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Part 5 of the list of summoned units in Brave Frontier.

For units not found in this list, go to the following:

  • Part 2: Sacred Fire Lava, Sea King Mega, Holy Arms Douglas, Holy Shock Emilia, Holy Guard Will and Hell Keep Alice (under Human Champions during the War of the Gods)
  • Part 3:
    • Smith Lord Galant, Mother Snow Stya, Quake Fist Nemia, Thunder Punt Zeln, Brave Hero Alma and Red Shadow Oboro (under Elemental Heroes)
    • Ace Chef Lancia, Wise Mage Elimo, Pixy Lord Leore, Tesla Club Elulu, Ultra Blade Aem and Soul Vortex Lemia (under Occupational Heroes)
    • Taskmaster Lorand, Ice Master Dean, Gaia Armor Edea and Heaven's Bow Loch (under Saviors of Palmyna)
    • Drake Angel Aisha, Twin Arms Rickel, Gaians Il & Mina, Heaven's Bolt Amy, Holy Blade Sefia and Death Idol Kikuri (under Fighting Maidens of Palmyna)
  • Part 4:
    • Madia / Night Sibyl Madia (under Sibyl Sisters)
    • Tilith / Goddess Tilith (under Mock Units — NPCs)
  • Utility Units: Elemental Crystals and Metal Mimic (under Evolution Materials)

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    Disastrous Beast 
Rarity Range: 4-6; 7 for Copra, Golem, and Kushra
Long ago in the Sama Kingdom, there existed a flame beast named Homusubi who ravaged the region. He was later sealed within Copra, an ice keep specifically made by the gods to counter its destructive power. Meanwhile, a female human and a male demon fell in love with each other and gave birth to the half-human demoness Lira. The male demon made an automaton Golem to protect his daughter and then put his soul in its core.

Several years later, the couple suddenly disappeared, leaving Lira alone with Golem in the demon world. After suffering discriminations from other demons as she grew up, Lira was finally given a chance to fit in with them, but she must kill the Keeper of Order - White Lebra - in order to do so. Meanwhile, somewhere in Grand Gaia, a Judge of the Gods named Kushra found Copra and discovered the sealed Homusubi inside it.

And thus continued the story of the Disastrous Beast...

Common Tropes

  • I Have Many Names: All of them except Lira change their name upon evolving. But in the Japanese version, Lira adds suffixes on her name to compensate.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: They initially didn't like or know each other at first, save for Lira and Golem. But now that they banded together to keep the Fiery Beast in check and to fight on the side of good, they've since become Fire-Forged Friends... except for Homusubi.

Homusubi / Kagutsuchi / Bordebegia
Click here for evolutions 
"Foolish Summoner! You've awoken me once more! You'll regret your arrogance!"
Homusubi, taunting the Summoner for the the folly of releasing him.

A centaur-like horror which once ravaged the Sama Kingdom, reputed to be so destructive the gods had to create Copra specifically just to seal it, only to be later released by Elsel, a rogue angel and former Judge of the Gods fascinated with its powers. It was later forced to sleep again by Lira and Lubradine, but then awakened again during the War of the Gods, though this time Elsel, Lira and Lubradine devised a way to use its powers for good, with a reprogrammed Copra and Lira's guardian - Golem - ever present to prevent any collateral damage towards humanity.

  • An Axe to Grind: Partly its weapon of choice.
  • Bowdlerise: Similar to Freya's Brave Burst, Homusubi's Brave Burst name was changed from "Sodom Claymore" to "Somber Claymore".
  • Dub Name Change: In Japanese version, its 4-Star form's name is "Tar Dar".
  • Heel–Face Turn: The creature was later made to fight on the side of good, wreaking havoc on the armies of the gods until...
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Surprisingly, it later sacrificed itself to save the traitorous Ronel from her former leaders' wrath.
  • The Juggernaut: It was so powerful, the gods had to build a weapon specifically to seal it away, which was Copra. Had the sealing process not been interfered with, the terror this beast wrought to the people of the Sama Kingdom and later the gods would have ended.
  • Made of Evil: This creature is said to be the embodiment of mayhem.
  • Omnicidal Maniac: It started attacking the Sama Kingdom and other places without warning, and even after it fought on the side of good the creature still had to be closely monitored by Elsel and the others.
  • Our Centaurs Are Different: Where this monster gallops across places only to raze them down to the ground using its flames!
  • Person of Mass Destruction: It was so destructive, it razed countless places in the Sama Kingdom and elsewhere. It's especially telling as two other great beings had to work together to prevent it from ravaging the rest of the land and harming humanity.
  • Playing with Fire: Its element, and the only element it needs to bring destruction to all.
  • Red Baron: It is sometimes called the "Fiery Beast", and is formally called the "Disastrous Beast".
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: Its initial fate until Elsel released it from its prison.
  • Token Evil Teammate: Out of all the units in its batch, this monster is considered as such by the others as it still wants to destroy everything in its way, and it was only kept in check as to not cause collateral damage to the remaining human forces resisting the gods.
  • The Worf Effect: It was somehow beaten by Lira and Lubradine. In-universe, many scholars have put forward countless theories as to how it was defeated by them.
  • X on a Stick: Its weapon of choice, where the X is its axe mentioned above.

Ice Keep Copra / Ice Tower Tesla / Ice Fortress Oulu / Ice Bastion Zeldeus
Click here for evolutions 
"I am the Ice Keep Copra. I was created by the gods. I am the extinguisher of flames."
Ice Keep Copra, introducing itself to the Summoner.

A mechanical being created by the gods to seal away Homusubi. While its offensive and defensive powers are already impressive, its true potential lay in its ability to reconfigure armaments at will. At one point it managed to successfully seal away Homusubi, only for its efforts to be undone by the rogue angel Elsel, causing it to shut down and be recalled by the gods who would later consider using it against humanity... except that Elsel somehow knew how to reprogram it and turned it against them.

  • Adaptive Ability: It thrives on this. Seeing that Homusubi had to be stopped, the gods added this function to Copra in order for it to perform its mission successfully, should its initial armaments be insufficient. Because of this, Copra grew past their expectations.
  • Barrier Warrior: It can use its ice powers to form strong defenses, as it was made to battle Homusubi and seal it away for good. This strategy also figures into its Brave Bursts, which mitigates all damage taken by a certain percentage for 1 turn.
  • Cyclops: Assuming of course that the light shining from its supposed head is its glowing eye, then Copra is a building variant of one.
  • Elemental Rivalry: Towards Homusubi and its later forms. Justified as it was built by the gods specifically to deal with the creature.
  • Heel–Face Turn: It was later reprogrammed by Elsel to fight against its creators, and as well as to keep the Fire Beast in check from even attacking friendly human forces.
  • Heroic Host: It ended up accepting the spirit of Lira's father, that was sealed inside Gravion in its core, to prevent the both of them from dying of their wounds.
  • Heroic Second Wind: When it came close to dying, it gained free will and a soul, and used them to power its evolution into its final form, Ice Bastion Zeldeus.
  • An Ice Person: Its real power, invoked by the gods to counter the power of the Fiery Beast Homusubi.
  • The Juggernaut: Copra eventually grew into this.
  • Living Weapon: What Copra and its later forms actually are.
  • Making a Splash: By right, that's its actual element in-game.
  • Red Baron: Thanks to the many times it intervened in the gods' attempts to destroy humanity, it was eventually known as the "Fortress of Humanity's Hope".
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: Where it was the Can to the Sealed Evil Homusubi, at least until Kushra released the latter.
  • Subsystem Damage: The damage it kept sustaining during the War of the Gods eventually affected its repair systems, and as a result its functionality began to cease.

Golem / Great Golem / Gravion / Colossal Vars
Click here for evolutions 
Golem, familiarizing itself with its new master.

An animated stone puppet created by Lira's father to protect her once he realized his mortal life was soon coming to an end. While Golem was programmed to protect Lira from any who dared mock her half-blood lineage, it was said that its actions also implied a sentient will wholly dedicated to protecting her. When it fought the fearsome beast Homusubi, the crystal on Golem's chest grew brighter, presumably awakening the spirit of Lira's father within, thus giving it more power. Later Lira herself added more upgrades to it, but this time they were for protecting other people from the gods.

  • Alliterative Name:
    • Great Golem's Leader Skill and Brave Burst are named "Supreme Sanctuary" and "Bing Bang Blast", respectively.
    • Also, all of its evolution forms start with the letter G. It gets combo broken at its 7-Starred form, though.
  • Alliterative Name: Great Golem, itself.
  • Full Potential Upgrade: Golem was given this extensively by Lira. Golem later used its new powers to keep the Fire Beast in check and to protect as many humans as it could.
  • Golem: One that was made with only one purpose in mind - to protect Lira at all costs. Later, its functions was extended to protect humanity as well.
  • Green Thumb: It's more a mix of the two types of this trope.
  • Hulk Speak: Golem started off with this, then eventually loses it.
  • Multi-Armed and Dangerous: As Gravion, and also multi-legged too. This also extends to its last and final form, Colossal Vars.
  • Robo Speak: In Japanese version, it combines its normal speech pattern with symbols replacing some of the characters. The Global server version opted to outright translate them all, though there are some remnants of it left in Disastrous Beast's Grand Gaia Chronicles.
  • Soul Jar: Its core served as one for the soul of Lira's father.
  • Tragic Keepsake: It was the only thing Lira's father left for her. And in turn, Lira kept a piece of Golem after it got completely destroyed.

Sky Angel Kushra / Rebel Angel Elsel / Havoc Angel Ronel / Valkyrie Archangel Griel
Click here for evolutions 
"You're my new Master. Command me, Kushra. Let us slay all sinners!"
Kushra, asking the Summoner to join her crusade.

Kushra used to be a Judge of the Gods, whose graceful fighting style struck fear into the hearts of any who dared defy them... only for her to defy them herself after witnessing the force of Homusubi. Apparently entranced by its power, she freed the beast, just like how she, now calling herself Elsel, freed herself from the gods. From there on the rest of her history is obscure, though details surfaced every now and then, such as the time she defeated Lubradine, then later teamed up with him, Lira, Golem and Copra, whom she reprogrammed, to fight the gods alongside the now reined-in Homusubi.

  • BFS: She later wielded two of these in her latter forms.
  • Braids of Action: Present in all of her forms, though they are rather inconsistent on how long they actually are.
  • Dual Wielding: She wields two swords to strike down her enemies.
  • Fallen Angel: In a literal sense. She abandoned her duty as a Judge of the Gods and freed the beast that she wasn't supposed to free, and continued fighting her former leaders even as she experiences true freedom.
  • Fanservice Pack: Her outfit gets more stripperiffic for each time she evolves.
  • Heel–Face Turn: She betrayed the gods after exchanging words with the captured Homusubi, feeling that she wouldn't be able to be herself under them.
  • Hime Cut: As a servant of the Gods, she has a stylized variant with her sidetails tied and the back braided. Her hairstyle lost its meaning when she went against the Gods, though.
  • In Love with Your Carnage: The main reason she freed Homusubi.
  • No-Sell: Her Leader Skill prevents status ailments.
  • Our Angels Are Different: Where she has gained individuality and freedom away from the gods and her fellow angels, and is willing to help humans instead of punishing them.
  • Rage Against the Heavens: What she ended up doing in her 7-Stars form.
  • Red Baron: She held the title of "Judge of the Gods" until her defection.
  • Shock and Awe: Her element.
  • Status Buff: She is later able to apply a buff that increases the drop rates of both Brave and Heart Crystals for the rest of her squad, and a debuff to her enemies' ATK that has a moderate chance to stick. Additionally, if she's set as the squad leader then she is also able to increase her teammates' HP by a certain percentage.
  • What Is This Feeling?: Kushra's post-fusion quote, foreshadowing her decision to break free from the control of the gods.
    "What's this powerful emotion boiling up inside of me? I feel like I want to just fly away."
  • Winged Humanoid: She is an angel, after all.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Grade B for her first 2 forms with boots. Zigzagged for Ronel as her knee pads and shoes split off. Griel changed it back to real-deal Grade B with pick socks.

White Lebra / Lubradine / Leorone
Click here for evolutions 
"What is it that you're fighting against, Summoner? Is it worth it for me to join you?"
Lebra, prying into the depths of the Summoner's heart.

A white leonine beast who served as the Keeper of Order and Bringer of Justice. One day, he met Lira, who was seemingly looking for a fight. Lebra, however, instantly recognized the girl's inner pain and inspired her to act as a free person, befriending her in the process. He also allowed himself to be defeated by Elsel, who was still getting used to her new-found feelings of independence. During the War of the Gods he rushed to Lira and Elsel's side against the gods, while coordinating with Golem and Copra in reining in the destructive power of a not-quite reformed Homusubi.

  • The Empath: Lebra can sense through the deepest recesses of a person's heart, which is why he inspired Lira to act as a free person and also allowed himself to be defeated by Elsel, who was still struggling with her new-found sense of freedom.
  • Expy: Of Aslan from the Chronicles of Narnia, only white and way more badass.
  • Guile Hero: He convinced Lira not to attack him and later told Elsel to follow her heart, afterwards helping them with their own inner turmoil.
  • King of Beasts: Well, he is a lion after all.
  • Power Gives You Wings: He gains an angelic pair of them as Leorone.
  • Red Baron: He is formally called either the "Keeper of Order" or the "Bringer of Justice".
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Subverted, as he is firmly on the side of good as Leorone.
  • Status Buff: His Leader/Friend Skill increases damage dealt during a Spark, while his Brave Burst increases the party's ATK, DEF and REC for 3 turns. As Leorone, his Passive Skill also increases Brave Crystal Drop Rate during a Spark, and his Super Brave Burst can now damage all enemies.
  • Talking Animal: Of course.

Half Blood Lira / Magistra Lira / God Eater Lira
Click here for evolutions 
"I am Lira, a half blood! You should fear me! However, if you don't..."
Lira, trying hard to sound intimidating.

Born of a human woman and a male demon, Lira became orphaned early in life and struggled to live as a complete pariah in both the demon and human worlds on account of her half-blood lineage. One day, she apathetically accepted a request to defeat White Lebra to be accepted amongst the demons, only for the latter to convince her that she was worth more than just a tool of destruction. Convinced of his words and after joining White Lebra's side, she read a journal from her parents and set off with a new purpose: to use her powers for good and to protect humanity in the upcoming War of the Gods.

  • All the Other Reindeer: The other demons in her home world were indifferent to her due to her mixed heritage.
  • The Atoner: For living most of her life as a demon, she lived the rest of it as a human in order to make up for the time she ignored her mother's legacy - her humanity.
  • BFS: Lira uses a sword longer than she is tall.
  • Casting a Shadow: Her element is naturally inherited from her demon father.
  • Playing with Fire: Averted. Her design also sees her using fire as part of her powers, but in this instance it is just a case of Technicolor Fire that does not give her an advantage against Earth-type units.
  • Conveniently an Orphan: She suddenly lost her parents at a young age, and without their guidance, she suffered through many hardships and became an apathetic person.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: While she wielded the power of Dark, at heart she was just a confused, lonely soul whom White Lebra showed the way to redemption and ultimately a place in the world.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: Her father was a demon, while her mother was completely human.
    • This is prevalent as she evolves, where she has a bony wing along with her skeletal arm.
  • Heel–Face Turn: While she isn't exactly evil to begin with, Lira's personality change and her becoming a better person as well as her new purpose to help humanity, could be all considered as this.
  • Power Gives You Wings: Or at least one half of it as Magistra and God Eater.
  • Technicolor Fire: She's wreathed in cyan-colored flames. As a God Eater, she holds a magenta one on her skeletal hand.
  • The Power of Love: Firmly believed in her parents' love for her and wishes for you, the Summoner, to love her as well.

    Twelve Guardians of the Gods 
Rarity Range: 4-7
Common Leader Skill:
— The Loyalists (Farlon, Raydn, Ophelia, Rina, Alyut and Lunaris): Increased ATK to units of the same element
— The Traitors (Ramna, Signas, Luly, Grybe, Sodis and Zephyr): Reduced damage from enemies whose elements the units have an advantage against + Boosted damage against those elements (6-Stars Onward)

The Twelve Guardians of the Gods were special and powerful individuals who served those living in the Land of the Gods. Led by the charismatic Sodis, all of them lived in peace and struggled together to defeat those who dared defy the will of the gods, and as well as the occasional powerful demon that sometimes appear and threaten their home.

That is, until Sodis found out about their plan to exterminate all of humanity...

Common Tropes

  • Adaptation Expansion: Grand Gaia Chronicles expands on how the conflict between the Loyalists and Traitors went on.
  • Fire-Forged Friends: In their earlier days, they could cooperate with each other well despite their conflicting beliefs and internal rivalries towards one another. This is best shown in their battle against the Demon Zorbadel in their Grand Gaia Chronicle quest set.
  • Gender-Equal Ensemble: The Guardians consists of six males and six females. When they split up because of Sodis' treachery, each faction consisted of three males and three females. The only two survivors of the conflict are conveniently also a male (Zephyr) and a female (Signas).

Red Slash Farlon / Red Blade Farlon / Red Swordsman Farlon / Crimson Phoenix Farlon
Click here for evolutions 
"Swordsman of the 12 Guardians! That is who I am! Be sure not to forget it!"
Farlon, showing off his pride as a swordsman for the gods.

One of the Twelve Guardians of the Gods, Farlon Schulgusk is incredibly proud of his abilities and, while polite, is reluctant to open up to his fellow Guardians besides his lover Ramna. His distrust for their leader, Sodis, seemed warranted when the latter turned against the gods. He jumped on the chance to defeat him, only to be manhandled. Humiliated, Farlon prepared for another shot at the traitorous Guardian, only to be further enraged upon discovering that Ramna, too, apparently betrayed him.

  • Aloof Ally: To the pre-breakup group, opening up his heart only to Ramna.
  • Badass Cape: He wears one in all of his evolutions.
  • BFS: His Weapon of Choice. It only gets bigger as he evolves.
  • Berserk Button:
    • He doesn't take losses (be it "losing against someone" or "losing something" kinds of losses) pretty well. According to Grand Gaia Chronicles, this is because his family disowned him after a single loss in a chivalry duel.
    • As Luly found too late, mocking his latest screw-up (in this case, killing Ramna instead of Sodis) is another. Worse thing is, she's not the only one who paid the price.
  • Blue Blood: It's revealed in Grand Gaia Chronicles that he came from a prestigious family of some sort, called the Schulgusks.
  • Despair Event Horizon: Farlon crossed it after he killed Ramna by accident, starting with killing Luly who unwittingly rubbed salt on his wounds by laughing at his mistake.
  • Discard and Draw: With some of his Super Brave Bursts, he can discard his DEF to draw ATK-based buffs, turning him from a Jack-of-All-Stats into a Glass Cannon.
  • Disproportionate Retribution:
    • Lose a single chivalry duel? Too bad! Your parents decide to disown you after that!
    • Accidentally killed your lover? Kill a few more of your friends! Justified, as Melord had been secretly overwhelming his emotions beyond reasoning.
  • Et Tu, Brute?: Signas, Grybe, Luly and Zephyr deserting to Sodis' side was already a bad experience for him, but Ramna deserting too was pretty much his last straw.

Snow Cub Signas / Snow Lion Signas / Snow Queen Signas / Blizzard Fang Signas
Click here for evolutions 
"Me? I'm Signas. I'm one of the 12 Guardians. Anyway, nice to meet you."
Signas, displaying her social awkwardness.

One of the Twelve Guardians of the Gods, Signas was a lonely kid living on a cold mountain until Sodis found, raised and then brought her to his group, though he also granted her the benefit of acting independently to which she responded by pledging her complete loyalty to him, to the point of joining his rebellion against the gods where she distinguished herself with her ferocious and unpredictable combat style.

  • Boyish Short Hair: Played straight, then zigzagged in her 7-Stars form as she grows her hair.
  • BFS: As Snow Queen, and later as Blizzard Fang.
  • Eyepatch of Power: In her 7-Stars form. She got it following the tragic dissolution of her circle of friends. It's implied that Farlon slashed her eye off.
  • Eye Scream: Depending on the Artist, she lost either her left or right eye.
  • Friendly Rivalry: With Ophelia, though it became sour after her defection.
  • King of Beasts: Obviously from the name, but also plays a big part in her design.
  • Making a Splash: Her element in battle, though visually it's closer to An Ice Person.
  • The Mentor: After disappearing following the tragic dissolution of the Twelve Guardians of the Gods, she took up teaching future heroes and preparing them for the coming onslaught of the gods. The Grand Gaia Chronicles manga also reveals that Vargas was one of her students, and also advised Falma to "find true friendship".
  • The Remnant: One of two Guardians currently confirmed to have survived the Loyalist-Traitor conflict, the other being Zephyr.
  • Tragic Keepsake: After the conflict, she found and kept Ophelia's diary.
  • Undying Loyalty: For Sodis, she's willing to do anything, including joining his revolt against the gods just because he took her in.
  • Unperson: Signas erased herself from the history books so she could prepare the world against the gods.
  • Walking the Earth: Legends state that after the civil war of the Guardians, she wandered the world training future heroes in preparation for the arrival of the mad gods.
  • Wild Child: Until Sodis found her.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair
  • Younger Than They Look: Word of God puts her as the second youngest of the Guardians after Luly. She looks as old as most of the Guardians, who are at least three years older than her.

Havoc Girl Luly / Havoc Queen Luly / Havoc God Luly / Mayhem Empress Luly
Click here for evolutions 
"I'm Luly of the Guardians! But what's a Guardian? Do you know?"
Luly, being childish.

The youngest of the Twelve Guardians of the Gods, Luly was sent to a monastery ever since her childhood by her parents in order for her to learn to make good use of her immense magic potential. Despite her mastery over her powers, Luly is wild and unpredictable, often going on sudden mood swings. She joined Sodis' revolt simply to be able to show off how powerful she had become.

  • Ambiguous Disorder: As Havoc Girl, she was outright described as mentally unstable. Even Lunaris kept an eye on her after she joined the Guardians.
  • Blue Blood: She came from a prestigious family who produced generations of Twelve Guardians.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: She tended to act in very unpredictable ways, often to Lunaris's chagrin. She even joined Sodis' revolt without knowing what she was actually doing so long as she thought it was fun.
  • Cute and Psycho: Come the civil war of the Guardians, she joined Sodis' side just for the thrill and sake of getting to show off her powers.
  • Heroic BSoD: It is said that Luly fell into one after blowing away all of the Loyalist soldiers with one mighty spell, immediately realizing just how torn apart her fellow Guardians had become. The manga however, paints a darker picture...
  • Innocently Insensitive: Due to her young age Luly doesn't know many things about the world. The lore even states that she doesn't really know what "treason" is, so it's doubtful that she knows what "death and separation" means either, as such when she blithely lampshades Farlon killing his beloved Ramna, which ultimately causes her death by his hand.
  • Kill the Cutie: After laughing at Farlon for killing his lover by accident, she's the second Guardian to die in the revolt, and not the last.
  • Major Injury Underreaction: Her reaction to Farlon slashing her head off? Use her last words to complain how boring and predictable he is.
  • Magic Wand: Her Weapon of Choice. Until her 7-Stars form trades it with a magic orb, that is.
  • Nightmare Face: Pulls off a terrifying one in the manga when she confronts Farlon after his accidental murder of Ramna.
  • Off with His Head!: How Farlon killed her.
  • Parental Abandonment: Wanting her to use her great power for good, her parents left her in the care of priests at a local monastery. Unfortunately, this came at the cost of her mental stability.
  • Token Mini-Moe: Of the Twelve Guardians, due to being the youngest of them all.
  • Troubling Unchildlike Behavior: No Luly, it's not normal for kids to taunt a person who's just lost someone close to them.

Gold Warrior Rina / Gold Knight Rina / Gold Queen Rina / Gilded Dogma Rina
Click here for evolutions 
"I am the Guardian Rina. I heard your call, Summoner. Now where is the enemy?"
Rina, displaying her dedication to her duty.

One of the Twelve Guardians of the Gods, Rina is famed for her honesty and unfailing loyalty to the gods, as well as her overly serious disposition. When Sodis revolted, Rina was among the first to pursue him and his fellow Traitors, until Sodis himself confronted her and the others with the truth about what he discovered about their masters. Nothing is recorded as to what happened next, though some suggested that ultimately she came to understand his cause.

  • An Arm and a Leg: Loses her right arm to Farlon when she took a killing blow meant for Signas.
  • Blade on a Stick: A bit hard to see, but she's wielding a double-headed spear.
  • Blind Obedience/Undying Loyalty: Toward the gods.
  • Conflicting Loyalty: In the end, even though her faith in the gods was absolute, she still saved Signas from dying to Farlon.]]
  • Fighting Your Friend: She ended up fighting a berserk Farlon (who also sided with her on Alyut's side) along with Signas and Grybe (who are both on Sodis' side).
  • Hime Cut: Sports one to go with her complete loyalty as a servant of the gods. It is best seen in her very first form, without her headgear blocking her fringe and sidetails.
  • Lawful Stupid: She hunts Sodis simply because he "betrayed" the Gods, without even thinking of his reasons.
  • Leotard of Power: Careful observations, however, reveal that the skirt is actually attached to her belt, and she's been wearing a leotard all along.
  • Mini Dress Of Power: Wears one until she evolves into the Gold Queen, in which she wears a long dress split at her right side.
  • Serious Business: She treats her job so seriously she had to research how to let her guard down once in a while, and only after Sodis called her out on it.
  • Shock and Awe: Her element.
  • The Southpaw: Rina wields her spear in her left hand.
  • Standard Status Effect: Rina can Paralyze her enemies with her Brave Burst. She can also Curse them with her Super Brave Burst.
  • Taking the Bullet: She protected Signas from Farlon's rampage alongside Grybe, and died along with him.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: About Grade D to C range throughout her first three evolutionary line. Her 7-Stars form ends it with a zigzag; An approximately Grade B boot worn on her right leg and entirely bare on her left leg.

Horseman Sodis / Cavalryman Sodis / Guardian Chief Sodis / Paladin Crusader Sodis
Click here for evolutions 
"Sodis, leader of the 12 Guardians at your service. Let us walk a just path!"
Sodis, inviting the Summoner to walk the path of truth together with him.

The leader of the Twelve Guardians of the Gods. Strong yet broad-minded and thoughtful, his charisma attracted many people to his side... which made his sudden decision to turn on the gods all the more shocking. Little was detailed as to what prompted his revolt, though a few sources claim he discovered a plot by the gods to destroy humanity, which forced him to take matters into his own hands.

  • Aborted Declaration of Love: To Lunaris, and he truly regretted it.
  • An Axe to Grind: Times two.
  • Badass Cape: He wears one starting in his first form, which gets more ragged each time he evolves.
  • Cain and Abel: In the end, Sodis died by Alyut's hands after being distracted shielding Lunaris from a stray incoming attack.
  • Cool Horse: He rides one in battle.
  • Came Back Strong: His 7-Stars form is the appearance he took after coming back from the dead as an ascended being, formed by the vortex of his hatred and regrets.
  • The Dreaded: As Guardian Chief, his strength was so great, even the gods feared him.
  • Dual Wielding: Wields two poleaxes.
  • Expy: To Golbez.
  • Face Framed in Shadow: His face is hidden under his helmet. His 7-Stars form finally reveals that he has white hair and azure eyes just like his little brother, though his face is still framed in shadow.
  • Face–Heel Turn: What most historical documents opine about his decision to defect from the Twelve Guardians of the Gods. The truth, however, is a bit more complicated.
  • Frameup: In the manga, when Sodis went to gather information from the leader of the Guardians of Meirith, he was framed by agents loyal to Lucius of 'attacking' a soldier who tried to 'apprehend' him at the entrance of the La Vedan Republic. This moment was later used by Melord to justify the other Guardians' shocking orders to arrest their leader, which began to divide the group.
  • The Heart: Without Sodis, there wouldn't even be any Twelve Guardians of the Gods. And when he defected, that was when things took a turn for the worst for the Guardians.
  • Living Prop: No backstory is given to his horse.
  • No Name Given: Again, his horse.
  • Poor Communication Kills: If Sodis had took the time to confide his disturbing discovery about the gods to someone close to him and told the other Guardians about what he was doing instead of taking matters into his own hands in haste, none of the events in the whole Loyalist-Traitor Guardian conflict might have happened.
  • Sibling Rivalry: With Alyut, although it became sour after Sodis rebelled against the gods.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Information gleaned from his fellow Guardians strongly point to the fact that he discovered a plot by the gods to Kill All Humans, driving him to do what he believed was right, even if it meant going rogue and being forced to fight some of his former comrades, including his younger brother and the woman who loved him.
  • X on a Stick: Where the X is his axes.

Dark Charm Lunaris / Dark Curse Lunaris / Black Lotus Lunaris / Midnight Allure Lunaris
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"I'm Lunaris, one of the Guardians. Me, a mother figure? I'm not that old, you know!
Lunaris, on her function within the Twelve Guardians of the Gods.

The long-time friend of Sodis and Alyut, and mother figure of the Twelve Guardians of the Gods. Lunaris is also rumored to hold secret feelings for Sodis, so much so she trained herself to be allowed to join him as a Guardian. When he defected, she thought it a misunderstanding until she was coerced by Alyut and the gods to join his side, even as she was forced to face the man she once loved.

  • Blade on a Stick: Her Weapon of Choice.
  • Break the Cutie: It is stated in her 7-Stars form lore that all the pain and the grief she felt and bottled up from the conflict eventually drove her to madness.
  • Casting a Shadow: Her element.
  • Cloudcuckoolander's Minder: To Luly, who she didn't trust to be on her own.
  • Damsel in Distress: She was later captured by the gods in order to force Alyut and Raydn to go after them.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Her appearance may seem sinister or intimidating, but she's one of the nicer Guardians in the group.
  • Despair Event Horizon: Seeing the rest of her friends die while not being able to do anything about it was a very horrible experience for her, and Sodis's death was what finally made her snap.
  • Dub Name Change: Ultimately averted to the fans' pleasure.
  • Gender Bender: Not herself, but the seemingly-masculine shadow that accompanies her starts developing female features in her 7-Stars form.
  • Ma'am Shock: See her summoning quote, above.
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: As Black Lotus, her Brave Burst is called "Hypnos", and her Super Brave Burst is called "Tartaros". Oddly, "Tartaros" heals status effects instead of inflicting them.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: But don't worry, she won't hurt you unless you hurt her friends.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: After fainting sometime later in the conflict and then awaking to a scene of death and destruction, she evolved into her 7-Stars form and absolutely destroyed everything around her.
  • Ship Tease / Love Triangle: Is rumored to love Sodis and never returned Alyut his affections. Sodis's 7-Stars lore reveals that yes, he loved her too.
    • However, her unit's description for the collaboration with Phantom of the Kill states that she loves both brothers. Whether her love for them is platonic or romantic is up to anyone's guess.
  • Team Mom: Surprisingly, despite her Stripperiffic attire.

Fire Step Ramna / Fire Dance Ramna / Fire Samba Ramna / Siva Afi Ramna
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"My fiery blade bears my passion! I will use it to rip all to shreds! Pretty powerful, don't you think?"
Ramna, showing off her passion to the Summoner.

One of the Twelve Guardians of the Gods and Farlon's lover. Ramna served as the emotional anchor of the group, well-loved by everyone, especially the aloof Farlon. She was also noted for her unique style of combat, which involves a combination of dance and swordplay. When Sodis suddenly turned on the gods she secretly followed Farlon who went to confront him, only to then encounter Sodis - who had just defeated her lover. He eventually convinced her of the trustworthiness of his cause and after joining him, holds out to her hope that one day Farlon, too, will see the truth.

  • Dance Battler: In which she combines her dancing with her sword skills to make her attacks unavoidable.
  • The Heart: Alongside Sodis and Lunaris, Ramna is the bond that bound everyone together. When she died, everything went From Bad to Worse.
  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: How Farlon accidentally killed her.
  • Kill the Cutie: Yeah, good job on getting carried away, Farlon.
  • Playing with Fire: Just like her lover, this is her element in battle.
  • Plucky Girl: Ramna never lost hope, even when she stared down Farlon's blade.
  • Star-Crossed Lovers: With Farlon, who chose to stick with Alyut and the other Loyalists not out of loyalty to the gods, but for revenge against Sodis. It ended in tragedy after she died intercepting Farlon's attack.
  • Taking the Bullet: Just as her lover was about to attack Sodis, she jumped in the way of his blade and paid dearly for it.

Spear Fist Raydn / Spear Arms Raydn / Spear King Raydn / Icicle Lance Raydn
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"A Summoner. I see how it is. I accept your request."
Raydn, taking orders from the Summoner.

One of the Twelve Guardians of the Gods and their newest recruit, Raydn was Alyut's soft-spoken best friend and right-hand man. When Sodis, his friend's older brother and leader of their group suddenly revolted, he investigated his movements to find out his reasons for betraying the gods before he was commanded to join Alyut's war on the Traitors, his misgivings on the whole matter notwithstanding.

  • Conflicting Loyalty: Though he fought on the side of the Loyalist Guardians, deep down inside he had his doubts regarding his mission, and was even said to harbor no ill will towards Sodis, the leader of the Traitors.
  • Dual Wielding: Holds two lances, Escavalier style!
  • You Shall Not Pass!: Legends state how he kept a group of Loyalist priests from interfering in Sodis and Alyut's duel. And when he and Alyut went to save a captured Lunaris from the gods, he stalled the Disciples who were in their way as long as he could, eventually dying from his wounds.

Battle Girl Ophelia / War Girl Ophelia / War Queen Ophelia / Cyclonic Heroine Ophelia
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"As a knight, I swear to protect what is right and just. That is why I exist."
Ophelia, swearing her fealty to the cause of righteousness.

One of the Twelve Guardians of the Gods and one of the strongest warriors from her home village. Despite her membership with the Guardians, she mostly kept to herself, though a recently discovered diary outlined her relationship to the other Guardians as well as her feelings to the situations they faced. When Alyut received orders to hunt down Sodis and his fellow Traitors, Ophelia came face-to-face with her fellow lone wolf and rival Signas, but their fight ended in a sudden stalemate due to Grybe's interference, and she later left on her own to further investigate why the conflict started.

  • Conflicting Loyalty: She sided with Alyut and the Loyalists, though the sight of Grybe refusing to harm her even at her weakest moments during her duel with Signas got her thinking about what exactly the Traitors wanted, which led to her decision to investigate more about the conflict on her own.
  • Friendly Rivalry: With Signas, although it's not "friendly" anymore since Signas' defection.
  • Green Thumb: Her element. Her Leader/Friend Skill also increases the attack power of her fellow Earth-types.
  • I Should Write a Book About This: Archaeological discoveries unearthed a diary chronicling her life with the Guardians and her emotional turmoil that resulted from Sodis' revolt.
  • Information Wants to Be Free: She attempted to alert the rest of the Guardians about what was really going on when she found what she was looking for, but... Melord did her in before she could.
  • Unreliable Narrator: She's the author of the diary that mentions the "happy conclusion" of the Guardians. The truth is far from that. In her defense, Ophelia wasn't there to witness the Guardians' downfall, and that what she wrote back then might have been her last log.
  • She Knows Too Much: It's revealed that the reason she was killed by Melord was because she found out about Lucius' subtle involvement with the Guardian's civil war.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Careful observations reveal that she wore a subtle Grade A between her dress armor and her thigh high boots throughout her evolutionary line.

Mech Arms Grybe / Mech Cannon Grybe / Mech God Grybe / Optimum Mecha Grybe
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"I have no intention of shooting you. Please do not fear me. Thank you."
Grybe, asking the Summoner to never fear him for his stature.

Despite some opposition on account of his foreign lineage, Grybe was recruited into the Twelve Guardians of the Gods by Sodis out of respect for his innate kindness and strength. When Sodis revolted, Grybe and Ramna questioned him, but they were ultimately convinced about the righteousness of his cause. Nevertheless, Grybe would never directly harm his former comrades, even if they are hunting him and his fellow Traitor Guardians down.

  • BFG: His initial Weapon of Choice. The gun is later upgraded to double as his vehicle, and then as his Mecha.
  • Colour-Coded for Your Convenience: Skin color example, where him being a foreigner from another world is shown by him being black.
  • Electric Black Guy: Given his darkest skin color among all the other units as well as his element.
  • Friendly Sniper: Despite his job description, he's quite a noble person.
  • Gentle Giant: Also, despite his size, Grybe is notable for his good-natured personality.
  • Heroic Neutral: Though he sided with Sodis in the Guardian conflict, Grybe wouldn't do such a thing as willingly harm his former comrades. Among his actions as the Mech God was stopping the fighting between his comrades with a single shot from his cannon. But then he had to fight Farlon...
  • Heroic Sacrifice: He fought off Farlon to buy time for a badly wounded Signas to escape to Sodis, getting each other killed in the process.
  • Mini-Mecha: Pilots one as the Mech God, and as Optimum Mecha.
  • Mutual Kill: In the end, he got to stop Farlon's rampage once and for all, but not before becoming his last victim.
  • Taking the Bullet: For Signas from Farlon's rampage alongside Rina. They didn't make it.
  • This Is Unforgivable!: After Farlon beheaded Luly and killed Rina while blinding Signas in one eye, he finally reacted with the intent to pay him back.
  • Token Minority: Of the Twelve Guardians of the Gods on account of being a foreigner from another world.
  • Walking Shirtless Scene: Minus the walking, and plus on the shooting!

Light Blade Alyut / Holy Warrior Alyut / Divine Light Alyut / Glorious Crusader Alyut
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"I'll do my best not to dirty the name of my brother! Please watch me!"
Alyut, swearing to protect his brother's honor.

One of the Twelve Guardians of the Gods and younger brother of their leader, Sodis. While he is a swordsman of the calibre that could one day put him on par with his brother, Alyut is also pretty strict with himself and others, and is said to have harbored an unrequited crush for their childhood friend Lunaris. After Sodis' revolt, Alyut was quickly appointed new leader of the halved group. It is also said that as much as he dedicated himself to hunting down the Traitors, he found it hard to confront his own brother with the same cool resolve he showed against the other Traitors. Brother fought brother in an intense fight, and in the end it is said that Alyut finally realized what Sodis fought for.

  • Brainwashed and Crazy: In the manga, upon seeing his chance Melord cast a spell on Alyut which magnified the jealousy, envy, and the anger he felt for his older brother, causing him to attack Sodis in a frenzy.
  • Cain and Abel: Post-revolt, he became the victorious Abel to Sodis' Cain, thanks to Melord's interference.
  • Death Seeker: When he heard news that Lunaris was captured by the gods, he became this as Raydn stayed behind to buy time for him to find her, hearing his screams of pain as the gods' Disciples fought him.
  • Expy: To Paladin Cecil - both have long white hair, are Light-aligned, and are forced to fight their brothers who may be not so evil after all.
  • Field Promotion: Elevated as the new leader of the Guardians of the Gods following his brother's sudden desertion.
  • Heel–Face Turn: When he finally realized what was going on, he and what was left of the Loyalist Guardians joined Sodis' revolt, but by then it was too late for them to change anything.

Dark Blade Zephyr / Dark Warrior Zephyr / Dark Warlord Zephyr / Phantom Victor Zephyr
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"I will do my best to see through your true intentions. In the meantime, I will assist you."
Zephyr, deciding to follow the Summoner and look through his/her intentions.

One of the Twelve Guardians of the Gods and trusted right-hand man of their leader, Sodis. Despite his immense magical power that would have put him on an equal footing with Sodis, he was nevertheless content to stand in the shadows and faithfully serve as the latter's ally. When Sodis defected Zephyr was the first to confront him, only to be convinced of the righteousness of his cause - a belief he felt vindicated with the addition of Ramna, Signas, Luly and Grybe into their ranks. In the meantime he was sent by Sodis to collect more proof of the gods' treachery, unaware of what was going to happen in his absence...

  • Big Good: One of the most notable revelations in the game's main story. Zephyr is commonly speculated to be none other than the mysterious Akras Z. Muzel himself, whose last will scattered in fragments across Ishgria led to the formation of the Summoners' Hall.
  • Bolt of Divine Retribution: His attacks manifest in the form of glowing purple bolts.
  • Breakout Character: He was a fairly unremarkable unit with a really good art design and one of the most popular units in his batch. It's then slowly revealed that he had a fairly big role in the game's storyline.
  • Casting a Shadow: His element.
  • Dual Wielding: How he used his knives in Grand Gaia Chronicles.
  • Death Seeker: Believing himself to be the last of the Guardians, he was about to fight the gods until his dying breath when he heard the voices of his friends, who then inspired him to continue on living and find a way to get back at the gods whilst keeping his existence a secret.
  • Knife Nut: When not using his bolts, he fights with two knives.
  • The Lancer: To Sodis, pre- and post-revolt.
  • Late to the Tragedy: Zephyr was ordered by Sodis to uncover as much information as he could regarding the gods' plan to exterminate the human race, but by the time he got what he needed to show the Loyalist Guardians the truth, he was far too late.
  • Mysterious Middle Initial: Inverted and invoked. "Zephyr" is his middle name, and there were records that he used his loathed full name to hide himself from the gods.
  • Number Two: Again, to Sodis before and after the revolt.
  • Odd Friendship: Surprisingly, he gets along well with Grybe.
  • Ornamental Weapon: He never used the knives that were hanging on his hips in his first two forms, and they conveniently disappeared in his Dark Warlord form. Grand Gaia Chronicles, however, shows him using them when he caught up with Sodis.
  • Purple Is Powerful: His overall color scheme is dark purple throughout all his forms, save for his bolts.
  • The Remnant: One of two Guardians currently confirmed to have survived the Loyalist-Traitor conflict, the other being Signas.
  • Storm of Blades: In his 7-Stars form's attacking animation.
  • Unperson: Like Signas, he had to erase traces of his existence in order to survive.

    Social Outliers 
Rarity Range: 2-3
(Mostly) Common Leader Skill: Increased ATK for units with same Gender

These units were known for making their fame outside of normal society, hence them being called "Social Outliers".They're common drops in regions from Lizeria onwards.

General Tropes

  • Game-Favored Gender: If they were set as leaders or used from a friend, they will boost the attack power of their allies matching their genders (males for Talos and Elton, females for Elize and Amul, and the genderless for Parmi). Zeul is the only one who averts this, as he provides a different kind of Leader Skill that does not have any conditions relating to gender.

Hermit Talos / Mountaineer Talos
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"Break my curse and I'll become a beautiful girl. He he, I kid, I kid."
Talos, teasing the Summoner on his first introduction.

A curious old man from the mountains around Agni, infamous for being as much an annoyance as for being a savior of the lost.

Black Rose Elize / Frozen Rose Elize
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"You wish to hire me? The Black Rose isn't cheap, you know?"
Elize, practically selling her services.

A shopkeeper in La Veda who used her street smarts to transform herself from street peddler to owner of a huge store in the middle of a monster-infested area. When other shopkeepers started rumors of her unscrupulous activities, Elize decided to spite them by living up to her reputation, going so far as to sell weapons to governments during the War of the Gods, even as she secretly spends her fortune on orphanages and medical institutions.

Poet Elton / Bard Elton
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"Do you wish to hear me sing? Understand. I will sing for you."
Elton, volunteering to lend his voice to his new master.

Elton was a popular bard travelling across La Veda, where his charming music was said to have been the blessing of a fairy he once saved from a monster. His music was so soothing, even monsters were tamed by him, to the point where a noblewoman forced him under her employ, until a guard entranced by his music broke him free and let him get taken to safety by the friends of the fairy he had saved.

  • Magic Music: His music is described as mesmerizing, so much so a noblewoman imprisoned him just to have his music for herself.
  • Nice Hat: Bard Elton has a green one with a feather attached to it.
  • Quirky Bard: Though not in a literal way. At max, he is a 3-Stars unit, but he can support the team by boosting their ATK and DEF with his Brave Burst, and if set as the squad leader, all male units in the squad have their ATK increased even further.

Wild Cat Parmi / Thunder Cat Parmi
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"I'm Parmi. Are you kind, Summoner? You won't hurt me, will you?"
Parmi, expecting great things from her new master.

The feline girl known as Parmi used to live in the borderlands of La Veda until she was captured to be a sideshow exhibit. There, she met an acrobat whose kindness to her inspired her to also take up acrobatics and climb her way up to the circus' main event. However, her instinct for freedom slowly grew, and one day she fled the circus, though she'd still pay a visit to the same acrobat who helped her aspire to be free.

  • I Owe You My Life: To this day she looks up to the acrobat who named her "Parmi" and inspired her to transcend her limitations.
  • Little Bit Beastly: Despite being a beastwoman, her only beast traits are her cat ears, a tail and the gloves and shoes that resembles animal feet.

Shrine Girl Amul / Holy Maiden Amul
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"I am Amul. I can read the future in the stars. Please let me go with you."
Amul, setting out to practice everything she has learned.

A girl descended from a race of shrine maidens said to have come from another world, and now living in the mountains around La Veda as fortunetellers. As a newbie, Amul has yet to perfect her fortunetelling ability, but her skill in the sword is noteworthy (though she'd rather not fight). Along the way, however, she managed to master both disciplines.

Gambler Zeul / High Roller Zeul
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"Nice, here's my chance. I'll go along with you. That's all there is to do."
Zeul, grabbing his opportunity.

Zeul grew up in the company of gamblers, honing his skills to become a stable better with a penchant for suddenly making huge winning runs. It is rumored that his sheer amount of luck actually comes from his skill of sleight-of-hand and trickery learned from his parental figures, and he was notorious for disappearing after getting big breaks but then returning home broke, leading to more rumors that he even played against demons.


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