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Part 12 of the summoned units in Brave Frontier.

If you cannot find any units within the listing range, you may want to go to the following:

  • Part 4: Unleashed Ravana Vishra, Vicious Twin-Edge Logan, and Executioner Lilith XTF (all three under Cursed Flame Armor)
  • Part 5:
    • Colossal Vars (under Disastrous Beast)
    • Mayhem Empress Luly, Optimum Mecha Grybe, Gilded Dogma Rina, Icicle Lance Raydn, Siva Afi Ramna, and Cyclonic Heroine Ophelia (all under Twelve Guardians of the Gods)
  • Part 7: Marzanna Reaper Elza (under Bonded By Blood I)
  • Brave Frontier Special Units:
    • Maestro Goddess Miku (under Vocaloids)
    • Deemo and the Girl (6*, Light) and Dark Deemo and the Girl
  • NPC Allies: Mock Units of the following:
    • Elise / Informant Elise and Seismic Fury Lugina (all under Akras Summoners' Hall)
    • Radiating Grandeur Paris (under Imperial Capital Randall)
  • NPC Villains: Mirfah / Retribution Demon Mirfah (under Wulgee)

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    Tales II 
Crossover from: Tales Series
Rarity Range: 5-6


"No Summons Ever!"

One of the 3 BigBads in Tales of Destiny 2. During the war between Aeth'er and Er'ther, Barbatos sided with the latter, but after being compared to another commander, he defected to Aeth'er. This branded him as a traitor and historian records of him are erased. Millieniums later, an unknown entity revived him. Barbatos then went after young heroes to kill them with hatred, not likely to stop until his bloodlust is satisfied.

Tropes present in this game


"If you mean to get in my way, then your only fate is destruction!"

The main antagonist in Tales of Phantasia. A Demon King with unknown motives, he led demons under his command to attack Midgards, initiating the great war known as the Valhalla War. The powerful Mana Cannon that would come to be used in this war would spell the downfall of Dhaos, but he somehow managed to escape through space and time afterwards.

Tropes present in this game

Milla Maxwell

"I will carry out my duty! No matter what happens! Now, let's go!"

One of the protagonist in Tales of Xillia.

Tropes present in this game

  • Four-Element Ensemble: Her Super Brave Burst can give herself and everyone else the elements of fire, water, earth and thunder for 2 turns.
  • Light 'em Up: Her primary element.

    Bonded By Blood II 
Rarity Range: 5-7, Omni for Avant
For the first batch, go here.

War Fire Avant / Strife Blaze Avant / Ardent Dawn Avant / Undying Flame Avant
Click here for evolutions 
"Are you inviting me to a new battle? Very well then. I just have to wield my sword again."
Avant, forced to wield Dandelga anew.

Vargas' father. Thought to have died during a mission from the previous Emperor of Agni, he was actually wandering around aimlessly due to amnesia. During the latter stages of the war, Galant found and took care of him before he handed him Vargas' sword, Dandelga.

  • Action Dad: Was a prestigious knight of the Agni Empire, who also inspired Vargas to follow in his footsteps.
  • Amnesiac Hero: Unfortunately, Avant suffered from this when he was on one of his missions.
  • BFS: He wields Dandelga, which was his late son's Weapon of Choice. He actually had his own greatsword called Dandemagus, which was lost when he suffered amnesia.
  • Heroic BSoD: He broke down for three whole days after he recovered his memories AND learned about his son's death. And this is after how many years of being a wandering amnesiac. Poor man can't catch a break.
  • Playing with Fire: At least we know where Vargas got his elemental affinity from.
  • Tragic Keepsake: Dandelga is his only reminder of his son.

Frost Prisoner Lune / Hail Breakout Lune / Icicle Mirror Lune
Click here for evolutions 
"Fine... I'll fight with you... Don't have a reason why though... As long as we destroy together..."
Lune, excited to find more excuses to go on a killing spree.

Luly's equally psychotic cousin. Feared that Lune couldn't control her massive power, her family imprisoned her in the basement of her own mansion. When the war of the gods broke out, she was freed from her prison but then destroyed her own hometown in revenge.

Regal Sword Dolk / Imperial Blade Dolk / Heavenly Claymore Dolk
Click here for evolutions 
"I am not Zelban. I'm the man who was once Zelban. If you're fine with that, I shall lend you a hand."
Dolk, advising the Summoner to no longer see his old identity.

The first known holder of the title "Zelban", a master of the La Vedan fencing style. Eventually Dolk grew tired of the La Vedan fencing style, so he passed down his title to his pupil before wandering around Grand Gaia in order to create his own style. His pupil in turn will become the one who will help Michele fight against Melchio.

  • BFS: He lugs one around. Apparently having one is a requirement to even be a Zelban.
  • Collective Identity: He is the very first of the many people who have donned the identity of "Zelban".
  • Green Thumb: Like the Zelbans before (or rather, chronologically-wise, after) him.
  • Legacy Character: He was a Zelban before he passed on his title to his pupil.
  • The Mentor: Just like the Zelban after him. After that Zelban returned his name to Dolk, he wandered through Elgaia to find a suitable replacement by training random orphans.
  • Passing the Torch: To the Zelban after him. Unfortunately, that Zelban suffered a humiliating defeat against Melchio, and returned his name to Dolk out of shame. Since then, Dolk wandered to find another person to pass the torch.
  • Training from Hell: His training regiment is very scary, to say. One of the regular training is running for 10 kilometres and repeat when Dolk thinks it isn't enough.

Shock Fist Rahgan / Bolt Master Rahgan / Thunder Champion Rahgan
Click here for evolutions 
"I may be a sick old man, but I'll prove myself more useful than those useless friends of yours."
Rahgan, trying to prove to the Summoner that he's still got it.

Toltya Dojo's instructor. Famous of his military exploits, one day he suddenly cast a seal on his fists and retired, only to suddenly return when his dojo came under attack.

  • Determinator: Not even old age and diseases could take him down.
  • Elemental Punch: His regular Brave Burst is a thunder-based punching technique.
  • Incurable Cough of Death: It was said that he vomited blood just after the dojo's students celebrated his return.
  • The Mentor: He's the one that taught Zeln, Dilma, Nemia, and Rhein what they all know.
  • Shock and Awe: He is a Thunder Unit.

Light Priestess Charla / Holy Saint Charla / Merciful Beacon Charla
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"I am but a coward who fights behind a mask. Do not thank me. Your scorn shall do just fine."
Charla, ashamed of hiding her identity.

Head Priestess of La Veda. She wore a mask to conceal her identity and helped the civilians with her power, leading to rumors that she was a high-ranked knight, of which Will and Aem disproven. But when she aided Maria, people began to realize who she was.

  • Cool Mask: She wears one on her first two forms.
  • Dual Wielding: With a staff and a shortsword.
  • Light 'em Up: Her element.
  • Stranger Behind the Mask: An in-universe example. The one time when she helped Will and Aem led to rumors that she was a high-ranked knight, but even then the two knights didn't or couldn't recognize her.
  • Support Party Member: In spades. She can boost the party's BB gauges, Spark and Critical power, heals and can remove ailments, while being able to regenerate both HP and BB Gauge, as well as fill BB Gauges per Spark hits.

Metal Forger Chrome / Shadow Alloy Chrome / Calamity Steel Chrome
Click here for evolutions 
"Don't place too much faith in me. I'm here to fight for myself, not for the rest of the world."
Chrome, admitting to more selfish reasons for fighting.

Younger brother of the last Emperor of Bariura and uncle to both Alice and Elza, who exiled himself to the borderlands due to multiple assassination attempts on him. During the war with the gods, he was named commissioner of Bariura's special military force, and he did his best to help Elza in her struggle to save Alice.

  • Big Brother Mentor: Well, "Uncle", but the Sixth Princess Melina described him as this towards the Princesses of Bariura in Thousand Memories collaboration's Grand Quest.
  • Dual Wielding: In his 7-Stars form, Calamity Steel, he dual-wields scythes.
  • Casting a Shadow: Like his nieces from Bariura, he is a Dark Unit.
  • My Master,Rightor Wrong: Despite not agreeing with the emperor's orders, Chrome still regardless obeyed his older brother
  • Sinister Scythe: He may be the one that taught both Alice and Elza how to use one.
  • Token Good Teammate: Chrome and Sirius are pretty much the only members of the Bariura royalty to have cared for their people. Chrome was also the only member of the family who cared for his nieces Elza, Alice, and Melina

    Monsters Debuting in Fal Nerga 
Rarity Range: 2-3
Leader/Friend Skill:

Carbuncle / Garfon

Areigira / Aerohang

The Areigira are migratory birds native to Ishgria. They favor waterfront areas and are able to store large amounts of water in their bodies. As the result, they are as soaked and become high-priority preys for desert dwellers. As time passes, their bodies and wings double in sizes as they evolve to Aerohang. They usually mate for life once they matured, but there's no visible differences between either genders. Aerohang's meat tastes terrible, so they are hunted by gourmets or the desperately starving.

Mantis / Wargloon

Raidenil / Volteg

Wisp / Lebutorium

Goetia / Grimoire

A particular individual who crossed from Grand Gaia to Ishgria has a magical tome with him. When the owner lost it, it was touched by evil and a hand was formed from pages containing dark magic, becoming Goetia. Anyone who touches Goetia's hand will be dragged into the book to be drained from their health, and their lifeless remains will be spat out. Overtime, as it devoured wanderers in Ishgria, it accumulates knowledge and becomes Grimoire, showing more bizarre anatomy like functional eyes on the cover. It lures targets with its sinister laugh, but shows concern for its true owner. As the result, its innermost thoughts stay unknown.

    Sphere Founders III 
Rarity Range: 5-7
The third of Sphere Founders batch. Unlike the previous two batches, the Spheres they're based on are either hard to craft or one-time completion rewards.

For the previous batches, go here and here.

Lava Beast Vermilion / Fiend Master Vermilion / Rider Empress Vermilion

"You shall obey me. And if you do, I shall love you. He he... What a fool."
Vermilion, amused to see her new servant.

An Empress of Agni Empire, Vermilion was famous for continuously expanding the Empire's territory by invading surrounding areas. One day, when Vriskra suffered from a terrible plague, she set up an army to find land fertile enough to grow crops. The troops encountered a demon that was too string, so she ordered her troop to retreat while handling the demon one-on-one.

As a Sphere Founder, her legacy is remembered by Phoenix Crown, which regenerates HP.

Spring Flower Piany / Flower Blossom Piany / Sacred Lotus Piany

"You want to me to help you? I guess I could...You're a good person though, right?"
Piany, questioning her Summoner's morality.

A fairy from Vriksha Duchy. Piany turned herself into a flower to cure the Duchy from the plague disease. This transformation, however, mutated her to become more demonic.

As a Sphere Founder, her legacy is remembered by Piany Flower, a Spark-type Sphere that nullifies ailments and heals its bearer when they landed a Spark hit.

Demon Pike Drevas / Emerald Pike Drevas / Malachite Pike Drevas

"You better not. This has nothing to do with me..."
Drevas, quietly denying to help.

A demon born orphaned in Grand Gaia. Driven by despair and loneliness, he laid waste across Grand Gaia. His only refugee is the forest that he took refuge in to rest and recover. Slaying disciples after disciples, he eventually challenged the highest god himself. Drevas lost the battle, but the Holy Emperor found his powers too wasteful to be disposed off.

In the end, his soul is sealed into a pike. A nobleman found the pike one day, suddenly awakening in him a thirst for adventure...

Blue Spark Reud / Cobalt Thunder Reud / Prism Lightning Reud

"A lowly sorcerer from another world? Very well then. You shall witness my power."
Reud, mocking his Summoner.

An Emperor from another world, Reud longed for further evolutions of humanity. He then ordered several scientists to research the evolution, and offered himself to be one of the test subjects. When he was in a deep sleep as part of the experiment, his world got destroyed, and the cocoon he's in got thrown to Grand Gaia. Several skirmish with Grand Gaia's gods made him trapped in Ishgria, and later, Vortex between worlds.

As a Sphere Founder, his legacy is remembered by Spirit Tiara, which greatly boost Attack and BB gauge when attacked.

White Dragon Folg / Gilded Tail Diragaze / Seraph Wings Kiravel

"I have no interest in humans, but I do care about Summoners. I shall remain with you briefly."
Folg, showing interest in its Summoner.

An ancient dragon who lived within Sama Kingdom's mountain range. There was a legend about how bathing with its blood would grant immortality, and thus Folg became a target of many. Though because of its gentle nature, Folg never attacked those people. However, it was said that when it got angered, Folg could demolish an entire mountain range into a bare field.

As a Sphere Founder, its legacy is remembered by Thunder Pearl, which boosts Attack and Defense for set amount of turns.

Demon Knight Febros / Centaur Paladin Febros / Sacred Kinnara Febros

"Only my master can control me. Serving my master is my happiness. I am here for my master's sake only."
Febros, stating its priority.

A disciple who served a high-ranking god as a living shield. He is so loyal, he chose to wait for him when he could choose to serve another higher-ranking god instead, when his original master vanish during the great war. One day, humanity return when the gate from Elgaia. Febros was antagonistic until he met Grahdens, who chose to fight with his own strength despite knowing how to summon. Eventually, Febros decided to accompany Grahdens on his journey across Grand Gaia.

At the end of his life, his body transformed into a long spear, but not before departing words of wisdom to his companion. The spear is Ishrion, Grahdens' Weapon of Choice, named after his Affectionate Nickname given to it.


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