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Easter Special

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Special television shows made for Easter.

Note that this is a much smaller genre than that of the Halloween Special and Christmas Special. Easter Sunday is actually the most important holiday in the Christian calendar, as it celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the salvation of believers his sacrifice on the cross allows — but it does not have the rich secular mythos of Christmas to fuel a wide variety of story ideas. Easter has little more than the Easter Bunny, candy, and colored eggs going for it if a writer wants to tell a secular story (though a visit to church and/or "Sunday best" clothes might turn up at some point). For that matter, specials about the Easter Bunny are likely to reskin Santa Claus-related tropes. Some secular specials don't even mention the holiday but just focus on kids and/or Funny Animals celebrating springtime. Religious-themed specials do exist, but because the Easter story is a darker one than that of the Nativity (and thus harder to pitch to little kids), they are relatively few compared to their Christmas counterparts.