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    Cards and Flavor Text 
  • Lord Jaraxxus, a legendary warlock card, has the battlecry effect of replacing your hero with him. Of course, Jaraxxus is amongst the largest of hams in the game, as is befitting of an Eredar Lord; the hilarity comes when you try to use the apologize emote while using him as your hero.
    Jarraxus: JARAXXUS IS... sorry.
  • The artwork of Master of Disguise depicts a female Blood Elf. The flavor text corrects this:
    She's actually a male tauren. People don't call him "Master of Disguise" for nothing.
  • Silvermoon Guardian's Death cry.
    Silvermoon Guardian: Owie!
  • Leeroy Jenkins doing what he does best when summoned: charging into the face of danger and screaming his name.
    • And when he (pretty much inevitably) dies, his death quote includes "At least I have chicken!" (Most death quotes don't include anything coherent.)
    • A particularly disastrous scenario can occur if Leeroy is summoned while the opponent controls a Knife Juggler. Leeroy's Battlecry summons two Whelps for the enemy, which causes Knife Juggler to throw two knives for 1 damage each, potentially killing Leeroy as soon as he hits the board.
  • Millhouse Manastorm's death cry takes nearly 10 seconds from start to finish, the scream slowly growing weaker and weaker. Then he gags a little, and then one more time for good measure.
  • Magma Rager has been the Butt-Monkey of the game for a long time.
    • If you include Magma Rager in your deck during the first fight with Rafaam, he will comment on it
      Rafaam: Magma Rager?! Why would you play this card?
    • Poking fun at Magma Rager goes further than that. Just have a look at Ice Rager's - a 3 mana 5/2, compared with Magma Rager's 3 mana 5/1 - flavor text.
      He's a lot cooler than Magma Rager.
    • With Karazhan's introduction we also have The Magic Mirror taunting you if you're planning to play it.
    • It probably doesn't get better than Am'gam Rager, a 3 mana, you guessed it, 1/5. Its flavor text?
      peerc rewop (yes, that's an original wording)
    • And now with Mean Streets of Gadgetzan we have a Shadow Rager, a 3 mana 5/1 with Stealth. Doesn't sound too bad? Well... it's a Rogue class card.
    • The Kobolds and Catacombs' new Dungeon Run mode has the Wax Rager, a 3 mana 5/1... that summons itself upon death. Not to mention it completely trivialises a lot of the bosses.
  • Someone used a neural network to generate new hearthstone cards, with results ranging from plausible, to over or underpowered, to blatantly nonsensical. See here.
  • Certain card combinations can result in hilarity due to their emotes.
    Knife Juggler: "Put this apple on your head."
    Blood Imp: "DO I HAVE TO?!"
    Archmage: "Are you ready for THIS?"
    Ogre Magi: "I'm ready!" "I'm not ready!"
    Onyx Bishop: "The game begins."
    Sylvanas Windrunner: "I have no time for games!"
  • Similarly, the Warrior emotes for beginning the game and conceding, while thematically appropriate, can be rather amusing if heard in quick succession:
    "Victory or death! I choose death!"
  • The +2/+2 buff the Floating Watcher gives itself whenever your warlock hero is damaged on your turn is just named 'Brow Furrow'. Let that sink in for a moment.
  • The entire premise of the Ogre Ninja is this.
    • From the soundbites upon summon
      Head one: Sneaky!
      Head two: Shush, quiet!
    • To the art depicting a two-headed ogre in a ninja garb with twigs pretending to be a tree
    • To a budding meme regarding the card's art being just a tree at night.
  • The Evil Heckler card, who has several insults to throw at your opponent.
    Evil Heckler: Your mother was a murloc.
    Evil Heckler: You smell like a Leper Gnome.
  • Playing Wilfred Fizzlebang while you're Jaraxxus leads to the two re-enacting their original meeting:
    Wilfred Fizzlebang: You are bound to me, demon... uh, I think.
    Jaraxxus: TRIFLING GNOME! Your arrogance will be your undoing!
    • This is then completed when Wilfred dies in a fight.
      Wilfred Fizzlebang: Bu-But I'm in charge here!
  • Some of the flavor texts of the cards when you check them in the Collection can generate some laughs.
    Abusive Sergeant: ADD ME TO YOUR DECK, MAGGOT!!
  • Holy Champion is (allegedly) a medic for the Argent Crusade. Her attack quote is to yell, "Does this hurt?!"
  • Yogg-Saron's pure RNG based battle cry is nothing if not tons of fun, though his Fan Nickname of "The Betrayer" is well earned as many of the spells he randomly uses can end up hurting far more then helping. Antics include (but are not limited to):
    • Summoning a wave of Recruits, Hounds, Wisps, Tentacles, or Murlocs only to kill them afterwards.
    • Turning into a frog
    • Killing himself.
    • Killing the player that played him.note 
    • Putting himself back in your deck or hand.
    • Buffing up someone... and then killing them (Said person can also be himself).
    • Healing your enemy.
    • Drawing so many cards that you lose due to fatigue damage.
    • Pyroblasting your face, himself or one of the many 1/1's he just summoned.
    • Literally betray younote  and continue casting spells for the opponent.
    • Casting Cataclysm, which kills himself, the whole board, and throws your hand away, leaving you with nothing but the top of your deck to play.
    • Or all of the above.
    • Of course there is always the turn around, where Yogg is your last ditch effort to stay alive... and he delivers.
    • There is also the more rare but still likely chance of Yogg doing absolutely nothing since a lot of spell cards require a minion to target, so if your opponent has none and Yogg-Saron's killed himself note , the random spells do jack and squat.
    • The nerfed Yogg-Saron brings in a different brand of humor, where his ominous entry is immediately negated by Yogg committing suicide or turning himself into a sheep. Or, better yet, deciding to go "Screw This, I'm Outta Here!" by casting Shadowstep on himself. Even better if this is the first spell being cast through this Battlecry.
  • The concept of Ragnaros, Lightlord:
    • Upon entering the battlefield, it's relatively easy to see how, despite using The Light, his personality hasn't changed changed one bit. He's still going to purge you in (holy) fire.
      Ragnaros: THE LIGHT PURGES!
    • Although he might be purified, he still has his pleasant attitude, even as a good guy
      Ragnaros: LIVE, INSECT!
      • Which is doubly funny if he attacked that turn as his attack emote is still DIE, INSECT!
    • And he even replies when his flavour text questions what happens when you corrupt something already corrupted:
  • Validated Doomsayer's flavor text (a joke about the infamously annoying scenario where Piloted Shredder's Deathrattle would spawn the original Doomsayer, resulting in a field wipe you couldn't plan for)
    Really feels good about himself and is in a much better place now. But… he sure does miss piloting those shredders.
  • Selfless Hero's entry quote.
    Nothing scares me!... except mice.
  • Because of the mechanics of Varian Wrynn's Epic Hail, it's possible for nothing to get summoned (if you draw only spells and weapons, or if you're fatigued). Are the armies of Stormwind a bit depleted, Varian?
  • Carrion Grub wins best flavor text of all time: "Carrion, my wayward grub."
  • Sometimes when buffing C'Thun, he'll drop his serious attitude for a second to reference the Paladin's popular Greetings emote:
    Well met!
  • Compared to most of the corrupted minions in Old Gods, Worgen Infiltrator simply becomes a 2 mana 3/1 with Stealth. The flavor text of the resulting card, Twisted Worgen, acknowledges this:
    Sometimes the Old Gods' corruptions gives you power untold, sometimes you get +1 Attack. We can’t all be winners in the Eldritch lottery.
  • Purify is a 2 mana spell that silences a friendly minion and draws a card. For those of you who don't play Hearthstone: Purify is crap. The sheer amount of backlash for the card has spawned so many hilarious responses it's hard to assemble them all in a list.
    • "The text for purify reads "Lose any chance of hitting legend this season, draw a card""
    • This video
    • Amaz reviews Karazhan priest cards.
    • Although it should be noted that as of the Un'goro expansion, Purify is considered a genuinely good card in a genuine good deck. Blizzard basically just kept adding cards that synergise with it, to the point that a Purify deck doesn't even run them all.
  • The Mean Streets of Gadgetzan expansion released in December 2016 added Weasel Tunneler, a 1 Mana 1/1 with "Deathrattle: Shuffle this card into your opponent's deck". It's pretty funny when your opponent ends up being unfortunate enough to draw this later on in the game. It's just when Baron Rivendare gets involved that things get very, VERY strange.
    • Thought it was just a Joke Character designed to screw with singleton Kabal decks and disappoint people expecting to open a good epic? Behold the Weasel Priest deck, designed to duplicate the Weasels as many times as possible while shuffling them into the opponent's deck. This also includes using Crystalline Oracle to copy the Weasels while they're in the opponent's deck! As one of the bigger Troll decks around, it derives glee from the opponent hoping to draw into their good cards, only to draw a Weasel instead.
  • The Dirty Rat, a 2 Mana 2/6 with Taunt. It has one of the potentially worst Battlecries in the game: Your opponent summons a random minion from their own hand. Bad results include, but are not limited to:
    • Deathwing and the Deathwing, Dragonlord variant, both powerful 12/12 minions and the latter has a powerful Deathrattle.
    • Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound, a 10/10 minion which then proceeds to add another minion to the board if it isn't taken out before the end of your opponent's turn.
    • Tyrantus, a 12/12 that can't be targeted by Spells or Hero Powers.
    • Voidlord, a 9 Mana 3/9 with Taunt that summons 3 1/3 Voidwalkers when it dies.
    • Swamp King Dred, a 9/9 that automatically attacks any minion the opponent plays. Including the Dirty Rat that just pulled it out.
    • Any powerful, overstatted minion.
    • Doomsayer, which equals immediate boardwipe unless you kill it.
    • A powerful legendary minion such as Ragnaros or Sylvanas.
    • Trying to drag out a strong minion while you have a removal card ready, only for your opponent to have no minions in hand.
  • Of course, the Dirty Rat has some good moments as well. It can summon:
  • Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound is the most powerful of the Old Gods. He also have 2 tentacles that give the impression of a mustache. Said tentacles also curl heavily, giving it the look of a Dastardly Whiplash.
  • Using Evolve and related effects replaces a minion of yours with one of a higher cost. But there's no telling what kind of minion could come out of it. More often than not, you'd get results that are stronger than the minions you started with, but some hilariously unlucky results are:
    • Doomsayer, resulting in a boardwipe you cannot plan around, much like with Piloted Shredder before.
    • Unlicensed Apothecary, especially if you transformed many other minions at the same time, resulting in losing most to all of your health. note 
    • Bomb Squad, with a deathrattle that damages your hero. This is supposed to offset a Battlecry effect that does damage, but since you don't get Battlecry effects through transformation...
    • Majordomo Executus, which can result in your hero being replaced with the 8HP Ragnaros.
    • Ticking Abomination, whose deathrattle can wipe out your own board.
    • Any Battlecry minion, since their effect doesn't trigger.
    • The Darkness, which cannot be awakened as the opponent doesn't have candles, and cannot be transformed again as it's not a minion. You've just lost a board slot for the rest of the game.
    • Anomalus, whose Deathrattle deals 8 damage to all minions. Especially bad if Executus is on the board as well.
  • Though extremely unlikely, you can theoretically Evolve a minion from 0 mana all the way to 8 mana and keep it a 1/1 with no effect the whole time. Wisp > Elven Archer > Novice Engineer > Sewer Crawler > Wicked Skeleton > Furbolg Mossbinder > Big Time Racketeer > Lynessa Sunsorrow > Hir'eek the Bat.
  • Galvadon, the Last Kaleidosaur is often considered the worst of the Quest rewards due to how Awesome, but Impractical it is to summon him. Ultimately, there is the Galvadon Theme Song:
    Galvadon, the last Kaleidosaur
    He's got stealth and a whole lot more
    Galvadon, the last Kaleidosaur
    He's not that bad if you don't die turn 4

    From the Un'goro crater a long time ago
    Comes an underpowered friend, often too slow

    Galvadon, the last Kaleidosaur
    He's got windfury and a whole lot more
    Galvadon, the last Kaleidosaur
    He's not that bad if you don't die turn 4

    Everytime we play him, we don't really care
    If we finish up the quest before we die to a rogue
    From rank 23 to the tournament spotlight
    We found a friend who helps us win at least sometimes

    Galvadon, the last Kaleidosaur
    He's got stealth and a whole lot more
    Galvadon, the last Kaleidosaur
    He's not that bad if you don't die turn 4
  • Twilight geomancer doesn't take her valuable gems very seriously...
    • Twilight Geomancer: "Oops! I broke a diamond!"
    • Twilight Geomancer: "Ruby to the face!"
  • Mayor Noggenfogger is pure, undiluted chaos. As long as he's on the field, all targets are chosen randomly. All targets. Want to kill your opponent's Southsea Deckhand with your Mistress of Mixtures? No, I'm pretty sure you wanted to hit your opponent's face. Trying desperately to heal yourself back up with a Greater Healing Potion? Your opponent's Savannah Highmane could surely use it more. Casting a Pyroblast directly at your opponent to end the game? What was that? "Kill myself with Pyroblast?" Coming right up!
  • Wretched Tiller's voice lines are positively hysterical due to him having the thickest stereotypical Southern accent you can imagine:
    "Golly bob-howdy, ah am undead!"
  • The mage spell Deck of Wonders from the Kobolds and Catacombs expansion shuffles five Scroll of Wonder cards into your deck. When drawn, these scrolls cast a random spell with random targets and immediately replace themselves. This also means you can draw multiple scrolls back-to-back before your turn even starts. What will they cast? When will it happen? What does it accomplish? Will it be good for me? Who knows?
    • Due to the way the spell works, if a Scroll of Wonders replaces itself with another Scroll of Wonders, the game will have to resolve another spell effect inside the original spell effect, leaving no time to register little things like minions dying. So you can have a minion being killed by a fireball before getting hit by a meteor, then getting Divine Shield while its health is in the negative double digits, getting destroyed again on top of that, before getting returned to the player's hand and undoing all of the above.
  • How can you tell that Hagatha the Witch is pure evil? Her card text gives a quick run-down:
    "Curse-bringer, tree-twister, mother of wretched things… Hanzo main."
  • Electra Stormsurge's flavor text expresses her exasperation at a possible misplay involving her ability. This doesn't stop players from committing that mistake every now and then.
    "The coin? You used me for THE COIN!?"
  • Priest seems to have some issues hiring good spies.
    Drakonid Operative: SECRET AGENT, COMING THROUGH!
    Convincing Infiltrator: (a Faceless One in a loose cloak and wooden mask) Greetings, fellow humans!
  • Several minions have special responses for being played against specific heroes, but Khadgar's reaction to being played against himself is arguably the funniest:
    "Imposter! I am the real Khadgar!"

    Decks and Combos 
  • Murloc decks. Despite being a universal joke ingame. Murloc decks are insanely good at early game wins (especially when combined with the Warlock's drawing ability) because everything is cheap, and buffs other Murlocs. You can get to turn four and have a small army of Murlocs with +2+2 easily.
    • Even better when it's Murloc Deck Vs Murloc Deck. Since Murlocs buff ALL other Murlocs, not just yours, these games get silly pretty fast. Two Murloc Warleaders on each players side of the board gives any incoming Murloc +8/+4. Throw in 2 Grimscale Oracles on each side, and you have any Murloc getting +12/+4.
      • It should be noted that a recent patch (October 2016) slightly reworked Murloc cards so that only friendly Murlocs buff each other, not every Murloc on the field. This change came about partly with the upcoming Gadgetzan expansion featuring increased synergy with drawing and summoning Murlocs on a single turn. That said, Murlocs are still a terrifying force when played properly.
    • The best part? Think about who you are fighting against. Basically, you are defeating Two Warchiefs, The Warlock, the Archmage of Dalaran, the first Archdruid, one of the first Paladins, the Prince of Stormwind, a badass Rogue and a Champion of the Horde, enemies that often need an entire raid of players to defeat, and this deck manages it by using murlocs...MURLOCS. Even better if using Morgl the Oracle, a Murloc Shaman Hero!
    • Also, playing a Murloc deck can be hilarious simply because you hear the Murlocs' silly battle cry (difficult to type, but it sounds roughly like "aGRLRLRLRa") over and over and over again.
    • Paladins have a card called Vilefin Inquisitor which changes their hero power so that it summons Silver Hand Murlocs which are basically Murlocs dressed up as Paladins.
  • The Coin is a card that the second player gets to even gameplay. Only one is given. Yet, with the use of 2 Lorewalker Chos (One genuine, the other duplicated), TotalBiscuit manages to win a round by flooding his opponent's hand with The Coin
  • Most decks that feature frequent use of the Random Number God have the potential for hilarity. Especially a deck built around Yogg-Saron.
  • Get both Feugen and Stalagg on the board and then kill them at the exact same time, which is easiest to accomplish with a Void Terror. Since they're both dead, Thaddeus is spawned immediately... except the game checks whether the "Feugen and Stalagg have both died" condition has been fulfilled after they both die. Thus, both their deathrattles activate and two Thaddeuses are spawned. Rivendare on the board? That's four Thaddeuses. One 11/11 minion is a major, but manageable threat. Two or four 11/11 minions are more or less a death sentence, barring several taunt minions to keep them at bay or Crazy-Prepared levels of removal.
  • The "YES! Paladin" joke deck is a deck filled with 1-cost spells and a Skulking Geist. It stalls until it gets to play Skulking Geist, thereby destroying the rest of its resources. How does it win? It doesn't. It's a way to concede in style as you pretty much tell your opponent "Yeah, I just did that." Sometimes the opponent concedes anyway, other times they just capitalize on the free win you handed them. Regardless, someone's getting a Big "YES!" out of it.
    • A serious variant capitalizes on the deck destruction, by running Holy Wrath and Molten Giant. After destroying the deck, what's left is the Wrath and Giants, boiling down to a gamble on whether your Holy Wrath will deal 5 or 25 damage. Taking the risk and destroying the opponent in one shot is definitely worth a YES!

    Single Player Content 

Curse of Naxxramas

  • Curse of Naxxramas features the lich Kel'Thuzad taunting you as you progress through the five wings of bosses. Highlights include:
    Kel'Thuzad: "Maexxna is A GIANT SPIDER! (in the hammiest voice possible) MUAHAHAHA!"
    Kel'Thuzad: (after Maexxna plays Sea Giant, a card which makes sense tacticallynote  but not so much thematically) "Sea Giant? Maexxna, that is NOT on my approved card list!"
    Kel'Thuzad: "Faerlina is training acolytes to worship me. Her job is VERY IMPORTANT. Do not. disturb her!"
    Kel'Thuzad: (After player defeats Loatheb) "You keep KILLING MY MINIONS! Stop it! Stop it right this minute!"
    Kel'Thuzad: "Please ignore the Mind Control stones next to Razuvious"
    Kel'Thuzad: (After Razuvious is defeated) "Who will train my Death Knights now?! I can't do it myself! I'm SUPER busy!"
    Kel'Thuzad: (After Gothik is defeated) "Why doesn't Gothik come back as Spectral Gothik? C'mon!!"note 
    Kel'Thuzad: (When Sapphiron casts Pure Cold for the first time) "Sapphiron, execute plan: FREEZE THE BLOOD IN YOUR VEINS."
  • The fact that Mr. Bigglesworth, a 0-cost 1/1 kitty, is ranked as a Legendary.

Blackrock Mountain

  • From the Blackrock Mountain expansion, High Justice Grimstone has a deck full of legendaries and an accompanying soundbite for each one, and some of them are pretty funny:
    High Justice Grimstone: Aw, who let him into the arena? (Millhouse Manastorm)
    High Justice Grimstone: Coming to you all the way from the mission after this one, Emperor Thaurissan!
    High Justice Grimstone: Ladies and... Oops! Out of time! (Nozdormu)
  • Trying to be clever with Moira Bronzebeard during the encounter with Emperor Thaurissan can yield some unintentionally hilarious outcomes. Returning her to Thaurassian's hand through the use of Sap causes him to unceremoniously one-shot the player with his hero power as, obviously per her description, her presence prevents him from using his hero power. Using Mind Control on her might cause Thaurassian to kill her himself and blame the player for the deed, before using his hero power. He also rather conveniently lacks any sort of direct-damage spells in his deck, because if given any way to immediately remove Moira from the board, he will use it.
  • Wing 3 of Blackrock Mountain where Nefarian is freaking out as the player marches up Blackrock Spire, when he was previously under the impression the player was trying to help him. Suddenly seeing the otherwise composed, imposing dragon slowly losing his mind is what sells it.
    Nefarian: Why are you here? Ragnaros is dead. You should be celebrating with your friends.
    Nefarian: I am confused. There are no Ragnaroses up here. Your quest is complete. Go. Home.
    Nefarian: Look, go play some ranked mode. This adventure is not for you.
    Rend Blackhand: You're on the wrong side of the mountain!
    Nefarian: Even this ORC knows you're doing it wrong!
  • Ragnaros just shows up outta nowhere right before the battle with Nefarian and whispers to you that he's ready to help in all capital letters. Whispers. The mission text deserves mention too, just for how sudden and hilariously awesome it is compared to the other ones:
  • The final wing of Blackrock mountain has some hilarious moments.
    • Keep talking to the Omnotron defense system. He downloads a new OS, and all of his emotes turn to "Hello! Hello! Hello!"
    • Just like in the World of Warcraft raid, after defeating Maloriak, your Battletag changes to "Slayer of Stupid, Incompetent, and Disappointing Minions" for the fight against Atramedes.
    • When introducing Nefarian:
    Innkeeper: [Hero] versus Nefarian...again
    • Nefarian's fireball quotes. "From above!"
  • If you play Deathwing against Nefarian, you get a hysterically squeaky emote from him:
    Nefarian: D-Daddy??
    • Funnier still, during the rematch in the Hidden Lab, he sounds ANGRY at him.

League of Explorers

One Night in Karazhan

  • Karazhan, one of World of Warcraft's most beloved, famous raids, was hotly anticipated, requested, and expected to be the adventure to succeed Whispers of the Old Gods. However, instead of the eerie, ancient tower of forsaken magic as it was known before, we got this.
    • The entire concept of Karazhan originally being a place for wicked parties with Medivh channeling the Great Gatsby is so weird and silly that's hard not to snicker a bit.
    • Medivh's Big Birthday Bash.
    • The trio of backup singers that appear throughout the video? They're called the Medivas!
    • The cameos. There's Lord Jaraxxus at the start, sporting a goofy grin and a martini, Reno Jackson and Sir Finley chilling in a hot tub with a cow, a bust of a Protoss, and presumably Arch-Thief Rafaam stealing books completely unnoticed.
  • The free prologue level's premise is incredibly silly, with Prince Malchezaar storming in uninvited because he's angry he wasn't invited to the party. Throughout the fight, Medivh keeps either snarking at his opponent or calling to Moroes about some party detail.
    Malchezaar: You invited Jaraxxus? The weakling?
    Medivh: Have you heard his karaoke? note  He's amazing!
    • In response to another of Malchezaar's taunts, Medivh remembers something important.
      Medivh: Balloons! Moroes, we forgot the balloons!
      Moroes: Balloons terrify Murlocs, sir. Remember last week?
  • The fight against The Magic Mirror, who taunts and insults the player the entire time
    Magic Mirror: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?
    Moroes: Hmm?
    Magic Mirror: Not you, grandpa!
    • Throughout the party we have Moroes consistently panicking about the party being ruined and making constant WoW references.
      Moroes: Illidan Stormrage has arrived. WE ARE NOT PREPARED!
      Moroes: Majodormo Executus is here. Shall I tell him he's arrived too soon?
  • Summoning Jaraxxus in the final fight against Malchezarr triggers a hilarious interaction:
    Malchezaar: You! You! That's my invitation!
    Jaraxxus: SILLY PRINCE! PRACTICE KARAOKE LIKE JARAXXUS! (Yells the first few lines of the League of Explorers theme)
  • If you play some of the fights in Karazhan using the purchasable Medivh hero, the bosses will comment on it, with their reactions varying from genuinely mistaking you for Medivh to thinking you've come in costume. But one of the funniest has to go to Medivh himself:
    Medivh: Oh, wait! You're me?! From the future? Oh! Tell me... how amazing was this party? It was AWESOME, right?

Knights of the Frozen Throne

  • The prologue to the adventure has its moments.
    • After two turns of a hand rigged to be unplayable while the Lich King sets up an unbeatable board, Jaina finally draws a card she can play — Magma Rager. She's flabbergasted. For bonus points, this is right after Tirion implores her to trust in providence to provide.
    • Tirion then challenges the new Frost Lich, Jaina. His first few turns are spent summoning "Azeroth's best adventurers", which turn out to be absolutely laughable. After the last is summoned, he contemplates getting better adventurers, at which point he starts playing normal cards, but by then it is too late.
      • The cards include an eager rogue, an overpowered 1 mana card... if it wasn't for that fact that it deals no damage while attacking.
      • A terrible tank, who doesn't use a shield, doesn't taunt, and complains about lack of healing.
      • A needy hunter, who adds a coin every time it attacks.
      • A Legendary 5/2 who enters to Tirion's own amazing fanfare. Said Legendary is named... A. F. Kay - and can't attack.
      • A 7/1 Warlock on Fire, which deals one damage to itself at the end of the turn.
      • Tirion ends the fight by Bubble-hearthing. For the uninitiated, this is a method which, in World of Warcraft proper, utilizes the invulnerability granting Divine Shield with the interrupted-by-damage Hearthstone for a get-out-of-jail free card. There are only two classes that can counter this, and Jaina, as a mage, is not one of them.
  • The Lich King himself is played as a cartoonish Jerkass parody of a Hearthstone player who is constantly making puns about the game's mechanics, such as noting that he will have to craft another bone golem, perhaps a golden one, after the player defeats Lord Marrowgar and informing the player that his minions in Icecrown were crafted not with arcane dust, but with HATE.
    • In the tradition of Kel'Thuzad lecturing Maexxna about the inclusion of Sea Giant in her deck, the Lich King lectures Lady Deathwhisper about the non-inclusion of Arcane Explosion in hers. Then after Deathwhisper is defeated, the Lich King declares that he is going to netdeck a deck which will shroud the world in darkness.
  • The final confrontation with the Lich King has him open the battle with a powerful spell that rigs the match in his favour, and it varies depending on which class you've chosen. Mages are subject to HP to 1, Rogues lose all their spells in their hand and deck, Druids lose all cheap-costed minions, etc. As for Priests? He casts "Shut Up, Priest!" which muffles their emotes.
  • A few amusing interactions to be found within the adventure:
    • Playing Alexstraza against Marrowgar.
      Marrowgar: She licked me! The dragon licked me!
    • Giving Auchenai Soulpriest to Marrowgarnote 
      Marrowgar: Hah hah, now I have your soulpriest. Wait, no! Go away! Shoo!
      • Even more amusingly, Artificial Stupidity will cause him to self-destruct using his healing Hero Power if he can't rid himself of the Soulpriest.
    • Playing the Lich King against Saurfang.
      Saurfang: What are YOU doing here?
      The Lich King: Don't worry, I can't attack you.
    • Resurrecting Valithria.
      Deathwhisper: I don't like this game anymore.
    • Playing Professor Putricide against... Professor Putricide.
      Boss Putricide: Wah? There's that guy that I am!
      Card Putricide: Good news... Me!
      Boss Putricide: That's not good news at all, you be-tentacled doppelganger!
    • Playing Rotface against Professor Putricide.
      Putricide: Rotface! How could you!?
      Rotface: ...Rotface have NEEDS.
    • Playing Sindragosa against Sindragosa.
      Sindragosa (both of them, simultaneously): Our pathetic magic betrays us!
    • Playing Kel'Thuzad against the Lich King.
      Kel'Thuzad (while being summoned): Glory to the Lich King!
      Lich King: Kel'Thuzad! You're in the wrong adventure!
    • Countering The True Lich.note 
      Lich King: How did that get past QA?!
      • Even better, getting The True Lich with Mana Bind and turning it on him.
        Lich King: Madness! Who tests these adventures!?
    • Using Mind Vision to use "Shut Up, Priest!" on the Lich King. His emote responses will be muffled for the rest of the match, too!
      Lich King: But wait you can't— (mmmph!)
    • Playing the Lich King against the Lich King.
      Boss Lich King: Hello, handsome.
      Card Lich King: I look good.
    • Playing Sindragosa against the Lich King, causing him to throw a hissy fit:
      The Lich King: She was my finisher! GIVE HER BACK!
    • Playing Snowflipper Penguin against the Lich King.
      The Lich King: I... I love him.

Dungeon Run

  • A. F. Kay returns as a rare encounter. Her two-mana hero power does nothing, and she never plays any cards. It's probably the most faithful adaptation of that joke you could have.
    • She actually does play cards, if you let the game reach turn 7, at which point she will play Boots of Hastening followed by a bunch of 8/8 minions, bag of stuffing and more minions, including Rangaros Firelord. Of course, most players can kill her before then.
  • Anytime you get a game-breaking combo, such as Cloak of Invisibility and Mal'ganis. Suddenly, you have an army of uber-powered demons and no way for the boss to attack them or your hero. Barring a Twisting Nether or similar card, you automatically win.
  • When THE CANDLE shows up as a selectable Treasure, King Togwaggle, as per kobold tradition, tells you "You No Take Candle!" Picking it anyway gets him furious.
  • Voodoomaster Vex doubles all Battlecry and Deathrattle effects in his encounter. Problem is, he also runs Bomb Squad, which deals damage to himself when it dies. And he's not above duplicating it with Carnivorous Cube, basically winning the fight for you.
  • Gnosh the Greatworm's hero power destroys the minion on the board with the highest attack by eating it. If he eats a Poisonous minion, he dies instantly.

Monster Hunt

  • Tracker Tess Greymane's Hero Power is 'Scavenge', which Discovers a class spell that has been played during the game. If no class spells have been played, then you get a small rock, which is 0-Mana spell that deals one point of damage.
    • This bit of comedy becomes pure gold against The Whisperer, a boss that makes all spells Echo. You, too, can kill an ancient ghost by throwing endless rocks at it.
  • Azalina Soulthief refers to the dozens upon dozens of Wisps she summons as her children and gets distressed if you keep killing them. The part where this becomes funny is when she plays Spirit Lash with six or seven Wisps on the board, destroying all of them to restore her own health.
  • Toki's nemesis is her future self. Pronoun Trouble ensues.
  • The game mode determines the nemesis you face based on the class you're playing. As Tess, it's entirely possible to steal a Death Knight card of a different class, which has interesting results on the penultimate opponent when the game pits you against a different boss entirely. What happens if you picked up a Death Knight that isn't Rogue, Mage, Warrior, or Hunter? Your nemesis is chosen randomly, but more often than not the game picks Gobbles, one of the first bosses you fight in this mode. Its health is appropriately scaled up to 70, but its deck and Hero Power remain unchanged, so it goes into fatigue incredibly quickly.

Puzzle Lab

  • Dr. Boom's penultimate Lethal puzzle is titled "Never Go Full Northshire", with the task being to clear out his monstrous 400+ health with fatigue damage from numerous Northshire Cleric draw triggers. After much thinking, many resets and missed lethals, the player finally gets the solution and proceeds to the final puzzle... which is titled "Full Northshire", and asks the player to do the same thing, except with Dr. Boom having 999 health.

Rumble Run

The Great Dalaran Heist

  • One of the first bosses you can encounter is the Carousel Gryphon. Its vaguely-worded Hero Power means there's no way for you to figure out what will happen until you experience it yourself, and some misplays with it can spell your ultimate demise. Even the Innkeeper is a little puzzled at this opponent.
    Innkeeper: [Hero name]... versus... a carousel?
    • Some of the playable heroes have unique intro responses. Barkeye complains about the ride giving him splinters, while Eudora states she wants a refund.
  • One of the bosses you encounter in the Violet Hold is Millificent Manastormnote , Millhouse's wife. As it happens, a Millhouse card shuffles into your deck during the game, prompting her to assault you to get to him. Playing him is hilarious enough owing to both Millificent's enraged reaction and Millhouse's horror. If you somehow manage to play out five Millhouses at once, Millificent just screams before conceding outright.
  • Everything to do with Dazzik "Hellscream". He's a Loony Fan goblin dressed like Garrosh who copies of his mannerisms and does a really bad impression of his voice. He has variations of all of his emotes, and a few special interactions (including one where he breaks character for a moment then quickly backtracks). The best part? He has a Scourgelord Dazzik in his deck, that copies all of Scourgelord Garrosh's emotes. That's a hell of a lot of effort for a literal Zero-Effort Boss.
  • If you sit idle on the Cravitz Lorent fight for too long, he'll start reading an exert from one of his cheesy romance novels. Including doing voices for the characters, with a really bad girl voice. Did we mention he's a Forsaken?
  • Unlike every other final boss, Khadgar remains an amicable Nice Guy throughout the fight. He offers you advice and tours of the city, and will casually say hello back if you greet him. All while beating the snot out of you.

  • The randomness and combos of some of the cards can create a huge number of these. Check out Hearthfunny and Trolden for numerous examples.
  • Professional player Amaz's reactions to his insane luck in ranked matches are just hilarious to watch. Trump also has plenty of funny moments.
  • The videos featuring the Oh Craps from various streamers are great for some quick laughs. Forsen's reaction instance, but Trump's various reaction videos are the most notable.
  • In this video from Disguised Toast, it seems Reno Jackson has become The Dreaded, to hilarious effect.
  • "Never Lucky" has become something of a meme for many streamers who get salty after long strings of bad RNG. Notable examples include Kripparian who realizes how bad his RNG could be in certain situations. Many, MANY clips exist of Kripparian playing a card with a random effect, but just before he does he will, most often in the most deadpan voice possible, list off the worst possible outcome. Commonly followed by a deadpan "Of course," when he gets it right.
  • For the anniversary of Diablo, a new tavern brawl was introduced where you play against the Dark Wanderer. Three secrets are placed on his side of the field immediately, with random triggers and names invoking either traits, or Diablo player characters. Given the hellish nature of all of the Wanderer's summons, you'd assume with all three triggers released and a portal meant to trigger a transformation onhand, you'd play cards against Diablo. Nope. Instead you are whisked away to The Secret Cow Level to fight The Cow King, whose entire deck is based around a bovine-based Zerg Rush,and whose entire set of voice commands is the same, unenthused "Moo."
  • Many of the seasonal emotes are quite amusing, especially among the alternate skins.
    Mecha-Jaraxxus: It is Hallow's End. AND YOURS AS WELL.
    The Thunder King: Distract yourself with candy and costumes. I will plot.
    Sir Annoy-o: Hallow! Hallow! Hallow!
    Maiev: Happy Noblegarden! Where are the eggs?
    Rastakhan: For de last time, there are no eggs in my hat!
    Gul'dan: Pirate's Day? I don't get it.
    Arthas: It's good to be Arrrrrrrthas!
    Khadgar: We celebrate... sea criminals today?
    Morgl: <Pirates?! We were here first!>
    Sir Annoy-o: Ahoy! Ahoy! Ahoy!
    Rastakhan: When de king approves, it is called privateering.
    Tyrande: Power Word: Yarrrrr!
    Mecha-Jaraxxus: Yo ho REPEAT yo ho PIRATE LIFE ENGAGED.
  • From the "Mulligans" official web-series, where the heroes adjust to office life:
    • Just about everything Uther does.
    • The entirety of Episode 2, where Uther and Gul'dan express confusion over the meaning of "Shotgun".
      • After Gul'dan suggests killing their boss, Uther actually backs him up, saying that's okay if they do it righteously.
      • "This shotgun is evil, yes? I shall bend it to my will."
      • "But what must we give in return?" "EVERYTHING!"
      • After the gang gets into the car, Gul'dan suggests they go to Soul Buffet. Jaina quickly rebuffs him and points out that it's not a real place; he just wants to kill people.
  • Party at Karazhan, an affectionate parody of One Night in Karazhan, courtesy of Wronchi Animation.
  • UN'GORO TRIP (Hearthstone cartoon). Highlights include:
  • FrozenThrone.exe (Hearthstone cartoon). A funny sequel to UN'GORO TRIP, highlights include:
    • Garrosh attempts to climb the Tavern ladder with Patches the Pirate, only to encounter a tavern full of Raza Priest and Ramp Druid players.
    • Once again, Gul'Dan encounters Quest Rogue. Despite it being nerfed, it proceeds to juggle Prince Keleseth for the same result, and this time, the Voidwalker ditches Gul'Dan.
    • Jaina summons Martin the Fox. In response, Anduin uses Divine Spirit and Inner Fire on the Master Chest.
    • Thrall has two mana crystals, and Malfurion has ten. Malfurion summons Yogg-Saron, who casts Pyroblast on itself.
    • Gul'Dan has Kazakus, a Possessed Villager, and the Lich King. Nemsy Necrofizzle uses Treachery on a Howlfiend, and proceeds to cast Defile to force Gul'dan to discard his entire hand.
    • With Raza the Chained and Shadowreaper Anduin, Anduin thrashes Uther, Rexxar, Valeera, Gul'Dan, Thrall, and Malfurion. However, Anduin loses to Garrosh when he can't draw either Raza or Shadowreaper.
      • What's even better is how Valeera nonchalantly concedes the moment she hears Raza being played, while the rest of the cast at least attempts to persevere.
  • CUBELOCKS & CATACOMBS ( Hearthstone cartoon ). A hilarious parody of the Kobolds and Catacombs meta. Highlights include:
    • Valeera heads towards the Tavern, but Jaina runs out screaming while covered in green goop. Inside, Valeera sees nothing but Murloc Paladin and Cubelock players. Valeera groans in despair, but Anduin is rather happy with this development.
    • Rexxar is holding a tiny Candleshot, while Valeera has a ridiculously oversized Kingsbane. Valeera proceeds to grin at the poor orc. Rexxar manages to shoot one arrow before being smashed into the ground.
    • Jaina vs Tyrande: Tyrande pulls out a dozen Weasel Tunnelers, stuffs Jaina's deck with them, and smiles.
    • Uther plays two Call to Arms back-to-back against Anduin. Anduin responds with Raza the Chained, but doesn't notice its effect hasn't triggered (his Hero Power's still 2-mana). Uther is understandably confused, and the chat demands him to take pity on the poor Priest.
    • Thrall vs Thrall: Both Thralls use Unstable evolution. Thrall #1 starts out with a healing totem. He then gets Vulgar Homunculus, Stoneskin Basilisk, Arfus, Cobalt Scalebane, Frozen Crusher, and Corridor Creeper. Unfortunately, this is the post-nerf Corridor Creeper, and it is puny. Meanwhile, Thrall #2 gets Dirty Rat, Vicious Fledgling, and the Darkness. Thrall #2 tries to cast Unstable Evolution again, but he can't because the Darkness stays dormant. Thrall #1 chuckles before throwing the Corridor Creeper at Thrall #2.
    • Gul'dan vs Garrosh: The two orcs fight to a disco track, and it ends in a near stalemate. After Azari destroys Garrosh's deck, Garrosh retaliates by swapping decks and replacing what's left of Gul'dan's deck with Discovery spells, that are then eradicated with Skulking Geist. While Garrosh smirks over successfully pulling off the combo, he doesn't realize until the last moment that Azari the Devourer has just enough attack to finish him off.
  • "The Light Candle" advertisement is filmed and directed to be similar to a late 80s VHS movie, featuring visual distortion, Kobold puppets, fantasy-esque background music, and crummy microphone quality. It's glorious, and made better by Jerry Trainor, of all people, resurfacing in the public eye by way of this short after Nickelodeon ended iCarly and quickly cancelled Wendell & Vinnie.
  • For the Rise of Shadows card reveals, Blizzard sent out puzzle boxes to high-profile community members containing the cards they're supposed to reveal. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Here's the Plan!, the cinematic introducing Rise of Shadows' Adventure Mode, The Dalaran Heist, qualifies in its entirety.
    • The League of E.V.I.L all dove straight for Dalaran from their airship... without having discussed a plan beforehand.
      Rafaam: Dalaran will be ours! Once we land, you know what to do!
      Dr. Boom: Uhh... no, we don't. You didn't tell us the plan!
      Rafaam: I didn't think I had to! It's perfectly obvious!
    • As the group fail to come to an agreement, Dr. Boom has a solution: Strap rockets to Dalaran and just ship it wherever they want. The reactions of the League is as one might expect.
      Rafaam: Yeehehehes! Finally, you're exactly right!
      Hagatha: ...seriously?
      Lazul: That's dumb.
      Togwaggle: Aaw, weak candle.
    • With the plan settled, Rafaam muses that nothing could possibly go wrong for the League during this heist. All the while, they've been plummeting steadily towards Dalaran.
      Hagatha: So, genius... how do we land?
  • What's this? gives us a teaser for the next expansion by showing a fun little tidbit of interaction between the league of E.V.I.L. in the form of King Togwaggle sneaking into Madame Lazul's study to steal... Her candles. However, he gets distracted by a sudden bright glow coming from her tarot cards, and slowly begins to peel up the top card of the deck... Then hurriedly puts it back down as music suddenly starts playing. Curiously, he slowly lifts up the card again, the music growing louder until the entire room starts to shake, and hastily holds the card down with both hands. Then, of course, his curiosity gets the better of him again, and he completely pulls the card up off the deck. The entire room is filled with blinding light as the league of explorers theme blasts so loud that it blows everything off the table, knocks the crown off Togwaggle's head, and makes the kobold king's tongue flap around like a scarf in a hurricane until he finally slams the card back down on the table, silencing the noise. He then looks straight at the camera and delivers the only line in the entire trailer.
    Togwaggle: Uh oh.

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