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11:42:18 AM Apr 4th 2014
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Here one I've nominated. Satsuki Kiryuuin Goddess of Combat Stilettos and being an important Woman in White
12:34:56 PM Apr 4th 2014
There has to be more flavor text. Otherwise, This is decent.
07:05:01 PM Mar 28th 2014
I would like to nominate Miu Furinji from History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi for the goddess of Form Fitting Wardrobe and/or Feather Motif. Both tropes apply to her in spades.

I have no idea how to nominate someone other than to put a message here. If there is anything else I can do, please let me know.

Thank you.
06:52:57 AM Jan 9th 2014
How about Melona from Queen's Blade as the Goddess of Godiva Hair?
05:33:22 AM Jan 9th 2014
Wish to add a goddess from Kill la Kill:


Matoi Ryuuko, Goddess of Chainmail Bikinis and Stripperific Outfits

06:15:00 AM Jan 9th 2014
I think Striperiffic has been done by Suikoden's Jeane. The other one can stay though.

You should also put in about relations with Ragna the Bloodedge, considering Ryuuko is often considered her Distaff Counterpart or sorts.
08:50:36 PM Jan 9th 2014
Duly noted. Thanks.
10:26:22 PM Jan 6th 2014
Isn't Odin (Norse Mythology) literally the original God of Eye Patches?

Thoughts on replacing Date Masamune with the Allfather?
04:08:53 AM Jan 7th 2014
I don't think the first thing we thought of when it comes to eyepatches isn't Odin. Besides, there's been some depictions of Odin that has no eyepatches (the one in Final Fantasy comes to mind), and his eyepatch has never been put in focus. And hey, Masamune is a very well-known figure in media. I'm not sure if I like this notion. You think, guy?
11:06:47 PM Jan 9th 2014
I've never actually heard of him, but I'll take your word for it. I just thought "God + Eye Patch" and what came to mind was Odin. What I feel I can say without too much qualification is that Odin is much more well-known in media than Date Masamune, though it's true, the eyepatch is not the central focus of the character.

I didn't feel particularly strongly about this, I just wanted it put out there to facilitate discussion.
11:19:26 PM Jan 9th 2014
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I don't mean to say you have no grounds of it. However, I can see that the mentality of yours is built on Fan Myopia. You've heard of Odin, yet you've never heard of Masamune, and then just decides that he should be replacing someone you don't know. That's not what a 'good Pantheon-ing' way.

Masamune already had a solid portfolio, if his portfolio was just barebones, then I could see the change happening. Also, just because one is the original God of X, doesn't mean he must be the God of X in this Pantheon. Look at Guan Yu: IRL, he's the God of War. However, he's here as the God for Beards, the God of War has been taken by Kratos.

Also... just for note, if Odin's eye patch is what was most known for him, why would Thor say "By Odin's Beard!" instead of "By Odin's Eye Patch!"?

So not only about Fan Myopia, I'm not sure I could take your claims about Odin being the Eyepatch God seriously.

Though I will give you props for forwarding it to the Discussion page first instead of rushing in too early. Let's hear it from everyone else first.
04:41:34 AM Jan 10th 2014
Also, we don't have any gods directly from mythologies. For example, Thor in the Pantheon is not the Norse mythology Thor, but Marvel Thor. I think the only expection is Zeus, but I am betting it is more geared forwards God of War Zeus than the actual one.
05:45:34 AM Jan 10th 2014
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Most Gods here an amalgamation of what they are in various media. Just take a look at Batman, and you'll notice that he's not from just one source. He's the TAS, Dark Knight, Injustice, Brave & Bold, Adam West & many more all rolled in one. There's also Amaterasu, but she's probably from Ōkami. I will definitely add up that the Zeus is from God of War, but he might also take notes from the game Smite.

Unless Lightning Pastry may be thinking of either Odin of Final Fantasy or Odin being Marvel Odin (Thor and Loki's father), but he noted that it's straight from the Norse Mythology, in which TPPR's arguments hold value. It still has a heavy implications of he doesn't know Date Masamune himself that he must be removed to make way for Odin, though. That's not a good thing, I'm sorry. Even if you picked another from an actual series, this heavy Fan Myopia stuff isn't going to do good.
04:51:33 PM Jan 5th 2014
Dandy from Space Dandy as the god of The Dandy sounds like the perfect fit for this pantheon, especially if you read the Trope page for The Dandy.
02:15:25 PM Dec 16th 2013
Does anyone think that we should induct Rapunzel as Goddess of Rapunzel Hair?
06:05:28 AM Jan 10th 2014
08:01:26 AM Dec 5th 2013
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I have been thinking if Tobi should be dethroned from his position as the god of Masks. not because of stuff what might have happened in Naruto, but because there might be some people who would fit the role better. I myself suggest Hata no Kokoro. Not only does she have 66 masks (plus everything which fans want to reference ), she is a mask (a tsukumogami born from the masks of Hata no Kawakatsu). Plus on kickass scale, she beat Reimu (who has beaten almost every one else in Touhou) while Reimu had back-up.
02:09:17 PM Dec 16th 2013
You make a good point, but given how Tobi is in the Pantheon 'system' beyond simply being a God (the UGAE, the mentions of him in other Gods' profiles, a lot of expansion on his godly profile, etc.), we'd need to find somewhere else to put him first, not just take him out altogether.

For that matter, is Hata no Kokoro the only possible replacement? What about Noh-Face from Spirited Away, or the mask-monster from Inuyasha? I'm personally partial to the Noh-Face idea, because Spirited Away is a Classic that ensures that most people would recognize the connection. Then again, 66 masks are a convincing argument...
08:51:01 PM Dec 16th 2013
No Face is currently the God of Feeding on Emotions. As of mask-monster, does it even have a name? Or has any important part in the series? Is it even a proper character?
10:57:10 AM Dec 17th 2013
I was not aware of No Face's position, and the mask-monster was more of a random suggestion because no, it's not really important at all (one episode, maybe two).
10:51:24 PM Dec 26th 2013
Related to original post, if Kokoro would replace Tobi, what spot shouldTobi to be moved? I am not familiar with Naruto, so I fon't know myself.
09:01:02 PM Dec 27th 2013
Do we have a god for Red Herring Villains? Or anything else capable of referencing the fact that Tobi = Obito was a joke theory for years before it was finally proven as the actual truth after a number of misleading situations.
09:51:39 PM Dec 27th 2013
As far I can tell, I don't think we have that sort of position. But where he would go then? Mentalism? Straight into House of Wild Mass Guesses?
07:10:05 PM Oct 28th 2013
How about adding Gibby Gibson from iCarly as the God of Shirtless Awesomeness
10:05:16 PM Sep 26th 2013
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Wish to add another god:

Midora, God of Overly Long Tongues and Vicious Gluttony
  • Rank: Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Gourmet Corp Symbol
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Overly Long Tongues, Vicious Gluttony, Badass, Horrifying Tongues, Evil Scars, The Stoic, Beard of Evil, Unconventional Use of Hunger as a Power
  • Allies: Unknown
  • Enemies: Most of the gods from the House of Food, especially Toriko and Komatsu, and various gods from the House of Beasts
  • Ascended not long after his victory against Ichiryu. Seeing him use his tongue to devour even the very air itself convinced the other gods that he deserves the post.
  • Apparently used to be nicer especially after he met Frohze as a teenager and experienced kindness from her. No one knows (yet) what had happened to change him into the man that he currently is as of the present.
  • His "Hungry Space" is dreaded by various other gods, especially those that cannot regenerate from wounds that can suddenly appear out of seemingly nowhere.
  • Is highly antagonistic towards the majority of the gods from the House of Food as he would devour everything inside and leave absolutely nothing for the other gods. Even Kirby and Pacman are afraid of his ruthless hunger.
  • Tried to devour everything from the House of Beasts, making him an even greater threat than Toriko who at least shows some restraint especially for sentient animals. Not even humans are safe from his ravenous hunger.
  • There is chance that Midora is an extreme omnivore on par with Gluttony and Kirby but there is no proof to validate that claim. Also, Midora admits that he favours edible food, especially good-tasting ones.
10:14:34 PM Sep 26th 2013
... I wonder. With that many characters from his series getting inducted here...

Where the hell did the man himself, Toriko, fit in?
10:51:15 PM Sep 26th 2013
Toriko is in the House of Food.

That aside, is it passable?
10:20:26 PM Sep 23rd 2013
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Planning to add Rias Gremory (Will add more details when I have the time):

Rias Gremory, Goddess of Miracle-Granting Breasts and Shrinking Breasts (Crimson-Haired Princess of Ruin, Switch Princess, Crimson Bust Princess)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A crimson king chess piece
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Foreign FanService Girl, Red-Headed Heroine, Benevolent Boss, Miracle-Granting Breasts, Badass Princess, Cool Big Sis, Person of Mass Destruction, Team Mom, Shrinking Breasts, Chess Motifs
  • Allies: Her peerage (including Hyodo Issei), the remaining members of Kuoh Academy's Occult Research Club, and Kuoh Academy's Student Council
  • Enemies: Anyone that dares to harm her peerage, including Issei, as well as anyone who harms her friends
  • Ascended not long after Issei's own ascension as she played a pivotal role in his life by becoming his beloved "King". The fact that she willingly lets him use her breasts to power-up, to the point that she would even sacrifice her ample bosom to aid him him battle even if only as a temporary effect, only cemented her place in the house.
  • Although happy to be with Issei as a fellow god, Rias was understandably mortified at how she got the seat.
  • Due to Rias' willingness to sacrifice her breasts for the sake of victory and her loved one, even if only temporarily, she has earned the respect of many other goddesses, even flat-chested ones such as Noel Vermillion.
  • As she and the rest of her peerage resides in the House of Personal Appearance and Equipment, Issei would often visit her place and would even spend most of his nights at her place as he would not willingly sleep all by himself. Many of the more perverted gods giggle and snicker at his antics.
  • Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric are honestly baffled at how her breasts can grant miracles as it goes against the usual maxim of "Equivalent Exhange" in the most pervertedly ridiculous way imaginable. They and many other gods from the House of Magic have considered researching her breasts but they do not want to be accused of being breast-loving perverts. Besides, Issei is rather possessive and protective over her, so much so that not even Jiraiya had managed to get a proper peek at her or even the rest of the ladies from the Occult Research Club for that matter.
  • Is currently planning to prepare a service centre in which she and the rest of her peerage will help the other gods in exchange for their favours in return. As such, she is being considered to become a member of the House of Commerce.
11:38:38 PM Sep 23rd 2013
Eeehm... you need to fix the linking. For instance, for Foreign Fan Service, you write it like this: ForeignFanservice, not this: MainForeignFanservice. The result is this: Foreign Fanservice.

In case of linking works with other namespaces, you would do it like this. Let's see... let's use Full Metal Alchemist as an example. You write it like this: Manga/FullMetalAlchemist, not this: Manga/FullMetalAlchemist. The result is this: Fullmetal Alchemist.
02:36:47 AM Sep 24th 2013
Ok, tried to edit it the best I can but I still can't seem to get it right for the pantheon houses and Naruto for some reason. At any rate, is it approved?
05:11:51 AM Sep 24th 2013
Well I can't say a thing because I'm no High School DD watcher, zero knowledge.

As of single-sentenced link, you need to put these brackets: { and }. It goes like, for the Naruto example... Manga/{{Naruto}}. Here's the result: Naruto.
06:50:44 AM Sep 24th 2013
Thanks. Will be posting this on the House since I've yet to hear of anyone mentioning about shrinking breasts. Also planning to add one last character from Highschool Dx D, Vali Lucifer, in the House of Combat later.
07:13:35 PM Sep 20th 2013
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Can we add Flynn as the God of Samurai Ponytails?

  • Greater God (Punching out Lucifer and Merkabah by the end of the game, along with the Four Archangels, the Ancient of Days, Sanat, and Masakado lands him at LEAST on this tier.)
  • Symbol: His Gauntlet, with the Lesser Key on the screen.
  • Allignment: True Neutral, but can also be Chaotic Neutral, Lawful Neutral, or even Omnicidally Maniacal.
  • Portfolio: Samurai, Demon Taming, Anachronism Stew, Going Toe-to-Toe With and Defeating Gods and Demons The Quiet One, Hope Bringer, Debating with Foes Mid-Battle, Sacrificing Fashion Sense for the Sake of Practicality, Humble Beginnings Proficiency in Swordplay and Gunslinging, Kleptomaniac Hero, Greed
  • Allies: Lucifer (Maybe), YHVH (Maybe)
  • Enemies: ????
  • Rivals: Naoki Kashima
  • Ascended upon slaying a series of extremely high-powered creatures threatening his world: Ancient of Days, Sanat Kumara, and Masakado's Shadow. He has expressed a bit of annoyance that his official title has nothing to do with those deeds, and instead focuses on his hairstyle of all things.
  • Is not allowed anywhere near the House of Technology, due to his bad habit of stealing random odds and ends and selling them at the House of Commerce.
  • His tendency to wear rather outlandish outfits is really limited to battle, and only if he does not own the rest of the outfit set. Under normal circumstances, he wears his Samurai Uniform.
  • Is rather...persuasive when it comes to cash: he's been known to successfully shake down the most terrifying demons MID-BATTLE. Requests from the House of Commerce to lend his aid to them have gone unanswered.
  • Has offhandly expressed interest in facing Kremhild Gretchen, due to the similarities to a group of beings he had faced before and a desire to test his strength against it. This earned him a punch to the face by Homura and a gun pointed right at his head before he frantically managed to recant.
  • No one is quite sure who is stronger, Flynn or the Demi-Fiend Naoki Kashima, not even the two in question. Flynn has expressed cautious optimism, while Naoki has offered no comment. While the two have a tense rivalry at the moment, it has not yet come to a true battle. More than one god is dreading the day it does...
08:15:20 PM Sep 20th 2013
This seems decent.
11:14:11 PM Sep 20th 2013
I don't think this is what I call decent. Needs moar flavor text.
06:33:18 AM Sep 21st 2013
Added stuff. What do you think?
12:46:07 PM Aug 4th 2013
Here's one potential god for you. I brought it up on the main discussion, so I'm posting him here now for your consideration. So, *Ahem* Pimps, playas, and pain purveyors, may I introduce;

Blacker Baron, God of Pimp Duds (Baron)
01:27:34 PM Aug 4th 2013
edited by
This looks decent, and I approve Despite playing Anarchy Reigns.
01:21:01 PM Apr 29th 2013
For the God of Longcoats, I'm think about replacing Ed.
04:15:50 PM Jul 19th 2013
I think that's good cause he's been moved to the house of magic for god of alchemy.
06:11:50 PM Jul 19th 2013
You have an idea who fits better?
09:24:00 PM Apr 4th 2013
I think that Lt. Col. Roy Mustang, given his affinity for TINY MINISKIRTS, deserves to be made the God of Good-Looking Privates.
09:26:41 PM Apr 4th 2013
As said in other Discussion page, preview your entry in the reply after this.
09:33:11 PM Apr 4th 2013
I did. There's nothing there as of right now. Just thought it prudent to put it up for discussion first.
10:57:25 PM Jan 21st 2013
I suggest some Gods or Goddesses about... Fatness. Really, why don't we have one? We have Fat Girl, Formerly Fat, and if some things are to be taken into consideration, Big Beautiful Man or Big Beautiful Woman...

I can only think of the candidate for Formerly Fat and that being Eikichi 'Michel' Mishina. Suggestion?
08:27:00 PM Mar 2nd 2013
E-Honda (sp?) from street fighter?

Big Mama?

Fat Bastard from Austin Powers?

John Balusi for "acrofatic"?

Santa Claus?
11:25:56 PM Mar 2nd 2013
Honda...? Fatness isn't his issue. Plus he's earned his place in the Sports pantheon for Sumo.
12:28:41 AM Mar 3rd 2013
For Acrofatic, I'd personally go with Bam Bam Bigelow. Despite being 400 pounds, Bigelow regularly did cartwheels and moonsaults in the ring.
10:38:15 PM Mar 29th 2013
I'm storing Control Freak here. I think it needs consideration because if there's one biggest think CF is known for, it's his TV-themed super-villainy and possibly his nerdiness. Not about how he's fat and moving fast. Even Bigelow seemed to be a more plausible entry (although he's dead)

Control Freak, God of Athletically Fat People

12:57:31 AM Mar 30th 2013
...Ascend him anyway.
04:29:02 AM Mar 30th 2013
And the portfolio sound forced. Really? Let's wait till there's more opinion on him. Don't make him sound forced. This is like that time we had a bunch of new forced One Piece entries like Fan Myopia.
04:59:48 AM Mar 30th 2013
I meant Bigelow (unless someone objects).
03:52:09 AM Jun 15th 2013
Personally, if we're gonna make a place in the pantheon for Acrofatic, I'd reccomend Rufus (Street Fighter IV) and Bob (Tekken) as co-gods, as both are deceptively fast fighters despite their bulk, and have a place close to the top of the tier list in terms of effective fighters.
10:56:28 PM Jan 5th 2013
edited by CelPrevZero
Has anyone considered a God/Goddess for Cool Shades yet? I nominate Horatio Caine as one, notwithstanding his status as The Theater House's God...(puts on sunglasses) of Dramatic Glasses Pulling *...
09:34:48 PM Sep 2nd 2012
I don't mean to get into Fan Myopia, but looking at the current God for Dude Looks Like a Lady... I feel unconvinced, really. He... looks too obvious to be a man or sorts.

I was thinking of an alternate, really. What do you think for... Andromeda Shun? I mean, this dude not only has the voice of a high pitched male to near women level, he's got a Cloth tailored for women (which got boobs...), constellation of a WOMAN, other foreign countries dubs has mistakenly gotten him voiced by women, he's The Chick of the Five-Man Band...

His bro Ikki and his friend Hyoga being already in the Pantheon is just icing the cake, really.

But let's hear your opinion on putting Shun for his really androgynous appearance, I bet that's more well known than his weapons or something.
04:42:26 PM May 28th 2012
Somebody please make MR T as the God of Mohawks!
12:52:13 PM May 29th 2012
I already did.
07:23:00 AM Apr 8th 2012
I'm moving this:

Mu-12, Goddess of Shapely Posterior (Noel Vermillion, The Sword That Slays Gods, Kusanagi, DAT ASS)

here because Baby Got Back was cut and is being cleaned up because of the Google Incident Mk. II; however, I know nothing about BlazBlue, so perhaps someone who knows it better than me can clean this up.
09:03:15 PM Apr 8th 2012
edited by ChrisX
Change the link. If Baby Got Back got deleted, just change it to Male Gaze (where the majority of examples of Baby Got Back got transferred to). Something like this: Goddess of Shapely Posterior.

And just put in a brief depower thanks to the article being deleted. Ass is a position to fill in, regardless of whether tropes get deleted or not. Sexy Back got split, and Shanoa retains her place (even if the link goes different), I don't see why Mu can't.
05:01:28 AM Jan 20th 2013
How about we merge this profile with that of Noel's since she's one and the same person?
05:01:30 AM Jan 20th 2013
How about we merge this profile with that of Noel's since she's one and the same person?
02:55:10 PM Jan 20th 2013
Already put a note that she's merged.
09:30:19 AM Feb 25th 2012
...Huh, this is the first I've heard of "shonen hair"

...And why Silver, of all hedgehogs?

Not that I'm complaining, this means we have 4 of the 5 hedgehogs in the pantheon somewhere (this IS counting Metal Sonic. Unless I'm missing her somewhere, Amy is the only one of the hedgehogs NOT in the pantheon somewhere...)
04:49:53 PM Feb 25th 2012
Not quite sure with Megafighter's obsession of putting everyone from Purgatory/Disgraces into the actual trope, redeemed. I told him that 'returned to the mortal realm' is a good option, but apparently, he does not listen. No offense to Megafighter, but what do you see especially very special in Silver that you're adamant in seeing him in Pantheon? Not to mention... the lack of flavor text makes Silver's entry, being Shonen Hair or Time Police look REALLY forced.
12:51:05 AM Feb 26th 2012
I'm not one to use "mortal realm" too often since the point of the Unsorted is for a God to be recycled in the proper Pantheon. The lack of flavor text is merely because I don't know enough about Silver as a character.

Why pick Silver for this position? Well, aside from availability, Silver's entry back in the Disgraces made a point of mentioning his hair (It was his symbol and mentioned in previous flavor text) and in a way it's come full circle.
05:01:37 AM Feb 26th 2012
The preference is this: Normal Pantheon > Mortal Realm > Fallen > Disgraces.

And it's even worse that you don't even KNOW Silver enough that you shoved him into a position you might not know enough. Seriously, why? What if there's an even more proper character for Shonen Hair? Why do you really think that being put in the Mortal Realm is even worse than Disgraces?

Please don't get me wrong. Redemption IS a wonderful thing. However, sometimes, being merely removed from the Disgraces/Fallen were enough, especially if there's not enough fitting portfolio. You, Megafighter, seem like adamant in emptying the Unsorted that you sometimes forgot about some things like pushing in someone you don't even know, or putting the same portfolio with someone else (like that time with Time Police. Granted, some tropes has more than one Gods, but still...).

Please, I really hope you rethink about your crusade on redeeming everyone. It's a good move, but I don't think this is a good way to show it.
09:19:14 AM Feb 26th 2012
True. I'll start removing a few Gods at this point (Silver, Naru, Emperor Dalek, Joel Schumacher) since they're either flavorless or in Joel's case, has a goal dependent on real life events that most likely won't happen. Even if Joel gets redeemed, there's not really a position he could fill otherwise.
10:36:44 PM Feb 21st 2012
09:11:18 PM Feb 3rd 2012
edited by LeoniteRider
Double post, disregard this
09:11:17 PM Feb 3rd 2012
I have a suggestion for a God for here... Eiji Hino (Kamen Rider OOO), God of Pantsu (Underpants, the way he says it has become memetic)
04:46:01 AM Feb 4th 2012
Uh, don't we have Arthur for that? I mean, I think Arthur qualifies because his pants has become really iconic part of himself.
08:05:53 AM Feb 4th 2012
Ah... how could I have failed to notice that... Eiji's even a follower....

I even had a whole profile thought out where he was continously mocked by Ankh for being chosen for "Pants of all things!"

Ok, I decline my request... although I'll probably make another Eiji request in another section, this time I'll actually check to see if anyone already has that spot.
06:14:18 AM Feb 1st 2012
edited by ChrisX
Putting this temporarily because we already had a Fighting Narcisst, Vega/Balrog/Claw

Cody Rhodes, God of Narcissistic Fighters (Cody Runnels, "Dashing" Cody Rhodes)

I hope you don't use the reasoning of "But Cody is Real Life while Vega is fiction!" if you want to defend his position.
12:14:41 PM Feb 1st 2012
edited by Megafighter3
No problem with his removal. Merely wasn't paying attention. I've taken the liberty of making Rhodes a follower of Vega.

Edit: Gave it some thought, maybe have Cody act as Vega's herald in the Personal Appearance house.
05:05:30 AM Jan 29th 2012
edited by ChrisX
Hey I'm thinking of a Goddess for Token Wholesome. I think more power would come in a series where the main charm is the buxom ladies, but the one picked would be most conservative in dressing. So I was thinking either these candidates:

06:23:03 PM Nov 21st 2011
edited by ChrisX
I think The Man You Could Smell Like should go into the Commerce Pantheon. Isn't his main forte the memetic Old Spice Commercial?

He can be a God for a Spokes Sue Done Right (kinda like Sol being Marty Stu Done Right). Or ham advertisements.
04:09:48 PM Oct 30th 2011
I think Tobi's profile should be altered a bit after the reveal that He's not Madara Uchiha
02:36:33 AM Aug 28th 2011
We don't have a God for bald people. Who do you think fits? I say male baldness and female baldness are to be separated since for both sexes, they may mean differently.

For female Bald, sorry to once again jump in the Mass Effect bandwagon, but I'd like to recommend Jack/Subject Zero.
08:57:30 PM Oct 1st 2011
edited by RawpowerEX
I think Professor Xavier should be a good candidate for bald men. I originally thought about Red Skull, but he may not quality as he's, after all... a skull to say the least.
12:32:27 AM Oct 2nd 2011
What about Ikkaku Madarame?
10:13:24 AM Oct 2nd 2011
edited by RawpowerEX
He's qualifies as well, and so does Tien, but Xavier gets extra points for appearing before them.
03:54:24 AM Jun 15th 2013
Nappa. Or GHOST NAPPA. He has the most memetic baldness.
09:56:43 AM Aug 22nd 2011
Unless there's already one in another pantheon, perhaps we could add a God(dess) of Armor (ie, Tin Tyrant)?
05:24:16 AM Nov 23rd 2010
We seriously needs a Goddess of DAT ASS. Who's in??
09:34:43 AM Nov 23rd 2010
Lessee, off the top of my head, Princess Garnet, Fran, C.C. or Ned Flanders.
03:44:56 PM Nov 23rd 2010
edited by ChrisX
C.C is already in though in another portfolio. What about Mu-12 AKA Noel Vermillion? Just like how Hakumen and Jin can exist together, what about Mu and Noel together?

I mean, Mu got her own ASS as an Achievement picture!

Or other alternatives include Meryl Silverburg. Two Words: Wiggle Wiggle! (And Awesome Series also concurs too)
06:44:33 AM Dec 14th 2011
Mu-12, absolutely!
10:58:48 AM Apr 21st 2010
Shouldn't Evangeline be in this house instead of Theater since she is the Goddess of Goth Loli?
02:22:21 PM Apr 21st 2010
I'd agree considering EGL is about fashion. Feel free to do the change, though - this is a wiki after all.
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