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This character sheet includes the characters in both BoBoiBoy and BoBoiBoy Galaxy.


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Main Character

Boboiboy is the titular character of BoboiBoy franchise. Initially a normal elementary school student who having a holiday trip to his grandfather house in Rintis Island. He obtained elemental powers from a Power Sphere named Ochobot, he alongside with his new friends use their newfound power as protect the Earth.

  • All-Loving Hero: After Adu du losing Probe due being destroyed by Ejo Jo, he willing to help him to fixed Probe and help him to be a better person.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me:
    • Multi-Monster decided to help him to escape from Adu Du's spaceship because of his kindness who refuse to defeat him after Multi-Monster become "Mini-Monster"
    • And toward Fang. Because of he always be with him and his other friends, leading him to betrayed his own brother/superior, Kaizo, and returning their power band, and at the same time help Boboiboy to defeat Kaizo.
  • Berserk Button: He may seems nice towards but there is one button you shouldn't touch at all : hurting his friends.
  • Catchphrase : Awesome!
  • Character Development:
    • Though he still remains adorkable, Boboiboy shown to learn to be patient and not to rushed.
    • In "BoboiBoy Galaxy", Boboiboy sometime shown his intelligent and mature side especially when he learn about to gain his light power and when he help Kaizo in his mission. Once again, he still remains as adorkable teenager.
  • De-Power: Lose his Elemental Powers after Retak'ka absorb all his power inBoboiboy: the movie 2. He successfully gain it after being trained by Tok Hangkasa and rematch his fight with him.
  • Elemental Powers: BoboiBoy's powers are the ability to control Lightning, Wind, and Earth. Later on, he gains abilities to control even more elements, like Fire and Ice. In "BoboiBoy Galaxy", he gains abilities to control plants and Light.
  • Jack-of-All-Stats:
    • He is this to the rest of his team. He's not as strong as Yaya, not as fast as Ying, doesn't have powerful ability like Gopal (molecule manipulation) and Fang(perforation power). However, he can take more punishment than Ying, and unlike Gopal that need to be constantly saved, is physically capable to fight without aid with his wide variety of elemental powers.
    • This is also applies to BoboiBoy Water. He doesn't have the destructive power of Fire, the blinding speed of Lightning, amazing agility of Wind and the clever creativity of Leaf, but he's more than capable on his own by using the versatility of his element.
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: A side effect of using a "elemental split" too long, causing all three Boboiboy slowly being forgetful and later unable to remember who is the "real" Boboiboy. This is use Adu Du to trick a amnesic Boboiboy Thunderstorm to make him evil, renamed him as "Ada Da" before he got his memory back thanks to Probe who unintentionally trigger this by said his catchphrase "Awesome" .
  • Locked into Strangeness: In The Movie, it's shown he has white streak in his side head. It become more visible in Boboiboy Galaxy, but still never stated why he has this.
  • Mid-Season Upgrade: In The Movie, BoboiBoy received upgrade for his Power Watch from Ochobot's last remaining energy alongside his other friends in the form of new elementals power and can split more than three.
  • Mr. Fanservice: While he not body-build guy like Kaizo, Fang, and tarung, this picture is make him so fanservic-y.
  • Multiform Balance: Over the course of the series, Boboiboy gained 7 elemental powers which have their own strengths and weaknesses:
    • BoboiBoy Lightning/Thunderstorm: a Fragile Speedster with borderline of Glass Cannon; hitting the enemy with hyper-aggresive assault and overwhelming speed.
    • BoboiBoy Wind/Cyclone: a Fragile Speedster like Lightning but more focused on his agility to outmaneuver the enemies and redirecting their attack.
    • BoboiBoy Earth/Quake: a Stone Wall with shades of Mighty Glacier; focusing on the defensive power of Earth to protect incoming attack and his allies; the slowest amongst other elements.
    • BoboiBoy Fire/Blaze: a Glass Cannon; the most offensive element with the most destructive power and at the same time, doesn't have any sort of defensive ability.
    • Boboiboy Water/Ice: a Jack-of-All-Stats; used the sheer versatility in his elemental to catch up with his other elementals.
    • Boboiboy Leaf/Thorn: a Squishy Wizard; the weakest elementals in terms of physical power but make up by using his creativity in manipulating plants.
    • Boboiboy Light/Solar: a Lightning Bruiser, much more powerful than the rest, Boboiboy Solar usually came in the form of 11th-Hour Superpower.
  • Near-Death Experience: Boboiboy almost dies in his fight with Captain Vargoba. When he is completely exhausted and defensless, Captain Vargoba hits him hard and sends him to open-space, where he almost freezes to death before he gets his power back from the light of the sun.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: He only known by his nickname. His real name never revealed.
  • Parental Abandonment: He live with his granddad, while his parent still in Kuala Lumpur. His parents,especially his father is very busy and work as the ambassador which make them have difficult time to see their son in island.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Boboiboy Thunderstorm and Boboiboy Fire/Boboiboy Blaze.Fire/Blaze is as aggressive and thunderstorm, but still have silly sides. Thunderstorm is straight up the most aggressive, serious and violent one.
  • Red Is Heroic: Boboiboy Thunderstorm and Boboiboy Fire/Boboiboy Blaze. They are heroic but also aggressive.
  • Teens Are Short: Boboiboy currently 14 years old. According to his trivia, his current height is 145cm.

Boboiboy's elemental splits form

The Elemental Split is Boboiboy's ultimate power that allows himself to 'split' himself into different 'clones' of him with specific powers.

  • Ax-Crazy: Downplayed. Thunderstorm still appear to be normal, stable and calm. But most of his fighting style is more aggressive and brutal. Sometime he shown with Slasher Smile and menacing Death Glare when he successfully attack his enemies. He is manifestation of Boboiboy anger.
  • Beware the Silly Ones:
    • Boboiboy Cyclone is cheerful and overconfident overall. In his initial debut,is shown that he likes toying with his opponent in battle,such as by using Super-Probe, even provoking Boboiboy Lightning/Thunderstorm to fight with him after Cyclone mocks him by calling him weak.
    • Boboiboy Fire is a mood-swinger loon,which is why he can switch from being cheerful to super aggressive so fast. Most importantly, he is the embodiment of the real Boboiboy's stress and can turn into Boboiboy Fire and become unstoppable if he is overwhelmed by massive stress.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: Adu Du manipulates a amnesic Boboiboy Thunderstorm by claiming he is his real best friend. He renames Thunderstorm as Ada Da and orders him to attack his comrade and the rest of the elemental forms. Luckily, he snaps back to normal after Probe accidentally mentions his catchphrase.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: Boboiboy Water is very stable and laid-back, to the point he chooses to relaxing, instead of engaging in a fight. But he is still one of the toughest element of elemental split.
  • The Comically Serious: Has its own moment everytime involve with the serious elemental forms like Lightning, Earth and Light.
  • Fusion Dance: In Boboiboy: the movie 2, he gain this ability thanks from his training with Tok Hangkasa and Papa Zola.
  • Glowing Eyes of Doom: Everytime when Solar use his power.
  • Kindhearted Simpleton: Boboiboy Leaf is shown to be goofy, naive, childish and a Cloud Cuckoo Lander. He is never close to being aggressive like Fire/Blaze and is shown to be affable, even when mocking his opponent.
  • Literal Split Personality: His ability to split himself into seven version of himself depending on which power their have. All of them have different personality too, such as:
    • Lightning/Thunderstorm: Serious and aggressive.
    • Wind/Cyclone: Cheerful and playful. Sometime he quiet pessimistic.
    • Earth/Quake: A calm and wise leader of all forms.
    • Fire/Blaze: A Mood-Swinger loon.
    • Water/Ice: Carefree and easy-going, almost to the point very lazy.
    • Leave/Thorn: Naive, cheerful and Cloud Cuckoo Lander. Unlike Fire/Blaze and Wind/Cyclone, he is close to Manchild.
    • Light/Solar: The Ace of all form, he shown to be a prideful, intellectual and strong.


Boboiboy main rival. He made his debut as aloof and cold students in elementary school, who dislike Boboiboy due being so popular than him. He have a power to manipulate the shadow, which he got it accidentally from Ochobot after he saved him. He slowly become good friend toward Boboiboy and the others. As the story progress he confirmed that he was not human, but a Alien. He was send by his own brother who also his superior, Captain kaizo,to obtain the power band, so Kaizo can protect it from being abused by wrong person.

  • The Ace: He is the third smartest student in their class.
  • Anti-Hero: Aside from his heroic-side, Fang is an aloof, sarcastic and hot-tempered boy, who easily jealous to Boboiboy because of his popularity.
  • Berserk Button: Do not ever to tell about Boboiboy's popularity in front of him
  • Casting a Shadow: His main power from Ochobot.
  • Character Development: As the story progress, Fang becomes more calm and kind toward the others. In "Boboiboy Galaxy", he shown have very big development toward his character, become more matured beside he still have little envious-side toward Boboiboy.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: In Extra Comic "Boboiboy Galaxy Comic Issue #7", he and his brother, Kaizo forced to runaway from their home planet and separated from their parents to save the Enerbot before it fall to Bora Ra hand when he still a toddler and his brother still pre-teen. Before being saved by Maskmana, Bora Ra attempt to kill him to provoke Kaizo, resulting Kaizo gone berserk and accidentally injures Fang.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: His main power is shadow manipulation, and his main color is black and deep purple. But he is a hero and proved that not all aliens are bad.
  • Friendless Background: We never see or hear if he have another friend before he joined Team Boboiboy and TAPOPS aside his brother and his lieutenant.
  • Glory Seeker: Fang wanted to be more popular than Boboiboy both as school student and hero/TAPOPS soldier.
  • Human Alien: He is the alien from Gogobugi, but his appearance looks like human for excepting his odd eye's and hair colour.
  • I Just Want to Be Special: Fang always try to make himself more popular than Boboiboy. In season 2 until 3, it's turn out the reason is because he try to cover up his true identity as Kaizo secret agents.
  • Logical Weakness: Having a power based on shadow manipulation, it's inevitably useless for him to use without any source of light.
  • Military Brat: His father was a governor of his home planet which is very tight to him to have a connection with the military, also his brother was a captain in TAPOPS.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Subverted. He is well and compassioned boy. The "Warning" side actually the foreshadowed that he actually was not a human.
  • Super Speed: Courstesy of his Shadow Speed, he can ran as fast as Boboiboy Thunderstorm.
  • Sweet Tooth: His favorite food is red-carrot donut, which also his biggest Trademark Favorite Food.
  • The Lancer: To Boboiboy
  • Tyke Bomb: Before the series begin, he spends his time to be trained by Kaizo before his mission is started.

    Gopal Kumar
Gopal Kumar is Boboiboy's best friends. Even though his naive and a coward, he still able to hold his fight in very critical condition. Ochobot gives him the power of "molecular manipulation", where he can turn the objects to something that what he thinks. Since he have huge fan of food, he always use to change objects into food.

  • Acrofatic: Gopal shown to able to leap in jungle gym at episode 19th of season 3.
  • Ascended Fanboy: Gopal is a huge fanboy of Papa-Zola, which confirmed his father also part of Papa-Zola fanboy too.
  • Big Eater: Gopal have huge appetites and loves delicious food especially sweets.
  • The Big Guy: He is physically the biggest one in team, and ironically he not the strongest-one.
  • Bizarre Taste in Food: In episode 5,Gopal is shown casually eating Cat's dry food like a snack.
  • Cowardly Lion: He is a hero, but his cowardly and naiveness lead him become the weakest member of Boboiboy's team.
  • Hidden Depths: In The Toughness Test shown that Gopal is a Supreme Chef .
  • Hypocritical Humor: He often disgust with Yaya's biscuit and said the taste is awful, but in Boboiboy Galaxy, episode 5, he is fine when he casually eat a cat's food like snack.
  • Powerful and Helpless: Gopal clearly not complete helpless. His Reality Maker via molecular manipulation can be powerful enough if Gopal have much bravery to face his enemies in battlefield.
  • Reality Maker: Ochobot give him a power to change the object via molecular manipulation. In movie,he received a power upgrade that enabled him to turn himself into different materials; turning himself into Gold, Diamond, and Rubber.
  • The So-Called Coward: Gopal always shown scared to face something that he never expected. But is some situation, he actually brave enough to fight back even though he still lack of bravery to face them
  • Took a Level in Badass: Gopal may a Cowardly Lion. However in very critical situation, he still able to aid the others to fight the enemies.

    Yaya Yah/Hanna
Yaya (or Hanna in international version) is the main character also one of the main heroine of the series. She is Boboiboy's grandad neighbors and one of Boboiboy's closest friends. She is the second person who receive a power from Ochobot, and her main power is "gravity manipulation". At school, she is acknowledged as the smartest student at their school.

  • The Ace: She is the best and the smartest student at school, which leading her to almost handle all the club in their school.
  • Action Girl: With her power, intelligence and her strength, Yaya is very competent to help Boboiboy to defeat the monsters.
  • Adaptation Name Change: In International version,Her name is change to "Hanna" along with her appearance.
  • Badass Adorable: A cute hijab's girl + Nice Girl and tough girl persona = AWESOME.
  • Cordon Bleugh Chef: Yaya is always known as skillful in baking biscuits. After you know the ingredients, you should stay away from her biscuits and never ever to mock in front of her face.
  • Custom Uniform: Instead of the skirt, Yaya along with the other hijabs student named Siti wears long grayish pants when she still at elementary school.
  • Berserk Button: Played for Laughs, do not ever try to break the school rule(at season 2 until 3)or tease her cookies.
  • Friendly Rivalry: Toward Ying in academically sides. According to Fang, both she and Ying determined to become the number 1 at their class in friendly term.Aside this, they never to hold a rivalry about their power, and still become good friends.
  • Foreign Remake: In original version, Yaya wear pink hijab. However in International version, Hanna is not wears hijab and seen with wavy short brown hair.
  • Gravity Master: Her main power from Ochobot. At first time, Ochobot thinks it was a "flight and super strength", but after her power band is take over by Ejo Jo, his computer confirmed it was a "Gravity Manipulation".She also able to concentrate the force of gravity, then blast it out like a cannon in the form of a punch, kick, strength and makes her to fly.
  • Good Is Not Soft: Yaya indeed Nice Girl, but messing with her is mean you will bring yourself to serious business with her.
    Gopal : Waaaaah! Wait! Boboiboy[Thunderstorm] is escaping !
  • Girly Girl with a Tomboy Streak: Yes, Yaya is so feminine and well-mannered. In school, she is toughest Class Representative who feared by many student. In most of screen-time, Yaya seldom seen wear long skirt and prefer to wear pants, including her school uniform too.
  • Nice Girl: Duh, this girl still even argue to not go too rough with their enemies even in critical situation.
  • Pink Means Feminine: Her main color is pink, and she indeed the girlish one compare to Ying.
  • Third-Person Person: Usually refer herself with her name, though sometime she use I in some moments.
  • Tsundere: Type B. She genuinely a nice and sweet girl, but has hidden fiery temper if she lost her patience.

I'm Ying!
Ying is a Chinese girl who also best friend of Yaya. A nice, hot-blooded but shy girl, also like Yaya, she considers as one of smartest students in their schools. Ochobot give her a power of time manipulation, which at first mistaken it as "super speed".

  • The Ace: Just like Yaya. Which leading both of them have Friendly Rivalry with her to be the best students in schools.
  • Asian and Nerdy: Technically, everyone in the show is Asian(except Fang) but Ying deserves a special mention for being a smart Malay-Chinese girl and the second The Ace at their schools.
  • Death of a Thousand Cuts : Due to being a Fragile Speedster, her physical power is basically second to none but her sheer speed is more than enough to deal some damage to her enemies.
  • Fragile Speedster: She can ran really fast thanks to her Time Master power but she will go down in one hit.
  • Hour of Power : Yin's Time Master ability are largely limited to how long she can use sais power based on the indicator on her watch.
  • Shrinking Violet: Played for Laughs that she once phoned the Tok Aba's stand to order a chocolate despite being directly in the stand.
  • True Blue Femininity: Her one of her theme color is blue. Subverted, Ying enough a tomboy even though she can be both Tomboy or girly girl thought not as girlish as Yaya.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: A weird one. She will lose her power if she sneezing and regain her power back through the same way again.

  • Disney Death: He was destroyed in Boboiboy The Movie by Bora Ra. And later revived by Klamkabot, which also resulting his Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Cute Machines: He absolutely so cute.
  • Master of Disguise: In his earlier day when being awake, he show that able to disguise himself as a soccer ball when he try to get close to Boboiboy.
  • Pintsized Powerhouse: He is a little robot who hold five powerful elemental power and powerful power of teleportation. Ochobot also shown to be strong enough to carrying Tok Aba and Fang.
  • Token Non-Human: Before Cattus, Adudu and Probe (before they pull Face–Heel Turn again)join the team, he is the only member of the gang who is a not a human.

Allies from Original Series

Granddad or Tok Aba in Malaysian is Boboiboy grandfather. He lived in Rintis Island also owned his cocoa shop, where Ochobot and Boboiboy always help him in free time.

  • 11th-Hour Superpower: In season 3, he temporarily gain a power of Ying's time manipulation due from her power band since she still captured by Ejo Jo.
  • Doting Grandparent: Due Boboiboy's parent was too busy and has no time to visit them, he always taking care on him and allow him to enter the school at Rintis Island.
  • Nice Guy: A loving and jovial granddad to his grandson and to the other citizen of island.
  • Parental Substitute: He taking care Boboiboy since he lived in Rintis Island, and his parents unable to visit them due to their job.
  • Supreme Chef: As the owner of Cocoa shop, he is skilled barista and is shown to be able to make multitudes of different types of drinks, and love to made a new drinks by his own experiment.

    Papa Zola 
  • Babies Ever After: In Boboiboy The Movie 2 confirmed he and his wife have daughter name Pipi Zola.
  • 11th-Hour Superpower: In season 3, he temporarily gain a power of Yaya's gravity manipulation due from her power bands since she still captured by Ejo Jo.
  • Fictional Video Game: Papa Zola actually a Title Character of in-series video game who brought to real-life in series.
  • Henpecked Husband: Mama Zila is purely a Nice Girl and he love her very much. However, since she able turn into a monster and gone berserk due to her being Neat Freak and Super OCD, Papa Zola also so terrified to her and willingly to do everything for her as long as she doesn't get mad at him.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: Papa Zola favorite color is pink, and he even said this to the others. He also like shopping and willingly accept his wife order to buy some stuff to market.
  • Ugly Guy, Hot Wife: His wife, Mama Zila, even has more attractive appearance than him.

    Mama Zila 
  • Affectionate Nickname: Papa Zola always refers her as Darling of Justice.
  • Babies Ever After: In Boboiboy The Movie 2 confirmed she and her husband have daughter name Pipi Zola.
  • Berserk Button: Don't dare to shown her a dirty and messy place. Or she will gone berserk and fix everything around her.
  • Big Anime Eyes: She the only known in series who has anime-like eyes.
  • Final Boss: In Fictional Video Game only, where Papa Zola need to free her from a nice and tidy prison.Also at the same time fight her in her monster form.
  • Granola Girl: Mama Zila shown very care with nature very much.
  • Ugly Guy, Hot Wife: She even more attractive than Papa Zola.

    The Parents 
This section is refers to all the main characters parents.
  • Generation Xerox:
    • Mrs.Wawa and Aunty Yang Friendly Rivalry are similar with both their daughter rivalry.
    • In Boboiboy: The Movie 2 reveal that Boboiboy father's is also a galactic superhero much like his son.
  • Like Father, Like Son: Of course~
    • Both Gopal and His father, Mr.Kumar share same quirkiness and both of them are fanboy of Papa Zola.
    • Both Yaya and her mother, Mrs.Wawa are a Lethal Chef.
  • Parental Abandonment:
    • We never see how Boboiboy parents looks like. But it was justified because of the father job as ambassador and as galactic superhero, which make them have a hard time to visit their son.
    • Same with Boboiboy, we never see how Fang parents looks like until the comic reveal them. Unfortunately, their current status is never know if they are save or killed by Tengkotak.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: Yaya and Ying are both looks like their mother. As well as Fang, who basically was a male version of his mother. It's also reveal that young Amato very similar with his son, Boboiboy.

    Captain Kaizo 
Kaizo is the Fang Aloof Big Brother who made his appearance is episode 24 of season 3. He is the leader of his own team and also one of the member of T.A.P.O.P.S. Kaizo also known as Legendary Space Rebel with his exceptional skills of swordsmanship and energy manipulation.
  • The Ace: Kaizo known to be so strong, calculated, and confident. He also known to have exceptional skills of swordsmanship ,energy manipulation, leadership and disguise.
  • Aloof Big Brother: Fang have good and professional relationship with him. But he seldom seen together with his brother due to their missions.
  • Anti-Hero: The biggest example of this series. Kaizo genuinely has good intention to keep all power sphere and it's power band, so he and his family can keep it save from false's hand. However, since he willingly to do everything to get them even believe Violence Is the Only Option to got it, Boboiboy and his gang mistake him to be one of their Big Bad.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: In Extra Comic "Boboiboy Galaxy Comic Issue #7", he and his brother, Fang forced to runaway from their home planet and separated from their parents to save the Enerbot before it fall to Bora Ra hand when he still 10 or 11 years old. Before being saved by Maskmana, Bora Ra attempt to kill Fang to provoke Kaizo, resulting Kaizo gone berserk and accidentally injures Fang.
  • Family-Unfriendly Violence: Most of violence in this series usually Played for Laughs. But in Kaizo case in season 3, it absolutely not funny to see him violently punish Fang due to his insubordination also he attempt to slay Fang with his sword twice.
  • Final Boss: He made fully appearance in episode 24 and 25, where he force Boboiboy's gang to give their power band and forcing Fang to do it for him. After defeated in their Curb-Stomp Battle in episode 24, Boboiboy and his gang decide to chase him to space, so they can take their power band and rematch their previous battle.
  • Informed Flaw: In extra chapter of Boboiboy Galaxy vol.7, Maskmana explain that his power of energy manipulation can endangered himself if he unable to control his emotion especially for his anger, which its explain why Kaizo always seen to be so calm.
  • Irony: In season 3, he underestimate Boboiboy's gang and claim they are not worth to got a power of power band because they still a child. In extra chapter of Boboiboy Galaxy vol.7, show that Kaizo receive his power of energy manipulation from enerbot when he is around 10 or 11 years old, a same age where Boboiboy faced him in season 3.
  • Living Legend: He was feared and respected by many people, and known as Legendary Space Rebel.
  • Master of Disguise: In episode 22 of Boboiboy Galaxy, Kaizo infiltrated space pirates lair to get Stealth Bot by become a spaceship cleaner. He masking all his tough and cold personality to fun-loving and jovial spaceship cleaner with faked his named as Kassim.
  • Sugar-and-Ice Personality: Although Kaizo is cold, arrogant and bit a jerk,with no hesitation to use a violence to finish his battle and mission, he still caring and have warmer side to the other people especially to Fang. Proved he decide to not forcing Fang to return with his team and let him to spend his time with his friends.

  • Cynicism Catalyst: Due to being hunted by many aliens, he distrust anyone even to someone like Boboiboy and his team who genuinely want to help him. He toned down after he realized that Boboiboy and his team are good people.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Klamkabot giving up all his life to revive Ochobot.
  • Living MacGuffin: Klamkabot was hunted by many aliens, such as Tengkotak, to obtain a powerful teleportation power.
  • Take Up My Sword: He passes all his power and his life to Ochobot, wishing it will never fell into false hand.
  • Took a Level in Kindness: He ultimately toned down to Boboiboy and his team, after they saved him and Ochobot from Tengkotak.

    Koko Ci 
  • Ascended Extra: In Boboiboy: The Movie, he reveal as a spies who undercover as spaceship janitor and serve as minor character. After his revelation in the end of the movie, he return as the commander of T.A.P.O.P.S and has prominent role in Boboiboy Galaxy.
  • Commanding Coolness: Koko Ci is commander of T.A.P.O.P.S, a organization of galaxy protectors which filled with dozen of cool and awesome heroes.
  • Cool Shades: It's hard to see him without his awesome sunglasses.
  • Good All Along: His revelation as the commander of G.A.G.A.L and later T.A.P.O.P.S in disguise as the spaceship janitor is the biggest awesome moment before the end of the movie.
  • The Napoleon: Koko Ci shown to be more shorter than Adu Du, but also more tough, level-headed, and sensitive than him.

Allies From in Boboiboy Galaxy

    Cattus and Bellbot 
Cattus is cat-like alien who is come from Gurunda Planet. He has power sphere named Bellbot, where he bestowed a power of size shifting.

  • Cats Are Superior: He is a alien-like cat with power of size shifting.
  • Cursed with Awesome: Even though he got the power of size shifting by Bellbot and use it to save his family, his family become scarred of him because of Cattus gigantic size.

  • Living Legend: He was feared by many people as one of the most powerful retired admiral in T.A.P.O.P.S.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Tarung is no-nonsense, strict and fearsome admiral. But genuinely care about the cadets and the other member of TAPOPS, and willing to sacrifice himself to protect them.
  • Logical Weakness: As powerful as his battle suit, it still came with a major flaw, as lampshaded by Gopal, it's still a costume with a zipper in the back. Tarung learnt about this the hard way.
  • Not So Different: Being Living Legend and most powerful and fearsome allies for heroes side, he clearly not so different from Captain Kaizo.
  • Retired Badass: Initially, he was retired before the series. After he got a message from T.A.P.O.P.S and his meeting with Boboiboy's gang, he decide to return to T.A.P.O.P.S HQ.
  • Split Personality: Implied he has this. Tarung has 2 different persona. At 7.00 A.M until 7.00 P.M, he become super strict, serious, tough and fearsome admiral that feared by the others, with his skin turn into red. But when it 7.00 P.M until 7.00 A.M, he return to his easy-going, nice, mild and cool persona, willingly apologize to the others for his strict demeanor.

    Sai and Shielda 
Sai and Shielda is pair of twins who is the member of team Kaizo and one of member of T.A.P.O.P.S.

  • Aloof Ally: They rare to seen together with Boboiboy Gang's or any other member of T.A.P.O.P.S.
  • Ambiguous Situation: They are the third Human Alien that make appearance in series after Fang and Kaizo. Even though they are labeled as the Guardian of Volcania planet, they didn't share same appearance with it's local alien name Roktaroka. Much like Kaizo and Fang, they appearance more to human beside being aliens and Shielda show has face mark similar with Fang and Kaizo's mother. It's implied they probably also from Gogo Bugi.
  • Deflector Shields: Their main weapon are shield that can deflect anything.
  • Fish out of Water: There are two of Monsta official post that shown a confused Shielda where Yaya and Ying take her to the beach where they will has fun, and Sai first time try to drink Tok Aba hot cocoa.
  • Graceful Loser: Unlike Sai who keep attack Boboiboy after know the situation that they make become worse, Shielda willingly back off and admit her lose to Boboiboy Fire after she know that impossible to defeat him.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: They are very serious, tough and arrogant, but still has deep lighter and soft side inside them.
  • Not So Above It All: One of official Monsta post shown the pair of twins join Fang to persuade Kaizo to use a silly new year glasses.
  • Throwing Your Shield Always Works: Sai's shield also able to be function like boomerang, where it can throw to any direction and return to him.
    Tok Hang Kasa 
Tok Kasa is Old Master who make debut in Boboiboy : The Movie 2, where the Heroes decide to sought him to be trained by him for sake of defeat Retak'ka

''Don't worry. Let him do by himself, he need to prepared to faced another huge mission"
Mechamato is mysterious hero who appear in post-credit scene in Boboiboy: The Movie 2. He seen speaking with Maskmana.

  • Foreshadowing:
    • In Episode 23 of season 3, Granddad told to Boboiboy that Amato unable to visit him, but he send him a postcard. The postcard picture shown a landscape of somewhere in space instead of a picture of Kuala Lumpur.
  • Identical Stranger: His young version is exactly resemble with Boboiboy, with exception that his hair little bit spikier than him and his white streak is place in middle of his hair.
  • Parents as People: Amato is a Good Parents, but it's very distant from his son due to his job and his mission. When Maskamana asking him why he didn't aid Boboiboy to defeat Retak'ka, Amato casually tell to him to not worries and just let him do by himself because in future, Boboiboy will faced another huge mission.
  • Walking Spoiler: He is Boboiboy's Disappeared Dad.

Antagonist from Original Series

    Adu du 
  • All of the Other Reindeer: Adu du was a outcast and constantly being bullied by his classmate including Ejo jo and his neighbor.
  • Anti-Hero: When he become ally of Boboiboy's gang, he still restraint his arrogant and harsh personality, resulting he constantly being warned by the other about his attitude. Beside he no longer to be his ally, he will accept Boboiboy's help in depend to the situation.
  • Anti-Villain: He decide to stole a cocoa powder to save his planet from population also wanted to conquer the earth to become the hero of his home planet.
  • Bad Boss: He always nagging and angered with his minion if they have to do some a stupid things or failed to do their mission, especially to Probe who always being hit by his mug.
  • Big Bad: In season 1 and season 2, he straight up was the main antagonist in series before Ejo jo is come to earth.
  • Demoted to Extra: Originally, he was the main Big Bad in series. But as the story progresses, he become more neutral and zigzagged from Anti-Hero and Anti-Villain and have very few screentimes.
  • Evil Is Hammy: Always giving a Large Ham quotes about him to be a great supervillain in the universe.
  • Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas: He greatly love his mother, Ibu bu. Which its used by his mother, who unhappy to see him become a good guy, to betray Boboiboy's gang by made him believe that they were injured her. And it's success.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones:
    • Even his mistreatment to Probe, he still caring about him. After he witnesses Ejo Jo's battle robot destroy him, Adu Du absolutely furious and crying over his death which made him suffer a massive Villainous Breakdown and always find a chance to rematch if he will return to the earth.
    • He also greatly love his mom. See Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas in above.
  • Pet the Dog: Beside his mistreatment to Probe, he will approve his opinion if he considers that his opinion was right.
  • Starter Villain: Along with Probe, he is the first Big Bad in series before Ejo Jo take over his Big Bad position.

  • Affably Evil: Probe genuinely well-mannered, jovial, easy-going and comical, make him a great example to a foil of his boss, Adu Du.
  • Anti-Villain: The reason why he so loyal to Adu Du because he ever save him in past.
  • Beware the Silly Ones: Probe is lovable comic relief to everyone. Even though he was a failed prototype of combat robot, he still one of the dangerous antagonist in the battle.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: He is the first prototype of battle robot in Kubulus. However, due the accident that caused by kubulus scientist who spilled water onto him and caused major complications in his development. Although he was able to activate his 'Super Probe' for the first time, due to the complications, the scientists were forced to scrap him. Later, he was found by Adu Du at junkyard. Taking a pity to him, Adu Du decide to rebuild him and made him become his most loyal minion.
  • Evil Virtues: Loyalty. He has great loyalty to Adu Du due to his past, and he will never' betray him and always try to make him happy.
  • Fire-Forged Friends: Probe willingly help Boboiboy and his team to defeat Boboibot, only for he can become his loyal robot once again.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Non-romantic side. After Adu Du begin take a favor on Boboibot, Probe terrified that he will being forgotten by him. Resulting he decide to inform Boboibot's weakness to Boboiboy, so he can defeat him and made Probe to be his favorite minion again.
  • My Master, Right or Wrong: He always follow Adu Du order without asking him.
  • Plucky Comic Relief: Most of his interaction with his boss and his antique are make him to this.

    Bago Go 
  • Consummate Liar: Adu du's computer already warned to his master that to not always believe in Bago Go because he always trick his customer. When he make appearance, she proved to be right.
  • Massive Numbered Siblings: Bago Go show has four sibling, consist two elder sibling and two younger sibling. Much like him, all of them are a fraudster too.
  • Money Fetish: It was running from his family.
  • Harmless Villain: He is one of the series antagonist due he like to scam many character and his customer. But the series never treat him as a serious character but as a joke villain.
  • Wild Card: He will help you if you willingly buy his item in super expensive price.

    Ejo Jo 
  • Ax-Crazy: A bounty hunter who shown to be more aggressive and brutal than Adu Du. He shown to be delighted to see his enemies especially Adu Du suffered.
  • Fangs Are Evil: He has fang, and he is evil.
  • Oh, Crap!: His reaction when he see the arrival of Kaizo on Earth.
  • Red Is Violent: He wear red battle suits, and absolutely brutal.
  • Running Gag: All his combat robot's named after the food, like P.E.T.A.I and S.A.M.B.A.L. Proved he has poor sense of naming at his own creation.
  • Smug Super: Zigzagged. Can be Smug Snake depend how fans see him. Ejo Jo from equipment and financials is more powerful than Adu Du. Beside he able to defeat Boboiboy, his gang, Adu du and Probe, he still can be defeated if he distracted.
  • Wake-Up Call Boss : Non video game example. The first appearance of Ejo Jo marks the first time BoboiBoy and his friends having difficulty to fight him and shifted the comedic tone to much serious one during their climatic battle.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: After his defeat by Kaizo and Lahap, it's unknown what happen to him in Boboiboy Galaxy. It's unknown if he still captured and imprisoned, or escape from them.

    Bora Ra and Tengkotak 
Tengkotak is a rogue and notorious power sphere hunter who is a main Big Bad in the first Boboiboy the Movie. This group was lead by Bora Ra. After Bora Ra death, the rest Tengkotak member are captured.
  • Ax-Crazy: Bora Ra shown even more crazier and sadistic than Ejo Jo.
  • Bizarre Alien Biology: Yoyo Oo Brain in a Jar contains 4 brains,believe it will make him more smarter.
  • Cold Sniper: Kiki Ta is the resident sniper of Tengkotak.
  • Hero Killer: Ochobot is destroyed on-screen by Bora Ra. Completely subverted by Klamkabot Heroic Sacrifice where he revive Ochobot after the fights.
  • Knight of Cerebus: Bora Ra is the most darkest villain so far.
  • One Of These Is Not Like The Others: Bora Ra is the only kubulus who has red skin, while most of them have green skin.
  • One-Winged Angel: Gaga Naz able transform into hulking monster if he gained a permission from Bora Ra to use it.
  • Tertiary Sexual Characteristics: Unlike Ibu Bu, who is short and unattractive, Kiki Ta design is more well-shaped like most of attractive humanoid aliens in media.
  • Villainous Crush: Adu Du shown has big crush on Kiki Ta, but it's more to one-side crush.
  • Would Hit a Girl: In Issue 7 of Boboiboy Galaxy, they hurt Mr.Governor wife after they defeat him to search Enerbot, before they could chase their sons who no other are 11 years old Kaizo and his toddler young brother, Fang.
  • Would Hurt a Child: They has no problem to hurt or killing a children to got the power spheres.

Antagonist from Boboiboy Galaxy

    Captain Separo  
Captain Separo is one of Power Spheres Hunters that capture Power Spheres for his own personal gain. He is the head of Space Pirates that are willing to do anything to get what he wants.
  • Arm Cannon: His Hookabot can transform into arm cannon to attack his enemies
  • Evil Old Folks: He is a elderly space pirate captain.
  • Starter Villain: He is the first villain that make a debut in Boboiboy Galaxy.

The group of Power Sphere hunter which is consist three space Monster Clown. Their base were in a Circus planet.
  • All of the Other Reindeer: In Jugglenaut flashback, it shown that he was arranged to TAPOPS to perform his skill to entertain them. However, the TAPOPS member doesn't like him to the point he was replaced by unknown entertainer, which motivate him to seek a revenge to TAPOPS.
  • Meaningful Name: BAD DUDES is not only refers to the member of the group, but a also double a Punny Name in Indonesia and Malaysia language. In both language, BAD DUDES sound like Badut, which mean in Indonesian and Malaysia are clown.

    Captain Vargoba 
Captain Vargoba is the leader of Space Pirates Colony.

  • Ax-Crazy : He is one of the most brutal villain in Boboiboy series who has no equalm to torturing and intimidate his opponent in brutal manner.
  • Darkest Hour: After the heroes successfully fulfill their mission to got Stealthbot, his response is immediately attack TAPOPS station.
  • Fangs Are Evil: He has long walrus-like fang, and he definitely evil.
  • Final Boss : His role of season 1.
  • Knight of Cerebus : Vargoba not only known to be Ax-Crazy Big Bad, but also highly no-nonsense, to the point he also completely lack of humorous moment unlike the other antagonist.
  • Large and in Charge: He one of the largest antagonist in the series, and he is the leader of space pirate colony.
  • Multi-Armed and Dangerous: It shown that he has four arms inside his cape.
  • Near-Villain Victory: He almost win in season 1, and quickly defeat by Boboiboy Solar in same episode.

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