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Characters / Brave Frontier Raid Monsters

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    Raid Class 1 


The first monster you are assigned to beat, as a common task for newcomers to the Raid Battles to train with.


A Summoner joined the Demon Slayers when she grew of age, only to be defeated by this monster about 20 years ago. Her loved one requests you to avenge her...non-death.


A curious researcher requests you to battle this tree and gather any information on it.


A horde of these monsters have been ruining a Tough Merchant's business by popping all over his trade routes, especially when there's a big crowd present. He requests for 5 of them to be taken down.


A tough demon in Mt. Ziland whom Noel tries to go after.

    Raid Class 2 


They are worm-like creature like the Granomus who also screw up the business of the Tough Merchant.
  • Making a Splash: Its element, contrasting Granomus especially during the Ambush Pincer Attack! quest.
  • The Paralyzer: It can cast an Ao E that inflicts Paralysis every 3 turns.


A noble wants to fund the Raid Battles but first wants to know if it is worth it. Summoners are challenged to take on this tough monster and to win for the Raid Battles to be funded.

Laguna Rex

A young botanist requests for a sample of the back of a dragon demon, specifically the tree-like appendages grown on it.

Van Lucy

A Scholastic Summons discovered an unworldly demon while surveying the wetlands. He tried to study it further, but he was injured by its ambush, prompting him to request for someone to look into it in his place.

Van Nader

A demon who has slain a group of Demon Slayers except the weakest one. But for some reason, it let him go, rather than finishing him off. Said survivor requested for it to be taken care of, but he was unsure whether it was a trap to draw unwitting Slayers in.


    Raid Class 3 


Nalda Delia


  • Barrier Change Boss: Her main body part can change elements every 2 turns, though she may change to the same element she was previously in (ie. Earth to Earth).
  • Green Thumb: Her torso's element.
  • Light 'em Up: The element of her bottom part.
  • Shock and Awe: The starting element of her main body, and the consistent element of her arms.

    Raid Class 4 




    Raid Class 5 



Queen Sipla




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