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These units are special in that they are not to be used for battle instead, they serve different purposes, usually by fusing a unit with them.

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Fire Nymph / Water Nymph / Earth Nymph / Thunder Nymph / Light Nymph / Dark Nymph

"I am a Fire Nymph! You're pretty interesting. Can I follow you?"
Fire Nymph, when obtained for the first time.

The lowest tier of evolution units, the Nymphs are infamous for being annoying mischief-makers, but are also highly-sought for their empowering abilities.

  • Elemental Powers: One per Nymph.
  • The Fair Folk: They are mischievous and annoying versions, but the Fire and Water ones can get violent.
  • Magic Wand: Each of them is equipped with one as their Weapon of Choice.
  • Nice Hat: And each one of them have an accessory attached to it, with some of them even associated with their element!
  • Our Fairies Are Different: Supposedly Nymphs, they are ghost-shaped beings with a hat and a magic wand. They are also apparently annoying, being only sought out as an evolutionary material.
  • Verbal Tic:
    • Fire Nymph ends its sentences with "raby", at least in the manga.
    • Water Nymph always ends its sentences with "squish"!
    • In the manga, Earth Nymph ends its sentences with "shu".
    • In the manga, Thunder Nymph ends its sentences with "rumble".
    • For Light Nymph, it's "-pew".
    • For Dark Nymph, it's "-pune", especially when it thinks something is good.

Fire Spirit / Water Spirit / Earth Spirit / Thunder Spirit / Light Spirit / Dark Spirit

"I will go with you. I made up my mind. Let us journey."
Water Spirit, deciding to accompany you.

The Spirits are evolution units of a higher tier than the Nymphs. Fire-types are also considered omens for their appearances after forest fires; Water-types are tricksters, either pulling humans into the sea or healing them; Earth-types are fond of humans but are said to be more annoying than their Nymph counterparts; Thunder-types constantly generate electricity, making them hard to approach; Light-types emit a light so bright their illuminate dark rooms; and Dark-types are said to be emotionless.

  • Elemental Hair: Manifested not only on their heads, but also at the tip of their tails.
  • Elemental Powers: Like the Nymphs, there is one for each Spirit.
  • The Fair Folk: Water Spirit has shades of this, being able to decisive people by pretending to be a child to drown them.
  • Healing Factor:
    • Water Spirit's Informed Ability; where it provides healing water to tired travelers.
    • Earth Spirit's leave can heal injured plants.
  • Our Spirits Are Different: They rule over their respective elements and are evolution materials for units for their matching elements to evolve.
  • Power Incontinence: Thunder and Light Spirits are said to suffer this.
  • Technicolor Fire: Just as how the Fire Spirit has regular red-yellow flames, Dark Spirit has purple-colored flames to represent its element.
  • Wild Card: Water Spirit either drowns people or energize them, though it's implied the former only applies to polluters.

Fire Idol / Water Idol / Earth Idol / Thunder Idol / Light Idol / Dark Idol

"I am a Forest Idol. It seems you know my purpose. I will travel with you."
Earth Idol upon being added to your team.

The Idols are stone statues animated by the prayers of the faithful. Though much sought-after, they are considerably dangerous, but make for reliable allies.

  • BFS: The Dark Idol does not equip one, but it can summon one down to its target as a regular attack.
  • Clap Your Hands If You Believe: Idols are said to have come to life through prayers.
  • Death from Above: Downplayed with the Dark Idol's regular attack. It involves dropping a big sword onto its enemy, though it only does damage; it does not always one shot kill the victim.
  • Elemental Powers: Like the above, there is an Idol catered to each of the six elements.
  • Living Statue: They were said to be brought to life through followers praying and worshiping the gods of their respective elements.

Fire Totem / Water Totem / Earth Totem / Thunder Totem / Light Totem / Dark Totem / Miracle Totem

"I am a Thunder Totem. You would be wise to use my powers justly."
Thunder Totem's warning on how to use it.

Somewhere, deep in the ruined temples of the six elements, there lies the Elemental Totems. They are created by the gods as the embodiment of their respective elements, feared and worshiped for their tremendous power and causing havoc wherever they walk. Novices are advised not to enter their domain, but if you manage to defeat one of them in battle, it will automatically join your team and you will receive incredible power.

In addition to the six elements, there is another temple named the Ruins of Miracles. It is devoted to a god who's said to draw out one's ultimate power. The power to overwhelm gods lies at the end of the temple, where Miracle Totem challenges you to fight it. Miracle Totem holds all six elements, and folklore speaks of how it holds the greatest power. As the result, it is worshiped as a god. If a unit can evolve into a 6-star, then he/she/it will need Miracle Totem as part of the evolutionary materials.

  • All Your Powers Combined: Miracle Totems are said to have sublimated all six elements upon itself, though it is a Light Unit itself.
  • Cyclops: Or at least they each have a T-shaped marking that vaguely resembles an eye.
  • Death from Above: Downplayed with the Dark Totem's regular attack. It drops dark energy onto its enemy and damages them similarly to Dark Idol's regular attack.
  • Defeat Means Friendship: Will automatically join your party after its defeat.
  • Divine Ranks: They were created by the gods and were worshiped and feared as their creator's messengers.
  • Elemental Hair: Manifested at the tip of their heads.
  • Elemental Powers: One element for each of these statues. As a boss, sometimes, Miracle Totem can attack with any element.
  • Light 'em Up: Miracle Totem is a Light Unit.
  • Technicolor Fire: While Fire Totem has regular flame on its head, Light Totem has yellow to white flame flaring up on its head, while Dark Totem has a dark purple flame.
  • Walking Wasteland: Wherever they appear, disaster is bound to happen.

Mimic / Bat Mimic / Dragon Mimic / Metal Mimic

"Feed me...growl rowl! Work, magic, bright, gold, element. Feed me something...growl grrr!"
Mimic, upon being first obtained.

Monsters disguised as treasure chests notorious for their gluttony and sneakiness. They are mostly randomly found after battles, or more regularly, at the Wednesday Vortex Dungeon, "The Box of Desires". Bat Mimics are said to have evolved through constant gorging on anything their maws can devour, and further up the evolutionary ladders are Dragon Mimics, whose insides are shaped like a dragon, and are considerably more powerful. A subtype of the Bat Mimic is the Metal Mimic, said to be actually the Metal Ghost units mutated while hiding inside a random chest.

  • Casting a Shadow: Their element when they attack.
  • Chest Monster: In fact, the only way to get the first three is by opening up some of the chests in battle. The only time they are encountered normally is in "The Box of Desires" levels in the form of bosses.
  • Easy Exp: As a member of the metal record species, Metal Mimic can be fused to other uint to provide about twice the amount of exp as Metal King.
  • Extra-ore-dinary: Metal Mimic in the form of being a Stone Wall. This also applies to the evolutionary material require to evolve Bat Mimic.
  • Number of the Beast: All of their Attack, Defence and Recovery all have 666 regardless of their types. Except for Metal Mimic, it only has the fixed 666 for its Attack.
  • One-Hit-Point Wonder: Inverted with Metal Mimic; it has 9999 Defense and will mostly receive 1 damage per hit count. It only has a middling 20 HP, though.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: Dragon Mimic is just a chest with three eyes, but it has a shadow figure for a dragon popping out.
  • Palette Swap: Metal Mimmic is a metal coated Bat Mimmic. Justified as the latter evolves into the former using Metal Ghost and its upper counterparts as an evolution material.
  • Rule of Three: Dragon Mimic, not only in being the third member of the evolutionary line , but also by having three eyes.
  • Stone Wall: Metal Mimmic, with its highest Defence a unit can ever have. Unfortunately, it doesn't have the Hit Points to support it further.

Fire Pot / Water Pot / Earth Pot / Thunder Pot / Light Pot / Dark Pot

"Do you know fully how to use my pot? Hey! No touching my horn!"
Light Pot being unsure whether it'll be used right.

Curious creatures living in pots, said to have the ability to change the properties of their respective elements. Fire-types are cheerful but annoying; Water-types are crude but shy; Earth-types were rumored to have been used as cooking utensils in the past; Lightning-types are reserved but become talkative once summoned; Light-types are gentle but reluctant to put themselves into summoners' services; and Dark-types are very pessimistic, more so once captured.

  • Cute, but Cacophonic: How Fire and Lightning Pots are described.
  • Elemental Powers: Like the Nymphs, Spirits, Idols and Totems before them, there is one element covered by a pot.
  • Tsundere: Water Pot is a Type A; it cannot express itself and end up saying things in a crude manner. But once they open up, they may even let their horns be touched!

Fire Mecha God / Water Mecha God / Earth Mecha God / Thunder Mecha God / Light Mecha God / Dark Mecha God

"You summon the power of Darkness... Are you prepared to consume every last soul?"
Dark Mecha God questioning your conviction.

The Mecha Gods are incarnations of their respective elements, created by the gods as power sources. During the war against the humans, however, they proved too unstable to use and may potentially surpass even their creators, forcing them to seal them off. Nevertheless, a few still persist, and it is said that anyone who learns to tame them shall earn the power to surpass the gods. This is shown when certain 6-Star units and evolve further using it as one of the standard evolution materials.

Miracle Bulb / Fire Bulb / Water Bulb / Earth Bulb / Thunder Bulb / Light Bulb / Dark Bulb


Plant bulbs exposed to the forces of the elements. Noted to be incredibly dangerous to the touch, but anyone who manages to survive these are considered worth to use them.

  • Elemental Powers: Miracle Bulb is said to harness all six of them through enduring their harsh conditions, while the rest are individual elemental representatives.
  • Light 'em Up: Miracle and Light Bulb's standard element.
  • Made of Iron: How they got their respective Elemental Powers in the first place.

Fire Tone / Water Tone / Earth Tone / Thunder Tone / Light Tone / Dark Tone

Somewhere, in the mysterious halls of melody, energy beings echos down as they fill the room with different sounds and colors. They can be captured to be used as evolution materials to evolve 5-starred Vocaloid-based units..

  • Useless Item: The Earth Tone is currently not used to evolve any unit, not even Goddess Hatsune Miku despite the release of her six-starred form. The rest are subversions as they were released before their respective elemental-matched Vocaloid units.
    • Subverted, as they are now used to evolve Senbonzakura Miku


Metal Ghost / Metal King / Metal God / Fire Ghost / Fire King / Fire God / Water Ghost / Water King / Water God / Earth Ghost / Earth King / Earth God / Thunder Ghost / Thunder King / Thunder God / Light Ghost / Light King / Light God

"Huh? I was captured? And I'm usually so good at escaping... Oh well, be gentle."
Metal Ghost, upon being first captured.

Metal Ghosts are said to be magical and to have recorded the time when the gods created the world. Known as the metal record species, those who obtain one are awarded with loads of experience. With their rarity and competition from summoners who want them, capturing them is difficult. Rarer variants of the metal record species include Metal King and Metal God, but by accumulating knowledge of just a specific element, new sub-species are formed and comes with them are a wider set of personalities.

  • All Your Powers Combined: Each of the elemental ghosts can evolve into their King counterparts using the other five as evolution materials.
  • Easy Exp: They are living examples of this trope, where they provide large amounts of Experience Points when fused into another unit.
  • Elemental Powers: One per Ghost, King and God.
  • Hot Paint Job: The Fire Ghosts, Fire Kings and Fire Gods' hats
  • Nice Hat: They all wear party hats!
  • One-Hit-Point Wonder: Inverted - they only receive 1 HP of damage per hit. Their HP are quite low, however.
  • Our Ghosts Are Different: It is made of Metal and is a basic form of the group. And then there are some that are mutated and colorized further to match their respective elements.
  • Our Gods Are Different: Though high-tiered, they're only great for providing a huge amount of exp.
  • Talk About the Weather: Fire God does this.
  • Underground Monkey: The elemental ghosts/kings/gods towards the original Metal line. Possibly enforced to give non-Dark units the same amount of extra EXP Dark-types receive from the Metal line.
  • Unit Bites Unit: The only way they can attack.

Burst Frog / Burst Emperor

"You're after my power too, human? Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit! Greedy as always, little human!"
Burst Frog being hypocritical.

There's a story in Elgaia about a frog with a voracious appetite. It is said that this frog consumed the potential of people around it so that it could become king itself. However, after consuming so much potential it is said that other beings began targeting the frog in hopes of laying claim to its power. This voracious frog is now seen in Grand Gaia, though only very rarely. If you managed to get this frog, fuse it with a unit of your choice, and his/her/its Brave Burst Level will guarantee to increase.

  • Easy EXP: Its purpose is to instantly boost Brave Burst levels, when you couldn't otherwise do so despite fusing with the right units.
  • The Hunter Becomes the Hunted: Its backstory.
  • Playing with Fire: If you chose to use it in battle rather than as a fusion sacrifice, it will be using this element.
  • Serial Escalation: The Burst Emperor upon release, who increases a unit's BB by five!

Fire Crystal / Water Crystal / Earth Crystal / Thunder Crystal / Light Crystal / Dark Crystal

"Are you gonna fuse me? Weee! I can't wait! Um, what happens after I'm fused?"
Thunder Crystal, once it's recruited in.

Creatures said to have sublimated all elemental knowledge into their very being.

  • All-Natural Gem Polish: These creatures are, obviously, made of crystallized knowledge.
  • Easy EXP: Just like their Ghost, King and God counterparts, except the EXP they give hit six digits.
  • Elemental Powers: There's one for each Crystal.
  • Serial Escalation: Towards Metal God and its elemental counterparts, in terms of how much exp their provide their fusion.
  • Unit Bites Unit: They look like crystal versions of their Elemental God counterparts. As the result, they also inherit their attacking style.
  • Vendor Trash: If it's too expensive to use them for fusion, they can be sold for high amount of Zel; their prices are in-between of that of Jewel God and Golden God.

Sphere Frog

"Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit! Thank your lucky stars you met me! I'll ribbit you with some new power!"

The reputed older brother of the Burst Frog, said to contain two spheres in its body. One legend states that, in its quest to become more powerful than its brother, the Burst Frog tried assimilating all knowledge into it, only to be unable to apply them due to having to constantly hide from people also after its powers.

Sphere Frogs are used in fusion to grant any unit the ability to equip two Spheres at once, though they may lose it upon evolution.

Power Imp Pakpak / Guard Imp Ganju / Healing Imp Fwahl / Vigor Imp Molin / Almighty Imp Arton

Small creatures said to have existed since the creation of Grand Gaia. Pakpaks share a hive mind, Ganjus have self-awareness, Fwahls are said to fuel Altri's healing powers, and Molins are known to be rather overconfident in their strength. All, however, have a common property of being easy to assimilate into other creatures.

In fusion, they are used to increase stats.

Imbued Tablet Elgif / Void Tablet Emgif

"My tablet... Please give its powers... to someone worthy..."
Elgif asking to make use of its Extra Skill.

Elgif is a white divine beast native to Ishgria. Having inherited an ancient tablet from its ancestors, it keeps it under close guard to prevent it from being stolen by Emgif, its black counterpart. It is said that this tablet contains many secret techniques sealed within it, and that whomsoever is fused with it gains those abilities, though the Elgif will disappear afterwards. Meanwhile, Emgif's empty tablet steals those abilities away, turning it into Elgif in the process.


Jewel Ghost / Jewel King / Jewel God / Golden God

"I am a Jewel Ghost! I twinkle beautifully, don't I? Let's be friends!"
Jewel Ghost's introduction.

Glowing blob-like creatures that like storing jewels on its body. They're much sought-after, but are also incredibly rare, and are known for their simple-mindedness.


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