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    Monster/Dream Works 
Animated Films
  • Antz: General Mandible is a megalomaniac ant soldier who views worker ants as inferior vermin and soldiers as superior. He manipulates the Queen into rejecting peace negotiations with a hostile colony of Termites and sends all the soldiers loyal to her on a suicide mission to attack the Termites and secure his power. Both sides are destroyed in the fight except for a single ant named Z, which irritates him to no end. He engineers a new dig for the miners so they will hit a water source that will drown every ant in the colony including the Queen, except for his small faction of army loyalists who will be blindly obedient to him. He tortures Z's best friend Weaver to find Princess Bala after Z took her away, threatens to kill Weaver's girlfriend if he doesn't comply, then orders Z killed seconds after he promised not to do so and arranges Weaver's death as well. To start his new ideal colony he plans to force Princess Bala to marry him after he has killed her mother and everyone else.
  • The Road to El Dorado: Tzekel-Kan is a fanatical and sadistic priest of El Dorado's religion. He specializes in Human Sacrifice, and when Miguel and Tulio arrive to his city, he believes that they are gods and tries to impress them by attempting to sacrifice an innocent citizen. Later, he comes out with the plan to "purify" the city of the unbelievers. He organizes the game between Miguel and Tulio, against a few citizens of El Dorado. When the citizens lose the game, Tzekel-Kan wants to sacrifice them before finding out that Miguel and Tulio are not gods. After that, Kan brings a statue of the Jaguar to life—in the process sacrificing his loyal servant—that destroys half the city. When this fails to kill Tulio and Miguel, Tzekel-Kan attempts to set a genocidal Hernán Cortés on his own people. Fanatical and sadistic, Tzekel-Kan embodies every negative stereotype Europeans had about the indigenous peoples of Mesoamerica.
  • How to Train Your Dragon franchise (includes actions in Race to the Edge & the video game Dawn of New Riders):
    • How to Train Your Dragon 2: Drago Bludvist, a "madman without conscience or mercy", is the pinnacle of human evil in the franchise and a warlord seeking to use an Alpha he abused into loyalty to enslave as many dragons—and people—as he can. When the chieftains of various Viking tribes laughed off his ability to command dragons, Drago had his dragons burn them all alive, leaving only Hiccup's father Stoick to tell the tale. Years later, Drago forcibly enslaves all the dragons being kept in a safe haven by Valka by killing their Alpha, before promptly hypnotizing Hiccup's own dragon Toothless into firing upon him. When Hiccup's father Stoick takes the blow instead, Drago glances back in pleasure before commanding all his enslaved dragons to ravage Berk. In other instances, Drago orders failing minions such as Krogan and Eret executed for flimsy reasons; assassinated the noble King Stormheart and left his daughters orphans; and burned down the village of a group of pacifistic farmers who refused to join him. Drago acknowledges his thirst for power comes out of its own sake rather than a desire to avenge his fallen family, and is ultimately one of the few villains Hiccup was never able to reason with.
    • The Hidden World: Grimmel the Grisly is a tenacious, ruthlessly pragmatic dragon hunter and the one responsible for the near-eradication of the Night Fury species. Described as a single-minded predator who adores getting under the skin of his prey and pulling their strings, Grimmel stops at nothing to finish off Toothless to complete his genocide, and threatens to kill everyone Hiccup loves and scourge his island of Berk should he resist him. Grimmel tries to cow Toothless to his control by luring him in with the female of his species, the Light Fury, then threatens the Light Fury's life to force Toothless to corral all of Berk's dragons so Grimmel can butcher them and sell them all off. Grimmel has no qualms torturing and drugging dragons to force them to his control, keeping his six Deathgrippers loyal by subjecting them to their own venom and feeding them baby dragons. Grimmel briefly allies with the would-be warlord Eir Stormheart, provided her dozens of dragons to experiment on and bind to armor that kept them in states of constant agony and insanity, before backstabbing her and absconding with her research to create dragon shock soldiers of his own.

Western Animation

  • Kung Fu Panda:
    • Legends of Awesomeness's "Enter the Dragon": Ke-Pa is an ancient demon who terrorized the Valley of Peace with his army of demons, driving out or killing the citizens. After his army was sealed away by Oogway, Ke-Pa spent decades waiting for the peach tree that his powers are bound by dies, then, with his power returned, transformed into a dragon and lay siege to the Valley of Peace, threatening to eat the citizens one by one. Capturing and torturing Shifu under the belief that he has the Hero's Chi, Ke-Pa tries to crush the Hero's Chi out of him to free his demon army, before doing the same to Po and succeeding. Once his demons are unleashed, Ke-Pa orders them to kill everything in the Valley of Peace, bragging that he will destroy all mortals on the planet and reign supreme.
    • The Paws of Destiny: The Voice in the Shadows, aka Baigujing, aka the White Bone Demon, once roamed the land devouring souls of entire villages and leaving dolls behind to mark her crimes. When sealed away by Sun Wukong, the White Bone Demon eventually contacts Shi Long, corrupting the young girl into being her slave and using her to assassinate the Emperor, Shi Long's own adoptive father. Having Shi Long steal the Wellspring for her, the White Bone Demon's plans lead to a drought plaguing China, and Shi Long destroys entire villages to serve the White Bone Demon. The White Bone Demon's spirit inhabits a Humongous Mecha with Shi Long's help in the finale, betraying Shi Long and eating her alive before viciously trying to kill Po, his students the Four Constellations, and all of their friends before bringing an age of darkness onto China.
  • Voltron: Legendary Defender: Commander Sendak of the Galra Empire becomes the leader of his own Galra splinter faction, the Fires of Purification, after the downfall of Zarkon. Later locating Earth, Sendak kills the soldiers sent against him and begins bombing and razing cities until the world surrenders to him, whereupon the citizens are enslaved and forced into work camps to create new weapons. Obsessed with finding Voltron and punishing the Lions' Paladins, Sendak makes a deal to spare Earth in exchange for the Lions, only to double back on it, and forcing the Paladins and the treacherous Admiral Sanda to watch as he intends to exterminate Earth and the billions who live there. When Voltron finally arrives to oppose him, Sendak ruthlessly kills entire ships full of his own men to get at the Paladins, and refuses to let any of his own crew get to safety, consumed with his own ambition and spite and taking the worst excesses of Galra to their natural conclusion.
  • The Adventures of Puss in Boots: The Bloodwolf is an ancient being of fear that existed before time itself begin, once attempted to destroy the entire world before being sealed away by a wizard named Sino in the Netherworld. Upon being released by Uli, the Bloodwolf shows no gratitude and tossed him aside while coldly stating that he'll destroy him and the whole town of San Lorenzo. The Bloodwolf later tortures the whole town with their greatest fear so that he could wait for the Blood Moon where he would reach his full power, so he could continue his quest to bring about the complete destruction of the world.
  • Tales of Arcadia:
    • 3Below: General Val Morando, the exiled leader of the Talyon Phalanx, is an inveterate user of disposable pawns who fancies himself a Galactic Conqueror. In the premiere, Morando seizes the throne by launching a destructive coup on Akiridion-5, oppressing the populace, with their resistance punished with death. Morando manipulates the royals' protector, Varvatos Vex, by having a civilian satellite destroyed to kill Vex's family and hundreds of innocents with them, using it to turn him against the royals and gleefully pledging to make him watch as he kills his new family when Vex realizes he's been played. Throughout the series, Morando attempts to torture one of the heroes' allies into becoming his new general; murders his failed minions and bounty hunters for reasons as petty as delivering him bad news; falsely promises the bigoted Colonel Kubritz a world without aliens, before killing her when she disobeys him; lobs a meteorite at Earth merely to disguise his own arrival upon it; and, after slaughtering his way through swathes of the royals' allies, integrates himself with the core of Gaylen to make himself a virtual god, intent on destroying and reshaping the universe to give it the "order" he so craves.
    • Wizards & Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans:
      • Bellroc, Keeper of the Flame, is the master of the Arcane Order and one of the primordial demigods who shaped the universe. Discontent with humanity and their corruption of their order, Bellroc grew blind to the damage they inflicted upon the world, simply deciding to destroy it and start over. Bellroc mortally wounds King Arthur to fully corrupt Morgana le Fay and see her overrun and annihilate humanity, attempting to awaken the Titans by forcing the one repenting member of the Order, Nari, to assist despite her will. Bellroc proceeds to awaken the Titans and lead an attempt to uncover the Heartstone at Arcadia Bay, intending to destroy all that lives according to their own ego.
      • Skrael of the North Wind is Bellroc's subordinate and partner in the Order, being perhaps the most viciously sadistic of the trio. Forsaking his own vow of neutrality, Skrael happily joins the fight to kill many humans with intent to completely exterminate them. In between battles, Skrael enjoys torturing his captives, as he viciously does to Steve, later showing a similar glee in hurting Nari as well before forcing her to attempt to awaken the Titans and unmake all in existence.
  • She-Ra and the Princesses of Power: Horde Prime, true ruler of the Horde, is an ancient being who exists by stealing the bodies of his clones who he breeds to be mindlessly loyal drones, any hint of individuality or imperfection resulting in erasure. Having exterminated countless worlds in the name of order, Prime is only swayed from destroying Etheria by the realization he can use it as a weapon, sending his discarded "brother" Hordak to have his identity erased. Later brainwashing Catra, Horde Prime tries to force Catra's suicide before Adora when she resists, using those he controls as weapons against their loved ones. Seeking to activate the Heart, Prime launches attacks on Etheria with threats to destroy the world, ending by trying to have Hordak himself kill his beloved Entrapta when she tries to warn him of the consequences. Finally activating the Heart, Horde Prime gleefully attempts to annihilate the entire universe as the ultimate culmination of order and his twisted ego.
  • Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts: Dr. Emilia is the finest and most steadfast proponent of Fantastic Racism in a series that otherwise emphasizes the importance of reaching out to people. Years ago, Emilia murdered her own brother Liam for reaching out to the surface-dwelling Mutes and used his death as an act of propaganda to further her eventual designs of Mute eradication. Emilia helped shape the misanthropic views of Scarlemagne with her cruel experiments on him when he was still Hugo, and used her former colleague Song as a brainwashed weapon for years on end after Song became a Mega Mute, kicking off the series by coldly ordering Song to murder her own child Kipo and devastate her people's burrow in the process. In the third season, Dr. Emilia invents a cure that forces a permanent Death of Personality on the uplifted Mutes, using it to devastating effect on several of Kipo's allies as well as the remaining members of Wolf's old Mute family. Emilia consistently rejects and suppresses every single attempt to better herself to the end of the series, attempting to kill human and Mute alike when the two sides reconcile and trying to kill Kipo after the latter saves Emilia from a Fate Worse than Death.

Live-Action Films

  • The Peacemaker: While General Aleksandr Kodoroff may merely be the courier to Dušan Gavrić's plot to nuke the UN headquarters in New York, he totally lacks his employer's conscience and loved ones. To procure Gavrić's nukes, Kodoroff has his men massacre a train full of soldiers carrying a shipment of bombs, leaving one on the train that Kodoroff subsequently rerails into the direction of a passenger train. The ensuing collision and nuclear blast kills thousands, something that unsettles one of his men and prompts Kodoroff to execute him on the spot. Kodoroff later slaughters dozens more at a Russian checkpoint en route to Gavrić simply out of impatience. Kodoroff's only concern through all this is lining his own pockets, expressing disgust at a line of refugees simply for being poor.
  • Galaxy Quest: General Roth'h'ar Sarris is a vile galactic warlord who seeks a powerful, mysterious device known as the Omega 13. Sarris launches a genocidal war against the peaceful Thermians, wiping out a massive chunk of their populace whilst subjecting many to inhumane fates of slavery and torture—torturing one of their commanders for days on end and only killing her when he "grew weary of the noises" she made—while killing even his own men for failure. Sarris takes a perverse glee in forcing the crew of Galaxy Quest to reveal to the Thermian leader Malthasar that they're just actors in order to completely break his spirit. After this, Sarris tries to throw the cast of Galaxy Quest out of an airlock, and failing this, attempts to suffocate the remaining Thermians to death while throwing away his remaining men, personally massacring his way through every last obstacle between him and the Omega 13 before he's finally stopped. Sarris is played utterly straight in naked contrast to everything else in the film, possessed of no humorous or likable traits to detract from his atrocities.
  • The Island: Dr. Bernard Merrick is at first charming and helpful. He has the clones under his care dissected alive when he views the need as arising, and lies by telling them they'll be sent to the mysterious "Island", while lying to the clones' original source by claiming the clones are brain dead and are not living, sapient beings. When one clone's original donor is already dead, Merrick spitefully plans to have her harvested anyways, and tries to kill any clone that resists him. Drunk on his own genius and power, Merrick seems to view himself as some sort of twisted messiah.
  • Red Eye: Jackson Rippner is an unscrupulous contractor who hires himself out to terrorist networks to assist in toppling governments and high-profile assassinations. He uses his skills of manipulation instead of weapons because he's much better at it. His latest target is a renowned US official, whom he plans to blow up along with his wife and children because his bosses wanted to send a message. He needs Lisa, a Miami hotel manager, to change the official's room on her authority to make the kills possible. He stalks Lisa for weeks to learn everything about her, then arranges to be on the same red eye flight with her and gain her confidence initially. He threatens to have his associate kill her retired father if she doesn't make the call, torturing her mentally and assaulting her. When she foils his plan, he goes to kill her father anyway instead of escape to make good on his threat, and tries to murder Lisa. On top of that, he's also a misogynist, and casually notes he killed his own parents when asked about the subject.
  • Disturbia: Robert Turner is a Serial Killer who moved into a suburban neighborhood to evade capture after killing several people in Austin, Texas. He builds a multi-layer Torture Cellar and killing lair underneath his house, with decaying corpses piled up all over the place. He seduces several women and invites them to his home before killing them, cutting up their bodies and disposing of them in garbage bags. When the teenage Kale Brecht discovers his true nature, he kidnaps and arranges to kill the boy's mother Julie and frame him for both that and the planned death of his best friend Ronnie. Turner also taunts Kale about the motivation being for believing his mother blamed him for his father's death in a car accident and forces him to write his own suicide note too. Turner further threatens Kale's love interest Ashley Carson both when she's stalking him and when she shows up to help Kale escape, and kills Officer Gutierrez, who arrives on the scene, by breaking his neck.
  • Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street: The corrupt Judge Turpin, who runs a Kangaroo Court in Victorian London, begins Sweeney's Start of Darkness when, lusting after the then-younger barber's wife, Turpin has him imprisoned on a penal colony for decades of hard labor so he can seduce his wife. When she refuses, Turpin has her lured to his home under pretense of offering to free her husband—but rapes her instead, and steals her daughter as his ward. Turpin guards her jealously, having a younger sailor brutally beaten for looking at her and plans to marry her himself. When she refuses and tries to run away he sends her to an asylum where he knows she'll be mistreated. In the film, Turpin sentences a little boy to death by hanging—and then asks his sidekick, the Beadle Bamford, if the boy was even guilty of anything.
  • Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen: The Fallen, also known as Megatronus Prime, is this film's Big Bad and the film universe's first Decepticon. Originally one of the 7 members of the Dynasty of Primes, The Fallen betrayed his brothers and attempted to use the Star Harvester on Earth's Sun regardless of the Dynasty's code against taking life, solely because of his Fantastic Racism towards primitive humankind. Eons after his defeat, The Fallen corrupts Megatron, creates the Decepticons, and orders him to find the All Spark, making him responsible for the events of the first film. After he lures Optimus Prime to his death using Sam as bait, The Fallen sank an aircraft carrier, attacked several human cities, and slaughtered a sizable military force while acquiring the Matrix of Leadership to activate the Star Harvester again, fully intending to wipe out the human race.
  • The Lovely Bones: The film version of George Harvey is an antisocial loner as well as a depraved Serial Killer, whose victims are female and preferably children. At the beginning, Harvey lures and murders Susie Salmon, after which he decided to continue kidnapping and killing until it becomes a habit. Harvey later tries to kill Susie's sister Lindsey after she obtains evidence proving his guilt. While watching from Heaven, Susie sees that over the years, Harvey murdered several other girls, including his landlady and a six-year-old. Moments before his death, Harvey attempts to lure another victim to her death.
  • Fright Night (2011): Jerry Dandridge stands in stark contrast to the original film's charming and likable monster. The film opens with Jerry having slaughtered a family, including the teenage son, out of suspicion the boy was spying on him. Jerry reveals himself as a savage predator who kidnaps and feeds on people, keeping them locked up in his private larder. When Charlie Brewster tries to rescue a woman Jerry held hostage, Jerry had been toying with them both and had already turned her, letting her die in the sunlight solely to mess with Charlie. He's more than happy to tear the throats out of innocent bystanders and turns Charlie's girlfriend into a vampire in front of a helpless Charlie, and later mocks him as he makes out with her. While Dandridge in the original held a certain elegance, the remake's version is nothing more than a savage, sadistic predator.

Stored Pages


"There will be murder on a scale never before seen. I will feed and become the strongest creature on this Earth. So do it, finish it. It'll be fun."


All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

Lords of Shadow Games
  • Satan is the architect of almost every atrocity in the games, all so he could return to Heaven and take revenge on God. Deceiving Zobek, Satan uses him to separate Heaven from Earth, leaving the souls of the dead trapped in Limbo, afterwards forcing Gabriel Belmont to murder his wife Marie. Aiming to exploit the prophecy of the Chosen One to claim the God Mask for himself, Satan arranges for Gabriel to kill many others, both evil and innocent, before attempting to dispose of both Gabriel and Zobek. Defeated by Gabriel, Satan has his children pave the way for his return and when he does come back, he murders the son who summoned him for not disposing of the one man he fears: Gabriel—now known as Dracula. Opting to simply destroy the world with an enslaved and tortured Leviathan, Satan's final gambit has him possess Alucard, Dracula's beloved son, to try to stop Dracula from killing him, all the while taunting Dracula. Making paltry attempts at justifying himself, Gabriel saw Satan for the wretched egomaniac he is.
  • Zobek, the Lord of the Dead and the strongest, most ambitious of the Lords of Shadow, is also The Corrupter to Gabriel Belmont/Dracula himself. As part of a grand scheme to attain godlike power, Zobek cut off the Earth from Heaven and trapped the souls of the dead on Earth, infesting the world with the undead. Zobek directly facilitates Gabriel's fall into evil by using the Devil's Mask to make Gabriel murder his own wife, and meticulously disposes of any and all loose ends along the way while playing the role of Gabriel's friend, having Gabriel dispose of his fellow Lords of Shadow and other innocents like Claudia. Zobek tortures Gabriel to death after revealing his true colors and mocking him over everything Zobek has had him do. Even after he's revealed to be a Big Bad Wannabe to Satan, Zobek returns in the modern day with ambitions of destroying Dracula and Satan both, and the first thing he does upon awakening Dracula is feed him an innocent family.
  • Reverie & Resurrection DLC: The Forgotten One is a tremendously powerful demon summoned by the Bernhard family that brought about untold destruction upon the world before it was sealed in its home dimension by the founders of the Brotherhood of Light. Many centuries later, the Forgotten One would attempt to return to Earth once again to enact vengeance by purging it of all life, and only deciding to spare Gabriel so that he can look upon his failure.
  • Lords of Shadow 2 only:
    • Raisa Volkova is an Acolyte of Satan who inherits her father's penchant for cruelty. The head of the Bioquimek Corporation which aims to pave the way for Satan's return by performing amoral experiments on kidnapped innocents with the intention of creating a toxin that will mutate any human who comes in contact with it into a demonic soldier for Hell's army. When Dracula infiltrates Bioquimek, Raisa releases the toxin, which infects her own scientists, and later spreads across the city causing mass chaos and death. Captured by Dracula and Zobek, Raisa unleashes her true form to kill them both, gloating that her father will return and bring unending agony upon the world.
    • Nergal Meslamstea is a child of Satan who, just like his sister, aims to bring his father to Earth to "free" the world from good. The head of a weapons manufacturer, Nergal supplies weapons that each contain a piece of his corrupting essence that influences the city's police into a homicidal frenzy, shooting anyone on sight regardless of whether or not they're infected. After impaling Dracula's last surviving descendant Victor Belmont, Nergal sadistically electrocutes Dracula with the intent on sending him to his father in Hell.

Other Media, by release date

  • The Belmont Legacy: Dracula, completely bereft of his game counterpart's tragic backstory or charisma, is a vampiric beast who time and time again has risen from the grave to combat his ancient enemies the Belmonts, with a penchant for impalement and slaughter. Upon being risen through blood sacrifice, Dracula completely disregards the fanatic loyalty of his servant and mocks Christopher Belmont by defiling the grave of his ancestors, later kidnapping his wife Illyana Belmont and tearing out the neck of their friend, turning him into a vampire and siccing him on his own friends. Even seemingly defeated, the comic ends with the reveal that Dracula's previous attempt to force himself on Illyana resulted in the corruption of her unborn baby—all to his plan.
  • Nocturne of Recollection'': Magnus, a vain and particularly sadistic incubus, is one of the vilest creatures of the night. Centuries before Dracula's defeat, Magnus left the beloved servant of Alucard, Lyudmil, at the brink of death, and cruelly mind-raped Alucard until he finally gave in and turned Lyudmil into a vampire. Magnus glories in having tortured Lyudmil to the point of becoming a "walking corpse" who despises all humanity, using Lyudmil as his pet Serial Killer while simultaneously aiming to destroy Alucard's mind, have him kill all his loved ones, and bring back the hellish reign of Dracula upon the world. When Lyudmil finally rebels against him, Magnus murders him and tries to torture Alucard and his allies down to their very souls.
  • Netflix Series: "Death"—the true identity of the seemingly blowhard vampire Varney—is revealed to be the mastermind behind the fourth season's conflict, and a creature far worse than Dracula ever was at his cruelest. A gluttonous, sadistic Ancient Evil who has been feeding on souls since the birth of humanity, Death personally partook in Dracula's attempted genocide against humanity with the anticipation of a feast, only to be left disappointed and hungry upon Dracula's demise. Solely so he'd never be hungry again, Death concocts a plan to manipulate the Count St. Germain into evil as part of a complex scheme to pluck both Dracula and Lisa's souls from Hell, upon which Death fuses them both into the same body in a state of pure agony. Death intends to drive Dracula so insane with his wife's screaming soul he'll slaughter the entire planet, a prospect Death is all too entertained and delighted by.

    Monster/Mission Impossible 



All spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

Live-Action TV
  • Original series's "The Carriers": Janos Passik takes 200 people into his mission to become as American as possible. "Teaching" them how to become American, Passik travels with the trainees to America and give them jobs as well as hotels to stay in. Passik uses this as a way of killing, and has been spreading a highly lethal disease with which he will infect the agents, who will then infect their colleagues on their jobs, and so on. While Passik shows signs of love against one of the protagonists Cinnamon Carter, he still has no problems with trying to kill her by trying to infect her with the disease. At the end, Passik plays a game of Russian Roulette when he discovers that they are planning on stopping his plan, including Cinnamon.
  • 1988 series:
    • "The Plague": Black Market dealer Catherine Balzac is a ruthless killer who takes the Xerxes virus. A deadly strain that brings horrific death, Balzac intends to sell it to those who will deploy it to kill millions, with Jim Phelps having to act before countless innocents are given a nightmarish death.
    • "Bayou": Jake Morgan is a wealthy, grotesquely obese Southerner who makes most of his money by secretly running a human trafficking operation. Having kidnapped hundreds of young women to be sold into sexual slavery, Morgan also has those who cross him fed to his pet alligators.

Film Series

  • Mission: Impossible III: Owen Davian is a sociopathic, powerful international Arms Dealer who is notorious for selling to different terrorists. Davian wants to find the Rabbit's Foot, a highly dangerous weapon which Davian is going to give to John Musgrave and start a war in the Middle East which would kill many people. When he captures an agent who is spying on him, he brutally tortures her and plants a bomb inside of her head, detonating the bomb when she is finally rescued. When Davian is interrogated by Ethan Hunt, he gloats about killing the agent, saying that the only real reason he did it was because it was fun, before threatening to do the same to Ethan and his wife, no matter what, which he attempts to do multiple times, even going as far as to disguise his own security chief as Ethan's wife, and then killing her, just to torture Ethan. In his final moments, he keeps his promise, and decides to kill Ethan's wife, with Ethan Forced to Watch.
  • Rogue Nation & Fallout: Solomon Lane is a former MI-6 operative who, after realizing his own sociopathic nature, became enraged and went rogue with the Syndicate to cover up his own deficiencies. Using the Syndicate to carry out devastating terrorist attacks while committing murders himself, Lane was defeated and arrested by Ethan Hunt and his team. Two years later, Lane uses his ally John Lark—aka August Walker—to get free, now hell-bent on revenge against Ethan. To that end, he uses stolen plutonium to rig two nuclear bombs to go off in Kashmir, at a medical site where Ethan's ex-wife Julia is working just out of spite. The nukes will irradiate the water supplies of China, India and Pakistan, affecting a third of the Earth's population while Lane is fine dying in the blast so long as he knows Ethan is framed for being Lark and will rot in a jail cell for the rest of his life haunted by the guilt of Julia's death. Abandoning all pretense of good intentions, Lane shows that he is a dark mirror to Hunt himself, stopping at nothing to achieve his ends, no matter how many have to die.

Operation Surma

  • Simon Algo is the tyrannical and psychopathic president of Ugaria. Gaining power in a coup d’état with biological weapons, and the program Ice Worm, Algo aims to use the latter to gain access to Ugaria's nuclear codes and proceed on a campaign of conquest within the Balkans. Having Colonel Vasyl Berkut assassinate an informant to prevent his schemes from being discovered, Algo also orders Yang Ho to destroy the Los Muertos Research Facility to hide the visit, which would have killed hundreds of innocent civilians. When Sofia Ivanescu, the creator of Ice Worm, questions Algo's motives, Algo has Berkut disguise Ugarian Secret Service members as Russian mobsters to intimidate her to give up the nuclear codes. When Sofia joins forces with the IMF and Ethan Hunt, it is revealed that Sofia's father was arrested by Algo to create biological weapons and his death was faked to lure Sofia to his side. Upon killing Berkut, Algo taunts Hunt over how much of a failure his operation is, and gloats that he will kill Sofia due to her turning on him, despite the instrumental role she played in his rise to power. A seemingly-polite official, Algo is a man who only cares about a desire for power and violence, absolutely regardless of the blood that is spilled.


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