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     My Little Pony: The Movie 
  • Lost an appendage in your youth due to a horrific incident? Ostracized by your only two friends for it? Don't bother trying to make new friends or see a doctor about it, become a terrorist and team up with a tyrannical nutcase to make your country suffer on the off-chance they might be able to fix said missing appendage.
  • It will totally work out if you sympathize with a dangerous villain, outright save their life, and declare them your new friend. They’ll have a change of heart then and there, and totally won’t backstab you or anything.
  • Leaving a group of people (including children) to drown is fine if one of them stole something from you. People will still consider you The High Queen.
  • It’s totally the right thing to do to run off and fight a war if your overprotective parent forbids you to. After all, who cares if you have even more restrictions to deal with after that? You’re a bad friend if you stay put!
    • It’s not unfair to punish your daughter for being a hero and saving everybody.
  • It's totally okay to steal a MacGuffin if your friends are acting like idiots and the rest of the world aside from your home doesn't support peace talks. You'll still end up as the hero in the end.
    • It's also okay to act like a buffoon for most of the journey as long as you do the right thing.
  • The villain is absolutely right that the reason your country's defenses are so feeble is because you blow a lot of time and money on extravagant parties for the sake of "friendship", but why bother taking this advice to heart? It's not like your country comes under monster attacks and enemy invasions like four times a year or anything.

     My Little Pony: Best Gift Ever 

     My Little Pony shorts 
  • "Starlight The Hypnotist:"
    • Developing a sudden phobia you've never had before means it's just time to go to the local crackpot for help. It's definitely not a sign of deteriorating mental health that might require professional help before it worsens, or anything like that.
    • The best person to go to for psychiatric help is the local sociopath who, even after several years of freebies and zero consequences for repeated negative behavior, still struggles with the most basic concepts of right and wrong and still thinks using Mind Rape is the best way to deal with problems even though literally every terrible thing she's ever done and all the pain she's inflicted on others was the result of this mentality. You certainly shouldn't get help from a professional, or your friends, or your mentor, or your parents...
    • Someone so mentally broken they are afraid of ladybugs is absolutely the kind of person you want to see running a school full of children!
    • When someone's new hobby is a clear lapse into the bad destructive behavior that used to define their existence, not only should you not be the slightest bit alarmed but you should actually encourage this new hobby. Especially if it is your self-appointed duty to mentor this person and keep them from returning to the terrible behavior they used to do.


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