that he has no recollection of his past actions gets him into loads of trouble that can only be solved by learning about his past from other people.
  • Amnesiacs Are Innocent: Painfully averted in his case, as he's still held accountable for acts he doesn't remember committing. But since those acts include breaking the laws of nature, it's sort of justified.
  • Animal Eyes: Described as "fox-like" by Sakura-no-sei. In keeping with the historical character, his mother was a powerful kitsune.
  • Anti-Hero: What he could have become if he hadn't committed the "soul-splitting sin" of casting a spell that removed all evil motives from his head, but again, this has resulted in his creating his own villain and breaking the laws of nature. This guy is pretty much damned if he did, damned if he didn't.
  • Arch-Enemy: Of Minamoto no Yorimitsu. Apparently, they've spat at each other a lot in the past before the events of the game.
  • The Archmage: He is considered the best onmyōji in Heian-kyō and is greatly respected by other practitioners of the art. Here is an excerpt from his character description on the official website:
    Such a genius onmyōji is he that there is no one in the city who has not heard of him.
  • Artistic License – History: Apparently he was named Seimei at birth even though historically his birth name was Dōji. He was also trained in onmyōdō by his mother rather than another onmyōji named Kamo no Yasunori in history.
  • Asian Rune Chant: Can be heard reciting the kuji and some other incantationsnote  when using the Summoning feature.
  • Awesome Anachronistic Apparel: Averted with him most of the time, except the summer skin which consists of a decidedly un-Heian-like hakama ensemble. Leads to a hilarious moment of Gameplay and Story Segregation when he is still described as looking like a Heian noble in side story #8 even with that skin applied.
  • Badass Adorable: Back when he was young. To hammer this home, he even sealed a very powerful spirit beast yokai back then, made him his loyal shikigami, and named him "Kohaku".
  • Badass and Child Duo: He and Kagura are always featured side-by-side together. This is even reflected in gameplay; because of how their skills work, both of them are considered to be the most powerful playable Onmyojis in the game.
  • Badass Back: His win pose.
  • Badass Creed: He recites this whenever he fights Yokais and then sealing them.
    Seimei: Haraitamae, kiyometamae, kyū-kyū-nyo-ritsu-ryō!
  • Badass Pacifist: Seimei is a very kind young man who is always fighting to protect Heian-Kyo. Unfortunately for his enemies, he has the literal power to keep protecting it, no matter what.
  • Badass Preacher: In a traditional "Onmyoji" way.
  • Barrier Warrior: The only one of the four Player Character able to create a Deflector Shield that protects everyone on the team from damage.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: You really won't like him when he's angry.
  • Berserk Button: It's hard to believe, but he does have one. When you've pressed it, he's pretty scary.
  • Big Damn Heroes: As a child, he saved a helpless Hakuzōsu from a Minamoto clansman and took him in as Kohaku.
  • Bishōnen: The most femininely handsome out of the main ensemble, with long hair and a pretty face.
  • Blue Is Heroic: His default attire is mostly light blue, reflecting his calm and stoic personality.
  • Bodyguard Babes: In the past before his amnesia, he has a total of three - Yoto-hime, Hakuro, and Yuki-Onna. The first two still calls him their "Master" to this day even after breaking his contract with them, while the last one betrayed him and served her loyalty to his "other bad" self, Kuro Seimei.
  • Bound and Gagged: Does this to Yaobikuni, showing how ruthless he can be in his rage.
  • Broken Ace: Despite his idealistic nature and famed status, he developed evil motives later on. As revealed in Chapter 26, he is even accused by Minamoto no Yorimitsu in the past for having the same bloodstained hands as his simply because he allowed the sacrificing of maidens to Orochi to happen. These evil motives traumatized him so much that he committed the forbidden act of the "Soul-Splitting Sin" in order to escape them. But in doing so, he created his own Enemy Without that lead to further complications later on. Damn it, Seimei!
  • Celibate Hero: Despite his trait of being The Charmer (weather unintentional or not), He is never seen taking any interest in romance. It might have something to do with the fact that he is an "Onmyoji" - who always fights dangerous yokais and monsters on a daily basis and thus anyone who gets too close to him is certain to be in danger. Not that this would stop the fans, however...
  • The Charmer: Lampshaded by Oguna. He stated that before Seimei lost his memories, he inpired awe in people. He was so charismatic that he had a lot of Shikigamis who are willing to serve him (although Oguna also stated that he wasn't as kind as he is now). Hell, Most of his former Shikigamis are still willing to devote themselves to him even when they're no longer bound to him due to his amnesia.
    • Then again, even after losing his memories, he still managed to retain his charisma; as evidenced by his many allies.
    • Also, evidenced by Kuro Seimei, his own Enemy Without Split Personality, who himself is very charismatic (his subjects are willing to die for him, for pete's sake). And since Kuro Seimei is his literal dark side, well you get the idea.
  • Clueless Chick Magnet: Let's see. There's his Abhorrent Admirer Momiji who only has eyes for him, Yaobikuni who is heavily implied to be in-love with him, and not to mention Kagura with her extreme attachment towards him. This was also lampshaded by Kohaku stating how much of a ladykiller he is.
  • Create Your Own Villain: He created Kuro Seimei, who goes on to become the first major villain. If that ain't bad enough, his doing so also weakened the seal between the human world and the inkai, allowing Yamata-no-orochi to break free in the first place a.k.a. the big terrible soul-splitting sin. He created two villains in one go, hoo boy.
  • Cultured Badass: He has an interest in poetry and of course he's badass.
  • Deflector Shield: And an effective one at that. Once it is set up, everyone on the team will be protected from all incoming attacks until it breaks after having taken enough damage or until after Seimei's second turn after activating the barrier. Better yet, it blocks all purely debuffing skills except that of Ame-onna's. However, it is completely bypassed by Gaki's special attack, Ushi-no-koku-mairi's Useless Useful Spell and some cases of The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard.
  • Disappeared Dad: His mother is shown in a flashback apparently having taught him onmyōdō, but his father (Abe no Yasuna?) is never seen. If the mysterious onmyōji in Purgatory Ibaraki-dōji's bio is indeed him, it would appear that Kuzunoha took Seimei away from him as a result of some Noodle Incident.
  • Dragons Up the Yin Yang: An onmyōji who has a dragon behind him that improves his stats and sometimes casts multi-target attacks.
  • Dude Looks Like a Lady: What with his already handsome looks coupled with those make-ups.
  • Enemy Within: Suffered from this until he committed an act of "soul-splitting sin" and made it Enemy Without.
  • Et Tu, Brute?: When Yaobikuni betrays him and the rest of the group, his reaction is completely devastated.
  • Empowered Badass Normal: By all accounts, Seimei is just human but can take on powerful Yokai beings (even Physical God one's) and win. A few characters have taken note of his power and was told at some points in the story that he has the power to subvert the order of the world. To the point that even as a child, his own mother was scared shit of his potential and had specifically warned him to NOT use his power for this purpose.
  • Even the Guys Want Him: The Hair Eater is in love with him. The reason? His beautiful jutsu posture.
  • Famed In-Story: Everybody in the city knows of him and other onmyōji greatly respect him.
  • Foil: To Minamoto no Yorimitsu. In every possible way. For starters, Yorimitsu is what Seimei would have become if he succumbed to his "Evil Motives" in the past. It's no wonder Seimei wanted those thoughts out of himself so badly.
    • And of course, to Kuro Seimei. Very obviously.
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble: Melancholic.
  • Freudian Trio: Superego after the main group no longer has Yaobikuni.
  • Gentleman and a Scholar: Has shades of this. He is a well-known expert in his field alright, and he is courteous and pleasant to everyone around him.
  • Guyliner: Seems to wear red eyeliner. The difference between him and other seemingly eyeliner-wearing male characters is that the latter are yōkai, meaning they could have been born with it, while the former is human.
  • Hairstyle Inertia: Zigzagged rather confusingly. He had the same long white locks as a child and in the present, but the green-haired skin is used to represent him in the past before the split, making it look like his hair turned from the original white to green, and back to white again.
  • Historical Beauty Update: From the typical-looking old man depicted in traditional art to an attractive, long haired Bishōnen.
  • Historical Domain Character: Abe no Seimei/Haruaki/Haruakira.
  • Hypocrite: Accused of this no less by Minamoto no Yorimitsu and Orochi in the past before the events of the game. See Broken Ace above.
  • Iconic Item: His folding fan.
  • I Hate Past Me: The original Abe no Seimei in the past had evil thoughts and he wanted it purged out of himself because he hated them so much. The current Seimei now even developed an amnesia because of it. Ironically, he asked Kuro Seimei (who represents these "Evil" thoughts if he hates the Seimei that abandoned and casted him away.
  • Impossibly-Low Neckline: Three words: Tsukuyo no hagoromo (a.k.a. the infamous summer skin).
  • I See Dead People: Not only can he "see" (視る miru, with the "root" radical on the left) spirits and other creatures in the inkai (the negative part of the world), he can make other people in the vicinity see them too.
  • Japanese Pronouns: His own name as a child, watashi as an adult.
  • Knight in Shining Armor: Seimei is not a Knight (he is an "Onmyoji"), but he might as well be due to his handsome looks, charisma, his desire to protect the people of Heian-kyo, and saving lost Yokai spirits. Particularly, Kagura and Momiji sees him as this.
  • Literal Split Personality: The Yang side of the original Seimei, while Kuro Seimei is the Yin side. This is because he has committed a "soul-splitting sin" — casting a spell that removes all his sinful motives. This is why just Seimei alone is not enough to awaken Yamata-no-orochi; Yaobikuni has to go to all that trouble to convince both Seimei to cooperate with her.
  • Long-Haired Pretty Boy: A Bishōnen with knee-length white hair.
  • Love Triangle: Is unwillingly part of one with Momiji and Shuten-dōji thanks to his Big Bad Literal Split Personality, much to his dismay.
  • Mistaken for Romance: In episode 3, Kohaku takes his being destined to kill Yaobikuni to mean that he is a "lady-killer".
  • Mr. Fanservice: Certainly isn't lacking in this department when his infamous chest-baring skin acquires a minor memetic status among the fandom. Helps that he is a Bishōnen to begin with.
  • Mysterious Past: Thanks to his amnesia. He gradually learns about it as the story progresses though.
  • Mystical White Hair: He is basically a wizard and has long white hair that he inherited from his mother.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: As shown in Chapter 26, he actually let the sacrificing of young maidens to Orochi to happen. Even when knowing about it, he never did anything to stop it. The revelation from Minamoto no Yorimitsu broke him, to say the least.
  • My Greatest Failure: Failing to stop the sacrificing of young maidens to Orochi even when fully being aware of it happening in the past. It's what lead him to commit the "Soul-Splitting Sin" in order to free himself of those evil motives.
  • Never Bareheaded: Which leads to a dōjin artist to theorize that he's actually bald beneath that hat. Eventually averted with the release of his Fanservice-y summer skin.
  • Never Trust a Trailer: Is a victim of this ad discovered by a Twitter user which depicts him and Hiromasa with the caption "Which one is your type?" even though the game is as far from an Otome Game as it can get.
  • Nice Hat: All of the hats he wears are cool, but the one that is part of his Flower-viewing Festival skin captures fans' attention the most, to the point that it has even sparked online debates over whether that round orange object atop that hat really is a bitter orange. One person actually took the question to the developers, and yes, it is a bitter orange.
  • Not So Stoic: His meltdown in chapter 19 should be enough. He starts losing his cool and yelling more often ever since.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: His being pissed off warrants a Lampshade Hanging from Kagura.
    Kagura: Seimei is angry for real.
  • Parental Substitute: Is one to Kagura.
  • Rage Breaking Point: He eventually reaches one in chapter 19.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Blue to Hiromasa's Red.
    • In the past, he is also the Blue to Minamoto no Yorimitsu's Red.
  • Sacred Hospitality: His home is always welcome to everyone, especially if you are a Yokai with no place to return home to. He even hosts parties for everyone of his friends at times.
  • Samurai Ponytail: Type 1.
  • The Scapegoat: He is often blamed for horrible deeds he doesn't remember committing, further strengthening his fear of Amnesiac Dissonance. Not so true anymore when the real perpertrator is actually of his own making.
  • Semi-Divine: Seimei is all but confirmed to be part-yōkai. His father was a human onmyōji who fell in love with the kitsune Kuzunoha.
  • Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: Sensitive to Hiromasa's Manly.
  • Series Mascot: Is featured on the game's icon when it's not Kohaku or Kagura being featured instead.
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Is treated as one by Kyūmei-neko after he defeats her in the first chapter. He repeatedly kicks her ass after that.
  • Ship Tease: With Yaobikuni, though all he does on his part is to compliment her beauty the first time they meet.
    • with Kagura, as well. In-game, both of them are always sided together, and she stated that she wants to stay by his side forever.
    • Believe it or not, he has this with Momiji, too. Even though their conversation in the past was brief, he did say that he will never find her ugly no matter what she turns into and also complimented her beautiful name.
  • Short Hair with Tail: When young.
  • Silk Hiding Steel: A very kind and likeable gentleman, but if you are a yōkai who go wrecking havoc around the city, you're asking for trouble. And when you manage to seriously piss him off, he's downright scary.
  • The Stoic: He hardly shows any extreme emotions throughout the story. Chapter 19 sees his getting angry for the first time, to which Kagura lampshades. His stoicism breaks more and more since then, and he gets angry more frequently.
  • Symbolic Wings: His default outfit has crane wing motifs on the sleeves.
  • Technical Pacifist: Fights all the time, but his motto is "My mission is not to exterminate demons, but to relinquish chaos."
  • Tragic Hero: Is becoming one real fast as the story's Cerebus Syndrome gets worse.
  • Victory Pose: Turns his back to the camera as he opens his fan, then holds it at his face for a while before turning back.
  • White Mage: Definitely not an attack-oriented type, having only one active offensive skill out of the four onmyōji (which is less than Yaobikuni). The rest of his active skills are buffs, debuffs, defense and healing.
  • Would Hit a Girl: He never shies away from battling and sealing up women if that's what needs to be done. The only women he wouldn't hit are his female friends but when one of them sides with the bad guys, however…
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Voiced by: Rie Kugimiya
Musical actor: Yui Itō (Heian Emaki)
A quiet and reserved girl. Having also lost her memory, she is currently living with Seimei under his care. She turns out to be Hiromasa's sister and a member of the Minamoto clan. She is also the Sacrificial Miko chosen by Yorimitsu to fully release the Yamata-no-orochi and whose power is the only means of awakening the Kusanagi without the help of a god.

Unlocked as a playable character after completing episode 3.

    Minamoto no Hiromasa
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Click to see skin #2. 
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Click to see skin #4. 
Voiced by: Tatsuhisa Suzuki
Musical actor: Hiroki Miura (Heian Emaki)
A hot-headed archer and member of the Minamoto clan who enjoys a good fight against powerful enemies one too much. He is Kagura's older brother.

Unlocked as a playable character after completing chapter 6.

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Click to see skin #2. 
Click to see skin #3. 
Click to see skin #4. 
Click to see skin #5. 
Voiced by: Miyuki Sawashiro
Musical actor: Mimi Maihane (Heian Emaki)
An all-around Yamato Nadeshiko. Having eaten mermaid flesh, she becomes Seimei's companion believing he's the only one able to end her eternal life. Turns out, she has been planning to use Seimei to awaken the Yamata-no-orochi, and has since defected from the ensemble to work for him. She later returns at the last minute to help the others kill the serpent.

Unlocked as a playable character after completing episode 17.

WARNING: This character is borderline Walking Spoiler. Read on at your own risk.

  • Asian Rune Chant: She used to be heard reciting an incantationnote  in the Summoning feature. The line has been removed.
  • Back from the Dead: One of her buffs when cast over a shikigami enables them to get 14% of their HP back when they are defeated.
  • Barred from the Afterlife: She can't enter the Afterworld because of her immortality, even though her living friends can with a temporary death spell.
  • Because Destiny Says So: The reason she gives Seimei on why he should slay her.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: This nice and kind lady is currently one of the main antagonists of the story. No longer the case as of chapter 26.
  • Big Bad Friend: She has been a good friend to the rest of the main quartet, so naturally they do not react well to the news that she's evil, especially Seimei.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: She's done a fantastic job of hiding her evil nature under a Yamato Nadeshiko persona.
  • Bound and Gagged: In chapter 24 by Seimei.
  • Catch and Return: One of her buffs when cast over a shikigami makes any enemy who hits them with a single-target attack receive a share of the damage themselves. This skill cannot be cast on herself.
  • Complete Immortality: You just can't kill this woman even if you want to. She even emerges unscathed from a ritual that's supposedly fatal to the performer.
  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: The side stories seem to not even acknowledge that she has ever existed.
  • Death Seeker: The first thing she says to Seimei is that she's been waiting for god knows how long for him, her "fated one", to come and end her life.
  • Dissonant Serenity: She is even calmer than Seimei, at times to disturbing levels. She reacts exactly the same to disgusting insects gnawing at her feet or a guy about to commit unspeakable acts against a little girl or even as she is committing such acts herself. However, as the story progresses, she seems to be losing it bit by bit, showing signs of going insane.
  • The Dragon: to Yamata-no-orochi.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: After revealing herself as Evil All Along, she states that she is genuinely happy that Seimei cares for her.
  • Evil All Along: Until she pulls a Heel–Face Turn in episode 26.
  • Farmer's Daughter: She was originally from a poor village.
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble: Phlegmatic. Before she leaves the ensemble.
  • Healing Hands: Doesn't actually have this in her set of skills, but she is shown healing a gravely injured Hiromasa in the story.
  • Heel–Face Turn: In chapter 26, she returns to hand the Kusanagi to the heroes and help them in the final battle against the Yamata-no-orochi. That battle scene in the anniversary animated short? It actually happens in this episode.
  • Hime Cut: Possesses both the hairstyle and the personality.
  • Iconic Item: Her Magic Staff, which even emits a trail of light behind it as she walks. Pretty!
  • Innocently Insensitive: It is unknown whether this is intentional or not, but after Seimei has a nightmare in which he kills Kagura, Yaobikuni tells him that "dreams are a mirror reflecting one's heart", making him even more afraid that he might subconsciously want to do such a thing.
    • Before that, when the heroes are stranded in Dream Land, she cracks a joke that "this is a place so very deep within dreams that you can never get out again."
  • Japanese Honorifics: Uses -san for everyone and -sama for Yamata-no-orochi. She later drops honorifics entirely for Seimei after turning against him, and then picks up the habit again once she's back on the good guys' side. At one point, she says Seimei-sama but the text still reads -san.
  • Keigo: Always uses polite -desu, -masu form of speech. She lapses into informal speech after becoming the main group's direct enemy.
  • Knight of Cerebus: Kuro Seimei kick-starts the story's Cerebus Syndrome. She then makes it worse.
  • Lady of War: Uses visually appealing skills in combat and shows elegance in stance and voice.
  • Lady and a Scholar: Possesses great knowledge and is a nice and gentle woman.
  • Mistaken for Romance: Comes naturally after having a Ship Tease-filled scene with Seimei in her introductory episode.
  • Ms. Fanservice: In her Azure Maiden skin (skin #2 above), which bares her shoulders, has a Cleavage Window, and is slit up to the top of her right thigh. It's markedly more revealing than any of her other more-conservative outfits and is what she wears when she fights against you after her Face–Heel Turn.
  • Nigh-Invulnerability: Her response to being in a seemingly fatal situation? "Don't worry guys, I can't die!"
  • Psychic Powers: Can enter dreams using a technique called "peeking" (覗く nozoku) and locate another person from a great distance.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Being immortal, she's been existing long before any of her friends is, but doesn't look old at all. Even Kagura points this out.
  • Ship Tease: The game relentlessly drops hints that she is in love with Seimei, especially the ending of episode 19 in which she, now having shown her true colors, touches Seimei's hand and says that she appreciates his concern for her regardless. Later, the first and only person she apologizes to when she decides to leave her friends for good is Seimei.
  • Soft-Spoken Sadist: She retains her polite speech and gentle voice even after revealing her true colors. However, she is visibly losing her composure as the story progresses.
  • Supernatural Repellent: Of Hōōka. The latter cannot approach her because her flames of life are already gone despite her being still alive. Hōōka later informs her that her flames of life are starting to burn again.
  • Third-Person Person: Describes her own backstory like this in her in-game autobiography.
  • Token Evil Teammate: Has been this all along despite not seeming like one at all for a good part of the story. No longer true as of chapter 26.
  • Victory Pose: Gracefully rotates around, then nods.
  • Walking Spoiler: Despite being one of the main characters. The fact that she has been Evil All Along is more than enough, let alone the Heel–Face Turn as of chapter 26.
  • White Magician Girl: Although she has one more offensive skill than Seimei, her list of skills are largely buffs and debuffs.
  • Would Hurt a Child: The first thing she does when she reunites with her friends after being taken to Kuro Seimei's place is to use a restrain spell on Kagura and threaten to kill her unless both Seimei cooperate with her to awaken the Yamata-no-orochi.
  • Yamato Nadeshiko: Gentle, kind and compassionate, often plays a supportive role in the team and is very much a capable woman before she turns to evil.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: Orochi turns on her and strikes her down in Chapter 25 after his head is revived, pretty much quoting the trope verbatim.

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