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List of special units (designated #8000 and above, including crossover units which appear in the regular numbering scheme) in Brave Frontier

For Elemental Bulbs and Tones, look at Evolution Materials under Utility Units. For special units released in special occasions, see Special Holiday Units.


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    Battle Maidens 
Design based from: Puzzle Troopers
Rarity Range: 3-6
Leader/Friend Skill: Increased Attack for units with same Element

Maiden Cayena / Hot Rocket Cayena / War Rocket Cayena / Flare Justice Cayena
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"You need my help? I'd be happy to, but only if it's for a good cause!"

Hailing from another world, Cayena belongs to a group of soldiers of fortune who only fight for just causes, in her case using her trusty rocket launcher Feurig against the mad gods of Grand Gaia. Unfortunately, they were were too much for her and the other Battle Maidens, consuming her with a desire to train herself even further, with Serin to later remind her of her vow to fight for justice.

Maiden Serin / Gun Lady Serin / Gun Goddess Serin / Gatling Soul Serin
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"Who are you? I take commands from no one. However, you may be an exception..."

Serin is rumored to hail from an aristocratic family, which may explain her disposition as the most soft-spoken member of the Battle Maidens. Wielding nothing but a gatling gun larger than she is, she fought for justice alongside her comrades. After feeling the wrath of the gods, however, she retreated into the forests of Sama Kingdom, where she quietly prepared herself for her comeback, and when she did, it is said she took on the gods more ferociously than ever before.

Maiden Bayley / Nyan Slash Bayley / Wild Slash Bayley / Indomitable Cat Bayley
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"Nya! Leave it to me. I'll leave no man standing! long as there are treats."

A jungle-raised girl who acts and talks like a cat, Bayley joined the Battle Maidens to find more about her past, with nothing but her rifle, whose bayonet she uses more often than she fires her gun. After losing to the gods, she retreated to the forests to train herself again, and returned with a newfound drive to take on the gods with her trusty rifle-bayonet Liebe.

Maiden Fennia / Raid Bomb Fennia / Raid Bolt Fennia / Thunderous Oracle Fennia
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"I wanna save the people! You too? Yippee! I'll help you, but watch out for my bombs!"

Fennia is a practitioner of voodoo and lightning magic. When she foretold of the coming rampage of the gods, she volunteered to join the Battle Maidens to avert the crisis. After losing to the gods, she lost her memories, but was apparently rescued by Elulu. After recuperating under her care, Fennia left to seek back both her memories and her friends.

  • Area of Effect: Her Brave Burst hits all enemies.
  • Damage-Increasing Debuff: She may be able to Weaken her oppoments by using her brave bursts from Raid Bomb onwards.
  • Genki Girl: Whatever happens, Fennia is always energetic, happy-go-lucky and optimistic.
  • Hollywood Voodoo: She uses voodoo to cast lightning.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: What happens to her after her group lost to the gods.
  • The Paralyzer: One of the two status she inflicts from Raid Bomb onwards.
  • Red Baron: "The Lightning Bomber".
  • Redemption Quest: Considers her second crack at facing the gods her penance for letting millions die after she and her friends were defeated the first time around.
  • Screw Destiny: "The only way to change fate is to laugh and fight on".
  • Shock and Awe: As a Thunder Unit.

Maiden Vanila / Sky Queen Vanila / Sky Angel Vanila / Inimical Valkyrie Vanila
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"My heart is restless. Grant me the freedom of the sky and I will fight for you."

An orphan raised to pilot a jet pack, almost every other detail about Vanila remains obscure. Some say she is the very first Battle Maiden; others say she is like a ghost, and her soul is shared with a darker half. After their first defeat to the gods, Vanila took all her fellow Maidens to safety before undergoing a near-death experience in which a mysterious figure saved her from the encroaching darkness and left her with words of encouragement. Having recovered her strength, Vanila regrouped the Battle Maidens, now stronger than ever. After the war of the gods, Vanila was said to have heard rumors of what looks like a dark version of herself roaming the land, prompting her to reassemble the six of them for one more mission.

Maiden Lico / Dark Blade Lico / Demon Blade Lico / Infernal Phantasm Lico
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"I will follow you. It's only because I am bored. Your quest might prove amusing."
Lico, joining your quest out of boredom.

Born to a demon and a human, Lico is more comfortable with the demonic half of her heritage, taking delight in the carnage caused by her massive gunblade. She solely joined the Battle Maidens group to find a decent challenge. When they were defeated, however, she decided to call it quits and go it alone in search of stronger companions, only to find herself gravitating back towards her former comrades, knowing that they, too, have grown stronger since their defeat.

    Deemo and the Girl 
Crossover from: Deemo
Rarity Range: 4-6 (Light) / 5-6 (Dark)
Leader/Friend Skill: Boosts the BB gauge during Spark

Deemo and the Girl

"Where am I? This is Grand Gaia, you say? It seems strange to me."
The Girl, not being familiar with the setting.

Deemo is a black creature currently helping a little girl find her way back to her world, while along the way entertaining her with its skills in the piano. One day, however, a strange window opened to them, leading to Grand Gaia, where Deemo believes the girl originated, only to get caught up in the war between humans and gods.

Dark Deemo and the Girl

"Did you summon us here? Then I'll let you experience our intense and transcendent music."
The Girl, offering the Summoner to see her performance.

This version of Deemo and the Girl suddenly appeared as their originals crossed a gate that leads to Ishgria. It was said that they were created by the demonic powers of Ishgria.

    Xenon & Estia Saga‎ 
Rarity Range: 3-5, Omni (Estia, Xenon) / 5 (Xenon & Estia)
Leader/Friend Skill: Various

Estia / Damsel Estia / Princess Estia

"The only people I trust are my father and Xenon. You might be the third person."

Estia, princess of Elysian, lost her mother giving birth to her, while her father, King Radmuhl, was too busy with the military, leaving her practically alone, until a boy around her age named Xenon entered her service as page. While generally less interested in politics than magic, the death of her older brother and heir apparent Gortius in a battle with pirates left her as the sole legitimate claimant to the throne of Elysia, just in time for the attack of the gods. Heeding her father's words, Estia fled with Xenon onto a deserted tower, only to be trapped there by a curse by a witch.

  • Area of Effect: Her Brave Burst hits all enemies, while its additional effect aids all allies.
  • Baleful Polymorph: What she became under the witch's curse in the Unholy Tower.
  • The Chains of Commanding: With Gortius's death, Estia is now forced to become Crown Princess of Elysia.
  • Lady and Knight: The Lady to Xenon's Knight.
  • Light 'em Up: Her element. If set as leader, she can also support those with the same element as her by boosting their Recovery; she can increase the effectiveness of Heart and Battle Crystals they receive.
  • Lonely Rich Kid: Her father and brother are too busy in the military, so she barely has anyone she can make deep connections with, until she met Xenon.
  • Missing Mom: Estia's mother died giving birth to her.
  • Parental Neglect: King Radmuhl, her only surviving parent, was too busy attending to Elysia's military to even bat an eye to his daughter's growth.
  • Pretty Princess Powerhouse: The war of the gods prompted her to prove to her father that she isn't just a pretty face but a can be a powerhouse too.
  • Status Buff: Her Brave Burst increases Defense, in addition to damage.

Unyielding Estia / Estia, Regalia of Elysia

"Aren't you a little short for a summoner?"

Cursed into a grotesque form by an unknown witch, Estia was doomed to end her wretched existence at the hands of the summoner. But Elaina reached back through time to change her destiny. When Estia awoke with Xenon holding her close, she felt nothing but happiness...and a strange desire to leech all the life from her companion. Gazing at Estia's confused and horrified countenance, Xenon realised that she had no recollection of the events that transpired since they set foot into the dreaded tower. With Xenon's reluctant aid, Estia struggled to understand her misdeeds under the influence of the curse. The more she found out, the sadder she became. Estia came to notice that she was becoming angry and ill-tempered than she used to be, and that these emotions caused her bloodlust to manifest more strongly. She despaired of her reality, until she resolved to cherish her days free from the curse and to atone for her previous trespasses.—-

  • Invincibility Power-Up: Her Ultimate Brave Burst makes your units take no damage for 2 turns, as well as wiping any Leader Skill or Extra Skill locks that have been applied.
  • Better Than New: She gets lifted from the witch's curse and comes back, this time in the form of a completely new unit.
  • Support Party Member: Estia's new kit specializes in support, buffing ally units' defense, healing, damage reduction, and cleaning up status ailments.

Xenon / Royal Guard Xenon / Sir Sancus Xenon

"I won't let anything get past me, not even a fly! Turn back now or suffer the rage of my sword!"
Xenon's first encounter in the Unholy Tower

Orphaned at a very young age, the boy who would become Xenon was adopted by Learyl, a general of Elysia, and was raised as peer and friend to Princess Estia, second child of King Radmuhl. At age fifteen he joined the Royal Army, where he quickly rose up its ranks with his determination to protect his adopted homeland and make his foster father proud, ultimately reaching the status of leader of the Imperial Guard. When the gods attacked, however, King Radmuhl ordered him to lead Estia to safety, only to be trapped in a cursed tower by a witch, whom he killed in a fit of rage.

Black Knight Xenon / Xenon, Son of Elysia

"Free from the curse at last! I can breathe the free air again..."

When a mercenary mage went back in time, she prevented Xenon's tragic end and lifted the curse that bound his soul to a suit of armor. Xenon was greatly relieved to learn that Estia had been saved as well, and that the curse did not alter his personality. However, he remained deeply traumatized by the atrocities he committed upon adventurers who unwittingly stumbled into the dreaded tower, all in the name of protecting the cursed Princess Estia. Furthermore, visible side effects of the curse remained, along with significantly heightened powers and a mysterious ability to separate his physical and spirit forms.

Xenon and Estia

Xenon: This is it my princess. Let's regain our lost selves.
Estia: I'm ready my knight.
Tilith: Oh my.. Is that...?!
Xenon: Summoner my lord.. Are you ready?
— Encountering this unit the first time in XE Prologue, "Duo of Virtue".

This is the form of Xenon and Estia before getting into the witch's tower. Ordered by the king of Elysian to evacuate before the gods descended upon the kingdom, Xenon armed himself with Trostan, the sword his foster father handed down to him, and took it upon himself to get the princess to safety. Estia, on the other hand, was thrilled at the chance to explore the lands beyond Elysian where she had the opportunity to put her magic to practical use.

  • Area of Effect: For their Brave Burst, its attack hits all enemies while its effect covers all allies.
  • Bread, Eggs, Breaded Eggs: After the release of Xenon and Estia, out came this unit.
  • The Dividual: Xenon and Estia, fight as a single unit.
  • Four-Element Ensemble: Their Leader Skill raise HP, Attack and Recovery of all allies of the Fire, Water, Earth and Thunder elements.
  • Light 'em Up: Their elements when they fight together.
  • Shoulder Teammate: This unit is made up of Estia sitting on Xenon's shoulder.
  • Status Buff: As separate units, Estia raises Defence for her Brave Burst, while Xenon boosts Attack with his. This unit have their Brave Burst covering both.

    Elemental Hybrids 
Rarity Range: 4-5 & 7-Omni
Leader/Friend Skill: Increased Attack for units with same Element / Increased Critical hit rate for units with same element (5-Star),

Crimson Wing Blaze / Titan Wing Blaze / Scarlet Archon Blaze / Immortal Firewing Blaze

"Few I know of can control the primal element of fire. Let me join you and we will set the world ablaze!"
Blaze, making good use of his powers.

Born an elemental hybrid, Blaze used to be an unruly, lawless youth until his parents sent him to a monastery to temper his fiery attitude. During the war of the gods he lost his left wing, forcing his remaining wing to regress to a physical form, then later regained his missing wing after months of training and meditation.

  • Former Teen Rebel: Back in his youth Blaze was a constant source of trouble.
  • Playing with Fire: His element and physical essence.
  • Power Gives You Wings: Blaze was already born with a pair. He lost the left one during the war of the gods, then regained it as the Titan Wing.
  • Walking the Earth: After his wing-clipping ordeal, Blaze set off to find his true purpose in life.

Storm Wing Cerise / Vorpal Wing Cerise / Vortex Blade Cerise / Storm Queen Cerise

"Storm wing fully charged! Let's go hurt some bad guys!"
Cerise, urging the Summoner to join her crusade.

An elemental hybrid, Cerise used to be a guardian for the gods, until witnessing their cruelty towards humans, turning against them but ultimately losing both the battle and her wings. Maimed, she sought Elulu's aid in outfitting her broken right wing with mechanical parts to allow her to continue her fight. Later, she returned to the Vortex to seek out the Storm Witches, who raised her since childhood, returning to the material world more powerful than ever, and with her missing wing restored to her.

Royal Wing Dranoel / Regalia Wing Dranoel / Dragonsoul Dranoel / Dark Soul Dranoel

"Riches and glory are but worldly desires, courage and strength lies deep within... Come, I shall bring you the victory you desire!"
Dranoel, inspiring the Summoner to join him.

A half-dragon prince, Dranoel's skills with the sword made him a prized possession of the gods, who sought his allegiance. When he refused to bow to their will, however, they tricked him into surrendering his left wing in exchange for the life of his betrothed. After nearly succumbing to despair, Dranoel's draconic bloodline awakened in him a desire to take back everything that was rightfully his and bring hope to the people, even successfully fighting off the temptation to give in to his dragon soul's lust for power and sublimate it into his new, immaterial left wing.

  • The Final Temptation: Before he can fully master his draconic powers, Dranoel had to transcend the urge to use his powers for less-than-noble ends.
  • Green Thumb
  • Heartbroken Badass: He was forced to give away one of his wings if he is to see his sweetheart alive.

Lapis Wing Sae / Abyssal Wing Sae / Kaiseri Abyss Sae / Great Omniscience Sae

"I can't believe that I'm pairing up with a lowly being like you! Just call me queen and we're even."
Sae, incredulous at her new partnership.

The tiny yet haughty leader of an underwater kingdom, Sae grew on the lap of luxury, so when she decided to invade the surface world, she bit off more than she can chew when she faced off against the gods. Forced to sacrifice a wing in order to make a hasty retreat, Sae vowed vengeance before retreating on a quest to find herself, at the end of which she came back with a slightly more mature personality and an immaterial left wing.

Spellarcher Fionna / Brilliant Flash Fionna

Spellscythe Ciardha / Occult Reaper Ciardha

Crossover from: Vocaloid
Rarity Range: 4-6 (Miku, Luka, Rin, Len, Meiko, Kaito) / 6-Omni (Sakura Miku)
Leader/Friend Skill: Various

Diva Hatsune Miku / Goddess Hatsune Miku / Maestro Goddess Miku

"I'm so happy to have met you. Now, let's sing together!"
Miku, on fighting alongside with you.

A songstress from another world, whose music entrances even monsters. Discovered amidst a peculiar stage within some ruins, her song was said to soothe even the most battle-hardened of souls.

  • Does Not Like Shoes: Temporally, in her 5-star form, she has shed both her boots off for legless stockings, leaving her barefoot.
  • Green Thumb
  • High-Class Gloves: Fingerless except for her middle one.
  • Magic Music: Her song is said to attract humans and monsters.
  • Mythology Gag: Her 5-Star form grants her her "Hatsune Miku V3" outfit briefly. Her 6-Star form reverts it to her original wear.

Duetto Megurine Luka / Dolce Megurine Luka / Crescendo Megurine Luka

"You want to stand on stage with me? Fine. I want to see what you see, so I'll allow it."
Luka, on opening up.

A mysterious songstress who appeared on the same stage as Miku. While both share the same powers of healing music, Luka was noted to sing in an otherworldy language.

  • Casting a Shadow
  • Gradual Regeneration: Her Brave Bursts and Super Brave Burst has this effect, and it lasts for a total of 3 turns.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • Much like Miku, she gains her "V3" outfit in her 5-Star form. She loses it in her 6-Star form.
    • Her lore states that she sang in an "otherworldly language", a reference to the bilingual properties of her software enabling her to sing in English.
    • The names of her Brave Bursts are shout-outs to famous tracks. Her 5-Star form gives her Double Lariat, and her 6-Star form gives her Stardust Utopia and Luka Luka Night Fever.

Vocals Kagamine Rin / Gemini Kagamine Rin / Melody Kagamine Rin

"Rin-chan, on stage~! Everyone, let's cheer up and dance to this amazing day!

A blonde girl who appeared on the same stage where another green-haired songstress appeared. Her cute, cheerful voice served to soothe the souls of war-weary humans, monsters and even gods. Even after the war, when Grand Gaia was totally devastated, her singing, now accompanied by the musician Len, helped soothe the survivors of the war.

Clavier Kagamine Len / Gemini Kagamine Len / Harmony Kagamine Len

"A Summoner? Let me show you the true power of music!"

A blond boy who appeared sometime after the disappearance of a green-haired girl on a stage that appeared one day in Grand Gaia, whose voice and talent with a wireless keyboard enthralled everyone who met him. When paired with a female lookalike named Rin, who also appeared on the same stage as he, together they create some of the finest music Grand Gaia has ever heard.

  • Healing Factor: His passive skill randomly restores party's HP while attacking; as the Harmony he also increases Spark damage.
  • Light 'em Up: As his element.

Meiko / Cantata Meiko / Passionate Soprano Meiko

"Hey...! I was supposed to be the first one! Oh well, at least I can sing to my heart's content here!

Meiko's sensual dancing style and husky voice came as a shock to the people who became accustomed to Miku and the Kagamine twins' more melodic performances. Nevertheless, a certain population of war-weary Grand Gaia found themselves attracted to her. As her popularity rose, rumors circulated about her being the original songstress. Her wild style of performance struck a chord to people who listened to her, which in a way allowed for a catharsis amidst the war.

  • All Your Powers Combined: Her Leader/Friend skill increases the party's HP and Attack if all 6 elements are represented.
  • Mythology Gag: Her lore explains that she was (confusingly) referred to as the "first one", a reference to her role as Crypton's first Vocaloid.
  • Playing with Fire: Her element.

Kaito / Sonata Kaito / Digital Rhapsody Kaito

"Your song has a really nice melody. Mind if I join in? I think we'd make a great duo.

A songster who appeared some time after Miku's performances. His suave appearance complements his wide vocal range, earning him a following amongst the peoples of Grand Gaia. In contrast to Meiko, Kaito has a minor lack of self-confidence, one he overcomes with knowledge of people's appreciation for his work.

Sakura Miku / Blooming Sakura Miku / Mankai Sakura Miku

"Amidst a rain of Sakura petals...I descend upon you, Summoner! Sing along with me!"

  • Cherry Blossom Girl: It's even in her name!
  • Light 'em Up
  • Mythology Gag:
    • Her 7★ Evolution quote partially references the famous song "Senbonzakura".
    • All of her Fusion quotes are lines taken from Circus-P's "Ten Thousand Stars", the winning song for the Miku Expo 2016 song contest. In fact, her three Fusion quotes combined form the whole chorus of that song.
  • Palette Swap: She is a Sakura-themed Hatsune Miku.

    Soul Bound Saga 
Design based from: Puzzle Troopers
Rarity Range: 4-5 (Cyclaw, Hydraloid, Netherhound, Euraylis, Grievensnare, Stormwing) / 4-7 (Ultor, Tridon, Hadaron, Andaria, Zedus, Aurelia) / 5-7 (Deimos) / 6-7 (Gazia) / 5-Omni (Zenia) / Omni (Ultor, Tridon, Hadaron)
Leader/Friend Skill: Various

Cyclaw / Turbo Cyclaw

Cyclaw, obeying nothing but the orders programmed into it by Gazia.

A mechanical being created by Gazia, a renegade demigod during the augmentation wars of the Athensphere. Designed after a cyclops, a one-eyed being of immense power, the Cyclaw is meant to become Garza's muscle, and was even rumored to be fused with the soul of an actual cyclops.

  • Critical Hit Class: Its passive skills increases the party's critical hit rate as well as Defense.
  • Mythical Motifs: After the Cyclops, a one-eyed giant in classical mythology.
  • Nigh-Invulnerable: In battle, the Cyclaw has an advanced self-repair mechanism that allows it to function in the field for as long as Gazia wants it to.
  • Playing with Fire
  • Robeast: It is implied that Cyclaw is made of an actual cyclops soul fused into a machine by Gazia.

Ultor / Valiant Ultor / Cyclopean Ultor / Herculean Ultor

"Honor and Glory!"
Ultor, defending the honor of his masters.

A humanoid mechanical being designed by the older gods, known for his passion for combat. At the start of the war against the renegade demigod Gazia, he was appointed by Zedus, leader of the demigods, to protect the Athensphere, and even as the demigods were forced to retreat after Gazia sent his creations onto them Ultor and his companions fought on, inspiring Zedus to encourage them to take enemy tech for themselves — in Ultor's case, the remains of a Turbo Cyclaw he defeated, which he welded onto his own armor.

Ultor the Unbreakable

"While I still draw breath, our enemies will know no peace. Glory be to Lord Zedus! Glory be to Athensphere!"

At the forefront of Athensphere's military might stood the demi-gods' champion, Ultor. Under his leadership, Athensphere's army knew no defeat. He brought victory after victory, his name striking fear into the hearts of his enemies. However, everything changed at the dawn of the Augmentation Wars. Gazia's Iron Army was like nothing Athensphere has ever faced before. The mechanical beasts outnumbered and overpowered Athensphere's mighty legions, and eventually succeeded at wearing down the beast that was Ultor himself. Based on the record retrieved from the mysterious land that emerged from the Void Rift, additional information about Athensphere and its denizens was revealed. Athensphere's champion, Ultor, revels in war and combat. He thrived on violence and destruction, showing no mercy to any who stood in his way. Ultor was noted to be a competent commander in battle and was not one who would fall victim to cheap tricks. He favoured employing shock and awe tactics, preferring to take the initiative to strike at the enemy at their weakest and overwhelming them with superior firepower. It didn't come as a big surprise when Ultor was revealed to be an advocate of world domination. He believed in the superiority of the demi-gods and honestly believed that they deserved to be the rulers of Grand Gaia. It was only because of his unwavering loyalty to Zedus that he backed down to support his lord's desire to guide Athensphere to an age of peace and prosperity.

  • Shield Bash: Smashes his shield into an enemy's face before he actually attacks. Worth noting that it seems like he bound a Cyclaw spirit into his shield.
  • I Shall Taunt You: His BB forces enemies to attack him, which might seem suicidal until you realize that he has a guaranteed survive-one-KO effect on his Extra Skill and a crapton of defensive buffs to boot.
  • Double Weapon: Apparently so, since his Extra Skill requires Blades of Ultor to activate, yet he's already moved on to a spear.

Hydraloid / Turbo Hydraloid


A mechanical monster created by the fallen demigod Gazia by fusing the soul of a hydra, a multi-headed reptilian, with a machine, turning it into his maritime instrument of terror.

Tridon / Merciless Tridon / Colossal Tridon / Neptunian Tridon

"I defend the peace of Athensphere..."
Tridon, dedicated to defending the seas of the Athensphere.

A humanoid machine created by the demigods to become their naval operator, deployed at the start of the war with the renegade Gazia together with Ultor, his counterpart on land. When Gazia sent Hydraloids, however, Tridon was overwhelmed and was lost at sea, and when he came to, he vowed to avenge the fall of the Athensphere, later inspired by Zedus to destroy a Hydraloid, take its remains for himself, and use it on all the other Hydraloids.

  • Blade on a Stick: His Weapon of Choice is a trident, fitting his water-based combat style.
  • Green Thumb: When using his Regular, Super, and Ultimate Brave Bursts, Tridon can cast an Earth-elemental shield that can absorb attacks for 2 turns. It takes less damage from Thunder attacks, more damage from Fire attacks, and normal damage from the other elements.
  • Making a Splash: His main element.
  • Mythical Motifs: He is designed to resemble Poseidon/Neptune, Greco-Roman god of the seas, complete with using a trident as a weapon.
  • Nemean Skinning: Like Ultor, he uses parts of a Turbo Hydraloid he defeated to augment his powers.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene

Tridon the Judicious

"What is it that you seek? If your cause proves to be just, then you will have my protection."
As Grand Admiral of Athensphere's Navy, Tridon was charged with the duty of defending the coasts of Athensphere against her enemies. When the traitor Gazia launched his attack against Athensphere, even the stalwart defense led by the mighty Tridon eventually crumbled before the onslaught of mechanical hydras. However, his valiant efforts bought Athensphere many precious days that allowed the citizens of Athensphere to safely evacuate the city.Records retrieved from the mysterious land that came through the Void Rift over Grand Gaia gave some valuable insight about Athensphere and its denizens. The almighty Tridon was said to be a man of few words, but his love for his own people was no secret. He remained incredibly humble despite his social status, and lived frugally compared to the extravagant lifestyle the denizens of Athensphere were accustomed to. Records also revealed that Tridon prioritized trade and commerce over the expansion of Athensphere's military might. A significant portion of Athensphere's wealth could be attributed to Tridon's efforts in establishing trade routes and fostering diplomatic ties with the old civilizations that once lived in Grand Gaia. It is not difficult to sympathize with Tridon. Despite his best intentions, one could say that Athensphere might have a better chance against Gazia if he had turned his attention to the expansion of Athensphere's Navy.

  • Heroic Sacrifice: Made a last stand against Gazia to allow Athensphere to evacuate
  • Bio-Augmentation: Looks considerably more mechanical than his 7* does, what with his clawed feet/hands, mechanical eye, and...tail?

Netherhound / Turbo Netherhound


Another of Gazia's creations, the Netherhound was created using illegal augmentation technology, fusing the soul of a Cerberus, a three-headed dog which used to guard palaces, with his machines.

Hadaron / Heartless Hadaron / Netherking Hadaron / Deathless Hadaron

"No matter how demanding a challenge is, all I need is time."

Hadaron is another creation of the gods, charged with protecting the lower realms of the Athensphere. He also used to be a good friend of Gazia, whose thirst for power and discovery at all costs drove him to betray Hadaron and use the lower realm's armies against him. Thus he started his mission of vengeance by destroying a Turbo Netherhound and absorbing its parts unto himself, allowing him to go toe-to-toe with the demigod he used to call his friend.

Hadaron the Immortal

"Darkness is my ally. I was born in it, molded by it. And I will use it to guard Athensphere until the end of time."

Created by the old gods, birthed from the deepest fires of the earth, Hadaron was a demi-god with a toughened body that could withstand high pressure and extreme heat. Though his combat prowess could not match Ultor and Tridon, he overcame tough situations with perseverance and sheer determination. Zedus commanded Hadaron to guard the city beneath Athensphere, for demons and corruption did not only exist in the sea and lands above. With the help of Gazia, he setup the under city defenses. Hadaron treated Gazia like a brother and both were close. When the Augmentation Wars broke out, Gazia turned the underground city defenses against Hadaron's forces, ripping chaos throughout the depths of Athensphere. Upset and angry about Gazia's betrayal, Hadaron vowed to end Gazia's madness.

  • Equipment Upgrade: Omni Hadaron gets a new axe for some reasons unknown, most likely because Gumi forgot he had one in the first place
  • Et Tu, Brute?: Got betrayed by Gazia in the middle of a war

Euryalis / Turbo Euryalis


A mechanical creation of the fallen demigod Gazia, made by fusing the soul of a gorgon (implied to be Zahhaks) into his machines, using them for stealth missions in thick forests.

Andaria / Swiftshot Andaria / Fatalshot Andaria / Ruinous Andaria

"Let us stop the enemy!"

A mechanical being created by the demigods, Andaria is noted for her swiftness with the bow and her pursuit of knowledge of the history of the Athensphere. When Gazia declared war on his fellow demigods, she sought to protect the sacred lands where their kin were born. Under Ultor's command she guarded the holy grounds, and when she shot down an Euryalis she used its receptors to increase her accuracy.

Grievensnare / Turbo Grievensnare

"Grrstt... [Awaiting Command...]"

Unique among Gazia's creations, the Grievensnares are a combination of different kinds of beasts, making them Gazia's deadliest weapons.

  • Mix-and-Match Critters: Unlike Gazia's other creations, the Grievensnare is, like its inspiration, chimeric.
  • Mythical Motifs: Patterned after the chimera, a composite creature with the head of a lion, goat and snake (the difference is that only the lion's head is visible, with the goat's head represented by its horns, and the snake-head tail replaced with a laser).
  • Robeast: Again, like all the other creations of Gazia.
  • Shock and Awe

Zedus / Boltstrike Zedus / Boltdrive Zedus / Imperator Zedus

"Together, let's create a utopia."

The first demigod and leader of an expedition team wandering to find an ideal utopia. While initially he entrusted the nascent Athensphere's technological development to the talented Gazia, the latter's increasingly deranged experiments became a cause for concern, and Zedus decided to shut down his laboratories, to which Gazia responded by declaring war on his comrades, forcing the old gods to banish them and the entire Athensphere into the Vortex. Desperate to stop Gazia's madness, Zedus was forced to break a taboo — by using Gazia's technology against him.

  • Blade on a Stick: His Weapon of Choice; fitting his inspiration from Zeus/Jupiter, his spear is thunderbolt-shaped.
  • Mythical Motifs: Patterned after Zeus/Jupiter, leader of the Greco-Roman pantheon and god of lightning.
  • Nemean Skinning: Like all the other demigods, Zedus takes one of Gazia's monster's parts for himself — in his case, those of a Turbo Grievensnare.
  • Shock and Awe

Stormwing / Turbo Stormwing

"Swoosh... Gzztt.... Buzz..."

Gazia's first creations, Stormwings are harpies infused with his mechanical expertise, allowing them to reach maximum speeds while at the same time granting them increased durability.

  • Light 'em Up
  • Mythical Motifs: Patterned after harpies, monsters with heads and bodies of women and wings and legs of birds.
  • Robeast: And they are among the first of Gazia's creations.

Aurelia / Elegant Aurelia / Statuesque Aurelia / Archangel Aurelia

"Come to me, dear child..."

Unique among her fellow demigods, Aurelia is not so much a warrior as she is a songstress whose music soothed many a weary soul, and as such is considered a mother-figure to younger demigods. When Gazia declared war on his kin Aurelia was appointed by Zedus as main healer, but as Gazia's forces intensified their aggression, she was also forced into the frontlines, and in desperation she bound a Stormwing unto her body, allowing her to move at greater speeds and save as many demigods as possible.

  • Beware the Nice Ones: Originally simply a healer who disliked combat, Gazia's actions pushed her over the edge.
  • Does Not Like Shoes
  • Eyes Always Shut
  • Light 'em Up: Her element.
  • Magic Music: She heals by way of playing her harp.
  • The Medic: In contrast to the other demigods, Aurelia's Brave Bursts instead gradually restore the party's HP and remove ailments, as well as grant a 3-turn immunity.
  • Musical Assassin: A harp is her Weapon of Choice.
  • Mythical Motifs: Compared to the other demigods, Aurelia is based on several god/goddess such as Aphrodite/Venus, goddess of love, as evidenced by the presence of small Cupid/Eros-like angels by her side starting from the Elegant form, Eon/Aurora, goddess of dawn whose she is named after, and even Apollo.
  • Nemean Skinning: Same deal as all the other demigods.

Thunder Sentinel Deimos / Storm Warden Deimos / Deimos Thunderborn

"I am Deimos. Who might you be? You look promising. Will you aid us?"

Unlike his fellow demigods, Deimos is a pacifist at heart, but is nevertheless respected for his strength. When Gazia revolted, however, Deimos swore fealty to Zedus, who bequeathed him the gigantic war hammer Forgebreaker.

Shadow Blade Zenia / Shadow Stalker Zenia / Obsidian Seraph Zenia / Void Walker Zenia

"REBOOTING SYSTEM... SYSTEM COMPLETE. What are your orders?"
Zenia, ready to take action.

Gazia's cyborg assassin, rumored to be a demigod who captured by Gazia after the gods abandoned the Athensphere following his revolt, turning her into his mechanical magnum opus. Unfortunately for him, Zenia proved too dangerous to handle, having went on several rampages, one of which crippled Gazia.

Gazia / Mad Heretic Gazia

"Well, well...what do we have here? Another "Child of the Prophecy"? This should be highly entertaining!"

    Elysian Protectors 
Rarity Range: 5-7/Omni

Grandt / Mercenary Grandt / Slayer Grandt

"My sword will slice through evil, my shots shall ring in the darkness... For the right price."

Leader/Friend Skill: Boost in critical damage, Attack, Max HP

Grandt used to serve the Elysian army, where he was notorious for his maverick strategies which, while they proved effective, were also unpopular to the chain-of-command. After being sacked, Grandt took up high-risk mercenary work until the mad demigod Draegar attacked Elysia under orders from gods to assassinate Princess Estia, forcing the kingdom to put Grandt back into service as part of its mercenary army, where he was paired with the mage Elaina. After a failed attempt to take down Draegar, he and Elaina had to teleport away into the Vortex, where Elaina's time magic allowed Grandt to scout ahead of time even as they wait for help.

  • BFS: He wields a pair, one of which is combined with a revolver.
  • Dual Wielding: He wields a gunblade on his right hand, and a greatsword on his left.
  • Critical Hit Class: His Leader/Friend Skill increases the party's critical hit damage.
  • Leeroy Jenkins: As talented as he is, Grandt is infamous for devising his own strategies which, while effective, pretty much endangers his comrades.
  • Playing with Fire: His raging element.
  • Sword and Sorcerer: The sword to Elaina's sorcerer.

Vengeful Grandt

"I'm back, baby!"

Leader/Friend Skill: Boost to Attack, HP, Defense, critical hit rate, critical damage, raises normal hit amount, chance of normal attack on all enemies, and boosts Attack for two turns after exceeding certain amount of damage

After Grandt's defeat on the Elysian battlefield, he awoke from unconsciousness to extreme pain. Draegar's powerful attacks had ravaged one side of his face and shattered his right arm. Half-blind and light-headed from loss of blood, he found a soporose Elaina—exhausted from severe magical drain—and carried her to safety despite missing his right arm. Grandt welcomed the pain, for it distracted him from his thoughts of his battle with the mechanized demigod. With Elaina's help, Grandt fashioned a functional arm from the high-tech biomechanical parts strewn around the battlefield to replace what he lost. They parted ways shortly after: Elaina to chase her obsession with finding the missing Elysian princess, and Grandt to repair his ruined weapons. Augmented at last with powerful alien technology, the weapons were more powerful than before—but he was in no shape to use them. And so Grandt began his training anew, with the intent on a rematch with Draegar filling his sleepless days and nights.

  • Critical Hit Class: Most of his kit revolves around doing critical hits or buffing their damage
  • Cool Guns: He uses a double-barreled shotgun with a giant blade that's taller than him. Oh, and it also uses alien technology.
  • Literal Disarming: Grandt lost his right arm in the fight against Draegar
  • Kill It with Fire: His element is fire, plus his damage output, when combined with his unique sphere, reaches insane levels.
  • Sword and Gun: He uses a sword in his right hand and his giant shotgun in his left

Elaina / Mercenary Mage Elaina / Chrono Mage Elaina

"Time, my just an illusion."

Leader/Friend Skill: Nullifies all status ailments and reduction in damage taken

Since childhood Elaina had been taught her clan's magical skills, despite her resentment of their conservative leanings. Before she reached adulthood, however, her parents were killed fighting off a pirate raid, causing her to be sent to a magic guild where she further honed her latent skills of time manipulation, and when she came of age, she left to become a mercenary protecting Elysia from pirates, until she was hired by its royal family to protect the mainland from Draegar, where she was assigned to its mercenary army alongside recently-reinstated officer Grandt. Unfortunately, Draegar proved too strong, wiping out the entire mercenary army save Elaina, who, with the badly-wounded Grandt, teleported away to safety, where, while Grandt recovers, Elaina planned ahead to send a distress signal and wait for help.

  • Green Thumb: Her base element.
  • The Medic: Her main forte is recovery magic — her Friend/Leader Skills negate ailments, while her Brave Bursts restore both HP and remove ailments.
  • Sword and Sorcerer: The sorcerer to Grandt's sword.
  • Time Master: Her stated specialty. In this context her healing magic may be explained by her reversing the time of someone's physical body to that before he/she was injured.
  • Yin-Yang Bomb: Her Super and Ultimate Brave Bursts allows her to do not only Earth, but also Light and Dark damage, besides the healing properties carried over from her regular Brave Bursts.

Time-Weaver Elaina

"You look well, Summoner. I saw in the sands that we would meet again."

Leader/Friend Skill: Boost to Defense, Recovery, HP, damage taken boosts BB gauge and may restore HP, negates all status ailments and atk/def/rec reductions, and 15% damage reduction from all elements

Haunted by her failure to keep the princess of Elysia safe, Elaina spent years searching the deepest magical archives, looking for a way to undo the deaths of Estia and Xenon. Her single-minded obsession with this impossible task had caused her to withdraw from her devoted companion, Grandt, who left to deal with his own depression. Whenever Elaina felt regret and shame at how she handled the situation with Grandt, she simply buried her feelings beneath her arcane studies. When her greatest foe made an unexpected return and offered to grant her wish, she jumped at the opportunity without hesitation. However, some things are too good to be true...

    Visitors from Chain Chronicle 
Crossover from: Chain Chronicle
Rarity Range: 5-6
Leader/Friend Skill: (Various)

Velnar / Sorcerer's Army Velnar

"Huh...? Who the heck are you? Well, ya summoned me, but can ya handle me?!"
Velnar, daring the Summoner to try to tame his powers.

A captain for the Sorcerer's Army, as famous for his powers as he is infamous for his tendency to go berserk in battle.

Yuni / Sorcerer's Army Yuni

"I must follow your every order. That is what my superiors told me."
Yuni, submitting herself to the Summoner.

Velnar's fellow Sorcerer's Army commander and polar opposite, being glacially cool and rather socially unaware.

Lindsey / Wildcat Lindsey

"Where'd ya come from, meow? I'm lost, you say? M-Meow way!!"
Lindsey, curious about her new setting.

A half-human, half-Sea Breeze, the catlike Lindsey finds herself estranged from both her worlds, until she was admitted into the Volunteer Army.

Symphonia / Holy Knight Symphonia

"You're a Summoner, correct? Our meeting was fated. I've come to help you fulfill your mission!"
Symphonia, sensing a purpose behind her meeting with the Summoner.

A knight of noble lineage who is nevertheless well-loved for her beauty, prowess in battle, and the purity of her heart.

Yuuri / Captain Yuuri

"I'm Yuuri, captain of the Volunteer Army. For my precious friends, I'll grab the light here, too!"
Yuuri, introducing himself to a fellow leader.

Leader of the Volunteer Army, fighting not only to protect Yggdra from the Black Army, but also helping restore the memories of his friend Phoena.

Phoena / Chronographia Phoena

"I don't know if I can be of any assistance... But I will certainly do my best!"
Phoena, steeling herself for combat.

A mysterious girl carrying a book whom the Black Army is seemingly after. Having taken refuge with the Volunteer Army, her presence is a source of relief for its battle-hardened veterans.

Barienna / Silver Wolf Barienna

"Don't you even think about it! It's not that I want to help you. I'm only here at my liege's request!"
Barienna, futilely trying to deny interest in the Summoner.

A forest spirit with a strong distrust towards humans.

Aludra / Universal Mage Aludra

"So, we finally meet. This too must be fate. Here, my card. I look forward to working with you!"
Aludra, honored to meet the Summoner.

A young mage who disagreed with the theoretical leanings of the Sage's Tower and created her own guild which put more focus on magic practice.


    Fan-made Unit Contest Winners 
Rarity Range: 6-7

These Units are the first and second place winners of Global version's Fanmade Unit Contest that was held in mid 2015.

Flame-tailed Lucia / Perdition Goddess Lucia

"Ufufu~ For a millenia I have ruled my world. Can you truly handle me, Summoner?"
Lucia, daring the Summoner to make her submit.

A goddess from an alien dimension who assimilated everything in Grand Gaia until the gods sealed her soul away to Ishgria, where she slowly built her power anew until the gate between Grand Gaia and Ishgria reopened, setting her free.

Brave Kurewa & Kuraginn

"We are the Warriors of War! By Gunnhildr's will, let us vanquish Demons together, Summoner!"
Crossover from: Gunnhildr

Prince of the isolated kingdom isle of Kauravas where a unique race called Anthromorphs thrived, Kurewa was branded a Warrior's Mark on his chest, a sign of destiny to become a Warrior of War. The Goddess of War, Gunnhildr, tasked him to protect his kingdom from Demons leaking from Ishgria until his last breath. However, he was reluctant and wished to be free and travel across Grand Gaia with his best friend and closest Warrior partner - Kuraginn. After defeating countless enemies, Kurewa revealed his inner desire and asked Kuraginn to travel the world together with him. Instead of agreeing, Kuraginn was against Kurewa's "immature" idea, because Kurewa chose to put himself above the people of his kingdom. Upset and furious at the rejection, Kurewa decided to leave by himself, but before he reached Grand Gaia, his choice led to the fatal destruction of his kingdom. Devastated by guilt, Kurewa returned to exact vengeance upon the Demons and his Mark glowed once again with Gunnhildr's power. In a miraculous encounter, Kurewa found an imprisoned Kuraginn and freed him from the Demons' grasp. Both wept tears of joy at the reunion and swore never to leave one another's side again.

  • The Dividual: Kurewa and Kuraginn fight as a single Unit.
  • Making a Splash: The duo's secondary element, which they can bestow to their squad members via Brave Bursts.
  • Playing with Fire: The duo fight together as a Fire Unit.
  • Yaoi Guys: A search shows they were this in their home comic.

    Eneroth's Champions 
Rarity Range: 5-7 (Korzan, Haile, Avani, Mikael)/ 5-Omni (Nyami, Allanon) / 6-Omni (Nyala) / 7-Omni (Azurai) / Omni (Erza)
After the Summoner was transported to the Land of Eneroth by Tilith, he met with strange beings: ones who bears horns and ones who bear wings. He was tasked to help them on resolving a crisis on their world.

Berserker Korzan / Blood Destroyer Korzan / Infernal Ravager Korzan

"I am Korzan of the Morokai, chosen by the Great Spirit of Fire! They'll soon learn to fear my name!"
Korzan, introducing himself to the Summoner.

A powerful Morokai warrior from Baldemar and son of one of the tribe's most influential leaders, known for his wild, unpredictable nature, with only his younger sister to serve as his moral compass. When she died during an intertribal conflict, however, a disillusioned Korzan left his tribe and became a wandering soul, until he met Haile, who bore a striking resemblance to his sister. Unable to carry on his rampage, Korzan dedicated his life to finding a way to finally unite the Morokai and the Deva.

Battlemage Haile / Gelid Arcane Haile / Boreal Tempest Haile

"So, someone requires my assistance? Hah! I'll show those old fools what the great Haile is capable of!"
Haile, showing off her strength even in her youth.

Born to a middle-class family from the Scholar Castle, Haile's combat potential never went unnoticed by the instructors of her military academy, who decide to put her under special training to help her tap into her potential. However, in her naivete and arrogance she decided to hastily enter the Deva-Molokai war and defeat the infamous Korzan, only for their battle to end in a stalemate. Afterwards she was brought to a Morokai-Deva settlement, where the harmony between both usually warring peoples inspired her to find her true purpose: to bring peace between both realms.

Chieftain Avani / Beast Master Avani / Monster Hunter Avani

"Hmm? A rare beast you say? Wonderful! Let us make haste. What an adventure this will be!"

The chieftain of a nomadic band of monster hunters. In an unforgiving land that had no place for the weak, the life of a Morokai is constantly fraught with peril and hardship. Having subdued a legendary Devil Scorpion single-handedly, Avani became the youngest hunter in Morokai history earn the title of "Master Hunter." Unlike most other warlords and chieftains who led through fear and intimidation, Avani possessed qualities rare of a Morokai. Her spirited disposition and fierce loyalty to those she called her friends earned her the adoration and respect of many. As her ring of allies grew larger, Avani and her companions formed the clan "Rih'alnase"—the children of the wind.

  • Dual Wielding: Of greatswords, which are connected by chains.
  • Green Thumb
  • Shipper on Deck: She constantly teases the relationship between Korzan and Halie.
  • The Clan: She establish the Rih'alnase Clan as a haven of both Morokai and Deva after the number of alies grew bigger and bigger.

Chevalier Mikael / Thunder Paladin Mikael / Storm Champion Mikael

"By the shield and the sword, I swear fealty to... Huh? Who the blazes are you?"

Librarian Allanon / Chronicler Allanon / Loremaster Allanon / Arcane Sage Allanon

"WHAT IS LOV— Ouch! Stop it! All right, I get it. I get it. So don't hurt me...NO MORE!"

Alley Cat Nyami / Wild Cat Nyami / Shadow Cat Nyami / Little Sister Nyami


Deranged Pugilist Nyala / Black Enforcer Nyala / Terror Fist Nyala / Big Sister Nyala

"Speak. What is your business with me? How is this important? You'd better NOT waste my time."

    Fuinsignum's Caprice 
Rarity Range: 7-Omni

Rogue Inquisitor Adriesta / Scourgemistress Adriesta

"I have no time for foolish games! Move!"

Matriarch Gabriela / Silver Queen Gabriela

"I am Gabriela. Descendant to a blood most noble! Who are you to command me?"

  • Casting a Shadow: Her secondary element. She can give both elements to her allies for 3 turns through her Brave Burst and Super Brave Burst.
  • Light 'em Up: Her primary element.

Wulf Aspirant Faelan / White Wulf Faelan

"Hark, human scum! Call me small again, and I'll feed you to the doggies!"

    Phantom of the Kill 
Crossover from: Phantom of the Kill
Rarity Range: 4-7 (Tyrfing) / 4-5 (Laevateinn) / 7-Omni (Zero)


"I am...Tyrfing...That is what they call me."

  • Casting a Shadow: Her secondary element. She can give this to all of her allies via Super Brave Burst at 7-Star.
  • Light 'em Up: Her main element. She can give this to all of her allies via Super Brave Burst at 7-Star.


"The only thing you'll get to experience with me around is the end of the world, you know? And to top it off, I have zero motivation."


"Commander? Summoner? Whatever you are, just stay out of my way!"

    The King of Fighters 
Crossover from: The King of Fighters
Rarity Range: 6-7 (Kyo, Rugal); 6-Omni (Mai, Kula, Benimaru, Athena) 7-Omni (Terry, Iori, Leona)

Kyo Kusanagi

"New world, same rules. There's always a bad guy to beat."

Mai Shiranui

"Here comes, Mai Shiranui!"

Kula Diamond

"I'm here! Time to win!"

  • An Ice Person: Her element is Water, though her attacks are more ice in nature.

Terry Bogard

"I'm not going to pull my punches! Never have, never will!"

Benimaru Nikaido

"Can we start already?"

Athena Asamiya

"Here comes Athena Asamiya!"

Iori Yagami

"These flames, they call to me..."

Rugal Bernstein

"You will try. You will fail. And you will be my stepping stone to victory."


"You'd better tie your hair. It is a disadvantage in battle."

    Final Fantasy Brave Exvius 
Rarity Range: 7-Omni


"Protecting the helpless is not only my job, but the right thing to do."


"I may not remember much, but this world doesn't seem familiar to me..."

  • The Archer: While she uses her own bow in the Japanese version of her unit, she ends up using Mila's bow in the Global version.
  • Light 'em Up


"Running from the enemy is never an option. Be brave enough to face your fears!"

  • An Ice Person: His element is water, but his attacks and effects are more ice-like in nature.


"Who am I, you ask? I'll tell you everything you wanna know! For a price, of course..."


"Have you seen a couple of knights nearby? I cannot seem to locate them."
Charlotte, wondering where Rain and Lasswell are.



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