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Part 14 of the summoned units in Brave Frontier.

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    • Flare Paladin Darvanshel (Under Sphere Founders I)
    • Shadow Assailant Kuda (Under God's Loyalists)
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  • Allies: Sacred Goddess Tilith and Rainbow Goddess Tilith (Under Lucius and His Disciples)

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     Kulyuk and Followers 
Rarity range: 5-7; 7-Omni for Kulyuk

Common Tropes

Mythic Kulyuk / Fabled Emperor Kulyuk
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"I am Kulyuk. One of the Divine Ten. Have you summoned me here?"
Kulyuk introducing himself.

One of the highest ranking gods amongst the Divine Ten. Kulyuk was much wiser than his peers, judging the lives of all creatures as equal, regardless of their origins. He was also well known for having subordinates of a great variety of races. For this reason, he was a very unique and influential individual in the World of the Gods, until his whereabouts became unknown after having been summoned by the Holy Emperor shortly before the war between the gods and humankind erupted. Many suspect this was the dirty work of a particular god, but there is no evidence to substantiate this.

  • Combination Attack: One of his Special Enhancements is boosting Spark Damage.
  • Critical Status Buff: His Leader Skills raises Def and Rec based on how low his teammates' HP is.
  • Elemental Barrier: His Extra Skill adds Fire barrier effect to BB/SBB.
  • Gradual Regeneration: One of his Special Enhancements adds HP restoration for 3 turns effect to BB/SBB.
  • Healing Factor: Has 2 enhancement options that allow him to heal his team.
  • No-Sell: Towards status ailments and elemental weaknesses, if not by Leader Skill, then by his own Extra Skill.
  • Playing with Fire: As a Fire Unit.
  • Status Buff: His SBB boosts Def relative to Atk for 3 turns. One of his enhancements also adds enormous, separate Def boost for 3 turns effect to BB/SBB.
  • Up to Eleven: After unlocking Spark damage boost and BB gauge boost when attacked, he has an option to enhance their effects further.

Sea Nymph Averus / Ocean Jewel Averus / Nereides Treasure Averus

"I have nothing to hope for now that the world is missing that person... Yet I still find myself attached..."

One of Kulyuk's disciples. Known as his crucial and loyal advisor, she does all she can to defend Kulyuk's ideology. When she last saw him having a meeting with Karna Masta, curiosity got into her as she almost found herself exiled from the World of Gods by Mare's trap. Determined to save Kulyuk, Averus unleashed her full powers and boldly challenged Zevalhua for apparently tricking Kulyuk.

Holy Beast Belardo / Grieving Beast Belhem / Tempest Dragon Bestalg

"These eyes only see a painful past. But you peer into them regardless... I'll accompany you for now."

An ancient deity who was despised for its ability to see the painful memories of anyone in its vicinity. Despite this, Kulyuk often interacted with Belardo, eventually winning its respect and admiration, and becoming its loyal friend. Sometime after it evolved into Belhem, it came to learnt that Kulyuk has been backstabbed by Karna Masta. Retreating back to Vriksha in tears, it was confronted by Alfa Dilith, who was ordered to exterminate all divine beasts. In an unwinning battle, as Alfa Dilith mocked Kulyuk, Belhem bursted into rage as it evolved into Bestalg. Using its newfound powers at the cost of its life, it prophesied that Alfa Dilith would be taken down by a mighty human.

Mechanized Reddrag / Solid Frame Dolgrag / Steel Automaton Voldoga

"Restarting program... Systems normal... Awaiting instructions..."

A disciple of Layla, and by extension, Kulyuk. It was an automation first found in Lizeria. Reddrag was unable to speak, and its power left much to be desired, so humanity began to scrap it until it was rescued by Belardo and, under its advice, served under Kulyuk. Once its functions were repaired in the World of the Gods, everyone was astonished by its great capacity to learn, leading Layla to mentor it. Overtime, by learning under her, it evolved into Dolgrag. When Layla went to confront on the rumor of Kulyuk's betrayal and execution, Dolgrag tailed behind and evolved to Voldraga to save her from Maxwell's ambush.

Guiding Light Layla / Virtuous Shimmer Layla / Untained Justice Layla

"So, you're the one who summoned me. I shall put you to the test. Let's see what you're capable of."

One of Kulyuk's disciple. She was initially uncomfortable with Kulyuk's radical ideals of treating all living creatures equally, but eventually came to understand his cause. During one of her mission, she heard rumors that her master was executed by the Holy Emperor. Believing Kulyuk was still alive, she set off enraged at the betrayal he had suffered, deciding to go after the Holy Emperor alone. Though Dolgrag had followed her in hopes to stop her, they learned too late that they're trapped by Maxwell and Cardes. Already enraged after the innocence of her master had been questioned, her fury reached new heights by Cardes. She put her own life on the line striking him down with all her might......

Mysterious Knight Zeal / Hollow Drakness Zeal / Mauve Tenebrosity Zeal

"My identity is no business of yours. Now hurry. Give me your orders."

One of Kulyuk's disciple who masters stealth and agility. Zeal began to suspect that the world ruled by Lucius had grown corrupted, and secretly investigated with his master's permission, but when he uncovered something about Karna Masta, Kulyuk vanished. Suspecting his master to be silenced, he continued on his mission without telling the rest, in case they too would suffer the same fate. Eventually, he would be ambushed by one of Lucius' disciples, and in a heated battle, a portal opened and swallowed them both. The last thing known about Zeal is how he fight in Kulyuk's name, displaying his normally hidden power that exceeds an average disciple's.

    Founders of Meirith 
Rarity range: 5-7; 7-Omni for Vern and Silas

Common Tropes

  • Four-Element Ensemble: Vern, Silas, Golzo and Leona ensembled together when their gems merged into one and shone brilliantly. Astall and Eclise later joined under different circumstances.
  • Mutual Disadvantage: Using non-ultra brave bursts allow Golzo, Vern, Leona and Silas as well as allies with their matching elements to share a mutual weakness against elementals they're weak to.
  • Sigil Spam: Like the Guardians of Meirith after them, they have the Meirith emblem somewhere in their attires. Though Golzo (chestplate), Leona (garterbelt), Astall (hat), and Eclise (shoulderpads) only gained it in their 7-Star form.

Intense Flame Golzo / Furious Blaze Golzo / Vehement Pyre Golzo

A champion among his people living in the mountains of Lizeria who worships an otherworldly deity, the "Flame Wolf". One day, he found a mysterious gem near the tower of Lizera. He felt an inexplicable surge of power as he picked it up. Immediately afterwards, Vern and Silas came to him, both having the same gems, and told him he was chosen by Karna Masta. At first taken back, he eventually left his people and accompanied the duo, recalling an ancient folklore about a servant of the gods.

Blue Purity Vern / Absolute Zero Vern
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One of the founding members of the Guardians of Meirith. Born half-goddess and half-human, one day she was given a divine mission by a disciple of the Holy Emperor. That mission was to collect the Four Divine Gems scattered around the world, the "worthy ones" who held them, and to establish the Guardians. She gathered these comrades over a long journey, and founded the Guardians of Meirith. It is said she succeeded in her mission, traveling the entire world as their leader and spreading the glory of the Holy Emperor.

Pink Thorns Leona / Colorful Spikes Leona / Natural Whip Leona

Abandoned by her parents as a child, Leona formed a band of thieves among other similar orphans who help the poor. She disbanded the group when Silas saved her life and pointed out that the gem she was carrying showed that Karna Masta chose her. She went along his group, albeit with ambiguously ulterior motive. As she traveled across Grand Gaia as a Guardian, she found many children in similar situations as she was. She already unlocked her latent powers when the Four Divine Gems merged into one, but when she had the conviction to help those children, her powers reached new heights.

Thunder Punisher Silas / Lightning Menace Silas
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One of the founding members of the Guardians of Meirith. Possessing a certain gem from a young age, he eventually met Vern with a similar gem and learned it was one of the Four Divine Gems which proved he had been chosen by the Holy Emperor. Afterwards, the two went on a journey to find their comrades with the remaining gems, and eventually founded the Guardians of Meirith. As a Guardian, he battled demons who defied the gods, and despite mysteriously dying early from a mission, tales of his brilliant skills with a spear are still told today.

Holy Minister Astall / Radiant Sage Astall / Pious Saint Astall

Dark Divinity Eclise / Somber Goddess Eclise / Dusk Artemis Eclise

Born under a long line of magicians, Eclise underwent harsh training to master an enormous volume of knowledge and technique without complaint. Eventually, she was asked to join the Guardians by Karna Masta himself, to which she complies gladly, but she did not get along with her teammates well due to her pride at being directly recruited by the god himself. This led to a mock battle between her and Vern, with the leader leading the Guardians. There were no record of who won, but ever since that battle, Eclise became aggressive in behavior and personality.


    Felice and Followers 

Red Witch Shelly / Scarlet Arts Shelly / Garnet Sorceress Shelly

Shelly was born to a famous house of famous sorcerers and contributed the study of magic even further with her great intellect and talents. Initially apathic to the world, she one day encountered Pamela fighting a monster. Smitten by her fierce and noble demeanor, she decided to serve under the same goddess as her, and she became a better sorceress since. When the scandalous news of her goddess' murder came out, she and Pamela agreed to find Lara, the top suspect.

Frost Harp Soleil / Ice Melody Soleil / Arctic Virtuoso Soleil

Perpetual Goddess Felice / Eternal Goddess Felice
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Counted among the Divine Ten beings of the realm of the gods. She is known as the goddess of benevolence who appreciated and reached out to humans and had many followers, especially women. However, her death came at the hands of the girl she showed the most favor to. The death of a superior goddess by the hands of a human sent a great shock through the realms, and it is said to be the indirect cause of the battle between gods and humans.

Bolt Singe Pamela / Lightning Fury Pamela / Supreme Thunder Pamela

Sacred Dragonchild Lara / Celestial Wings Lara
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A girl who followed the goddess Felice, a member of the Divine Ten. She was raised with dragons, and was exceptionally clever from a young age. The goddess hoped that she would take a place between gods and humans in the future. But one day it is said she suddenly killed the goddess and disappeared. At the same time, the dragons she kept with her also vanished. Just what happened between her and the goddess is still not known to this day.

Dark Soil Mizerka / Murky Pond Mizerka / Shadow Ocean Mizerka

A necromancer who served under Felice as urged by her sisters, but her real interest is in Lara and her dragon. Throughout her service, she bonded with Lara while studying her dragon. Felice eventually found out and was heartbroken over the matter. When the news of the goddess's death reached them, her sisters tried to ascertain the facts and where the girl who supposedly killed her went, but when they asked Mizerka if she knew of the girl's whereabouts, she would simply answer that she was in a place they could not go. Some time afterwards, she part ways with her sister and has not been seen since.

    Feudal Heroes 
Rarity Range: 7-Omni

Ardent Monk Rengaku / Dancing Flames Rengaku
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"You're a lucky one. I'll lend you my amazing strength. Just sit back and enjoy the ride!"
Rengaku confidently proclaiming his powers.

A warrior monk who fought with a special weapon. Raised in a temple renowned for its warriors, Rengaku developed many weapons and honed his skills with his friend, a certain red-haired ninja. When he received a call for help, he would take to the battlefield like his own stage, in full make-up, and use weapons of his own design. Later, when the temple was attacked by nearby countries which felt threatened by it, he acted as a shield to protect his friends. The manner of his death remains unknown, but legends tell he self-destructed to hold off his foes.

Indigo Charm Azami / Dark Allure Azami
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"The true power of the twin blades... I think I know how to use it. Father, Mother, watch over me...!"
Azami, had she lived long enough to overcome her swords' powers.

A swordswoman who pursued devils with her magical blades in hand. Azami's father was a known swordsmith who offered his soul to the serpent god in order to create two magical swords to get revenge on the devilish fox god that killed his wife. Azami pursued the fox god with her swords "Manic Sakura" and "Sanzu," but her body and soul were continuously affected by the evil within them. Unfortunately, whether or not she managed to finish her difficult journey and avenge her family remains a mystery.

Divine General Izuna / Godly Command Izuna
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"What are your hopes, your desires? First show me your morals. In response, I'll lend you my strength!"
Izuna asking for her summoners' stance.

A general who devoted her life to fighting. She aided those in need and fought unjust invaders with all her strength. She became known as a master of the spear after defeating a dual-wielding samurai in a duel. But she encountered the fox god while on an expedition, and died from the wounds she suffered in that encounter. Afterward, her domain quickly deteriorated without her support, but the name of the general who fought for her own sense of justice was not forgotten, and her story continued to be told.

  • Light 'em Up: She is a Light Unit.
  • Naginatas Are Feminine: As a warrior from a world equivalent to feudal Japan.
  • No-Sell: With her SP options, she can nullify all status ailments, status reduction debuffs, elemental damage, critical damage, and defense-ignoring damage.

    First Summoner's Foes and Friends 
Rarity Range: 7-Omni

Green Fang Daze / Emerald Tusk Daze
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"That child...always protected me. This time...I will be the protector. That is...the clan chief's...role."
Daze on her devotion.

A disciple of the Holy Emperor that resided in La Veda, she met and fought against the First Summoner and his companions on their visit to Grand Gaia. She found herself at a disadvantage when the summoning technique took her by surprise, and the sacred beast that served her was slain. The rage borne of her loss awakened the dormant powers within her. She drove the Summoner into a corner, but was unable to finish him as his comrades sacrificed themselves to stop her. It is said that the Summoner defeated her in the end, and that she transformed into a beautiful wolf.

Roaring Beast Zekt / Howling Wolf Zekt
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"Protecting the tribe's chief...That is my mission! To that end, I will topple any enemy with a single blow!"
Zekt on its loyalty.

A wolf-type sacred beast that served a certain disciple. Its strength in battle was said to eclipse even the gods. It fought against the First Summoner while he was on a solitary adventure, and left a massive scar on his face. Afterwards, it encountered the same Summoner alongside his allies, and faced them beside its disciple master. The sacred beast did not yield an inch despite being outnumbered, and succeeded in defeating a female Summoner. However, it was dealt a mortal wound immediately afterward by another Summoner's spear. It is said that even facing its own death, the sacred beast continued to fight to protect its master.

Cerulean Knight Stein / Sapphire Noble Stein
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"Are you for real? Summoning a Summoner? That's not even a good joke."
Stein not being impressed by his summonee.

A Summoner who once adventured alongside Grahdens, who recognized his abilities and named him the fourth Summoner. He was known for his sarcasm as well as his keen mind, but was not close with the female Summoner who adventured with the group. However, this female Summoner sacrificed herself to save his life in a battle with a disciple and the sacred beast that served her. Immediately afterwards, he took the same course of action and sacrificed himself to save his comrades.

Phoenix Thunder Rayla / Bennu Edge Rayla
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" the secret art of Fusion. I know of it. But although I've used it before, this is the first time I, myself am being fused."
Rayla commenting on her standard power.

A Summoner who once adventured with Owen and his companions. Although she could not see Lucius' Gate initially, she awakened as the third Summoner after nursing wounds Owen suffered on an adventure. However, when the adventurers found themselves in combat with a disciple and the sacred beast that served her, Rayla took an attack to spare her comrade. She then died in Owen's arms. It is said that Owen accepted a last request from her at that time, but he will not speak of the matter to anyone.


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