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"The greatest jihad (struggle) is to battle your own soul, to fight the evil within yourself"
— Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)

Hello there, I'm just another troper who happened upon this site and made an account sometime in August 2020 to make use of You Know That Show, then gradually got accustomed to the site and hooked as a result. A fair amount of my contributing goes towards local (Malaysian) works and anything related or in between, or general cleanup, with a few oddballs here and there.

If you find a video example where the audio cuts in the final second or so, chances are that I probably uploaded it, cuz Filmora's a meanie, though I've worked around it as best I could. See a full list in the "Troper Contributions" folder below.


     Troper Contributions 

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Video Examples

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     Tropes/Info regarding me 
Just some info, probably not the overly personal stuff. Hopefully.
  • Asian and Nerdy: Malaysian, likes maths, the sciences, and media on occasion. My sense of fun is wiki contributing, besides gaming, to an extent.
  • Author Appeal: I remember my first solid draw towards some media being the theme of internal conflict (not necessarily as dark as Enemy Within), and whatever could spin off of that. Exploring such themes seeped into my characters as a result.
  • Black Comedy: Simply put, I may laugh at what shouldn't be laughed at sometimes.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: As overused as this is, I do try to subvert it by pushing my limits, gradually. I often find myself having fragments of great ideas which I could piece together, if I only had the perseverance or drive to make the time do so, though it is possible to instill in myself with enough motivation.
  • Brutal Honesty: Well, in theory anyway, being blunt (and direct) is usually the preferrable option for me. However, it's a situational matter most of the time, and sometimes downplaying things is for the better.
  • Emotionless Girl: By all realistic means, unless I was born a psychopath, I'm not completely emotionless. I'm more internally attuned to the emotions than in externally expressing them, when I have them anyway.
  • Fanwork-Only Fans: Downplayed, though I should consider that most video games I'm a fan of are those I only watched through gameplays. Straighter examples involve Friday Night Funkin', since I favor the music and some character designs (mods included) over the vanilla game's story and themes, plus the premise of "DanceDanceRevolution but with your fingers" sounds more like hell on the hands and keyboard than fun to me.
  • Grammar Nazi: Downplayed, I am attentive of grammar errors but I'm less likely to bark at the sight of them rather than simply pointing it out, ignoring it if the situation/conversation calls attention elsewhere, or fixing it myself if on a work page. I'm not exempt of slipping myself.
  • Hype Aversion: It often happens that I avoid what's popular as it seems overrated and I lack interest (either anyway or because of the popularity). FOMO usually has little effect on me.
    • Sometimes I'll take the time to see a work after the hype surge dies down, or my varying circumstances have me see it later (eg. FNF, since I was busy at the time it peaked, but I was sidestepping anyway).
    • Other times, I simply forget to finish/watch an installment until everyone hypes its next release and I realise that I've lost interest or had none in the first place, so I no longer bother (eg. Deltarune).
  • Islam: I am a Muslimah, alhamdulillah :D note .
  • Metalhead: My two favourite music genres are metal/rock and electronic. Headbanging may ensue for the former, but I recently found the perfect balance of both the electronic melody and the guitar/bass of the former that's music to my ears without risking my neck: Dark Wave.
  • Myers–Briggs: INTP-T. A turbulent and selectively analytical mind. For another personality-related thingy, see "Phlegmatic" and "Melancholic" in Four-Temperament Ensemble, but be aware that I'm not that predictable >:).
  • Nightmare Fetishist: Oh boy. So I believe that I gradually grew interest in some darker, monstrous topics, but I only became particularly aware of it when I watched Venom (2018)... he's badass bro 😔. The sequel added fuel to the fire 😛. Internal turmoils (of the mind or otherwise) also tend to draw me in.
  • Not So Stoic: I'm not often that expressive, just milder about it. I only see emotions as necessary obstacles to overcome, to learn how to better manage future turbulence.
  • Proud to Be a Geek: Satisfied with the odd interests I have, though I usually restrain my geek-like reactions and ideas in front of most people.
  • The Stoic: I'm usually the last to cry at any given heartfelt moment. According to the Big Five Personality Traits page, an introvert with low Neuroticism (emotional instability) doesn't feel much at all.
  • The Teetotaler: Never drunk alcohol, never will.
  • Wanting Is Better Than Having: Sometimes after I get what I want, the expected fulfillment feels barren. So I tend to believe in delayed gratification (although implementing it is another story), as well as taking my time to decide by comparing an outcome's pros and cons, sometimes to the extent of being too late to carry it out anyway. It's fine, since it means it was for the best that it never happened if God willed it that way and I've done all I could. Such is the way of some hidden blessings. (Of course, don't go sabotaging your opportunities either :P)

Tropes to add: Safety in Indifference, Ridiculous Procrastinator (How ironic), Freaky Is Cool?

    Favourite works (WIP) 
Because a list of everything I liked, even those I grew out of liking or only liked a little, make too long a list. Restricting it to favourites I may comment on for the sake of conciseness.


A majority of the media I watch tends to be animated. Whether I'm into it for the story or just getting a laugh out of it, I like them all just fine since they're meant for entertainment. (Maybe splitting this to Asian, Other, and Western.)

Asian Animation

Malaysian: (AniMY means Malaysian Animation)
  • BoBoiBoy: Since its first episode in 2011, it was my whole childhood ever since and likely remains as (one of or) my most favourite show(s) ever. Expect it a lot in my editing history.
  • Ejen Ali: Since it started in 2016, a brilliant step into the future in more ways than one. Would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone, especially internationally.
  • Mechamato: The installment preceding BoBoiBoy in the Power Sphera Universe (PSU). Gotta LOVE the studio's improvement, the ways it encourages creativity and imagination, and the underlying theme of independence at my age, a nice followup of the fairly good morals of the show it's a prequel of.
  • Upin & Ipin: One of the first Malay shows I ever watched, can't recall since when, but I doubt there's much to follow. Still, I owe respect to it for introducing me to AniMY and being what kickstarted its industry, so to speak.

Western Animation

  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: First watched "One Bad Apple" on a local network out of curiosity and got hooked for a while, but phased out sometime at Season 6 due to exhaustion from overenthusiasm; perhaps I was slightly too eccentric as a fan. Online MLP:FIM content introduced me to several other works through fandoms, making ponies my gateway drug to the internet of sorts.
  • Shaun the Sheep: Along with most of Aardman Animations' work, but there's something impressive about conveying stories with little dialogue, which also prevents language barriers. I also have profound nostalgic memories of the first Shaun The Sheep film.
  • Tales of Arcadia: Series trilogy with an entertaining and well-crafted story, though I was confused when Netflix suddenly demanded the pin code for mature content be inserted when I could originally watch without it, until I rebinged and reconfigured that the implications of certain themes finally settled in people's heads.



(*insert a handful of Disney Animated Canon*)

Live Action

  • Venom (2018): I can remember my hype to see this one manifesting since I saw its trailer before watching Antman And The Wasp at the cinema. Come its October 2018 release, Venom remains as one of my favourite cinematic experiences ever. Did the Shout-Out to my home country butter me up? Yes it did, but I enjoyed it for the concept of having a sentient and (mostly) helpful companion that lives like a voice in one's head, and the badassery Venom served with it made it all the better. Brilliant Author Appeal fuel for me xD.
    • Venom: Let There Be Carnage: Laughed more than I expected. Things got outright ridiculous at times but it was sufficient in providing the aspects which originally drew me into the first film and the comedy's a bonus, if not already necessary, in a way. note .

Live-Action TV

  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Parents watched it on Netflix and I sometimes chimed in to seeing them, my favourite moments involve the appearance of that Ghost Rider, Robbie Reyes.
  • Mind Your Language: Saw a funny clip of it on Whatsapp, then again with my English teacher. I want to see more of the show regardless of its humor being less favourable in current times.


Genre-wise, I'm rather flexible to what sounds nice, but my favourite noises range in rock, metal and electronic. A mix of one or more tends to be music to my ears too. There was a time when Nerd Core occupied the majority of the music I listened to.

Video Games

I'd consider myself a casual gamer. As in "mostly plays browser games" type of gamer, and mobile ones on occasion. I seldom spend to play, and often watch gameplays for games I'm uninclined or can't get to play myself.

Games I've played

  • Among Us: Due to its viral boom in 2020, still kinda fun to play at times, though I no longer play it as much.
  • Angry Gran: Including its several side games. The premise amused me at the time, to say the least.
  • Clumsy Ninja: Introduced to it by a friend and only got to the ending some years later... due to the time gap between deletion and reinstalling. It's rather fun, but That One Sidequest tho.
  • Duck Life: I likely played all of them on coolmathgames, training and racing the little birdies was fun while Flash lasted.
  • Food Fantasy: That one gacha game I downloaded for the heck of it because the ad interested me. My IUD is . Feel free to add me as a friend there!
  • June's Journey: Got a substantial amount of progress note  before that phone got lost, RIP.
  • Henry Stickmin Series: While I forget how I first found them, many gameplays involving reactions to the hilarious ways to fail would remind me to play them, up until "Completing the Mission" since Flash's support was ceased before I could attempt it.
  • Just Shapes & Beats: Found it through 8-Bit Ryan, wanted to play the game, found its demo on my cousin's Switch and vibed through the tutorial levels. That is all.
  • The Last Door: I've only played the first act of four games though. Perhaps its pixel artstyle put me at ease despite it being a horror game, but it did give a few jumps at the right moments.
  • Robot Unicorn Attack: Heavy Metal Edition: Because I like equines and heavy metal. The great juxtaposition of my interests. That's it really xD.
  • Scribblenauts: Saw a classmate play it YEARS AGO before I recognised someone else playing it (with a different protagonist) and got it for myself. It's super fun to be able to summon almost anything, I might try get one of those paid games in the future, who knows?

Games I've only seen others play

  • Bendy and the Ink Machine: Intrigued me very much back in the day, it's still pretty awesome.
  • Dark Deception: I just think it's really cool, not much to comment.
  • Five Nights at Freddy's: Found the series from wandering Youtube when I was looking for content of MLP:FIM, and I was too chicken to watch gameplays in fear of the jumpscares. The filk songs for it are fun af, so I was a Fanwork Only Fan for the time being... but I'm still kinda chicken to play a game tho lol.
  • Fran Bow: My kind of vibe (which I suppose is called gothic), plus the protagonist's whimsical reactions to the unnatural amuse me.
  • Goat Simulator: For some reason, goats doing stupid stuff is funny.
  • Kindergarten and its sequel are chock-filled with Black Comedy, and it Crosses the Line Twice a lot.
  • Little Misfortune: The follow-up of sorts to Fran Bow, with a younger cheerful protagonist... but with a less ambiguously unfortunate life.
  • Little Nightmares and its sequel: Investingly ominous environment, love the concept and story of it.
  • Mr. Hopp's Playhouse and Mr. Hopp's Playhouse 2: In bold because I may genuinely consider getting the sequel or both, it really seems like a horror game I'd enjoy playing myself with just the right amount story of spooks but still seeming fun with each play.
  • Riddle School and its following sequels: I watched them plenty from certain lets-players at some point.
  • Sally Face: Quite the emotional rollercoaster, oh and also sick guitar and metal riffs.

    Character information (Major WIP, info subject to change)
My first legit OC, whose name makes up two-thirds of my internet handle. Unmasked and showing cutie mark 

For OCs and the like. Black Star here was initially the image atop the page but I have a different idea for what to place there. Many of my original characters are Author Avatars simply because of my Author Appeal towards interactions of different aspects of self. Frankly, I initially thought all OCs were self-inserts (then again, each character we make pertains some personal value in some form, don't they?) and rolled with it. Many of said OCs had unofficial alterations as I developed over the years, as I never officially documented the majority of them, just having them sit or float around in my head.

The Extremities (WIP)

An exercise in besting internal turmoil was the goal, and the idea to do so sparked the creation of beings inside oneself to fight. They changed with time, from allies to enemies to somewhere in between, though the extremities in particular came around in 2019 as a group of 3 personifications of mental constructs on a sliding scale of extremes, the third being an unhealthy mix of the other two mentalities. The mind that made them, too unstable to finalise their fractured story but unwilling to erase their progress, instead extracted them from their abstract setting to be revised.
  • Cast of Personifications: Although Motive Decay and time downplayed their extremes over time, each "extremity" comprises of an ideological extreme. Fiq and Muna make each respective end on Black-and-White Morality. "Faith" (name change pending to dissociate from persona) and Alias often display the respective sides of Order Versus Chaos. The Mediator, meant as the in-between person, represents neutrality which can be an extremity in itself.
  • Cloning Splits Attributes: Being lookalikes comprised of contrasting ideologies surmises them to be parts of one and the same mind, but besides the splitting in mentalities is the division of their senses; the Mediator has her ears and nose which the other four do not, while those four have constantly have eyes and a mouth while the Mediator bears an Eyeless Face and a sometimes absent mouth.
  • Hypocrite: Hypocrisy was intended as the motif of the initial three, what with that being the hypothetical (and rather accurate) result of trying to embody two extremes at once. It's not a proud beginning to look back on, but the past remains unerased, as evident by Muna and Fiq keeping their names which were meant to invoke the motif when combined.
  • Portmanteau: "Munafiq," the combined name of Muna and Fiq, is the word for "hypocrite" in a few languages, including Malay, Indonesian and Arabic.


The most positive of the group as she is meant to embody the white side of Black-and-White Morality. However, as an extremity, she was constructed to explore the idea that too much of anything, even happiness, can be bad.
  • Genki Girl: She embodies most of the whole's enthusiasm.


Initially the middle-person for Muna and Fiq who became bent by not balancing their mentalities healthily, craving chaos instead.
  • Psychotic Smirk: Her signature expression consists of lowered eyebrows and an upturned, condescending smirk.

"Faith" (placeholder name to be replaced)

The fourth who was added to sustain order in the group, even before being revised as an extremity of order itself. Faith was her former name as a creator stand-in until she was reconfigured as Alias' opposite.
  • Number Two: She is second-in-command to The Mediator since she often acts as the voice of reason.


Muna's opposite and equal, representing the black end of Black-and-White Morality. Heavily reclusive, cynical and brooding
  • Brutal Honesty: She isn't afraid of the painful truth of matters, and will be blunt about them, which can make her come off as verbally condescending as Alias, although the latter does so sarcastically.
  • Face of a Thug: She constantly has some scowl or apathetic look locked on her face even when she's having a better day.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Her name can be spelt as "Fik" without issue, but she may huff at the vowels being replaced with "ee" or "ea".

The Mediator

The most recent addition to the group. Initially a persona stand-in after (formerly named Faith) to guide the extremities, she also acts as a leader to prevent transgressions.
  • Four Eyes, Zero Soul: Played with, she ironically has an Eyeless Face while wearing glasses (although the other 4 lack ears to support eyewear), and can come off as apathetic with her lack of expression and being coldly commanding to the others at times. She lacks "windows to the soul" to be as secretive as possible.
  • The Stoic: Invoked to be the least expressive of the group as a representative of neutrality.
  • Stoic Spectacles: The only one who wears eyewear and is the least expressive.
  • Tranquil Fury: Invoked, each time she gets angry, her mouth disappears temporarily, restricting her to only talk through the other extremities, so she has to get creative with physically having her way.

    Fun randomness + lists 
Forum Game threads I made:
The 3 Characters I'm most like (still finding them)
  1. Maud Pie - stoic and frank, but caring in her own way.
  2. Kelsey - Adventure-loving bookworms who enjoy internally narrating their lives.
Watchlist: Stuff to check out in the future
  • Furry Fight Chronicles (Since I helped on a few IP threads for its moment pages, why not?)
  • No Straight Roads (Malaysian rhythm-based action adventure game which I saw numerous ads for on Instagram and only learnt it was Malay upon stumbling upon it in Malaysian Media.)
  • The Red Green Show (first heard of it from this forum post.)
  • Rimba Racer (Malaysian animated series I only saw the commercials for back in 2016, was putting it off though I was and still am genuinely interested, going to for the sake of helping its pages.)

Commenting on Relationship Statuses (because why not :p) (WIP)

Realistically speaking, my relationship status is: not set. TV Tropes has more creative terms, however, but mind that I am likely blind to whatever they're referencing. Only doing the ones I'm compelled enough to use for whatever reason.
  • "Above such petty unnecessities": Has been (or is) my pick most of the time, especially since I see no need in getting into a (pre-marital) relationship. Then again, I need to watch myself when assuming this mentality should arrogance potentially come from it.
  • "Abstaining": Another good one, also in another sense. Additionally, the 3rd pillar of Islam, known as siyam or sawm, literally means "abstain" (and Islamically, it refers to abstaining from sins + some other things which are usually halal (such as eating, drinking, etc.) in the daylight hours of the month of Ramadhan.) I think this is a nice status to have up during Ramadhan.
  • "All is for my lord": Unsure of the context of this one, but I can attest that my search for that someone would be as grounded as possible. And as that one Islamic meme I read goes, "you can't be single if you have a relationship with Allah." xD
  • "Brony": Dunno how this works as a relationship status, so I use it whenever I decide to get back in the mood of being a fan of MLP:FIM again.
  • "Married To My Murderer": Sounds like a weird one, huh? Unless said murderer is one considered as such by another who considers the killer "theirs", without them killing the other, maybe?
    Actually, don't overthink this one. I like this status as a nod to my former Psycho/Monster Fangirl days, but mind you, it's not a mentality I'd encourage anyone else to take on. It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time to me, but it is more mentally draining than rewarding. I think this Tumblr post provides good advice against having such a mentality.