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Characters / Brave Frontier Units Part 7

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Part 7 of the list of summoned units in Brave Frontier.

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    Sphere Founders I 
Rarity Range: 4-6 (Mariudeth, Azael and Lilly Matah) / (4-7 Darvanshel and Ahvel) / (4-Omni Zelnite)
Leader/Friend Skill: (Various)

Long before the War of the Gods, there were humans whose deeds were embodied in the form of spheres to commemorate and remember their legacy.

There is also a second batch of Sphere Founders; for more information on them, click here.

Bodyguard Darvanshel / Protector Darvanshel / Guardian Darvanshel / Flare Paladin Darvanshel
Click here for evolutions 
"I don't wanna pledge myself to some boring old guy. Do you have what it takes to surpass me?"
Darvanshel challenging the summoner.

A knight of Sama known both for his crushing combat prowess and his steely defense. However, his brash, uncultured mannerisms leave much to be desired, until an encounter with Exyl, who would later become his wife, inspired him to study up, earning him a position as a civil servant. Though through it all he never forgot to serve more active roles, such as protecting the King of Sama, finally earning the respect he deserved after protecting the King from an assassin.

To remember his legacy, two Defense-raising Spheres were modeled after his shields: The Royal Shield, based that he used to block the aforementioned assassination, and the Exyl Shield, which was awarded to him by the King as reward and named after his wife, for both its sturdiness and beauty.

  • Area of Effect: His Brave Burst's protective effect(s) covers his entire team. If he can use Super Brave Burst, Darvanshel can attack all enemies at once, too.
  • BFS: His weapon, though he still prefers his shield in combat.
  • Genius Bruiser: After marrying Exyl he decided to learn to become more sociable and intelligent, and in a space of a few years he can both an effective consultant and a trusty bodyguard.
  • Good Scars, Evil Scars: He has one over his left eye.
  • Happily Married: With Exyl. His love for her inspired him to study enough to become a civil servant in addition to a knight.
  • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me: Defense is his main forte, and his Brave Bursts both deal Fire damage and halve all damage received by the party for one turn. His Super Brave Burst also has the additional ability of increasing party Defense for 3 turns.
  • Old Soldier: Not even his advanced years could wane his talents with the shield.
  • Playing with Fire: His element.
  • Self-Made Man: He grew from an uneducated savage to a powerful warrior and subsequently also into a knowledgeable civil servant.
  • Shield Bash: His standard attack animation begins with him ramming the enemy shield first, then finishing with two swipes from his sword.

Dark Axe Mariudeth / Axe King Mariudeth / Axe God Mariudeth
Click here for evolutions 
"So you summoned me, an old supreme ruler. I'm disappointed. Are you going to show me your power?"
Mariudeth, wanting to prove the worth of the one who summoned him.

Mariudeth, the first Emperor of Agni, consolidated his power by gathering some of the best warriors, magi and scholars of various nationalities, which quickly translated into one of the most influential realms of Grand Gaia. Mariudeth is simultaneously known as both a gentleman to his subjects, but also a ruthless warlord to any who dare defy him.

Like Darvanshel, Mariudeth is a Sphere Founder. The Champion Axe, an early Critical Hit based sphere, came from his trusty axe.

  • Area of Effect: His Brave Burst's support effect covers his entire team. If he can use Super Brave Burst, he can attack all enemies at once, too.
  • Badass Normal: He doesn't need magic to fight — all he needs is his trusty axe.
  • Blood Knight: Among his enemies he is infamous for his killing sprees, leaving no town he touches upon unscathed...
  • Critical Hit Class: His Leadership Skill and Brave Burst raises his team's Critical Hit chances. The Sphere made after his axe also boosts the wielder's Critical Hit.
  • A Father to His Men: ...But at the same time among his allies he is known to be very sociable, to the point of holding casual interactions with his soldiers.
  • Making a Splash: Despite Agni making up of Fire Units, the founder's element is Water.
  • Our Founder: Of Agni.
  • Rule of Three: As long as he's attacking, he will always do a 3 combo attack. Axe-God's normal is the only exception, hitting 4 times instead.
  • When All You Have Is a Hammer…: His axe isn't anything special, only heavy. But as it turns out, Mariudeth never needed any special powers in the first place, as with just his sheer force, he can hack apart even a Titan.

Great Thief Zelnite / Noble Thief Zelnite / Thief God Zelnite / Legendary Thief Zelnite / Shining Thief Zelnite
Click here for evolutions 
"The heavens, seas, people and treasures all call to me. They all wanna see the great thief Zelnite!"
Zelnite, showboating to the summoner.

A boisterous thief known for his flamboyant ways and his practice of stealing from the corrupt elite and giving away his spoils to the poor. Most of what is known about him, however, are through second-hand information which may or may not be exaggerated in some parts.

As a Sphere Founder, he has several loot-based Spheres to remember his legacy. They are: Zelnite Ring, Thief Bracer, Thief Gloves, Zel Ring, Thief Guards and Thief Cloak.

  • Dual Wield: He wields a pair of blades.
  • Green Thumb: His element.
  • Just Like Robin Hood: Almost a parody. His bestiary info are even written as excerpts from a book.
  • Living Prop: A Jewel Ghost appears at his shoulders starting from him being a Thief God. There's no information of who it is and its relation to Zelnite.
  • Master of All: In addition to having an amazing stats in every area, Zelnite is capable of buffing every elements of Drop Checks with his Leader Skill and Super Brave Burst. As a result, Zelnite could fulfill the role of farming unit, Brave Crystal enchancer, Attacker, and a Healer all at once.
  • Non-Human Sidekick: Starting from his Thief God form, a Jewel Ghost with a cross-shaped scar on its cheek sits on his left shoulder. It even aids him in his 7-Star form's attacking animations.
  • Save the Princess: The chapter from 7-star lore has him rescuing the Princess of the Wind from a group of ruffians.

Thunder Beast Ahvel / Thunder God Esna / Beast God Exvehl / Immortal Beast Sargavel
Click here for evolutions 
"Is it thou who hast awaken me? Dost thou think that our meeting was also destined?"
Ahvel, sensing that it was called to the Summoner's side for a reason.

A mythical creature said to appear only to people destined for greatness, often appearing amidst a cacophony of thunder. Its true purpose is unknown, and some said it is an emissary of the gods, though such speculations were disproved after countless appearances during the war of the gods to the few humans who rose up against them.

As a Sphere Founder, its legacy is carried in a form of the Beast Armor, a HP-boosting Sphere.

Dark Angel Azael / Wisdom Angel Azael / Seraph Azael
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"I only care about passing my judgement. It is my only purpose. Dost thou object against it?"
Azael, apathetic to anything but his task beforehand.

Long before the war of humans and gods, one name struck awe and fear into the hearts of many: Azael, the three-faced divine judge who performs his duty without discrimination or compromise, be his subject man or god. During the war of the gods, however, the countless judgments he administered had apparently took a toll on his mental stability, which was said to have brought on his downfall.

As a Sphere Founder, the Angel Sword is modeled after unrecorded sword Azael wields called Zeliel. The sphere raises HP and Att.

Dictator Lilly Matah / Empress Lilly Matah / Tyrant Lilly Matah
Click here for evolutions 
"You who have called me forth... I have no interest in you. But this may help me kill some time..."
Lilly Matah, seeking a distraction.

A legendary mistress of dark magic and an Empress of Agni who, immediately following her coronation, ordered the construction of a coliseum, said to have been used by her to fuel her powers through the souls of the unfortunate victims of the gladiatorial games that occurred there in increasing frequency. At some point she adopted a militant policy, presumably to gather more prisoners of war for her to exploit in her blood sport, and following her death (presumably amidst one of the many slave rebellions) her daughter, Lilly Laze, continued her work, which, ironically, brought about the decline of Agni.

As a Sphere Founder, 2 BB-raising Spheres, the King's Crown and the Demon Crown, are based on the tools she and her daughter used on the gladiators to intensify their battles.

  • Casting a Shadow: Her main element.
  • God Save Us from the Queen!: Empress, technically, but Lilly Matah is notorious for the bloodbath that occurred throughout her reign.
  • Mad Scientist: Long before Shida, Lilly Matah already walked down the path of unethical magic experiments.
  • Status Buff: All her Brave Bursts (and even her Super Brave Bursts) cannot damage, but instead gradually increase the party's BB Gauges for 3 turns as well as allow them to instantly accrue Brave Crystals when damaged.

    Monsters debuting in Lanara 
Rarity Range: 2-3
Leader/Friend Skill: (Various)

Bozdell / King Bozdell
Click here for evolutions 
"Bombs! Bombs! Burn! Burn! I burn them, and then eat them!"

Bozdells are small creatures which emerged from volcanoes and are basically animated chunks of charcoal. Normally docile, when threatened their bodies emit gas and flames, and on occasion would be accompanied by the King Bozdell, a larger version with a crown-like protrusion on its head. Some are even said to have been fueled the fires of Galant's smithy.

  • King Mook: The King Bozdell, obviously.
  • Playing with Fire: Its element.
  • Technical Pacifist: Bozdells are normally apathetic to humans, but when threatened they band together and occasionally summon King Bozdell to protect themselves.
  • Waddling Head: Bodzel only has feet. Evolving into a king gives it hands.

Calamity Fish Deenan / Ghoul Fish Pilaf
Click here for evolutions 
"Chomp! Chomp! Grr! Grr!"

Piranha-like creatures which hide on riverbeds before suddenly leaping on unsuspecting humans and/or animals and tearing them apart with its mighty jaws and are even able to crawl on the ground. Some Deenans adapt to land conditions and evolve into Pilafs, whose fins transform into arms, allowing them to cause havoc even outside their natural habitat.

Grove Fairy Tinpall / Woodland Fairy Finia
Click here for evolutions 
"Hello! Are you a Summoner? You can count on me!"
Tinpall, who is secretly trying to suck your life force out.

Faerie-like demons which use their attractive appearance to ensnare their prey and suck out their souls. Groups of Tinpalls are led by Finias.

Cockatrice / Catoblepas
Click here for evolutions 

Cockatrices are malignant demons born from the rotten egg of a hen incubated by reptiles. Their miasma is said to kill even at great distances, and anything they touch upon turns toxic. They can evolve into the Catoblepas, one-eyed bovine monsters whose gaze contains paralyzing poison.

GS-200 / GS-1000
Click here for evolutions 

Spherical machines commonly found in ancient ruins, particularly cities, leading to theories that they may have served as their guardians. However, as of present, they seem to have gone haywire, attacking any intruder. Groups of GS-200s are led by a GS-1000, said to have been redesigned to serve such a purpose.

Dark Spider / Arachna
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Gigantic arachnid demons who catch their prey with its incredibly tough web, hidden beneath dried foliage. Dark Spiders are led by their queen Arachna, which has the upper torso of a human woman and gifted with the ability to understand human languages.

    Refugee Leaders of El Gaia 
Rarity Range: 4-6
Leader/Friend Skill: (Various)

Near the end of War of the Gods, Lucana, an aspiring summoner, received a revelation from some benevolent gods that her hometown would be attacked by the God Army, and that she must lead the people of Grand Gaia to evacuate to a new world. She then called her childhood friends Reed and Aneil to assist her in her quest. Along the way, they gained new allies — Toltya alumnus Rhein, the enigmatic knight known only as Nevsky, and disgraced Bariuran soldier Eru. Together, the six successfully lead many people to a new world, but not without sacrifices.

Sword Emperor Reed / Sword God Reed / Scorching Sword Reed
Click here for evolutions 
"Having trouble? Leave it to me! I'll help you out, you'll see!"
Reed, happily lending his services to the Summoner.

A knight of Agni who, upon receiving a letter from his childhood friend Lucana regarding an impending attack by the gods on their hometown, rushed to Lucana's side, bringing with him their other friend Aneil, and helped her evacuate as many people as possible to El Gaia, while he staved off the gods for as long as possible. After successfully helping as many people cross into El Gaia as possible, he became instrumental in helping humanity start over, even as he refuses to be crowned king.

  • All Your Powers Combined: His passive skill increases all stats to party if they belong to all 6 elements.
  • Babies Ever After: After they arrived at El Gaia, he and Lucana settled down and had two children who later became members of Imperial Guard.
  • Childhood Friends: With Lucana and Aneil.
  • Childhood Friend Romance: His relationship with Lucana eventually escalated to this.
  • Determinator: Reed is known for his indomitable spirit and positive outlook in life, which inspired people around him even amidst the chaos of the war of the gods.
  • Playing with Fire: His element.
  • Power Dyes Your Hair: His hair turns redder and redder after each evolutions.
  • Punny Name: His name sounds like "lead", and he is the Refugee Leaders' primary leader.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With Eru.
  • Walking the Earth: He and Lucana traveled around El Gaia to help people in need after Rouche and Limera were old enough to take care of themselves.

Talon King Rhein / Talon God Rhein / Mystical Talon Rhein
Click here for evolutions 
"I answered your calling, Summoner. From now on, I'll be your arms and legs."
Rhein, devoting himself to his new master's cause.

Another alumnus of Toltya Dojo (such as Nemia, Zeln and Dilma), Rhein complied to his masters' orders to protect a group of refugees fleeing to El Gaia despite his wish to serve a more active role in the war of the gods. When he met Reed, a knight protecting the refugees, he found an opportunity to do both things at the same time, and was later assigned the reconnaissance expert of the refugee leaders. He was among the last to make the transition into El Gaia, when he noticed the God Army marching in, forcing him to return and stall them for good. Whatever became of him was the stuff of legends, with one stating that he exhausted himself staving them off, and another that he made it back alive into El Gaia.

Lawful Warrior Aneil / Lawful God Aneil / Supreme Lawmaker Aneil
Click here for evolutions 
"W-What's going on all of a sudden?! D-Do you really think I'm good enough for this?"
Aneil, unprepared for his new task at hand.

Reed and Lucana's childhood friend, Aneil is a powerful but timid mage, whose immense potential was only hampered by his reluctance to play an active role in combat. During the last stages of the war of the gods, however, he started to conquer his fears, and on advice from Nevsky, began working on the frontlines alongside Rhein. After crossing into El Gaia, Aneil chose to stay behind and intercept the approaching God Army.

Fast Princess Lucana / Fast God Lucana / Lightning Speed Lucana
Click here for evolutions 
"I fight to rid people of their grief! You'll help me too, won't you?"
Lucana, calling the summoner to help her bring hope to the refugees.

A promising summoner during the last stages of the war of the gods, Lucana frequently turned down offers from kingdoms, instead devoting her time on her hometown. When some benevolent gods warned her of an attack on her town by some mad gods, however, she called upon Reed, who brought Aneil with him, to help stave off the gods as the citizens flee for El Gaia.

Heavy Guard Nevsky / Heavy God Nevsky / Sacred Armor Nevsky
Click here for evolutions 
"The sealed door has opened. I understand. I'll lend you my power without falter!"
Nevsky, earning a second chance to use his powers.

A heavily armored knight who plays a rather shadowy role in the tale of the refuge to El Gaia. Nevsky was once rescued by Reed and his friends, and has since been following and protecting them from the shadows, and after one rescue mission, became a positive influence to the shy Aneil.

  • Big Damn Heroes: How he finally shows himself to Reed and company in their second encounter.
  • I Owe You My Life: His reason he follows and protects Reed and his friends from the shadows.
  • Knight in Shining Armor
  • Light 'em Up: His element.
  • Mysterious Stranger: Even as he was helping Reed lead the refugees into El Gaia, nobody really knew how he looked like.
  • No-Sell: His passive skill nullifies status ailments, and his Brave Burst increases defense for 3 turns.
  • You Shall Not Pass!: It is implied that he joined his protege Aneil in defending the last few refugees of El Gaia from the God Army.

Dual Blade Eru / Dual Blade God Eru / Twin Dragons Eru
Click here for evolutions 
"Are you the one who will bring peace to the people? If so, I'll devote my dual blades to you!"
Eru, entrusting the world's peace to the summoner's hands.

A knight of Bariura disgraced for entertaining the idea of leading a band of refugees to El Gaia. Undeterred by being stripped of his rank and branded a coward, he pressed on with his plan, during which he encountered Reed, who would become both his friend and rival throughout their journey.

    Bonded by Blood I 
Rarity Range: 4-6 (Orwen, Arius, Faris, Garnan, and Hogar) / 4-Omni (Elza)
Leader/Friend Skill: (Various)

These units are blood relatives of various other units, with the exception of Arius who is Mega's Blood Brothers. This particular Bonded by Blood set also engaged in the war of gods, mostly by their military involvement.

For its second batch, go here.

Emperor Orwen / Divine Emperor Orwen / God Emperor Orwen
Click here for evolutions 
"Summoning others forth? A skill only the powerless would ever think of."
Orwen, mocking the summoner for having to need to call upon him.

The Emperor of Agni at the time of the war of the gods. Orwen is a notoriously stern ruler, personally punishing traitors and ruling with an iron fist, enforcing it by way of his elite unit of some of the best soldiers Grand Gaia has ever seen, including Lava, the product of one of his experiments, and his younger brother Agni. One day, however, he simply fled elsewhere while leading some of his own men during the war of the gods, tarnishing his name for centuries, though a few records show that he actually grew far stronger throughout his exile, leading to theories that he simply tired of having to lead a bunch of incompetents, and thus left to train to be able to personally deal with the gods.

Prince Arius / Divine Prince Arius / Ice God Arius
Click here for evolutions 
"You need my power, right? Fine, I'll follow you. It must be for the best."
Arius, offering his services.

Third Prince of Sama and a naval admiral. While extremely talented in both sword and magic, his docile personality makes him rather meek, leading to dissent within his own fleet, during which time he met ex-pirate Mega, whose competence caused him to reluctantly appoint Mega to take his place while he reduced himself to a foot soldier, where he honed both his martial and social skills, and upon his return to the Navy following Mega's near-death experience he was a changed man, becoming more confident even as he declined his comrades' offer to return to the Navy, instead choosing to take on the gods on his own.

Flora Princess Faris / Flora Queen Faris / Flora Goddess Faris
Click here for evolutions 
"Summoner or not, you must address me as a princess. I'm not asking. That was an order."
Faris, being self-entitled.

Lidith's younger sister and second Princess of Vriksha. In contrast to Lidith, Faris is boisterous and more eager to take on the gods. However, at Lidith's suggestion, she was forced to flee with her bodyguard Lario. When her faithful archer got injured, however, Lidith swore to train herself and avenge her friend and her kingdom, and under the tutelage of Logan she honed her skills. Her time in the forest Lario grew in, however, ultimately soothed her rage, and instead she dedicated herself to protecting it and its denizens from the gods with her treasured swords.

Lead Engineer Garnan / Head Engineer Garnan / God Engineer Garnan
Click here for evolutions 
"You called me forth? What for? I was in the middle of fixing something."
Garnan, annoyed at being interrupted in his work.

Atharva's leading researcher on alien technology. Despite his knowledge, for decades he refused to have anything to do with Atharva's national research corps, reluctantly joining only in his elder years upon learning that they have an extensive cache of the kind of technology he seeks. Despite being a stern boss, he was also a loving grandfather to Elulu and wise mentor to Rashil, so much so for the latter that when he was banished, Garnan also left, only to immediately return to protect his subordinates during the attack of the gods together with his mechanical suit.

  • A Father to His Men: And an effective one to boot, as many of his assistants ended up following him out of adoration after he quit the facility. He's also implied to be the reason why Rashil could become a Team Dad later.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: As member of Atharva's scientific corps he became responsible for many of its technological marvels.
  • Old Master: Now the player knows where Elulu got her skills from.
  • The Mentor: Trained Elulu and Rashil.
  • Powered Armor: He gains one as the God Engineer.
  • Shock and Awe: His element.

Brave Legend Hogar / Brave King Hogar / Brave God Hogar
Click here for evolutions 
"Is this the setting for a new adventure? I can't wait! My power will come in handy!"
Hogar looking forward to your quests.

A legendary adventurer who wandered Grand Gaia, surviving all threats with his trusty giant axe. When not on his travels he spends his time telling stories of his exploits to children in towns he visits... among which is Alma, his daughter and traveling companion. On one of their travels, however, Hogar and his wife were trapped inside magically-powered ruins, leaving Alma to set off on her own adventures to grow stronger and find a way to free them. Once she succeeded in her mission, Hogar resumed their work as a family, fighting side-by-side during the war of the gods and after.

Inferno Elza / Inferno Queen Elza / Inferno Goddess Elza / Marzanna Reaper Elza / Graceful Princess Elza
Click here for evolutions 
"I don't need freedom... As long as she is free. Who are you? Not that it matters..."
Elza, submitting herself to the summoner's will.

Elza, Alice's older (and only truly blood-related) sister and second Princess of Bariura, once ran afoul of the law for simply protecting her sister from some relatives conspiring to usurp their father's throne, landing her a long imprisonment. Despite her actions, her father apparently kept her in jail, but in exchange for sending her off to risky black-ops missions. During the war of the gods she was released to lend a hand, but was instead ordered by her father to guard Alice, giving her a magically-infused scythe and explicit orders to never reveal herself to her sister. Unfortunately, Alice perished in battle, leaving Elza to make a desperate choice: use the powers of her scythe to revive her.

  • Big Sister Instinct: She is even willing to give away her freedom if it means Alice will be free.
  • Butterfly of Death and Rebirth: Like Alice, only this time, she fulfills the latter by reviving her dead sister.
  • Casting a Shadow: Being an imperial princess of the Bariura Empire, Elza naturally has the Dark element.
  • Deal with the Devil: She made a pact with her scythe to return to the world of living to revive Alice.
  • Dual Wielding: As Graceful Princess, she dual-wields cutlasses as she doesn't have to use her soul-absorbing scythe anymore.
  • Expy: Of Homura Akemi — both are black-haired, associated with the darkness, and are sisterly figures forced into a potentially fatal Faustian bargain in exchange for the power to protect their loved one (in Elza's case, her sister). They even transcended death and obtained beyond-godly power in process.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: It's implied in Alice's 7 Star lore that Elza sacrificed her own life and used the powers of her scythe so that Alice could be revived on the battlefield.
  • My Greatest Failure: Allowing Alice to be killed in the battlefield, leading her to tap into her scythe's hidden power to resurrect her.
  • Power Gives You Wings: Just like her younger sister, her Inferno Queen form sports her a pair of butterfly-esque wings.

    God's Loyalists 
Rarity Range: 4-6; 7 for Kuda
Leader/Friend Skill: BB Gauge-related skill (increased fill rate for Narza, reduction of cost for Ulkina and Kuda) / Boosting skill (increased total HP for Kuhla, increased HC effectiveness for Tia, increased Critical Hit Rate for Rowgen) / (Various, 6-star only)

These units are some of many humans who chose to fight with the Gods' Army, all for their own reasons. They're specifically recruited by a certain knight to kill the Six Heroes whose element they're weak against.

Common Tropes

  • Hero Killer: Their supposed task is to kill the Six Heroes. They ended up on the receiving end.
  • Psycho Rangers: Of Six Heroes.

Fire Witch Ulkina / Fire Dragoon Ulkina / Fire Goddess Ulkina
Click here for evolutions 
"You need my magic? This is power I've refined for the gods. I don't want to use it here."
Ulkina, reluctant to lend her services to someone other than the gods.

Trained since childhood, Ulkina was a strong candidate for the next batch of the Twelve Guardians of the Gods, and remained adamant in her dream even after the group broke down following the rebellion of their leader, Sodis. She has since devoted herself to her studies, in the process surrendering all sense of individuality in favor of mindlessly following the gods and even leading purges on "heretical" villages. During the war of the gods she volunteered herself into the gods' services, in the process making mortal enemies with Selena.

  • All Witches Have Cats: Has a black cat in her pouch, which eventually flies out with its bat-shaped wings.
  • Burn the Witch!: Inverted; this witch burns the civilians.
  • Familiar: She has a black cat in her bag.
  • Heal It With Fire: She's one of the few Fire Unit who specialize in Healing BB.
  • The Fundamentalist: Being raised in a monastery, Ulkina grew into this by the time of the war of the gods.
  • Healing Factor: The next Fire Unit to be able to do so after Phoenix and Lancia.
  • Hot Witch: The third one after Liza and Dia.
  • Knight Templar: Gradually slipped into fanatical devotion to the gods as she immersed herself into her studies following the division of the Twelve Guardians.
  • Lady in Red: By wearing red with cleavage and Zettai Ryouiki.
  • Playing with Fire: Her attacking element.
  • Rule of Three: She's the third Hot Witch, Fire Unit with healing abilities and has 3 forms.
  • Scissors Cuts Rock: Despite the type disadvantage, she got to kill Lucina and had Selena fleeing away.
  • The Sixth Ranger: What she was supposed to become for the Twelve Guardians of the Gods — which was ruined following Sodis' desertion.
  • When She Smiles: It's surprisingly clean and wholesome, according to Frontier Hunter's Season 27 ORN39 round.

Aquamancer Kuhla / Aqua Ruler Kuhla / Aqua Goddess Kuhla
Click here for evolutions 
"A Summoner...? Please, don't bother me with much..."
Kuhla, annoyed at being disturbed.

Despite her promising talent for magic, Kuhla's antisocial attitude made her a pariah, and when she got sent to the mountains, she founded her own laboratory, where one day she tended to a wounded knight serving the gods (implied to be Ark). During the war of the gods she served her native Sama with her powers, until the knight she once rescued appeared to her, leading her to suddenly defect to the side of the gods. Towards the end of the war, Eze, one of the Six Heroes, was said to have no reaction from encountering, but she continued to spread carnage without mercy or hesitation.

Forest Guardian Tia / Divine Guardian Tia / Guardian Goddess Tia
Click here for evolutions 
"I will never forgive the people who dared to hurt my animal friends!"
Tia, swearing vengeance on any who dare hurt her forest friends.

Tia was a girl raised in a forest, cut off from society, and as such made friends with its many critters. One day, she met Paula, youngest of the six Sibyl Sisters, and quickly became friends, with the latter promising to help her protect her friends. As the years passed, she could only look on with horror as humanity slowly ate away at her home in the name of progress, until Paula reappeared, offering her the power to wreak vengeance upon humanity, to which Tia accepted with vengeful glee, using her animal friends to attack villages until she had a rough encounter with Vargas, one of the Six Heroes.

  • Boomerang Bigot: She wants to get back against humanity for ruining her idyllic home, despite the fact that she is also a human. Justified, given that she was raised since infancy to believe herself a child of the forest.
  • Green Thumb: Her element.
  • Raised by Wolves: Her backstory.
  • Scissors Cuts Rock: Tia managed to wound Vargas despite having an elemental disadvantage with him. Even the source of her empowerment (Paula) has a disadvantage with him (although it should be noted that Paula could possibly provide a Water Element Buff through her 6-starred Super Brave Burst). Justified, as Vargas initially had no intention to fight her, leaving him open to a surprise attack.
  • Villainous Friendship: With Paula.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: She wanted vengeance against humanity for destroying her home. Too bad the one who gave her power was post-revolt Paula.

Bolt Gun Rowgen / Thunder Gun Rowgen / Lightning Gun Rowgen
Click here for evolutions 
"So you're my next employer? Fine, I'll lend you my power."
Rowgen, resigned to his fate as a hired gun.

Hailing from another, wartorn world, Rowgen came to Grand Gaia hoping for a change in pace. When he discovered that his new home was no different, however, he simply resigned himself to the fate of a soldier-of-fortune to Sama during the war of the gods, until Kuhla told him of their enemy, after which Rowgen quickly jumped ship and joined the gods, during which he was assigned to take down Lance, the hero of Vriksha.

  • The Cynic: Realizing that Grand Gaia is just as crapsack as his original world, he resigned himself into working as a mercenary. It is this cynicism that later inspired him to defect to the gods and obliterate his own race, which he claims to be beyond saving.
  • Fish out of Water: Rowgen came from another world which, if the Unit Guide is to be trusted, just as much a Crapsack World as Grand Gaia during the war of the gods.
  • One-Hit Kill: His speciality, being a sniper and all. Best exemplified in his Super Brave Burst, which deals one hit of massive damage and is spammable as long as his BB Gauge isn't drained.
  • Punch-Clock Villain: He'd work for anybody and everybody so long as the price is right.
  • Shock and Awe: His element.

Mad Knight Narza / Mad King Narza / Mad God Narza
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"What a disgrace! To think that I have to pledge myself to a Summoner!"
Narza, humiliated at having to serve a human.

A knight of La Veda fanatically devoted to the gods, to the point of dueling anyone foolish enough to slander their name in his face. During the war he proved his fealty to the gods by killing a "heretical" high priest and presenting his head to them, and in turn the gods granted him power, which apparently came at the price of his sanity. At the height of the war he was assigned to go after Magress, a knight of Bariura.

  • Ax-Crazy: It's right in his titles, even. He only gets worse with each evolution.
  • Blade Spam: His attack animation as Mad God has him float to the opponent, charge his sword for a moment...and then tearing his enemy to pieces with a flurry of slashes so quick that towards the end they almost seem to blur together.
  • Jack of All Stats: In all his evolutions, Narza starts with equal Attack, Defense and Recovery, making him a pretty versatile fighter.
  • Knight Templar: Possibly the greatest one in the Brave Frontier universe.
  • Light 'em Up: His element.
  • Light Is Not Good: He is light-elemental, but he is also a fanatical servant of the mad gods.
  • Off with His Head!: In his backstory, he did this to a heretical high priest in order to earn power from the gods.
  • The Quisling: Perhaps even more so than others in his unit group besides Ulkina (Kuhla is only serving Ark's interests, Tia and Rowgen have their reasons for fighting their own kin, and Kuda is implied to be with the human side all along).
  • Sword Beam: His attack animation in his first two forms is him slashing his enemy with a quick short ranged version of this.

Assassin Kuda / Loyal Assassin Kuda / Master Assassin Kuda / Shadow Assailant Kuda
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"First, show me how much you're gonna pay me. Then we can talk about work."
Kuda, quickly getting down to business.

An assassin who hires himself for a hefty price in exchange for a job always done right, Kuda stalks the shadows with his trusty whip-sword, and is said to be so effective people even doubt if he exists at all. During the war of the gods his name was linked to a series of high-profile assassinations, the disclosure of which led to speculation as to whether the gods revealed it or Kuda actually confessed out of a guilty conscience — a theory which seems to hold more water, in light of him abandoning a hit on Atro (after seeing him ruing the breaking of his sword Urias) and human nations suddenly gaining intel on the gods' armies.