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"The greatest jihad (struggle) is to battle your own soul, to fight the evil within yourself"
— Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)

Hello there, I'm a fairly sporadic troper who made an account in August 2020 to make use of You Know That Show, then gradually got accustomed to the site and hooked as a result. Most of my contributing goes towards local (Malaysian) media and other (often obscure) works I'm a fan of. Other times, it's likely general cleanup. If you wish to launch a Sandbox/ work page of mine, you may edit said sandbox until you see fit to launch it. You don't have to notify me, but I'd appreciate it.

This page will always be undergoing reconstruction based on what I want to share. I ditched the self-troping a while back. Instead, I'd like to share advice from self-help/improvement books that I've read, summarised in my own words. And some quotes because why not.

    Self Help advice, summarised 
Granted, I fully recommend getting each of these books respectively to read for yourself, I just relay the lessons. I've yet to think of how to optimally share them, but for now, I'll use sandbox forum posts for the full summaries and put highlights here.
  1. The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz: lessons summary (not yet in optimal reading condition, still working the formatting)
    • Nothing in this life gives you more satisfaction than knowing you're on the road to success and achievement. And nothing stands as a bigger challenge than making the most of yourself.
    • Thoughts, positive or negative, grow stronger when fertilised with constant repetition.

Next to read: How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie

    Quotes to ponder/reflect/etc. 

From people in real life:

It's better to be dumb and hard-working than intelligent and lazy.
- A paraphrasing from my father to me.

From fiction:

It's not who you are underneath, it's what you do that defines you.

Thought up by me:

"Life is full of surprises and disappointments, so keep your hopes high and your expectations low".

"Sins sabotage the self."

Semi-personal section, stuff about me that's relevant in terms of the site.


Pages made (chronological order)

Work pages (and respective subpages):note  Solely subpages and others (not counting episode recaps or certain page moves like for disambiguating):

Tropes launched:

None yet. Thinking of adopting some drafts I marked with a 👍 eventually. Currently adopted: Propellor Hat of Youth. Ought to get back to that at some point.

Video Examples

If a video cuts the audio in the last half-second, it might be mine, because Filmora is mean to me.

Image Pickin (of what I recall)


Some notes to self and others:

  • Downvoted proposals are not failures, even if I don't list them here. The important takeaways are the discussion, feedback and the learning experience - they help one another to improve.
  • Feel free to inquire another on a thread before posting my EP. (See to how the new threads work out, maybe pending change)

Selected favourite media

Most of the media I watch tends to be animated. Whether I'm into it for the story or just getting a laugh out of it, I like appreciate them as entertainment.

Asian Animation

Malaysian: (AniMY means Malaysian Animation)
  • BoBoiBoy: Since episode 1 in 2011, it's been my whole childhood ever since and likely remains as (one of or) my most favourite show(s) ever. Expect it a lot in my editing history.
  • Ejen Ali: Since it started in 2016, a brilliant step into the future in more ways than one. Would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone, especially internationally.
  • Mechamato: The installment preceding BoBoiBoy in the Spheraverse. Gotta LOVE the studio's improvement, the ways it encourages creativity and imagination, and the underlying theme of independence at my age, a nice follow-up of the fair morals of the show it's a prequel of.
  • Upin & Ipin: One of the first Malay shows I ever watched, can't recall since when, but I doubt there's much to follow. Still, I respect it for introducing me to AniMY and being a major kickstarter to the industry, so to speak.
I'm clueless about anime (Japanese animation) because my parents said no. note  Of the exceptions are:
  • Hagemaru: Helps that it showed on a kids channel, but damn, the audacity of this lil bald guy (and his family) is hilarious!


  • There's a Russian animated show called The Fixies that I really enjoyed watching after school. Edutainment of appliances and more at its finest.

Western Animation

  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: First watched "One Bad Apple" on a local network out of curiosity and got hooked for a while around 2014, but phased out during Season 6 due to exhaustion from overenthusiasm; perhaps I was slightly too eccentric as a fan. Online MLP: FIM content introduced me to several other works through fandoms, making ponies my gateway drug to the internet of sorts. I'm unsure if I'll ever watch every episode, but I tend to visit this old phase at times.
  • Ninjago: Fun to follow, but I haven't yet gone out of my way to watch it all. I remember binging as many episodes as possible on Netflix in 2019 Q3 because some episodes would disappear from there by October, oof. The seasons I recall watching in full are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 (the last one because I caught it on TV, the first 5 I watched on Netflix).
  • Shaun the Sheep: Along with most of Aardman Animations' work, but there's something impressive about conveying stories with little dialogue, which also prevents language barriers. I also have profoundly nostalgic memories associated with the first Shaun The Sheep film.
  • Tales of Arcadia: Series trilogy with an entertaining and well-crafted story, though I was confused when Netflix suddenly demanded the pin code for mature content be inserted when I could originally watch without it, until I rebinged and reconfigured that the implications of certain themes finally settled in people's heads.
    Films - (Animated and Live Action) 


Live Action

  • Venom (2018): I remember my hype to see this manifesting since I saw its trailer before Antman And The Wasp at the cinema. Come its October 2018 release, Venom remains as one of my favourite cinematic experiences ever note . The Shout-Out to my home country may have buttered me up, but I enjoyed it for the concept of having a (mostly) helpful companion that lives like a voice in one's head, and the badassery Venom served with it made it all the better. Brilliant Author Appeal fuel for me xD.
    • Venom: Let There Be Carnage: Laughed more than I expected. Things got outright ridiculous at times but it was sufficient in providing the aspects which originally drew me into the first film and the comedy's a bonus, if not already necessary, in a way. note .

    Live-Action TV 
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: My parents watched it on Netflix and I sometimes chimed in to seeing some episodes, my favourite moments involve the appearance of that Ghost Rider, Robbie Reyes.
  • Mind Your Language: I saw a funny clip of it on Whatsapp, then again with my English teacher. I want to see more of the show regardless of its humor being less favourable in current times.

My favourite noises range in rock, metal and electronic. A mix of one or more tends to be music to my ears too (such as Industrial Metal, Dark Wave, etc.). note 

Metal and rock have been my first favourites for a very long time. Powerful beats of drums and guitar riffs have lifted my spirits and carried me through fictional battles in my mind time and time again. A lot of my favourite songs are from these genres, my most favourite song ever being Masih Di Sini by the Malaysian rock group Bunkface, which is the official song for BoBoiBoy The Movie.

Some of my favourite metal/rock artists:

Most of the music I listened to in the mid to late 2010s was Nerd Core, as fanmade songs paying tribute to games and other media I like are fun to watch and are often of remarkable quality. I enjoyed songs about games as much as I did watching Lets Plays of said games.  Such songs introduce me to other genres I now enjoy, such as Electroswing from Bendy and the Ink Machine fan songs. That's just the tip of the iceberg.

Selected nerdcore/filk/fan-song artists:

It is through other songs made by Filk artists that I've learned about other works and fandoms, as was my case with MLP: FIM. The pony music scene is vibrant and full of awesome tracks. I recommend these particular brony music channels; Cider Party (electronic), Ponies At Dawn (multiple genres) and Drumscape Library (Drum and Bass).

Some of my favourite brony musicians:

  • Blackened Blue (Metal)
  • Princewhateverer (Metal)
  • Suskii (Metal + Electronic)
  • Tripon (D'n'B)
  • WoodenToaster (Electronic)

From Cider Party, I learned of electronic subgenres, and Dark Wave stuck out to me most, in this track. Then I came across this playlist video in which I enjoyed almost every song and realised the style struck a chord in me. A perfect blend of guitar, bass and electronic melodies with a nicely dark touch - it's basically my everything music. There's enough energy to go around while not being too distracting, yet it's still nice to get lost in while being mild and calm. (This sentiment may extend to Post-Punk in general, but as of 2022 I'm still new to this genre.) It's my personal choice of background music over rock/metal, which energises me but also distracts me from my tasks (probably because I'm making battle sequences in my head lmao).

Some Dark Wave artists I've been enjoying:

Some other musicians I enjoy that don't fit on my common lists above:

    Video Games 
I'd say I'm a casual gamer. By that I mostly play free browser games and mobile ones on occasion. I seldom spend to play, and often watch gameplays for games I'm uninclined or can't get to play myself.

Games I've played

  • Among Us: Due to its viral boom in 2020, still kinda fun to play at times, though I no longer play it as much.
  • Angry Gran: Including its several side games. The premise amused me at the time, to say the least.
  • Clumsy Ninja: Introduced to it by a friend and only got to the ending some years later... due to the time gap between deletion and reinstalling. It's rather fun, but That One Sidequest tho.
  • Duck Life: I likely played all the installments on, training and racing the little birdies was fun while Flash lasted.
  • Food Fantasy: That one gacha game I downloaded for the heck of it because the ad interested me. After having stopped playing for a few years, I'm finally back as of 2022. My IUD is 2694078 as BlackFaithStar17. Feel free to add me as a friend there!
  • June's Journey: Got pretty far (perhaps as far as the arc with Talbot's son) before that phone got lost, RIP.
  • Henry Stickmin Series: I believe my relative introduced me to the earlier ones, but gameplays with reactions to the hilarious ways to fail would remind me to play them, except for "Completing the Mission" since Flash's support was ceased before I could attempt that finale.
  • Just Shapes & Beats: Watching 8-Bit Ryan's gameplays of it was my highlight of 2019. A year or two later,  I found its demo on my cousin's Switch and vibed through the tutorial levels.
  • The Last Door: I've only played Act 1 (4 chapters) so far. Perhaps its pixel artstyle put me at ease despite it being a horror game, but it did give a few jumps at the right moments.
  • Robot Unicorn Attack: Heavy Metal Edition: Because I like equines and heavy metal. The grand juxtaposition of my interests.
  • Scribblenauts: Saw a classmate play it YEARS AGO before I recognised someone else playing it (with a different protagonist) and got it for myself. It's super fun to be able to summon almost anything, I might try get one of those paid games in the future, who knows?

Games I've only seen others play

  • Bendy and the Ink Machine: The concept intrigued me very much back in the day, it's still pretty awesome.
    • Bendy and the Dark Revival looks like such a massively improved sequel that I'm seriously considering to buy it for myself. note 
  • Dark Deception: I just think it's really cool, not much to comment.
  • Five Nights at Freddy's: From wandering Youtube while looking for MLP:FIM stuff, I found videos for this game, but was too chicken to watch gameplays. The filk songs are really fun, so I was a Fanwork Only Fan for the time being... still kinda scared to play a game for real though lol.
  • Fran Bow: My kind of vibe (which I suppose is called gothic), plus the protagonist's whimsical reactions to the unnatural amuse me.
  • Goat Simulator: For some reason, goats doing stupid stuff is funny.
  • Kindergarten and its sequel are chock-filled with Black Comedy, and it Crosses the Line Twice a lot.
  • Little Misfortune: The follow-up of sorts to Fran Bow, with a younger cheerful protagonist... but with a less ambiguously unfortunate life.
  • Little Nightmares and its sequel: Investingly ominous environment, love the concept and story of it (and how it's portrayed wordlessly which leaves much of what actually happens to a lot of alternate interpretation and theories).
  • Mr. Hopp's Playhouse 1 and Mr. Hopp's Playhouse 2: I may consider getting the sequel or both, it seems like a horror game I'd enjoy playing myself with just the right amount of spooks but still fun with each play.
  • Riddle School and its following sequels: I watched them a lot from certain lets-players at some point.

    Web Stuff 
Ah, the internet. Where so much time and innocence was lost note . Before then I only knew it for research and browser games. Anyway- Web Original I know that my contributions are in line to prepare for this term's obsoletion (using Literature or other folders instead of Web Original), but I'll use it anyway for now.
  • Creepypasta: My Guilty Pleasure since 2019. Yes, even Jeff the Killer. Took me five years to get over my fear of that image, *shudder*. Yeah the story's flawed but oh well. I prefer chilling depictions of horror characters over DILP ones. Sympathetic isn't necessarily bad, but I'm strongly against downplaying crimes like murder. Anyway, I ought to read more, I'm making my own (horror) stories someday .
Web Animation Web Video
  • Cinema Wins: What's not to enjoy about your favourite movies getting complimented? It's easier to see new ways of interpreting your favourite films when the discussions are positive. Even in the criticism, because pointing out the good points as well as where there's room for improvement nicely is the constructive criticism that everyone needs more of.

    Character information (Major WIP, info subject to change)
My first legit OC, whose name makes up two-thirds of my internet handle. Unmasked and showing cutie mark 

For OCs and the like. Black Star here was initially the image atop the page but I have a different idea for what to place there. Many of my original characters are Author Avatars simply because of my Author Appeal towards interactions of different aspects of self. Frankly, I initially thought all OCs were self-inserts (then again, each character we make pertains some personal value in some form, don't they?) and rolled with it. Many of said OCs had unofficial alterations as I developed over the years, as I never officially documented the majority of them, just having them sit or float around in my head.

My major group of OCs are undergoing heavy reconstruction so this section will be empty for now.

Miscellaneous fun:
    Favourite characters 
Fictional characters are fun, especially ones you can relate to and/or learn something from. Many of my favourite characters tend to resonate with a personal value of mine, and from that reflection, I can learn more about myself and how people work, because heck, all fictional characters are reflections of us real people in one way or another. That or I like the themes of their story, personality, or something else to them. There may be light mentions of fictional crushes but I'm not giving a simp list lmao.

"3 Characters That Best Represent Me"
(note: this list is flexible)

  1. Wednesday Addams, though I'm most familiar with her depiction in the 2022 live-action series, which hit me like a brick with the realisation, "Damn, I used to be her." (More info TBA)
  2. Princess Luna: Oddly, I thought Maud was at the top of this list for so long until I took a deeper look at Luna.
    • We're both inherently drawn to being alone and darker aesthetics. Although it doesn't necessarily make us evil, it does make us more susceptible to the dark side.
    • My sense of appropriate vocal volume sucks sometimes too.
    • "Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep" is one of my favourite episodes for entertaining my fantasy of several imaginations becoming one place where everyone can summon what they want and interact. But it also made me reflect on my tendencies to subject myself to negative thoughts just to see how much I can endure, and to remember the severity of my past endeavors into the darker psyche. Luna punished herself with the Tantabus to never forget her crimes as Nightmare Moon, but learned to forgive herself and find peace. I have made progress, but the effort to dispel bad memories and instill myself with good thoughts instead needs persistence.
  3. Maud Pie
    • The Stoic, frank and a bit out there, but caring in our own way. I considered myself near-Emotionless Girl levels when she was at the top of my list, but I may be more of a laugher than I give myself credit for - it depends on how socially comfortable I am.
    • We both write poetry! Well, I'm usually more verbose but at least she tries.

My other faves, organised by work:



  • BoBoiBoy Fire: His tragic concept of existence (though only lightly touched on) made me interested in him. He's born from the Kid Hero's growing stress, juggling hero work, school work and more. But his methods to burn away the hero's stress makes more messes that he has to clean up, adding to the stress, adding to Fire's agitation - a vicious cycle.
  • BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: His debut definitely made an impression on me.

More ponies lol

  • Stygian:
    • Having an Enemy Within which acts like an expy of Venom (who's also on this list) will do that to you.
    • Aspiring/prolific writers unite! It is so awesome that he wrote a book off his experience with the Pony of Shadows, I intend to integrate fighting my own darkness in my writing too.
  • Sunburst: TBA

Singular entries

  • Kelsey: She resembles some parts of my more enthusiastic past-self: Adventure-loving bookworms who enjoy internally narrating their lives.

    Fun randomness + lists 
Forum Game threads I made:
Watchlist: Stuff to check out in the future
  • Furry Fight Chronicles (Since I helped on a few IP threads for its moment pages, why not?)
  • No Straight Roads (Malaysian rhythm-based action adventure game which I saw numerous ads for on Instagram and only learnt it was Malay upon stumbling upon it in the Malaysian Media page.)
  • The Red Green Show (first heard of it from this forum post.)
  • Rimba Racer (Malaysian animated series I only saw the commercials for back in 2016, was putting it off though I was and still am genuinely interested, going to for the sake of helping its pages.)

Relationship Statuses I use (cuz why not)

I'm probably blind to these references, and prefer waiting until marriage, but why not say why I use some of these anyway:
  • "Above such petty unnecessities": Used this way more back in the day just to put out there that I see no need for (pre-marital) relationships. Yeah it's due to how I was raised and I'd like to keep it that way.
  • "Abstaining": Either I'm abstaining from the site (hiatus) or it's Ramadhan time (siyam means abstain, and it's one of the pillar of Islam)
  • "All is for my lord": Feeling close to God, I guess. As that one Muslim meme goes, "You can't be single if you have a relationship with Allah." :P
  • "Brony": Back in my pegasister phase.
  • "Getting away with murder": No not literally. Hopefully. This is my go-to status when my horror kick makes a comeback. Either that or I'm feeling edgy :P
  • "Hiding": Alternative status for hiatus.
  • "Married To My Murderer": Alternate status to "Getting away with murder", although with an... additional flavour. At least they're all fictional 😭.


"Inilah dia, akhir zaman!!!" Translation 
Bunkface, "Akhir Zaman"