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Characters / Brave Frontier Units Part 15

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Part 15 of the summoned units in Brave Frontier.

If you cannot find any units within the listing range, go to the following:

  • Part 2: Ignis Vestae Lava (under Human Champions during the War of the Gods)
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  • Part 3: Salacia Persei Elimo (under Occupational Heores)
  • Part 6: Tortuous Grief Zellha (under Evil Gods)
  • Part 7: Chivalrous Thief Zelnite (under Sphere Founders I)
  • Part 9: Heroic Leader Quaid (under Guardians of Meirith)
  • Part 10: Eternal Radiance Rize (under Demons of Ishgria)
  • Part 14: Steinnote  and Raylanote  (under First Summoner's Foes and Friends)
  • Allies: Administrator Sera (under Akras Summoners' Hall)
  • Villains: Melord (under Wulgee) and Kalon (under Menon)

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Shusui's Origins


Wicked Warrior Shura / Heavenly Rift Shura

"My path has been decided. I shall challenge the strongest to battle. All you have to do is guide me to them."

Shura was an apprentice of the "War Demon," and underwent rigorous training alongside another pupil who was his senior. Sadly, Shura ended up fatally wounding his training partner during practice one day, and though his partner did not fault him for it, the grief of losing his closest friend was too much for Shura to bear. He is said to have added a part of his dear friend's name to his own afterwards, eventually surrendering himself to the unending chaos of war.


Emerald Knight Hisui / Heavenly Spiral Hisui

"It would seem this body will last me until I have accomplished my goals. Hah, I must give you my thanks."
Hisui resigning to his fate.

A demon who trained under the renowned "War Demon" of Ishgria. At his master's request, Hisui and his younger and brash training partner set off on a journey across the land as part of their tutelage, until his chronic illness took a turn for the worse. Knowing he wasn't much longer for this world, he challenged his partner to battle in order to pass his knowledge onto him. This would eventually result in Hisui's own defeat at the hands of his younger opponent, but he is rumored to have perished with an expression of satisfaction upon his face.

  • Bishōnen: When you look at his face again, he almost looks like a girl trapped inside a dude's body.....Just like Griffith
  • Green Thumb: Is an Earth Unit.
  • Ill Guy: Which eventually lead to his death.
  • Long-Haired Pretty Boy
  • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me: To emphasis his Defense-oriented way of fighting. His Heavenly Spiral form adds three more shields around him.
  • Mismatched Eyes: Red on the right, bluish-green on the left.
  • No-Sell: Ailments, status reductions, critical damage, elemental damage, defense-ignoring name it, chances are he can nullify it by either his Brave Bursts, his Leader Skill, his Extra Skill, or his SP options.
  • Stone Wall: Aside from his inherent Defense buff and Recovery to Defense conversion, as well as further damage reduction by guarding buff, he can be made as a mitigator and his Extra Skill adds an Angel Idol buff to himself after he activates Overdrive.
  • Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: The Sensitive Guy to Shura's Manly Man.


Beast Bots debuting in Bectas

Rarity Range: 3-4
Common Leader Skill: Add own element to party's attack.

    Common Tropes 
  • Robeast: Aside from the Flamero line, this batch is made up of robotic animals.


F-2 Flamero / F-8 Flaveil
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"Currently detecting new master... Resuming active mode."
Flamero getting ready for its new mission.

The Flameros are automatons found in the world of Bectas. Because of their reservoirs of flammable oil and its ability to shoot fire from their arms, Flameros were thought to be used in iron foundries for incinerating rubbish. However, they have gone out of control, aiming their flames at anyone and anything that is flammable. They are already as powerful as demons in Ishgria, but they have an upgraded model, the Flaveils, which can attack with a wider range. Both models are seen travelling around in search for fuel to replenish before running out.

  • Cyber Cyclops: Is a robot with a single, green eye at the center of its face.
  • Playing with Fire: Is Fire Elemental, and can enhance everyone as such if set as leader.


Survellance Dray / Tracker Lefdray
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"Strategic objective...exploration. Scouting mode...engaged. Commencing...takeoff!"
Lefdray preparing to dive into action.

The Drays are automatons from Bectas with unique hovering powers. Most swim through the air aimlessly, but there are cases of a few who unpredictability attack surveyors. Their upgraded counterparts are the Lefdrays, which fly on higher altitudes and cannot be seen from normal ground. As this line are modeled after sea creatures, Bectas was thought to may have an ocean in its world.

    BG-E 750 

BG-E750 / BG-ELG9040
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" ex...cavation..."
— A model BG-E750 resuming its purpose.

Models BG-E750 are worm-like automatons that are thought to be built for excavations and demolitions of rocky grounds, but they become menaces as they reshape the land and expand the barren areas. Whenever an area with multiple unusual caverns is discovered, it is highly likely to already be their "work zone" and all surveillance must come to a halt. Their upgraded versions, modeled BG-ELG9040, are theorized to be in charge of extracting subterranean resources, leading to rumors that following their trails lead to a wealth of rare ores.

  • Green Thumb: It is an Earth Unit. Party under it can also attack with an Earth Element.


Spined Razbit / Menacing Ragbarrett
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" control...tower. Sub-unit...addition...required... Requesting...immediate...deployment."
Ragbarrett sending out multiple Razbits.

The Spined Razbits may be small, but they display aggressive behavior, firing at their foes their electric-charged spines. They are also smart enough to sneak by and squeeze through small openings. They work under the Menacing Ragbarretts, who acts like a control towel, commanding the Razbits to gather information. As these types of automatons hinders opposing surveys, finding and destroying them is a high priority, but not to be done with carelessness.

  • Cyber Cyclops: Razbit is a mono-eyed robot.
  • Shock and Awe: Its element, as well as its allies' if it leads the party.
  • Pintsize Powerhouse: Although Razbits' small size limit their destructive power, caution should be exercised as they are smart and aggressive.

Rize's Origins


Parch Misfit Malef / Torch Eccentric Malef
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"This's fascinating! I've got to incorporate it into my demon and power it up right away!"
Malef, fascinated by fusion.

After long years of demonic research intended to create the ultimate being, Malef eventually succeeded in creating a demon with immense power and a weak sense of self. Following this success, he attacked his fellow researcher in order to keep the results for himself. Although he succeeded in killing his partner, he was left on the edge of death by her counterattack. He was later rescued by the female demon who ruled Lem, and chose to be used by her in order to continue his research.

  • Casting a Shadow: One of his special enhancements adds Dark element to attack for 3 turns effect to BB/SBB.
  • Elemental Powers: His Special Enhancement set allows him to enhance his party with any combination of elements.
  • Eyes Do Not Belong There: Parch Misfit Malef has three additional eyes on his hat, shoulder and torso.
  • Green Thumb: One of his special enhancements adds Earth element to attack for 3 turns effect to BB/SBB.
  • Healing Factor: Part of his Extra Skill lets him restore back a portion of damage received.
  • Light 'em Up: One of his special enhancements adds Light element to attack for 3 turns effect to BB/SBB.
  • Making a Splash: One of his special enhancements adds Water element to attack for 3 turns effect to BB/SBB.
  • Monster Clown: Being dressed like a jester.
  • Occult Blue Eyes: All his eyes are blue in color, including the three additional ones in his Parch Misfit form. This is to match up with his sorcery theme.
  • Playing with Fire: His element. He can also enhance his team with this element with his BB/SBB through enhancement.
  • Raymanian Limbs: Parch Misfit Malef shows his hands and legs separated from his body, with no arms or waist. Torch Eccentric Malef has his arms patched back, but his waist is still missing.
  • Shock and Awe: Can be enhanced to enpower his team with the Thunder element with his BB/SBB. Perfect against Water foes.
  • Standard Status Effect:
    • His Leader Skill has a probable random status ailment infliction.
    • His regular BB may inflict a random status ailment. He can be enhanced to do the same with his other Brave Bursts.
    • His SBB allows his team to counter with a random status ailment.


Ocean Slasher Holia / Torrential Scar Holia

"He he he... You want my power? Well now, you or me? Who is it that's really being used, here?"
Holia playing mind games with her summonee.

A demon who ruled a region of Ishgria and conducted research to create the ultimate being. Holia's research would succeed in creating the demon later known as the god of destruction, but she was betrayed and killed by her fellow researcher. Even so, she later was brought back to life through the power of a demon that transcended time. Controlling a destructive god that she had created and raised herself, she fought a vicious battle against the demon created by her former research partner. It is said that the battle was grand enough to satisfy her pride as a scientist.

  • Action Mom: Because she is the creator of her daughter, Rize, after all and is capable to fight.
  • Amazing Technicolor Population: Only in her Ocean Slasher form, in which she has blue skin.
  • Back from the Dead: After Malef killed her, she was revived by Amu Yunos.
  • Beauty Mark: Under her left eye, just like her created daughter.
  • Four-Element Ensemble: One of her special enhancements allow her to attack with Fire, Earth and Thunder, in addition to her own Water Element.
  • Hot Scientist: Well, she, along with Malef is an inventor who tries to seek a power by creating a bio engineered demon called Rize.
  • Making a Splash: She is a Water Unit.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Of course! Just look at her artwork: Being a meganekko check! Wearing a stripperific clothes check! Being a virgin MILF check! She has all the packs in one unit.
  • Meganekko
  • No Blood Ties: Despite the fact that Holia looks identical to her daughter, Rize. Sadly Holia is not her biological mother and instead Rize was created by a bio-engineer
  • Stripperific: She wore a dress that bares her midriff and her legs.


False Demon Lauda / Ideal Subject Lauda

"Will you be using me? You ask if that bothers me? I don't understand the question."
Lauda showing his lack of sentience.

A demon created via a specific research project. Although Lauda held immense power from the moment of his creation, his sense of self was weak, and he was little more than a tool for fulfilling his creator's orders. He was also improved and strengthened repeatedly post-creation over the course of many battles. This only changed when he encountered another demon that had been created in the same manner as himself. Tales of the battle between the two demons hold that their clash annihilated all signs of life in the area.

Zelnite's Tales' Characters

Long ago, there was a small kingdom. In it rules the Princess of the Wind, who holds the royal heirloom jewel. This jewel holds great power, in which an arch mage took an eye in...


Cursed Princess Rozalia / Wind Princess Rozalia

Titled "Princess of the Wind", she ruled over a small kingdom after her father's passing. She inherited a family jewel that was passed down for generations. When Gregor, an evil sorcerer, tried to take the jewel, a gallant thief named Zelnite came to Rozalia's rescue. She then finished Gregor's forces off by using the jewel's power, but it came with the price that sapped of her beauty.


Thunder Knight Fizz / Flashing Thief Fizz

The personal guard of Princess Rozalia, who trusted her completely, and held her in high regards amongst her subordinates. When Rozalia was kidnapped by Gregor for her family jewel, Fizz turned to Zelnite, a chivalrous thief, to rescue her from his clutches. After Rozalia was cursed from using her family jewel and hid away from public eye, Fizz continued to support her.


Wicked Sorcerer Gregor / Treasure Demon Gregor

A sorcerer who sought after Princess Rozalia's familiy jewel. His first kidnapped her, demanding the jewel in exchange of her safety, but the chivalrous thief Zelnite rescued her. In retaliation, he sent his army to destroy the small nation Rozalia ruled, only to get destroyed himself when Rozalia resorted to using her family jewel's power.
  • Big Bad: In the "Zelnite and Princess of the Wind" series.
  • Casting a Shadow: Is a Dark Unit, fitting for an evil Sorcerer.

Karl's Family Tree


Azure Princess Mariela / Dragon Mother Mariela

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Karl's mother who was a princess of a local kingdom under the jurisdiction of the Randall Empire. An oracle who can interpret visions on a water surface, she came to know about otherworlds. Unfortunately, this attracted unwanted attention, and she was eventually abducted by a lion demon from Ishgria, but she was saved by another demon, who then took her as his wife.


Lion Demon Viktor / Roaring Thunder Viktor

The leader of the lion demon clan in Ishgria. In his clan, it is a custom to marry up stronger, and with that goal, he abducted Mariela, a princess with divination abilities, to make her his wife. However, Barion, his mortal enemy, intercepted as he took Mariela from him, while laying waste to his clan. Viktor would then challenge a revenge match against Barion, only to be defeated for the final time.

  • Fatal Flaw: Rashly fighting Barion after he wiped his tribe out got him killed. Had he carried out the situation with a cool head, he might have in reverse cornered the dragon tribe instead.
  • Shock and Awe: His element.


Azure King Garrel / Brave Emperor Garrel

Karl's maternal grandfather who was king of a local kingdom under the jurisdiction of the Randall Empire. In his youth, he was famed as a valiant hero. When Viktor, a demon from Ishgria, appeared to take Mariela, he fought hard to fend his daughter from him, even calling his old Summoner friends to back him up. Despite his efforts, he was slain by Viktor and Mariela ends up being taken away from him.


Dragon Warrior Lyonesse / Blazing Dragon Lyonesse

A warrior from Fal Nerga who was tasked as Karl's guardian when her clan was under attack by the lion demon clan. She fled to Grand Gaia to hid Karl from her enemies, and she was last recorded battling against Sonia, who was bent on killing Karl to avenge her fallen clan.


Wild Edge Serge / Silva Khopesh Serge

An assassin who served under the lion demon clan. Serge was not originally from Ishgria, but he managed to adapt its harshest environment with his acrobatic skills. He was eventually taken in by Viktor, and was tasked to protect his daughter, Sonia. Serge managed to save Sonia from the clan's destruction at the hands of Barion. Serge accompanied Sonis to help her avenge her clan, but he died in an unexpected encounter to an Elder Summoner, who happened to be looking for the daughter of his late friend.


Lion Princess Sonia / Roaring Empress Sonia

Viktor's daughter. When Barion destroyed her clan, Serge rescued her from the destruction. Sonia swore to avenge her clan. She targeted Karl, who was Barion's son, relentlessly, even going out on a journey for Grand Gaia, but she was blocked by Lyonesse, who was in charge of keeping Karl safe. She was last recorded fighting a savage battle with her.

Standalone Otherworld Creatures


Ice Wolf Zolf / Crystal Wolf Zolf

Retainers of the Divine Wolf that ruled over Vilanciel. The Zolf pack adapts to Vilanciel's cold climates, turning its body to hard ice for hunting while heightening its senses to be comparable to wolves'. The Ice Wolf pack are led by the larger Crystal Wolf variant, which have beautiful, white fur and tails and a mane that glitter like crystal. The Zolf pack were once held in high regard as noble creatures who lived alongside humans, but as they started to attack them in recent years, they are currently seen as dangerous animals instead.

Randall Empire Foundation


Just Commander Zalts / Great General Zalts

A senior general who served under Agress, the first emperor of the Randall Empire. He convinced Agress to build his own army, and from there, he prides in molding and encouraging young cadets into real soldiers. When Agress rose to unify Elgaia, he saved the entire army from a great crisis during its war, but at a cost of his own life. To honor his deed, Agress commanded to have his army well taken care of.


Jade Commander Gyras / Victorious General Gyras

A later general under Agress' service. Unhappy with the state of Elgaia after the recurring battles amongst the elite, he was one of the first to join the Randall Guard, becoming the commander of the vigilant corps, serving as an extension of the emperor on the battlefield when the army was established. Following the founding of the empire, Gyras was among the first to be named commander of the new Imperial Guard, and dedicated his entire life to overseeing the emperor's ambitions.


Dawn Emperor Agress / Supreme Emperor Agress

The first emperor of the Randall Empire, and a charismatic leader who descended from the heroes who lead humanity to Elgaia. Fustrated with the government who continued to let the people suffer, he led an army to unify Elgaia and succeed. However, he would later fall out of favor of his close associates and even the volunteer army who supported him through battle, and he never lived to see the peace he fought for.


Shining Courage Alessa / Brave Leader Alessa

The leader of the volunteer army that was formed due to concerns over the chaos in Elgaia. She was instrumental to Emperor Agress in his quest to unify Elgaia. Post-victory, however, she was branded traitor when she objected to the volunteer army's absorption into the Regular Army. She had to flee when assassination attempts lose the lives of her trusted retainers. She then went on to ally with nations that opposed the empire and to continue her earlier efforts, signaling the inception of the Elgaia Federation.


Flashing Knight Licht / Gracious Champion Licht

A swordsman who served under the volunteer army, which was led by his childhood friend, Alessa. Calm, collected, and skilled in covert operations, he followed her orders quietly in most cases, but also kept her in check whenever she ran out of control if necessary. While on a mission after the founding of the empire, he later learned that a death warrant was issued on Alessa on the pretense of treason. He rushed to her side immediately, and died saving her from her demise.


Noble Links Johan / Imperial Chain Johan

The most trusted staff officer who served under Emperor Agress. He is the one who identified his talents and publicized that he descended from the heroes who lead humanity to Elgaia, contributing to his ascension. After the empire's founding, Johan laid the foundations for its government and the current system of aristocracy. However, he also set about permanently eliminating all obstacles to his own personal ideals, even going as far as to execute Alessa for objecting combining her volunteer army with the Randall Guards. This earned him widespread animosity, and he was eventually assassinated his ambitions still unfulfilled.

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