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Shout Out / Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

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Just like its parent game, Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft has a large number of references to pop culture:

Basic and Classic

Curse of Naxxramas

  • Another Holy Grail shout-out is the Undertaker's battle cry: "Bring out your dead!"
  • Deathlord's flavour text simply states "Rise from your grave", but attributes the quote to Kel'thuzad
  • The Unrelenting Warrior will have you know that he'll be back - he will be, too.

Goblins vs. Gnomes

Blackrock Mountain

The Grand Tournament

The League of Explorers

Whispers of the Old Gods

Mean Streets of Gadgetzan

  • The flavor text for Kabal Chemist is a reference to Family Guy.
  • In the Gadgetzan game board, one of buildings - implied to be one of Jade Lotus' dens - has a katana stuck in its wall. When rapidly clicked, it'll spawn a green magical dragon, similar to one that appears whenever Genji draws his Dragonblade.
  • White Eyes: "My life for Aya!"
  • Aya Blackpaw's entry quote is "Golems are a girl's best friend!"

Journey to Un'Goro

Knights of the Frozen Throne

Kobolds & Catacombs

The Witchwood

The Boomsday Project

Rastakhan's Rumble

Rise of Shadows


  • The first Tavern Brawl of 2017 pits the player against an AI-controlled Dark Wanderer, who starts with three Secrets in play. Trigger all of them, and a portal is summoned that, on the next turn, transforms him into the Cow King, heralded by "You have made it to the Secret Level!"


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