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Special units who debut during the time their respective Holiday Vortex appears.

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    Hellborn Nightmare 
Rarity Range: 2 (Pumpburkiny) / 4-7 (Semira) / 4-Omni (Ciara) / 7-Omni (Galtier)


"Guess who?!"

A group of Burnys came across a pumpkin field and decided to fuse their bodies with the pumpkins there. This granted them an extra buffer to their strength and defense.

  • Gameplay and Story Integration: Pumpburkinies are said to gain their strength and defense from the pumpkin they're fused with. Their stats are indeed greater than regular Burnies' in Attack and Defense as well as in HP and Recovery.
  • Joke Character: It is a 2-starred unit, and seems to only exist for Halloween.
  • Playing with Fire: Its element.

Red Hood Ciara / Scarlet Hood Ciara / Crimson Hood Ciara / Sanguine Hood Ciara / Abyssal Witch Ciara

"I will use the fearful evil I have harnessed to aid you."
Ciara, offering her help.

Ciara used to be a simple sixteen-year-old peasant girl from a forest village, until a pack of man-eating wolves killed her family, leaving her the sole survivor. She wandered for days until she met Semira, a witch who offers to train her in the dark arts to allow her to avenge her family. After a year of training, they formally part ways, with Semira giving her student a magical scythe with which she must "cut away through her fears". Soon after her graduation Ciara finally tracks down and slays the demonic wolves, absorbing their souls into her scythe, where she forces them to do her bidding.

  • Birds of a Feather: A non-romantic version with Semira — both are girls robbed of their loved ones by tragedy and are now seeking vengeance.
  • Four-Element Ensemble: Her passive skills increase the Attack of Fire, Water, Earth and Thunder units. And as Sanguine Hood, she can apply the four elements to the squad with her Super Brave Burst.
  • Little Dead Riding Hood: Inverted — while she certainly was in danger, she only wore her red cape after completing her training under Semira.
  • Playing with Fire: As her element.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: Her mission in life was to find the wolves and avenge her family.
  • Sinister Scythe: Her Weapon of Choice.
  • Sole Survivor: Of her family, who were eaten alive by wolves.
  • Tragic Keepsake: Her iconic red hood, a gift from her late grandmother, which she wears once she decided to set out on her quest for vengeance.
  • Your Soul Is Mine: What she does to the wolves that killed her family.

Semira / Pumqueen Semira / Pumpress Semira / Pumleficient Semira

"We will aid you in your dark travels."
Semira, lending her and Jack's powers to the Summoner.

Semira's simple life as apprentice under her blacksmith father was shattered when he was murdered by a mad knight for whom he had forged a scythe (jealously making sure he doesn't make another weapon which can match his), before cutting her down in a pumpkin farm. Unfortunately for him, at hand is Jack, a wisp who had been watching her from the shadows, who saves her by soul binding — a process which requires two physical objects to complete; in this case, Jack takes a pumpkin as secondary medium. Under the tutelage of Jack, whose existence she was aware of all this time, Semira trains herself for years to one day avenge her father, during which time she became mentor to Ciara, who, like her, lost her family to tragedy. Shortly after Ciara's departure, she finally met the mad knight who killed her father and defeated him, while Jack absorbs his soul, binding to obey his and Semira's every whim.

Fallen Knight Galtier / Ruinous Despoiler Galtier

"This world needs but one hero. Not the so called "nobility. No... This world needs only me!"

In order to become a knight, one must be of noble birth and pledge their allegiance to the kingdom. These "knights" of the uppercrust are often a little more than ruffians, picking on the peasant folk at their own pleasure. And then there are the "onion knights"; they were noble not of birth but in deeds. These "onion knights" were recognized by the kingdom for their valiance and sacrifice in mankind's greatest times of need. They were revered and honored by the peasant folk, but scorned by the highborn. The man known as Galtier was one such onion knight. Born the son of a farmer, Galtier proved his worth as a mighty warrior by slaying a powerful demon wolf that lived in the dark woods. Thus Galtier was handsomely rewarded with his very own land, manor and title. Having tasted the power and wealth he never had in his entire life, Galtier desired for more. He commissioned a master blacksmith to forge him a weapon unlike any other, using the fangs of the demon wolf he slew. After the weapon was forged, Galtier struck down the very smith who forged the weapon, along with his helpless daughter. He could not risk having anyone come into possession of a weapon more powerful than his. He alone would be the hero of the people. Little did he know of the fate that awaited him—that the innocent daughter of the blacksmith he slew would return with far more power than he had, and claim the vengeance that she was due.

  • Casting a Shadow
  • Would Hurt a Child: He was the one that ended up killing Semira (and her father.)
  • Sinister Scythe: His weapon of choice, although it looks very impractical. Then again, so does everything in Brave Frontier.
  • Face–Heel Turn: Originally was a brave knight who helped slay a powerful demon, but was corrupted by power and riches.
  • The Corrupter: His Omni lore states that he was the one who turned Ciara evil

    Winter Glades Blitz 
Rarity Range: 2 (Frosty) / 4-6 (Nick, Jack, Eva) / 5-Omni (Zeruiah) / 7-Omni (Silvie and Haido)


"Brr...I hate summer!"
Frosty breaking the ice.

A snowy-themed slime monster born within a violent snow storm. They are weak and low-classed monsters who only reside in bitter-cold regions and will come out only during the harshest of winters, where the land is blanketed with ice and snow. Children who had seen them call them the "mystical bouncing snowman".

Nick / Furious Nick / Raging Nick

"The naughty will pay for their crimes..."

Nick was but a huntsman from an affluent family of artisans when he saved a wintry elf from a Wendigo. To repay the favor, the elf's kin willingly helped out with Nick in setting up his workshop once he decided to settle down into the family business. One day, however, a group of bandits looted the place and killed its elven workers. Enraged, Nick took the ice blades of his sleigh, turned them into his swords, and set off on a mission of vengeance.

  • Badass Santa: His overall motif, complete with a pair of BFS taken from his sleigh blades.
  • Dual Wielding: The blades on his sleigh pass for his swords.
  • Light 'em Up: One of the two additional elements he can attack with his Brave Burst.
  • Mutual Disadvantage: Towards water units if can use his Brave Burst to deal Thunder-elemental damage.
  • Playing with Fire: His element.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: Those bandits should have known better than make a quick buck at the expense of the little elven friends he has made.
  • Shock and Awe: The other additional element he can use to attack through his Brave Burst.

Jack / Jack Frost / Avalanche Jack

"Try to catch me in the snow!"

Throughout his life Jack loved riding in a sleigh, and when he turned eighteen he built himself a pair of ski blades for both feet and arms and challenged the peaks of Grand Gaia. One adventure, however, turned bad when an avalanche buried him, and he was only saved from certain death by a silver-haired woman simply known as Eva. Since then he stayed by Eva's side even as he serves as protector and guide to all mountaineers.

Eva / Snow Princess Eva / Snow Queen Eva

"I am Eva of the snowy mountains..."

Eva was abandoned into the mountains by her parents for fear of their status of nobility being accused of having been earned through witchcraft due to her immunity to the cold and ability to control snow and ice. Eva survived by building herself an ice shelter and making friends of the various spirits therein, and to help alleviate her loneliness turned themselves into a living snowman to be her physical companion.

Ageless Keeper Zeruiah / Timeless Warden Zeruiah / Eternal Guardian Zeruiah / Infinity Starsage Zeruiah

"I am Wisdom. I am Knowledge. I am Zeruiah."

Ressurected Silvie / Silent Sentinel Silvie

Toy Soldier Haido / Eldritch Rocker Haido

    Witch of the Abyss 
Rarity Range: 4-Omni (Fei and Fang) / 4-6 (Fang) / 6-Omni (Xie'Jing) / 7-Omni (Feng and Long)

Cursed Fei / Blighted Fei / Execrated Fei


Fei was from a middle-class family in Krung-go, a secluded kingdom in the eastern end of Grand Gaia. Despite his handsome looks, talent in martial arts and great knowledge, he had no interest in girls until he met the noblewoman Fang. One day, however, he was abducted by Xie'jing, witch of the abyss, who took an obsession with him, after a failed attempt to seduce him by posing as Fang (which Fei easily outed). By the time Fang came in with reinforcements, he was already turned into a mindless puppet by Fei, thus starting the "Witch of the Abyss" special event.

  • Genius Bruiser: He is described to be both proficient in martial arts and pretty smart to boot.
  • Making a Splash: His element, which is even carried over when fused with Heroine Fang for evolution.

Huntress Fang / Heroine Fang / Fei and Fang / Heroes Fei and Fang

"Let's slay the witch of the abyss and rescue my love!"

Refusing to be bound by her life as a daughter of nobility, Fang left home and honed herself in skills of martial arts and hunting. One day she met Fei, a bookworm and fellow martial artist, and both his skills and refined mannerisms struck a chord with this rebellious noblewoman. One day, however, she was captured by Xie'jing, witch of the abyss, who then posed as her to lure in Fei, with whom she was obsessed. Fang managed to escape in time to tell her fellow noblemen of what just happened, but with none willing to help her out, Fang set off on her own to train herself and find a few helping hands.

  • The Dividual: By combining Blighted Fei and Heroine Fang together and evolving the latter.
  • Green Thumb: Her main element in battle.
  • Making a Splash: The secondary element in her 6* form, only activated by her Brave Burst. Justified, as it is carried over from using Blighted Fei as an evolutionary unit.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Start as a Grade C, then becomes an A with light lavender stockings once she evolves.

Temptress Xie'Jing / Demonic Witch Xie'Jing

"My, my… what do we have here? What a charming face you have. Come here, darling… I promise, I don’t bite…"

A mock unit patterned after Xie'Jing, an evil sorceress notorious for her hatred of humanity and habit of spreading plague and terror, but especially manipulating young men to bend to her will, until she was finally defeated by Fang, the lover of one of her victims, Fei.

Ardent Soul Feng / Blazing Phoenix Feng

Fei and Fang's daughter.

    Nice Burny 
Rarity Range: 3

Nice Burny

*Sizzle* *Slap!* *Pop!* *Pow!* "Can't touch this!"
Nice Burny imagining itself as a competent fighter.

Ever since it has been bullied by new summoners, Burny has learnt tricks of the trade such as dodging potential foes as well as avoiding unnecessary confrontations. In time, it has mastered some powerful spells to aid its friends in danger. Fellow slime demons love Nice Burny. Kids that play with it call it the bravest of all Burnies.

  • Alliterative List: His quote when first acquired.
    Nice Burny: *Sizzle* "Are you a friend, fiend, freak or foe??"
  • Area of Effect: The support aspect of its Brave Bursts enhances its entire team. It can also paralyzes the entire opposing team with Super Bravest Burst.
  • Blob Monster: Being based from a regular Burny.
  • Elemental Powers: It can enhance its teammates with all six elements with its Super Brave Burst.
  • Nice Guy: Willing to share its powers with other slimes.
  • The Paralyzer: With any of its Brave Bursts, it may paralyze its opponents.
  • Playing with Fire: Its main element. It can also enhance its allies with said element with its Brave Burst.

    Easter Bunny Girls 
Rarity Range: 4-7 (Bonnie) / 4-Omni (Carrol) / 7-Omni (Vikki, Cotton)

Deadly Bonnie / Fatal Shot Bonnie / Lethal Cannon Bonnie / Plasma Blaster Bonnie

"Don't underestimate me just because I'm cute! I hit like a cannonball!"

A mysterious girl from the world of Paskua with rabbit ears, a skull-adorned helmet, and a large cannon by her side. Despite her cute looks, her cannon packs quite a punch, and it is even said to have been forged from a metal unlike any other found in Grand Gaia.

  • Casting a Shadow: One of the her two additional elements when she attacks with her Brave Bursts.
  • Playing with Fire: The other of the her two additional elements, activated by her BB.
  • Shock and Awe: Her main element.
  • Standard Status Effect: Using her Brave Bursts in general allows her to inflict a random status effect.
  • Status Buff: By using her Super Brave Burst, she can buff her allies with all her three attacking elements.

Cottontail Carrol / Egg Hunter Carrol / Eggsecutioner Carrol / Eggstra Colorful Carrol

A girl from Paskua who rode into Grand Gaia astride her giant rabbit Bianco. A gentle, tender soul, Carrol often hands out candy to people, who are nevertheless freaked out by the size of her animal companion. As she started collecting eggs in Grand Gaia, she noticed an increase of hostiles, prompting her to train herself for combat.

Mad Whizz Vikki / Ebil Genius Vikki

"Hear me and obey! I, the diabolical Vikki will be the Overlord of Paskua! Hey! Are you listening?!"

A self-proclaimed mad scientist from the mysterious world of Paskua. The lonely but (wickedly) talented Vikki had a one day conquer the world of Paskua! In order to fulfill her ambition, Vikki needed an instrument of great power to turn her dream into reality—the ultimate robot bunny army! Sugar, spice, and everything nice...these were not the ingredients she chose to achieve her goals, however. Vikki wanted something more sinister—a magical source of infinite power! With some luck, it came to her attention that colorful eggs endowed with mystical powers could be found in the world known as Grand Gaia. Convinced that the eggs were the perfect final ingredient, she dispatched her faithful minion (and pet) Cotton with a mission: to collect all the mystical eggs at any cost! Laughing (diabolically), Vikki proclaimed that Paskua would soon fall into the clutches of her ebil paw. Perhaps when she became Paskua's Overlord its people would finally start paying attention to her.

Egg Seeking Cotton / Autonomous Cotton


A rabbit and machine hybrid from the mysterious world of Paskua. This oddly adorable, yet powerful creature wore a special headpiece that scanned its thoughts and projected them as human speech. Its arrival in Grand Gaia is believed to have been an order from someone back in its home world who desired the mystical and colorful eggs found there. While attempting to complete its mission, it discovered that the eggs it was after were already being gathered by a girl atop a gigantic white rabbit. Deducing that it would be easier to complete its task by just taking the eggs the girl had collected, it chased after her and her fluffy companion. Although no accounts found so far disclose whether Cotton ultimately completed its mission or not, rumor has it that the delicious carrots of Grand Gaia had a profound effect on its behavior henceforth.


    Shapeshifting Lovers 
Rarity Range: 5-Omni

Randolph / Ensorcelled Randolph / Lycanthrope Randolph

"I am Squad Captain Randolph of the Witch Hunter Order! I will erase all evil for you!"

Ravenna / Star-Crossed Ravenna / Landeythan Ravenna

"Vice-Captain Ravenna reporting! I will snipe down any foe. None shall harm you, Summoner!"

Randolph and Ravenna

"Is this a dream? No! This is as real as the constellation that watch over us."

    Paradox Blossom 
Rarity Range: 6-Omni

Juno-Seto / Dawnbearer Juno-Seto / Empreyan Juno-Seto

"Across space and time I have answered your summons. Come into my bosom..."'
Juno-Seto, offering her protection to the Summoner

A deity from another plane of existence, where a world of life blossomed under the care of her magic and her servants. When a phenomena known as the Ravaging Void began tearing her world apart, she and her servants escaped to the depths of her world, where she sacrificed her light elementals to form a protective barrier around the remnants of her realm. With the state of the realm quickly deteriorating, a being known as Zeruiah contacted Juno-Seto from another dimension and offered her assistance. The two established a dimensional link, allowing both the entities of her realm as well as a Divine Seed containing a fragment of Juno-Seto's soul to escape into Grand Gaia while Juno-Seto remained behind to sustain the barrier.

In her Omni Evolution, Juno-Seto is reborn after the Divine Seed is planted, allowing a large blossom to bloom and reincarnate Juno-Seto. Having retained some of her memories prior to her death, she gathered her followers escaped from her home realm and lead them to the Far East, where they prospered. However, as her remaining memories returned, an unease deep within her soul began to grow, until a tear in space-time emerged above her and her entities, that which spewed out endless void beings that plunged the world into chaos and despair. Fighting back against the invaders, she comes face to face with her ultimate enemy, Ensa-Taya, her remnant that was consumed by the Ravaging Void.

  • Evil Me Scares Me: When she meets Ensa-Taya.
  • Foil: To Ensa-Taya, since Juno-Seto is focused around life and support.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Her original form died trying to help the beings of her world escape from the Ravaging Void. When she was reborn and engaged Ensa-Taya in war, she sacrificed herself again to destroy them both.
  • Last Chance Hit Point: Her Leader Skill gives your entire team a chance to gain a pseudo-Angel Idol effect when they would be killed by an attack. Unlike most pseudo-Angel Idol effects, there is no HP requirement for activation, the RNG simply needs to work in your favor. This naturally makes her the bane of many players' Arena and Colosseum runs.
  • Power-Up Letdown: Her Omni is basically her 7-Star but with marginally larger numbers.
  • White Mage: More or less fits the bill, but throws in some attacking to her Brave Bursts for good measure.

Ensa-Taya / Umbral Bloom Ensa-Taya / Void Pasha Ensa-Taya

"Gaze upon my majesty, foolish mortal! Hey! Where are you looking at?! Such impudence. As expected from a lowly beast."

A deity from another plane of existence, where a world devoid of life and light suffered under the torment of nothingness for millenia. A beautiful ruler fueled by vanity, Ensa-Taya was born from this world's depths, and brought under her iron fist elementals and spirit-insects to beautify the world around her. However, living alone in her new world quickly bored her to the brink of madness. Sensing a pulse of energy at the edge of the realm, Ensa-Taya tracked it down and summoned its form from the dark energies she wielded, crafting an interdimensional gateway that linked her world to Grand Gaia.

In her Omni Evolution, Ensa-Taya is reborn in the void, eroded by the void's corruption and afflicted with periodic psychosis. In her unstable state of mind, she repurposed her followers for combat and discovered a lush and beautiful world to invade. Unleashing her wrath upon the outside world, the strength of her soul drew her to her counterpart, Juno-Seto, upon which Ensa-Taya was driven completely insane through an overwhelming force of emotion. Their ultimate battle carried on across the months until Juno-Seto was defeated. However, it is said that in her last moments, Juno-Seto sacrificed herself to embrace Ensa-Taya and banish them both from the dimension, leaving behind only a crystal pillar entwined with petals and vines as a memory of their war.

  • Black Mage: Fitting, since she's the counterpart to Juno-Seto.
  • Evil Counterpart: Ensa-Taya is actually the original Juno-Seto that was consumed by the Ravaging Void.
  • Foil: To Juno-Seto, since Ensa-Taya is focused around destruction and damage.
  • Frickin' Laser Beams: Her attack animation involves raining lasers down on opponents using her rod.
  • Glass Cannon: Both her HP and DEF are rather sub-par for an Omni unit, but her Brave Burst lineup is devastating. Keep her alive, and she'll pay off in spades.
  • Laughing Mad: In her Omni Evolution quote.
  • Power-Up Letdown: Her Omni is basically her 7-Star but with marginally larger numbers.
  • Scratch Damage: Her Ultimate Brave Burst summons a Dark-elemental Barrier that guards against 20,000 HP worth of damage and makes any hit dealt to protected characters equate to 1.
  • Noblewoman's Laugh: In both of her Fusion quotes.


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