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Part 9 of the list of summoned units in Brave Frontier, for units #800-900.

If you cannot find any units within the listing range, go to the following:

  • Part 1: 7-starred Six Heroes.
  • Part 3: 6-starred Elemental Heroes, Angelic Blades Sefia and Demonic Idol Kikuri.
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  • Part 4: 6-starred Sibyl Sisters.
  • Part 7: 6-starred Refugee Leaders of El Gaia.
  • Utility Units: The Elemental Mecha Gods, Burst Emperor and Almighty Imp Arton.
  • Allies: Lin / Logistic Support Lin and Quake God Lugina (under Akras Summoners' Hall), Storm Goddess Paris and Eriole / Winged Lord Eriole (under Imperial Capital Randall)
  • Villains: Zevalhua the Supreme (under Agni)

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    Sphere Founders II 
Rarity Range: 4-6 (Vanberk, Rigness, Bargus, Elmedia, Zergel) / 4-7 (Rosetta)
Leader/Friend Skills: (Various)

The second batch of people whose deeds are embodied in the form of spheres to commemorate and remember their legacy. Unlike the first, they appeared during the War of the Gods.

For the first and third batches of Sphere Founders, go here and here.

Gilded Armor Vanberk / Blaze Armore Vanberk / Pyre Aegis Vanberk
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"The name's Vanberk! You impressed? Consider our meeting an honor!"
Vanberk, honored to meet another vagrant soul like himself.

Despite his knowledge of the ways of the smithy, inherited from his father, Vanberk's natural hot-headedness led him down the path of a mercenary, where he made his name with his skill in physical and magic arts. He even began applying his smithing skills onto the field, producing his own armor even as he tries to avoid lending his forge to other people, including Emperor Orwen himself. When the gods attacked, Vanberk finally decided to really put his lessons from the forge into good use, producing high-quality armor for his allies in Agni while keeping some of his most prized pieces of armor for himself.

As part of the second Sphere Founders batch, his legacy is the Glass Crown, which, like his Pyre Aegis form, bounces off enemy damage.

  • An Axe to Grind/Drop the Hammer: His Weapon of Choice is a fusion between an axe and a hammer.
  • Cool Helmet: His most distinguishing feature, sporting a pair of horns which start burning from the Blaze Armor onwards.
  • Critical Hit Class: His base Leader/Friend Skill increases the party's chances to land critical hits. As the Pyre Aegis he also grants the party a 20% chance to reflect 20% of damage received.
  • Playing with Fire: His element.
  • Ultimate Blacksmith: Like Galant, he has this reputation in Agni — in his case, his magnum opus is his protective crown.

Alchemist Rigness / Synthesizer Rigness / Magnum Opus Rigness
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"What is it? I'm busy at the moment. If you simply wish to chat, please leave it for another time."
Rigness, unappreciative of any interruption.

Grand Gaia's most famous alchemist, dating back to the start of the war with the gods. Unlike others of his profession, Rigness was not one to confine himself into his laboratory, instead wandering the world in search of his materials, and was even said to have went to the frontier in search of creatures to gather information from.

As member of the second group of Sphere Founders, he left behind two of his creations: the Refined Gem, which negates status ailments, and Cured Glass, which also gradually restores HP.

Floret Petal Rosetta / Floret Queen Rosetta / Jewel Floret Rosetta / Blossom Princess Rosetta
Click here for evolutions 
"Don't worry about me. Send me to the battlefield. Let me show you what I'm capable of."
Rosetta, showing to the summoner what she can do.

Rosetta was only a youth when she came to the Tower of Trials and heard the voices of the gods. By the time of the war between gods and humans, she became a champion for the side of the gods. Little is known as to what influenced her decision, let alone who were her masters, though some accounts shed light on her past as a princess forced to flee her homeland after her father, the king, was betrayed by his vassals and her mother died in grief, influencing her decision to turn on her fellow humans.

As a Sphere Founder her deeds as standard-carrier of the gods is commemorated by the Steeple Rose, Flag Flower and Star Flower, Spark damage-boosting items.

Dragoon Elder Bargus / Dragoon Lord Bargus / Dragoon Soul Bargus
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"I'm Bargus, the Dragoon Elder. I leave my soul in your hands. Don't use it in vain."
Bargus, entrusting his life to his new master.

The first dragoon of Sama Kingdom, who established a squadron of flying dragon riders, but especially made his name by taming a water dragon — a feat harder to pull off than taming sky dragons and which legends say is only possible through telepathic communication. Prior to the war with the gods he led Sama's defense against the expansion of the Amdahlian Empire.

As a Sphere Founder his memory is perpetuated by the Dragon Seal, his personal dragon-scale shield.

  • The Empath: He is implied to be one, which explains how he can tame a water dragon.
  • Famed In-Story: Throughout his life and centuries after his passing the name of Bargus had inspired young men to follow his footsteps, and was said to be respected even by the
  • Shock and Awe: His element.
  • Status Buff: His Leader/Friend skill increases the party's Defense. This is also reflected in the Sphere he left behind. His Brave Burst also shaves a lot of damage off the party for 1 turn.

Priestess Elmedia / High Priestess Elmedia / Holy Priestess Elmedia
Click here for evolutions 
"Blessings to all! Summoner, best wishes to thee as well."
Elmedia, gracing the summoner with her blessings.

A young priestess who wandered Grand Gaia, helping everyone she meets as a mission she believes is given to her by the gods. Her purity of heart is even said to be able to turn sinners into the right path. After her journeys were over, it is said that she left for the realm of the gods.

As a Sphere Founder, Elmedia left behind the Holy Robe, which increases HP.

  • All-Loving Hero: Before Maria, she already wandered the world saving the needy.
  • Light 'em Up: Her element.
  • The Medic: Her main job description, as reflected in her Brave Burst.
  • Status Buff: Her Leader/Friend skill increases the party's HP.

Dark Blades Zergel / Penta Blade Zergel / Blade Master Zergel
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"What do you have on you? You have a sword? Unsheathe it. What's wrong with you? Move it!"
Zergel, forcing the summoner to brace him/herself for the upcoming war with the gods.

A legendary Bariuran blacksmith who flourished during the peak of the war between humans and gods. Together with his apprentice, Zergel wandered Grand Gaia, slaying monsters with the blades he had forged. Unfortunately, he came home one day to find his family brutally slaughtered by the gods, driving him to forge increasingly dangerous weapons with nothing but revenge in his mind.

As Sphere Founder, his legacy is symbolized by the Divine Sword, God Sword and Chosen Blade, the three swords he forged using techniques he stole from a blacksmith god.


    The Six Pillars 
Rarity Range: 5-7 (Alpha, Tora) / 5-Omni (Tazer, Kanon, Kira and Feeva)
Leader/Friend Skill: (Various)

Six lesser gods imprisoned in Ishgria for various transgressions, unto whom were promised freedom after engaging each other in a death game. Three of them were once followers of three of the Four Mad Gods (excluding Afla Dilith), one directly serves their leader, Karna Masta, and two are independent souls.

Common Tropes

  • Black Eyes of Evil: A given as they're all lesser gods, with Alpha, Kira, and especially Feeva play it as straight as they could. Ultimately subverted in the end as they realized that Lucius planned to get rid of them all along and tragically failed to defeat him.

Scorching Alpha / Smoldering King Alpha / Brimstone Emperor Alpha
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"You're stronger than me? It doesn't seem so. Well, I'll lend you my power for now."
Alpha, incredulous that someone may be more powerful than him.

A lesser god and disciple of Zevalhua the Supreme, Alpha believes in his own strength and is disdainful of fellow disciple Mare. Despite his penchant for havoc with his cruel brand of social Darwinism, Zevalhua nevertheless keeps him around out of amusement over his personality — which backfired horribly when Alpha fancied himself on an even keel with his master, only to forced back by one of Mare's tricks. Badly wounded, Alpha was forced to retreat into a protective shield courtesy of a sympathetic deity... which turned out to be a trap from which he can only get out if he is to kill five other traitorous disciples of the gods.

  • Amazing Technicolor Population: Has a purple skin.
  • Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy: Alpha refuses to acknowledge anyone else, including Mare, to be equal in strength to him.
  • Blood Knight: Even before his rebellion Alpha was notorious for his murderous streak.
  • Healing Factor: Besides dealing damage, his Brave Bursts also, ironically for a war-hungry god like him, restores the party's HP for three turns. From the Smoldering King onwards, he also grants the party the the ability to randomly absorb enemy HP while attacking.
  • Playing with Fire: His element.
  • Pride Before a Fall: Alpha thought himself as powerful as Zevalhua. Alas, he failed to take into account Mare's loyalty to their master.
  • The Social Darwinist: His philosophy in life, which more often than not got him into a lot of trouble with fellow gods.
  • Status Buff: His Leader/Friend skill increases party's Attack.

Piercing Tazer / Aqua Slash Tazer / Cyclone Emperor Tazer / Gallant Spirit Tazer
Click here for evolutions 
"A Summoner, huh...? I don't like this one bit. Don't tell me what to do."
Tazer, unwilling to be told around by the summoner.

A lesser god with an unknown master, Tazer is said to have inherited his master's powers and wanders Grand Gaia as a free spirit, refusing to take orders from no one, causing no end of trouble for the other gods. When his only friend was killed by Afla Dilith, he challenged the higher god to battle, but was forced to retreat by Zurg. He later accepted refuge from a higher god, only to find himself trapped in a death game with five other renegade gods from which the prospect of nobody making it out alive is very real.

  • Making a Splash: His element.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: He lost his friend to Afla Dilith, causing to challenge the higher god.
  • Ronin: Whoever his master was is now but a fuzzy memory long before the battle between humans and gods.
  • The Unfettered: He has no master and is a dangerously free spirit, which proves incredibly problematic for other gods.

Thorned Tora / Vine Queen Tora / Rose Empress Tora
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"What? You summoned me? Wow, I'm so happy that you need me..."
Tora, enthused at being needed.

A disciple of Cardes the Malevolent, Tora is despised by her fellow lesser gods for her introverted, weak-willed personality despite her fearsome ability to control plants at will. Apparently only Cardes treated her with kindness, except it was meant to trick her into performing for him a ritual that would require millions of human lives, much to Tora's horror. Branded a traitor by Cardes and fellow disciple Zebra, Tora fled for her life, only to be caught in a magic trap that would apparently only free her if she were to kill five other gods in the same predicament as her.

Admonition Kanon / Righteous King Kanon / Heavenly Emperor Kanon / Divine Law Kanon
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"Humans have the power to summon? ...... I see now."
Kanon, committing another piece of knowledge regarding humanity to his memory.

A disciple of Creator Maxwell, Kanon is a lesser god of a few words, and what few words he utters are often in riddles. Cold and calculating, he demands perfection from others as well as himself, eventually leading him to turn on Maxwell when he started to consider her lack of sufficient power to be the root of Grand Gaia's troubles. Both Maxwell and Kanon ended their battle in a tie, with the latter being forced to retreat to a magic barrier to heal himself, unaware that he just flew into a death trap from which Kanon would have to outsmart everyone else if he is to fight Maxwell again.

Larking Kira / Cavorting King Kira / Frolic Emperor Kira / Vexing Monarch Kira
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"You got lucky meeting such a powerful guy like me! But I don't plan to serve you, or nothing."
Kira, arrogant as ever.

A young, arrogant god who genuinely believes himself to be too powerful to submit to a superior deity. It is this attitude that alienated him from his kin, although rumors state that the discrimination against him may also stem from having demonic blood in his veins. He's so full of himself he even challenged Karna Masta, leader of the gods, in battle, and even though he disposed of many lesser gods, he was no match for Karna Masta and thus was trapped in a magic prison, where the higher god who trapped him told him that he can only be freed if he kills the five other deities trapped therein.

Misfortune Feeva / Devastation Queen Feeva / Cataclysm Empress Feeva / Sublime Darkness Feeva
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"A Summoner? How nostalgic. Oh, don't mind me."
Feeva, waxing nostalgic over the time when she can kill with abandon.

Feeva was the most trusted disciple of Holy Emperor Karna Masta, leader of the gods, whose departure and subsequent conflict with another god led to speculation that she may have betrayed her master out of pure self-interest. For her sin, she was sealed away in the same magic prison as Alpha, Tazer, Tora, Kanon and Kira, where she chose to wait in the shadows until the god who imprisoned them and forced them to slaughter each other would appear, at which time she will pounce.

  • BFS: Not very wide as some of the other examples, but her sword is almost twice as long as she is tall.
  • Casting a Shadow: Her element.
  • Gemstone Assault: Her attack animation, as well as her idle, shows her manifesting many dark crystals. As she evolves the number of crystals that surround her grow in size and density, coming to a point that they form a dragon when she fully evolves. A dragon so big she rides it.
  • Heel–Face Turn: As soon as Lucius revealed himself to be the one who sealed the Six Pillars and attacked them, Feeva changed her mind and led the other five to fight him.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Hits as hard, and as fast, as a speeding car (especially with her Brave Burst), and to top it off she has pretty good durability.
  • Purple Is Powerful: Her sword is colored purple, the crystals she creates are a darker shade but noticeably purple.
  • Status Buff: Besides dealing Dark damage, her Brave Bursts increases the party's stats.
  • Token Evil Teammate: Of the six gods sealed together, Feeva has a legitimately criminal reason for being where she is, in contrast to Alpha's pride, Tazer's thirst for vengeance, Tora's sense of morality, Kanon's misguided quest for perfection, and Kira's arrogance. That is, until it is revealed that Karna Masta is no Holy Emperor like everyone believed.

     Guardians Of Meirith 
Rarity Range: 5-7 (Claire, Colt, Diana, Fadahl and Ivris) / 5-Omni (Quaid)
Leader/Friend Skill: (Various)

Six followers of Karna Masta, leader of the gods, who were assigned both as his security detail and demon slayers.

Common Tropes

  • Expy: As a whole, they're basically Twelve Guardians of the Gods, but with half of the Guardians' members and serving only Karna Masta instead.
  • Forgotten Fallen Friend: The newest Spin-Off manga Light of the Meirith reveals that they once had a seventh member named Rahm, who resigned herself to help rebuilding her village after completing her revenge. Additionally, her Omni form revealed that had she stayed with the group, the outcome of Ragruvord mission would be vastly different.
  • Sigil Spam: All six of them sport the Guardians of Meirith's emblem, a stylized red cross, somewhere in their attires. Claire and Ivris on their chestplate, Colt and Quaid on their shoulder plates, Diana on her hairpin, and Fadahl on his hood.
  • Take The Third Option: In their Grand Quest's Golden Ending, when asked by Graham which sides they will choose when the war between gods and humans occur, they choose neither, but instead to find a way to restore peace between both sides.

Burning Pike Claire / Volcanic Pike Claire / Magma Twin-Pike Claire
Click here for evolutions 
"My power is that of the gods. You mean to use that power? Prepare yourself, and call me forth."
Claire, daring the summoner to be powerful enough to earn her loyalty.

As daughter of a priest of the Great Holy Temple, Claire and her younger twin brother Colt joined the Guardians of Meirith, dedicated to the Holy Emperor Karna Masta, and has distinguished herself with her courage and skill, though rumors abound that she has a violent side hidden from the public. During a demon attack, Karna Masta entrusted her with sealing their dimension, and has proven herself too powerful other gods decided to have her disposed by sending her on a particularly dangerous mission. When, against all odds, she managed to return, she fought to protect both her master and her brother from a group of knights, staving them off until her last breath.

  • Betty and Veronica: The Betty to Diana's Veronica.
  • Big Sister Instinct: Her loyalty to Karna Masta is surpassed only by her devotion to Colt.
  • Expy: Being a Spark buffer that is considered too powerful for the gods to handle, her similarity with Sodis is noticable, especially considering they had a little brother that adores them dearly. Quite appropriate, since many gods thought that she and Sodis are far too powerful for a human.
  • Friendly Rivalry: She and Diana are very friendly toward each other, even though both love the same guy.
  • Jousting Lance: Her Weapon of Choice.
  • Love Triangle: Both her and Diana love Quaid, while Quaid himself is oblivious.
  • Playing with Fire: Her element.
  • Status Buff: Her Leader/Friend Skill increases the party's Spark damage, and from the Volcanic Pike onwards she also increases Attack and Defense.
  • Uriah Gambit: A few gods considered her too powerful for their own sake, so they sent her on a mission to Ishgria in a heartbeat, hoping to get rid of her.
  • Wonder Twin Powers: She and Colt are unique in that they can activate their Overdrive Skills (increases all stats by 30%) if they are in the same squad (besides equipping character-specific Spheres; in her case, the Blaze Lance)
  • Zettai Ryouiki: Consistently scores Grade A thorough her evolutions.

Frozen Blade Colt / Artic Blade Colt / Glacier Twin-Blade Colt
Click here for evolutions 
"I won't look down on you, promise. But it's just that you're nothing compared to my sis."
Colt, impressed at the summoner, but not as much as he is to his sister.

Claire's younger twin brother and fellow Guardian of Meirith. While he can be brash and reckless, he is also known for his compassion for the defenseless, and dislikes fellow Guardian Quaid, which mostly stems from his loyalty to his sister. During the Ishgria mission Colt developed a more refined, more disciplined approach to combat to complement his sister's style. When word reached of a coup against Karna Masta, he, Claire and fellow guardian Fadahl rallied in their master's defense, staving off the assassins until he, too, fell by his sister's side.

  • BFS: His Weapon of Choice.
  • Big Sister Worship: Worshipped Claire like she's the best sister ever. Best shown in several Frontier Hunter Terminus stages, where he attacked Feeva for winning the popularity poll and argued with Alyut over whose older sibling is the best.
  • Braids of Action: He has this style, most likely as his hair is as long as his sister's.
  • Butt-Monkey: He's the primary object of Ivris' teasings, and is often scolded by his own sister for antagonizing Quaid.
  • Crazy Jealous Guy: He doesn't really appreciate Quaid's presence in his sister's life.
  • Critical Hit Class
  • Dude Looks Like a Lady: Especially in his Grand Quest portrait.
  • Hot-Blooded: Ironically, despite his element, he is very passionate.
  • Like an Old Married Couple: In one of "The Correct Path" Grand Quest's possible endings, Diana commented that he and Ivris behave like such.
  • Making a Splash: His element.
  • My Sister Is Off-Limits!
  • Undying Loyalty: To his sister.
  • Wonder Twin Powers: He and Claire are unique in that they can activate their Overdrive Skills (increases all stats by 30%) if they are in the same squad (besides equipping character-specific Spheres; in his case, the Ice Blade)

Beryl Edge Quaid / Valiant Edge Quaid / Sylvian Excalibur Quiad
Click here for evolutions 
"You summoned me here? Your eyes are intriguing... Okay, I'll fight for you."
Quaid, charmed into fighting for a new master.

Born a wandering soul traveling La Veda, Quaid was appointed as member of the Guardians of Meirith on account of his skill with the sword, where his outgoing personality and strong sense of justice made him de facto leader of the group, even as he evades questions regarding his origins. When word spread of a plot to overthrow Karna Masta, Quaid, then on a demon-slaying mission in Ishgria, chose to stay against his comrades' protests, to which he responded by affirming his belief that they will do their job, before rushing off to battle more demons and make sure they would have to go over his dead body before they can invade Grand Gaia.

  • Chick Magnet: Diana and Claire are said to be smitten by him.
  • Four-Element Ensemble: While Earth is his main element, he can also deal Fire, Water and Thunder damage through his Brave Burst. For his Super Brave Burst, he deals Earth/Light/Dark damage and infuses the party with Fire, Water, Earth and Thunder.
  • Green Thumb: His main element.
  • The Heart: By keeping the team together.
  • The Leader: De facto, to the Guardians of Meirith.
  • Love Triangle: He's caught between Diana and Claire.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: It was revealed in "The Correct Path" Grand Quest that he's not as oblivious as he seemed and had fallen for Diana too, but Diana told him to delay his confession to give Claire her fair chance to confess.
  • Oblivious to Love: Never seemed to notice Claire or Diana's feelings for him.
  • Punny Name: His name is pun on the word "Quad". Guess who can deal four-elemental damage.
  • Odd Friendship: With the disciplined Fadahl.
  • Status Buff: His Leader/Friend skill increases ATK to party if at least five elements are represented.
  • Stepford Smiler: All the laughing and slacking he did in front of others were just him running away from his responsibility.

Voltage Cutlass Diana / Rumbling Cutlass Diana / Thunderbird Sabre Diana
Click here for evolutions 
"Oh no...seriously? Are you sure you want me with you? You won't get mad if I'm useless?"
Diana, unsure of her own strength.

A simple fisherman's daughter, Diana was shocked when she was appointed Guardian of Meirith. Despite her father's protests, Diana dedicated herself to her new duty, even as she struggles with her place in society, often coming at odds with Quaid and his easygoing attitude. During the Ishgria mission, word reached the Guardians of an attempt on Karna Masta's life, and Diana, still unsure of herself, was tasked by Claire to look after Quaid, finally giving her a direction in life. She has since spent her final days working together with Quaid even as she still struggles with her nascent feelings for him.

  • Belligerent Sexual Tension: With Quaid.
  • Betty and Veronica: The Veronica to Claire's Betty.
  • Expy: She's almost like an older, Thunder-elemental version of Shana, especially with regards to her swordsmanship, humble origins and turbulent feelings towards a comrade.
  • Friendly Rivalry: She and Claire are very friendly toward each other, even though both love the same guy. Which is the reason why Diana refused to accept Quaid's confession for her as she feels that it's unfair to Claire.
  • Love Triangle: She and Claire love the oblivious Quaid.
  • Shock and Awe: Her element.
  • Support Party Member: Her regular Brave Bursts gradually fills the party's BB gauges, slightly boosts it when damaged, and increases Brave Crystal Drop rate. Her Super and Ultimate versions give her damaging capacity.
  • Tsundere: Type A towards Quaid. This even figures into the names of her Leader/Friend Skills.

Noble Sage Fadahl / Sage King Fadahl / Radiant Virtue Fadahl
Click here for evolutions 
"I was summoned by a human? How interesting... I wonder if this is also the will of the gods."
Fadahl, seeking meaning behind his summoning.

Once a promising priest of Karna Masta, Fadahl contracted a fatal disease, which never stopped him from performing his duties — an act that so impressed Karna Masta he was given an armor which healed his illness. Having a vision of a demon attack, he was among the first to go to Ishgria to stem the tide, while acting as second-in-command to his friend Quaid. He was also the first to learn of the attempt on Karna Masta's life, to which he responded by returning, together with twins Claire and Colt, to Meirith, where he realized who was chasing after Karna Masta, leaving him stunned enough that he eventually fell in battle.

  • Big Brother Mentor: His relationship with Colt eventually grows into this, especially when he tried to make Colt accept Quaid wholeheartedly.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Regarding Shusui's persistence:
    Fadahl: "If he wants to fight someone as friendless as he is, I'm sure Quaid would be more than enough."
  • Ill Guy: In his earlier years, until Karna Masta gave him a piece of armor that helped alleviate his disease.
  • In the Hood
  • The Lancer: To Quaid.
  • Light 'em Up: His element.
  • Magic Staff
  • Odd Friendship: With the irreverent Quaid.
  • Seer: As priest, he was able to see the future.
  • Standard Status Effects: His Leader/Friend Skills grants the party a small chance to inflict status ailments, as do his Brave Bursts.
  • Undying Loyalty: To Karna Masta, for helping him recover from his illness.

Void Pearl Ivris / Nebula Pearl Ivris / Galactic Treasures Ivris
Click here for evolutions 
"No! Forget about it! I'm no good! So just get away from me!"
Ivris, desperate to avoid comparisons with her sister.

Stuck behind the shadow of her older sister Themis, Ivris, herself a genius mage, refused to show off her magical prowess for fear of being antagonized by her sister, until she was suddenly drafted as Guardian of Meirith, where her antisocial attitude made her stand out even amidst a group known for their aloofness to anything but their duty to Karna Masta. When Fadahl saw a vision of demons attacking from Ishgria, she, without hesitation, joined the expedition, where she proudly displayed her incredible magic skills. Even when Karna Masta was facing an assassination attempt, Ivris chose to stay with Quaid and Diana, but not before handing Fadahl a letter for her sister explaining that she left to be able to protect her loved ones.

  • Beware the Quiet Ones: Around her sister Ivris is meek and passive. In Ishgria, however, she shows just how dangerous her magic is.
  • Casting a Shadow: Her element.
  • Child Prodigy: She's said to be just as talented as Themis in spite of being the younger one of the two.
  • Girlish Pigtails
  • Kindhearted Cat Lover: In "The Correct Path" Grand Quest, she was trying to play with an Ishgrian cat-like creature before Colt scared it away. Also, her hairband resembles cat ears.
  • Like an Old Married Couple: See Colt's entry.
  • The Medic: Just like her sister.
  • Phrase Catcher: In one of "The Correct Path" Grand Quest's possible endings, she interrupted Shusui from doing his Verbal Tic and turned it against him.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang: The demure Dark-elemental one to her older sister Themis' abrasive Light-elemental.
  • Theme Naming: Her name is based of the Latin word for "Jurist" to go with her sister's "Themis".
  • Token Mini-Moe: Of the Guardians of Meirith.
  • Tsundere: Type A towards Colt, of all people.

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