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Hey to whoever might be reading this page. I am not sure why you might be reading this maybe you want to contact me on the site, or maybe you are just wondering where I have gone. Well, I was technically suspended from the forums due to a major incident where just to keep it simple I was behaving really terribly and completely had it all coming. The suspension at this point doesn't really matter to me though as I am going to be quitting the site for good, this is gonna be my final edit on the entire site.

I have come to realize that the site has been having a terrible effect on my mental health as a whole. The constant desire to do absolutely everything at once, stuff like constant CM proposals, multiple editing projects at once, handling a bunch of CM cleanup and that has put too much stress on me in combination with everything else in my life like college and constant editing on other sites, there are also other real life factors that I don't really want to get into for privacy reasons. All of this has led to me making some really poor decisions constantly where I have acted really terribly especially when it comes to stuff like mini-modding.

For the sake of me and everyone else in the community, I feel that it is best if I leave the site for good.

None of what I am saying is meant to be an excuse for anything that I have done. I also am not blaming anyone else but myself for what happened, it is all my fault for all that I have done and I should have done better. I hope that you all can understand though that I didn't mean for any of this to happen, unfortunately, what you want can't always be what you do though, that is a fact of life that I need to understand.

I am sorry to everyone that I have hurt through my actions, I hope that you all have a great time on the site and I wish you all the best, maybe things will be better without me, but for the sake of the community and myself, it is time for me to leave.