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Part 13 of the summoned units in Brave Frontier.

If you cannot find any units within the listing range, you may want to go to the following:

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    • Immortal Phoenix Levarza (Under Final Beast Bosses of St. Lamia)
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    • Omega Demise Shida (Under Military Leaders during the War of the Gods)
  • Part 5: Paladin Crusader Sodis and Phantom Victor Zephyr (Under Twelve Guardians of the Gods)
  • Part 6: Aqua Pura Lucina (Under Might and Magic)
  • Part 7: Legendary Thief Zelnite (Under Sphere Founders I)
  • Part 8: Shocking Beauty Orna (Under EX Dungeons Heroes)
  • Allies: Blazing Dawn Owen and Effulgent Dusk Grahdens (Under Arkas Summoner's Hall)

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    Original Randall Imperial Guards 
Rarity Range: 5-7
The first of many generations of Randall Imperial Guards. Led by Rouche, they kept the Imperial Capital from every threat, one of which was the invasion of a demon.

Fire Rod Limera / Flame Staff Limera / Volcanic Scepter Limera

"You're my commanding officer? Nice to meet you! Looking forward to fighting with you!"
Limera, greeting her new commander.

The younger daughter of Refugee Leaders Reed and Lucana. Dissatisfied with her parents' decision to not help sorting out the on-going political turmoils within Elgaia, Limera ran away from home and enlisted herself for Randall Imperial Guards. Little did she know that her brother Rouche followed her.

Ice Knight Farzen / Hail Shadow Farzen / Frozen Typhoon Farzen

"I'm no one. I don't need to be anyone. I just serve Summoners now."
Farzen, being apathetic.

A mysterious knight who was first seen saving the refugees from a demon. He refused to take off his mask, nor answering anything about his past. "Farzen" is even said to not be his birth name. When he joined Randall Imperial Guards, he also took several secret missions from the government in addition to the usual demon-slaying missions.

  • Cool Mask: Unlike Charla, he never takes it off.
  • Critical Hit Class
  • Expy: Being similar to a character who died long ago, wearing masks to cover their faces, as well as that quote above? He's basically Tobi.
  • Identical Stranger: He looks a lot like Colt and even has the same Critical-oriented skillset as him. Farzen even lampshades it in one of his quotes.
  • Making a Splash: He suspiciously has the same element as another guy with blue, braided hair.
  • Mysterious Stranger

War Soldier Estelle / Laureate Heroine Estelle / Peacock Xena Estelle

"Our union shall be our strength. What do you think? Sounds cool right?"
Estelle, imitating her idol.

A promising tactician who led a civilian force to fight against demons. A great admirer of Atharvan General Weiss, Estelle was said to memorize his strategies and studied them in great details. However, when she got appointed as Randall Imperial Guards' tactician, she began to make her own strategies.

Twin Bolts Julius / Dual Current Julius / Double Voltage Julius

"All right, leave it to me! I wanna become a hero! Just like the two guys who saved me that day!"
Julius, reminiscing about his goal in life.

An aspiring sky pirate who made a name of himself by slaying demons for civilians. When he was a child, Julius was saved and then raised by Grafl and Falma. Rumors said that it was Julius' idea that Randall Imperial Guards came to be, though he couldn't join them as the higher-ups only accepted those of noble blood. At least, until civilians constantly petitioned for his addition.

  • Fanboy: Of Grafl and Falma. Justified, as he was rescued by them.
  • Has Two Mommies: Gender-inverted: After being saved by Grafl and Falma, he accompanied them for many adventures. Eventually, he developed his fighting style based on both of them.
  • Popularity Power: The reason why he was allowed to join the Imperial Guards in the first place is because the populace liked him.
  • Shock and Awe: His element, taking after his mentors.
  • Sword and Gun: He Weapon of Choice, being inspired by both his heroes.

Pure Knight Rouche / Tranquil Moon Rouche / Lunar Blade Rouche

"Have you seen my sister? Oh, I'm terribly sorry! Yes, of course I will help you!"
Rouche, searching for his sister.

The elder son of Refugee Leaders Reed and Lucana. Unlike Limera, Rouche understood his parents' decision and followed them. When Limera ran away from home to join Randall Imperial Guards, he followed her, and several circumstances made him its captain.

Cursed Sword Laberd / Doomed Edge Laberd / Soul Reaver Laberd

"You use me, I use you. As long as we're helping the weak, it doesn't matter."
Laberd, reminding the Summoner that they're helping the weak.

An orphan who wandered in solitude after he arrived in Elgaia. One day, he met an aged Dolk, who then forced him to be his pupil. Before Dolk could pass the "Zelban" title to him, Laberd left. Hoping to use the Vedan fencing to help civilians, Laberd enlisted to the provincial army, and later Randall Imperial Guards.


    Proto-Mock Gods 
Rarity Range: 5-7
In another technologically-advanced world, there was a war between a loving goddess Lafiel and a sinister goddess Malbelle to decide the fate of their world's humanity. Malbelle recruited her fellow gods Klaus and Isterio to aid her. Feeling overwhelmed, Lafiel cooperated with the humans to create a weapon of mass destruction known as Gildorf. Gildorf's creation turned the tides of war in Lafiel's favor as Gildorf went on to destroy Klaus and Isterio. However, one of the humans who helped Lafiel, Reihard, was caught in an accident that caused him to get thrown to Elgaia.

In Elgaia, the head of Summoners' Research Lab asked Reihard to help him developed the Mock Unit type known as "Mock Gods". Reihard suggested to base the "Mock Gods" on Klaus and Isterio. Little that they knew, this would eventually cause chaos...

Common Tropes

Hot Metal Gildorf / Scalding Iron Gildorf / Scorching Steel Gildorf

"I am a destroyer of gods. You, who perform my very purpose...I grant you my power."
Gildorf, introducing itself.

A weapon of mass destruction meant to protect its world from all threats. During a war in its world, it defeated rogue gods Klaus and Isterio. But when the two gods were revived as Mock Gods in Elgaia, Gildorf and its master Lafiel set off to destroy them once again.

Drake Armor Klaus / Dragon Shell Klaus / Wyvern Wings Klaus

"Humans, ruling the gods? Lowly Summoner from another world...I will only follow you for this brief moment."
Klaus, mocking his Summoner.

One of the gods who seeked to destroy the humanity from his world, Klaus formed a hasty alliance with Malbelle, only to be destroyed by Gildorf before he could do anything. He was later revived as a prototype for Mock Unit type called "Mock Gods". However, his original self managed to take control of the Mock Unit, and proceed to go on rampage along with fellow Mock God Isterio.

Snake Chord Isterio / Cobra Tune Isterio / Venomous Echo Isterio

"Hahahaha! What a delightful comedy! I will gladly bow my head to a human!"
Isterio, sarcastically laughing at the irony.

Another god who seeked to destroy the humanity from his world, Isterio also formed an alliance with Malbelle, and also got destroyed by Gildorf. Like Klaus, he's resurrected as "Mock Gods", and also went on rampage once his original self managed to regain control.

Magnetic Lady Lafiel / Electric Beauty Lafiel / Galvanic Belle Lafiel

"You are one of them. One of my beloved humans...Thus I entrust you with my power..."
Lafiel, entrusting herself to her beloved humans.

A goddess from another world who sided with her world's humanity, Lafiel worked with the humans to make Gildorf, her trusty guardian. When she sensed that Reihard, one of those humans, got thrown to Elgaia and made "Mock Gods", she followed him there, bringing Gildorf along with her. However, she also sensed her opposite Malbelle manipulating things behind the scenes.

Lawful Pride Reihard / Flawed Principle Reihard / Dharma Seal Reihard

"This... Is this Summoning?! I never imagined that I would be Summoned myself."
Reihard, being surprised at his own summoning.

A scientist from another world who turned to study magic after being dissatisfied by the technologies. An accident caused him to get thrown to Elgaia, and he was found by Akras Summoners' Hall. They told him about Elgaia and the art of Summoning, and directed him to meet the then-current head of Summoners' Research Lab. Their conversations would later progress the development of "Mock Gods".

Unworldly Guns Malbelle / Occult Arms Malbelle / Ghastly Blaster Malbelle

"I die, and the world dies...Must I do your bidding as long as I fail to crumble?"
Malbelle, not wanting to die again.

A goddess from another world who sought to destroy her world's humanity and replace them with machinery. She persuaded Klaus and Isterio, her fellow gods, to aid her. But the two were destroyed by Lafiel's guardian Gildorf before they could do anything. Malbelle then sent Klaus and Isterio's souls to be taken somewhere, and eventually found her way to Elgaia, where she got an unfriendly welcome from the Summoners of Old.

    Bariura Royalties 
Rarity Range: 5-7, Omni for Sirius
Six of the last Bariura Emperor's many children. These princes and princesses were tasked to do what their father wanted, including assassinations, invasions to surrounding regions, and instilling certain mindsets to the civilians of the empire.

For the 2nd Princess, Elza, see Part 7's Bonded by Blood. For the 8th Princess, Alice, see Part 2's Human Champions during the War of the Gods.

Common Tropes

  • Abusive Parents: The Emperor of Bariura, who raised his children to be Child Soldiers and had no qualms to throw them away when they outlived their usefulness, sometimes by pitting them against each other.
  • Elemental Nation: Averted for this batch; all of them came from the ruined Bariura Empire, a region associated with the Dark Element, but Melina is the only member who is Dark-elemental.
  • Family Theme Naming: Only in Global version, all of their titles begin with Inferno, then Hades, and finally Tartarus.

Inferno Berdette / Hades Flame Berdette / Tartarus Blaze Berdette

"A mere Summoner dares to call me? Do you comprehend the magnitude of your folly, servant?"
Berdette, being haughty.

The third Princess of the Bariuran Empire. As a wielder of fire-binding magic, Berdette relies on confusion and deceit to avoid getting caught in the imperial court's conspiracies until she was appointed as captain of the capital's Public Order Division. Although outwardly harsh and oppressive, she has honor and integrity, and her heart is for her people and her nation. Berdette is well-known for holding the Bariura wall off the gods the longest.

Inferno Sareas / Hades Flood Sareas / Tartarus Wave Sareas

"I'll do my best! I hope I can be of help to you. Um...did I say something odd?"
Sareas, being careful to not reveal his psychotic self.

The third Prince who is well=versed in the arts of peace as well as war, and is a talented ice archer. During the emperor's political reign of terror, he is the only child likable among the citizens, but several unofficial documents suggests his cruel side. When he was appointed to guard the East Gate, Dure defended him from the incoming disciples' attacks. This lead him to fight back while revealing his savage self towards his enemies.

Inferno Dure / Hades Might Dure / Tartarus Demolition Dure

"You've realized that you need my power? There's hope for you yet! Stand back. I'll show you how it's really done!"
Dure, showing his prowess.

The second Prince of the Bariuran Empire. As a master of an earth-chain axe, Dure was appointed as a commander of the exhibition forces, though it was suspected to be more for his blind loyalty, rather than his military prowess. Even though he gave postwar treatments to the nations he has conquered, Dune was feared and hated among them. Fortunately, no one was able to assassinate him. During the war of gods, his team was appointed to ambush the God Army before they reached the Bariuran borders. When he saw some disciples going for the East Gate, he passed command to his lieutenant to rescue Sareas.

Inferno Radia / Hades Stun Radia / Tartarus Sacrifice Radia

"...I understand the situation. So you are to be my new master, then. I await your command."
Radia, submissively obeying her Summoner.

The fifth Princess of the Bariuran Empire. Unhappy with the lives of her younger sisters, Radia devoted herself to imperial political authority to oppose her father's policy. But as all she had was defeat after defeat, she eventually lost hope and ended up becoming his servant, joining Berdette in oppressing their people. This made her bitter and spiteful, and she often quarreled with her siblings. When the empire succumb to the war of gods, Radia charged at them to give her people a chance to escape from their wrath.

Inferno Sirius / Hades Glare Sirius / Tartarus Massacre Sirius / Sacred Emperor Sirius

"It would appear that humanity never learns. If you seek to improve...allow me to lend you my strength."
Sirius, hoping that the current humanity will not make the same mistakes.

The eldest Prince, and the successor of the throne. Since young, Sirius mastered a variety of subjects, and with a flashblade he discovered in the royal treasury, he cut demons down with ease. His charisma swayed a lot of people to his side, though this may not be a good thing; historians suspect that the Bariuran Emperor was using him to get people to his side. When he's appointed to guard the Main Gate, the God Army had to change plan and attack the other gates. Sirius was last seen leaving his post to check on his father, but as he was never seen again, the Main Gate crumble followed by the Bariura Empire as the whole.

Inferno Melina / Hades Slayer Melina / Tartarus Burial Melina

"Oh, so you're my target? What! Oh, really? You're the one who summoned me? Then tell me, where's the target?"
Melina, being over-excited about her next assassination.

The sixth Princess of the Bariuran Empire. Melina was trained from young for infiltration and assassination. This gave her connections with various operations within the empire including the secret army led by her uncle. For being able to gather the deepest secrets of people she scouted, Melina was rightfully feared by many. During the war of the gods, the little records about her is that she was seen laughing as she was covered in the blood of the gods.

  • Casting a Shadow: At last, we have the element that matches their home location.
  • Cute and Psycho
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Before becoming a playable unit, she makes an appearance on a collaboration Grand Quest chapter with Thousand Memories that centers around Alice and Elza.
  • Knife Nut: Wields the shadow arms.
  • Troubling Unchildlike Behavior: Like Alice, she was trained in assassinations since her childhood. The difference between them is that Melina gladly accepted it and went along with it. This behavior is said to make even Chrome troubled.

     Bearers of Burden 
Rarity Range: 4-6
These units are criminals who got sent to Ishgria by Elgaia Federation because normal sentences weren't enough to punish them. Led by an idealist officer Kyle, who thought that this was just a simple expedition involving criminals, they were sent to their deaths.

Common Tropes

  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: All but one of them are criminals who were waiting for their death sentence.
  • Randomly Drops
  • Suicide Mission: What this version of Ishgria Expedition Force really is. Justified, as the criminals were too powerful to be executed normally, and Kyle's superiors wanted to get him out from the picture.

Flaming Javelin Lars / Burning Spear Lars / Scorching Halberd Lars

"To fight on after death, you say...Very well. I'll do my part. Just find me a worthwhile opponent!"
Lars, being thrilled to fight again.

Imprisoned for getting carried away in a heated duel and ended up killing his opponent. While serving his sentence, Lars was visited by a government official of the Federation, who offers pardon in exchange for joining an expedition force into demon-held territory. Lars accepted out of enthusiasm that he would get to battle demons. During the first encounter of a demon, Lars stepped in to fight it one-on-one. The captain then led the rest of the troop to their objectives, but upon return, only a broken spear and his blindfold remained.

Ice Knight Kyle / Frozen Blade Kyle / Arctic Wings Kyle

"So you are the one who summoned me? I will gladly lend my power to aid those who seek true justice."
Kyle, wondering if his Summoner is also seeking true justice.

A government official who was instructed to lead the Ishgria Expedition Force consisting of criminals. Kyle was initially concerned about the true motivation of the assignment, but he accepted the task for the sake of the future. He investigated the convicts involved for their abilities and personalities, and as he found out that they wouldn't work together well, he suggested splitting up and cover more ground. Unfortunately for him, things do not go as planned when they encountered a demon. With their team halved, Kyle led the survivors to the gate, only to be betrayed and abandoned by his superior.

  • Double Weapon: He wields a swallowblades. His later forms combine the edges to make it more like a combination of an axe and a BFS, though.
  • Dying as Yourself: Before the demonic influence from Melord and Wulgee's curse-inducing plants could corrupt him completely, Kyle commited suicide and remained human for his death.
  • Justice Will Prevail: His mantra in life.
  • The Leader: Of the Ishgria Expedition Force assigned by Elgaia Federation.
  • Making a Splash: As Water unit.
  • Sympathy for the Devil: Towards the then-decaying Melord, if his Arctic Wings' Fusion quote is to be believed.
  • Token Good Teammate: He is the only one who wasn't a criminal in Ishgria Expedition Force. Also, it's heavily implied in his Ice Knight form's lore that he was the only high-rank official at that time who constantly chose morally-correct decisions during missions.
  • Too Good for This Sinful Earth
  • Uriah Gambit: The Ishgria Expedition Force that he led is actually a way to get him out from the Federation, but he never found out about this.
  • Wide-Eyed Idealist: The reason why he was hated by his superiors.

Steel Noble Heins / Machine Lord Heins / Robot Maniac Heins

"You have my gratitude, Summoner. There is no time to lose. My masterpiece must be completed."
Heins, begging the Summoner to let him finish his masterpiece.

Imprisoned wrongfully for apparently sabotaging his experiment that led to many lives lost. When offered to join the Ishgria Expedition Force, he jumped on the boat as he would get to complete his creation, Zenas. Claiming that it would be necessary for the mission, Heins collected the latest information on the otherworldly technology to modify Zenas further. When the team reached Ishgria, Zenas scout around Rakshult alone, as ordered. Leaving the fighting to Zenas, he investigated on the facilities before a demon residing in the area confronted him.

Thunder Hero Rutheon / Crashing Bolt Rutheon / Demolishing Roar Rutheon

"What do you fight for? If you fight for those who cannot defend themselves...I shall aid you."
Rutheon, asking his Summoner to defend others alongside him.

Imprisoned for the Federation soldiers genocide, in retaliation to them wiping his village out. Kyle offered Rutheon pardon in exchange for joining the Ishgria Expedition Force. At first, he showed no interest, but then he heard about the fiendish beasts that inhabit Ishgria. Within the squad, he is the most stotic, only giving his name and stare back at those who met his gaze. When things went wrong during the mission, the team parted ways and Rutheon made himself a home within Ishgria. He spent the rest his life carrying out the traditions of his people, hunting beasts for material and food and surviving in the harshest of environments.

  • BFS
  • Born Lucky: He managed to survive his tribe's genocide because he was out from his village at the time. And he's also lucky enough to not meet any of the Demon Lords during his stay in Ishgria.
  • Shock and Awe
  • Sole Survivor: Of the independent tribe that used to inhabit the borders of Elgaia Federation. He's also the only one of Ishgria Expedition Force who wasn't immediately killed off by the reigning Demon Lords.

Moon Sovereign Alicia / Lunar Queen Alicia / Selene Empress Alicia

"Summoner, you are the chosen one. It is an honor to serve you. Please, ask of me anything you desire."
Alicia, being excited to serve The Chosen One.

Imprisoned under the suspicion of treason when she preached within the Akras Summoner's Hall. When Kyle offered her pardon in exchange for joining the Ishgria Expedition Force, she complied, knowing Ishgria as the place where the demons were sealed. Alicia's charisma won over her squad's trust, but when they reached Ishgria, she went her way to destroy demons. By the time she returned to the group, Kyle informed her about the betrayal, but she insisted that Lucius was testing them to exterminate demons.

Criminal Warrior Jade / Sinful Edge Jade / Wicked Demon Jade

"If you have summoned me, you must know of my true identity. If you keep my secret, I will aid you where I can."
Jade, being cautious over his new client.

Intentionally imprisoned to spy on the Ishgria Expedition Force. Just like his informant said, Jade was then selected for the mission. As the team reached Ishgria and split, he searched for intelligent life forms and found a group of dragons fighting among themselves. He joined in and sided with the ones who were black and demonic, thinking they could provide useful information, but he found out too late that he was influenced by an experiment he partook in prior. Thanks to that experiment, he transformed into a demon in the middle of the battle, but ended up betraying the demon he fought for and ended up killed by the other humanoid ones.


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