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Part 11 of the summoned units in Brave Frontier.

If you cannot find any units within the listing range, you may want to go to the following:

  • Part 4:
    • Wildfire Lotus Michele and Invictus Xeno Melchio (both under Ten-Winged Tormentor)
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    • Hailstorm Armor Reeze (under Cursed Flame Armor)
  • Part 5: Crimson Phoenix Farlon, Blizzard Fang Signas, Midnight Allure Lunaris and Glorious Crusader Alyut (all under Twelve Guardians of the Gods)
  • Part 7: Immortal Beast Sargavel (under Sphere Founders I)
  • Part 8: Immortal Dragon Ragshelm and Fulgor Heroine Shera (both under Dragon War)

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     Ishgria Expeditioners 
Rarity Range: 5-Omni
Leader/Friend Skills: Stat Boosts (For Griff, Rhoa, Krantz and Kafka) / BB Bonuses (Auto-Regeneration for Iris and Brave Burst Power for Libera)

The Ishgria Expeditioners, also known as the "Ishgria Recon Squad", were members of the Akras Summoners' Hall who volunteered or were chosen to take part in a covert mission to venture into Ishgria - a then unknown world - with the intent to explore the area and gather as much information as they could about it.

They were also the fellow Demon Slayers Squadron heads of Grahdens and Owen, ranging from the 4th to the 9th Squadrons, and were reputed to be as powerful as the former two.

However, their power didn't save them from their fates in Ishgria...

Common Tropes

Strong Flame Griff / Mighty Flame Griff / Indomitable Flare Griff / Furious General Griff
Click here for evolutions 
"Congratulations for summoning me. But I dare you to show me a petty fight. I'll send you flying."
Griff, excited to fight anew.

Long before he was one of the Akras Summoners' Hall's greatest fighters, Griff was a mere Randall Empire footsoldier whose skill saw him rise up the ranks as high as a General. However, bored with small skirmishes with the Elgaian Federation, Griff yearned for a challenge until he fought the First Summoner, Owen. He was eventually inspired to join the Hall, where he also rapidly rose its ranks until he became a high-ranking Summoner, both within its overt and covert squadrons.

While leading the expedition to Ishgria, Griff was forced to hand over command to Krantz and stayed behind to face off against a powerful demon in a battle that lasted for several days, the memory of which was forever seared into the denizens of Ishgria.

  • Badass Cape: He wears a cape which gets more ragged throughout his latter forms.
  • BFS: Wields one that is on fire and is longer than he is tall.
  • Blood Knight: He loves fighting, which factored into his decision to join the Akras Summoners' Hall once he deemed staying with the Randall Empire's military brass to be too boring, and only after he fought Owen and lost.
  • Cool Old Guy: Aside from his love of fighting, he didn't take his loss against the First Summoner badly - instead, it actually spurred him to go and become one of the most powerful and reliable Summoners within the Akras Summoners' Hall.
  • Critical Hit Class: His later Leader Skills allows for the boosting of all the critical damage his allies can deal if he is set as the squad leader. He can also boost their ATK and HP by a certain percentage as well.
  • Defector from Decadence: He resigned from the Randall Imperial Army despite being a General there and joined the Akras Summoners' Hall where he felt more at home.
  • Eye Patch Of Power: He wears one over his left eye, which has the image of a skull and crossbones on it.
  • Four Is Death: He was the leader of 4th Demon Slayers' Division. Guess who died first among the Recon Squad.
  • Four-Star Badass: Griff rose to the rank of General back when he was still with the Randall Imperial Army.
  • The Leader: Of the Ishgria Expedition and of the 4th Demon Slayers Squadron, which was retired after his death.
  • Making a Splash: His secondary element when using his Brave Bursts and Super Brave Bursts, where both elements are applied to the whole squad for 3 turns.
  • Old Soldier: He may be old, but he can still kick ass and take names, as well as fight a demon twice as powerful as he is into a standstill for several days.
  • Playing with Fire: His primary element.
  • Passing The Mantle: He is on the giving end towards Krantz, as he had to leave the group to stop a rampaging demon from killing the expeditioners.
  • You Shall Not Pass!: He stayed behind to fight a powerful demon to ensure his fellow teammates could escape to safety, not knowing his efforts were soon going to be in vain.

Lapis Princess Iris / Azure Queen Iris / Indigo Soul Iris / Oceanic Mirror Iris
Click here for evolutions 
"I'm happy to be needed. But the reason why you need my power, is not one I'm happy about..."
Iris, skeptical of the Summoner's intention.

Once a Randall Civil Officer, Iris was sacked on accusations of espionage on behalf of the Elgaian Federation, and although her name was almost immediately cleared, by that time she had already moved on to join the Akras Summoners' Hall, where she surprised everyone there with her combat prowess. Though only a few records remained of her, among her recorded actions was discovering the truth about the War of the Gods, as well as being able to summon the souls of the long deceased Twelve Guardians of the Gods.

While on the expedition to Ishgria, she was charged with guarding a portion of the reports they made about the land by Libera, before getting separated from the others. After surveying her surroundings, she encountered a being who called herself a goddess...

  • Defector from Decadence: She worked for the Randall Empire as one of its Civil Officers until she was sacked for allegedly spying for the Elgaian Federation. Since then, she has joined the Akras Summoners' Hall and never looked back.
  • Fangirl: Iris is implied to be one for Twelve Guardians of the Gods, going as far as preferring to use them in her squad. It helps that she was the one who found out about the truth of Sodis' betrayal of the gods while surveying a certain ruin one day, vindicating him and his fellow Traitor Guardians.
  • Jousting Lance: The knight spirit that accompanies her as Indigo Soul carries one as its weapon.
  • The Leader: Of the 5th Demon Slayers Squadron, which was retired after her disappearance and presumed death.
  • Making a Splash: Her primary element, though visually its closer to An Ice Person.
  • The Mole: Iris is implied to be one, but who she works for is unclear.
  • Mysterious Stranger: She had this reputation in-universe, where even Grahdens and Owen didn't really know her as much as they thought they did. Additionally, most information about her were also wiped off the Akras Summoners' Hall's records, including the ones dating back to the times where she still served the Randall Empire.
  • No-Sell: Just like Balgran, her Ultimate Brave Burst helps reduce all Fire and Earth-elemental damage to 1 for 2 turns.
  • Playing with Fire: Her secondary element when using her Brave Bursts and Super Brave Bursts, where both elements are applied to the whole squad for 3 turns.
  • The Quiet One: She doesn't talk much.
  • Royal Rapier: Iris wields one as her Weapon of Choice.
  • The Southpaw: And she wields it this way.
  • Stocking Filler: She uses suspenders to hold her stockings in all of her three forms.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Her 7-Stars lore implied that she met Mora after getting separated from her fellow expeditioners. Considering that she can be summoned as a unit, one can safely assume she was killed by her and that the detailed reports on Ishgria she carried for her teammate Libera were either kept or destroyed by the Guile Demon.
    • It was revealed in Grand Quest that she was killed by the demon who hunted the Recon Squad ever since they arrived on Lem.

Green Sparkle Libera / Jade Shimmer Libera / Emerald Radiance Libera / Flourished Bloom Libera
Click here for evolutions 
"Huh? Is this the...? Oh well, who cares. Let's do this!"
Libera, unused to the life of being a summoned being.

Dissatisfied with her role as one of the Randall Empire's Imperial Guard, Libera, against her noble family's wishes, joined the Akras Summoners' Hall after suddenly gaining summoning powers one day. Among her feats in her new life as a Summoner was rising up the ranks to become a Squadron head for the Demon Slayers, exploring the lands in and around Grand Gaia, and recording the territorial conflicts between the Four Fallen Gods Maxwell, Cardes, Zevalhua and Alfa Dilith, where all of the information she gathered helped future generations of Summoners to know the state of affairs within Grand Gaia.

While on the expedition to Ishgria, her group was attacked by demons. She entrusted a portion of the reports they made about the land to Iris, and later she and Krantz led what was left of them in an attempt to make it back across the Gate to Elgaia alive.

  • Badass Cape: She gets a red one as Emerald Radiance.
  • Bling of War: A downplayed example - she only has a few gems and very little gold plating on her armor.
  • Defector from Decadence: Libera quit the Imperial Guard and joined the Akras Summoners' Hall because she became tired of acting like a pretty toy soldier all her life, and wanted to prove herself useful for once.
  • Flower in Her Hair: She wears two white ones above her left ear.
  • Green Thumb: Her primary element.
  • Hair Decorations: Libera later gets beads and even more flowers to cover strands of her hair.
  • I Have No Son!: Her family's reaction to her quitting the Imperial Guard. Thankfully, she doesn't care about what they think of her.
  • High Class Gloves: She wears a pair of them in all of her forms.
  • The Leader: Of the 8th Demon Slayers Squadron, which was retired after her last stand with Krantz.
  • Ojou: Libera was one, before she rebelled against her family to join the Akras Summoners' Hall.
  • Royal Rapier: Likewise with Iris, a rapier is Libera's Weapon of Choice.
  • Shock and Awe: Her secondary element when using her Brave Burst and Super Brave Burst, where both elements are applied to the whole squad for 3 turns.
  • Took a Level in Badass: She went from being a cushy Imperial Guardswoman to being a determined Squadron head for the Demon Slayers during her tenure as a Summoner.
  • You Shall Not Pass!: She and Krantz later performed this to let the seventh member of their expedition escape and Bring News Back to their headquarters... but unfortunately, they didn't know their efforts were going to be in vain.

Thunder Pole Rhoa / Lightning Rod Rhoa / Roaring Staff Rhoa / Inquisitive Soul Rhoa
Click here for evolutions 
"So you're the one who summoned me?! I don't wanna work for you!! Just playin'. Let's get crackin'!"
Rhoa, joking around before taking his job seriously.

Rhoa was once a researcher for the Elgaian Federation before he transferred to the Akras Summoners' Hall, where, in spite of his stubborn nature and rivalry with fellow Summoner Kafka, his thirst for knowledge made him a valuable asset. His expedition into the ruined Atharva Republic yielded a cache of lost technology which he reconstructed to create many of the Hall's tools, in the process helping create the Summoners' Research Lab - where his descendant Noel creates clones of powerful beings for you to defeat.

While on the expedition to Ishgria, his group was attacked by demons. He was forced to set aside his rivalry with Kafka, and they stalled their enemies long enough to finish activating a machine to help their friends escape to safety at the cost of their lives.

  • Animal Motifs: The tiger at his back as Roaring Staff.
  • Bare Your Midriff: Throughout all of his forms, showing his pecs.
  • Belligerent Sexual Tension: With Kafka, who is his rival.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: He's the one who made most of the technology used by the current Akras Summoners' Hall, after all. Without his discoveries, many things in the game wouldn't exist or work as intended. Case in point, the ability to summon units.
  • Green Thumb: His secondary element when using his Brave Burst and Super Brave Burst, where both elements are applied to the whole squad for 3 turns.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: When he realized they would be overwhelmed, he started activating a machine that would help his teammates escape from the onslaught of demons heading their way. Unfortunately, the machine's long wind-up time meant he would have to stay behind and die fighting to buy the rest some time.
  • The Leader: Of the 7th Demon Slayers Squadron, which was retired after his sacrifice alongside Kafka.
  • Mad Scientist: Before and after he joined the Akras Summoners' Hall, he was known as one. He is also responsible for the existence of Summoners, as he is the one who uncovered the art of how to utilize souls as units in the first place.
  • Shock and Awe: His primary element.
  • Simple Staff: His Weapon of Choice.
  • You Shall Not Pass!: Rhoa performed this with Kafka when demons began pouring in from all directions. They held out as long as they could, but in the end they didn't make it.

Noble Cavalier Krantz / Honorable Knight Krantz / Virtuous Champion Krantz / Glorious Hero Krantz
Click here for evolutions 
"Thanks for summoning me! Just you wait! I'll become your strength!"
Krantz, grateful to the Summoner for letting him show off his prowess.

Once a mere footsoldier of the Elgaian Federation, Krantz was as famous for his stellar performance as a member of the Akras Summoners' Hall as he was infamous for his ineptitude with handling lost technology from Grand Gaia. Among his feats was keeping the land of Lizeria out of the reach of the Four Fallen Gods, by simply defeating all of their powerful forces that they sent to terrorize and subdue the land.

While on the expedition to Ishgria, he was made leader of the group by Griff, as the man had to leave to fend off a demon. Krantz made the decision for them to go back to Elgaia, and stayed behind with Libera to buy time for their seventh member to escape to safety.

  • Badass Cape: His cape becomes more stylish as he evolves, especially in his final form.
  • BFS: His Weapon of Choice.
  • Casting a Shadow: His secondary element when using his Brave Burst and Super Brave Burst, where both elements are applied to the whole squad for 3 turns.
  • Defector from Decadence: He used to fight for the Elgaian Federation before he decided he was better off under the Akras Summoners' Hall.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: With Mirfah.
  • Hypercompetent Sidekick: He had an assistant named Ivy to deal with his Walking Techbane tendencies, as revealed in Thousand Memories collaboration.
  • The Leader: Of the Ishgria Recon Squad after Griff gave the position to him out of necessity, and of the 9th Demon Slayers Squadron, which was retired after his last stand with Libera.
  • Light 'em Up: His primary element.
  • One-Man Army: He's the reason why Lizeria wasn't under the influence of any of the Four Fallen Gods; he killed all of the forces they sent there by himself.
  • Rags to Riches: His overall design's motif, as he went from wearing nothing but simple armor and a cape over his clothes to full-blown body armor.
  • Walking Techbane: He interacts poorly with Grand Gaia's Lost Technology, which his lores make a habit of emphasizing to show how bad he is with them.
  • You Are in Command Now: He is on the receiving end of this from Griff, as the latter had to leave the group to fight a demon which was so powerful, he fought it for several days for the others to make their escape.
  • You Shall Not Pass!: He later performed this with Libera to let the seventh member of their expedition escape and Bring News Back to their headquarters... but unfortunately, they didn't know their efforts were going to be in vain.
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Wears Grade A in his first two forms.

Dark Snake Kafka / Shadow Serpent Kafka / Sinister Basilisk Kafka / Demon Manipulator Kafka
Click here for evolutions 
"Oh-oh. You summoned me? Okay, I gotcha. The great Kafka will lend you a hand!"
Kafka, lending her assistance.

Born to a long line of magicians, Kafka originally served as a scientist for the Randall Empire until she joined the Akras Summoners' Hall, where she distinguished herself with making several discoveries even as she kept quarrelling with her fellow explorer and scientist Rhoa.

In particular, she was interested in learning more about the dark magic that was once researched in the Bariura Empire to the point that, during an enemy ambush while on a survey of Ishgria, she was forced to apply the fruits of her research onto herself.

  • An Axe to Grind: Her Weapon of Choice.
  • Animal Motifs: The snake, or, alternatively, the dragon, if one subscribes to the Tiger Versus Dragon motif between her and Rhoa's tiger.
  • Belligerent Sexual Tension: With Rhoa, who is her rival.
  • Black Eyes of Evil/Red Eyes, Take Warning: As Sinister Basilisk, the Bariuran technology she applied onto herself turned her schlera black and her eyes glowing red.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Her Shadow Serpent form's Fusion Quote has her asking you, the player, what kind of "Success" the fusion is.
  • Casting a Shadow: Her primary element.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Despite her later terrifying appearance as Sinister Basilisk, she is still firmly on the side of good.
  • Defector from Decadence: Kafka used to work for the Randall Empire before she changed her mind and joined the Akras Summoners' Hall instead.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: When it was clear that they were going to be wiped out if they didn't do something, she stayed behind with Rhoa to make sure that the machine he activated to save the others worked, and to make sure he didn't die alone.
  • The Leader: Of the 6th Demon Slayers Squadron, which was retired after her sacrifice alongside Rhoa.
  • Light 'em Up: Her secondary element when using her Brave Burst and Super Brave Burst, where both elements are applied to the whole squad for 3 turns.
  • Mad Scientist: The same deal as Rhoa's, which contributed to their rivalry.
  • You Shall Not Pass!: She carried this out with Rhoa, even as the waves of demons overwhelmed them.

    Entrapped Elites within Ishgria 
Rarity Range: 3-4
Leader/Friend Skills: ATK boost based on HP condition (high for Anje, low for Lionel); BB-Related Bonuses (Gauge reduction for Mau, BC potency for Neid, and BC charge per damage for Mireia); Random HP absorption after damage (Lymle)

Anje / Cavalry Lass Anje
Click here for evolutions 
"I've been summoned...? Nice to meet you... I shall be your lance and shield..."
Anje, devoting herself to the Summoner.

A La Vedan knight known for her reticence, love for animals and devotion to the gods. One day she disappeared after morning prayers, landing in Ishgria, thinking it was the gods' will.

Lionel / Blue Knight Lionel
Click here for evolutions 
"Did you summon me here? I like your style. Let's fight together! For Prince Arius!"
Lionel, inviting the Summoner to serve Arius with him.

A Sama knight and childhood friend of Prince Arius, who mysteriously disappeared into Ishgria shortly before the human-god wars.

Mau / Wild Beast Mau
Click here for evolutions 
"Need more power for journey. To train, I fight with you. I help you!"
Mau, seeking a helping hand.

A fox-like boy searching a for a young lady who guided him across Grand Gaia during the War of the Gods. Due to his unusual appearance, Mau was a target to many, including Zegar. He disappeared to Ishgria shortly after saving people from the God Army.

Neid / Static Monk Neid
Click here for evolutions 
"I knew you had your eye on me. However, my act isn't cheap! That should be obvious."
Neid, flattered at the attention.

A magician who became popular in the beginning of the War of the Gods due to his unusual uses of lightning magic and his inner charm. He claimed to be a part of royal line of a certain ruined country, and combined with his charming personality, he quickly garnered popularity. However, he suddenly disappeared to Ishgria at the peak of his popularity.

Mireia / Gunner Girl Mireia
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"Hmm... So it was you, huh? The one who summoned me? Well, whatever. As long as I can fight, I guess."
Mireia, slightly annoyed at being disturbed.

A gunner from another world who wandered around Ishgria with her trusty twin-guns. It was said that she ended up there due to an accident. During her journey, she teamed up with Lionel, who then told her about the fabled gunner Rickel.

Lymle / Demon Bow Lymle
Click here for evolutions 
"E-Excuse me... Where am I? And who are you? What? A Summoner...?"
Lymle, surprised at the Summoner.

Lymle was a Bariuran grunt whom Shida offered a position in his special squadron, unaware of his true intention: to test his demonic weapons. But before she was able to partake in one of the tests, she suddenly disappeared to Ishgria.


    Sacred Treasure Wielders 
Rarity Range: 5-7

Six ancient heroes who wielded six of the Nine Sacred Treasures, tools created by the gods used by them, and later, by Will.

Common Tropes

  • Named Weapon: In Japanese version, all of the Treasures have names, though only Sacred Staff's and Sacred Blade's managed to make it into Global version through their flavor texts. In particular, Quartz and Mahalu named their Treasures after themselves, and the localized title for Duran's final form is named after his Treasure.

Dark Fire Rineth / Igneous Stone Rineth / Phosphor Crystal Rineth
Click here for evolutions 
"I'm no heroine... But I want to help everyone... So I'll help you out..."
Rineth, trying to be of great use to the Summoner.

Wielder of Sacred Crystal "Ledo Krouger". Rineth was a normal girl who lived in a period where humans couldn't defend themselves from demons. Then, as she prayed for more power, the Crystal she found in a nearby cave during her youth suddenly gained enough power to destroy demons and gods alike.

Aqua Wand Quartz / Waterfall Staff Quartz / Wave Breaker Quartz
Click here for evolutions 
"Why are you looking at me? Are you after my knowledge? Well, not like it matters."
Quartz, wary of sharing his knowledge.

Wielder of Sacred Staff "Kortz/Quartz Lezetta". Quartz was a Disciple who first discovered the nine dormant powers in Grand Gaia, which then he imbued into what would be called Nine Sacred Treasures. However, this act induced the gods' rage, and he got banished to Ishgria along with the Treasures.

  • Black Eyes of Evil: Has black scleras like any other Disciples, and the gods thought he was evil for creating Nine Sacred Treasures. Subverted as he has good intentions for the Treasures.
  • Expy: Appearance-wise, he's been constantly compared to Genos by the fandom due to both being dark-skinned blond with black scleras. His status as a former Disciple of a god certainly helps too.
  • Gradual Regeneration: All of his Brave Bursts grant Regen buff.
  • Inconsistent Dub: The description of Sacred Staff actually mentioned his name long before he becomes an unit. His name there is "Kortz" Lezetta. His name as a unit is "Quartz".
  • Magic Staff
  • Making a Splash

Earth Blade Duran / Terra Broadsword Duran / Quatre Marinus Duran
Click here for evolutions 
"If you like, I will defeat our enemies by your side. After all, that is my role."
Duran, devoting himself to the Summoner's cause.

Wielder of Sacred Blade "Quatre Marinus"note . Originally a normal knight, Duran's life was changed when Mahalu granted him Sacred Blade in order to slay powerful demons that suddenly appeared in Grand Gaia.

  • BFS
  • Declaration of Protection: Towards Mahalu, as both of them were hunted down by the gods.
  • Green Thumb
  • Knight in Shining Armor: Even after he quit being a literal knight to protect Mahalu, Duran still shows many of the trope's qualities.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: His Quatre Marinus form's lore heavily implies that he was the one who killed Aaron when the latter sought to leave Ishgria, which prompted Aaron's much stronger brother Kalon to seek him out of revenge.
  • Sword Plant: Does this in his first two forms.

Bolt Axe Mahalu / Violet Thunder Mahalu / Storm Chieftess Mahalu
Click here for evolutions 
"Allow me to fight with you. I know I can grow stronger. So please, let's go together..."
Mahalu, asking the Summoner to help her grow stronger.

Wielder of Sacred Axe "Mahalu Grateca". Mahalu was a goddess who rediscovered two of the Treasures by accident. She took the Axe for herself and gave the Blade to Duran, but not before giving them new names.

Heavenly Lance Nadore / Celestial Knight Nadore / Angelic Champion Nadore
Click here for evolutions 
"My name is Nadore. Will you look after me? And the power to rule the world..."
Nadore, entrusting her lance to her new master.

Wielder of Sacred Lance "Eas Kanossa". A knight with mysterious origins, it was said that Nadore appeared in many historical periods. Due to her omnipresence, many believed that she was actually a manifestation of the Sacred Lance itself, though she neither confirmed nor denied it.

Shadow Collector Charis / Spirit Master Charis / Soul Covenant Charis
Click here for evolutions 
"Was our meeting fated? Or was this a devious trap? Either way, it's nice to meet you..."
Charis, wondering about the truth of his encounter with the Summoner.

Wielder of Sacred Dagger "Terio Babilus". Charis was a member of a prestigious family who guarded all Nine Sacred Treasures. Him being loved the most by the Treasures caught the attention of a god, who then ordered him to assassinate anyone who discovered the existence of the Treasures.

    Denizens of Ancient Ishgria 
Rarity Range: 5-7 (Cyan, Belzeft, Jed, Rugrow) / 5-Omni (Adel, Savia)

During Ishgria's olden days, there existed a kingdom named Estria, ruled by Queen Savia and guarded by chaos manifested Rugrow. Savia wanted to unify Ishgria under her nation so that the endless power-striving conflicts would stop, and in her quest she was aided by her aide Cyan. But, a small nation located at west of Lem, Mildran, also wanted to unify Ishgria. Mildran's King Adel, his second-in-command Jed, and an ancient dragon Belzeft clashed with Estria's force, and they somehow formed an alliance.

Although, the alliance wouldn't last long...

Common Tropes

Flame Demon Adel / Ember Hellion Adel / Pyro Archfiend Adel
Click here for evolutions 
"You summoned me here? Then show me! Show me the path you've laid ahead!"
Adel, testing the Summoner's resolve.

The first King of Mildran, an ancient Ishgrian nation west of Lem. Mighty, intelligent and innovative, Adel was quickly able to consolidate his power, with the goal of uniting all of Ishgria under his crown, until his encounter with Queen Savia of Estria caused him to change his mind and pursue a more diplomatic path, turning the two of them into enemies of Ishgria.

Charming Threat Savia / Beautiful Menace Savia / Glamorous Peril Savia
Click here for evolutions 
"A world full of insolent beings would not be missed, don't you agree? Why do I bother with this struggle?"
Savia, weary of the violence of Ishgria.

Queen of Estria, another Ishgrian nation. Unlike her fellow demons, however, Savia grew tired of all the pointless violence wreaking havoc in the world. Nevertheless she rallied various demon tribes to counter the rising threat of Mildran and its ruler Adel. Estria succeeded in fending off Mildran, but Savia's words touched Adel's war-hungry heart, and together they struck an alliance designed to outlaw all warfare, for which majority of Ishgria turned against them.

Pure Lady Cyan / Merciful Dame Cyan / Gracious Madam Cyan
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"I have no interest in another master. I shall only follow your directions. Thus if I revolt, there are no consequences."
Cyan, reluctantly swearing fealty to the Summoner.

Cyan was a demon harassed by her kin for her perceived weakness until Queen Savia of Estria saw her potential and assigned her as aide, and in turn Cyan responded to her kindness with her loyalty. Following the creation of the Estria-Mildran alliance Cyan was tasked with keeping the peace, which put her at odds with Jed, the renegade right-hand man of King Adel of Mildran.

Yellow Dragon Belzeft / Lightning Rain Zoldark / Electrical Storm Eldora
Click here for evolutions 
"A new encounter... Will I ever meet anyone else willing to open their heart to me?"
Belzeft, seeking a person of honesty.

An ancient dragon who brought various calamities unto Ishgria until Jed tamed it, after which it always accompanied him, even into the Mildran army and unto Jed's rebellion against his king Adel after the latter signed a treaty with Estria.

Flash Knight Jed / Aurora Fiend Jed / Refulgent Savage Jed
Click here for evolutions 
"Fine, I shall pledge myself to you. And then I shall report to King Adel what I learn of your summoning art."
Jed, reluctant to swear fealty to someone other than Adel.

Jed was a Mildran officer promoted by King Adel, whom he idolized, as his right-hand. During the Mildran-Estria conflict he came to blows with Queen Savia's aide Cyan, and although he kept besting her, he could not finish her off, and the stalemate prompted both rulers to declare peace, which the battle-hungry Jed cannot stomach.

  • Ascended Fanboy: He went from only adoring Adel to become Adel's second in command.
  • Light 'em Up: His element.
  • Morality Chain: He is one of the reasons Belzeft briefly ended its reign of terror. When he died trying to unify Ishgria, the dragon went berserk and destroyed Ishgria.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: By usurping King Adel's throne, Jed dashed what little hope for peace his king and Queen Savia managed to bring, as Ishgria devolved once more into chaos for which Jed was unprepared to handle.
  • Turned Against Their Masters: He turns on King Adel out of opposition to his peace treaty with Queen Savia.
  • The Usurper: After chasing both Adel and Savia from their respective kingdoms, Jed took over Mildran.

Onyx Dragon Rugrow / Dark Crusher Regarus / Tenebrous Wings Reviora
Click here for evolutions 
"I know you are exactly like me. Another bearer of chaos."
Rugrow, taunting the Summoner that they are Not So Different.

An ancient dragon said to be the manifestation of chaos itself. Believing that Ishgria's destiny is endless strife, it aligned itself with Estria, then one of the most powerful nations in Ishgria. However, its sudden alliance with Mildran, resulting in the outlawing of violence, forced the dark dragon to take matters into its own hands, in particular antagonizing Cyan, Queen Savia's right-hand woman and her chief enforcer.


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